The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 2, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1927
Page 3
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G|. W. Wiley, of the I >la Grccn- faoiiBC, was a business visitor ] in paiinett Thursday.- —SiMwIal .Sandkjr Dinntr at Part> land Hotel, iic lHoun>i (6 & ; , 4— iiarold Page of 519 B E st Lincoln street is ill of the tneaj^les. Jay la the home of Mr M. H. Abts and,family, flti-eeti ,N. A. Schllck and, „ „ °' ^ejstphalia were guests Tues- and Mrs. 412 Soilth 8y4>Pl>oi>T Orbheitra !r«teomm ; The concert by: the tola Little Symphony Orch^itra will be given Sun lay afternt^n at 3 ^'clock at Menlqrial Hall.) There will be rfo asion charge: Everyone is ttlly InvitiW to attend. adm cordl i E. 619 ^tist |jeen ill of returri j to a student ^turvin Hinson. of Spruce street, who has thej ;riu, was able to ecbqol yesterday. He is| at Junior High. ^ I Chicken Diune I. O. O. F. Hal April 5„1927—3^c. Mlssr Marjorie Gibsob of nyar Klsmore, Kansas is vidftinR her cousin, Miss Ruth Hc^lingswurth of 223 South Buckeye; street. I Miss Ruth Swonger, daughte^; of Mr. and Mrs.-J. F. S*onger,j jr., of 415 South. Walnutfstreet. has been honored by being elected vice- president of tb^^Juriloriclass at Ihe University of Kansas.? 1 ____ .—IT it's homecookiiig you like, tr.v Lewman '8 Chicken Dinneri! oA ^Uursdays and Sundays. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thoini; jr. and iiaby have moved froml North Washington avenue to North street, the residence . ly vacated by Mr. and Mrs. ley Kirk., who ^re now loCat ^ their new home, 4 East Buchanan. Shirley Fry. daughler of Mr. iind Mrs, R. li. Fry, of 124 W^^st |lru- ber, is ill of till' <lilckPH l>ox.> S. McHent Plttmiurg. Kan& the -McH with has returned from , -p.. where he iSpent winter with his brother, T. Hi ;nry. -He Iwill maki his home his sisteri south of town. loJii HiKb S:ho «I Aniltorium f*:(K» nu Fridar. April S Admission. 23(i 74> seats—f eserve titkets at -Merchabt's Monday. Mr town Wedi esday. " .Miss Fern BJirgess spent Friday night at the Epsminger home near Moral, the giiest of i.Sliss Grace Ensri and HVKI.Mi ! Frcitlii'ii your Eiin'tcr ' C OKI J now by.pyiilng. Abli'ion cifiunrni riiiino IM.'. il -r. Eulalf R. 'Anderson wont to To- pi'ka Friday to attiMKl a lionven- tlph of the I'eorlu Life Insuitance Cbtnpany. | jJVIrs. Walter Shonk and children. Mrs. R. B. Faler and Mrs. .(.' f). nitime of Yates Center were busi- nl'Hs visitors (in lola yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jone» of 6171 .Vorth Colborn 'street mbveci today to Mildred to niake their home: —Dr.. Mont^Ohierj'. Chiropradtor. in" cfli I'iion grou ' THE iblJA 3PAILY REGISTER SATURDAY EVEkiyq APRlfc g. 15^7. Mrs. [George Anderaon K. U. CO : S. M.| was in linger. •ICERT riAND pieces .McHeury lola oil south of hueihcsa Iteclnl Ki nday Dinner.' noon ffrenlnE, SAc. 7.»C Ktlley Hotel. S.. McHe; iry spei t yesterday his niecf, .Mrs. |Mitchcll, at E. with 623 fj^iuth strett. Miijs Mattic JLee Jacobs of Inde- pi'nd nee is a Iguest over the week end >f Miss fxirene • Osborne and Mr. ! nd Mrs. Karl fiedenbcnder of 215 ^urh Sycimore. Chicken Dinniir I. O.fO. F. Hall April r.. 1927—35c. J eni^i'tfs Cfeai I. 2 r:«nc>j 0 .JirlLk. 