The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 2, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX' i-i'. [4 CLERK CMIIK WiniAIDIN HIS NEW JOB Cooperation Is Asked by County CIdrk in Getting Salf of Cikrettcs Un< der Way in Allen Go5|inty. ^ ; W. D. Clark .l -couiily olcik. U puzEliug^over tfle number of mcr- ehants iln Allen! .county; who will reUfl liigarcltes," after ; tho new cigarette law goes into effect, some time belv eeh May 25 and Jun<^ 1. this yeari The new. law j rovides for counly* clerks to sell 1 censes to those dealer.-^ of their ^respective counties who desire lo sell cigarettes. The of Xhe licenses will be $50 for dealers located in first and second class cities and $25 for dealers located in third class cities and places; outside! Incorporated cities. The law provides that the license fees shall; placed in the gnneral fund of ibi-icounty issuing the licease. • | f : Xow'comes the catch, Carl U. White, state tniasurer. writes to the county clerk Ss :follows: "I am writing all county clerks at this, time to request that t |iey please furnish me with an accurate cstijiiale of ifie number of li-; censes o.( each kjind to be required to take care of ijhei dealers located in their respective'counties. In or-' der that I, may have the required number iirinted iinjl furiUHhed lo the county clerk i prior to the idate (he" law become4^ effeclivc. It IB n .'ijpentful ]y rcjj icsled that ithlJi Information be rurnlxhi-d byj not Inter than .A|) T I1 15." This Is worry OR CJurk, and he would like to have prospeiitlve doulehs niuko lli'emHulveH ktlown to. hlin. "That'll- my only chKin" of Hcnding u ri ?PQrt to the htato IreaHUrcr," he iieii |arkod todiy. A iilcturi- of !tlw! ineadowlark, fllver -ton ^ued jMpngster of i the Kansas plains. i(i)d tlio state'i official bird will; grace the T tax stamps to he placed on cigarettes and cigarette papers Bold in Kansas when their sile In ihe slate be- cAimvs legal. T he law • passed by the 1927 lesisia ur'e repealing the state's • 20-year-old antl-clgaret (}e ; statute, will become effecl4vB OJi publication in the statute book, : probably May 25 or June 1. The Jayhawk bird, official emblem of the rnirersity of and oftentimes erroneously accerrt^ cd as the stajte's official bird, was considered for ;the staiiip. It was ffjected. 'lio 'wevcrl Will J. French, i slate 'audUdr, said, because' it was believed that u 'l'vefsity authorities might object to this usft of the I Jayhawk emblem. ' i'se a piclur^jif Harold McGugin' era b: th6 cdunty the dealers ed dij to The 2 mUltilil Biamn :Badh stamDii 8tB ;n} on legal will I/ ttae^state treasurer. . Aftei v< unty 'clerks have certified tc sate (reaSiurer: the namie^ ol s having.liceniiee. the licena- aier.8 may make sjppHcatlon f ite treaslurer. for stamps, t stamps vi(lU' ^e sold, in of &6o. and tiie 1 -ceot muKiplcM of 250, . dealejv on wilngi the tax 1, jwllKcwicel them, using larfng ^Ite-iNnnifcr shown ~By thitAniHauK each \lB hi cigarcttcil iir Kansas trftceable. / ARPEAND ITS CITIZENS j; W. Be^apnoii Enfertalne^l , 1. M. Clnikr— Farm Bureau |i Show PictoreK at Allen Center. , (Mrs. Opal Mitchell.) .LAflAIU'K, Kans.. Apr. 1.—Mrs J/:W.'| Bccannon entiirtained the Y club in.her home: on North Jef fersoi .