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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, April 2, 1927
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tOPEK.AtkAlli. ! VOLUME XbcX. No. 137. Th.? Weekly Re8[<<tcr. E Kta«»Il»h«l IS*-. Th.> lola Dally Rf«istpr. ristahlisliptl JM". IpLA, KAN;; SATURDAY EVENING, APRILS, M27. SMccess-ic to,The lola Daily Rn-Blster, Tiie ,Iola r>:MIJ, Rccopa. apd 161a Dally Index. SIX PAGES mR SCHOOL DAY IS SJCCESS Ten achoolls Are Entered .Gas In Contest, ?With Ga6 q^;\ViI^^ine Gup, ^nd Ljoi^is Walk- eri Medal. a total of TjOo polntB, won the aced JudglJiK i;ui]teHtJ in the first annual AU Uiii-al iKchool day pniKrain here yeHtPrcj(ay, siVonsorcd CO. IleS, i.nislructor, and mj^inbcr.s of the vocational agriculture departriu-nt of th«i"high Rchooi. Tenj^ rural schiol.s wore rtprc- Lfie ^NJoftz ^er Quits Highwia^ Positibn Will Devote Entire Tinie As County Engineer—Aur nual Report Is Issued, With Announce. ment of Approval • On New Road. HOTELHERE Lee NoftzRer. county enririeer. announced todav in releasing the iannual report of ti eVounty engineer's ofTjce, that he has resigned his post as resident engineer for federal aid projects in Allen county becajise of activity in the county engineer's office! and that ho will devote his entire time to his work as county engineer. -1. , i : ; .;. TODAY SEES Kcnted i despite the ; presented, the hierce trophy to individual iiiedal Who had an in- .1 ville *as second Other schools i XeoKhp Valley, Ofjaee Valley, neerij .Creek, -Star Vallpy. Hocl^ Crcejt.j I'nion school, i. ' ' X-arlylf Roy R. nwiii. c- offictal judge, class expressed high waters and tuUddy^^foads. Lite yesterday C' A. jDorpey, secretary of the Cliam- ber of Comnierce Chambfer of Com (ide Oily, and, the to' L0U|i8 WalKer, dividual score of Bso. * I in tlie seed 'judging contest Horwith 615 points, n'resented were; ONDISPLAY Many Persons Arc Pres , ent. For Rural Open- in? of Register's Beautiful \ Home. Old [arlyle, a'ljd )unly agent, was iriie agriculture i.s .Tpprjeciallon for ass^it-tance fro^ the Jola ('ham- ber of fomntercn for purchasing the tr|>phy. which ' ny«st be won three t Prompliy at 2 oVlocic noon- ih(| doors of Tht "Home beautiful" were tlio public and the firs visitors 'was ehforted t honipv The rcsuli.s of pl|iuiiiug:{ind building. nips to beijonie the pernian-I for tile first li and furpishiug wa.s ou i iiblic vi(;w ent po (session of] The urogram yi asaemb y at the i with ah Thoron: ibr hig by ;the iiient-o^ ."rhools track trophied. address an, tour 1 jjchool: domestic the scjnio grain j kneet and THE WEATHER Innlght h.4>SA.S; und Sondi^; ri<>lnir ivm- pemtnr|> fonlfrht |ii|d In rust ixir- Hon Snndnji For Ihlu jind VI(l|nIO : Fiilr. «Hli rMntc 'leniiienitiirc tonlffht and Snnriti). Temperature -i^lghe.'-.t 47; Nif t p. in.; .at 4:a. m,;.no«ial for today. deflclj'iicy yesten ay, 11; excess /Incc/ J,aii.uary 1st., 321 . dc^rcen; 'tills Un^o • last y< irr. lilgh lowest. BO, Precltilfatlqu fcr the hours eudiijK at; 7 a. lix. tpday. .jtO; total- jEW':f,thl8 year to < ale. 7.(t';; excess since Janiiary 1st yesterday. 70 per day. 82 per rent di'iced to *ea level,'30.16 inclie.s. Sun rises.,6:06'a: ni.; sun sets. P;46 p. ni. ' Partly cloudy! except Salina. Pittsburg. Ottawa,!Topeka. cloudy; Hutchinson, Wichita, City,-'clear,: all ro^ds muddy ex- a school. Bsterday includeil mior high school by • Supt: Aj M. hroiigh the jun- dinner furnished scien*"'! depart- hnd junior high i(|ging contest. presentatiOu of aft this aft 'T- Kfgi.-ilcr s opened to groiip of rough llio months of decorating j <>>npnill.v fair yesterday Ibwest last night. Tlii'oughout I lie steady stream of *isi through .the liuiue and that ev«ry detail ,of thc| is perfect in design and It is iniposiiible to sing oOe item :as the most in the display, for thfc ,unit!j arc well blended into.a harmonious and artistic whotle. The - lioihv will be op row afteriVoon from 2 pi. ag.iiii ill tiij): ni. until lu p .iuter than u.