The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 2, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1927
Page 5
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AND SOVtNBRe. THE TOLA DAIL^ REGISTER. SATURDAY EVEIFING. fAPRgL g. tS^l. lMfPOTr\N& MV 80SK1ESS BYTAYDQR 1 'lifii llnM ]Ia |i |ieu ««l • T. Q. CmlTlS, wi-altliy dfipurl- lu^ul .Htoro owiiui',-tiriipui^M u; 4lur<Hij()uiiutr<> tg bi>,atiMwcr«(l liy' iiil rhf woni^ii «f Iflu Hlorn. BIP^Y, WKULH UUH^ITH I hi- lllll'HilOllH.' |jC><'4IIIMf!:'Hhl! llO|ICM tO ffVt OIK' of tim t:Hnh in'iict'M nrf<<i'iT(l (ur lh<{ )Mi-il replli'rt. Hill- ilo«m HO, IIOUA <'v<sr, over tin* protcHru of (;LA^|; ("('KTIS. Hon of the Ntorc owiu-r! • 'luy tiUH <liHliilicrlH^<l ))lniHi>ir nnil IM now Hvlng wlHi tho WOIIH fiiiii- llyj working at u ra<aory hy dyy iinrf wrltliiK inii.sU; at lilghl. llHIy iH'UeveH tliul Cluy HUKpectK hl» father of Himie scheme. Billy licr- Hojf •woiidor.'J whal "Olil T. I}." Is •lip to." . Hilly is disgusted when who iKJdrs two girls in ,the sflore diH-I ci|HHing the answerH to their | «|i |e8tionnalre .s. | XVDA LO.MAX j li4jj to .gain the old mans liivor, I saiying lier anibiition is to become a j kindefgartcii teacher, when everyone"- kiiows she hates children.;' ,W1XNIE SHELTO.N says she \^ants to take a business twiirse in order to became private upcrefary to a "big business mani likt .Mr. Curtis." fiUI >|'s own am-' Wtion is to be a great concert violinist. AUisic is the great bond jjj-tween her amj Clay Curtis. iWhen Clay Curtis learns that STANLEV POWERS, assistant QhntiCimtih ^liiiigi UK -tnym tlip veil«il portrait iiiijl nlowl'y till* VMIVOI (!iirtjilnH purt- (•(C; rckoiiljiiK II life-HlM' portrait in tiifs o T. ^^), (liirtlH. JtiwiiH a fairly hill! |i iriri it. tiul tjie uppliiUite that fl/lcwl ihu I)1K room like thunder WUH I Hllicere tribute Mo the man wlioni all mid (tiiiiHe toin-Hpect, uiul iiioce lliun !• few III lovi>. T. J. CurllH nine ftjom hlH neat on thp front row and [advanced to tlic HflaK6. "Si'l der ink the yearn sUicked up nil- ttio like thiit-r" and ho sliot credit manager of hr!S bc'eu rushing ed to the Wells h line for supper thq night of the )ig icelebratiou. hejannounces he v -111 -hot be present. Billy is in when, she iidmittj evening. the .store, who Billy.* is invit- |a «ulky humor iPnwers that r >«>« l.-o On With 1 he Story CHAPTER IX. "Why aren't you in "The;Pageant of l^rogress'V Stanley Powerti said to l^illy. sitting small and ilemure beside him. '"If. you Avore up there oil tihe Htage;iiow, w^'d .bi; treated to ai .'iiglit of Mhe H X prettiest .arfil.s iv tile store." I •1] couldn't .lake ii ^hi^arsals."- Bilily whimper. "Hesiilesi violin later, ym They're going to Sljc girls ill flo perikn, had come i< stag bold plac; m nop Winnie iijg between liii^handM a si^ia^l rd bearin — 19(»ii.-| Pea k litlge taller, and iitaytug tricks with her flnmliir. of. nil iKiir, urgtir placard wiili the luiimTiiln. •l(»0|--l'.tiit!." llelijillil her ciillli .,i>tti»' 'SIliiiiKiti', a the time' off foK aiijiwen-d in a I'tii playing tlie know. .Sh-li! I'cite verses." [ving white dra- iliciiig upoji the llielloii leaitiiit'.. a .