The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 2, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1927
Page 4
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! : tbiAHAitt ICHAS. F. SCOTT Sritered lit' the loto t ><Nitotflce as .'< ~>Second Claajt Slatter. M Telephone! .18 (Private Branch' Elxchange. Cbnnectiu^ •; • AU Department*). OfflelAl Paper City of tela. Official Paper City of B ««Mtt. Official Paper Allen County. ^ - 'SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In Ipla. Qan City, taH»rpe • und BOBsett. jOnn WMek ....IS CeotJi On* Month 70 Cents I Oile Year: :. .17.80 I I •• BY MAIL. ;•, I •- OuUide Allen County : • One -Ttar |8.0Q I Six Mortths •. IKM Three Months JLtfl 1, In Allen County One yi»T .....................W .OO in bav« CiiDti nese f>r' oaliodsAst army 1' i 1 TO'ibtaL; MitY R EGISTER: sAtcmpA^y a lonK intiinrlenr with |forejgii c(rt-v «*|K>inieB ts,' Chiaks H «i- (JiininaDder' la cHlef of me Six. Months Tliree Months One A^th .. Member of-f , National Edltorliil Asaoclatlon. ' Kansas Press Ai soclatlon.' The Kansas Oai y League. Audit BiHreaU ol Circulation. Press Congrese ifTthe Worid. inland Daily Pr ia« Association. J2.00 «.K .Mc MEMBER ASSOdiATED PRESS. The HegiHter ca»-rJ«<» the Associated ; PrpHs rciH'rt by btfecl^l leased, wire, i Tlie Associated Presa'is exclusively en- r tilled to the use' for reiuiblication of • all -news dlspatcben credited to It or 'nut otherwiHe' credited In-tlUa pafier, fttnd aliio'the local news published here- j In. All rlelils or republication of spe- ICIHI dlspaic-he.s hereia ore also re.wr\*ed. ! Bible Thought for Today ! 1—— He received them, and spake iin- ito tljem bf-^tfie kingdom of (od pnd healed them that had need of heallDtt— Luke 9:11. •• THE SALES TAX . ] j ; A widely reprinted letter {from ia Hliiropean correspondent • of the again callf at- easy IGOT- pS in and jNew York Times jicntion tp the salfjs tax as an iand equitable way of raising prnment; revenue. This tax •'ffect inj Germany and-France - produce;^ a maximum of revenue with'a minimum of friction. That U would: do the-same, thing if gen- iprally applied In this country han ^Iready -been demonstrated hy the »aIeH lax on gasoline whicli ig now jprouiiled l)y the la^irs of nearly e¥. Kry SiHlp. Here in Kansas we jralso evfry year Homething like j$K.itOO,000 (rom tills Hules lax, and " kiolmdy cbinplalns iihout It-^ul- ilioiiBh then* Is Hotiip coniplnlnt as . , l« tlio^ niiiifncr in iwhli^h iliH mon«y ficilvfd fi'oiii llioiax IM, Hpoiii, Tilt* lilK arKiim«)ni in Hiipporl >f ;tli<' Nnli'H tax ni4 w« TIOW.II 1H liiti It is ontt lux 4hal t<* IOKICHI, ^lilili III"' liK'oiiKi lux riTiulnly IN t»r»i, Alt \tr. VrimU Cvum «Mld (|iu'« III (llMc-iiHMinK IIIIH .i|ui>f(ilon: If husi nuthlDic Willi how much •(Tint Oi.iVMrnmfi d ^lmli'Vitr- to do ilioiK-y h iiinn ni|aki'M nor how hn I lakes it, .provlllii'd he miik«>M it loni'Hily." What the Gpvi>rnm «nt shoitld concern Itself wiyb IH what a, tuaii np(>nds for that Is tbc true rneastire of his ability to ipay. If -a mita Is taxed on'what he spends It is p check on wa.stefulnes8. If he in taxed on what he earns It is a: check to thrift, j If tax is levied on what; Jiien spei^d then the man who spends '$10fo0(> a year is taxed ! ten times as much as the man who spends 11,000 a year, which is precisely 'What should ^happen. A sales tax would re4' equity upon the c Ing them in propbrtiofn as they 11 proportion as it