The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 2, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, April 2, 1927
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THE lOLA PAILY REGISTER. /SATURDAY. BVETO APRIL TEA«H mtO PRAY. Teach us b pr4y: may aelfj forgotten As wo J>esee(Jb Thy care those in need Far Irdani. the domforta and Jpys we,llv^ In; :i 7hf»& -iflio a«e.crushed bV erty and grkifd. be all for the pov- Teach MB' to pi(ay for those who Bee^ Thy blessing ! la ^erdark. pathways | which h&Tfi kaowA ho light; i Broaiien our hearts until w© pray itnceairing That life witl^ Joy may where he bright. every-j erioe Goss and| rott, the story Martin Brown a^ chey iwith Miss bompanlst. Mis^ gavea reading Frautz played alias Lucile Wi Mias Mdrgaret Otitr at Basten l$tar Club! CelebEBtes "Elgbib AnBlrcnary Oae' ; hundred, members and guests were present yesterday afternoon at the iijghth anniversary ' . celebratlfon of tlie Order of i Easl' erii Stajr club, held in the lodge roonj of; the Masonlc^'Temple. A 4 >asiDCS8 meistlhg, pretiided over by tiie pi<esid^al,{ Mrs. S. A. fil- . lis,, preceded a program. The dec-: oratioha thpougbbut the rooms and menu were yellow and iwlilte, Uie colors of the cl ib. The program tonslsied of an adt dress i by Mrs. PI Us. who related' the. lilstory of th ; club. It was or- KimJted April 1 1918, under the same of "So)di»^|-»' ->Velfnre Club", confining lis wirk to world »]ar service and in Juno ISli) wjos ciuuged to- the priesent name. Fi-om thih .time <>n the work of the club has - buen for tlie Masbnic Home at Wichita tnd'.some phllaa- tbropic (work here at <home. Mrk , T. W. Wialte gav; kn Inspiring talk ; on "Ruth." one of the hei^oins of-j tbe Order of Eastern Star. A tableau representing the story of Rutlijanfl Xaomi was enacjted by-'Miss-Oath- Mrs. H. .Bi Paring sung by ^Irs. d Mrs. C. J. Rit- ess Martin as ac-. Joe Cnlp White and Miss Hose violin SQIO I '^itb er accompaning. 'oberls played a piano solo. Mrs. Victor L. Kirk aiid Jndson Runisey played a fli^te duet -with ^Ira. IR. L. Koenig accompanying. JMiss Adclaine Reid gave a reading and MiSE.Lncile Wagiier playecj a' piano solo.: After a short Intermission. Miss.' Clara Brown isang a solo .with Miss Margaret Roberts at tbe piano: A luncheon was served in tbe dining rpoin by the following hosr tesses: xMrg. J| H.. H«T. chairman; Mrs. Bamuel Brown. Mrs. Lot gan £Eunsaker. Mrs. H. B. Parrotti Mrs. C. Canatsey, Mrs; O. T. Peterj-^ son. Miss Bess Martin. Mrs. Martin Brown[ Mi^. O. Q. Marsh, Mrs. C. A. Hubbard, Mrs. Dr. Lucy Hull; Miss Catlierine ' Gos.s, Mrs A. L. D}«ara atid Jfi-s.B. TFl. Thayer. —^peciiii "Sunday Dinner, neon and evening', Mt, 7$c..KelIey Hotel. •,••«« Sunday School Gass noids ' 'fApril Fool" Party ilie. Supday school class of Trinity IMelhodist Episcopal ch^irch taught by Mrs. L. A. McMillatffand a few'£uiests participated i iu an. "Aprn Fool" party last night.' Tbe Invitations deslghaled the home of Uti. M. A. miick, eos : South Fbiirth street, ajs the place tor the Ii«rty, but with promises to follow the Header. Mr.; L. A. Foster, they were taken to the' home.of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Mclilll'nan.soatbi of tb^ city. "April Pool" ^amei wore played, iii which Mrs. J. C. Wilson won iWo prises, with Mr.L. E. Foster ami Mr. Harry Gardber as close seconds la a bean guessing contest. Mrs. M. A. Schlick anc Miis. ill. J. Parker ajisisted infserv- iat refreshmenls. Those pr^enl were: • ,^ The Rev. audi Mrs. J; C. Waliaon Mr. and Mrs.. Harry Sheltoh add di^tghters, Rosemary and jiclara Shelton; A(r. and iMrs. !