(dHfezlcal glance at the portrait wMt;l formed, the li*p of the |ln- vertei pyramid—"mitkcs me realize; tl at I'm getting til be an old man. Thirty years of running a dry, foods Btore! - To'most of you youni jieople, that selems like a iJifetii le. and I don't know but what ydii'r right. There's nothing mucih that's new can liappeii to a man after he's fifty-three, but death— or failure in business., That picture here makes me think death is a Ion I Tvay off. for the .artist has kiuill • fell out all my wrinkles;in fait, if T don't watch rtnt, I'll he think n^ I look as young as^ that, aiiil I o something foolish." Bil V caught ."her bredth sharply. Sfarij g at girls—pretty pirls-^-Ihe ddngirous age: lindn't , she rread euousjh about it? Shi^'d hav« to warn •••Ai: long feljo llnVre I 'liJ Ji yo .yoi .he(irl w po; the iiuineial,s le Hadley. Just with the light rrlcd a slinlilly Ittle taller than I'carl", Willi her plucai^l tfUifyiiig (1 the existence of tJie Ciirlis Store iuring the years it VM)! to 1911 Jadle ^leyers, whosi ,ilark. Oriental feai^; was": carried jiroitdly ' on ' ii oiiRi slender neck. iii.«playeil lir'r placard, "l<»l.t-1918V; Mjehihd her, iwajjing like a long, slender reed, •amo .Siisife'Howaril, i?f tlie mi.sses' dres.^es' deparlmenj, with jdai ard liioufj that tlie Cilrtis Store had weatliered llie jiostj-war depression —19lr«-l»21. IHringijig iip the rear, uiid dancing ivitli slow, uiidulating grace, carae 'NydaJ Iximax, tallest •be HO "If (that f ! aloi movei the i4 jicrmi' •i^he Itumor Uienn had' \\ off oi: maii.ul Staiile|y t'onsc,i End'raQst barbdrrcally beautiful ofj''^ 'i" hem all. holding aloft the largest jf the placards, bearing the giant lamerals, 1925.; j ; ."' . When the six gii^Is had delivered heir rhyming praisp to the Curtis : Store and to its founder and' own- 1 r, T. Q. Curtis, each one hanging Iter placard upon b "ooks caught in I long cord thai hunfe from a veiled jiioture suspended high on the lack -wall of the SUWje. the audi;- nce burst into spontaneous ap- ilause as tie 'placards jwere seen { ijo form an inverted pyi^amid. testi-'"'"'•"•''i resent like eyes' He • kt like a more. The test, a Clay- Id as for failiire i^i business. 18 a man's got .a bunch ^ of fel|o\^-workers ilike j-ou. 1 reckon isn't much to wirry about, bt any good at speeches, and [i rjftople ^now it. But I thank II from the boltoin of my But where—" he peered hilt wry grin of ,his at the triit—"did that oil-painting artist s't the notion that I ever wore a red necktie?" , dumped off Ihe litage, bowing ^ s head a trifle. OI I boy just ate It i up. didn't heT'i Stanb-y Powers aiiked under covei- of the applause which he was'il elping to create, j "They ail fan 'I ir the good' old applesauce, d.-.n't theyTj It sn'l apjilesaiice," Ijilly bla/.ed out a him fiercely. "There may be a I -w ^cofters who don't appreciate !i really noble man iwheii they w.irk for one, day lit and day out, ami d aw down a fat salary check for it hilt mo.'^l of jis know that wi-'ve ioi il pretty soft here. 1 ilon't bhiiiii' lilni^ for liking- it. j He's hu- iiiaii. sn't'he?" Oil h!" '.Stanley Powers dilcked lii.'i ht.'nl. "Uidirt know j you were so stuck' o"n the old boy. As a fa- tlii.r-i|i-lnw. I don't sujipose he'd Ii 'nd- " i yiiii Hay another word -like I me, I'W go home.right now e." Billy snapped.' as she as /ar away froiii hlm^ as rrifWuess of her seat would iHtard hardly a word oC the joiiK one-act iilay that Chiirles r, the advecti.sing, manager, ritten, a really clever lake- the store's class in sales- lip. , Shi; was relieved when Powers rose, wjith self- IMIH smiles at those whom he Qiiil4* iiiiBccountJibly. iihe Ieah<>d agulnnt the wall, her irlolln dmi- KlIiiK'fi'o'li her hand, and wept. HonH>oii« tducliod lipr on th« ftrni and iihe lookvir up. liiinblinR fur an I'XcuHo Tor hef tt 'arH. into the eyec of T. Curtis, j' He took the hand with which HIIP lind dashed away tears; "They want you'to play again, tny dear, but—1 underntand. 