with absolute tizehs, penaliz- • spend money, not I .they earn it .or' save It. I ' ' ' Another j argument for Ibe sales tax is that; through jit every'citizen v»ould contribute t(^ the financial support of the Nation, and thus feel that be rjeatly ihad ^ government,—On j the princjlple :hat the things we Value and appr|?ciate are the thing.sithat cost lus something. It wonli^ give every jcitizen also a personal stake in the^ economic ad^ ministration of Govemnienf tliiiH lend to rPHlrict public exlfov- ni^nnce. < ; •jHere In Kansas w<»!are gradually ln'< hing toward the idea. In ad- Aitifin to tb#'tax on! gasoline the W'lw law Imposes a t«^ on clgnrette iMileM of two cents a package. May- Yu* we fehall get blon^ the rest of "' way d«clRre« that tke-vreseBce or<fol«lgB sbipa aatf ioldlejrs.'iBd f) ct -that the 'for.eign a ^art«f« isi4iuha'i tiave been' fortil^. bad* the task otkeieiiins ihe pklnk e .troin attadcins t 'orefgniBrB ^iieh ihore difficult ^ai^ it wdind Ibt'het'i ise bive been'.' His view Jdotibt] >u will be .aceeptea hy the pai^if LB iii this caitntry| aa -pmbf 'of'the wisdom of 4lie.adrice they liar^ ong been giviac that 'all fpre^gi ers shonid withdraw •• from China and tbaa aot '^become-'a Boiirce of Irrlutlon betwe^a Chlaa aiul.fOtier nattoas. , •• ', ' '; '^ai > both Oen. Chiaag a^d <bf pacifist J overlook'Is': that fttjui policy should be generally accepted :anil followed • among.^BBtlOBs there I] ronl4 be' no such thiiig as world cominerce or world Intar- course of any sort, but each nation wodld keep- JtS; owil'nationals at hoi^ tad allow BO btt|ier BStioiiils to enter its gat«s- The world iwe live in is built aronnd the oae great, I nquestioned tpet of' inte'r- nationil law that a HvUised power owe the!same prdtectton to the life^ zjBi I property 'Of dtizeas of aa- oitaer < OHBtry residlak within its limits hat It owes to its own aa- tioBals Wh«i by reason of revolution try conditioBS or other nn- usuai iircumstances such' protection ctnabt be afforded; then it is not; on y the right but the duty of the fo -eign power to protect Us citlzeiji where they rightfully arft It is eitlrely proper that these citizens s lould be required to assemble at certain strategic points in order that they may be more easily t ad su rely projected, as is now fae^ iig done in China! by calling jail Cor^igt ers to the sea ports. But tor' all countipies to insist on their I atloai lis giettlBg out of Cbiaa, leaylBf behiad them all their prop- «rty except such as they could jack III triiaks. would be the worst thing hat' cofild ha'ppta to. Cbaa hersell to say nothing of be ng a bad ward step 11 Interaationui intfrceunae which would Iw a distinct (ils^rlce to airery power In- volVml in Hi • ' —j.utmui ti .iB, 11 A «Alfli;« or (b .OPKItATI(^X A f« w days Ago Ihn Register l-e prlnUM from the NKWton 'Kamion a pnrBKrapli of roihm»n( itpon t 'be way ill which the nnws story of the.ricent |troul)le at Coffay? 