•. Er Foster and daughter. louise Fosterji Mrs] IiVe4 Broom, an 1 son,. Lawrence Broom;'.Mr. ant Mrs. Hanpr Card] ner and chlldrei, Robert andjFranj cis Gardner; Ars. .M. A. Schlick and son. Herbert Schlick; |i Mrsl Frank .Kessinger, Mrs. Emma Do|. zier. Mrs.,, Jess! E^rery and; chilf dren. Donald and Etta i Allci Eveify; Mrs. M. 1. Parker, MarlettA Parker. Irene Pirker, Miss Delorefe aiyier and Mis8*Ada Jlyter. f ; -fr • « Party at COSBIIT Ciab ' Tbe ihostess .committee for; thje party last might at the Conntryr Club was Mrs. Melvin Fronk. chni: main; .Mrs. J. O. Stadler, Mrs. L. ^. Chevalier and Mrs. Frank MeCa thy. - I • At bridge Rfrs. George C. Dai garno,: jr. and Mr. F. J^ HortcJn reoefved high score favors. rDani- log was part of (he social program and^Refreshments were, se yed. The giiests were: . J Messrs. and Mesdames W. i>. J^ees. S. 1. .Slfers, A. R. Ehfiell; Ooyd Carder, J. T. Reid. Stanhy Kirk. Vlctijr L; Kirk. George .q. lojid Leaden Cla-ts P«$y • 1: . : 1 )e members lit tbe JLoyal Leai^- ers class of the Ptrsl Chrlstis n chifrch wei'c: entertainM yesterday att^ctfooor in the hoiae «f Mrb, JBeTle YounR. 316 Xcorth Washini- tonlavenue. ' After the regular meeting -wltiah was presided over by t le preaidem, Mri. J. W. iOavin, the adies of tlie Northwest division s-rved a two course luncheon. The ladies of the Southwest division igave ithe pro- grt^m of th( afternoon. All meni- be«3 wore the class colors, blup and gold as a badge, and!ten children present w«re given little Easter chicks as favors. if rs. J. W. Hudson gave a readr Ini;. Mrs. Irai Moses and Mrs. Eva H: II Enacted a buHesque. Mr^. Pearl'Tompkins gave a laughing so ^g. |Mrs.j Moses..Mrs. Hall a)id Mrs. Tompkins sang a trio. BAra. B.;JF. Griggs played a harmonicii o and twelve ladles gave an tpril Pool" stunt In the form of a j "cake" walk, contest in which iy represented different cakei^. the prize going to Mr.s. Frank N igle.• i The hostesses were: Mrs. E. Mller. Mrs.' Alfred At^lmcb. M JMiU Orr. Mrs. Frank Smith. M limioreau. Mrs. Reed, Mrs. J wolf. Mrs. Cory Shaffer, and Mrij. q. C. Taylor. Mrs. 0. R.j Neal was a gnest an 1 t|io following membcrH were prert- I' It: Mesdames W. |A. Altcrnian, I . L. Ju'ckson. H. A. i Jones. O. K. / nderson. D\ E. Moore, T. H. Stoij- ttord. J. H. Burger. J. J.. Maffitl. Clifford' Baiiber. J. D. Juldah. .M. 1.. Holeman; Betty Taylor,. K. C. ^urlock. Bessie Cariipbell, A. D. orrhj, J. WL Hudson. Blanche Vole, George Djefebaugh. B. D. Smitl^, lert Fryer. Dave Long. B.^ F. riggs. Carrie M. Thomas, .Bessie .iester. vi. iE. Swinford. Geor^ Hubbard. iHarlan Taylor. I.