The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1915 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1915
Page 2
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THE |0LA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING. MARCH 1, 1915. Fpr Tomorrow Only V At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning we ^ace cm sale a great lot of Ladies' Crepe Gowns, if l|ought in the regular way would sell for 75c ^ach, but for tomorrow—one day only—we are going to sell them at COME AT 10 O'CLOCK. Elfe*s Loneliness. Think fpvely thoughts that every day be tiest; laOok ifiou for God, nor fancy Him confcealcd; Along earth's common, way the flow- elTBiand grasB Will bijseathe His name to thee when tUcrii^ shalt pass. To thyl divfiiest self He stands re, vciaed. Hre cbj^quering power through love rtape toanlf'est. dpeak lovely words to tall like sun' light rays, That y^Uth may be so long and age , but brief. To joy in life a little more, And ta^e some misery out of earth's va^ store, So sbalt thou walk with gladneks and no^ricf, i*Iailtirig a hope in llio honiy •ways. ' . LENSES Better Sight- Less Altnoyaftce Toi'ic Lenses give a Iiirger field of cienr vision, aud their curved shape makes them nppear rei'y iMurh neuter tliiin flat lenses. Yo«r eye< lashes will not touch them, nor will you find liny rear reflec. tlons to confuse nad annoy. Let us ex plhiu their many ad rnntuges to yoii. bo lovely deeds of brotliorliooil tlv; boiid; ' Each biirden nobly Urted and each tns|. • Each diiys plain duty teaches thee to blegs The /rfendless lives brave in tliei loritliness, Ere yei they near the Shadows and the; Mask, And tiiese untrodden patlp tha . stretch beyond. Tholights, words and deeds! To stan forflruth jnlall! This is'the creeil that counts. ITn ninj&hing toil; Staunch fortitude and strength of pa Ueiice born;; Securel|- treadiug though the way be bor"ii; Eronting the light, nor fearing tlie re, coif ; Facing Jhe right, nor 'ooking back to ' fall; i —Chambers .lournal. "We l>ad just the finest kind of a tlbSfe,' 'J§ the way the meml)ers of the A. Y. l| I. club expressed their en- :Joyi !ient: of the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Readicker of Parsons on Saturday and yesterday. All b ^t four nrtrtberi 6f the cliib left here on Sat . Ufday liobh and were entertained at t%e ^otel Matthe'wson In Pftrsons Followlrig luncheon the guests and Weir holtess spelit the afternoon visiting. Th^n there was a delightful <lifiher ill the e^-jenlng rt)llowcd by a Hate par |y to see "A Pair of Sixes." and a s 'Sniber party at the hotel, and the cro #d returned to Tola yefeterday aftemooii, pronouhcing their outing the tno8| delightful of all the many pleBBant; gatherings they ' have enjoyed this winter. The members of the ctub 'lwho wetit were: Mrs. A. J. Hetzel, STrs. J. T. Crawford, Mrs. J. M. Fife.iMrs, C. I.. Washburn, Mrs. Chas. Fiankiin. Mrs. Fred Moore, Mrs. Fr^"W 'oodin. Mrs. Frank Anderson and Mrs. J. J. Varaer. M • * * - ' Tbe fti^mbbrs of the P. E. 0. Chapter are apkea to meet tomorrow after npoh with Mrs. D. P. Northrup at the A t)Iea8ihg event, occurred at the parsbhiagl df the Baptist church last evehlng iirhin Mr. Charles Brbwnfield ^.hd MiSB? Myrtle Waters were united til mttrrttgeiby Rev. J. T. Shaman in the pres^ce of onli' Immediate relatives. Mj. Brownfield is a member of mi &m Fitted lyes Examiiied Sstlsffctioii Guaranteed or Tour i: Mojney Refunded. I Watdi Impeeton. tlio Kul.lcr Rralty Comjtany and li:is lived in and near lola for sevt-riil years. Mrs. Brownfield has lived in tills city since childhoods and is wc^ll known and highly respected. They will make their home in the comfort^ able residence at 802 North street recently purchased by Mr. Brownfield. and will carry with them the good wishes of all who know them. • •:• • Tlierc is to be a meeting of I lie AVestminstor Guild tomorrow night at the home of Mrs. S. S. Hilscher and it is hoped that there will be a large attendance as, an especially interesting program is being arranged. •:• Circle number six of the Ladies Aid society of tlie First Methodist churdh will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. M. Thompson, 310 South Walnut street, and as there is some work to be completed it is hoped that all members will be present in time to begin the meeting, at half past two. • •^ * iMiss Margaret Hyde aud Miss Km- ma Hyde spent Saturday and Sunday at home, returning yesterday afternoon to Kansas City. 4- • • A son was born Saturday night to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Strawn at their home in East ' I.