Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1915 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1915
Page 3
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THE iOLA DAILY REGISTER. HONDAY EVENING. MARCH 1,1015. Complying with requests from those in the country whocoiild not attend our sale on account of bad weather, we will continue it until WEDNESDAY. If you have been disappointed by the weather, come in now. Richardson's 4" #,-.,mMI PIMVATK <• to loan oil: Farm Secnirity. 4» sonable Ratfi. Optional * inents. Prompt Sin-vice. IOLA LAM) CO. KY lii'a Pay -> • • •:• •:• •:• <• <• •:• •:• • •:• •:• <• • Mine (ll(•'iieKi^<t(>r niaijed (o On nh-al routes In AIIPII , Coiinfy ^'iSO ppr jeiir; *L2.". for fi nionthx: 15 weeks for 7i>. By iiitiil to any part of tlin I*. H. 2.'>c a uiont^. SiiliscriWc now! • • • • r • • •> • •:• •:•;•> • •:• •:• • •:• •:• •> •:• • •:• "Shady Prook" Butter HADE nioM ; Pastwirized Cream • ABfourrEivruRE ALWAYS lf>7F0BM . i _ ALWAYS (500D ' Ask Yoir Grocer for II. «UAM>MA i;SED SAVE TEA TO IIARKEW HAIIt, Sbe Miide nii a Mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur to Krinir Back Color, Gloss, Tlilckoess. • —^Register Want Ads bring results. Coniinon Kanlen sago Droned into a heavy toa with .sulphur and alcohol added, will turn gray, streaked and faded hair beautifully dark and luxuriant, remove every bit of dandruff, stop scalp itching and falling hair, .lust a few applications ,will i)rove a revelation of your hair is! fading, gray or dry, scraggly and thin. Mixing the Sage Tea and Sulphur recipe at home,though, is troublesome. An easier way is to get the roady-to-use. tonic, cost- ins about .50 cents a large bottle at drug stores, known as "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound," thus avoiding a lot of muss. While wispy, gray, faded hair is not sinful, we all desire to retain our vouthfnl appearance and attractiveness. By darkening your hair with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur, no one can tell, because it does it so naturally, so evenly. You just dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw thi.s through your hair, taking one small strand at a time: by morning all gray 'lairs have disai)pcari^d, an<l, after another application or two, your hair becomes beautifully dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant. Special Agent S. R. Bi-rreU. New High School >;AFETY FIRST! It is generally conceded that the rooms used in the attic and in the basement of our present high school should be vacated. If this is done, f)ther quarters will have to be provided for our Manual Training Dept. Domestic Science Dei)t. Domestic Art Dept. Chemistry LaboratoQ'. . Physics Laboratory. Furthei-moi-e, aside from rooms in the attic and in the basement, we have seven class-rooms, four of which are too small, and an Assembly Room which in size is inadequate. We need six additional class rooms in order to accommodate properly the classes as they ar« now. The only economical way of caring for these needs is by erecting a New High, School. I Voters: Vote for a newi high school building by vot- ting for the bonds MARCH 9TH! AlEStljp Theatre \j TOMOHT "THE HUi SI.STEKS* XMAfS" (Two l^arts, witli Herbert Rawlinson.) "lllI.NTINtJ i.\ CKA/YLASD" (Cartoon Comedy) •'Who Stole the Bridegroom r (Xestor.Comedy) Wediiesday. "Tlie Law of the Rani.'e'' (Three Part Western Feature) r ELITES American Two Reel Feature "THE LEOE.XD BEAITIFI'L" Thanhouser Collie in "SHEP, THE SENTINEL" Keystone Comedy "(JCSSLE THE UOLFER" 5d- ASY SEAT GOT $40,000 FOR KINDNESS Michigan Woman Repaid for Helping Strangers Tv.anty Years Ago. De Witt. Mich.—About twenty years ago an eighteen-year-old girl left her birthplace, Fremont. O.. for Lansing. .Mich., where she expected to obtain employment as a household domestic. That trip resulted in a firm friendship being formed for the girl. Figured or a nnnncial basis, it was worth just »10.000 to her. On the train were Mrs. Ann Smith and her son Orley. The child became seriously ill and the mother was near distraction. The young girl's tender heart went out in sympathy and she aided in ministering tni the little fellow. Hfr assistance proved so effl- cient that she was induced to accompany the Smiths to Jaek-son, and she remained with them until Orley recovered hiv health. Decently Orley Smith died and his pjitire wealth was left to his former "nursp." the girl of eighteen, who is now Mrs. Amflia i<a»erle of De Witt Kaloii tov.nship. * While working as a domestic in Lansing for a number of years after forming the acquaintance of the Sniiths .Mrs.j Mauerle often was re minded in letters that some day she wpuid be repaid for her kindness. In fact. Mrs. Smitli had taken such a Ilk ing to Mrs. Bauerle that she frequently visited the latter in Lansing. '' Several ye|ars,ago Mrs. Smith died leaving a small fortune \o her son. Orley never married, but succeeded In I accumulnfing more wealth from year to year. As he died without near rel dtives be willed his all to Mrs. Bauerle. Mrs. Haiierle is married and her autband resides with her at De Witt. They have four children. TEXAS MOB SHAKES NEGRO. i>leu of MiuifiterK uad Oflicials Stops Lj'Bcbing. Waxahaehle, Tex., Feb. 28.