« lul in or- Uiose desiring to ilu \i ruoou a or.s wvnl !all agreed structure execution, e out any n teres ting \-arious [.a.Motte Grovcr is coming to Ibla M projpet engineer for the ^v|eKt street bridgj?, Noftzger anuouncied. .Voflzger's resignation was. cffec- tivo April 1. \ .N'oflzger's • report, which covers tlu; period up to October 31. 1926, shows that Allen founty hag a total of ].(»:!6.46 miles of improved roads. Of this number, 77.99 are .-staK- roads S2.12 arc county roads and S76.:!.5 are township roads. Uuring tlio fiscal year ending Oclobi^r. 31, last, 177 culverts were constructed on the town.ship road system and two stato road bridgefl w<jre attthorized. The report i shows <oiislruction or"4.0o miles of (oui'r'-io roarls on the state system iinij 7.2."i miles of gravel road on the"<-ouiity road system. Plans have been apfrroved for action toward paving of the .Mo- ran-Miliired road from .Mildred sout-ii to th<; present paving, S'oftz-' E;cr announced today. The county I'las its share of monejj in readiness. ;iud a contract probably will li"' l<'t at the organization meet-i ing of tin- new stale highway com-J luis'iiDU. May 1. In- said.- With i-oniplciif)n of iliis road, all state Third Stoi^y to be Added to Hotel KelleV--Work Is Scheduled to StM (at One^. pnc of tlie inost Interisllnc and iniportant ;jnnoun(4-men.ts wiiich have been matfe in connection with the spring building program of lola Was made today, by Ira D. KcV- ley wheh he saM that he has defiii- itcly decided to build a third story on the Kelley Hotel. .Mr. Kelley hqs ibeen contemplating this move for a long time *ut it was not tm- til today that he received figures oi{ the cost of construction which mode him decide to go ahead The work will begin iminediiilely and will progress'as rapidly as the mhterials can be as.semblcd ^ and the work done. The third story addition will consist of a double row of rooms across the entire front of the building with a corridor separating them. This will make twenty new rooms all of ilieni will be outside rooms with either two or three windows each. Ambassador From U. S. Has Made U^ent Demands ForJ*unish- ment of |£[andits ' In laying. Washlbgton. Apjril 2. (AP)—In- slructions to Ainb^jsiador Sheffield to iiiakei urgent: remeHjOntations to the' Mexiican goverfii lent over the slaying of bandits tjf pfgar .M. Wilkins, an'AraericanniiiiLh^ engineer, were dispatched to J lekico City by the state department today on receipt of offlciai advices that Wil- kius' iHxIy had/'been jfound. /Mexico City, April 2. (AP)—Edgar .M. Wilkins. the rVmerican kfd- nancd near Guada ajara Sunday was killed by his captors, twenty- fotif hours laleh it s learned. Tlie slayers made no attempt to hirt^ the evidence o: their crime, anii the body was' ft und. lying on Bl j^olli hill, near Santa Ana Acat- lan.| The discovery w as made by an employe of Chapala Electric Company, of which Will Jns was chief engineer. \ .Wilkins. a former resident of Savannah. Ga.. was captured Sunday while motorcycjllng with his ten-year-old son near Guadalajara. The kidnapers, he; ded by Sover- i>lio Canale.s. demaniled $20.()(io ransom, and th0 son wa4 sent to Uuad- Aire Not Punished I Consul Davis Rejporjts That None df Cantonese Soldiers Have rages Washington, April yet beeii punished for t Been . Punished For Outon Foreigners. BRITISH AND JAP TROOPS Eipht of the rooms will be with , bath_andL-ill ©f them will have run-1 "'"^^•"^ "'''ain th^ money, ning water, steaiiLheat, l<-Iephoncs. etc. i\n entirely separate vacuum steam hejiing plant will be :nstall- rooms in order to 6 p. 111. art from 7 p Is an houri der to Riv an opportlinlty to see Heautiful regular clj the week from 2 p. afit I iiooii, 9 p. m. eStih evening. Visitors small grou rfce each ivill be taken .37 inch. R<!latiic humidiky at 12 noon •.t>nl; 7 ii. m. lo, barometer re- cejit Hiitcliin.son. CoffhyvlUe, fair; AH queitloj teJllgenlly Tokyo, A hav<! decid nine Korea ither before o' urcli services] jtlhj home wil iti. until 6 ,\>. ind tnim 7- |;| eature of th lie lldiiie aft .T till} , During be open III. every I III. iiiiiil' liiriiugh ill J! various rooms Ifllsjirely and t»oro|igblj'i ji8 will be an.