- B. Frantz. J. Ei Reynolds, Lata Lan^. L. L. Riser. iC. 0; Peterson. W: H. Chaney. H. A. SniderJ M. B. Chryst. tV, L. Harmbn. J. W. Gavin. Dell iVdams. J. W. Hesser, J. W. Ben^ pick, Ira Moses, Frank Nogle. (Jr. . JewktJ Wilbur Moore. Miss oily A<Iams and MI6s Violet :Harf- lOh. • <• « nlted BrejOiren Cbdr HoMs riciHc Sapper Ithe regular choir w the United Brethrei Preceding hear sal ojt choir \fist niight, the members mdt at 6:30 o'clock for a picnic suj per which they chujph kitcjhen. present wer^: Mr. and .Mrs. G. cooked in the The member^ I F. Klink, M and Mrs.rR| S. Cottop, Mr. an Mi^. Irl bonovan. Mr. and Mrs. Rdymbnd Hayes, Mr. and Mr^. Dewey Pejck.l Mr. and Mrs. Lee Oliver. Mr. i adi Mrs: J*t. •Baker, Mr. ,beorge Busliey. MIsB Lavon Tiati- jer. Mis9 I irace Donovan'. Miss Doij- j-oUiy Rolertb, Miss Thelma Roberts. Misi Sdna Montgomery and MT.S. Afaliel (Manning. Five chil- dreh weie present. Mr. G. F. Klind is he choir di- >ect<Jr. . , . - . J • * • Rnriil Sc. i«ol Bay ('bap#I ¥,OTgnm Yesterday iwas rural school da,y at\tbe Jinio^ high school and. the cta^pei hpur I progi^am consisted ^f selectiom^ hy[ the^ boy's chorus, tl e achool orchestra, the girls' glee club. a.vfoUip solo by Rose Frantz md a clariopt solo by Alvin Lutiz. Superintendent 'A. M. Thoroman E^v^.aitalk j , .Many 'students from the rural ischbolH i*er^ present. . i )alganiO) jr.. G. Ji Marr. G. Btodghlll, E. B. Cook. W. H. Kink, F. J. Horton. Jftohn C. Scott. l>. §. ' .Mineslnger, J. li. MIttelbach. :B.u n^y Miller, Fred Denton: '.Mills Haiel Bowlns. Mrs. O. H. Parkeri- iDg, Mri. A. B. Twadell. Mr. PranV McCarthy. l*r. J. G, Stsaiorj L. B. Chevalier and Mr. Melv Fronk.' . • * ^' A <N «>*I| Party at HnnlMMt i Mr. and Mrs. !E. C. Card «» 5C(2 BeventhiKtreet. Humboldt, Ka'hsiii. . leave ti anrprt »e party last jnlgl t Tor tbVIr *>n. Mr. Ray Card. -' In .ijjonor of his birthday. The^tlne jwhs «p6nt In sames anc) ntnsi i. an d reffeshments were served; Th • jrdla guests .were: , • !, jMr. and Mrs. D. J). Laii^oi. ilCiss ftnth Brewer. Miss :Alti ^K8:B.'tfis8 Tiucille Flint. MJB jAnaa ^gKS.- M /ss Jola I«ymot, ^ iLee. Nprman, Middle iiajfmon. Fr»a T)ll«y|noi)( and <Ora LaJpXMa. 'TbrJ Htmiboldt gueflts arrare: .lfr ..«a Mr& Ray Card, 3«s«.:|j $e «dk 6atd IcetOL Sodd and Bluer Cord.' ^ I t Woman'^ Belief Ottrps .lleetsj The regular meeting of tbe Wi>4 man's RlRlief |Corp8 took place ye|«4 terday aftermoon in headquarters at Memorial ha I. The Initiation ^cerf-; mony wps g ven by tlie presidentr Mrs. J. H. Huff, for Mrs. Coija Coy., • I I Liinci w II be served at the ntfxt m< etlnj In two weeks. • 'Enterta ns f roan Miss ?em VanCamp was hosteiis Thifrsdi y r ight to a group i^T ybutag jreopU. They were: Miss Jeanl Taylor. Miss Euniije Rei^e. Miss iRuth Reade, Mr. Cla ton; W< ofll'n Mr. J Bert Hargravj Mr.^Ma-Ion pdor. Mr. Bentley Mi ler and Mr. iZelby Taylor. Picnic Supper and ' Line, larty^' T Mdrf aret Jones, of 61S East Madison enue. was house hpirtess at a |>icn Is supper last night In h^r home I o the members of her <:\»p. After, supper thei girls formed Mnie p irty at the Kf Iley Theatre. Thjey fere: i .1 Lore tie Roliinson.' Shirley Stover. Anna Rumsey. Helen Kerr," Kath- eleehe Carter. Kathryn Cox. Helen Conner. Virginia - Paul. Jjelores Fry, Gertrude Green and Jupe Thompson. Sunday Scho^ (tss ^Plfliar. Mr4 L. Maffltt of 70? Noijth streeti look her Sunday schdol class pt plls to the basement of the First C irlstian church last, nigiht for a pCcnlc supper and ah hour of games. Ten pupils were {^resell. « <0> « GIriH Club Orininlxed A club for riria who are employed. Jnnlar college girls aid others who car© Jo become me^n- hers. was