Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1961 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1961
Page 20
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PAOITWINTY Hospital Note* JHHMV COMMUNITY ALTON MM) f»»fHfll« fempM, ISM Oar* Leo G. Wood 2» tx«««la. Mrs. 6t0fgt Wadiow, Miner. Helefl ___ n JerstyvlB* Hn. Fred Marshall, Kane Mn. Nan» Schwab, Wlnchestet MKOTCAL Barry Churchill. Seminary. Rt. JW*. Salidra West. 802 W. Si. Louis Ave., East Alton Jeffrey Schilling, 827 Amher>t, East Alton Miss Judith L. Schwegel. Mrs. Allee L. Ralston. 312 P-rh i Lane. Wood River i Mrs. Bernic* Garln. 1259 State Robert B. Hartnett. 828 Havvleyi Mrs. Helen K. Leigh, 902 Alton SURGICAL Daniel M. Fitzgerald. 1104 Peart Mrs. Josephine Wans. 800 E. Broadway : John H. Davis, 510 Lincoln. East; Alton Joseph C. Pyart. 773 Park Thomas A. Lyons. 5110 Humbert! Russell L, Green. 2659 Union School Lane Mrs. Mae Frances Snipes. 25V4 Claw-son JacN Diplawo, 214 Mrs. tzetta Barton. 1721 Oakwood Earl Burgess. Bethalte Miss Lyffla L. Calvw. 1438 Monroe Mrs. Oema R. PosW. 12W IClflffl Basil (Season, 207 W. 13th Mrs. Dolores Under*, 102 E. 4th Mlermle O. Mll*s. Dotsej Mrs. Mallle Patete, 1228 Claw** Mr«. Anna Roach, 516 Rfdje Mrs. Nefl Smith, WTH W.9th Warner E. Sneed, 94 Eckhard. Wood River Miss Jo Ann Yates, 308 Wesiw holdt, East Afton Mrs. Pauline Magurany, Norwwd. East Alton ALTON MIMONIAL . MEDICAL Mrs. Alice Richardson, Gesche Nobel Eastman. Hartford Ray Bushnel), 2408 Brmvn Miss Pauline Crick. 3422 GUI- ham Mrs. Margaret Winters, Jerseyville George Richter, 1906 Beall James Gavellas. 2414 E. Broad- 152 22X9 Of* Mn. Aflofl MM. \-11te Howard JhrtetophtT, Eart ESS fcrc! Mating, Edwards- Allaretta _. -. * Twry Ufflat fflwr, Rt. 1, Alton Mrs. Lorene Dettmer. East Alton Cassandra Martin. Bunker HiU Jeff rev Witt. Wood River SURGICAL Steven Smith, Moro V^-«triWk Jack 'FWjnnon. Godfrey Mtchael Vandlvw, 2TO9 Reil. Gregory Dana, Bunker Hill Cnmilte AlWn, 113J5 Green Mrs. Etta Batter, TO Lampert Sidney Hobb*. 2tt4 State Mrs. Lorn Landon. Piasa Mrs. Caro. Stilts, Cottage Hilts Mrs. Grace Vaimoy, East Alton Mrs. Ada Brown, Bethalto William Pollard. Wood River Mrs. Cordelia Stoye. 12R6H State Mrs. Effle Waggoner. Alton James Orban, Brighton Mrs. Brenda Hamel). 2707 Residence. Mrs. Oma Wieneke. East Alton John Kelly, 3306 Humbert Mrs. Reba Blermann. Eldred Mrs. Helen Chadwtck. Cbttage Hills Mrs. Irene Cousins. 7M Ridge Mrs. Dee Dee Wallace. OT54 Hillcrest Mrs. Patty Boyd, 1856 Ervay Mrs. Cora Steger, Wood River W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL Mrs. Gladys Jefferson. Rt. 1, Moro John W. Sever. Granite City ROM Marti CMo, BKWlte Frances Antoinette 1*ayWe, W ft Till Miss Marjorte fi. L«gi«tl, Rt. 1, Daniel Raymond Durham, 690 North Drive. East Alton Mrs. Phyllis A. Mclntosh, fit, l, East Alton _ „ James N. PleasaM, 401 Onto, East Alton _ „ Mrs. Altle May Wallace. Rt. 1, Mrs. Frances Marie Kirk, 44& West Rosedale Dr., East Alton Sylvester Wheeler, 430 East Alton ST. ANTHONY'S MEOTCAL Cynthia A. Mossman, 2109 Lawton Je\vell Orbon, 302 McClure Joseph Hays, West Alton, Mo. Mrs. Margaret Ctontnger, 240 Lincoln. East Alton Mrs. Anna Duecker. St. Ambrose Le Roy Holland, 2217 Virginia Methodltttto Mote Back Into BrijthtanChurth ! , BRJOHTON - SN, Paul