The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 27, 1915 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1915
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 27,1915 qFellYottr Waets to 80,000 Fjeaple Tlirough t||e Hegistjer WAMTS-ALL KINDS . IS * » « ^: *^ * • ^ • I . *• « .. * IP IN NEED OF A FARM * LOAN, or any kind of INSUR- « jftnce, cf'tae o^e. I ain pre- $ pared fo TAKE CARE of you. * H. L.. Thompson, •^office over ^ Evans"^' Drug Store. Tel. 142. w FOR SALE—FOR SALJE KEMSTEJtS CAN B£ BOLGHT .4T'. Uie Hess Drug Co. S^ore at ,HuaBl)oldt. j built three years. Price right. •tO;: N. Papers leave press at 5 p. m., reach'First St.: Humboldt 5:35 p. m. prompt. FOR SALE- -FIVE ROOM HOUSE; W.WTED—TO BUY A FEW GOOD calves. Call 9 &&-33; _ i BABIES CARED FOR AT 202 N. Taylor. Mrs. Oldham, LaHarpe, Kas. — FARMERS ATTE.\TIO.V—W A N T , corji, wheat, oats, aUalfa and prairie VA.NTE ^P =-SXORAGE ROOM F O R' hay In car lots, any track. G. W. Al' • " B. T Barbel- .cock, Chanute, Kas. I Eist«en aj^tomohlles 'Pboae 43S; . JWASJirrTQ RE^T FIVE ROOM modern house; ©Jose in. Phone 639. ••i-i^j-• jv-- :—-. •'• . *AK .TSDr -THE ADDRESS OF tt^ptuf^yti^ will have turkey eggs for «»ie,' ,Ad|rese X, care Register. — •'-rr-———'—• , W^NTBD--TO BUY TWO THOR- I ouehbred^ -White leghorn Cockerels, j fUlfiS. E.JVtoy Phone 1365. j PAYING EMPLOYME.NT FOR WO- rnen; TuU or part tin^e. Sell guaranteed cotton, lisle, silk hosiery to user. Klxperience unnecessary; large profits. Sprine; business now on. International Mills,"304S Chestnut, Philadelphia. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE— F U R N I T U R E. quire 5U5S. Buckeye. IN- ORGA.N FOR SALE—WE HAVE I.\ Ida a splendid Estey. Organ, walnut case, high mirror top, good -as new. Will sell at a Bargain rather than ship in. Terms or cash. Can be seen at Drake-'s Transfer Co. storage, or write Carl Hoffman Music Co., Kansas City, Mo., for full particulkrE. FOR SALE—PAIR MULES, CORN, Hay and Household Furhiture. Telephone lO'iO. FRICE, VALUABLE STOCK BOOKS with each purchase of LeGears Stock Food. Eakin's Hardware. FOR S.ALE—PIGS AND SHO.\TS\ Call 9S7-22. Frank Bale. THREE QOOD PROPERTIES ON . ~—' i paved street. Will sell, trade or 'i JVA-VERDAN E.VERGETIC A.MBIT-' ejtchange. See Kelley. Pennsylvania iooB aoti^. ooan to establish perman-; Hotel. bus ^neiss.' Health and Accident In- i — —~ )SO;rAUce. I Immediate cash returns and | f"OR SALK—A FINE FIVE ROOM tiitute ^ddress National Casualty ; house on paved street. Small payment idown and terms to suit. - Might take ; small auto on deal. Rlngler Ijind Co. Companyi petroit. Mich. WAXTiyV-APPRE.VTICE GIRLS wanted tj(i the Millinery Department. —RicHar<!so?i's. , .WANTi;D --GlRL. OR WOM.\N TO do housework. .Mrs E. M. Hosley. Bayard, jcas. . WANT^pD—WASH I NGS, H O' U S E- ci<aningp 108 W. Bruner Street. . FOR aALE— FIVE SHARES lOLA ftrildingii*. Lgan Co. Stock, series IT And .jlS. rj J). S." care Register. FOR SALE—THOROUGHBRED S. C. White Leghorn Eggs, from Ferris improved br.ed-to-Iay stock. Jl.M per setting, $6 .w per lOU. .Mrs. T. E. V/il- | .son. Phone 997-32. FOR SALE—VIOLO.VCELLO; 301 S. Kentucky. Phone 103. FOR SALE—FOR SALE ! FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—WHITE ORPINGTON I eggs, for hatching. Phone 392. Sharpy. FOR SALE—A GOOD BICYCLE; cheap. Dick Tob^y, Register Office. FOR SALE—BUFF ROCK EGGS . FOR SALE—GOOD WALNUT POSTS for hatching, $2.75.per