67. Wii ioln I Koi iitcH -Hom rlK Hf Co Jayliawk! Hrick Ice creunis and sherbet riOc per <iuart brick, deliver. Cdok'H. I iitid fi 'HJi club coil- repairs ut the club icrcto. i . -,«"< d.'iy dve Icr n. X of tl; servl. Don'tl lola Laundry Bldgi Phone 13S. tVjftlrs. W. A. Dawson, " who 1 was 7 «ied to Yates Center . by | the death of het imothcr, returned home yesterday. Mr.s. H. E. RJoberts of Fort Sicotl was an overivipht guest of \ her daughter and husband, Mrs. J.Paul Bell and .Mr. Bel! of the Dutch Mill. pr-Special Chi^'ken Dinner Sunday gi krause's Cafe. 50c. •Mr tvyo sttns vislfi lot 516 North yl 'aBbington,. have [moved 49 309 South Buckeye street Mr. S. D. Heldebrai^t of 924 North Washington is quite ill with bron- Ichttls. i ' —Easter Curds and Easter Card Novelties in attnictive boxes, 10c and up. Cook 's, j I Dr. J. A. Spioc/r and family of Okmulgee, Okla.^ are visiting attire T. W. and C. L.I paigh homes I for the week end. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Daigh land sou Bobby are w,cek end visitor^ of C. L. Daiigh, 2lu South Elm. { —See "Deacon Dubbs" at -Carlyle, Tfiesday, April 5, Gas OJt.V. Wednesday, April 6. '. Miss Gola Workmen of Sll South street is ill with pneumonia. | .Mrs. L. W. Simmons ofil2« South Washington street is visiting j with j relatives in Brouson today. ' ^ —To rei.-cive more than is expected is a pleasant surprise. Gibion's Kodak Finishing Is just that. Send us your films—one day |service. \ Mrs. C... D. Burnhouscr and daughter Marjorie ' of.- 801 South Washington avenue are visiting relatives iii Kansas City today. —Bennett's Jayhawk Brick Ue Cream, 2 fancy creams and sherliet in one briqk. 50c per quart brick. Phone 67. We deliver. Cook's. Miss .Ann Bilderback of Creeiey, Kaus', came today to viljit .Mrs. Iver Powler, 11<»3 North Jefferson. -Mr. John .Middletbn of SOI South Chestnut was unable to attend work the last few days on account of illness. iJohn-Bergman of the South StreetiCite'Js harliig a new boose constriicted on Sonth Oak street. HrSi Harry Blshopi; filled the ploc^ totj Miss Kohler i at Garfield Ecbbol: fiithe fourtli ^ade yesterday. M - -rltemeniber: Gibsi>n gets ittie most from: your fliOKi. One day service. | Johnnie Ooufall oflp!20 East Lin.- colb is fll Witfaj' tonsilicis. C yir. and .Mrs. 0.1 P. Hoberson I|ave two; incubators ,setting and ome little chickens; Virgil Ansell lichool for two iickuess. ' He 0 return' to llle attends th has been out of weeks cn account of expect^ to be able lis studies Monday, id GaS school. Vera Ansell, who has been out of : school on accouhti has retunied to school at Gas. of sickness. «C 514 North jjtr. -mn Ch^tnuf Is Jmprqvi&g his hoousE with a new porch^ W..W. Peck; wiwial business visitor in Wichita >je8tefday. A.. Lakley is expcckcd here froJii iirt^i .ts^ ' ... i . 1.1 Wichita for a. visit and friends. .Mr. anil .Mrs. turned home last enworth, Kans. with reiaUvefe B. Smith r«| P. night from -Lea Mrs?. Ravla Old' spent Thiirsdi afternoon with .Mrs. Wannah/Joni of 51T South Oali krcet. Mr. and Mrs. apttrgc Anderson are moving to their new home Jit 309 South Buckeye! street The work of (wrecking'/he ojW stone and brick.buildings at 110-l|? South Wa.ihtngtlnnj jjvenne, knoW^tj for many yeai^s as the ".Apple buildings," was beguti thlij morningi Tiie property now l?eI6n !s to Chiarl .Vbleson who e.tpecii to erect thi Carl Aiisell of La- j new building uphn t le lots for t!j« :i i.i «r I" 'accommodation pi hlji dry cleanii^i^ plant. IjUmer ; and Hurpe were visitors at W. W. An{sell's in East t-Jiwn .Wednesday. Frieda Cnrriy iiai been out