><wcrcd Inand courteously bv Ih^so IQ cljarge of the d tlons. / Japanese To Prosdcute 99 Koreans F iril 2. (AP( (1 to prosi'cii hs who' were lasf"sumnuT as plotttM.-' Arkansa.s- City, Wichita, rough. iWannfereburg 4^H Club Reorganized at Meet Tl|c Wannerisburg 4-H club near pavopburg wa^ reorganized last night with the^ following offic-crs: Violet Samp, ipreslrient, Catherine Weltzei, secretiiry. Victor Xelson Is leader of tlii! cl ib. ^ 'arm Bureau Meeting Mb Community hday Night state. jPri Uniinary inv follo'wjiig I »st summerls arrests; ill Korea; has r plan XtiT Oj-'ganizing a c\ scM -iety ;Of ajmillion niPin the objkt ijof .starling against ;tlieiprescnt i-egiiii n loiitor- ni. until i ' I'veiiiiig i III. '1 iiis i Jilghway jirojects in the; county will be paved with the exception of the followjug: 1.5»4 miles from «" 'O"" .Voran to Savonburg; 2',«i miles make it d north of lola, and four miles west i,p pientylof heal for the whole ho- to the county line on tho West , , , . 1 , weather, sjreet road. ''The annual report shows cxpen- '>ne of the most important fea- illtiire On county roads system of lures of tlifs n<-w addMon is the Ji;2.:!2C66; for construction and nwnner in iwhich it will Improve ^^:^^ZrJ^T:^'^u^:^ -'-Hn- the building nice n.siH on .S2.12 miles of coun- archltectur.-illy. As has already y roads. ~ been announced, the front of the I Tlie r.port shows $.-..2.^7.40 ex- hotel is to be remodeled completely ip .iMl.-d foi' Hiilaries during the ^rAfr to Conform to the Spanish ly.'ar. wlihiJi liicludrt.s for ,|.-slgn of the Aniiex across tha transp.)riatl..n and eriuipment iu!.,,,.,,,,, „,.„. ,,„r,.,, ^.jn replace "'"'•"«'""•• V""'"' present one and lb.' enlire . K *|MUd .t.irr.^ on Stat.,, system. f ^„„j ^.,„ ,„. ,.„|„r.,lad stucco exOu .sive Of f.Ml.nil aid projects ! ^,„.., ^,.^,.„„ Massive ty roads, and for maintenance of coun<y roads. Township expenditures follow: ?r.0.r.r.1.42. road construction; $22.- 7l9.ri9. briilge construction; |S.- i;Min.33 for maintenance. The county expended $8'12.29 for [machinery. On . Iionds. $64,000 principal was paid off. while $2,- .'i.vs W.1S paid in interest, bringing tiiiiil I'Xix'iiiljlures fiir the. year to l$17; ! ; fJaluiK-es shown foi^! thn year follow: county road fund. $10,.'>."(5.32: county and state road fund. |$r.3.13l;46; total aid road fund.s, $42,.^.7n.l4: county bridge fund.s. AMERirAN EMRAKHV Dfll.lV. ER.S XOTE TO OFFICEK-S Mexico City, April [2. (AP|-|-The Am«ricaii embassy delivered a note ,, .1 . .1,1 to the Mexican foreign'office todav Dubly sur« that U.ero will | ,^„g3j,„g a^ipreliension^ and punishment;of those responsible for the kidnaping and kiiling of Kilgar M. Wilkins. near Guad.ilajara. 1^. (AP)-pNo Chinese .soldiers have he attack.|i upon foreigners at; Nan­ king, Consul John K, Dayis said in; a report, forwarded to the nayy department ^dayby Admiral William.s, in command of American forces in China. Th^ authorities at Xankilig.; heC* said, "are maintainilig the ilictJon that all the outrages were committed by local rowdies." Somq civilian looters have been executed, the consul reported. \ i The soldiers treated the |peoplc well even on the 24th (the ilay that Chinese attacks on foreign citizens at Nanking resulted in shelling by American and British ships;, showing that the foreigners were deliberately singled out for outrages,"! the rep«jrt continued. \ It Is reported -that the Xatifin- ali.sts have singled out some!400 ;of the wealthier Chinese whose pro- f pcrty they plan seizing as soon as | pretext can be worked up|. One i mission teacher's house has al- i ready been ctmhscaCed. I "The city; is more quiet but there is great administrative confiisiou;" DISMISSAL OF LEADERDEIED Chang Kai-Shek Still Is Generalissimo, Says Cantonese Heads. monstra- ^r pot "the r:our!s • nihi-ty- larrested (jainst the 'Sligation. [wholesalei :v(N'iIed a imiiiunist l)enj with a : revolt Sjilina^ Kjin.s,. Apr. 2. Although a euijiann<>llei( inquire into dard, Plain+illo high sIMnol student foiiiid let wbutids nc^rth of P until after Fists Fly A Farm Burenu