—A minister, a district Judge, the sheriff and county attorney pleaded with a mob about to lynch a negro after a rope had been placed abon: his neck before daylight here today, and as a result obtained the release of the ne­ gro. Joseph Lockett,. the negro was arrested In connection with the killing of John Jones, 2,2, ^'hoae body was found early today m a garage in which he was employed. Shortly afterward the negro was taken from the officers by a' mob. For almost an hour after the minister and officers had caught up with the mob they pleaded for the negro's release. Lockett was placed in jail here. : -MiiJ.s Lela McFarlancS or Moran wa.s t^ere shopping this morning. PERSONAL MENTION Miss Bemict Root who was here to spend a few days with her parents has returned to her school work at Baker University. Frank M. Davis, who lives south of Lailarpe, was in town today transacting business. -P. J. Honan, Tailor, ^09 W. Madison. .Miss Anna Trempala left last night for her home in Taylor Springs, 111. she had planned to spend the remainder of the winter Here, but ill health made it necessary for her to return honie. —Drs. Hun * Ilnll. Osteopathic PKTsIclans. Phones 130 and 661. Miss .Minnie Rogers, of St: Louis, arrived here yesterday to spend the spring millinery season as head trimmer at the Doggett Millinery shop. -Gasoline at the Palace Garage now Tor 11 cents. t Two children of Mrs. Lou Bennett, a daughter twelve years old and a little boy' fdiiT years old, are very ill with pneumonia at the family home, Gil South Fourth street. —Exchange your Old Furniture and Stoves for New at Ed Ileiinlnger's Stove Store. The Elsmore girls" basket ball team which played here Saturday evening, spent Sunday morning in Colony and passed through here yesterday after- nobn on their way home. —.1. W. RIckman. Paper Hanger. Phone 58. . Virgil Willis, who frequently substitutes in the high school basket ball games, is suffering with a badly inflamed eye, the result of contact with a player's finger in one of the games last week. j —.Apprentice Girls wanted in the Millinery Department at Richardson's. S. F. Knox ,of Chicago, is here on business and is looking after his farms near l^Harpe. —Rugs, Rugs, Rugs. Over 100 new floor Rugs at Ed Henninger's Furniture Store. Mrs. Edgar Morford. who came to visit her father, George lliser, and to attend her 'grandmother's funeral, rcp ttirned home to Richmond, Kas., today. Moiler to Loan —On farms. R. M. Cunningham, office State Savings Bank. .Mr. and Mrs. C .C. Moobcrry left this afternoon for their homo in Omaha, Neb., after spending two days here with Mrs. Frank Williams. —Dr. 0. L. Cox, Specialist, Eje, Ear, Vose and Throat. * .Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Beardsley, who have spent the past week with Mrs. F. K. Remington in I^allarpe, returned home to Garnett thts afternoon. —Are you one of the 467 happy people who havo gotten a farm loan of Arrowsniith of the AUoti County Investment Company? .Mrs. J .M. Cameron and her two grandchildren, Ruth and Donald Cameron, will spend a week with her daughter, Mrs. Hattie Summers, in Wclda. —Attorney John W. Brown has opened offices in the Stevenson build- •ng whcrc'he will be pleased to receive tlioso desiring professional services. Eunice f'offield returned last night from a visit with relatives in .loplin, .Mo. A check for $2000, the sum for which Chester W. I^and was insured in the \V. O, W. lodge, was received here today and will be paid to Mrs. Land. —1 am a candidate for the -nomination for the office of Commissioner of Finance and Revenue of the City of lola. at the Primary to be held on March the !)tli. Your support will be appreciated. A. J. SHAMBAUGH. A 'otire -Eastern Star Sfpnihers. Chapter will be called this evening at 7:1") instead of 8:00 o'clock, so that all members' may attend Mr. Scott's lecture at the Presbyterian Church. KATE SCHELL, W. M.