The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 8, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1892
Page 3
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L'UHMAN & SANDERS. CURTAINS A large line just received. For ONE WEEK at about COST! Piece Lace burtain, by yard, 10c Lace Curtain, by pair, - 10c Scrim, by yard, only - - 5c And everything in Curtain line very Cheap. DOZEN Handerchiefs. All new designs and PRICES AWAY DOWN. H'dk'fs Silk Emb. Initials, only 5c Japan H'dk'fs, all silk, Col. Border, 10c Brocade Silk Handkerchiefs, 12y a c B$^g*Remember we are first in Dress Goods and Trimmings. Resp'y, LUHMAN & SANDERS. IS The Postville Weekly Review. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY W. N. BURDICK. BY TERMS: $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. -Dr. Hunt has removed to Elgin. —Six Loaves of Bread for 25e, Bakery. at the tf —Fresh Oysters by tho quart, can or dish, at JOHN THOMA'S. -Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stnadt returned from the wost on Monday evening. — Peaches, Pears, B*anns \. pples, Plums, Melons, etc., at JOHN THOMA'S. —Foil SALE—A second hand Show Case. Inquire at the Bccdy PhotoGal- lory. - Wo are beginning to havo frosty nights, but tliero is nothing to damage now. i —Gospel Hymns No. and 6 consolidated, at oilico. 5 and Nos. 6 the REVIEW —Fred Schroeder, south of town, added a girl to the census last week Friday. —Nobody aim nfl'ord to miss Senator Allison's great speech noxt Wednesday evening:. —Dr. Altenkiroh and wifo with us but they expect to go pendence soon. are still to Inde- •-Tho dance Wednesday oveuing was a very pleasant affair but it WBS not a financial success. — Tho REVIEW will now be sent to now subscribers to J tin. 1st for 25 cts. Send it to your friends. —"Additional Local.' —There will bo lots of bargains at Hixby & Williams' (Ward's old stand) Saturday—and all of no.\t wook. —Our lumber men soem to be doing a great business these days, and the merchants aro by no moans idle. —Louisiana Dimonson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pine Finishing, for salo at SANOEKS & KAI-LKK'S. —Not a man can bo secured to do a day's work of any kind now. Tho demand is much greater than tho supply. —Mrs. Frank Morrison, of Sioux City, and Miss Maggio Shnchy, of Sponcer, are hero visiting relatives and friends. —Wo suppose thoro will bo no preaching iu tho M. 1C. church noxt Sunday as the ministers are all at conference. —Wo havo seen no town tho sizo of ours, north, south, oast or west that can show up as many new buildings as Postville. —M. K. Talcott moved into the John Parker houso last Monday. Wo are sorry to lose so good neighbors from our stioet. —Looks liko Indian summer today. —John Crosby has returned from Chicago. —Doth papers seem to be printed on Friday now. -The Priors havo this week put up the monument in memory of Dean Alward. --CP. Darling is in charge of the McNeil improvements, with a corps of assistants. —Joo Gray has put iu a now sidewalk on the east side of his rcsidenco property. A good job. —Mrs. Coyle hns gone to Wisconsin for her semi-annual visit. Gilbert Sanders, as usual, accompanied her. —Will the friouds who receive posters of tho Allison meeting in surrounding towns pleaso post them? —Mrs. Wm. Shepherd visited her mother, at Monona, last wook, and tho Esq. wore a far-away, dojeeted look. For Sale. My residence on tho north sido. Mus. H. B. HAZI.KTON. If Us Anna JSaston, Instructor on tho piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Good Farm For Sale «or Rent. A good farm of 200 acres, 5} miles southwest of Postville. For tonus and information inquire at this offlco. —It seems that Mr. Robinson declines the nomination for supervisor, and that placo and the county nttorney is vacant I ob Moy<n'. II. S. Luhmiin. Uolumbuu Day. In pursuance of call a meeting was hold at the REVIEW otlieu on Monday evening to consider tho of Columbus day by Ihe citizens of Postville, In conjunction with tho schools. J. H. Gray was called to the chair and CUas. Skelton wan chosen secretary. It was the unanimous expression that the day should bo recognized nnd a committee of six on general arrangements was chosen to mako all necessary preparations. This commUteo is composed of the following gentlemen: W. S. Webstor, Prof. Hurd, K. F. Medary, Jas. Sheohy, Jneob Moyor and F. W. Roberts. It was docidod to ask the business mon to closo their places of business betweon the hours of 10:00 n. m. and 1:00 p. m., the morchnnts present consenting to do so provided tho others would do tho same. A meeting of tho committeo was held ou Tuesday evening to make further arrangements, nppoint sub-committees, etc. Tho program will bo published in full next woek. It is now safe to say that Oct. 21st will be duly ohsorved in Postrillo, and the people of the surrounding country are cordially invited to join us in the observance of the 400th anniversary of tho discovery of Amorina. Tho following are the sub-committees appointed: W. C. McNeil, master of oerornonies. Music—A. L. Meier, Dr. Mabry and Mrs. A. K. Cornell. Speaker—E. F. Medary and W. S. Webster. Votorans-Jas. Perry nnd A. R. Prescolt. Buildings, Grounds, etc—Jas. Shoc- liy, D. E. Harrington, J. H. Gray. Jnc- SENATOR AL.LIBOH. He Will Speak in Postvillo on Next Wednesday Evening. Oct. 12. on tho tickot thus far. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, but a good job ovory clatter and prices vory reasonable. THOB. SIIORTBEED. Printing- I Modary. -W, N. Burdick and E. F. —Thoro will bo. a special meoting of Brotherly Love lodge A. F. and A. M. next Tuesday evening for work on tho second degree -Our six room residence on Sum mer street will be for rent Sept. i2nd. It is ono of the pleasanlest locations tor a small family in town. —Thcs. Shortrecd has purchased tho Stafford blacksmith shop and will occupy it at once. Wo understand tho consideration was $225. —Mrs. E. E. Burdick will return home to St. Paul Saturday, after a pleasant but all loo brief visit with relatives and friends here. To Rent. 1 Millinery Shop, ono door south of the poiitoffico. Good location for a barber | shop. W. S. WEBSTEIt. -P. O. Ward and wife, of Preston, Iowa, havo been hero this weok, the guosts of J. W. Ward and family. Mr. Wari will probably take tho road for tho mop wringer. Wo havo an immenso stock of Shawls that have been carefully select- Coma and got pricos before buy-1woro a crime to be on tho minority ed ing elsewhere. Wo are sorry to see such papors as tho Waukott Democrat and Now Hampton Tribune burlesquing republican conventions and republican meetings. Boys, you can't mako converts that way. It is tho woakost argumont in tho world. Wo will vouturo the assertion that there has never been a larger or more representative convention hfrld by any parly in Allamakco county than that held last Saturday, or ono with a higher grado of intelligence Eyory ono of tho nominees are fully equal in evory respect to their opponents on tho opposite ticket, and we havo given them all credit for being good mon. SKE&TON (St TANQEMAN. Tho Small Farm For Solo. John Moir farm of 40 acres, a half mile south of Postvillo, is now for sale. Call ou John Moir for particulars. — I'lie answer to tho pertinent question, "Whore was I at?" is said lo bo Crosco, Iowa, on tho occasion of tho joint discussion botween Updegiaff nnd Butlor. —Fred Williams hns developed into a swift carpontor, and as ho can't havo much to do to manage that littlo(?) farm he ought to come to town and tako contracts. —Goo. Lull has purchased a five acre tract of land of I. A. Cole, on tho east sido of town. Consideration a little less than 8200 per aero. Proporty is property iu and around Postyillo. We .protect our oustomers by giving them Bargains. Our new Fall and Winter stock is daily arriving. We invite your inspection. Prices the very lowest. —It you want a Boot or Shoe that will wear and pricos that will toll, call on Skelton & Tangoman, for they have the yurioty to soloct from. —Mrs. T. M. Miller is making somo lino improvements ou her property on tho north sido. In fact she is practically building a now houso entiro. Mott & Taylor aro doing the work. —Buy your Cloaks of Skelton & Tan gonial). WhyP Because thoy carry the largest lino in town, and thoy can show you tho names of 22 persons who havo bought cloaks of them this season. Hiss Mabol DeOou, Graduate of the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago; also pupil of Amy Fay, is prepared to tcacli the piano, organ and harmony. POBTVII.LE, - IOWA. sido of politics our democratic friouds would hayo had no glory in tho past, and in fact nothing to biag on now. Every ono of them will admit that had it not been for tho ono local issue of prohibition, which has no possible bearing in this campaign, this county (lis trict and stato would now bo so solidly republican that it would bo an idle waste of timo to make democratic nominations. Tho American pooplo havo but once in thirty-two years voted to sustain tho democratic party, and that was a questionable victory, which was sharply rovorsed at the noxt election Gonllomon. if you have arguments to adduce, or think you havo, prosent thorn soriously and thoy will bo considered in the same spirit. Choap burlesques of county conventions, candidates, public meetings and gleo clubs only weaken tho causo thoy aro intended to promoto by showing tho paucity of facts and arguments at the command of thosp using them. Low Rates to Chicago via B. O. R. & N. 