^wn. Mrs. Strawn will be remembered by many friends as Miss l ..uella Vickcrs. • • • The Women's Missionary society of the Reformed church will meet at half past two on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. B. M. "Moyer at her home in Wheeler Heights. • • • The Fraternal Aid and the Fraternal Union will entertain members and friends of the two orders with a program of tniisic and readings tomorrow night at the Moose Hall. Refreshments will be, served after the program. • * / The VVomen's Foreign Missionary Society of the T\vsi Methodist church has bi^en asked to meet on Wednesday afternoon at the hpnie of Mrs. S. I... Holmes, 216 South Colborn street. • • • Mrs. Matilda Clevenger was operated on for appendicitis on Saturday af ternoon in Wichita, and a telegram to Rev. .T. T. Sharman yesterday stated that the operation was successfully performed and that Mrs. Clevenger was getting along very nicely which will be good news to lier many friends'here. Circle number four of tiie l^adies Aid Society of the First Methodist church will meet at half past two tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. Wm. Dingman, 423 South Chestnut street. • • • Tomorrow night at 7:30 Rev. Dr. Palmer, of Denver, CoJo.. %vill lecture at the Baptist church on behalf of the Baptist • Home Mission Society. Dr. Palmer is making a tour of thirteen points in tlie state, iola is fortunate enough to be one of these points and it is considered a great treat to have him here. Members of all missionary societies in town are invited to attend. T * * + A discussion of favorite foods araon^ teachers of McKiniey school resulted in a very delightful affair on Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will H. King. As a share in the banquet each teacher provided hia or her favorllcl diah, some of wbicb were Q00ke<L aftec tbe i|;[uests Stunning New Styles Foi/^ This evcniiiK ilros:*. thi' ecjuiil in appearance of the best I'aris iiiilliiiprs turn out, is an American creation. It is made of white Daphne silk with cni- broidered gold thread, knee length tu­ nic (Ir.-ipocI up\v;ird in front. The fit- li'd |i :is(|iie outlines the li.miro. The feature is the decollftie with full length sleeves of gold net embroidered and trimming of brilliant. had gathered for the evening's fun. m that their ability as cooks as well as their eplcurtian tastes might be judged. The supper, which was bountiful and delicious; was followed bv several hours of music and fun. .Mr. King and Miss Grace Bixler con- jributed to the entertainment with 'piano solos and Miss Helen Van Keuren sang. Those,who were present were Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. John' Fleming, little Miss Maxine Fleming. Miss Beulah Bixler, Miss Grace Bixler, Miss Lillian Melvin, Miss Helen Van Kcurcn and Mr. Will Harmon. •> • •> The I''iitlny Five Hundrct] Club is to have the usual meeting IhTs week and Mrs. J. G. Stadler will be the hostess on Friday afternoon. .Miss -Mabel Williams, who has bc<^u very iU for about ;two weeks was able to be dowii town i'or the first time today. ^ Activities of Wbrnen. M!?.=•. R«;;e M. Webers gave up her b.=^i*ion as a teacher to become a po- •owoman in Racine, Wis. Twenty out of erery hundred wom- in bread winners in New York city -iro adrift, that in, without homes. Symmetry in the feminine form is the ideal of a new course to be instituted at. the University of Pittsburgh. , Among the 3,329 woman prisoners investigated by a government commission not one college student was found. Queen Wilhelmina of Holland will personally underv.rite $1. 000,000,of the $11,000,000 war loan in that country. BfiONSON NEWS UNO NOTES Gabardine Suit$ at $18.50 a^d$22.50 {Indispensable to the well chosen wardrdbe) Innumerable of cleverest styles imaginable fashioned— thai! most popular of the season 's fabrics^— gabardine. ' . • . , I , Each style absolutely new and original, each irresistibly charming. And each style represented in the latest colors and in sizes to fit every woman. Clever Spring]Styles in DRESSES Every one liew and original; individuality stamped on each garment. I'KTK .WIMCli, >VII<> ins KEEN VKIM ILL, IfEPOKTEH I.MI'KOVED William Love Has Sold Itestaiiraut-^ News .\ote.s anil I'cr.sonal Mention. BROXSO.V, March I—Klla llibs, Blanche ClemniiiiKs and I'itlicl and Bertha ferry atieiidcil the- teachers' meetiiic: in Ft. Seolt Hatur'iay. .Airs. i'". HaiiHiu'! wa ;i Ft. Scott visitor Sat.tuday. Mrs. Doctor Howell retiirued home from KIsiriore Sunday where she has been visitinsc liic last week. Mrs. I '^zra llolrninn criiue lioine from IClsniore Kiiday leavins tlie Daniels b( ..