1 la wail ' landldd by tlio AuociatiiT Pt'<*MH, ' giving^ all the essential faois I ut excluding Bensational ||lai|s. . lad now the BiDorado ijimjis pliices the credit exactly vfhere it ;beli Bgs In the foUowiag jeoiji- ment iipoa the Konsan's para graph: '!,Thl) is well said, and Tiriiea heartily agrees with it. B' It ^hoUd also be noted that tl loyal < ooperii ,tlOB of the Coffeyville Jodmi I; Associated. Press;' nfiemb > at jcof 'eyrllle. made the Alisociati ;i Pr ^sB* I compirehensiTe report pp i- sllde. The Jpurnal kapt the A- sociat'd Press bureaq t(t Kans; City in cbnstaat' comiaaniiektjc l-.i i-vr EVE mm: JFRIL 2.1927:; tHfi >itt )l!l^ THAT BLOqWriNtHB ;a ^raNi^^ . and, I luring the height of the inob excite meat; tfie wire betweeh OD feyri! e an^ Katuas City was ke[ oiiea a number Of hours. The world at large knew exactly whit was ' lappening in I Coffeyville almost as soon aa the town itself diil'. It is this featjare of cooperh- tlye effort among tiie members of the Associated Press—t^e only mutual organization of Its ikind in the world—which| gives tot this news gathering agency- Its greatest strength. No other news agencies have the re.sources or factlities for getting" the news so rapidly, so accurately or with siich faithful regard to the organization's best Inr .terests. It is tJje members whi<^ ^ake ihe° Associated Press; as long ai they' retain their enthusiasm aid helpful miitaal regard, the. Ai itM6liit«d J*j:ew* ik going to remain supreme In Its field." Ihir' after awhile. A irorppratlon with the .ImpOHlhg nilinj' of the Kiiro-Ai^erlcnn Celu- loHo'! Products (''Ompnny hos been ot'lKsnlzed In ,\'ew; York and prom- isfs;|tn have ,100 .plants In opcra- tiOntjwithlB' a year or two nionufac- ttiVittg silk, paper pulp and various otKck- things out of corn stallra. There is no doubt that all these • vtjrious things can be m^dc out of •corn stalks; Tlie' trouble Is that the aflsembling of the' cornstalks, gatheriiig them out of the field, de- liyering them to a railroad Station and shipping them to some central pAint for manufactttra.. is so 4x- p^nslve= that no eompany -aa ymt his ever, been- able, to i|>^ke the pr<|duct pay thecostf • I ' ' , -I ' Among -the -weapons- of defense with which •ehrery editor is familiar is the answer to aoine ane who complains oliwhat.has appeared'In the -paper: i"Vou don't know how thankful you^onght to be for what is j kept out of the paper." The announcement that AQQ ti^eat^es. hare, barred ["Peaches" Browalng froni appearance - on thetat'Stages sug- gekts the .-poB9ibiU^ift8t.>a; similar -weiapon'aiay li* ^^>iMni>oC11i»^ H- Mencken, editor of thff'Am- erl^ion Mercury, wl o' his made a grriit icuptatioB aa a Vrltiog man hy ;dlf erlng' with jeverybody 'eisi? and c* peclally by writing thing|s he'ithii ka irlll shock the avarpge gooa (itiirn, has been Mo Ho, wood' ind reports that it 8« •'ii peciab 0 and dull." If* might IIIITI^ Hoyed the last two. word*,' fol* to he -res leetable, in the view of H. r ^,-Metcke», Is to be not only dull but drsplca'hie. ly- Ta Ithe I Southern iopaa OoVf Tonrni meat, at Atlanta in which allf the erackjgolfers' of -the couaj- try pa 'tteiliatad, 'Bobbie Joaes was the; ^1 iiBek>l 'aiM •'\^att fUgeii. wh^ foi^sie; ra| has h4eir^ regarded as tb^ CTfDlH 3t. sof Falt*^ tb» oraeka, waa nii ^Bl) imong th« > UBO rans." be^ ing 18 atrakea b^iad the^ reiaoubt!- able B ibby. It was -a orushlBg defeat, latfortuaately there-always ia ^aa UiMfor the loser iB -la golf match —he: wo8 "''60 hla'game." - The long gap of black dirt acrosi i tha eist end of Uan eouaty Is t< be^ clo led; the •county coaiB^aBion< era ba ring let a cositraet farjlaylng a con erete alab from Prestott to tbft « nth Jine <rf Miami' ooiiB^, a diataa e of 21 mBea' .yfbUb a ^• jiother reaaon why Fraakl^ an^-Ji QBclaa'OonBtiea^ahmild fliH IX; THE BAY'S .NEWS "Hand-shague." which has caused President Coolidge to carry his hand In a bandage as a result of too much