1 wax Whig to award tho prices, hut they ctTJt callfng for you. I'll tell them rou nln't sbing to play, any more. HJt dont nin away. You may be nterested In, the announcement of jirlze winners." He iMitted her hand awkwardly. th«n strode away to take his place upon the stage. Ullly fumbled for her compact, touched up her reddened eyelids, then tiptoed from her hiding'place to an empty seat near the st:ige. Old T. Q." was making a short, explanatory speech before calling the names of the g'lrls and women who had won prizes in the questionnaire contest. Billy found it impo.«siblc to concentrate oh what he was saying. ".\nd because 1 appreciate the work that cv-jrj'one •of you • Jiu on this foolish questionnaire of mine. 1 want to announce, before I tell vou who won the twenty-five prizes, that 1 have instructed the br «dit manager to deduct an add! jtional five per cent from the. February flrdt bill oil every woman or ?irl who! took the trouble to answer the questiohiraire. Now, I take plejisure in announcing that the following, in the judgment of Miss Simmons. .Mr. Hosklns add nyself, have merited the prizes in rhe order named—" Billy leaned forward. ".Mrs. Blanche Corwin—" "Oh, that's nice. She needs the noney «o hiadly.'* Billy hreathed, IS T. Q. paused tor the applause vhlch follbwed tlte announcement I »r the first name. ".Miss .Susie Howard—" I'bunderbUH applause, because $usie Howard was one of the most lopular girls III the store, engaged to he married to the most popular man— , i ".MI.SS Bniy Wells—" j Billy coNyeied in her seal.clutch­ ing the artiis of her chair with ice- cold haiidil "Miss NVda Uimnx, Mls-i "Wi'inle Shelton, .Mrs. Carrie Worth, .Mrs. Alice Paul) Miss J.*lfa Sampson—" His stern, clipped voice went on iind on. but Billy scarcely :heard lilm. How glad she was for Ueila, and for heriielf -herself—she hadn't liieii fired— ''And now I wailt to ask the notvl DMlpy-nwhirant Bi-Nr He. muMMlr ^Maii)- Nrhmil Swrlul Acthillei* .HH S€*«Mil Tear. .Vftarx k'.aA. was dtijturbing. ^nd pushed his way exit, to appear a little later upon the stage with his cornet. silly he looRed. Billy thought uUy, puffing his cheeks out lat. It was u wonder his didn't pop out of his head, pt standing; there, bowing fat little colonel, asking for and retreating at last with a ftomtcal look of feurprls^ when he w.ts n^t clapiied ipto an encore. , program dragged on, stuffed tt\'eiity-five winners Jijfsr named to iJieet me for u few la^nutes alter, till' program is finrHlied) and before ijaiicing begins. I'll only detain jjiiii a very iihort tlme.Un the class- i-jooMi on tills floor." TO BE CONTl.NUED. .astti Uid V. ftoitis has a new and ' . (PranclH (,'ulver) UPMHOLirr, Kansas. April I, —/Tlie restaurant of the Hotel Ball: ey Is being, redecornleit this week, and is taking on a much Iniproveii appearance. A rearrangement df Ihe fixtures In the .riioni Is. also being made. Thh« wll] make for more r<'om and greater convenience.' The work will he; done by' the first of next, week. Dale Bove Is (iloing the decorating work, and Don Cushman did the plumbing work necessary for