'Railway; • For tho Dedicatory Ceremonies of tho-World's Fair Buildings at Chicago, Octobor 20 to 22, the Burlingtou, Cedar Rapids & Northorn Railway will sell excursion tickets from Postvillo at tho rato of $10.20. Tickets on sale Octo­ bor 19 to 22, good to return until and including Octobor 24, 1892. For tinio of trains or other information call on or address any agont of tho company or J. E. Hannogan, Gon. Tkt and Pass. Agt., Codar Rapids, Iowa. The republican committee am pleased lo announce that Senator Wm. U. Allison will discuss tho political issuos involved in the present campaign at Turner Hall," on Wednesday evening, Oct. 12th. It is needless for us to say one word of introduction in this case. Sonator Allison has for years stood very near the head of the class of American statesmen, and no man in the United States secures moro respectful nnd profound attention, oven in tho great cities of the east, than ho. He is not a fj.eiit orator and yet ho is tho most argumentative and convincing spenkcr in the west. Ho is absolute authority ou financial questions, and when hn makes a statemont there is nothing further to bo said on thosubjuct. To deny his figures or tako exceptions to his conclusions is fool-hardy, nnd no well informed domocrnt has prcsumod to do it for years. Tho coming of Iowa's senior uouator to Postvillo should bo tho occasion of n great outpouring of tho people for miles around. Democrats should hoar thespcech so (hat when their speaker comes to answor it thoy may havo a full understanding of the nrguments. Our male quartet will bo on hand with now songs and music to enliven tho occasion. As usual everybody, binding ladies, cordially invitod. Bo on hand oarly. Speaking will commence at 8:00, preceded by musiv. —Somo rapid boys have been doing dnmago and committing various depredations iu tho west part of town. Don't do it, boys. It won't pay in tho long run. "Life is r«al, life is earnest," and there is no time to sow and harvest a crop of wild oats. It is only a little while until you will havo to tako on tho duties and responsibilities of lifo and your best capital will bo good habits, and a character and reputation above reproach. If yon havo these you will suocood whether you havo any other capital or not, and without th»m you can't succeed, no matter what the othor surroundings may bo. Be manly boys. ESTABLISHED 1881 CAKL HOLTEE, Prop. Our I'nll nnd Wlntel" Stoelc is now dully arriving. IV lias not, heen our 'in to />ro</ucc> ehenp nnd i'lnsliy eloth-' ing, but to soil sueh ifDods /is will rettiln llio mime we lmvc so fnr ostnhllshod, •«//</ nt tlie Lowost Prices con" 1 sistetit with Good Gottds. H r o not only licep our jir/ccs nt ii point wftort 1 no coiiipi't/tor twin sneeessfully meet tiiom, hut our iissortmoiit ol' Styles mid /*/ittor/i.s in- ensily the most extensive ever in this tow/i. l f UL,L,- I^IXIZ of LIGHT WlilGHT ns well its Henvy Ovoreontn, IIUSIX1SSS SUITS. CIIIKDHISIS'S SUITS Well Bought is half sold. Wo can assure the people of Postville and vicinity, that no stock evor brought into tho city was bought more advantagously or will be sold on closer margins. Wo have finished lt,e purchase of holiday goods and can now show you a complete lino—watches, jewelry, gold and fountain pens, silverware, including a large line of novelties; musical goods of every description, artists' material, stationery (Whiting's standard) nnd presentation books'. Tho latest designs, the best goods, and lowest pricos. Wo defy competition. Respectfully, W. J. HANKS. - W. R. Parker and family moved to Independence last Monday. Will as well as John has tho REVIEW follow him, and it wishes them all abundant prosperity and happiness in their now home. While wo dislike to seo any of our people loave wo realize that this is a world of chango, and that poople will go and pooplo will come, as they think it for their interest to make a change It is a pleasure to us to retain them in our family of readers, and wo always endeavor to give ihem a'mirror of the happeuings hero from week to woek so that thoy may retain pleasant memories of their former homo. Our C/i .N.N /i/iiere Suits, nt #«.00, 8JO.OO mid $J2.00, lire the hest gi>ods i'Or the money on tlie market. GliXT'S I*UIiXISHIXGS. masss SUITS In Hoys' Clothing we huve -n larger lino thnri evei before, nnd prlaes, A.eoording to Quality, the Vary Lowest, Come in mid let us HIIOW you our stock .before purehnsing. All goods warranted .as represented, or money will he eheerl'ully refunded. CARL HOLTER FURNITURE, BEDDING AND CARPETS. —We aro now preparod to take a few good potatoes on subscription. Also wood, hay or grain. Of course money will not be refused. —W. F. Warner having sold apart of his farm to his son and rented the balance to him, offers some One horses and colt* for Bale. See notice. —Ed Prior left last night for Chicago and points in Indiana on matters pertaining to his monument business. He ox poets to be absout ten days, —Rev. E. J. Lookwood left on Tuesday for confereuco, with his s.ilary all paid and the record clour, which is creditable to the Mothodist friends. —Mrs. 8. W. Boynton did not como last week ns announced but is expected sure this weok. It will be fortunate, for S. W. looks as if he was golug into a decline. —We spent a vory pleasant clay, or part of a day, with friends at Waukon last Saturduy, but aid not get all around, and wo hope to duplicate the visit soon. --This ofllco has beon favored with the greatest rush of job work of late that we have had for a year. Wo have got it out OD time, however, bat it has kept us humping. —Our compositor by mistako(P) got one too many olphors in tho price of "Old Pike." Ho should havo said $50.00, but ho made it voud $50,000. He insists that ciphers are nothing anyway. Estrayod. From tho subscribor, ono gray yearling heifer and three spring calves. Any information leading to their : covory will be suitably rowarded. 