hand-shaking, Is a very tijoHblesome complaint, according to medical men. It belongs to the faniiiy of writer's cramp and tennis knee, pod other ^-omplaints lhar eaa be traced to a definite pursultx. Many persoBS in public life have suffered I from It. Only the, other day .Mrs, Stanley UUldwIn, wifii nf the British pr<»nler,.suffori'd an attack of It after sluking bands with HUU woni«<n at u polliicul nKtHlng. Tho Prince «f-WnU>H siirfercd from it liudly. on each of his tours to dls- lant parts of the Kmpire, Mr, IJoyd Georgti and tin* Hurl of Oxford and AMiiulth lii^vii both been liiiil up With it. And Mr, jHemnrd Hhuw lias been hcnrd to declare ihut tic will never I risk It rogain.. by thel on "the death sentence: against: So- Crates passed and exeiiutijd In, the yeiir 399 B. C, has been, appealed to [the Supreme, Court of Greece art attorney who contends.that piiliosopher was Convicted up-l Insufficient testimony and , In- sis^s that Greece clear, herself of the stain of having done injustice' to one of her most Illustrious citizens. There has been a good deal of complaint in^ the United States about the laws' delays; but at that we never waited 2.S00 years after a man had been^executed to appeal bis case to the Supreme Court. ' Dick Causick Captured: At Prairie Grove, Arkl Fayettevllle. Ark.. Apr. 1. (AP)— Dick Couslck. 20, one of the three men who escaped from the Washington county Jail here AVednesday night, was recaptured early today n*ar Prairie Grove. Officers -were said' to he closing in on Henry .Baiicer. accused of robbing the West Fork bank of $42,000 and Claud Liiper. an alleged • forger, both of whom escaped with Cou- Bick. MOltANNEWS OF THE DAY Frank Hunis Adding Basement fa KesldeBre—lni|»rovemenl«i for Cbrhtlun I'biirch- (.Mrsj G. II. Ford) MOHAN, April 1.—Many friends are alud to know that Miss Bvo Hurley bus ret-overod so rapidly from SM operulloii tor upitend cHls reccnily t|iut MIIC WUM able to be brought liome Tliiirsduy ufieriioon fionr fit. '.lohtiM liospitui In lesii lliuu two weeks tim.e from her en tniiiri>, Hli<> HUM hrbiiKht home In the umhiihiiH'c and ulthniigh nhe orrlvwl In ii downpour of ruin she wiiH HuliJcctiHl to 110 exposure snd olhcrwiite fell no had effects from the trill, uiid It Is thought she soon will he in the hest of health. Frank Horrls Is Improving his residonce prot)erly liy |dddliig a buseineiit to provide for fiirnuce h'fut. Tlie house has been raised from the foundation to give room for th<; workmen who are getting on >vi-ry nicely when the weather iiermlls. Arthur Gllniorc left a few days ago for Amistad, ,S. .M., wliere he will visit the fani^ly of his aunt, Mrs. Nuru Hulcomb, and assist in the building of » large dairy barn which his uncle exp<H:ts to begin in a ivery t'hort time. Arthur will drive the truck In hauling the building materials and will be goue some time. Mfn. Roy Hurley is getting on Very nicely since her tonsil operation and w|ll soon be fully recovered. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Davis of northTveat of town have just returned from Uuiunville, Mo., where they were called by the death of Mr. Davis's father. Moran friends extend their sympathy to the'fam­ ily 111 their bereavement. . The ladies of the Christian church had an nil-day meeting Thursday and spent the tl nc quilting. The men: of the ch irch are repairijig the basement and conl- pletingrthe kitphen which -in-ill be a greatj convenience to the'working society of the church. The little daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Kverette Norton of Kansas City, who has been quite'ill for some 'time, was n »t so well tjhe firsjt ot the week bui word Thursday evening stated she had imifrovcd jagain and it ia thought th^ iinprovement: will ijow be perni^nei^t which is good ueHs to friends;here. .Mrs. Moyd'Wbislow enterpined the njenrbers of the San SoikU club '*t her home Wet nesday utie -noon. A fine sMtial tlirie was enj<i]e<l bv all. Hefreshmeiits were 'r .ii>rve<l. The tollowliig' Rucsts were present: Mesdnmes .';ene GilliaHi, K. G. Kyger. Fred SwI .her, Walter CIlue, O. K. Kiirodel, Geo. Woast, Biynn Smith, Utiiey liJIU, Ira Kd'trards, Ihtvo Goy^ile, OdiKle TH>]1O -, .Arthur .Mendftll iiui Mrs. Ilotuhschel Tlie'club will 'iijoy an ull-duy imtetiiig with Mrs. I<eln A^'ejist In lola III two woels. .MIMS .Minnie (urninln reiiiriied Wednesday fron (lus wher i sli had been HHHIHII ig in thiit cAre ot li ^r hiolhur, ,Mr. Culeb lr (i*m«ln, whom friends hl-re are ) lull know is recoverllng fro.m bl Jury. Allen county people, who to In- hud regretted the-extj<>s8lv« raluffall so much should liavb felt gr^dl y relieved when the eport of 1'. Conner of Kansas C ty stated t lat It was just what tli^ formers needed. But he certainly next July aud Ai delay In crop platjting is beginniug to get serious indeed. ******* 4 *t * * * * * DIAMpNii >March 30.—Tlie i Farmers' Union held- its regalai- meeting at,Diamond school bouse and after! the busines.s session i refreshments of sandwiches, pie and coffee were served.'.'* i ' • T air. and Mrs.; Willie Ross were shopping in lola Saturday. Little James ' Milton jlrwin has the m«asles and is getting along nicely. I • J jMrs. Bertha Kennedy Was assisting at the Dorsey bomie the last Mr.* and Mrs. Willie ^0M called at the hospitai to see Will Grleye aiid report him getting :iIong nicely! We understaiid he was toi be taken home. Tuesday o>r Wediies- day. " Harry Kennedy Is driving a Gardner car now. Little Minnie IMae .Ro ish has received a bracelk and i basket of Easter eggi for getting subscribers to the farmer'* jfcap ler's Weekly- . I ; Mr. and Mrs. Earn sst Stombo announce the birth of win daughters whom they have n[}med Hazel and Helen. Sunday ievening visi Kennedy home were and Winifred Doollttle. rett and Howard Ansel I. ors at the Miss Sarah Perry Bar- Jones and .<joon begin working daughter, Keuuedy assisting was thinkiug of igdst. Tliej long BEAL£STATei<RA!fSFEB8 * * IsBued Daily ftom Office * lola Atiatlract Co. •••+••+*••••••• April 1 Samuel H. Davidson and Martha W.. to Ei S. V. of 28-24-21. First National p ndence. Iowa, to Samuel H Idson, S. of 28 1927. S. Mende^hall. $1.00. bank of 24-21. $1.0(i; (Evelyn Thomas, Aim: Lawrence Beal will preparing for county tfxamlnatlon in the seventh grades. Harry Kennedy i northwest of Colony. Tom Norman i» &8sis|ting Harry Smith for a few days. Arthur Browii and Frances, called at the home Sunday. Miss Mable Jones ! with the work at Mrj!. Earnest Sti>mibo's and helping care for the tw-in girls. Mr. and Mrsl Banta were callers at Mr. Spurgeon's Wednesday af- iernoon. j Dickens brothers are building a new hog house. Mr. 