• some bettor. i!eta .Sliank rclinni-l to Hedfiekl Sunday eiciiin;; to resume her school work. Lelia McFarlaiui v .Hiit to lola this morning spendiiiK S 'lmiay night with Bertie Hall. Mrs. .fames Deii'.liinairs mother who hasx.bcen visiting here for some ^jmc left for her home in Missouri Sunday evening. Owen Thoma and Sherman went to Ft. Scott Sunday evening. l.«stcr Love, left for Oklahoma this evening . Paul Mattox came in from Parsons Sunday morning. A nurse came in froni Kansas City this morning to care for Pete Minich who is some better at this writlag. Mrs. Campbellberry s some better today. Emery Watson was a Ft. Scott visitor Friday. ilrs.Jim Hurameirs niece from Redfield spent Sunday with lier. Bert Kast's sister. Miss Ethel Fast, of Independence, Kas., spent Sunday with him. Will Love has sold his restaurant to .lim Hunnell. Ho takes possession Tuesday. Obituary—.Wrs. HIser, Mrs. Margaret Jane liiser was born in Cumberland County. Pennsylvania, on March 18, 1845, and died in lola, Kas., on February 24, 191.5, aged 72 years, 11 months and fi days. With her family she moved to Illinois when she was thirteen years old, and after Hying .there for_some time she met William II Hiser to whom slio was married on April 4, IStil, at Le:<iiic;ton. | Ills. To tliis union were horn twelve' children,' five sons and sleveu daiiKii- i ters, six of whom, throe sdns and tllr•^o daughters, have preceded their mother ; in death. .Mr. Hi.ser died in 1902, and ; since that time Mrs. Hiser hasliveilj with 'ler son George liiser, at whose i iionie her death occurred. In addition | to her own children Sirs. Hiser | has liad the care of two granddaiigh-; ters, Margaret and Gladys Brinton, to whom she has heen a mother since they were babies, and they with her own surviving sons and dau.sihters, Mrs. W. S. Sells, Mrs. H. F. Schallhorn. Mrs. A.-Z. Dailey, Miss Gertrude liiser. and George R. Hiser, ail of lola. and Mr. H .S. Hiser, of Chanute, are left to mourn her death. Mr. .and Mrs. Hiser and their family moved to Iowa forty-six years ago, si.v years later they came to Kansas and lor thirtv-four years have lived near, Colony and lola. . ' While living near Colony Mrs. Hiser bocar le a member of the Lone Elm .Meth(j)riisl church, in which She held memi ership until her death. She was a lov ng mother, a good friend to all who iieeded friendship, and until her l :i 'altl; be,i;an to fail three or four vears ago she was always .ictlve In .£r(;od work. On Saturday, February 20, she suffered a stroke'of aPop 'exy hut rallied until Wednesday, February 24 iRev. B. M. Powell preacjhed the fu.ieril service at the home ofl lier son Ooorgp Hiser, on Friday arternoon, Februiary 2H. and the remalnisi were taken to Ixme Elm for Iniriaj'ln the taken to Ixme E familj plot. Rather than to he forced, td with the thinss that don't concprn don't get busy. V meddle you, CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING CO. Phone 332 We Strive to Please, lola, Kas. A SAW, SORE THROAT Eases Quickly When You Apply a Little Musterole , And MU.STEROLE won't blister like tlie old-fashioned mustard-plaster. Jusl spread it on with your finger.';. It penetrates to the sor>.' spot with a gentle tingle, loosens the congestion and draws out all soreiicss and pain. MUSTEROLE is a dean, white ointment made with oil ol mustard. There's nothing like it for qufck relief for Sore Throat, .Bronchitis, Tonsiliiis, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma, Neuralgia, Headache, Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains and Aches of the Bad-; or Joints, Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted Feet, Colds on lli< Chest (it often prevents Pneumonia'). Nothing like MUSTEROLE^for croupj children. ' ' At your druggist's, in 2Sc and SOc jars and a special large hospital size for ^.50 Be .siire you get the genuine MUS TEROLE.. Refuse imitations—get wha- you ask for. The Musterole Company' lyctsl Number, Lecture Course Wednesday, March Ird "A niiinbcr that every one will enjoy because it is made u]) of music everybody loves, presented by j>irls of splendid training in the lyceum and experience in professional work. A company of artists, in a program of popular and strong patriotic interest PRICES.. .... . .25c, 35c and 50c Sr;!! „ Monday at Merchant's. " s -A

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