of school on account or bickness. (jlerald and .Margaret Kidd ofi'lng i-onlract for oil Oklahoma Invc startcM to school at Gas. I j ; .Mr. and .Mrs!. Kirbjl'of the Country Club district havp moved to East Lawn. rlciiu 1 K-K I O;I .S^nokcr Moiling dt .Momnrlal Hall. Bax- t-Cl.ili will be bhe speaker •veulnjg. Open to all ex- 'menl \ Snioke.s and cards. thiss it.; H ARRY COOK, P. C. aiW .Mrk H. C. Webber and of ne g with Myeri^ of 7W a rem e. •tir Carlyle. Kans., are .Mr. and i Mr.s. J. O. South Washington ..Mnj.A. F. (jlrant of,209 South State street, ivha received an injury o his halnd while [working at the lola Wholjesale Co., Is improv- irtsr rifpidly and was able to go to work the middle of the week. ;—Home Beautiful Porch Boxes. $2..=;o ant! Greenhouse ! $3.0(|, use. i , filled %r,.m up. lola J. B. Celphifian of ."i24 .\orth Jefferson went t<) City today on business. \ Glei' visitjnt .Mr. Pick Campbell of 309 I Sollth lluhy Settles, a Junior ('i;- lege student, is s'pending Sunday witb her parents in .\miot. Kans. ^liHs Dorothy Simmons, HSHistant teacher in .lunior College, Is spt-nd- ing the week end with her parents in Kansas City. —Dr. A. n. Twadell. OKtoniiath. New Globe BIdg. l»hono 191. y, L Mr. and Mrs. C. Lv .Flsk Of-410 WoMl street wuri> ca'llnd to Kansas rily. yestrrday by the Norlotis. Ill- jieii)* ot ;MrH.: Flsk's sister, Mrs. Ms'lldc .NHKh. Mli ^N Gertrude H O III H of I'hanuie I K H wtiek enil RiM'Mt In the li«nie ofUJVlrH. Ada Moor*; on South Hiate tiUi el. • . , : : , -LlHter-oll or f ^Miir IVrmiiheiil Wiiving. .North Side Barber Hhop. rh<?no 637. • , ' . • S iss Helen Thon pson. jiihisli • »» Bfh >ol tPach(>r in Mrtran. left| ye!<ton avion the-'.OlI Flyer for anj'over | Mr. the week end vijit. ftfth heri par- ontij in Emporia. ' ^ ' MiRs MildriMl TimnAns of 602^ Sonth State street has been tout of Hchool this week on account of illness. Kent -of Chanute is here Washington avenue. ('hi<,ken Diiin «T I'. OJ O. ,F. ll}.!! April: 5.1*27—:!.n-. ir Di'llyery .Scrvhje Is nvail- able .Sjindavs jis well as week ilays. It Is fjir yoiiTi convenience. Plione 67.i »rfK>k's. i —For Rent: Store room. Inquire at Tire Repair Shop, llti East JackMon. I .Mrs. K. .M. HumnHMton of 220 West .liickHDii avenue, who has been cojiflmd t>i» her home with a Mevuro cold, iM Reported better to- dtfv. M^s. Dana Anderson of Frcdoola \* vlMlting In the homoof her hus- hund's parents, .Mr. r.nd .Mrs. GeoiKe Anderson. ! Mr. Anderson will Join her hero tomorrow. —O. L. Cox.M. D.. Specialist, Eye. Ear. Nose nnd Throat. Mrs. Wade.Adams on South State street road left Thursday for Rochester, Minn., to go through the Mayo "clinic for examination and poi-slMc treatments. .Mrs. Jack Herring is recovering nicely froiii her recent illness. . She expects to return to her home In Salem district the latter part of next week. ..Mrs. Herring Is at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. O. »Mcv- ers of 714 South Washington avenue; —If-the;, picture is there Gibson will develop to best, advantage. One day-service for developing and printing. : i .Mr. and '.Mrf. Harry Flake of 310 Campbell s-trcct announce the arrival of a'soil, born this niorning. .April 2. at the home of .Mrs. Flake's parents, .Mr. and .Mr.s. L'. Peck west of the river. They have given the young man the name. Chester-Lton Flake. Frances Ausell of East Lawn has been out of sihool a jfew days on account of sickness. ' It is rumoreii thai;' an oil mi: n f)[om Tnlsa. Okl.