the changing of 'the fixtures. The .Innior of Humboldt high school is holdhig its annual class party^ tonight in the study hall of the' high school building. Mrs. ,E. W. orter entertained the Snnflower Bridge club at her home this afternoon. \ x good attendance was- present. The high .school senidr cjass held its ' annual "tacky day" today. Among ithe linusual costumes tlnit were worn, were some that coni- •pared very favorably with those of the most unfortunate hoboes. The students selected from among these masqneraders those who were most striking in apiieanuice. The winners among the Sirls w-ere first. Mareia Squires, and second, Velma Mclntyre. Harlan and Harvey 'U'oods won distinction among the Iwy.s. In.ihe mominjf a parade In the cijy streets showed off the costunies to theu- best advantage. H. II. McClelland left today for a visit over the week end with his mother. Mrs. .McClelland of Manhattan. Kans. The members of the high school faculty held a surprise party at the high school building this afternoon in honvr of tlie birthday of Mrs. F. W. llartwig. numic supervisor. 'I'liose who were, present were: Mrs. F. W. llartwig. .Miss .Mary Schmidt. .Miss .Mary McKitt- ilck. Miss Kllzabeth Cordon. H. II. Blair, A.-.1. Triieblood. Rimer Harderode. K. (J. H.-rkin, and J. W. Senser. Next Friday evi-ninp. April 8. tin- (illson Player;! of the Kansas StOte Teachers' ('olleg.> of'Klii|iiii'ia Will present the iil.Hy."0 Sole .Mlo" at the high sebool aiiditorioni. This trouiK- has fur .'several yeiijM lieen .an .•xtrriu<Iy pojiiilar attraction-In llunibnhlt. .N'o doiilii the attraction this year will l)p| Increa-spd by Ihe fast that ;i Hiiniholdt girl, M/SS .Mnrganl Johnson, is a iiiember,,;of the cast Misa Paulilii- Taylor went to Km pofla : today to visit rflatlve,>j and friends. .She will ntiirii Siindav. • . i CI.A!<8mBO Dully rul>t por Una oiaertlona: RATBII ^or .auns^cuMve His dura Thrr« days iyti» dsy Minimum charK*,'t<ti! Minimum cnah. Mc. _.riii>nt fly* wnrdi^ to »o .70 .1)c lOa on any ad. ANNOUNCEMENTS Stoagr«d,_],oid, JpwnA DIAMOND BAR PIN eral reward. PIndii phone 541. COI.U LOCKET—Coritalning |ilc- tiire of.niy son Weh Iilease return to Fl. S. Bennett. KeBe>^Hotel BIdg.. I -MONEY .lJbST--l»2S tween lola and -Mlldr .Mildred. Liberal : Beck Furniture Co.! TRAVELINC. BAG- ng clothing, etc. 110 Ixmt. Lib- please; (tall ster. . Finder ila^ _ in billsTT^e- d or north of ileward. dall FINANCIAL OAKLAND f- Dealers — PONTIAC '2S Poutlac coupe, good asl new; Chevrolet touring, llkej new; 74 Ford roadster; '22 Ford *;.oupe, ;good; '18 Ftjrd coupe, cheaip;^ "22 Hudson sedan, good shapi^; '21 Stiidebakori 4-pH»s. couiw uflu«* shape; '22 Dodge coupe;; '18 Dodge louring, good; '24 Ovillaml touring, Kpial. Some other very cheap cars. Cash, terms or tradei Ho- liart Steele .Motor Co. ( • USED CARS—192.-. Chevrolet toujie; 1924 Ford Coupe; 1924 Fori! touring, a dandy; ]92.'> Chi violet truck. Shelly Motor Co.. US We^t Jackson. Phone 60. I Mwey to Lwm—Mortgages 4« FARM I^ANS—Quick service and reasooable rates. A. D. Hawi thome 218 3. Wfabtogton. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eaitem money tp loan on brms anil «ity property. Low rate. T^ins and payment to suit bor- rrwer. Stewart & Funk. MON'EY-rWe Jiow have plenty of money to refinance your old loan or make you a newjorie.l We also can liaye yon from 20 to 25 per cent ' on your insiiraiice. The White Re.ilty Co.. lola..Kans. PAGE FIVF MERCHANDISE Hoosehoid tioods »9 TOt^ CAJN FURNISH—Your home cheap by. bnjing yonr furniture at Brysott's Fitrnitiir^ Store, North Jeffersob; - , . MiJsical' ireccbandise GOOD PIANO—Win exchange for livestock Kansas. PHO.VOG lAPH —Edison Diamond Disc whh twenty Edison recwds, extra rt producer and thirty mis- . cellaneo is.i-ebords. 504 N. Second. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms. t%. city G%. Long or short time. R. M. Cnnnlngham. LIVESTOCK Horses, Cattle. .Vehicles .48 TWO HOLSTEIN COW.S—Extra good, heavy prudm'ers. W. It. Cot\'in, DVfe niile^ west, it south lola. Poultry and Supplies 49 BABY CHICKS-^S. C. R. I. Rf>ds. April 7. -Mrs. J. C. MiKinney, .! miles south, 2^-: east of Colony. BABY CHICKS l.lil White Li)g- hori|iH and qnii S. C. It. 1. Reds for Tnefiday, the .Itb. All from Stilte Accredited stoik. Leghorns, $ll.<'0 per lot). Reds tl2.(lO |ier 1{M(. Sturdy Chiok Hatdiery,. 220 West Street, lola. Seeds 'Plants, Flowers!) Wm. Gv\ SEED cq S .years: fju-tlle H ply. C. biildf. W. H. Wood. LaHarpe. Harpe aind % north of sl|ib, or phone 7(16, LaHarpe. . • ' ROPVIS AND; BOARD Itooni! TWO Fi;&NlSHEI>~Modern lliiM ;ieki'e 11 Two adills. Plume K H]iaHEST MARKET-iPrlces paid for cream, eggs and poultry. Our truck and chicken coops I are at youjr service to pick up poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. «B8. Wanteil-pLive SliMrk USED CAR VALL'E.S—192G (j -lirys- ler "70" sedan: 1926 Chrysler "vSS" -a have by calling at Ri identifying and ack, contain- iOwner may •gister office, payliig' for ad., W.\TCH—Illinois, white gold case. Liberal reward for return to Reg- is'er office. AUCTIONS Auctions IjiU PUBLIC AUCTION—Public auction every Saturday at 1 Bishop's Sales Pavilion. do o'clock AUTOMOTIVE at Anfomnbiies for AEROPLANE—Curtlsi motor in excellent has never been cracked gain for $4 .=)li.OO. B.| .7. .V. 4|D. c|)iiditIon, ship A bar- T. Barber. '• CABS^-Bulck GOOD USED ster. new tires; Stud^bakier Font and Buick toiur; that will interest yollJ Supply Co.. BuIck iD^alers, road- coupe; ;ng at a price •_Marr Auto REAL USED CAR 1926 Chevrolet coadj rolel coach; 1923 C.H BARGAl.NS- liJ25 Chev- evrplet roadster;, 1923 F. B. ChlevrOlet roadster: 1919 Chevrolet louring; 1923 Chevrolet ton truck; 1922 Chevrolet light delivery tru-k; 1923 Star roadster: 1925 Star oufing"; J92G Star touring; late ni >dcl Star six touring: late mod coii|i<>; late model iftar four dan: 1924 Essex coac touring; 1918 Chain Ford touring. B. T. tige. 211 Wi-;it St net, BUD,"WHITE MOTOR HUDSO.V-ESSEX DE.X^LERS— CHEVROLET. 1926 I^ndaii aedah. like new. CHEVROLET, 1924 itOAD.STER, hivhinir contest «p his sleeve. Jtend the next rhaptec with monologues, a <CUarlcst6h con} ying to the wonderful grpwyj of he Curtis Store. \ "They're going to" qnveil the por- flrait." BIHy whispered. ' The six girls, divided iiuo two ;|rouji* of three, and took their J lacea^i side of the portrait, "hen -wiith the Curtis ^and plaiying >nftlv. the girl.s* volce.^ rising in a 1 adiy trained .but rousi ig chorus <;f "For He's a; Jolly Good Fellow!" BBX pairs of ;hands 8el/"d cords OLA HIDE. FUR & ^VOOL COMPANY 6et oor prices on POULTRY ASP EGOS We wlU emt^^^rj^niirj' • J Ml So. Ohio' , ' I : Phone 1.1«7 fcRENNAN'S I MARKET We pay the folliiwins prices: <o, J ERKS ...L.,.. ^..i ._-22c lio. * lEinrM i-.—— i -,iHc Ko. » Ejfcgs ——ISr lo. '1 JlaaR .:-,J -:.;aic ; ioi ,S Hens _—^ troUers ' —l.