'Muletf. our assessor. Is calling on everyone along our road this week. Carrol Cooper is out of school this week on account of the measles at Jlr. Pewins, wl ere he ,is making his home. Elmer and ' Carl At sell spent Sunday with 'Fred and Gene Kennedy. ' Mr. and Mrs. Jones were shopping in lola .Monday. ' Ralph Parlslh is having some repair work dJiiie on his house and is going to build a new brooder lioiiHO that will he a eroat help In tho (ire of the little hlckens. .Mr. and .Mrs. Thomas |were whopping ill lola TijeHdiiy. LAtikANDlE Mill', 29.—Mr»i. .loe Rpuile sp^nl Fridny wIMi hor duiiKliicr, MrM.: .Mary Iloiik. i Cliurley CerilKcn thriMhed kaflr corn and HIIIII'MI corn lust week.' .Mr. ami .Mrs. Robert Duugheriy and Vlrgi" spcnl Tbiirsilay at Alvu Flack's. .1 .Mr. and Mrs. flbiirley Oerdsen and Pnulliie. and .Mr**. .Settle I^ive LBlANNA:-. DISTRICT 79 (Misa Gladiys Roberts) . . ^ Msr 31.-^A Wrthday social will be given at. the iJeaana church Friday night, 'wh'eikl all those having a birthday in the months of January, February, j^arch. w|ll , give their offerings. ' The eldest one giving an offering will receive a cake as a prize. Everybody come fun. 'A short program will be given, refreshments will be servetl and games will be played. and join in the Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ingles of Sar- onburg called on Mr. aud .Mrs. Elmer \N'hiJe Sunday afternoon. In the evening Mr. White's and Mrs. Ingles motored to .Arthur White's at Chanute. Chester White spent Saturday night laud Sunday with Conrad Cation. , Roy;Gwill,, county agent of AI-. lea county.I held a 4-H club meeting at Falrview school house Friday night. The choir will meet at t^ie church Saturday night, to prepare for an Easter program, i .Mr. Sind Mrs. A. W. Roberts. •Vyrl, Lester and Gladys, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roberts took SuiMlay dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Will Ludlum and family. • Mrs. Wisborg and Liaue spent Sunday evening with Mr. aud Mrs. Homer Cation and Verona. Mr. Charles made a business trip to Klsmore Tuesday. Mr. and -Airs. Art White ofl Chanute spent Wednesday with Elmer White. Grandma Roberts, is spending this week with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roberts. Mr. ana Mrs. Elmore Sni th of Chauute visited Leanua S mday school Sunday. Mr. Smith gjive a, very 'interesting talk, which was^ enjoyed by everyone pre-sent. Mrs. Bacoii of Elsmore spent Monday-with. ler son, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bacoit .Mr.Vand Mr^. E. E. Smart drove to Humboldt) Monday evening to get Mr. Smart's aunt^ . Wilma Peterson was absent from school Tuesday on ;u-c6uiit of sickness. Grandma S with .Mr. and rantlin spent Monday „.. Mrs. Andy Roberts. Mrs. John (^aUon spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Mary Robeirts. •ipent Sunday >!uni fierilsfu. Mr.' and .Mrsj called to Unicjnvtlle. .Mo day morning jby the de lather. -Mr. anil .Mrs. FAI Wil Hope, Mr. and! .Mrs. Alva pu> Mr. and .Mrs. Spencer Davis iwere Weiliies- th of his ianis I and iFluck; aud of • • • wire. Inde- Dav- of C. Florence R. Olson, widow H. Olson, to F. .1. Horton. ibt 19. block; 9, Fox's Addition toi La- Harp^, $1 .00. S. Ruth Littrelf and J. cl her- husband, to George M. firover, lot 3. bloick 2B. City ijf lola, $1 .00. Alice Ryk"t>r Ctldwell andj husband William I., o W. P. Archer, lot 7, and 18 ft. ind S Inches off South side of lot », all In block 1, Carlyle. $125 .00. LIL OR^FT! tu SEND FOR Mou VMrtew I O OM V VA/AN T -TO K MO W SOME -Th ^lU'! -TRlS IS A OMEMAM MACHlME-Ahi» iT^ OCCOPlEO -— es/ ABlUrrV AM' BRAlMS! HA-HA-HCARIfiA -r? „ PPHOA^, iFHecSEfs: •AvEi&^Nhl SES-HEJ UEA««yEsN| ATOMCEi Oo \cwJ- GOT Russell spent Thursday livening at the James .MCKauglin hcliue. | KarP He.sseltine is dldiig Mr. Davis'.s chores wliilcf theyj are gone. .Mr. and .Mrs. R. A. Flack of La- Harpe spent Sunday with! their son Alva and family. ; Report of LaGrande school for the seventh month ending >tarch 2,"i: Nuirtber ot boys eprolled 7, girls 11. total enrollment] 18; average daily attendance,, boys '5.9; girls 8=1, total 14; pe^ ci-nt of attendance. 