-|.. islhlmiking acr'{ age southeast ni LaHarpe on drilt- Ing contract for nil land may pi it down a deep.tcjst. lie; expects (i have a rig on the ground in a Wet||{ or two. 1. ^ B. Smith, 8pe<|iHl fisl^ nijd game warden, itateii that nnyon^ found finning f -om now on wltit- ont a license will b< arrested aijij fined regardless of who, be is. Cuma Marrfs of (iis' City, who has been very! ill witli the mumps, returned to s(|hool Tlinrsday. Walter Scott of Gas City has been' out Of 8cho< I oh account of his sister J^iin having the measles. tSreta Brown of <!<; town shopping last Saturday. Miss \ja\* \ Burrhiini Lawn Is now jworHintl phon,e office. ilony was in Johii Frank C^ark, the 7-year ^oL son of Mr, and fVlr*. R. C. Clark 504 North Jeffbrsoii avenue. I1 his tonsils : remjoved at St. Joh^s hospital this mornin Mrs. U E. B own street will leavt .Mdnday for Cffl- ve.\'>ille, Kans.. iwheij tend the Wnndijian tion which Willi con three days. of East; Mary .Moyer if Hi Mr. John GrlxjcN" 1; has •jeeii very ill wit 1)le. at the tele-' is expected, lo .Mt. Ida wher>; s p.isl ten days. if Ell St Lawn I heart trnii- '.M, Chllcote, Is ill i^! cold. Mr. and; Mrs. biiby from Hut ret 11 le hil Ral hlnsrj. , hiive been visiting at Hurley Chlliorc, M I I^I of .Mrs. O . I ris home, 613 .Vi Ith ii severe r'lvenuc for the return home toilny. -Mr. C. F. FI cklnger of 501 Sonth First street. *ho huk his foot sothc itimo afio.i is ijile to W up and around now;. Frank TIndall of 41 who has ieen with .Missouri for thf pastj turned home. South Elm, Ijis sister in year, has re- .Mr, and Mjrs. Dwishl WillliiniH of/>04|Soiiih triilrd slrei-l ilrove to LnHarljie to V I M I I over Sunday with .Mrti. If, K, Ku^ser. F. Hp. •• eii Of • • • • I.. II. \A\\\V\,U b. liil atlenllon giveii bln< si 'K of ('(don and Rectuiii. Eieclro-Therapy and i-PhyslotherHpy. Ill) lola .Sintc Hsnk Itlilg. I'li «ne8i -147 ami 70.'>. • • • I afai wreeking h9u .se at 409 East street, and will bufld a bunga- Ibwl Want,you to plan the house to suit yourself. Can; arrange terms on purchase price. JEall 1432. Ray \ : _ • •» ' • ' Miss Ruby Hillig/of Bassett was tinable to attend school .vesterday on hccount of illness. She. is a student at Junior High, Paul Wright, who has been visitint Mr. an<l -Mrs. Bert Turley of •r>07 South State street, returned fohli^ home in Columbus, Kans., Fridaj. - .Mr. and .Mrs. Roy 1'. Fry and .Mr. ai d .Mrs. Fred Denton drove to City tliis niorning and'will return .Monday. • —Home FJeiiiitifiil Baskets, prices^ lola Greenhouse. all • Cjharles Croley, a student at Junior High, was unable to return to school yesterday after' an absence on jaccount of illness. • , For Ftljler Brushes pho. 1024J. ;. Coy. 421 S. Walnut, iola, Kas. Carl Bogle was, unable to be in his (classed at Junior High yester- iday on aj^count of illness. Eat Chicken Dinner Sunday at Cllnkenbeiird's Cafe. Nofth Side. Mr. and Mrs. C. «. FIske of 401 West Campbell, returned !t|Dme from Colt^rado yesterday where tb^y have been visiting frienda^^nd rela Itlvei. of 308 South ill for the ported an Ira- Mf. C. L. Wbltaker KtreH^ who has bfl' lastitbree week*. I N |r prbwnc nicely. ' .Mrs. 'H.. Buckmaster returned frtjni Chanute yesterday where she was visiting Mr. and Mrs. O. C, Gorrell. Mr. F. Mills of .