Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 27, 1915 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1915
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 27,1915. lUSTOF THE DYNAMITERS, CAUGHT BY DETECTIVE BURNS. LIKE HELEN KELLER Five-Year-Old Boy Displays Re- marJcable Powers. / — Deaf Mute and Almost Blind, He la In Fair Way to Became Famous —^Result of care and Proper Treatment. I»avl(l (Giipliin. Milton A. Scliiiiidt. MlUon Aipchn.idt. known an -SuluniUy," iind IJiivid Caplan. th.- li>st of Iho dyniiiniters who blew u|> th« I^s 'V Iijj^,,^ ,.a,,uiied by Williaib .T. Burns, tho lainous dotec- "• " Capla Angeles detective the n;an who made that used in the Los Angeles Tini«a building in liiKi, killing twenty-one men. hav.» been .•apluieo i>y juiaifi ... i..- u M Uvf >"Schn,ittv" was found in Now York, where he worked as a nmchanic under the name o Joe loffman C had''a chickwi'farm near Seattle. The arrests, which Mr. Hums hasi been tryi„L; to make since he Los Ang( Mploslon ca^ne from his invcsirKalion of the Dlowing up of -x tenetflln house In New York on July 4. The detecl ivks convinceil that the bomb which prematurely exploded there made by the n;an who made t 'Angeles case^; After months of work he located Schmidt, and soon after that gathered in Caplan. $0ipT|fflMNMIIBGH12 IT'S-I'KAISE FOR I()LA. Sjieaker Stonp Optimistic OTer Out- coine of tlie'Session—Xews Lctlor - r I'roni State Capitiil. I Uitiinil^ized Koud Companj- Writes to > 1 Major Varner. Xo!LET.rP,;:HOWEVER, IX FIGHT: ^,Mavor John .1. Yarner recently 0.\ AI'I'UOrHIATIOX BILLS. : wrote a letter commending the Nation- I 1 , ; a! pavement—the bituminir.ed earth : ! ]iavement lately put down-on several ; streets in this city—to Frank,W. Buf- j fum. Missouri State Highway Commissioner. The Mayor yesterday received the following note from J .Edgar Black, „ . , „ . I of the National Company, at Kansas I (-Special, to The Register.) City. Mo.: , Topeka, Fell. 27—Final a4Journmcnt "We desire to thank you very much of the legislature will be accomplished i.for your kind words in recommend- about March \%, ill the opinion of . ing National pavement and feel grati- Sjieafier Ston<?| of the of repre- 1 1'ied to know that our pavements in seiitatives. Tjio speaker,is oiitiiiiistic, i your city are standing so sidendidly oyeij the outc0iiio of tl ^i- session, ;ind | that they can receive the high endorse- believcs that ;all difficulties will be|ment of the commissioners, ironied out WitTiout difficulty. | "The Bituminized Road Company Uelieve we wili rrarh a final ad-' never misses an opjiortunity to speak JQurnment by March Vir \w saiii. "I ; a good word lor your prosperous little do not look fop ' ' ' iitl|)ns or an session. I lieVie ironed out anil _ . , en.; !to the satisfuctitni of nearly evuiy- ; tisomonts herald the name of your city Diie." jail over the country." , .;stbne points; out thaf from now on! Ni^tionaL pavement is in use on the work befoiie the house will he that offered by thet new committee on revision of the ^calendar, .'i i iiiuiiiittc NEWS FOR TODIY CLE> i'ALDWELL SECl'KES JOB I.N KAPrS CAFE. Home Talent Miisleal Entertainment AViis of High Glass-^Xews Notes and Personal Mention. that will be aijtive from now <ni iiiilil •adjournment. 7riie coiiiiijit ii'c is (•oui- posed of three'Ueiniblicaiis, OIK' Uwii- onrat and one'Progressive, incliidins Gllman, Jocelyn and McBrido, Kiiicaid and Stauffer. » + * The consideration of Ifu |ii'i ;io?e(i nniendnients tf^ the constitution, in- clndlntr two I H. re.-oiiilion.s. one from! each sidtj' of the body, a four- year -tevm of office aminr.menf, increasing tlie uifiy of loeinbcrs of the le.ijisb .ture, locsl ojition of taxis, the one-house lesrls^ature and (he niiil tax for. I state ediicational institutions, ''oms "fi on special order.^^ in tlie senate Monday afternoon. I'our resolu- tipus to anient^ the constitution have '.ri^Ti adopted Wjr the houcp and are in t'=ji- senate for Consideration. The ten m.