cjrinrmunity iueet- pz will bo held Mffn'day flight at jtbe Allen Center school house, Koy win. county agent, •annoiiiH-'-rt toy. Pir.ture.s; will )>e shown iand ero wUl ' be . a discussion on i Jairylng. i • ' ' ! .IcfTer.soii I ]KiMS (ii'w :ii'ntativos li ,al adjoiifnii • i ——^- ' .1 approached. In till- i-ase of ilfoward .lones i pcii the pro? 4gain^i Mary Konica. for Injuries i ,.rls. fli'inoc lleged HUSlJiined by Barbara .tones I Crawford «•< fVIary Doncia Wins in Damage Suit in Court' ;oriiner s jury .today HI Pla the death of Coronerls Jury In 'Athlete's Slayinff! I ""'"Is issued during the fiscal :; I — 1 " .T^ar totaled i$fi4.000. bringing the S17.33.S.5*;: total county funds. $."i9.-lr pi7.70; township road and bridge ii fund. '?2.'a7.!t7: township po II a if the building bad remained only two stories high. The addition of the third story, howeve;-, will bring the structure up to III'- pf'uper proportions • and everythiijR shoufd balance beautifully. In conneciion with the program, important changes Will he made in the lobbies botir 6f the Kelley Hotel and the Anhox; All of the small windows iii the Kelley lob-j by will be replaced by lari^e plate: glass ones when the front |is re-| modeled. The south partition will be almost entirely taken out and the present lobby atjd writing room wijl be consolidated into one big room. Tile will bo laid on those ESi(il.>EER OX'E I >lvl *OKT>:» EKO.M .HEXir* I.S' KEi'OKT Sarannah. Ga., Ap -11 2. (AP)— MIHS Emma C. Wilk ns, sister of Edgar M. Wilkins. Abierican jmin- ipe engineer, slain by Mexican bandits, said today that during the Htierta regime eight years agii be had been suspectei) nf rebel sympathy and deported. She . abided that he was cleared < f the charges and allowed to retur^i to .Mexico and that she i^'as suie his ki((uap- ing last week had lyi connection wUb the former changes. WASHINGTON IS QUlETOIfC|NA Diplomatic Situation! Is Turned Toward Cities In North China. 1 ax. $21; township total funds. $2,- '*l.n7.- tAPi — is being Invlllc to KVm. Hc- iinconscious fit i>ai bill- in his automobile ainvirie early day morhinrf, the jury wil he fuiicnil o Bcdard .•Vlouflay morning, auiiouncc-d ;h6- officials toil Today In Missouri's .year totaled i$fi4.000. briu ftimils outstanding at the the ye.-rr to $718,958. Washington. AprJ 2. (AP)—In the face of a policy of blank] official silence at the :state depart-' ment on the diploQi^tic angles of tho Chinese sltuatjon speculation , ,, ,, , ..turned increasingly itoday. to' the .arts of the floor which are not i „„rihi.rn cities of China, with their already tiled. | larger'foreign populations andl in- Thurs- iiot sit, young was Ity. .Mfi.. April 2. (.\I'l ; in the lii>i|.-.e nf leiire- l:iy lis the hour of tin- I lent of the lp>^islaiiiie ; bnl iiiierventi" n :^<i|>-, IH'ctive light. Kirl Rob-: at. ropresentatijve from i louse (CHURCH PENSION PLAN DISCUSSED *resbylerians From Ten Towns in Neosho District Here. [vhen she w^s a Kord «r' driven , liy' .^lls}s Donlca three •ear* ago. u jiiry in district court lite'yeifleVday roti rned a verdict or the defendant. The jury dellb- f-ratiid six hours on the case. iiiily. .challen^; aimed seveiiil blows m Tli floni-y.-Den ocirjit, .laspi represejilatiifirj liiit missed restrained py si'veial ollii borH; <X and; Unas .1. \ county I lid was • I 111 f^piic of high watiir and mud- roads, as a result of which many ni bad e:<i)ected to come were ot here. 3.'! pastors and laymen fW'iii, ten towns in NeosliU Pres- yiery attended the nieejing held room- of list night in the grill le Kelley hotel in the In Jhe lobby of the Annex Is to .be remodeled and a Terazzo floor will replace the present one not .only in the lobby but also the hall, close of ! other change.