hundred. Phone Phone 97rj-21. li 727, LaHarpe. Mrs. Attice Baptist. rt* * * * • « • • •> • • <• •>•<«<•'> • F. L. B. LEAVELL, M- D. <• • Specialties—• <• • Diseases of the Chest. •:• • Diseases of Children. •> •:• x-RAY^. -:• •:• Plioiies—Ofliw M;; Reg. 147 •> <• lola State Bank Bldg. • • •:• • •:• <• • • • * • <• • <• •:• •:• COUPLE OF GOOD RESIDENCE properties very cheap, if sold at onee. See O'Brien. Gas. FOR TRADE-ACHES N'EAIt! <. FOR SALE—FIGURE PAPER AND sheep'Skin scraps. The Register Book bindery. Redmond. Okia , improved; l'> acres orchard, lUO undiT cultivation, balance iu paslsire aii-1 IciwlanU. Want ; merchandise. KiusU-r L;ind Co. •:• •:• *•:••••<• •:• <• •;• •:• • <• • • • •> ;* ' •> J. B-PEPPEK '> Dentiitt •> Office t . er Riley's Hdw. Store •> 1 Eusl Side Sq. Pkone 687 mOES HIEHEB r\SH WHEAT I.S .S >2C TO '>c HIGHER I.\ K.V.VSAS CITV. Live.stock Is GenCTally Steady AI- flmngli There Is Little ActlTlty and Small Receipts. FOR SALEJ—40 FOOT LOT WITH 3 room house one block from square on terms. Phone 117. FOR RENT—FOR RENT IN DIA-RUNNE R DUCK EGGS for hatching, 15 for .'.i>c; 807 .\. Wash- j ington. • FOR RENT—ROOMS FOE HOUSE keeping or sleeping; partly modern; :;12 W.. Madison. (|3y the Associated Pre.s?) Kansas Clfj LiTestock. Kansq.<^ City, Feb. 27.—CATTLE, re•> <• <• •> •:• •> •;• •:• •> .;. •> o i ceipts 7|>0. Market steady. Prime fed . ' steers IS.OOg 8.60; dressed heef steers |t;.7.5@Sj.0O; cow.s and heifers• $4.25'5) S:2'; stpckers and feeders $6.GO'S7.80; buil.s J ' " HOG.' io'Aor. in.\ B. FRA>T> OPTICAL CO. FOR TRADE—NEW BUGGY FOR milk cow. C. C. .MeCarty & Son. FOR SALE—NICE BRIGHT TEXL.VS Red Seed Oats. .Also Commercial White Seed Corn. Phone 989-21 or 9S4-4. W. F.,Webber. FOR TRADE —GOOD .AUTOMO- blle. What have yon? C. C. McCarty !* Son. FOE SALE—THREE -SPANS OF | FOR SALE—FOUR-YE.AR-OLD DUR- mules and span of ponies. Phone-154. ! ham cow giving milk. Phone , 240. Frank Boyer,I^IIarpe. ! Ringler Land Co. FOR S-ALE OR RE.VT—FIVE ROO.M 1 FOR SALE—WHITE B L 0 S S O .M cottage, 615 South street. Inquire C. i -Sweet Clover Seed. J. N. Thomj>son. S. Bl.'ick. Phone 867, = I Route 2. EGGS FOR HATCHING, ROSE Comb Reds. Also 1 splendid cockerel. Phone 310. FOR SALE—PpRE BRED. SINGLE Comb White Leghorn Eggs. 50c for 1:5; I3.0U per IvM). l.issa Armacost. TeU- plione 99S-:il. FOR RENT, FOR SALE, LODGING, ! Furnished Rooms, Boarding, and other ' cards can. be had at the Register oi 'j,25§6.;5; calves $fc'.50@ 10.50. —Receipts 1.500. Market 5c Heavy |b.55'a"6.f;5: packers End buljchers $6.65^6.70; light $6.55§ 6.70. fice, neatly printed in type. Five cents each. large, plain i"eipt.= 7.75. orn house, wf-tik. 6.75. Chicago. Feb. 27 .-^CATTLE, re- i 'HK Market was steady. Beeves ':0i.'; cows acd heifers J3,60g !0GB—Receipt.^ 19.000. Market was f REGISTERS CAN BE BOUGHT AT the Hess Drug Co. store at Humboldt. LOST-DOOR K E Y. T I E D TO Papers leave press at 5 p. m., reaches iiandkeichief. between .Mauison street Humboldt 5:35 p. m| prompt. ; and Orphan's Home. Finder please ' : :—'• '• i leave at Register office. FOR SALE—PURE BARRED PLY- [ mouth Rock Cockerels. S. W. Harris, Genev.