92. Twelve!, ptipils were perfect in attendance, as follows: Russell Flack. .Ada Williams, Everett .Myersi, Lucille AVuiiams. Muriel. ScobceJ .Arthur Mye!i-s, Ruth Myers. Lola .Myers, Je.ssieiWilliams. Beulah -Myers, 'Fawnita Readc and Wanda Readt^ i AVe have two new pu!plls this month. Wanda Reade, \^ho is In the fifth grade, and Fawiiita, in the first grade. Danald Lambeth vWited our ."ichcol three days oC this month. Several of tho classes have finished .their yenr's work, and are now taking a thorough relview. The seventh and eighth grades! are j lak- Ing preparations for i\\eit inul exuminntlons. - ! ! BRAIRIE HAI.L | Mnr. .11.—Qurt<j a number i.Were out lo preaching sorvlces at Pfair- le Ilall Sunday morning at |9:.'10 und all stayed, for Sundiiy school after preaching. j . .Mr.i and tMrs. Rpbert Sti-'wnjt and younger children spent - Sunday with Mr. and .Mrs. Smart jind aft,er dliineh took a Joy ride to Moirun. Russell Boycr of lola w is a dinner guest of W. W. Smart^s Thursday. Tho club ladles report a fine time with .Mrs. H'-den IWcon last Thursday afternoon. Frank Myers and mother. Mrs. C. S. .Myers, went over t > .Mildred Thursday evening to spei|d a few hours with Cui*iey Myers and fajrt- ily. They attended the play at the high school bujlding. ,The children iat the Clarence Anderson home Have the measles iit this writing. ! -Mrs. Stanley land children, all hut Lucy and Harlan, spfent Sunday with Mrs. Stanley's aiiter ncar Laanna.' '!.'•' i ' '\ . Report of Prfeirie Hall school for the month ending Marcji ^5. 1927: Number pupils enrolled; boys 14, girls 8, total 22; average iaily at- teUdance. boys 14.7. girls fe.l, total 16.8; per cent of attendai^e,.d3.7; number of tardies, 0; neither absent nor tardy, boys 8. glifls 3. tot;<l 11; visitors, 4.1 The 1911' attendance record-Is due to i dckness. principally measles.—Hardin Line- bdck. Teacher/ !_ Mr. and DIrs. «. A. Ewing and daagfaters^'Mlsse^ Grace and Ruth Ewiag; of Ida/ spent Saadtiy after- Boon at the'Fniak: Myers home. Mlss3Iande'^BoekeB,'fred Boeken- and lAraui^ftycra i apenrt> SuBday eTeBllng.jit ^aMer Btanley'i. j ' ENTERPRISE (Lorena Butttrfleid) : .Mur. 29,~Mr. and Mrs. Deweyj Peck and rnildr«n, WHIiert.i ami Dewey .\lv!u> visttcd at. the K. 1',; I'i'iM homi nil day 8uin!!i.v. Sevi;ral from this illHtrl<-» went III laki* tlicli- flrnt i;i<i'ii>- IIMMOII at Suleni iKNt Friduy .u(ieniii<)ii. Frelii ilniicrlii'ld iitid Alili-ii I'i'i-k spcnl Sunday iiliiinioiui wtili Dean ami .Midvln llayio. Kiigenit llclmiiii, who bus'bieti III of pniMimotiKi. IK loiiivi ring very nli-idj-. .Mr. and .Mrs. |-.'\layiiaul Hockand family luive; in^iveit nciir . (.'olot.iy where .Mr. I'cck {has a milk route, • .Mrs. Kuth<!rlne Shunnou of tJof- feyvllle, Kans., Is -vi.