-- -r The usual infe serve luwin Hartl . street Wedniesday afternoon ifternoon wa^ spent in th» way with fancy work, visit nd games. Mrs. jUecanuoi i a lovely lunch to the fnl ; members: .Mesdanies Anm ..j.y, Minnie Stevension, lettii Okender, Nitia Green, Ii.uti<i Liv iiig8t4n, .Kdith Johnson. Leon:! Morri sou, Ethel Yancy and Mabl^ Lewnan of lola. Guests were Mrs. Jessie Shurman, of Osawato mit!. ind a niece of Mrs. Ox(Jndcr .Miss Eva Folk. Mrs. Bccannoi was isslsted in serving by ..Mrs Stellf Green and Mrs. Alice Rich ardso t. In (wo weeks the clul will . leet ill-day, with .Mrs. 0\eu dei- I n Hit;' farni. —X losing DUt (took's I'yints ;i crisji Curtis Bargain Store, La Iliiilp :ii ( . lug III .Miller, who has been work, Hulrhiuson, arrived honitj lended visit will TOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENtNG. APRn^ of Coffeyville. , cigarette la)vs, ' ed. . i •;• • In addilioh to meadowlark. ;th!e ulhor of the new jalso was suggest- Ihe picture of the state's revenue stamp will" Iwati a facsimile of French's signa t}re. Tho stamp will be the sa^ie size, approximately, ' as o'rdinary postage stamps. ' i . • The stam|>s - wjlj be printed in /two denominating^—two-cent ia- •suvs for. cigarettds and one-cent stamps for cigar ^ttel papers. "Tjiey will be placed on. the packageii! by the dealers prior to; the salo; of . the article.s. , One' two-cent stajmp • will be required on each package of twenty cigarettes ; or fraction thereof, and a nne^cent stamp on each package < f fifty papers or fraction thereofj Distribution o ;r the stanips will ho handled dire< tly ."with the deal- Tuefr lay for an ex - — his larents. ..Mr. fijid Mrs. d'cu MUle • and fmnily: llu r (iwlii, contjty agent, .'wll show pictures III the Allen (,'eiitei scliix lliouHc .Monilay ' evening. Ther'.will 1i.e one reel shou'liifq pijultry uiiil a tliere-reei plctur< featuring farm life. There wH aist) b<> other things uf. Interi 'st. ^W( rd was received Iroiii Ken Sell] tail, who was operuleil on ai tho 1. M. A. h <(H |)ilaI at TiJiteka that ho Is gelling along nicely. liKr-d F. OwensL who has. beei spenling the wintjr with his nioth or, Mrs. Knima Owens, left for Ex • celsl ir Springs, . .Mo., Tuesday, who e he will take a course olr t«eu meiits before'returning to| hiii hoin • at'Cunibprlaiid, lowu. | M X Salle'e of Emporia is visiting his motlier and brother. Mrs. tieo. Sallee and William over; thp wee: end. C. T. Harris made a business tri r to C haniite Weilnesday. , M . and -Mrs. Wllford Hicks an I bab: •son, Billy, returned to hon; ? Tuesday after a visit wit i the formers pajents, Mr. and Mr i. W A. Hicks, and other relative;. ; M •. and Mrs. Geo.. .Maltoni anil M'. and Jlrs. E. B.' Hutchinson Wi'nt to Piitsburg lust, Sunday and ri !i ed MKs. Sarver. ' Mrs; Anna Myers and family SReiit Sunday at the home of htjr pqr nts, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Spll - mai, near Bayard and helped to celtbrate h^r father's birthda;-. Tm re were about sixty present. \r. Geo. Malcom called Monday at,; he Wiu Uousli hohic northeas t of own.