-^i L.WIC iSrte Hides L%im i reea Wfles. _—-_j^„2_ . .6c 3 oang «ad 01^ CMks -. . lie HWe .wHl icoke-. after yoar ponltrjr. L F;£(£eiu|i|in Prepuce Co. ;pJMi XojiHw^^ai Phone. t76 singing dancing act. a by Hosklns, * the, general nianagjcr. and another by .Miss Sini- nions, who.taiked fearful platitudes abont a "higher and better" store audi cii -operation. Billy heard Miss Simmons' speed from .back-stage, standing in the -wings, nervously smoothing the crisp orchid taffeta of the lit- lie frcck she had thought so deli- cjousl;' pretty and which now, suddenly, seemed tawdry and cheap and foilishly juvenile. Sh^ wouldn't : n encore, no matter how niiic.h they wanted her lo. She wouldn't give,-that conceited, fat little pup of a Stanley Powers a chance to rub in that she too liked "applesauce." Bitt^wlien she was at Jast upon the stage, her violin tucked under her rquud little chhi, she forgot her audience, forgot^tanley Powers and the fact that'^her indther would be pathetically pleased i if she married Iilm—forgot T. Q.'s strange, erratic behavior. ' She iilayed ''Uumoresque." knowp lug that it woulJl please by its .^very familiarity where, a piece of liej- own clibice wolilil bewilder th^m|. i -l-.ilSciAs shei played, ev-o' nerve, in her body ri 'spoiided t > ihe radoda ; of the iniiHlc—now lipting. now^ sobbing, 1) >w sad. nuw gay, 'now exultant I . As so Ml as site iad/Xlnia|ied abd made ter little iuclclng curtsey, she rai from'; the stage' Into the wings, leaf to tl e ins'i^t^t < applause !.t bat "Was (ailing; her. ^lNU^ PRAIRIE VIEW March 31.1—We had such a big rain and islstlll raining until we guess Uie firmens won't work in the fields for awhile. Mr. John Tomlinson's folks are all getting well from the measles .except the baby, and she Is getting better. She has been quite sick ^•Ith pneumonia. Mrs. Underwood isdtaylng there this week. I Miss Genevieve'WIlber spent last Week with Mrs. Frank Gibson and helped her dean honse. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Butts were c tiled to see Mr. Snider Wednes- diy evening, who is seriously III. Lottie Beeman has been spending this week with her sister; Mrs. L oiinic Baker. CVlr. and Mrs. Clarence . Orth s )ent Wednesday evening with Mr. a id .Mrs. (ieorge Carl. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Bland ahd children' and Mr. and , Mrs. vrm. Bland spent Sunday after- n ion with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lass- nian. Mrs.: Gibson and <;efnevieve Wilbur spent last Friday afternoon th .Mrs. Blanche CarL GENEVA : (Mrs. Delia I.eavitt) fiENEVA; .March 29.-Thunder, mud, hair and little cjiickeiis is wifat Geneva has this week. Bad weather is making the ni -w bridge grow very slowly. Mrs. O. F. .Miller. George and Alice are vIcAns of measles this week. Mrs. .Cena Wright of Moran is staying at tlie Miller liiuiie helping care for the sick. Robt. Blrges. who has been .working oh the bridge and hoarding at Heslbp's. left •yesterday for Chanute. Mr. anil Mrs. Leslie Leavitt and Doiiald; drove to Geneva Monday afternoon to set out grapevines, ma^e garden, etc.. hut the rain drove them in so early no garden was made. X. M. lieavitt and Ethel called at Delia Leavitt's Sunday, evening. "VS'e are glad to report .Margaret Coffey much . improved in health and hope that she soon will be entirely well. The measles had about been around iind we were thinking that scbpol Would be In good working ordier. and now conies a scarlet fe- vifr scare. . Mrs. Matt Bradley and Harold have scarlet feter also Irene Bedenbender. Every precaution is being nsed to keep it from spreading. rilEVROLET. 