^- Clark Riggs went to Humboldt this afternoon for a visit with friends. Htrnc .Market Lower-So Is Pork at Rol>ert«'. —Hams 11c; sides lO'^c; shoulders lOiAc Delivered lola. Gas City and I>aHarpo. • Other stations F. O. D. Phone 7:'., Gas. .Mrs. T. C'. Franklin and daughter, Thelma, have gdne to'Coffeyvillc to make their home. On All Winter Footwear This week will be your last chance to get Shoes from 25 to 50 per cent below actual cost to manufacture. The styles are good and the toes ans not "pointed." You can wear these Shoes. Mostly all button shoes in patents, gun metals and kid leathers. Do not.make the mistake by thinking they are back numbers. You will be wrong. Come have a look and profit by it. Women's, Big Girls', Misses' and Children's Shoes that sold $3, $3.50 and $4, marked to sell for .39c, 98c, $ll39, $1 .45, $1 up to $2, $2.50, .95, $2.45, $2.95 1,000 PAIRS ON BAR. GAIN TABLES. YOU'LL SAVE DOLLARS HERE. TO HIS SOUL-MATE AFFINIH Traveling Man's ConfeMion to HIa Wife Waa of a Different Sort From the Ordinary. HELP THE STOMACH DIGEST YOUR FOOD When the stomach fails to digest and distribute that which is eaten, the bowels become clogged with a mass of waste and refuse that ferments %nd generates poisons that are gradually forced Into the blood, causing distress and often serious illness. Most people naturally object to the drastic cathartic and purgative agents that shock the system. A mild, gentle laxative, positive in its effect and that will quickly relieve constipation is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, sold by druggists at fifty cents 'and one dollar a bottle. It does not gripe or cramp, hut acts easily and pleasantly and is therefore the most satisfactory remedy for children, women and elderly persons. For^ free trial bottle write to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 4^2 Washington St., Montlcello, Ills. Dear Girlie—Just in from Rochester and was a little disappointed at not finding a letter here from you. I know krou are very busy dear, but this is a lonesome Job at the best, and a line from a fellow's sweetheart brightens up the whole day. Business Is nothing exciting, owing to the season, and I find time to think of yoii once In a while, which is most of the while. It gets kinder lonesome around here sometimes, and I sit by the window, stick up my feet, light my pipe and dream of you—and the kids and home, sweet home, and mighty pleasant dreams they are. too. Say, I have been dreaming of an old sweetheart of mine today and was wishing I had her with me now. She had a sweet, womanly face, deep blue eyes and wavy hair, a tall military girl, just the kind to make a fel low rave over. Don't blame me for dreaming of this dear old sweetheart, for I cant help it. Confession Is good for the soul, and I don't mind telling you 1 am-dreaming of her all the time. I'm married now. but she is still my sweetheart and, what's more, she always will be. for to me there Is nothing on earth half «o precious. I'm told it isn't wise to write to one's wife concerning old sweethearts, I must confess that the one of my dreams is really the only one I ever had; the others were merely flames. She Is married now to a traveling maa and ev.erj' week I drop In at her home to see her. Don't be cross at me, dear. You see, she's my affinity. Good-by, until Saturday.—Cleveland Plain Dealer. THE FIRE SALE Starts Wednesday at 8 a.m. This will be your opportunity to buy Furniture, Rugs and Carpets at unheard-of prices. Do not forget the date, Wednesday Morning at 8 o'clock, at the old Globe store room. —A. R. SLEEPER FINED FOR GETTING MARRIED Members of Many Organizations In the Old World Are Under Penalty to Defy Cupid- There are certain sections and communities who penalize marriage and regard it in the light of a punishable offense. It Is t ^e rule, for instance, at All Souls' college, Oxford, England, that a fellow forfeits his fellowship if when Etudymg the classicR be should take unto himself a w -lfe. In such an event he must not only pay the penalty, hut must also present his college with a memorial In the shape of a silver cup, with the further condition that on the cup shall be inscribed in Latin, "He backslid Into matrimony." 9|Iany readers have doubtless read of the Bachelors' club in London. When a member so far forgets the principles of the club as to marry he Is promptly expelled. There is a similar organization in Germany—the Jugesellen club. Whenever there comes to the officials of this club any intimation that a member contemplates matrimon.v, he is immediately summoned for trial in the club court, with the president as judge. The culprit is allowed to plead In extenuation of his offense, and upon ills skill in presenting such plea depends the amount of his tine, which ranges from £20 to C200, j TO STOP HEADACHE I Headache usually comes from a slug gish liver and bowels. If you feel bilious, dizzy or tongue is coated and Ftomach sour, just get a 10-cent box of Cascarets to start your liver and bowels and your headaches will end. M.