^ are going on. one i of-which was completed yesterday 'when the kitchen was changed to a new location directly behind the new grill room, an arrangement which will faclllate service, greatly. A new broiler, electric pastry mixers, an eno"fmous ice box and other modern devices have been installed here. . ; , What was (he old main dining room is to be made over into anew banquet rom. The bard, maple floors will be reflni.shed In order to make it ;an Ideal place for dinner dijnces. Incidentally, this room, with the grill room and the coffey shop -vi'I have ai total seating capacity of 300. something which one seldom finds outside cities three ior four times the size of lola. These .improvements have all •rests of pension fund campaign which gelling under way In (he Pres-.i vesti^'ents. Press dispatches from Shanghai and Peking have indicated an; increasingly grave outlook in that regard- and the sending from Shanghai to Tientsin >f an American gun boat was a Ided indication of official appro lension tliat anti-foreign disorders may break out there, where two jattaljon^ of American infi]|ntry alieadyi are on railway guard duty under the Boxer protocol, Tho policy of eilqncc defeated today every attempt .at the state)department to learn'i ai thorltatiyely thef Immediate stjituii of discussions wlh the London and Tokyo or other governmehu over jthe Nanking outrages and steps tn> be taken. Jointly or otherwise.' to obtain reparations for attacks on Americans and otlielr foreigners) Secretary Kellogg! mado a hajty trip to the White House and conferred with Prcsideijt Coolldgo for Peking. Apr. 2: <API -Official confirmation of the reported dismissal of Chang Kai-Shek a.s generalissimo of the Cantojiese forces was lacking today. Nationalist leaders close to him denied the report, but tlirough authoriiativo foreign channels of information it wis : learned that Chans and the members of the Left wing oT his f6rces controlling tho Hankow political machinery had come to a .parting of thej w.tys and that the dismissal of th(| generalissimo would be tho Ibgical outcome of such a breach. It appears from these sources thai Cuang's sudden and unexpected arrival in -Shangrai last! week was due to bis desire to <llg in there,' where inr*;© revenud* aro collected, before the members of ih Left- wSng forestalled ; him. Chang Is said to he gathering about him ^iKh comparative! mod-' erat'es as are known to bo loyal, and he has called certain loyal generals and troops from.Canton, since it is as.serted oven his position in Shanghai is insecure. Chaiig has not more than 12,000 troops'in the Shanghai area.; The loyalty ot those in other pa|"ts of the provincp of Kiam su is declared doubtful, while host le' communist elements are tightening their control on Shanghai lafijor. At demonstrations throughout Nationalist territory, evidently worked tip by communists, demand^ for Chang's overthrow have- been made. Indications That Coast Blockade Planned Unless Chinese Heed i Demands. South Is ENGLANDMAY TRY IT ALONE been planned by Mr Ira ^ Kel-1 2" .nimytes. U waW^j,aid later| he ley ;ind bis son. Harold Kelley. Assistant Manager, and they Intend IDePinedo Takes Off For San Antonio Now Collcciions On Income Tax Lists Are 1 j Wji.sliingtJ 2. (.<P) -jcouie ti<x flight, j amounted ui. • .\pr. 2. •ollertioiM ' for |ro $'iI6..-,3J.Ts'!t, rabjy less lliaii r;alvcst(|ii. Tcx„ lApr. 'ontljnulng'bis : westward 'ran<^esro Dc PJnec o. Italian flyer, i was coiisid tjonk joff from Ga vpston Bay at [filial t.*-ea ;ury estimate o r.^H* i». m.. today f( r San Antonio, i OOO.O'io.ibu aii increase of Ifte had arrived at lur]30 a. ml. from j 'K»9 ove;r ( illecjioiis lor tl^e same New Orleans. ' •• i month lajitjyear. larger li H f.MPi- Tn- .March which the <if- ;»•. $.-.80.-, fii Sik Miners Killed In Blast! Five Hurt Cokeburg. P^.. April 2. ('API — ^Ix miners w^e .killed., live others injbired|and 400 were rescued from 'the Cokieburg jnine of the Ellsworth y Coll erijes Company • here today. ; wbeh a coal dust ' explosion occurred in an entry. I A jshbt to 'loosen c^al bad been tapp^ in a room near^^e entry when a large rock fell, setting .off tl?e ' explosives. XHls '.eiploslon zailsed a coal dustiexplqsibn, kill- ioK six miners nearbjl ind injarin^; Four, hn to push-the work, practically to a conclusion within the next two months. The contract has b-en given to Mr. n. F. rhiirchill of Parsons, who did the remodeling of the Annex. , UTien the new rooms have been Ifiillt. t le Kelley Hotel ^nd Anpex i-lll i^o uprise a total of 12fi rooms 11 with stcatn heal anil running wa- lost of them with running wa- idred other men U .work. Tlie blast was c«)mi led to jthe orie entry, for the, niin ; had sen rock dusted. Thi',othc- iiiin- ;r»'m^de :heir way to the surface tnd e^cap -A injury. Voluhtei r rescue squads'wt-re or- ;anized qi ickly and sent don-n the jhaft. . Tl ey brouKht lut tl e five njuned an 1 the dead! T ie mli e was j>leriiiii Church. After a fellowship diniier. those „(,.,„. 