jorganlKed last night In the banquet room of the Portia id %otel hy « committee from 11» CnTT«>nt BventB'cIub coiisMInR at Mrs A.'0. JBpeefie, chairman: .Mia. A. X.'Sche^l and Mrs. G. J. Tran- bold. >The|clnb is to 1» known fir the iprelient as the Junior Cnnrefit' Events; clulb. and Is Iwing apon- sorad try the Current Evttits club, i. Officers elected wefe: .Min filara ^rmtii, uresident: MIsa PeWrl M^roin./. vtoe^mldent; Mi is Bvalynl Btreckem-idKe, .aecreU7 and Mlpa Lavon Fisher, treasnrer. I Prrilceans obtatnaUe were pie-il *?J '*«!y .''*.^i.^«*?^ aid Story*' IwasT chosen for jt})|irAaeli|B^ C% and School £1 M- (fnns C ^atlBff General tatmst —(larl IinOnskr Bdys Wolfe Property. (Mrs. W. R Keath) \ NBOSHO VALLS. .Mar. 31.—Ev^ eryone is talkiug about (he .city and school elections soon to ta<e i>lace. U would, be-inipossible to mention the names of the can 11- dates as apace would,not periilt the writing of all tbe cUlzeAs' names in Neosho Falls. We will announce the results later. This town represents . tbe democratic form of government ait present. Michael Donovan died, at bis home here Saturday. Funeral services were conducted at the IVIetb- odist Episcopal church Monday afi- ardoou by rhe Rev. Mr. Cochran. The church was' well filled and the floral oifferings were beaiitiful. The music was given by .Mk-s. L. Thrall. .Miss Gladys Uynn, .Mr. Dol- lymyer, accompanied by Miss Mildred Thrull.v Mr. Donovan ' bad been .snxtoli of the Cedarvalo ccm»'- ferj'..several years and was well known and resiiected. Of his immediate relutlves IH' leaves u wjfe and three brothers. The Ki'v. Mr. Todd preached at the .Mftliud|st EpisCupul church Sunday Miornljiig,,al Vernoij In the afternoon and" ati the Congrtiga- t !oi ;u| church Sunday evening. Good crowds greeted him and en- Joytiil tln' messages broughti His^ wife and sou and some friends! who wore enroutc home from Buld-: win esfoijtefl him home from here.' There will be preaclilng services next Suniuy as usual. 7'hc third number of the Lyceum lecture c nirse wa.i given Monday evening liy^ the "Loveless 'Quartette." T le program was well rendered and jpleased the • audience, which went' through the rain to be present, ] j Mrs. Weiitliiig has been feeling better foil several days but the recent rainy days iiave somewhat retarded lie^' recovery. .Mr. and Mrs. SI. L. Wilson called on - .Mr. >\lex McCuUougb Friday evening and found him rapidly recovering from his recent illness. A party of young folks' enjoyed a ^oUy truck ride aiid picnic at the Dauieltjou farm Sunday after.' noon. Thej young folks were: Misses GrajCe and Dorothy Wilson, Margaret I ShewcII. Viola .Martin, Alice Leonard. Wilma button. Catli­ erine Jiiddie and Arleue Danielson. and Messrd. Tom Meyers. Boyd Danielson. Raymond Danielson. GUbert .Meats.' Russell Grove, Kred Phillips anl John Williams. .Miss Premeare dctompanied them / as chaperon. 1 Mrs. Hodges is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Warren Wilson! for a while. Mrs. Schupp of Emporia spent Sunday heije visiting friend.s. Earl Duljnsky bus purchased the Wolfe property and will move there soon. I Frank M*o\te has purcbn.'<ed the ^Jardner iiioperty und will iniVf • here. . i j Mr. .M. L. Wilson enterfalue^ a.s week end gue.stH their pareuts. .