30w2 R. B. WATKKS. Fine Horses and Colts For Salo. I offer at private sale on reasonable terms the following: Two draft mares, 2 yoars old; two draft geldings, 2 years old; three trotting brod goldings, 2 years old; six draft geldings, 1 year old; two draft mares, 1 yoar old; eight weanlings. Also one Clydosdalo sialiion, 4 yoars old, and one trotting bred stallion, 2 years old. W. F. WABNEU, Postville, Iowa. —Fred Williams has built a new horse Warn on the rear of tho Fred Thoma lots. Mow wo hope Mr. Thoma will put up a good building on the front of these lots, or what would bo better still a blook of buildiugs. —We aro papering nnd painting our house on Summer streot throughout, and puttiug it iu splendid condition for some good ruuter. It must be a small family and prempt pay or nobody. U will be ready for occupancy in about a week. -Tho Canton miracle turns out to be a humbug, just as we feared it would. Tho Catholic Bishop oamo and examined it and took tho glass homo to Winona for further examination He says there is no picture in it or on it, merely a defect in the glass. Tho imagination has done the rest. This is a yory gullible world and it is no won dur Hint men are found to oven dispute the old miraalos. - Miss Cora Dresser has returned from tho west, where she spent threo delightful weeks with rolativos in Cherokee and two wooks in Clurkaville with the family of E. W. Booton, editor of the Clarksvillo Star, and loug timo friends ot her family. - The foltowlug subscribers, two of thorn now ones, have our thanks for cash on subscription slnoo our last issue: W. C. Earle, Jas. Holahnn, J. M. Collins, E. D. Purdy, J. B. Mlnort, (leo. Hewitt, W. II. Tarker, J. Moulthrop, I,. B. Smith. —H. M. Range and Mrs. Souukaib returned from their Kansas trip on Thursday of lost week. Mr. Range left us ft couple of sample eavs of corn 1 whioh were raised neir Lebanon, that —Tho country is groatly In neod of rain, not on account of the crops for these are all ripened, but on account of tho plowing, whioh is not all done, and the pastures. Wells and cisterns are also getting low. If we don't get rain soon wo aro net liable to get muuh before winter sets In, which would -W. C. McNeil is lilting up Ihe corner building foimcrly occupied by W. Jl Holahan for 1 a store for Bixby & Williams. The storo will occupy the whole spaco now covered, 25 x 100 feet. A new tin roof will bo put on, a plato glass front put in and tho outside covered with corrugatod iron. Tlie interior will be eeilod ami papered and tit- t<ul up in first class shape, making the largest and lloe'st storo room iu town. The work will be pushed as fast as mon can do it. FARM FOR SALE. . My farm of 200 acres for snlc; ' Situated in Madison township, Winnesheik Co., Iowa; three and a half miles west of Docoruli, iu sections 11 and H. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Long timo will bo given on part payment. Inquire on farm for particulars. Address: WM. MOLNTOSH, (Box 288) Decorah, Iowa. The v Largest and Cheapest Line of Furniture, Bedding, .Carpets and Window Shades • . ever shown in .this •• Community. Come and see us. X WAEiTRR GHRIS8. i POSTVILLE, IOWA. Farm For Sale. I now offer for salo tho Wm. Mitchell farm, 8J miles west of Postvillo, outaining 161 acres, with good house, barns and outbuildings, an unfailing well nnd running water on the premises, and fenced in several Holds. Cause of soiling, advancod yoars nud inability to superintend it. For terms call on the undersigned on tho promises. A good stook farm. (17mS) JAS. KENNEDY. Take Notloe, That tho Postvillo Steam Roller Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of each weok horoaftor. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery wo are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice Bring iu your logs nod have them N. DOUGLASS, Puis. J. F. SMITH, V. r JAS. MCEWBN.CASIIIIK. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,0CC Do a General Banking Busin,,; Huy and sell Foreign and Doii>,-,ti' Kxchange. Accounts 'oi' 'Farmers, Merchants and others received an ' carefully protected. Interest paid'ofa'Tinrt Deposits'. Investments made for outside par tics on favorable terms. J®-Proteoted by firo proof vault and screw door, time lock, burglar pi safo. Safety deposit steel drawers for reut. L

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