-i. Kan. Pacific: U old "Coal Oil Johnny" Frank VS'right does not remain a lifelong friend of Contluctoir George Hedges of the Butler-Madison passenger, he will certainly be an ungrai-j 1 ful man I^sc Friday Old Frank ~*~ . tnisiOfl the Hack ac Colony, either by FOR RE.NT—SEVE.N ROOM MOD- accident or design and started to Phone S63. "'^"^ "P the track in order to catcli • "Wiggely Ann" at the crossing. But - ~- he wii.s nearly 100 yards away'-when the train stopped. He had. two grip^ and a.s he is too fat ro run anyway, he certainly would have missed the '"•re.irr. train had not Conductor Hedges run ; packing stock 2')V.c. to meet him and helped him aboard, i • The Forget-.Me-Not club held their : Kunsas City Ornln. Light $6.45go.70; mixed $6 35 heavy J6.10(?f e .CO; pigs |5.75@ LOST AND FOUND Kansas City Produce. Kan-ias City. Feb. 27.—BUTTER— rv 3Cc; firsts 27; seconds 25; . PURE BRED WHITE ORPINGTON .;. Eggs for hatching. Also White Pekin .;. Duck Eggs. Chas. M. Fuck Phone 1092.; .> CHOICE RHODE ISLAND REDi<- Eggs ^e each. Also; baby chicks 10c' •:• each later; 503 .V '.Main. Phone 133, • i .;. .j. <• .;. .:• .> .> .> .:• <• •> •.• v .> .;. <. .;. •> .> •:• •> •:• ^ Have the Register mailed lo •> YOU. On rural routes in Allen <• County *-2.50 per year: *1.25 for t> mouths; Vt weeK.* for <5<-. By mail to any part of the U. S. ioc a mouth. Subscribe new! regular meeting with Mrs. C. H. John ' Kan son Friday afternoon and the l.adii^s • marke have been housed up for so long by hard. • impassable streets that they seizerl So. 2 ?s City. Feb. 27—Cash W^eat. i to 5c hieher. New—No. 2 -; 1 .47fil.40: No. 3, $1.45»Aigi.47: reJ. $1.4eri'1 .4S: No. 3, $1.46® i ^ 'lose—-May 11.45^.; July H-lSVi i this opportunity to t^n out with tli^' • 1 C'C'Se— result that lifteen members and thi-e<^ Sept. ^jMOVi. guests, Mrs. Jennie Pellet, .Mrs. \t. COKN—i;:irk.:t '2 to I'i higher. No JC Hattield .-and Mrs. Gl«n Day, respond- 2 mixfjd 6i<^70c: .\o. 3. 6_7'3 6 _5c; No. 2 LaHarpe. P 4 to roll call with "Stories of BirdF." I wUiie, .Mrs. J. R. Roberts led. The topic for |—May discussion was "Audubon Societieb," ! Sept. ' _ _ and it nroved verv interesting indeed.' OATIS-Market 'M: to Ic higher. No. Mrs R". 0. Bundv accompanied'by , 2 white, Soi^ffSec; .\"o. 2 mixed 52^2 lip. 71fi71-'2r: No..:'.. 70(S71c. Ciosc 71ii!'<i71V4c; July 73%@733i; 4iHiS74V»e. ^ .Mr.s. J. P. Turner sang, ".At the Close j '553 IIEWS FiW TflDtY Ji£T. GEO. £. XOOBI- TU ASSIST ^ ESfJtETlTAL HEETiSGSu B. L. W»Uig Who Has Been Tery lU LAHiqiPE, FEB. 27.— Mrs. E. B. Hutcbiafpn. who was called here to atten<i"tlie funeral of Mrs. L. P. .Malcom i-eoirned to her home In Taneha : Ol^IahoflKS, T. M. ^Fitzpatrick and I. T. Leake, of Gas Oity who have ceen visiting in Dryden,|Ark., have returned home; accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Henry j Leake. I 'have been making this their home for the past six weeks fethrued to Dunegan. Mo. , —••NVe have our new Spring Patterns of Wall Paper in and can show you the latest designs at lowest prices.—W;ater3 & Danforth, Drugs and JeweD-yi , N. 'j. White and family, of Elsraore have retnted the Brister farm south of town and have moved there. —Dr. Dunham, Physician and Sur- j geon, Over National Bank. Phone 20. —We.will continue our cunirices on ;Groceries until March eth Also lowest prices on Flour.—J. A. Brown. IE ours MS IIT GAS CITY Feb 26. LIBERTY. -Misses Lena and Lona IIIU>PENIN6S UNTOLD COLONY STn>£>TS WILL <aV£ EXTEK- TA1S3IEM FRIDAY EVE-MNG George Cole and Family Move to the Furui—News Notes and Personal Hr -Btion. WHV CHILLY WEATHER BEl.VGS KUEUXATISV. Say.« Sfcin Pores Are Closed sod Cric Aeld Remains In Blood. Rheumatism is no respecter of age, GAS CITY', FEB. 27.