Mttho> William Cnrtthlty, «1 ium tttts wfl) hav* wrvftw tn tt» Street, East Alton ^ " cntrrch Sunday, the fti*. C a Mrs. Maurlne W. Orr, Rt. I, j 0 hnaton, pwttor. saM. I^ort w»*k tNe congregaHon met at West Grade School because of construction going on M tM ofiutchi Sundiy school wffl be it 9:» a.m. and sermon topic at the 10:40 worship service will la "WHil Thomas Mtoied." Youth PeflfW- strip will meet at 6:90 p.m. at Wesley Center. The Rev. Robert Week of Jer- npyvllle wilt be guest speaker at the 7:30 p.m. service. Luctmis Jones \vlll have chaise of devotions and teachers of Wesley Center will ,be in responsibility to Invite and greet. The Rev. Johnston has announced that the Rev. Donald Harmon, conference evangelist, will conduct a week of evangelistic serv- -At At mfttvng ..... Burwu Unit puffie of Mrs. ,r drive •• • •. SaUttrlt Harmon the .,.._. „,....„ short fetHriW on "Ways ft Us* Canned Mk» Harris, hohlt gdvtut, gavt {lit major iwjon on "Buying Lingerie." Vacation in California — Mr. and Mn. . Wilson Mayw and her brother, Lee Meredith, will leave April 22 on a varntlon trip to returning May 16. the Mrs. bltt DISMISSALS i day Dorothy Boren, 2319 Tib-i ices at the church beginning Sun April 30. Dr. Martin Dies curved word of the aWh Of her nephew. Dr. Charles E. Martin, 48, of Ferguson, Mo. formerly of Brighton. He died In DePaut Hospital, St. Louis, after prolonged illness on April U, Private services and burial were on April 13. Dr. Martin whs a grandson of the late Rev. Peter Martin, one ,time pastor of the German Methodist Chdrches at Bunker Hill and Brighton. Survivors are his wife, Marjoric. stepmother, Mrs. Ed- I BRIGHTON — Miss Clara Mar- Marjoric. stepmother, Mrs. Edi PI* PP9< 'ifin. now at the Macoupin Nurs- nn Martin, a daughter and three Progfani Ifeted \\7j-Wl H iV'flt* *" li«m«t -"•*••—- --« I jaSuTRa^geb. Rr ig hton Ing Horn, at Carlinville. has re-isom. all al honie. *m pttw* it tht i»^».v«^. OltMN^l <|tt 11 i.lft» Smtfay «nd SwndiTiaUedt ^« i at 9i48 ittn. Dr. Noel Taylor of Carbtrn. dale will tpeik at the B»pilrt ChafCh Sunday at 10:48 a.m. and 7iSO p,m» to tht abttnce et the pastor. Sunday School will be at 8:46 a.m. Phillip Peek win be at Kemper Baptist Church at 10:30 a.m. and t-.SO p.m. Preaching will be at 10 a.m. by the Rev, Joseph Dannn, The Rev. A. Applequlst will preach at Bethel Baptist Church at 10:45 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School will be at 9:30 a.m. At the Christian Church ted Klnsell will preach at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School will be at 9:30 a.m. and youth meeting at 6:30 p.m. The Rev. Father John Sheaban win say Mass at St. John's Catholic Church at 8 a.m. Suffers Head Injury MEDORA — Earl Bailey Is WSCS Elects New Of fleers At Shlpman Thundiy Apffi w» Ott v»in» detrt of EStrtttMn Swvfct tl * at tfw H. R. Fwneh horttt neway, _ ^^ ^ CluHfT OtBCMB alWWfl Ma D. A. Thomas, vk* prwt- Mnt; Mn. Austin JayWi, M6fs> tary; Mrt. H. R. Ftwch, treat- o»r; Mm Wlbar WaWnw, ite- rerary of promotion*) Mn. Maf> shall HallMay, yotftft worlii Mn. Kenneth Archer, ttudiW wo*! Mrs. Roy Lodtyer, mlsslonsi Mrs. Carl Williams, supplies; Mn. Mitchell Taggart, literature; Mrs. Ellen Lynch, Christian social relations; and Mw. Kenneth Brett- wiser, children* work. Mn. A. G. Schoeneman and off from his work at Baughman Manufacturing Co., JerseyvlUe as a result of an accident Wednesday, when his left hand gol caught in some machinery. He was taken to Jersey Community Hospital, where 18 stitches were taken In his hand. M. & WWW !».