^ ,.V rsi .fi H. Cull>ertsdn-returnel hon e Wqdhesdaykafterhooii from ;i fe.w days visit with her sister pt Frt [Ionia. f ' !S iss .'Madge Limes, daiighler (f Mr. and Mrs. Lee Limes, hi^s bee i •«n the sick list the past! wee c threatened with appendicitis. > yrpn Hughes returned to his woik^iat Madison after visiting his •tan iiy for a few days. • J rsi Borstler'•was a Wednesday vis tor in Chanute. ;• I fa I Miller came home Wednei- daytp speih} tho summer with his pafjenls, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Millef-. RAIL STOCKS TO NEW HIGH LEVEL U. S. Steely Common, AIso' Is Up To New Mark Early Today. New York, April 2. (AP)—Speculative interest in today's slock market shifted to the rnlls, sover- ul of yhlch touched new high lev-, els. InduKtrlais'were subjected to heavy profit taking althojigh V. S. Stvvl comiuon established' another infw high level at 170% In the early trading. Business was In heavy voliimc for a half holiday session. Except for a further downward r.?iidjustmeni of crude oil and ga.s-. oline prices, there was little in the day's news to influence the price nioveincnt. Oil shares sagged to _new low levels, imj the declines wi'v small. .Motor and food shares, which .were under pressure earlier j in the Week, displayed a firmer un- [aerione., due in pari to extensive ! week-end short covering. Baldwin wa.s hammered, down at least .'1 points below yicsterday's j final quotation. On the other hand.' a brisk deniand for General Electric sent that stock above t)0 to a new high for the year. Pennsylvania and Texas and Pacific touched new peak prices, and moderate gains also were ri'civrded by a wide assort hiejit of otlie^ in- veslinent and speculative issues. The closing was irregular. Total sales aiMiroxiniated l .OMdiuiiU shares. Knn)itis (it}- I<h«>st<«ik Kan .ias (ily. April 2. '(I'iiilcd Stnl <'M Department of Agrirultun 'l Hogs l.Oill); receipts iniistl .v direct: stuck m'lininally steady; a few 1!MI til T^U pound averagi'S to pa <;keis at $l (i .!lil (ii ll .tMi; 2fiti t" 2(i0 |>oiinil averages: $lu .7li; iiack- ing sows |!».nii r„ 'tjr,. (Gallic .1(10; calvis 50; for inediiiiii weight and licavy steers 2 .'ic to; t>uv higher;- liet '.-r grail'-s showing (ull adviint .e; light weight Hleers iiiievi'ii, steady lo l .'ir higher; light mixed yearlings, lai clie stock; bulls and weighty <':ilves I steady ;all ciitters weak to I'.lc low- <?r; vealers ."iUc Iiiwer; stnrkers iiu\ feeilers, <li [II. steady to Ific lower; toji for wiS .'k |l:!oo for Injivy steers: 12 !>tl poiiwl fleers $11 .75; uiofit yearllng.M |I1.2 .'"i: yearling heifers Jllido; bulk fed steers jn.Oll «(n .<M». , Saiee|) niine; for Weak: lambs 25ci. lo 10c highi-v; sheep stend.v; loi>Jlamb.« $15 .75: closing top 15 .i ;o: fedilots $15.'25 fi IS .iiO; a few native springers $l'i .50 'fj 17 .nii; 203 MILES AN HOUR! Faster than nian has ever moved along the ground! That 's the speAl attained by Major H. O. I). Segravc. English racinj driver, in Set- tinc a worlds i.cord of 203.7!* mUes jan hour op the amous Daytoiia Beach. Fla.. «-6ursc. This I'emi^kable photo of the m^j )r'a 1,000-liorae- power Sunbeaiii car at the height of its speed on the Florida strand ^on- veys a faithtu) impression of thp thrill of tho spectacle. ' CAMBRIDtiEWINS OXFORD yiCTORY Crew Wins FJourth Time From Ox Grim-fi 21,;{00 directs; week's top pri<es: fed western iambs $17; ua ive lambs $15.75; clipiu'd lambs $1.5.t;o, few native spring lambs $21; fi ed- ing and shearing laiiibrj, |15; fat ewes Jill.5 (1; bulk prii-es for wc'k: fj'd w 'i »slerii lambs $la.75ffi. Hi fio; natrvesj $11.501/15.50; j-nlls $12.::5 i ?