-,03 North B^ick- eve moved to his new home at 310 South Chestnut street yesterday. Spei'i;il Dinner - * Baptist Tdmple Election Day, 35c. Clarence Morris of 1021 North Jefferson went to Bartlesvillc today on business. .Miss.Peggy Grecian of Ottawa is visitink her s'ster. Mtss^ Flon n <e Grecian, cashier of the J. C. Pen- iiey SI ore. -^-Si ecial; oil iSneet Peas tomorrow. :0c per dozen, lola Oreon- bouse. ' ^ • Dr. ind .Mrs. F. 1 .«nslk and Mr. and .Vrs. .Maro 'Rrownfield will drU-e ^> Kansas City this afternoon on^builoess. Tbey expect to re^ turn hj^ma Mondar. Ethel Bennett of 218 .Vorth Buck- street, who has been ill for some time, is reported as Improving. —,Iust like Angel Ffiod Cake. Van Hoozcrs Bread, 2 for l.'ic. .MIrts Opiil Taggarl, who teaches ill a rural !*"-ho<>l i:ear Carlyle. is Hp<>ndlnK the week end with lier parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Taggarl of .102 .N'lirth Oak street. ! Mr. iiiid >lrH. «'.. CniinlHlI of Ulnckwell, Okla.. are visiting their diiiiKhter, Miss Thi*ta Craiidall for II few days. - atientlflc luwnmower grinding. V". G. Lawyer's Shop, 112 .V. Walnut. .Mr. LiickwiKid <if loi; .Vorth Fourth street l,s iniproving the ap- [leiiraiKi' of his luurie by building a new btingulow porch. Fred .Stanley, principal of the grade schools at [Elsniore. was a business visitor in Itda today. —Try It once—you will have no other. Van Hooxer's Bread. .Mrs. -Mildred Chancy, who teach-, es at the ;.Veosho Valley .school west, of the rivpr. is confined to her' home on :i<-c-ount of illiiesis. Mrs. W. J. .Alscr is teaching in her place during her absence. Jo.'ii'ph A. Starr, superintendent of-.'.•rhool." at Elsniore. is the guest of Floyd Kelley over the week eiid.; Mr.s. Tinrliillof 416 South Elm, who hk.s been .-iik. is reported improving. Mrs.; Dan Diessler of 707 East Spruce, who 'his been 111, Is now improving. M Edna Marie! Thomas of 421 East Lincoln Is ill'with tonsilitls. of 319 Sou mg in the Fred- Allen of feureka Is! 'Ill PAGE THREE Inome of JMrsi Zora vlslt- IWoods and daughter. Thelma.j He will return :to Ills y/forW tbej first wceki of the ' .Mrs. Eric Jensen has returned ihpme from Des Moines, la- where she w^ut ten days agOjto attend the funeral of her brolrber-in-l'a^i-. The Rev. H ./A . Pailey las returned from a six weeks' stay with his daughter, Mrs. F.ik. Kdlley in Olathe. He also visit^ }n| Gard4 ncr while away. Mrs. John Nelson yu^oA iij Fort Scott: last night atleiidii^g the jYouiig • People's meeting (it the jNazareiie church. } ! I ••' — .Mrs. Forrest CotWreJl leljt this Diorniri^ for Great Bend. iK^ns.; to join 'her husband anA ibalce her ihome. .Mr. Cottrell JjEttt for f.reat Bend several days ago to tsjke the jposition as pressman in thi| Great pBend Tribune. The E. C. Remsberg l^mlly moved yesterday from -418 So ijth Sy^-amore t6 202 North Sycamoijij. I L.E. Brown of th< jwill go to Kansas City ing on business. He ^londay. Browji Taxi n thcf morn- iWilt be home .Mrs. Iva .McLaughlihi of Bt-onson. who underwent a major oppration at St. Johns -hospltitll about two weeks ago.' was abl^ home today. .Mrs. Viola .MantzeH of underwent a totisillJiitomy' tion at St. John.s /libspiiai morning. ' I i i to bd taken -Moran opera- this |e she will a|t- 'irde cohve \^ iene tliere fir p South str<'|t n lioiiic fro In s been for tl je Richard Lewis, age 1 73 yilars. of Welda had his leg an putatid just hflow the knee this n^oriiinj* at St. iJohiis hospital. Mrs] Kent Dudley md daughter. Ruth Joan of {^olcny \ their parents and .Mr.;and .Mrs. W. A. ^V South Buckeye street h Morris H^l ri. KanN., w^- th.. K. O. Mn(r. rtjli Jeffersi ftiw days, w D. J. Pry has r from Excelsior, Sprj Kans.?