—Mrs. P. P. Wise left yesterday for Kansas City where she will visit relatives indefi- itely. ' M. E. Church.—Sunaay school at i0:00. Morning worship at 11 :00; Ev- fjning services at 7:30.—Rev. N. W. Gilbert, Pastor. i Miss Edith Grizzle Is spending the ^jveek with relatives at Carlyle. Kramer spent last Thursday with .Mis. Ben Sicka'of Piqua I Miss Nellie Kennedy of Yates Center : , spent the week end with her aunt, {'' Mis. George Coriiell. 1 -Mr. McKinder of Kiricaid spent Sat- ! iirday and Sunday with Mr. and .Mrs. i Chauncey Heath. He was over to fin- 1 .>frs. ,Iobns'»n ish the work of organizing a Grange 1 lieve and the rain kept them from having any meetiiigs, so thU work will! have to wait until he finishes his other lodges in other parts of the coun- C, -\EWLO\ PURCHASED A.J. BAXTER STOCK OF GOODS. of a Perfect Day.' ' Mrs. Johnson served delicious refreshments to the assembled guests. The ne.xt meetiii;,' , will be at the home of Mrs. I. H. Kas; beer, -March 12th. Dr. W. J. Hatlield arrived home from Indiana Frida.v. He says tiie weather i.s fine and the roads good ther— P-Y'E—$1.22 per. bushel. HAY —Market unchanged. Whaat received. 6.". cars. WH Entertains Forget-JIe- >ot Clul>-^>ews Notes and Personal .Mention. NEOSHO VALLEY. (C. L. Arnold.) Reb. 27.—-Although there was noxx peetation of such an event publicly an nounced the marriage of Mr. Earl Hicks and Miss Ertie. Williams was Chicaeo Close. i jvAT-Mar $1.53V2; July $1.24%. i COR.X—May 74c; July 76^fi76i4c. ;. OATS—.May 57Hc; July 54Hc. " PORK—-May $17.32: July $17.72. LARD—May $10.37; July $10.60. (sex,- color or rank. If not the most i | \\r u corns i was kicked by a mule cT^^t^ ^TlJ^'^LZr? & Dan l-ia^e^^o"^ °f human afflictions it isi>hursday. Condensed jSmoke.—Waters & Dan- painful. Those subject The big forth, DruEs and Jewelry. • ^ rheumatism, should eat less meat,' '''' "^ Walteir MulJenix has returned to l^is jp^gg warmly as po-ssible, avoid any undue exposure and, above all, drink lots of pure water. Rheumatism is caused by uric acid which is generated in the bowels and home in; Wichita after a visit with hia parents^: Mr. and Mr^. Jesse Mullenix. Chas.sOvermyer is moving from, the Kreugep farm fo Concrete and Chas. Stewartt Ig movin gto farm. Mr. a *d Mrs. Chas. Wray are moving to ^he Anderson ranch. . —U ijfou want sotoe good Wall Pa- j)er CHE-AP see Cooksey, the druggist. Ed Bickerts, of Humboldt spent Friday :^with Lowell Baumuuk. Fran^ Fisk. of Savonburg was in loVn 'yesterday visiting friends. JB. L.';''Wallis, who has been sick for a .-numtier of weeks is reported much improved. ""Mrs. irAnna Swearingen and daughter Arline, of Garnett are Bpeuding a few days with Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Daggett. They are moving to Kincaid. —Dr; F. R, Hook. Physician ana Surgeofa. Phone 66; Office south rooms over National Bank. Delb|rt Mitchell left today for Altoona where he has employment. ArcWe Gilbert left today for Altoona... Howajd Thatcher, of Yates Center was v^iting the P. ^. Jury home yesterday^ —We now have our Complete Line of Wa)l Paper on display; beautiful patterns. Prices from Jc double roll on np.