/t;;; (j-lipped Iambs $It.25''rl 15..;.'; feeiljiig :iiiil .shearing'lainlis .$13.75 W 11.75; flit ewes $!t.50('» 111. J^TAR VAIZEY i I (Mr.s..S. I I'lilney, England, March • Mr. lind .Mr.'^. iS s. varsit Wheiitley. .Mr. and Mi.s. H. C. Iji in-! •" " "" ' ' i -r and family. {>( Cliaiiiiii', speiii j Sunday at I lie 1. I!. Wiiealley liimie. . .Mr. .and .Mrs. Frank Hell. faiiiily were Siiiidav atteniiiiiii I .ill-> ,, , ers at the A: W. .<^liar|, li.,ine .S- MK I I- | «""';'"; ' east of Ilui .i !..d ,|i. : ! "'^''i i''"'' f'"' " , .,, •' , ,.„, • , lliat ili.staiie,. tlienf Mr. .-.lid Mr.- Will K.lley and ; ,|,„„.„. ,,Hween ih, Mavis. .Mr. and .Mrs. Ilnpicr < riinK. NATION IS iTO TRAVE SOON Forty Million pro Migrate In Ten Miliidn qars^ Says Chevrplet Man. The nation's greatest m^igratioii is to be made this summer.. [ Accordlnf^ to figures furnl8|ied n. -H. Grant. genei|al salcij manager of the Chevrolet Motor Company,'by officials Of the American Automobile Association, betore the close: of 1927 40,00il),000 people—a third of the country's population^ will travel by motor car. Their wheeled flight over highw'iys and byways, mountain and pla n, constitute the most^ colossal peaice- tlme movement in the history of mahkind. ' "These vast caravan series will use between 9J9UO,0OO and j 10,000,000 automobileb in their wander- Ings-^-almost half tho pijssenger cars 'in use in the nationj These figures are based on the Situation which prevailed in 11020. [ All indications point to an increase ot about 10! per cent iia the number of tourlsts]and. thei number of automobiles- jhe sumi^er of 1926 found 36,000,000 people taking to the highways ;in Japproxi- mately 9,000,000 a!utomob^les. ford In attle. Apr. 2. (AP)~ crew swept lengths ahead win ll^e elght- lllie loiirth coll'* inti'steil ev eti lie line fou of O.vford today. lo| iiareit rlassie foi ! .SecllllVe .Vcur. .,„,1 i 0>jH)i<l grimly • rrimt 1 of. the four i(iiil oiie|qiiarter • • iitney l^o .Mort- ;real<.-r I liart of was little to two crews. Barnes brfdge. ( Imosi After pas.siiig thi atleiKled a birthday party Saiiii;-; (i„. finisli in isSght. Cambridge day evening at. the ("alion- I K' I II' in'liouor of .Mrs'.. Keileys, hrolii 'T, .Mr. Carl falii'ii. . Callers at l!ie F. \V. Itieliivr home Sunday afl>riuioii werl-: .Mr.! ni.Hle Its big effort] superb lytlimayd liglri. blues grUdua friiiii Oxford. The dark blues and .\ir.s. P. 15. .1. .Adams. .Mr.s. ; a simrt but Were Kate llesser. Mr. and .Mr.^. K. .1. ; lak" their fiylnr HremeK -Mr,. S. K. 'Wilsim and i i rews were in di i ilauglitijrs. Clara and Cei yl. .Miss j ^inelling contest. 'Hi^ official time ling wethers $i :!.r >ii; .shorn weth.-rs $!t.25': odd lots fat ewes mostly $9.0l»; ti 9 .50; shorn Texas gouts $5.50 f( G.tin; top feeding Iambs $1.5.i"i. ' Chicago I ,hesl«i<'k.' 1 Chicago. April 2. (I'lilted States j Deiiartment of Agricnlliirel - j flogs ::.0i:0; .v-I(nj; jjcner.-'lly steady I top $11.75 iraid for • 1.50 to 170 pound weight; hoavyweiglit hogs $\n.V.r,r(i:U).Hn; medium jlo .Hi'ir ! 