^ City, Mo. He reports t roads from Kansas had. turned hoi lie ngs. Mo., a id le City as prctky A cement drive 1: as been put back or the Kes»ilng|»r Tiri^shop. Lee j .Gkla., ness. K. Lasater of Baijllesvilje. was in lola today on bu n Arthur Tayljor S South Che t- )n -Mr. and Mr$. C. M. Logan, 411 S. Elm street, re^nrned. home last nighf from El Dorado where they have been visiting their daughter, Helen Logan.; Mr. and Mrs. movedi today from 1- -., , nnt stxcet to 6>0 .'j.'orth Jcffersj • avenue. F. G. Smith. Smithy's Place. In planning some rhan|ges in his rfs- taurant this spring. Mr. .T. B, Givens is now working at Halls Surnmit, Kans.. for -Mr. Clarence Lewis this week. .Mrs. G. B. Daniels of Humboldt is ill at her sister's. Mrs. P. M. Love of 923 North State street. .Miss Tlielma Daniels is [spending the week end with Miss Francis Nelson. W. L Bartels of -son avenue is feelibg very nnich Roy Chnml'ers of near I.,aHarpe was in lola. today r,n business. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sherrlll wHl spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Italph Sherrlll. wlio lives southeast hf l<.la. ; ' Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Yowcll of •f'arlyle spent last evening with Mr. and Mrs! (Mydo Taylor and daughter. Evelyn, Mr, and Mri<, M. Kptcl)eni uX Mo- r.H,n left recently for Texas in their cur. .Mr. Keictiem owns a filling shitlon there. improved after hcii| hfs home most ol th The S. E. DiOe turned home from proprietor 1 East lolaj •i-i Betty Grunt of 20!^ street was unable to yesterday; on mioiintl to ln'r fool caiiacd bV a iiiiil. I Andy L. Dyciird wint t<] Yafi.-s • Ihe Kl- I are tisiiang arandijarfnts. leeler of 205 Soul I i State tin at SI- I KKI I ^)f an Injury stepi liig oiji Ceritcr today to. meelj with wdnls conimltte.-' thei^«. Mt-. nnd Mrs. F. W. West .MiicIiHon avcniit: tlii'ir guests over the and .Mrs. Walter Ha Arnel will have as •eek cjnd. .Mr. : of Topeka. Barbara Seay. iiiecd of .Mra. E. I>. Shields, is spending ,tlie week ond with .Miss Francella Waite sit Pitts- burc. of 301 ini East Ma li- g (fonfined b winter. 'aniil,v has re- Leaven wor Mr. and Mrs. Charles'S .-ind tamily East Broad more :street ehanek Cecil White Writes Apostrophe ^o Life Evenf man has; many riioodsi some o)f which are. seldom known even td his best ; friends. Cei:tl •White, ison of Mr.'^and Mrs. H. H: Wiite iof lola. wiw'^dled recently following an operation for appeu-; dicitis, j .was probably best known among:his friend^ as a Joll.v,,smil-. ing. goi^l-hutnored. care free young man. Another phase of his character, however, is reveale<i. in some very i'ntercsting verses which , he composed about two .months ago when he was in Pittsburg. Kansas, working for the Regfster. His friends will be interested in. these selections from them: Why are some men great and kind. \S'hile others never find the time. Except for their own selfish aim. Is this Life playing at a game"? M'hy do we find such lust and grewi .And yet so much that others iifjed? Why "do we have 'tears at deaths. Are they not eienial rest.s? Yet thfcs. I think, can hardly be— For what is this eternity? Are we ilirccted in life's way. Orf do we merely blindly stray'; Has ."onie one erred that this be true. Or is it just a part of you? If these answers yoii gave nic. Would I a sadder hiiman be'? Tell nic Life that I may know. Which way is best for ine to go? What i .s this niy.sterions thing Of which we hear, so many sing? Tliis alone do I hold dear.