\XY TAKK r. S. KKGISTHY. -Utont .-.(HMKK) Ton.s Added to .Merchant -Marine Since August, Washington, Feb. 28.—Nearly .')(){),000 tons have boen added |to the American merchant marine since the law admitting foreign built ve'ssels to American registry was passed last August. To the end of February 133 foreign built vessels liad been placed un- lier Auierican registry, with an aggregate tonnage of 'i7'>,~>'2i.' the depait- niont of coinmerce announced today. Notice was given by the departinenl that the steamer M. S. Dollar of San Francisco, a Britisli vessel admitted under (lie new law, had been suspended from American registry.! No reason was assigned. GAS, HEARTBURN, INDIGESTION OR A SICK STOMACH (Fii-st Puhlislicd Feb. 27, 191,') TIIK PUIMAItY BALLOT. .Vames ofi the ijersons to be voted on at the Pfimary Election to be held in the City jof lola, Kansas, on March 9. l!!!.'-.. • _ For Conimissiuner of Finance. \ (Vote for One) George Freeman. A. .). Shamhaugh. i Kor Treasurer of Hoard of EdncatJonu J. H.^ Campbell. i For Members of Board of Education. (Vote for Three) F. ,M. Connett. ! C.'It,. Gard. Paul Klein. J. y. Merchant. I J. E. Powell. 1 Frahk Riddle. J. J. Simmonds. 1 R. L. Thompson. I. the undersigned, City Clerk of said City, do hereby, certify the foregoing list of names to be correct, and that said uhmes will appear on the official primary ballot in the order above Set out. I (Seal.) I O. -L. HOLMES, i City Clerk. Woman ©fficeholdera, Katharine Bement Davis, commis- •ioner of corrections in New York, says that many women in public offices hold over from one administration to another, and, through their knowledge of the affairs of the office, keep tbinga going. If that Is true, .why should they not beeome the high oflliefala themaelvea once in a while? OfBceholdeva, ahe saya, are but a small part of the population at any time and could not make great inroads' upon the happineaa of the home. Plan to Uae Reindeer. The Laurentide company of Quebec. |>roduoara of pulp and pulpwood, is re- foraatlas ita nonagricultural cutover te4e. It la also Importing reindeer toem KawfouadlaM, to see if they can take the plice of doga in winter woods "I'npeS Iliapepsin" Ends All Stomach Bistress In Five Minutes. - Time it! I'ape's Diapeiisin will (ligexl anything you eat and overcome a sour, gassy or out-of-order stomach surely within five minutes. • if your meals don't fit comfortably, or what you eat lies like a lump of lead in your stomach, or if you have heartburn, that is a sign of indigestion. Got from your pharmacist a fifty- cent case of Pape's Diapepsin and take a dose as soon as you can. There will be no sour riding, no belching of undigeted food mixed with, acid, no stomach gas or heartburn, fullness or lieavy feeling in the stomach, nausea, debilitating lieada(;hes-, dizziness or intestinal griping. Thts will all go, and. besides, there will be no sour food left over In the stomach to poison your breath with nauseous odors. Pa|)o's Diapepsin is a certain cure for out-of-order stmachs, because It takes hold of your fo <Ml and iligcsts it just the same as If your ston>acli wan't there. Relief in five minutes from all stomach misery is juaiting for you at any drug store. These large fifty-cent cases contain enough "Pape's Diapepsin" to keep the entire family free from stomach disorders and indigestion for many months. It belongs fn your home. Mrs. .1. H. Evans and her daughter, Mae, who have been visiting with Mrs. .Mamie ICvans In Moran passed through here today on their way homC to Tul- .sa. Okla. Mrs. Evans came to lola with them and spent the morning here. SANTA FE TIME TABLE. (Effective Feb. 7, 1915) South llonnd. No. 201 Passenger daily—11 :42 a. m. No. 203 Passenger dally— 2:45 a. m Xo. 207 Passenger Dally.. _ ?:24 p. m. No. 209 Passenger daily—- 6:30 a. m. No. 215 Freight da. ex. Sun. 12:35 p. m. No. 219 Freight daily —2:20 a. m.. a >'ortli Bonnd. I No. 202 Passenger daily—. 1:40 p. ra. No. 204 Passenger dally.-- 3:30 a. m. No. 208 Passenger daily— 6:30 a. m. No. 210 Passenger daily—- 7:16 p. m ^'9, 216 Freight da, ex, 12 :15 p. m. MILtER OE CO. ^nOXE 112$. WilOLESALE DISTRIBUTOES Majest and tie Line Oils Greases, | Keroselne and Gasoline, 1 • ! lola, Kanns. BRANCHES: ; Chanute. Kas. Cltntofl, Okla. Humboliit, Ka*. Cuttar, OUa. Wichita Kas. Cadn City CoiJ To Close up Stock, While it Lasts—Delivered at IIS.&0 Per Ton. lola Ick Cold Storage & Fikel Company Fhone 116 Frank SIddht. Mgr.

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