11 .50; light .S10.sri(?i 11.75; liRht ligllt $10.75® 11.75; .sliilipers 15.0«o estimated holdovers il .OiiO. Cattle 200: compared i/tilh a week ago: all grades heavy steers strong to 25c higher: highest of season: extreme top heavv steers |i:t.65: bulk heavies |11.75<f; 13.25; best medium weight; $13.25;-toii long yearlings $12.35; mixed yearlings $12; week's bulk prices: fed steers all weights $9.50(lj;12.75; stoc-kers and feeders $.Siri 9.25; fat cows $(i.25(f;S: heifers $7.75(0 9 .50; cutters $4.75^5.50; vealers $10ffi) 12. Slieep 5,000; odd loads finishing lambs ab^^t steady; for weeic 7.". doubles from feeding stations and Vilma liiavis and .Mr. ami .Mrs. Wil- ; wa.s 2ii minnies il[sticonds. lard Jejihet and baby. ! .Mr. :tnd .Mrs. J. C. Overman aiirl i Slii kle, are reorgiJnizing and hope boys l^ay. He'aii, and -^lax sjicnt; to have a favorable report soon. ; Snnda.v; witli ,Mr. aiifl .Mis. .1. .M. | -.Mrs. .Mable jlricker. Howard and' Overmai; and family. " ' ' ~ — Mr. aiiii .Mr>i. Ilonier Ci-fxik ^i|l••nl ai t'.h- home of .'•Ir. and .Mrs. Marvin lt:irrackiii:iir.-- of Iliiiii- holdt. , .Mr. .ind Mr-. !. B. Whea:ley'al- teinle(l|the golden weiMiiig <ir iVid M^s. Ira .V .ivrs.' of Cottage ' l-:ffie liremer. .Mav (jrove township. • ; .Opal Butler • Mi<s ? Effio Bienier spent Sun-i Margaret .Moore, dav evening with Miss Clara and ; Hncker. Charles evening (fecvl Wil.sdn. Mr. and .Mrs. Will Kelley and llavis spent i^iiitday aft<'rii(ion at tile iiarenlal' David C.itiiin liome. Lena Hell and .Marie .Siirk.'e siieiit Siiiidav afternoon wfili .Mi>s .\lable Iiri<j<;.r. ! Junior Van P.iiren >'|ieal .Sain 'r- day afternoon with Charles Bremer. .Mr. anil Mrs. E. F. Sinvill have as visitorji in their liouie .Mrs. .1. Kced and -Miss Maml Uec^d. mother and sister of Mrs. Scovill. I The -Star Valley boys and girls 4-11 club under the leadi-rship of tloiiarlli Low. •) ik supjn'r •with the .1. .M. Overma t family. Ileport tif Star \ the seventh iiiont 25. 1!»:.'7: .VntliJie ri)ll''il: hoys Vr. g .Mr. : Those (lerfecl in iJltendance Were: l-.'ffie liremer. .Mai-jis Kelley, (;race Dona Isbell, .MaMe Ellen Jremer, Junior r .Moore ' and alley school for |i ending .March of |iui»ils i -n- rlk 11: total 24. Van Bureii. Chestk i.esfer llelle. Fisji rise and f| hv means of an a Iheni: .tliey fill thi rise, and e.^pel tlJe air to sink. Ile |illi a means a] copy of similar value by the .samj hand that exe- eiit .ii the original; reproduction Is illlerior work. avoM'edly copyist. Slang at first ivas the jargon deliberately adopt-d as a kindi of sei ret language by certain class- .Mrs. S. E. Boss and -Mrs. Boy ' es. often criminals. "rn ^HEN^Gcorgc' Moriarty, now ^ manager of the Detroit Ti- •gers. starred at 'third base in the American League, his favorite axiom was: DON'T DIE ON THIRD, •In other •words. George! Moriarty always believed tha^t; too many players on reaching thli-d base, put the Sssue entirely up to the batsman to!score them. It; has always been Moriarty's theory that a smart base runner is as capable of stealing home as easily^ as second or third, ^lei insists he always found it a much softer proposition. ? -' . filew. Slogan of Detroit ."TTOWEVER ; in many othc'r ways aside from stealing home, JMoriarty believes ,a base ruitner can help himself across the plate "Wi'orrylng the pitcher b.v his antics, setting a real break when trying to score on a tap to the Infield. ] nicking the proper spot on the double' steal, breaking fast when trying to score on a caught fly, are .' a few of them. DONT DIE