^ntloned. how?ever, are senate reso- Utliohft. The four from the house in- el|>de one increasing the jiay of le^is- laiors^ a tax Amendment similar to thjit ju>imitted two' years ago, an nipenqment providing a three-fourths juj-y verdict in-civil cases, and an •'!?'endment extpndine; the ouster to PTsnly to const^utional officers. All th^se pre expected to be taken up with tbfe senate amendments, and a free dis Ti'?y oforatoryis extiected to result. •]* * • T'^at Governor Capper will be given in Alport unity to veto such appropria-^ Pout 1 Kentucky, South Colborn, South Chei4nut. North First and several other stjreets. Petitions for leaving of the same kind'are pending before tiie city <oiii- missi(>ii CO.M» SAGE TEA 1> HAIR TO DARKEN IT. Grandma Kept Her Locks Dark. Olog- SJ I Thick Wltli a Mixture of Sage Tea and Snlpliiir. The old-time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur for darkening gray, streaked and faded hair is grandmother's treatment, and folks are again using it to keep their hair a pood, even color, which is quite sensible, as we are living in an age when a youthful appearance Is of the greatest advantage. NowauSys, thqugli,; we don't have the troul^lesome task of: gathering the sage and the mussy mixing at home,. All drug stores sell the ready-to-use product called "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound" for about 50 cents a bottle. It is very popular because nobody can discover it has; been applied. Simply moisten your coinb or a soft brush with it and draw'; this through your hair, taking one sr^all strand at a time; by morning the gray hair disappears, but what delights the ladies with Wyeth's Sage and Suly'aur is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair afte"- ti few applications, it also pro- MORAN, Feb. 2T^Glen Caldwell has taken Claude Bradford's place in Ed Rapp's^Cafe. Glen Spafford is back from Cushion, Okla. l ''irt Vuraer made a business trip to lola Tliursday. lohuTeel went to lola on business. Tile Lockwood Players did not get to present their show last night on ac- eoiiiil of till! musical at the M. Ifi. ciuirch. the home tal E. church tertainment and \K. N. Ford went to Kansas City on business today. . Moody Ralston /rom Elismore, was in town today, —Sister Sal says whatever you do, sec Arrowsmith of the Allen County liiv. (.'o, lola, about that farm loan. .loiui Kerschiior,, V/ill Sjiafford, llnr luoii Yoager, Ralph ICntzminger went to iitteiid convention at Vv'iehlta yesterday, Mrs. N. U. Smock went to lola Friday. Mr., iiartliolomew went to lola Friday on business. I Glen Reede made a business trip to lola Friday. Deimty Sheriff Kd Sutherland was in town Friday on business. Jim f'aidwell from Old Elsmorc, was in town Fridav on business. John Hall i.urcha.sod $100 worth of ftiniit.ire of Knight Hardware Co., Friday. An Interestinir Slde-Lijtiit on Tire Adjustments. The bed-rock basis for judging'tire mileaue service is in the adjusting department, aecarding to A. D. Lyman, chief, adjus^r for Diamond Tires, Akron, Ohio. "Getting right down to ffrass tacks on tire service means getting the fa.?ts on how tires have .-perfonned during any certain period," says Mr. Lyman. "The tires which show imniensely increased sales and greatly reduced adjustments certainly are tires the majority of motorists are looking for: "Diamond Tires were remarkable in St. Louis.