* T<-. do fliy part, I 've done my best. Yet yoii, O Life, it seems tii he. Will f !u no luore than jest with ine. If this appears a lamentation. Please hear in mind. 1 merel .N want an explanation Of tiiut wJiich has siuli fascination. These arc ilii- things that I would kiidw. I Yi .ii '-an tfll. ..^o Willi't yon .sa .v, Wlu'lnc I iiinr l .li'u iuiil where aw.iv? When wi. bavc'Icfi llii. Hdfldly luirlaisi Will wi. yi'I iiiiiviTsi. Willi iii<irl:ils? Do Ml. li'vi' aiinihi.r life i . Ami i .H it .iiii) iiiioi Willi si nr..? Have wi. li ^nl lirforf lliis year On lieiliiiii .s .iiiiiiher splierei? .\re We here nl nur acieunl Or ))j (lie Hi .s)) i)t Mini: creal Lonj? John Tyler of Morad' wiis a h'lA- ness visitor in lola toifay.i j Charles Victor Kei-ob, the .seven- i inoiith -Dlii .<i >n of;,Mr. and'.Mr.s. I ';iiil O. Re<o|b of 53:: South State street;- i.s ill with the "nii'asles. Coy Jones, the smalt son of Mr. and Mrs; Oiarence Jones of, 1109 Eaai .str*ic*...has recovered from the measlei ; : Mr. and Mrs. Lee Keller i\l i^- niira, .Afo.. are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. White or316 South Colborn street. y^rj .-Vrlene Balkan of 81."; South Sta(ie street has recovered from th^ meiislesi ' ' -Mr.s. Delbert Dimmitt of Eyer- ttm. Mo., is visiting .Mr. and Mrs. Ed Old of 314 West Spruce street. M. J. Smith of Chanute was in, . Iola Thursday afternoon on business and for a short visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Clprencc Jones of 1109 East street have -purchased property oir Tennessee street and expect" to make that their? home. They will move to their ne%t home next week.. . . : • Carl Conger of east of town left In his car yesterday for Topeka where he is employed pit iiresent. Associate Bible .Stndents. (K. P. Temple. Corner'Washing- I ton and West streets. 1 ' 10 a. m. 'scripture stndy for aflult and junnior Bible Students Company. ..Adult topic: "Organization of tlie New Creation." 1 Pet. a:.5. Junior topic: "First World Irowcr.'' i ! 11 a. m. "The Son and Servant.'' .Matt. 23:11-12. !• S p, m.' "Deliveranco." Wednesday. 42.S taist Monroe* street'at , m. prayer.,praise aiid testimony .servi<:e. Bible text: -The Counsel of the I»rd Stahdeth Forever, the thoughts of His hearf to all generations," Psalm 33:11. E. W. BOTLKMAN. Secy.. RiBsell Jdhnston. a pupil at! Bassett • scliiMil. was iinulile to at-'|. are moving fi\>m .SOI! t<-n<I school on account of illness, ay to 418 Sont 1 Syea- 1 ^^^^ ^^^^ Westphalia is spending the week-: with her (laughter. "Airs. .lohn IJlses and family of 712 South ^ Washington avenuer i .Mrs. .Arthur Slack iOf So ith Oak "Street received a letter from her sister." Mrs. Roy UTni-j of •VVilniing- tnn. Calif., saying tlUt their lam- ily was under qiiarawtine for mea.s.- Ins. The Lane children i^re all quite ill. i I Mrs. R. H. Bnshpeijs has received a leiterfrom her siste'". Mrs. Rob- Coopcr's Taped Back Athletic Underwear Won't tear Ifie (ape at'idab-. siirbM the HI rain. .\ til - jn Cooper'.s makes y<Mi feel lit. Priced at' $1.00 a Suit '. Olhor rnionsults. as low as .