1924 CHEVROLE'f, 1922 F. DURANT, 1923 TOURING. FORD. 1926 Coupe I? II f.oach; Chrysler "."lO" coupei 192.i Overland sedan: 1925 Miixwell club coupe: 1926 Ford roailster: : 1923 We 1924 Buick four., roadster: Wll|ys-Knight coupe s^lan.: trade. Ross Arbuckle's Giirage, Chr.lsler dealers.. Phone 56 1924,;FORD TOURIJiG—StarteV. de- moiintables. "ew paint, goodjtires. good mechanically; guaranteed. Small down jjayment. balance easy terms. .McCarthy .Motor Cbl.. 212 South AVashlngton. Phone $93. 1 Star .•ilx sell; 191KDod|;e ers touring; Barber Gair- Phone 515. CO. (fOUPE. B. Touring. djUco fiiiisb. :;dan, duco FORD, 1925 Tudor, S finish. FpllD. 192.". ROADlJTiER. FORD, 2 1924 TOURINGS. ' FORD, 2 1923 COUPES. i HUDSO.V, 1926 7-pasi. Sedan. RKTKENBACHER. 1920 SEDAN. JIUDSOX, 1921 Speedster, new • «nlsh ; , . HUDSON. 1921 7-pass Sedan. HUP.MOBILE. 1924 TOURLNG. HUP.MOBILE. 1922 TQURING. , winter en- ITSED CAR BARGAINSf- CHEVROLET. 1924 TOURL-^G. DODGE. 1925 TOURLNG. \ I FORD. 1926 TOURING. \ FORD. 1925 TOURING. i FORD. 1926 ROADSTli:R. FORD. 1925 ROADSTER. FORD. 1925 COUPE. FORD. 1925 COACH. T^hese cars are all in first closs shaiie. W'e sell on easy terms, or trade for livestock.! ^ . BOYER AlOTOR CO. [ 212, .S. W.ASH. • PllO.S'E 23 CATTLE WA."iTEi)-Ti) pasture. T. W. Lytle,|2>/4 miles w«qt of lola. < Phone «»95-12. , le j99 :i •Oil 3 P.A'STURE FOR 3 COWS—In Acer.s Park; Telephjone 4. PASTURE—Oti old Mauley farm 4 miles southwest lola; $1.5U tier .mouth. Phone 777. WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cattle ahd hogs. J. C. Butcher.. WANTED—.\ tew, more cattle to rastarc. $2.0'> month; yearlings. S1.50. J. J. Keete. j.North Keii- tncky street road half mile. MERCHANDISE Article* For Sale ,>1 W.AJ^NUT POSTS—And native luni- 'jer for sale. .\. J. Swinford. 617 South (Sottouwood street. 3 KOO.M ;fliii>r. frili furnished REAL E Farms HOIFSE—F fine truck chickens, lola. just Phone 97rt-ll. Ho coniplcte 32.J West light Ing roiims with sink. 206 S. CMiestnut. i AI'ARTMENT-prounil it entruiico. eveifything 21l» East St; Pho. 1396. ITATE FOR RENT imd'Lnnd For Kent 7fl |>r reiit with '/i acre ground; good iilace for miles southwest off the cement slab. ises For Bent C0TTAGE4Five room, dose Jn, city service. O. L. Cowan, i treet". after six. FtTRXISHEp HOUSE—Four rooms, electricity, city • water, garage, good garilen and fruity Inquire 305 South IFouHh. Phone :?.53: HOUSE—Nice six room, garden and fruit. HOITSK—4 rooin.-j partly moderni 17 .North Tthird. Phone 9n.lW. Business uml jOflire I-Iqiiipnient ,'>4 Auto Accessories, Tires, i'ar^s 13 CHETOOLET PARTS—Both and used, a big stock. B. T. her Gui^uge, 211 West street. new Bar- TYPEWRITERS—.New and slightly used. A variety to select from. Terms if desired. Williams Type- Writer Co.. Room 10. over fllobe. Farm Equipment, 5.-.A DISC HARROW—John Deere, with tongue truck, a bargain at "$18 :110. Allen County Implement Co. _ Fuel, Feed. Fertilizers WEI.a., ROTTED .MANURE—For flowers, gardens and lawns. J. C. •Butcher. (Jwid Things to Kui NICE F.Vr FRIES -lu. lbs. j Ib.s. each. Trowbridge. 