^lr. nud -Mrs. VVilRou. of lola and' as Sunday guj.'ijts. a sister aiid husband. Mr. and .Mr.s. Chus. Keith of lola. j Prof, and Mrs. Maben spent the week at LJiCygue. guests of tlnjlr parents. T le Rev. .Mr, and .Mrs. Moycr. ' .Mr. and .Mrs. Staafs entertal .ned as Sunday, gdesta a ; sister. Mra. Dries tif Burlini^ton and her two daughter*). Four generatious were present ea(h bearing the name of Alice. Mr.'. Staats's mother. Mrs. Alice Dodge, her daughter, .Mrs.' Alice Staat), a grauddaughtt-r, Alli-e 'BrM'B, i ml a great granddaughter, Alice Hoist. A very ^ happy day was spent. Mrs. Dodg^ celebrated iier birthday Monday. She was remeubered by her children. graDdchlldj 'en- .•infl friends, who wish her iiany happy returns. The Chr stiau. Endeavor society of the Con gregational church had a 'box supper Wednesday evt^niug. Those present report a ivery ha)>py time. . The Epvortb; League of tbe Methodist Mpiscopal cliureh will have a soc al at,tbe home of Mrs. Funk Fridiy evening, i Zone 2 df the Congregational church gave a tea Friday afternoUn at theiMofjre residence just north of tbe brldg,e. A; musical program was given consisting' of! a charac~ ter .song by Geraldine Shewell and Dorothy A\'^lson, a solo fby Marion Farnam iand a ivocal duet by Mes- damer Schrier and Sullivan. Dainty refreshments of cake and ice cream were served by the hostess, Mrs. I. Moore, assisted by Mrs. M. L. Wilson and Mrs. Dora Shewell. The guests pnsent were: i.Misses Fluall ='amam dnd Boughtpn, Ola Safe- •ite, and ' .Mesdames Warren Willon an<l M. L. Wilson. Dr, Lleur- nnce. D. Kent, Robt. Mitchell. C. Crane. S.; R. Scott, Lee Learned. ,7no. Sullivan. Taylor Riddle, Taylor Riddle, Sr., of Marion, Kas., Eli Jackson. FYed j Jackson. Wm. St'hrlcr, Wheeler, i Kenneth Shew- Mae wist here siccnis Vo be icg- isterijig the uitimHte in condescension and contcmprt jus .she and other members of the jcast of the play "Sex" are tried in -NV-w York on. cliarges i)f havinjr given au olijec- tionable_ pui^lic performance. Counsel for ilie (ibfondnnis PUIIMHMI to call as witnesses j District Auor- ney Banton: and iiienil)i'rs ui" liis "play jury"' who vij-wed "Sex" and found it unohjecfioiialilc eleven mo iths before it wiis raiiltU by the pol ce. ; ' White. Ed Clemens.; Juo. BIu<-Vwell. Walter Wiggins. llenry Wonllard. Geo. Saferito, Clias: Saf»-iiti', Fnink Wolfe. Ray : Tidd. ; Herbert Tirtd. .Mrs. Jno. DouKlasH. Mrs. l\"ith (?ook (if Kansas City, and hostesses, .Mrs.'.Mporc. Sr.. anil .Mrs. 1. Moore. .Mr. anil' Mrx. Jno. .McytTi, wcff shopping in lola Ssittirduy. .Mr. and Mrs. Gncry ciilrr- lainihgian iiiint from .Vinuiiilo. Texa «i ,i-Tliis week. MrisJ ilfrring Jtnil diniKhlcr of! Kansas fjily vi .sJKd llnir talli.r and graniitutlicr, \Vin. liuitoii, Sunday. . .Mrs. \V. I'<rry Utalli and K;«ti.l visited al llii' lionif of .Mrs. fora Fife ;it lola Salunl:iy. A liunibir of pt -rMins arc bii-.;y { working on the strofi.s ilu> last few j days. ell. Cleve She Wei Sr.. Gordon Dullnsky. Earl Dulinsky. Wesley Pykc. clen Thrall, Haro Mrs. Shewell, Geo. Lynn, Lu- Baker, Tfrank and third Tuesdays of the month. All (iris who were asked to attend the meeting lastnuigbt who were unable to be pretient will have the priyllege of lieing charter members. the next meeting will be held Wedwesday nlglit. April ]6. In the home of MIsa Clafa Brown. 