-.ltljig her brother, .Mr. liutterflelil und fiim- ily at present. .Miss Doris Ijiitterfleld .spent Sunday with Leona Doyl-j near Humboldt. The «. E. C. met with Mrs. Opal Hayes of lola Wedntsday, March 2:;. Tlu! day was spent in quilting. .Members present were: Me.s- danics Bulterfield, Dbolittlel Carrie Hayes. Sicka. Godsey.' May and Ruth Pi-ostpn. Visitors were: Mrs. Djwey Peck,- V. ilberla and D'>wey. Alvin Peck, Leslie i-.utter- field. ani Fraucis May and Lee Preston. The next meeting wil^ be with .Mrs. Grace Peck .April 6. Roll call response, will be to tell the place and date of your birth. .Mr. and .Mr.s. Cecil liauml accompanied by Mr. Bauin's parents of Humbohlt. called at the H. O. Hayes home Thursday evening of last week. - , , John Smith is bikilding a new. cattle shed on bis firm, just west of the A. C. Hayes home. • In the office, in the school room^ in 4he "mpvie," or anywhere, if your neighbor has^a cold and snaezes; or]coughs, the tar Is full of' germs and if j your vitality- Is low, you' easy mark for colds and may become ill. aud -Joee two or three days' time. Baild up youi- healtli. with that spleiidia herbal tonic, ; ; DR. PIERCE'a I GOLDEN MH)ICAL , DISCOVERY. It iiicreasea the appetite; stimulates the idigestion, helps to en- .rich the blood and puts you in fine condition. '•• If your d'ruggist does not sell the Medical Discovery, in liquid or tablets, you can obtfain a pkg. of tjfV tablets by lending 65 ceuts to tlfei Dr. Pierce Clinic, jn .Buffalo, N. Y. Bemo^in^ the cause " CtiiStttiatioii toiv most (ntioo. Fim: know bow -to »T»U .MoaJi- simpler fooda.^ to jmprore. Seoond ' and bovel uiior •bT uSiak ChMobecUlh» niSeU for a iretk. Thej «ron« baltby dioestioa. get quick re- it your dni«i«tl Far tree -I CHAMBERLAIKS TABLETS I' -i INDEPENDENCE! .Mar. 28.—.Mr. and .Mrs. Ira Greene.^ and family, of LaHarpe, spent Sunday at the parental Wikland home. Mr. and .Mrs..Oscar Brown were shopping in lola Saturda.v. Miss .N'ellle Shaiighnessy returned! to her work at ijitv Jolui;s hospital Saturday after spending several days at home. The Campbell boys spent. Suuday afternoon with the Xelsoijii boys. Mrs. A. J. Coop of near llum- holdt spent Sunday afternoon with .Mrs. Leroy Ayers. .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shaughnessy, spent Sunday at the purejital .Miiley home In the Bethel district. '.Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wllhltc were! in lola Saturday.. Mrs. Foster Funk called on -Mrs. Wni. Campbtll Friday. 1. .\. S. Club met with Mrs. F08-; ter Funk Thursday, March; 24. Dainty refreshments wire served. Roll call was answered with "Your favorite flower." The following ladies wore present: Mrs. Oscar Brown iand .Modenu Ann, Mrs. Fred Pierce. .Mrs. E. R. Stewart. Mrs; Willard Lytic. .Airs. Wm. Campbell. Mrs. Arthur Nicholas and Philip. Phyllis and Joyce, Mrs. John Day, ilrs. Leroy Ayers, Mrs. Lewis Larson. The next, meeting will be with Mrs. Wm. Campbell. .April 7. and roll call will be ".A hint for housftcleanlng.i'' Gilbert Demerritt of Prairie Rose district spent Sunday with the Nelson boys. SOORcioms SATIS , teim'MmaAiA-t li<ml>kRoom<«AaaA» I ; »<jDOa«J»> Marble C^ceShop; : TAHEtflKn* i-^ n<: »» . . . .n<&«u5 LET JONES DOIT! Jhnes Electric Works I'lIONK 192 V 'I PHaNE VIIEN YOUR LIGHTS GO OJT OR YOUR PLUMBING COBS BAD K r EIedricai4 THE ! KAllHO STORE F^R YOljJB CONTENIESCE WE IJELIYER FKEi Itchinig *t6 Coze any ao?5cMnfc BHnd. SbfJina 'PileiAll OmoiMi aan rjviA# u>« laiENT^ tulm irita pile pip* •ttwbmnt m* 7Ee:aiid in tia box at 60e. FOR INSURANCE City and Farin Ray biv«stkiieht Go. I Mn.VWhli.&BtBr \

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