* col- HUJSHl unwonted » |K,1». Mn. ffllm Lynch and Mr* Antin Jaywt fed dwflBcw art «« 1st- urn on "Won«B'» Chra»biffttj!M" Refrwhnwntt nut Jt M«, frwwh, ttofc , OM* Mttl fifttMf iHIPMAN •• Mw. Norman Ro- Wnson wai the gmrt of honor at a shower given by Mn. Wayne Wltulade, Mrs. Floyd Our and Mw, Marlto Awfeef at the Archor home Wednesday afternoon. Games were filaytd and refreshments served. Mn, Robinson received gifts tram the following guests: Mrs. L. E, Kelsey, Mrs. Milo Ougan, Mrs, Delbert Kenneth Archer Jr., Mrs. flipm- as Beckham, Mn. Robert Kahl, Mrs. A. C. Ketohum, Mn. Alan Bullman, Mn. Lloyd Qfflesple, Mrs. William Dankenbrlng, Mrs. Donald Dankenbrlng and Mrs. Ray Haworth. OPEN DAILY 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. SUNDAY 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Creeping Phlox Pink... Purple ... White ... Fine for Rock Gardens, Edging, Many Other Trim Uses! Hardy Perennials I 30 Varieties to Choose From! Including Carnations, Delphinium, Columbine, Shasta Daisies, Painted Daisies, Sweet William! Pansies (in Bloom) 8 IN EACH BASKET . . . '. Cabbage Plants VERY FINE, HEALTHY PLANTS! Basket Each For $1.00 Dozen 79 35 69 49 AGR ICO FOR LAWNS AND GARDENS TO BE PROUD OF! ACRICO ROSE FERTILIZER For Balanced Rose Feedng A professional-type formulation, easy to apply, rich in organic nitrogen. Helps to develop deep roots, sturdy canes, and a steady profusion of colorful blooms from every rose variety. J80"Lb. Bag 2.95 Buy Two and Save 5.65 HOME BEAUTY PATENTED VARIETIES 1.50 TO '5.00 NON-PATENTED VARIETIES AGRIO TONIC FOR LAWNS! A Truly Remaikable Concentrated Grass Food $ 12U-Lb. f J2 J /3 pound box feeds 3,500 square ieet, gives new lite to tired lavrnsl This super-rich concentrated fertilizer provides the full feeding-power lawns need in spring and fall. Extra-high nitrogen content makes a potent green-up refresher whenever grass wilts and fades. AGRICO TONIC is non- burning, safe to apply in any weather. Clean, crisp granules flow freely and evenly from any type spreader. Use AGRICO TONIC now, or anytime during the growing season, and give ypur lawn a powerful boost to beauty! ' Box Buy Two and Save! $ 2.95 5.50 Sfe-iCiKS*-*^ OVER 215 VARIETIES OF ROSES NOW AVAILABLE AT HOME NURSERY! THE FJ/VEST SELECTION IN THE AREA! JUMBO GRADE . MEDIUM GRADE . 3 for 3.87 each 6 for 6.98 8 'or 3.69 each 6 for 4.98 FullSelection of EVERGREENS! FOR GARDENS! JUNIPERS! From •Andorra • HeUi Tftmarfedf oito • Kettieri • Burkl JAPANESE YEWS! • Cuspidate • Deiwifonuii • Hleksl •Brown AGRICO FLOWER and VEGETABLE FERTILIZER iThe right balance of nutrients for proper plant bed prepar- jfation and follow.up feeding... designed to nourish your an< |nuaU, perennials and vegetables to glowing, healthy maturity. SPRUCE! PINESI BRODLEAF EVERGREENS! 50-Lb, Bag Buy Two IE AC and Save! WaOv WEED CONTROL with FERTILIZER rr««t your lawn now % double benefits! One easy application of AXUIICO W6EP CONTROL gets the jump on the coming weed «*• ton. 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