1 pres.-ni listened to a masterful lul- drejss i>n the new pension plan for iigeil and di.sabled ministers, mis- ionariei> and their widciws and or- haiis of the Presljylerlati Church Key. M. W. .M<<rrill. I). I».. of lilrami. .\t tir» eonihision of Ilr. .Merrill's Idress and after he had apswerr... _ i „» .t,„™ . K • same campaign for the $r..000.it0u which : y*i remans to be subscribed, will bi starte<l. A. It. Sleeper was an- ;n<>unced us the chairman for the j lo :nl church and a similar an- Nuunccment Was madcjfor each of jthe other churehes in the Prcsby- "te-y- 1 Tlie towns reprebented at the ui etinc last liiight were Ft. Scptt. iPiitsbiirg. .Neodesiha; Moran. I.,a- illjirpe. Carlyle. GJIrard, Cherryrale, ere atJHjmboIdt and lola. ' * had taken over disi^tches beai-Ing on the Chinese situation buC their purport was not dfs^ldsed. " The secretary likewise refiiseil to discuss plans being formulated jfor presenting American {demands to ^d l^} wcjuld lot sdrldukly damaged but o resume opeiiatidns fficials l^Iany Persons in lola \ Need Employment Now Capt. R. E-TibbfltU of thb Salvation Army announced today that he had recjeived many calls from person i seeking employment and that he would appreciate calls from i^nyone |ieeding someone ho work ior them. Capuin mbet^ may be ijeached by calling 943. / ties at Han- ncldent wap in Washitig^- tho Nationalist author kow. Tho .\ankingi now under study both ton and in corresptjndehco with Minister MacMurray at Peking and Admiral Williams at It was said. \ ] Whether It also figored In Mr. Kelldgg's convefsatloii , yesterday with th^ British ambassador. Sir Esme Howard! who calle<l at the state department, officials declined to say. al G. O. P. Is Plan jied Washington. Apr. 2.1 (APj—A na- i tional convenUoh of tlonal survey of the Rqpublican political situation Is to' bie undertaken by W^m. M. Butler, Chairman of the Republican national committee and close friend of President Coolldge. 192S. Campaigns already are tinder way t^ obtain the gathering ^or San Fraur Cisco, Chicago. St. llouls. Clever land, Kansas City, Npw -^ork' and San Antonio, ^'e ylll also endeavor to tighten up the liarty mti- Mr. Butler conferred .with - the i.chlne where the, nee& ar&es. president last night at the White House. HiB trip fs expected to beg[in within a month and take bim from coast to coast, but the Itinei^.. •ary has not been worked 'out. [ < Incidentally, the chairman willl look oTer tadUtlefl offered by TMH i lo^B dties for the RepabUcan naj^ Mr. Bntler will iMy particular- attention to border pofiUi&I sutes; bnt the extent o|r his actirlties In territory where the names of Frank O. Lowden of Iltlnoisi and other^ have Iteen brooKbt oui as, possible; opponents for Bsr. € oolldge for president la not yet e eax. , ^i• Siiigle Handed Action In Cantonese Outrage^ Is Contemplated.!' London. April 2. (API—Single handed action by Great Britain against the Cantonese In Chin.-i for outrages against Briti.