3Q1 North Washington avenue. Charter members presfnt last nigl^t were: '•. .1 Mlu^lara Brown, Miss jBAarnr«t RoberU. Mis Isabel Asbford. Mlas Bthelyn Leavitt. MIsa Oorothy Gib> aon. AUss Clelia Fnwks, Min Lavon flsher, Mias Befttrloe McMurray. MlBB Villa Lewman. Miss Pearl McKarn in, JlisB Darllne Oota. MIsa Jlersjoe ItcNiel, Mlaa Ofuvet Case. Jtftes f^dnia Cota. 3Um ibLsal Sof- (roB. anna ;niaan RicKB, JCIas Irene Odritjr, IOBB JuUa Irwin and SUsa SSnajm Breckenridgaj' i ai GLENDALE (Mrs. V. Wj Heath ) rch 30.—Mrs. j Ui-ii Itoss and cliili ren drove to Un- lii>ni'' of ln-r inoili-r. Mr.s. Wliilllngton ."s.jiiirday :iad ap>-iil tlif day. j Mr. and Mrs. Uirt , JuplM I ami .soils, A'irjjii and Cliarliis v»,-re Sunday visitors al W. 1'. V:iii Loyd He:»lli and: rainily itrov< up from lola .Saturday am! \isil- ! e<| till Sunday cvt-niiig ai V. W. j Heath's. \ \ Jess Ross ijas bccii siilftrinK ! several days willi luiiralKla in liis face. Howard llosloy u;f Uaklami, (.'^Ui- f^iritia came w"itli his falher. E(| Hosh-y. V. \V. aiK .It yan Pel! in Tuisail-.iy Un a visit J^>yd{ Heaths called s Sunday at'iernouu. Mr. and -Airs. Kreil Pierce visited a short; time Sunday at the Tucker bomb. Lola Brown. Gla(1y.<!, Glessuor and GIendol4 Hrock l-isitod at Ilos- ley's .Sunday afternopn. W. P. Van Pelt jsJiipped a load j>r cattle and hogs /tij Kansas City Monday night Ed; Hosley and V. W. Heatlj sent hogk -wiili him. Mr. Van Pelt and Alrl : Heath weut with I'the load andl retur:n'd home Wednesday. Whije! there they visited Mr. and Mrs. V; L. Morrow. Mr.' and Mrs. Bert Coojier spent Friday evening,at tiie Tucker home and Saturday accompanied by Mr.s. Tucker and .Mary. ;drove to lota. Walter Gillam vias overhauling an engine for W. V\ Van Pelt Tue.s- dayf afternoon.- Miss Hazel Hickman is suffering with diabetes knd is unable to ten h school. Jlrs. .\oIa Hall'called, on .Mrs- Va 1 Pelt Satnrdiiy inorning. l,eport-of Gicndale school for tbe seventh montli ending March 23. U27: Enroilnibnt. girH H; bojs 10; total 21; averaj^el daily att •ndance. l>i.3; cu.ic.s of tardiness 2: neither absent nor, tar<ly 12. "^hase neither ali.scnt ior (tardy the month wer^; .Russel Mank. Lee Mauk. Harlan .Ilidlimaii. Vivian Heath. Vincent Healh. WII- raa Ross. Charlc* Barr. Kenneth Koas. Wiiber Chandler. Mnry Cooper, Ruth Hosley,: and Gertrude .Mauk.—James Hosley. teacher. mm tured Proidactieln [Night. Ilealism Is.'afI i [ieht in its ilace liu*l—it shouM ktow where (ithat plaice la! I ! ITor Instance, while "Tin God's" Thbiiins Mei^hai 'ii latest plo^iire, which arrives at the Kriley Monday, Was beiiig shot fn Paramaunt's; eastern studio, laj cat] had to jb»' sentj to the Astoria fire and street cleabing departiiiehts for helpjr; Aileen Prihglel and Reinee Adoree, are featured in JTin Gods." Itj fwas' adapted fromiWJUiam Anthony |!