Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 21, 1959 · Page 11
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1959
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quiz on SWIMMING SWEETIE HE By Nadine Selfier QUESTION: How did man first figure out hew to swim? ANSWER: Swimming is a sport today but in the aarlieit times it was a necessity for just about everyone, In the days before man learned to build bridges and make boats, the only way to cross • river was to dive in and swim, if a log or raft wasn't handy. The first men probably learned to swim by watching animals in the water. Even today small children sometimes appear to be able to swim almost by instinct, using a stroke similar to that ustd by dogs. The stroke is called the "dog paddle." It was only about 100 years ago that people began to .take an interest in swimming as a sport, tl was included in the first mod ern Olympic games in 1896. Swimming the English Channel is eon sidered one of the most gruelling endurance tests in sports. FOR YOU TO DO: If you have not y«f learned how to swim, start taking lessons as soon as you can. You will find that swimming is a tot ot run. But never try to learn to! swim by yourself. Make sure you have someone to teach you. (Phyllis Baxter of Boothwyn, Pa., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received Mrs. Higgins wlil select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Now then, give me an estimate on |u<r how much too low your present estimate will turn out to be!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroirh T.M. ft* U.». to. OA « 1»4» »y MU ftnlw. IM. "Maude's operation wasn't so expensive, but she had te buy a lot of clothes to help her recover!" "You're wasting your time—the senorita is watching TV I" TIZZY By Kate Osann $ 1Mt ky NEt ferviu, In*, T.M. R«. U.«. 'it. OH, "Elois*, y«u might mention t« your brother that I don't have • date for the dance—but don't make it sound as though I «an't GET onel" Rodtntt An«w*r to Previou* Puzzle ACmOM 1 Small rodent ••What « rodent do«c llAnbtlllihed lIBibUetl mountain 14 Fiibarmea'i apparatus (Pi.) 15 Irony 1C Drunkard IT Amber compound II Air (oomb. form) SO Foray* toaehonw, IBIiiihmlu M Oenut ot fiop JO Short flees 33 Periods of time SSftetired J4 Self ecteem ISHlwvert SI Simple JTRainecti W Initiated 43 Italian foddeu 48 Stair part 48 Innct 4> Drewcd out • gun bore SI Gleaner 53 Property 94 Struffgle 88 Plant parti 58 Relieve! DOWN IBryophjrtie plant I Mountain (comb, form) SDiitinetpart 4Buibmen ft Everlasting (Pott.) 6 Superb T Wood sprite 8 Operatic solo • Commodity 10 One who (suffix) IS Chemical alkaloid 13 Continent 18 Soemen 30 Sultanie decrees Jl Tr»pped 32 Stuff 2S West African Negro 14 Blow 36 Curved molding 37 Paper measure 28 Serpents 31 Placards 38 Rounded 40 Allowance! for waste 41 Assistant 42 Native metals 43 Nuisance 44 Cloy 48 Sacred bull 47 Granular snow 48 Very (Fr.) SO Mayan Indian 52 Constellation BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Pointing the Finger BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT OUR WAY BY J. t. WILLIAMS OUR BOABDINO HOUSl . . . wit* . , . MAJOI uc-.;v«t"u A wisoSI i^i^i^: :*''& ^ '.' ^•! y :-.^^~=^L J> l\^ 0<J3 = -^T^^-JsP^:^ .. YV = V- V *-• --'/7 ' ( A? ^~ '**<•>* ^ FAP/ A >i£v-6« -AM6 ICO" ^HARS !'V .^ofrAu^F.o-So BUGS BUNNY All Shook Up BY AL VERMEBt PHOOEY! THIS 15 A PUBLIC STREET, AN' STAMP BACK, BUSTER, I'M (30NNA START THIS PRILL! PUBLIC, POC; PRISCILLA'S POP Why Tako Chances? >YOU OUGHT TO SURE, MY OLD GRAND- WHERE DID YOU LEARN IT? •WRITE IT DOWN SO VOU WON'T PORGET IT.'- -S \0 MOTHER TAUGHT IT TO ME ON HER KNEE, T-49 YEARS AGO.' THAT SURE IS A FUNNY IRISH POEM, OFFICER DUNN. ALLEY OOP Unwelcome Guests OH, THAT'S SIMPLE.-THEY JUST WONT BE SO KEEM ABOUT STAYING THERE... ..ONLY HOW CAN IT HAVE ANY EFFECT ON TH 1 OCCUPATION OF MOO BY KING WUR AW 1 HISGANfi? ..THE TRICK WILL BE /OH,WE TO LEAD/CAM SWING THEM I THAT ALL BACK IN V RIGHT- TO MOO I CON'T THINK WELL HAVE ANV TROUBLE <9ETTINS THOSE DINOSAURS TO ...IP THEY'VH GOT HERD OF DINOSAURS HONKING UP AND DOWN THE MAIM STREET EVERY NIGHT •• BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE Proving His Point BY DICK CAVALLI WELL, VOU CAN'T BLAME HIM. YANCEy'<5 6EFTING TO feC A BOREABOUT THAT WEIGHT HE 'e PROUD OF THE CHANGE IN Hl<5 APPEARANCE, AND HS WANT'S EVERYBODY TO NOTICE IT. WELL, I THINK HE"? OVERDOING IT/ DtOc . j-, -, . i -. , 1559 by NEA S«rvlM. Inn. T.M. R.I. U.S. Prt. OH. FRECKLES AND HER FRIENDS Right Remedy BY MERRILL BLOSSER i HAW* T YOU HAVE WORRY, i CAM BABY- SAT L_ MAINTAIN _- HUP/ HALP/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Something to Do BY WILSON SCRUGOS MYPDSiriOM 1$ OWE OF UTT6K UONEUUESS. I'D UST TO FEEL USEFUL AGAIN... we?. WAVwe WOULDN'T WAVE TO KNOW T.WAT J NEED THE MOUSY/ WOUL A6MES? MRS. wuvs, i DON'T xwow ES THERE'S MO-THINS I'D DOJ LOVETAKIM6CA?C OF WHAT TO SAY/ I MEAN A WOMAM OF SOMEONE'5 WUS6 AWHILE/ CAPTAIN EASY Wrong Shop . _ ... _..„ HAPT LUCKILV, A SUPPBN UB66 TO / 1 RAW INTO STROLL ALONG THE A NUWBER FRONT! -A OF PEOPLE I KNOW- WE'LL LOOK ' UP ANP SEE IP THBV RECALL TH 1 6XACT TIWB i THE FIRM ONE 1 MET WA40R. SHAWPU.THC HYPNOTIST, WHO WA5 VI6ITIKXS IK) COBHAM. T001 WE CWATT6P FEW 1 WALX6D OK) WE CAM CH6CKX NEViT, 16TOPPBO TO LOOK IK) WITH HIM WHEN 1 CURIO SHOP WINDOW THAT HAS AIWAY5 MR.ORTH WILL RECALL — HMMl THAT* 5H& W6KIT FOR A, ABOUT I0!30 A.M.,,. ALONE' BY LESLIE TURNfR

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