^F. -A Cooksey, Druggist , Theje will be special "services at ihe M. E. iChurch tomorrow. In the morn Ing thie sermon will be especially for the y<ji^ung people, and the subject will be "Ai Whole Life for Christ." At the evenij^g services the subject will |)e "ThesHarvest of Sin," There will be special music at both services. Be- ginniag ittmday night. Rev. George E. Hoodjr. offlola/ will assist Rev. H. E. Cran^ with the evangelistic services. Mr.!:aM Mrs. F. A. Winters who the . Kreuger ! ahsorbed Jnto the blood. It Ls the func high school pupils will give a program Friday, .March 7, at the high school building. Lester l.ewman went to Parsona today on a business visit. " —A, few pair of .Men's Two-bucTcTe K.-lt Boots t(*^> closed out at $1.S5 right„away.—O'B'rien. Mrs. E. V. Gilflllan and .Mrs. T. D. '1 Summers attended the lecture by Gov. tion of the kidneys to filter this acid from the blood and cast it out in the "'I^^L"'nfT«'i°J hiiV 'TfM°!f''>"^'-««n Thursday evening. fJ^^^t 1, Z^,. ^^iv enM ^ ^"o bas been in Kan- forcing th« Kidneys to do double wont., '"p '^'i.^^.'V .'Jv,, Hey become »e.k ...d .i..g8l.h 'jj'^'j''"?, HwL ness, sorenpss and pain called rheuma- Colony, Feb. 27.—Mrs. L. V. Smith ^ try before he can finish here and m I ^^^^1.3^^ to Garnett Thursday even- an occurrence that occasioned but lifted with the people of the W. T. Watson. Jim Mullens and Uncle Jimmy Davis were among the Col ony visitors in Garnett Friday. Miss P^tti Denton was'in tola Fri- I ehe meantime the charter will be open — k ^r sister.^Mr.. ^ ^^^f but wasn^ j to any one who may want to join as a O 2re:.test respect by the p. 'charter member.: . ' ... - • _ ... Mr. and Mrs. Gray went over to Mr. Wheeler's near Carlyle Saturday and were kept there until Tuesday by the storm making the roads impassable. , Miss .N'ieta Butler came home from • her school near .Moran Saturday and; C. Denton and M. M. Brown w< was accompanied bv Miss Helen Clark; transacting business in lola Friday. of lola. They returned to lola Sunday. J. C. Newlon was shifted from job as butcher when G. J. Page pur- community. The wedding took place at the home of the cride's parents. .Mr and Mrs. Chas. Williams, on Wed :iei ;L !;iy of this week, shortly after .12 oi-loek. ami the ceremony wa? per- furiueil by Rev. G. E. Moody, of loi;i. .A tow relatives and friends were pres ent to look upon f.b'is charming cou- j l.iirai Markets. rroduce quotation? fumisheil -la;!' hy Cophiil ""omm'ps'on roropany 1 Packing Butter—16c per pound. ) ' Fresh Eggs—17c per dozen. - , Poultry—Hens. 10c per lb.; young cocks.:6e; spring chickens 9c lb.; F. F F. duoks, 9c; F. F. F. geese. 6c r No. 1 turke.'E. 10c; No 2 turkeys. 7c; old toms, Sc; guineas, 20c each. Green Hide.s—14c: No 1 horse hidea $4.25 each. .Mrs Alma Vetetu and Beulah, Mrs.'; chased the shop and he can't sit Hester Heath and Round spent | around idle so he opened up nego- Saturday with .Mrs. C:istat()r and .N'ieta j Uations for tlie A. J. Baxter stock of Sj^lei- , i goods and closed a deal Friday. He tism. .At the first twinge of rheumatism get from any pharajiacy about , four ounces of Jad Salts;' put a tablespoonful in a glass of water and drink before breakfast eacn morning for a week. This is said to eliminate uric acid by stimulating the kidneys to normal action, thus ridding the blood of these impurities. .lad Salts is inexpensive, harmless and is made from the acid of grapes and lemon, juice, combined with litiia and is used, with excellent resnlts by thousands of folks who are subject to rheumatism. Here you have a pleasant, effervescent lithia-water drink w.hich overcomes uric acia .and is beneficial to your kidneys as well. year. —All .Men's and