—Ernest Smith, five years old, de»f, dumb and almost blind, was taken from the city hospital three years ago, after his mother deserted him, by, the Missouri Branch International Sunshine society, and is in a f»ir way of becoming as remarkable «• Heleii Keller, according to medical authorities, specialists and instructors In the Missouri School for the Blind The child, who three years ago was not expected to live and who was declared to be men'ally defective, is an excellent proof of what care, the proper treatment and skilled attention will accomplish. At five he displays \ nealthy devotion to the sports In dulKed in by boys of his age the world over and an alarming Interest in the carrying out of nilschievous pursuits. Since an operation performed several months ago, which^ restored to him m a slight measure the use of his left eye,, he has displayed a sense of touch and perception which have set his elders wonJering, and which has determined then to secure for him the best advantages obtainable to make of himself other than an ordinary mute. He recognizes colors readily; is able to distinguish his Sunday clothes from those of the every-day variety; he is quick to notice anything new in the wearing apparel or speech of the visitor in the home in which he is being cared for, and he makes known his likes and dislikes in an emphatic manner, in everything running the gamut from foodstuffs, to persons. In the opinion of Mrs. F. VV. Baum hoff, for 14 years president of the Missouri Sunshine society, and who resigned that post in order to devote her time wholly to caring for blind children under school age, the child's powers of observation are nothing short of remarkable. BISHOP OF LONDON Arthur Foley W. Ingram, bishop oi London, who ha i gone to the front as chaplain of the iLondon rifle brigade. Moran Herald; O. Chrlstenson who recently came here from Marshall, Mo., and moved onto the place just northwest of town which he bought of P. J. Cole was denied the right to bring his livestock through with his car, on account of the quarantine, in Kansas and they are still in Marshall. Jle has been trying to get permission from the proper, authorities to transport the stock which consists of two mules, one horse, two caws and four hogs, but thus far has not been able to do so. rlfieed on the i-majority side of tli'e'i ':.o?ise: toJcarry t)ie aopropriation bills' Chanute Tribune:' Alfred Sands, a^vthey cjonie from the senate, expla- one of the few survivors of the Eigh- nulion of votes- similar to t'losp offered teenth and Ninet,.genlh Kansas caval- i\v^Rflnators Mahin and Troutman in ry regiments that came through the the senate, thatithey would prefer to hardships of the Indian war of 1868 uninterrupted .service fiey wanted for their money. •Ideal tire .service is that which has no interruptions of adjustments or replacements—a service which is con- — . tinuQus from the day of purchase to see the bills iiasB and permit the gov- on the Kansas-Indian Territory borr X.\\Q scrap pile, and which includes erftor to cut oujt such items as he der, died at 3:15 o'clocs this morning long raiVage. This is the kind of ser- Foes fit than to s»e fbem defeated, be- at the home of his sister Mrs. L. .A. yjpp Diamonds have been rendering ins- exipccted to\l|e the ordor from the Woods. Bripf services were held at ajjjj stni are rendering, and the in- majoritv side. Members of the minor-. the home this afternoon by Rev. Rob creases in 'sales merely indicate that itrtw'ho talked of the matter declared ,ert S.Flockhart,'rector of Grace Epis- niorc and more motorists are learning that pledges of siipnort of the big ap-I copal church. Tomorrow the body I pronrlations haA'f been secured to a Will be taken to Burlington for bur- sufficient evtent^to ppar?iito° the'r lal by the side i of his parents. Mr. paijsagfe, puttinfT ah end to Die fight Sands would have been G9 years old no^" apparently ^waging between the M^irch Tl. He was born in New Y'ork two bodies. |, City and came to Kansas with his par •Democrat-s in the senate, ;)nd mem- ents In 18.56. He served in Company beds of the samefparty In (be bouso, M, Nineteenth regiment under Cap- nrc. calline, ntteuj^lon t'o tb<> fact that tain Moody and was given an honor- thc^:maJorIlyin the seii :if(» is not pa?s- able discharge April IK, 1S6 !I at Fort, Insrthe aTipropriajlon hills.; The 'oHls Hayes, Kansas, at tli" close of his' chanule Tribune: The retrial of bat^p not been a tiarty iiieasur,. in the term of enlistment and after tlip up- R,.V. Pereival. H. Barker has been put iiPSer house, it iSAclofm-'d. An .