31.S Unmer. Pilone J23L Household (•uoil • u< to 2 West 59 USED PARTS—Get your UHed|parta here, they are reasonably priced. Iola_Wrocklng Co, Phono jr82. ' Bu|ini SINESS SERVICE inesK Serrloes Offered WINDOWS -r- Door frames casing 1. also luii siding. Ray and Bell. iince and Surely Roiids Sit FOR, C I TV. FAR.M AND AUTO— Insuraiice see the Ray Invest-1 nient (t'o. flAK SIDE HOARD- -flood, for sale i cheap. C. 11. Arbuckle, t ;2l South 1 street. SEE US—For burgains in gas i ranges, kitirhen caljjnets and floor Pugs. Henninger 's Furniture Store. THREE ROOM HOUSE—Elertrlc lights, citj water, located at .508 South Chestnut. See M. A. Schllck. 4 ROOM pOTTAO E—Furnished ; ;:irden an4 garage. Telephone 4. 4 ROO.VI f'l fioil." gas. pTTAGE—Goo<l condi- electricity. water in kitchen, gah-den. garage. Phone 4. .Siiliurliun For Kent HOUSE—Ba^rn and 3 acres, chicken house, lots Kelley Thdatre. BI;.V(;AU)\\I galow; alsi low; good thre^! lots R. .M. Cunningham. 80 of fruit. Van Uynlng. REAL ESTATE FOR SALB lioijses For Sale 84 —My seven roombun,- nice five room bunga- [foiir room cottige and with good house and frame building lochteil south of,!rtiuare. Co. Ray Fivi> iiKjni modern, terms. Jiilin Reuther.' half block III vestment COTTAGE t;ani»',e, eas To K.\dii| EtiUlTV-hJ „ slock and Carm equipment.' Jack- soil Realtjl Co., over Brown's? Drug Store nire --_Re»l .Kstnle "-S.** 5 room icottage for CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Laundering 24 WASHfNGS—And iroirings w.anted. I'honei' 146SW. Work guaranteed. NASH, 1924 Touring, closure. OVERLAND. 2 1924^ STUDEBAKICR. 1924 coupe. STUDI3BAKER. 1923 Roadster. bURINGS. light six Special "We Trade or Sell oij Easy Terms. .Voyinir, Trucking:, StoniKe: CORR TRANSFESR (JO.—Packing, atora^ long distance bahllng. Reasonable rates. Phone 1^0. 'Professional Services SbROEIRT —Medicine, X-ray.| F. LenskL Phones: ottice, residence. 112SW. •• 28 Dr. '886; FINANCIAL Business Upiiortnnitles AUTO CHAINS—Mr. Stober. 1 the Factnry Representative for Hatch- j inson. Kajisas.- manufacturer! of! Auto Chains that can'be.pnt on In 1 a moment ifroni the running biarri.' will be in lola Aprir.5, at Ktllej- Ho^eL • ' 38 OUR SPRliNG SALE OF EXCEPTIONAL USED LET US HjELP YOU MAK'E i$200 to $400 a month. An tjld reljablo institntionj capitalized! ^t one {mil- j lion dollars has an. opening lot-ally for energetic man interested in bunding permanent. • profitable CAR VALUES A Used Car Is as \DependabU a|? the Dealer Who Sdls It! Wo have on handat present the best .assortment of iised cars we" have ever had that be moved. - mti DOBCE SEDAX, looks nnd runs iikej new. liiSJ DOlliBE TOriUXJi a real value. 1925 BrtWCE t'OUPE. s.ame »s new.^ 2 1925 TOini .COUPES. Great Bargains. 1925 .F4KHB TIIWR. «ne condition. . , 1928 OAKLAND LASDAU SED^X. at'n biiresiin price. 192« E.SSEX, rOAUH. .slisrhtly nsrti, teal (^heiqi. 1923 FORI* WOABMTER, u real vnlne. I Two P«RI» T«U«IN(«». worth the rioney. S (Jood .Serriceable J.'sed Ford Tnickii. <:he ip. 1923 GRAHA.H IJi-TOX TUrt 'K. like neii. Ten other good cheap Ford tourings anil must move. \Ve trade or sell on easy terms. Dodge Brothers C4rs—Grjaham Brothijrs Truclts ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY roadsters thjit we NEW TI.MOTHY SEEID-rRecleaned. Ulim. 3»4 miles east La- [R.V-White, no failure tn 70 liii.; to acye last year on uplanjd. H. Balzer. lola; Kaiis. WHITE jtEED trOHN—Adapted to II. $2 bii. Limited sup- W. Works Farm, Hum- For Honsekeeiilnif 6D

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