Boys' Sweater Coats .will be clQsed out now at half price— O'Brien. V. A. Moore of Lawrence, is spending a few days with his mother, Mrs. Clint Hackett. Mrs. Olive Huss and daughter, of Savonburg are spending a;few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. McAnulty north of town. iMrs. A. L. Jackson, who has been ill wr.s reported better yesterday. The little three year old daughter 1 of Mr. and Mrs: L. A .Shipley ia very ill. with pneumonia. - Wm. Cllne lost a varuable horse on I Thursday evening. FIVE CENTS PROTES IT —A ! Generous Offer. Cut out this ad, enclose wiili 5 cents to Foley & Co., Chicago, 111., and they will ."send yon oiir trial package of Foley's Honey and T ^^<>i^l^und for coughs, colds, sroup, broncnial and lagrlppe coughs; Foley Kidney Pills and Foley Cathartic Tablets. For sale in your town by Burrell's Drug Store Toiir |Cold is Daneerons Break It Up—Now. —^^.A Cold is readily catching. .\ run- BjA.-. Miss ii'. ne Cox si^jiit a lew days with home folks this week. .Mr. and Mrs. Will Wilson .Mr. and Mts. Kramer Sunday. Mr. Tom Townsend is confined to his bed most of the time. visited is cleaning up his own store building on the south side, the one vacated by J.. P. Turner, and -Monday wilTstart moving the stock from the C. E. Kwing building to his own. Mr. Newlon is personally known lo everybody in Prowpt Action Will Stop Tonr/Coa?b, ' —When you first catch a Cold (often ; , ,, • , . . indicated bv a sneeze or cough), break * pie ot young folks, as they stood be- , ^ ^ ' "^^^ .. lore the matrm ,oiHalalt .ir and enter-, „„/,Utter'' often leads to 1 serious ^ ed as all believe the threshhold of per ^.^ ^ i ^ petual happmess. On . U ednesday;; penetrates the . linin .i; of the throat is the kind de- ,•• miinrled. Dr. Kind's New Discovery s soothes the irritation, loosens the - phle?ra You feel better at once. "It seemed to reach the very spot of my ; Coug(<." is one of many ,hone-t-testl-•'; raonl ;Us ".eo at your Druggist Some Armlet and Navlet. On the basis of vessels completed ; and vessels under construction, the ; rank of the following nations In naval •' standlni? is: Great Britain. 1; Ger- .• manv, 2; t'nited States, 3; France, 4; Japan, 5; rJussIa, 6; Italy. 7|; Austria, 8; Greece, 9. The avaflabl^ fighting ': ... forc4 of Italy Is arotind 2,00(|.0(J0; that ;• J. -A. Lasley moved to a farm he had" of Greece about half a million. 1 firder after the storm. Our line suf- p^^j R^ssel is one of the large land rented several miles east of Humboldt — fered about as little damage though.; owners, stock feeders and progress- Wednesday. ' as any we have heard of as it was in j^.g farmers of this section of the stat,-- • Correspondents are working order in half storm, while some lin ing yet. We heard that the ^ in lola Thursday, the groom being, fl^;'j^g^-j^^-r^f-j a^^" ^jj,-^ ^^^^ while in the war zone, from here, but as we are not sure it, ^^^^ threshed 80 bushels Frank Bales shipped sixtv cows of has come off, yet we will wait until, ^^^^^ ^^^^ next week beiore giving names. _ ^.^^^ B„t ^^^^^ demand for (it here by tlie feliows who are afraid. Mrs. D. W.- .lones is some better at this part of -Anderson county and has present. i many loyal friends who will be glad Misses Lena and l.ctia Kramer .spent i,j-n, jn busmeas. He will Sunday with .MLis .le.ssle.Burns. • ; nm on a caSh basis, tne same as .Mr. Alpha Cornell returned home from ; Baxter was and keep the margin be- Will Osborn's Tuesday and was ac- lo^v credit basis. He will also try companied liy Earl and Lute Osborn; to meet and heat the mail order : wh,o visited at his home a day or two., houses on everything Mr.