•»0«! u .Suit. THiiKyB •>rt Braden. from their nc tion at New Orleans. La. ^Ir. Brato h. den has accepted a posit chi:>r clerk in the pijrchas parlmeiif in a new \ tfpwni there. They recently nioveji there from I»s Angeles. .Mif. Brai] iated with his brother' Kans.. where Mr. Dale :was called jassoc by the illness of his brother, Frank j George J. .Marr in the Maif r Auto F. Dale. i 'Supply company here| That Gome AtNight AleongUaKcUIdWis.tlta Moult­ ing relief of Cbuabarlaia's Cooxfa Reiidedr. For 54 yews, Motben hays relied upon it. Ut ithelpfyonrcbad to-nigbt. Ask your draa>n>' ltiU>en-twT>t« for free booklet on "Care oi the Sick." CbambwUia Jtedfeio* Co., «03 FaricDea Moiaea. .Mr. .MatqiieBprgherist of Toi>eka here visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. F. sher of 306 .Vorth Chestnut. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lyons of; 1 .Vorth street are making ex-' trinsive improvements on their hJ!me. among which are a sun.par- • r nnd hard wood floors In the' cond story. | Dally MATINEES 8 :00 p. m. *• loca- on as ing de- plant en was fin-law. Satordari 1 j to NltillTS I' 7:(H>.0 :n6 p. ^ II THE LITTLE HOIISI WITH THE BIG SHOWS. Tod^y Onii' 1 to i p. ^. 10c; Night 10c anjl "20c ALBERTA yAUGHN "THE ADORABLE DECEIYER" ROGERS BRUSHING UCQUER : FREE Demonstration • ! . i :. IA factory representative' M-ill be at our Paiijt Headquarters— April 8 and 9 —to show how easy! to apply, how pleasant the results, and the majiy beautiful colors of: ' ROGERS'BRUSHING LACQUER. •^Dries While Yon Waif Don't forget the date. STORE 4 lOti^i^s^' ^^^kiAd^M^^^^^hkA ' The Shappie ?t, I»epiiic,s :hrilling lo The mance betweerl .Continuous ShAw, 1 (o 4 Monda , Merriest Comedy ii I'e story in the \}r'orld |j -T.he a be;jutiftil Princes.s and a you yearn p.S Amer-[ ife ro- ican miih'dnaire. The mt ^st gripping experienjce i^ Fleeing from, pursuers \vhen your very existence i :i a1 stake. The iniKst intriguing situation in th <|hworjd^ playing the pprt of a poo • girl when you are a||Princjessl Dorothy Philiibs in fThe Bar C. .Mystery"—krazy kat Kartoon Komeily—Sennett Comedy, "Pass the Dumfaf Jings." I I •' Ip. m. 10c; Afterwards 10cJ26c for Threi Days, ,2, 7 and 9 p. m. Cast of 25, Into a land and frenzied wt^men, rodej They were boi 000 Wi Olive Borden of terror, Nights h George O 'Prien arid a land of gold' maddened n en, a slip of a girl and 3 bad n en. ler terror i, killers, who settled dispute's. with the shootiihg iron.biit they formed a protecting trio fori this trinsplantetl desert flower, and ihey rpde into eternity witl) a'smihj that she might realize the Ise-.' cret of her dreams. It's the mightiest of all tfreat|d^a- [ mas of the earl:' west. Extia Added Attractibns. Matinees 10c anld 25c; 2 and 35c She's r^fiiant. Gloriou.s. Beautiful, .Delightful- She's stunning. Dazzling. Stim- uHtingi See her bewildering from \ .shhp, girl to darling of thod-sands in one <li;<zy night. Unadulterated 100-pi*oof joy, that's all! "1 ADDKD-*tThe TreachcrouH Trail," fourth chapter of I "The Silent Flyer," starring Silver Streak wondi^r dog I actor. . _ ALSO COMEDY AND NEWS MONDAY AND TUESDAY— TIIK MKIt^HA.X I'lrTlRK fm 'VK IIKKN iTAITIXli FOR. I I I I I GODS Two roads. One-^ase and luxury; \'pMt 6ther— South Atnerica and the building of a hugebridge. Tom I makes a choice. I^eaving home with its mournfal mem- • ories, he proceeds to drown . Ijiis sorrow*..' Ambitions • biiried, an attractive senorita rturses himbaclc to health | only to find—? f . ' ' j Comedy^ aiidNe;

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