-ih subjects in .Nanking and elsewhere today awaited replies from the Washington and Tokio governments oh the question'of joint action, judging by information obtainable in diplo-; motic and political circU-.s in lym-i don. , ! ; : I A strong preference] for joint ac-j tion seemed to prevail among alt the members of the 'cabinet, and this po.sltion. It was fjtated. would not be abanrtoued iinlKss co-opora- tiou should jirove impossible of attainment. - ' • Oihcial circles were silent regarding the! actual steps Great Britain would take if she should feel that she should act alonrt. but speculation general. A lilock- ade of Cantonese held ports j and naval operations in the Vaingtsc were dliscu.ssed prominently. | • The Dally Mail, which yesterday Intimated that the government had decided to back up an iiltiniatura to the Cantoneiio with force, said today: •' < "It is believed Ore'at Britain has sufficient military and naval forces | to enable her to determine just the amount of reprisal to make, hut it may not be essential to use force. Inasmuch as cutting; off foreign financial aid and a partial economic blockade, would. It Is expected, have salutary effect." (By .the- Associated Press.) British and - Japanese reinforce-r ments have hern ordered to Shanghai. A brigade of infantry will .'itrenglheh the British forces: Two ' cruisers will proceedcfrom Tsingtao in addition to a cruiser with a landing force ol .'ioo blue jackets ordered from Japan yesterday (Friday) British- dispatches from Peking .say it is believed there the powers will blockade thej .southern coast and the mouth of t|le Vaiigt.<ie if the Cantonese reject the deniandsj prepared by the British government .in consequence of last week's .Nan­ king outbreak in which there were .American, iiritish and Japanese casualties. The British government, I>ondon Slispatches-show hopes to obtain ihe aiihesion of the United States ^itnd Japan to these demands, but is i^irepared ito .press them alone IT ' necessary. ^ Official confirmation Of the dis- •mlssai of Chang Kai-SlieH. as f"-;in- tonesc conimander in chiiif is lacking. Chang, however, i^ said to ha:ve called loyal generals hnd troops from Canton. Indicating that he iB prepare<f-to resist the radical left wing of the Cantonese political party. Eugene Chen. Cantonese foreign minister, today (Saturday) charged that the (attacks on forel^ers in Nanking were committed by Northerners wearing captured Cantonese uniforms. Chen as.serted that the Anglo- American naval bombardment of Socony hill, where the foreign refugees were besieged, caused (,'hin- ese casualties at the rate of 100 for every foreigner killed or wounded. There is far ' beyond Chang-Kai- Shek's estimate of six Chinese killed and fifteen wounded. ' The Cantonese advance against the Northerners continues. Their i vaniciuaril has reached Fengyang. .VnhWei province. 85 miles northwest of Nanking on the railway to Tientsin. Chang Tso-Lin's Northerners are digging in at Suchowfu. at the junction of the ITientsin-Pukow- Lunghai railways, and a decisive battle may bo fought there. Coolidge: Revokes Hard' ing Order Makiing Leas^ ing of Naval Reserve \ Possible 5y Al­ bert B. Fall. Washington^ Apr. 2. (AP)' —President Cbolidge has revoked the Harding executive' order of May 31, 1921, urider which Albert B. IPall, as interior • secretary | ma!de- the leases of naval oil reserves which has led to both criminal and civil action in the courts. , ^ . The Harding order was attack;ed- {repeatedly as illegal during the . trial oi E. L. Doheny; the C^llfor- ^ nia oil man. whose of the ' Elk Hills reserve- wa.s upset by the . supreme court and it has been a- focdl point in civil suits arising: out of the leases. ; President Coolidge's; order reads: "Executive order .Viimber 3474 of .May 31. 1321. committing to the secretary of. the interior the ad- ministratioh and conservation" of .. all oil and' gas bearing lands in naval" petroleum reseljves .N'uinbers one and two, California, and na^ val petroleum. reserve Number three in Wyoming, and naval shale reserves in Colorado and Utah, under the previsions of the acts : of congress approved February 25. ia20. and Jiine. 4, 1920, U-hereby revoked." The two California reserves cion'- .stltiite the Elk Hills naval reserves and Nuiiiber three; in; Wyoming is the Teapot Dome reserve, leased _ to Harry F. Sinclair, whose caSe-' .still is before the courts. " Prosecutor Gets! Report In Heniy Ford*s Crash DefrolU Apr. 2. (AD-^nenry Ford is raaisinfr nonnal proic- re«i<« toward recovery from" the injuries ht« receired last Sun-' day when the small conpc which he was drivinir was forced from the crashed' Into a tree.l road and DelroU. Apr. 2. (lAPr—County Prosecutor Robert, .M.