•iiinlv- rising had been (luelled. Strangely off for the third time, and is now set eiB ^of the vote Is offered in proof, the di,. services of neither of the two reg for March 17. Barker Is under a sent ?6 i^enators votin^K, for the measures jmeiits have ever been recognized by ^ne<. of suspension from the ministry Inc^.udipir 1' Dei^onals. lO R.-iuibli- the govHrnment and the vel.Tans ;,nd charged with lying. He is to carts and 1 Progressive, and the oii'io- ' w' allowed no iiensions. be tried here before a judicial oom- RlUan Including 0 pemoeratH .:iiol .'^' Re-1 . ''- mission of the Neosho Presbytery. mjWIcans .more oftthe minority vofnn-1 AFTER MANY YEARS The hearing was 'set for 'Wednesday 'orfthe bills than-votes asainst th.em. but was continued in order to give The fact that tbegninoritv in the un- _if a liettcr cou.sli ,syrup than Fo- ti,^. defense more time to prepare. PC; body with the "aid of the six Pern- ley's Honey and Tar Compound could of wonderful Diaraoiid perform- anees. ' "Tlio case of the Dianiond retailer who reported sales of 4,000 tires wltb only two adjustments Is typical o^ )iresont-day niamond deeds. Desre ed adjustments show the increased value Diami^nd Tires have for the man at the wheel." T ERUPTION pcr.Tits could defeat,' amend or nsdiicp tboJamo '.int to be 'approiiriated also is 6UgfeeEt |ed. ? ' Ajfasjilon note says that i they are weaj-ifag paatalettes in Philadelphia.' Again or yet? be found, we would carry it. We know this reliable and dependable medicine has ?iven satisfaction for more than forty years; therefore we never offer a .substitute for the genuine. Recommended, for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough bronchial and grippe coughs. No opiates. Drug Store. I>eriiiau Sea Commander .Out. Kiel, Ger., Feb. 26.—Admiral von Ingenohl, commander of the German high sea ifleet, has been removed from la- bis post and sent from Kiel to Berlin. Burrell's U is rumored that Prince Henry of Prussia will take his place. On Face ai^d Shoulders. Scratched and Made Worse. Great Disfigurement. Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment. Spots Ajl Gone. R. V. D. Na 3, Box 9, JopUn, jrc—''Mj trouble begsa Orst w little red spota kp- pearliig on my skin. They affected my face and sbouldera. They ttcbed and burned terribly. Then I would scratch them and It would moke thorn wane. My whole face and sboulden would lio sore. Tbo eruption would bum and itch especially when I,would got In Iba 'rTt sun and get,very warm and , wUen I did ray face would break out worse. It was a great dlsflgUF »i nunt Willie It lasted. Some nlgbVi It kept mo awake. I oould hardly bear any doiu- Ing on my shouldera at all. "I tried several different remodiea all in vain. 1 almost gave up Iryiiig when » friend, adviiiod me tvuse Cuticura Soap and Ointnieiit. In a week my face began to get better and to another two weeks tba spots were all gone.'! (Signed) MiM Alta ficoU. June 2.1914. Sample Each Free by Mall . with 32 -p. aua Book on requMt. Ad< draii port-card "Cntlcim. Dept. T. BM> «Hb'! Md UwumtWUt tlw world./ RUG and CARPET SALE CONTINUED On account of the inclement weather for the last ten days the GREAT 1915 OPIJNING RUG AND CARPET SALi5 will be continued th^ugh all of next Week. The same extremely low prices will be maintained as during the last two weeks, as also will be the same Free Carpet and Vacuum Clea|ncr Offer! The A. W. Beck Furniture Store BflONSON NEWS MID NOTES >V. W. PATTERSON IS SUFFERING FROM EFFECTS OF OPERATIO.V. Elsmore Basket Rail Team Contests With Local Team—Jiews Jiotes Pergonal Mention. being quelled. He said liis troops would be joined by strong reinforcements which would make their successes certain. Moran Herald: H. \V. Lambeth, who is advertising a public sale to be held Saturday of next week has sold his farm to T .A. Winslow and will go to Idaho, Mrs. UiiiibetTi and her dajigh ters will probably leave next week,, but Mr. l.rfijmb<-'th may not get awaybe fore the first-of Aprrf. lie received $8,000 for his farm. —Register Want Ads bring results. BRONSO.N', Feb. 27.