ON ffHIRD.i That will be the slogan of the Detroit Tigers this season. |As a' ; natter of fact, as long as George; Moriarty manages the team. That should he for some titne, as he has been eminently successful as k player' and ^mpire and should coii' tfaiue along those'lines as manager; ;A1I of which means Detroit will \)i a'colorful as well as interesting team, because' it is: going to make the most ol its opportunities and by Its'willingness to dare 'Will create tnany or themi iStress Valus of S|>eed X?VERY eirclrt •will' b« jpade P. lAk*. d.j Hourf ahd hours have'al- i-eacjy ^cn spent in perfecting this phase of play. It has equailly shared the tlin<Ljw-ith batting, fidid ing and pitching. ' In recent i years, bas^runriinf' has been more'or less oTferlookec as an Important factor in pennan success. Get the rtins In clus ters through brute force has domi nated the game. In tills respect the Detroit clul' is sure, to^ be decidedly difleren this year. It Is going to rui bases. Don't get the impressloi the players are merely going t< try to steal bases indiscriminately For. aifter all. tlie theft of a base is but: a single part of the basei runnidg scheme. j UtilUing the speed of the feani in every possible manner, taking a daring chaiice pn the bases when the sdpre makes such a tiling smart | basebaiji. trying tp figure opposing pitchers and then propj eriy j utilizing the knowledge gained, are just a, few of tlie fea tifres that make foi^ a good base running team. ' Bjsstvfiualified to instinct TUOtja speed merchant, and ye •••^..faf. from slow. George Mori ;afty as. a player - was lone of the ;he8t liaserunners I ha^^e ever folr lowed'around the paths. He wa: smart; knew all th4 tricks of th» trade it nd made use ot jihem. •I k^ow ho one better qttal • fled to instrnct in the Art of basd- ruuning thaii Ceorgej Moriart:'. While [many of his .players knot ir of hlni as a player "only by repi - taticlnj. his tame as a jbaser^nni r has i:oine dowit to.tbem. . The Detroit team is known t« have nowpr at the hat. [ Moriarty • chldf ^im is to speed it up on ti e bases. It is my opinipb IthaC bo s Itowlng with courage, the ly drew away responded with luiiable to over- rivals. ' Both tress after the lill in the water r-bladder inside air-bladder lo never be/bi^ stick styk and smartness inalbW'pncedsix The,Roadster f77S . . ' I Pash.rakichneiis and sheervalaein a four-past* eager open car have never been so •uprcmely combined a* in the new Pontiac Six Roadster at $775. Lucerne Blue Duco, striped In Faerie Red. Long,' low, graceful lines. Gray shark grain leather upholstery. A swanky rear deck with a spacious rumble seat, a removably top of smart gray material—and, of course, iall the power, speed and stamina of the famous Pontiac Six motor! • j ! ; WlthibbpdydesigncdandbulItbyFisher.the ; Sport Cabri >Iet.i^ the lowest priced *ix-cyUndcr Texas Rangers Bring Law To The Panhandle . —r- I Borger, Tex., Apr. 2. f AT) '-Texas Rangers today brought "flaw" to this panhandle oil jboom d)strict in general, and to Stinnett. 