-GoI)le and Mr. .fohnson delivered! ju ^g Blanche Wade came from Gas' hogs to Piqua. Wednesday. ! I City visit her sister Mrs. J. . 150 head for Ellis and Flake and the Ne.Tt Sunday ia the regular preach-j R [{oberts. i following day vaccinated a number of ing day at Liberty. ; j n Roberts shippt-d a car of cat- ' smaller herds. Most of the teleplione.swere out ofjij^ from lola to Kansas City Friday. glad for the night a charivari urged recoKnitiou of good will in the usual noisy manner. Mr. Hick .-i has lived in the neighborhood about five years, and has proved to ih- u very industrious younj,' man. His bride was raised here and none believe other than that she will be a real helpmate. In a few days they will move onto the idaee now occupied by the father of the groom, \V. A. Hicks. May happiness ever be th-irs. The destructive prevalence of cholera in the neighborhood is causing many farmers to have their hogs vaccinated. On Thursday Dr. came out from town and vaccinated' Large Contract for Meat. The British government has contracted with various Argentine meat planjts for the purchase of ,15,000 tons of frozen and chilled nl month for a period of 12 rhonlhs. eats each i HO he shipped it. It should have been 4 Test for Ll*er Complaint—Meptelly ; sown right at rhome. It was probably ' "tBhappy— PUysk-ally DulL .; tb«fir .st titae! in the history "^^ ; • —The liver sluggish and Inactive, j county that any blue grass seed has- ttrst shows itself in a mental state—; been marketed away from home. uXppy and critical. Never is there' . I. E. U)we, of Geneva, lett Friday good grade down from Kansas City this week that he will use for calf p'roduttion. Miss IJIlian Terrill delivered the m.ail on her father's route Friday on horseback. Only 25c. at your Druggist. ens the Mucous, stops the Cough and [cure your constipation and purify the i sights, soothes the Lungs, it's guaranteed, fblood. a5c at -dmggists. -Bucklen s t The Arnica Salve excelteat for piles. Croup and Whoopinsr Conch. —Mrs T. .Neureuer, Eau Claire. Wis., •Foley's Honey and Tar Com- rery severe reinediea; cured his Foley's • similar Leroy Reporter tell.i the fol-, ca-es. Contains no opiates. Always lowing story of the oDiiging iiissouri j insist on Foley's Burrell's Drug Store. $1M Rewarfl. SIM The readers of tWa toper will b« pleased to learn that there ia at leaat on« dreaded dlaeaae that science haa twen able to cure in all Ita staaea. and that to Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Cure ia tbe onl/ ; positive cure now known tp the.medical • fraternity. Catarrh t>elnK a constitnttonal § ise. requires a constltutloiial treat- t. HaUa Catarrh Cure Js takan ia- ally, acting directly upon the .Mood mucous surfaces of the system. ther«> by loeatroyinK the foundation af'tli# dla« eas i. and sivins the patient strencth bT but dinr up the constitution and aaatatlnc natiire In doinK its worlc The propnetora have ao much faith tn ita cuwlTjiippW' er3 that they offer One Hundred Donars for any case that K falla to com. JSeiA for Hat of testinaonJala Andrew: F. J. CHKKET A CO.. Tolttfo. 6. Bold br au DraKslata. 7»c. Me tUU* Family FUla cooaUvpUo^

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