&fc-' Guirc's stage pjsy.. i * 1927. .TCI - There arel ^hree weli-knd'wn phrases in wligch; reference Is niajJe lo.angel^. Th^ej are: "TJealrs sucli as angelb 'H'eep," "Pjools liuBh in where fear to triad." and "Like ankelj visits, tew ^add far between.'] jTlle first is from Milton, the set -ond from Alexandl Pojip. and Ui<? ttitfd from Tlib Canjpbell. ' itiB The earliest mentioned In history tiiok pliir land 17o years agd. They're a dtity-bound. bunch, those immlgratlou officials. Tlie farrTabied pulchritude j of .Ma- damolselle Jackueline Schally. "most beautiful woman in n>ade<no impre8si9n on tlieir hearts art. lall when she arrived York to. compete in the France," Proditctiaii Ofiens jMbnckiy For Thrjee rlay Run. Xo picture lover enscfinced In a luxurious theatre can appreciate the det.iil necessary to liroduce the City and other beauty cpntests and; she was for a time deta,tned at Ellis Island. Jacqueline, you .seei is only 18. .1 minor in the law's eyes, and isn't supposed to be at large in this Pountry without proper guardianship. '3 Bad j Men." ization:ii ad. i. an.*- pictured story nor appreciate ;the cost^^f making a great photodrama such, for instance, as ; an 'epic tale of civil: vance across the wastelands Tof the West In the search for homes aiid, gold, which was recenil at the Fox West Coast Studios, which will be seen at the Elii? Monday for 3 day.s. . j ' Tom vSantschi. J. Farrnll .^rac-. onald >Bnd Frank-CamiH'au are for the three , desqit-faidoea tr/,ni wl'iieb this picture takes .it.s title and Mother oiitstandin.s; playtirs are George O'Brli'ii, the smiUnR lete. ."Who g.tined fanit?. a.<i "Ilavy • Brandon" in "The Iron; Hor.s..' Olive Borden. Lou Tellegen. .T:iy Hunt, .•Vlec Francis. Otis Harlan, George Irving and PrisclUa Bonner. ! at .\fw Atiantir Machines finally wear out through their use. But destruction's speeded up through abuse. The huinan body is just a machine; So why act foolish and treat it .so mean? When this human machine needs some repair , Youll find the Chiropractor's right 'there. , (CopjTighted 1927 by J. T. Htint *T.) Adjustments—Electro-Therapy DR. LUCY E. POLSON XuHkrop BIdg. ; Phone see —to see if the housewives of this cit^^ and county will hiiiy a high grade washer thftt is made liy the old a price that is to housi; salesm. nation'al advertii manufacturSers of washing machines in the United States and at it, «r if they woul^ rather that we would ;add $2Su00 to pay a house and cariy a (washer that was raised in priced ?10 to $15 to cover ngand have our Salesmen tell them a fairy tale ahout the superior p^rts iisedto construct this washer, i ' ' ~ iRBMEMBEB T HIS: We guaranllee the VOSS PLOTO-PLANE WASHER to be as good ap any was h< ;r sold regardless of the price that it sells for; We will be glad to let youj lirove ttil^s to your own sa,tisf action. Come to ojir sto^e thesd thr«e days and u-e can save you from $40^00 te $66.00 on a wa^en YOU IWIIX LIKE THE VOSS FLGTO-PLAIWE wwher wheiiJ yon see it YOU will fike its General Electric Mjotor. You wpll like its deoUe safely v ^iTingrer, -with balloon ndls. You will J^ke I ijs safety cabinet, all tammg parts enclosed. YOH ity for washing.. *io jwash |a fast as t|ie' like it because there ~.s<?t of self-d^ining: tub with benches on castors. DURING Tffl^ THREE-DAY SALE YOU CAN BUYAVOSS FL^TO-PLANE WASHER AS LOW AS it io tear clothes. jwHlBke Hs c^pac- We guarantee it fastest. Yon will is noit a chance for \ Be your own salesman) and tome and see the-Vose Washer. ^ -: I ; WITH CYPRESS TUB ALL METAL WASHER FOR $94.00/ DRAIN TUBS FRE^ TEHMS IF YOlr WISH DOWN WILL ASSURE YOU OF THESE $14.00 FREEITUBS^^ WITH ^ THE WASHER THAT Yotr RIAY SELECT.

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