15 miles west of here, in particular, where a nioh was reported; last n^'ght bent upon removing thret ;susp^cis iielil in rconnection with the slaying of two deputy shcriffB. . I- Siamese Twins. Have Some Advantages Nqw San Antonio, Texi, Apr. 2. (AP) Uuiq'uc compensations sometimes fall, to the lot of twins, especially Siamese twlnsi Violet and Daisy Hilton, Siamese twins,^-ho make their home here when not apiiear- ing on the. stage today had the iljxnbilities oT minority removed hv a single court action. Ordinarily two separate suits woulil he necessary with two separate sots of court co.sls. i . NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY King Ferdinand Is . Improving Is Report Bui'harest, Jtumaiila. Apr. 2. (AP)—Kln^ Ferdinand Is [ini[»rov- s afler- ing, an offljcial bunetin th noon states. The hulleti "The amelloratlon| shown day is more pronounced, ttespira- tlon 26, pulse 90, Lcmpermljuro 3I».4 Centigrade (about 97 Fahrenheit.)" said: yester- Nine Thousand Minjers Are Out In Iowa Now Des .Moines, Iowa. April; 2. (AP) —With approximately 9.O0O members of the United Mine Workers alTcctcd by the suspensioii of min­ ing'activities, in Iowa. Jo^ ^larris. president of the niiners. contended today that the operators are "never going to get" a reductionj in the wages granted miners ' under ;the Jacksonville agreement, i The British telegraph service has never paid, its [ since it wais taken more than C. T. Kichnrdsfin. oi' (^urnelt, BusL . .ness»>»rs Ilere^-Interest- Inir rersonai .News I Items. (Mrs. .'W. E. Pavtoni COIXl.VV. April 2.—.Mrs. Ed Schreck returned to Eureka this week and will i>c there for .some time, looking after the hotel Which her mother. ;.Mrs| Burton, owns. C. A. .Mc<;alinon retlirned the first of the week; from a' short visit with his parents at Warrensburg, Mo. .Mr. and Mrs. J.E. JMattox Acre guests the first of thcj week of Mr- .•iild .Mrs. Emmet Snialley at -VcQ- desha. ' : .Mr. and Mrs. Elvon Nickels were down from Garnett tliis week, yis- iling his mother, .Mrs. Ella ."Cickels and other relativesl Elvon expects to work this summer in the Miami county oil field.v, II. V. Piigh made a biiijinoss-trip to Kansas City the first of jthe weidi. .Mi.-;s Lillian .McDaniel of lola. was a guest thjs week at the home of her aunt. Mrs. L. T. Barron, Mrs. Uiidolph Hoheiistein and little son spent last week with rcla-- livrs ill Blue .Mound. .Mr. Hohen- Kt '-jn going <»vcr after them S)aa- day. .Mrs. Art (Miallertoii. wh'ij has heeii at the stati!; hospital at Osa- waloniie for soinn timrs-has'siifti- ileiilly linproyed in health to come liutiie and her friends hope for her cuntiniied improvement. .Mr and .Mrs. W. C. .lones are vfsltiiig witli' rheir daughter, Mrs. Wm. (,'jidleman in (lariiett this week. ('. T. Itieliard.son was down from Garnett on' hiisincss at the Plrue Press ol'fiie Friday afternoon. ' Mr. and .Mrs. Beecher Heinlein were down' from Ottawa the first of the. week visiting' home folks. J. K. Criis'iy and ,son CIcn have, been down from KaUsa's City, looking alter business connected \vith j their farm northwest oC town. \ \ STOCK IN NASH Sevent€ en Million Dollars in Stock Owned ii Employes/"' Seventci n million dollairs worth of .