| Toms today accented the report 'of Ford, organization inve-stirtat^FS, that all their evidence indicated Henry Ford was injured in an accident and not by design,,ai^d abandoned his idea of separate official investigation. ; : In response to Mr. Toms's request for' Inf6rmatioii. 'Harry,. H- Bennett. chief of the Ford irivestir gators, laid a report before him. . Various Estimates On Length Of Coal Strike Chicago. April 2. (AP)—Various estimates of the duration- of tfie coat'mining ihut down in "the cen- tralJ competitive field and adjacent territory were made tpday. Some operators were doubtful . of ,.a' prompt settlement and predicted a suspension of at least three month.s. ; President John L. .I>>Wis.^ of the United Mine Workers, pn "the other hand, believed the clostng woitld not jlast long. ' Chambermaid Claims Big Russian Estate i Paris. .)pril 2. (AP)—Elizabeth S< blich. wfto has just arrived from ..New York where, she worked for some years as a Chambermaid, today made her first move- in her fight to obtain a fortune from the Soviet government. Miss Sclilich claims jto be the wife of Prince Tchcmitcheff and-lo hold the written promise of l/cn- ine that her property in .Mo.scow _ . . . - . would not be confiscated if she Five coal mine operating ;com- showed ability to- ^^uppoft • lier>;<;lf paries employing 300 men Joday for two years. The prr>pe'rty has. .sJKiiVri separate agreements with been variously reporterl as worth the union miners to pay the Jack-r from 40 to 120 million dollars. sonvilln scale of wages .in effect- i since i;»l7. Other horiipaniea are A.\e Wielder Perished i expe<rte,i to sl?tn later in the day.- Five Companies Sign In Ohio Field Today Bellaire, Ohio, .^rhr. 2. UVP)— In Flames, Is Belief Benton Harbor, .Mich., April 2. fAP)—The axe wielder who early ye.sterday morning killed Michael Zerbe. 87-ycar-old Buchanan township farmer and perhaps fatally injured the aged mans' wife, jdied In the flames "of the funeral prye he attempted to make of his victim's little cottage, local authorities jbe- lieved today. Troops May Handle (Chicago's Electioit Chicago. Apr. 2. (APJ—Chicago's mayoralty campaign, which so |far. largely had ^ been confined to jthff^i calling of names, entered p. niore serious'phase today when Sheriff. Charles E. 'Graydon called upon Governor Small to hold himself In readiness for an appeal for troops^ Chang Charges Nanking Outrages tQ Rebels Now • Peking. April 2. = (AP)—Charges that the attack against foreigners at Nanking March 24 was the work of "Northern Rebels" ^re. made by Eugene Chen in a statement given out In Nankins and received here by wireless. :The N'ajtioalist', foreign minister asserts the outrages were instigated by "reactionary connter-jreToIutionary, elements. Chen says the Natlonlist' government denoances tiie pttacks on for- Kansas Fielids In ete Lockout (Contlnned on: Pas^- <: No. 1) Pittsburg. Kans. April 2. (AP)-With the exception of foutfe.4n small companies which have Signed ihdividual agireements with union! officials to, continue operation; mining activity In District 14, United -Mine Workers of America, was at a standstill today, according to James Skahan, district preS' Ident. I'; X .1 Mid^H wdtking today employ approximately 2S0 men; he sald,j while more than 7,000 other miners are Idle. • • : M - '"The attitude bf the miners is good" Mr. Skahim declared.! "and I tbink tbey are VeU ratfalSled Witt :the stand of ithe union." • Some mcn.j he explained, are em-- ployed today at repair work and cleaning up tbe shafts preparatory to a period of Idleness.^ This is being, done with the sanction of union official^. J - James Sherwood, state mine inspector.]' said a definite checkup from hfa office- on mines working and idle will not be available ni»- tll Moiiday. Operators' spokesmen persisted that none of the larger. companies in tbe district wiU sign tbe temporary agreements-; per-. nUttins mine* to work nnder tli*.' present wage scale. I

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