—Mrs. M. M. Cook entertained at dinner today; Mr. Frank McCarty and wife and daughter. Miss Beulah and Dr. J. S. Cummings and wife. Dr ..larret of Ft. Scott came out to Bronson this morning to see Mr. W. VV. Patterson who has been suffering from the effects of an operation in the head performed sotae time ago at Chanute Roy Busby's have a new daughter at their home. Mrs. Fred Bollnger of Ft. Scott was in town on business today. Rose Corns came in from Gas City this evening to visit relatives and friends over Sunday. Mm. Knowst the Stvidebaker agent for Crawford and Bourbon counties was calling on Elza Zimmerman today. •John Graper's are moving into the Jim Wlllet house on north Main street. Mrs. Etta Hibbs came in from her school at Nftrth Fairview this evening. Mr^. Elmer and Frank Norton of Mildred were here visiting Everett N'orton's family ye'steray. Elsmore boys basket ball team came !n this evening to play-Bronson High School. ATTACK GERMANS IN AFRICA. Botha Lead<) Forces IVhIeh are In- radlng the Southwest. London, Feb. 2C.—A serious invasion of German Southwest Africa by the Union of South Africa forces is now under way. The troops which Tanded in Wal- flsch and Luderitz Bay are advancing along the railways from those ports to the main line, which runs north and south through virtually the whole length of the colony, while another force Is concentrating in Northern Cape Colony to advance from the south. General Botha himself Is leading the forces which advanced from Wal- fisch Bay and is directing their operations. In a speech to his troops. Gen. Botha said the campaign would continue until the German ajmy is conquered, and he assured them also that the rebellion in the Union was Buflt-in mileage is far better than patched-up adjustments— When you buy Diamond Tires you buy tires that are built to give you the maximam tire service-—tires that give ' you freedom froiti trouble and relieve you of j the necessity of Having adjustments made. This is what a[ dealer who sold, many thousands of Diamond Tires last year has to say about the service they gave the buyers: "GenUemen: "Cleveland, Dec. 15,1914. "The performance of Diamond Tires during the past year has beeit eminently satis£actory. The claims for adjuatment were almost a negligible quantity. On the other hand, we have had a great many voluntary rfeports as to the excellent service our customers liave had from Diamond Tires. We feel that a perfect balance has been worlced out in the scientific construction of these Tires. The net result Is that there appears to be the proper relation between the inside carcass and' the outside rubber, so that there is no excess oi either. The tire seems to wear out naturally and only after having given a very large mileage. "THE FOREST CITY RUBBER CO., "W. E. Crofut, President." Similar reports of Diamond service have been received from dealers all over the country. Added to tha wonderful Diamond eerTiceyoucannow bur Diamond SqiM«(a)» Troad Tire* at the following "FAIR-UST" PRICES: Size Diamond Squeece« Size Diamond SquMceo 30x3 30x3^ 32x3^ 33x4 $ 9.4S 1Z20 14.00 2aoo 34x4 37 X 5 38x5Ji $20.3S 28.70 33.90 46.00 PAYiNO BIORC For Automobiles, Bicycles Put on rc;i Cyclecai Merer cvcU- DiamoiidnrTTire Inland Oil & Supply Co., Exclusive Agents., •—The man who refuses to spend money for garden seed can't expect to pick a good crop of vegetable;^. He has to take whatever happens t6 grow up. —The man who refuses to spen^ money for advertising can't expect to pick up a good volume of business. He has to take whatever happens to drift in. -Good business seed will grow at al times of the year. Plant yours now in THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. Phone 18.

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