\a.Hh A otors stock is owned hy employes of ther company. This was revelled tojday and It was jiointed ot t that none of this slock includes tliat owned by the directing heads "of the company. Practically eyi ry foreman in the Nash plants an 1 hundreds of men who, work on the "bench,!' including ihany sal irled employees, those employed on a time ' basis and those em iloyed on the ibasls hf piece work, aijff, included among • the coniP' nyrs stockholders. These i leinb^rs of th© - great N'ash Motiirsj organization, most of whom wo k on the actual production of the car itself, have a primary' int( rest rin the success of the compjnyaijd in the.'quality of the produft they arc building. (Continued I from Page 1) eign consyj! tests agai ates'at Nanking tout pro- Ist the shelling of the' city by British, and American wai- ship.s. H< declared the shells inflicted Chinese .casualties at the rate Of mire tjiaii 100 killed or wouiided fjor every foreign casualty, i. Cantonese Flag Going . ^. Steadily Northward* Shingha Shanighai the hsinds the Nation fled jsteatl linn camp son-Pukow| guerrillas penetrated From Apr. 2. fAP)—With and Naitking safely in of the Cantonese torrpn. [ilist flag was being car- iy northward today toward tho "ellow river. The vimcHard of the Southerner harl r .eachi d Fetigyuug, twenty-five niilcB fron| their main conccntra- it Pengpn, up the Tient- line, while Nationalist w^-re believed to have beyond Pengpu. Americans Are Ordered Canton By Consul Paulino Uscudum Wins In Bout With Heenfey Canton, Apr. 2; ; (AP)—Evacuation of all Americans in- the ,'Tlcln- ity of Canton and those in the. native section of the city was ordered ioda|>- by the United States consul. The Am proceed to colony oC growing s ricans were ordered to -Shameen, the ;foreign he city, hecause of the •rioHsrress of the anti- foreign sii nation. • Extra precau- itions wer'; 1, its I since it i . --r-^ -•fAP)-Paul- barricades of the foreign col- over by the Post Office i .Ncw^ ^ork, Apnl J. (AU--1 aui- \n,pri ans narticinatine in the fifty years ago. : lino Uscudum, the wood chopper!o">-^™'P-'^'^^'P-^t'^S in liie _: ^ i from the Pyrcnes. today Was ^in-P ^'^rK. . . j The governors of Massjuhusetls ahd New England are safd to he the only State executives legally entitled to be calle'd "His Excellency?" other rung higher in Te.x Rickard's heavyweight boxing elimination tuornament.. He defeatcil Tom Heeney last night, winning six out of i attempt to Michael '.ten rounds. action. taken in strengthening torodin, Russian adviser of the Ku imintang. or Captonesc liart.v. is e :peeled here soon In an stir Canton labore&rs Into ^-TonChassis F .O .B.Detroit iV^TonChassiscF O.B. Detroit I iweeping TikeSpoiff car faf Its type on the market. It is an unusually sutractive'combinatioln colom—Brevoo rt Green on the V fenders and u pper structure, the body proper.'It is upholstered leatherand handsomely appointed. ~ •eat accomodates tWo extra passeng the price is only $835! If you wantj value—and prefer a youthfu) type come in and see the new| Roadstetj Cabriolet today! {finished in of Duco> Cherokee Gray AT NEW LOW PRICES Sedan $775 Sport Roadster $775 Sport Cabriolet (4i»«.) $835 r Coupe 775 tandau Sedan 895 DeLuxe Landiu Sedan 975 Oakland Six, <I02ij to $1295. AH |nrices at/artery, i £ajylo|»ayonith« General Motors Time Payment Plan. HOBART-STEELE MOTOR CO. lf83S crown on in green "the'rumbU And yet; .t>ontia< She of body— and Sport l-TonChassisF.OiB. Detroit 2-Toii Chassis F. O.p. Detraii Dual Seor.Whcdi 0 »tfoMl Mt Smmti fHm •210-212 North Washington Phone 865 ELLIS MOTOR 214 Nortlf Washington

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