The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 8, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, October 8, 1892
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Tlw Postville Weekly Review. VOSTVXIiI»S, BAT'DAY, OCT. 8. W. N. BTJRDIOK, Editor. Entered at the poitofficc at Postvillc «.i ttcond-eln.13 matter. National Republican Ticket. For President, •UBNJAMIN 11AH1USON, of Itiitiaiin. For Vico-President, WH1TKLAW KKU), of Now York. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS. rOU EI.KCTOR8 AT LAKOK. A. 11. dimming* of Polk Milton Roiuloy, of Iowa. First... Saoouil. Tlilnl.. Fourth. Fifth ... Sixth .. Savonth Eighth. Ninth.. DISTRICT ELECTORS ...\V. M. Walkor. of VnnHuroii. Chus. Lowis, of Johnson. C. K. Albrook, of Hardin. H. P. Hancock, of Vnyolte. Henry Stone, of Marshal) IV F. Carroll, of Davis. E. R. Hayos, of Marion, .. L. C. Mcohcit, of Appanoose John Linett, of Pottawattamie Tantli Z. A. Church, of Green Eleventh .E. D. Chassoll, of Plymouth. STATE TICKET. For Secretary of Slate, \V. M. McFAKLAND, of Em mett county. For Attorney General, JOHN Y. STONE, of M ills county. For Troasuror of State, 11Y RON A. 15EESON, of Marshall county. For Auditor of State, c. G. MCCARTHY. of Story county. For Railroad Commissioner, (J. W. PERKINS, of Fronton t coiinty. CONGRESSIONAL TICKET. For Kopresontativo Fourth District, THOS. UPDEGRAFF, of Clayton county. COUNTY TICKET. For Clerk of the District Court, J. P. RAYMOND. For County Auditor, J. 11. MEIER. For Recorder of Doods, AXEL P. DILLE. THE COUNTY CONVENTION. THE ISSUES HADE UP. Never since wo have attended oon- veutious iu Allamakee county havo wo seen so large and so representative a body of men congregated n9 the one that mot in Waukon last Saturday. Evory township in the county oxcopt Union City was represented, and most of thutu by full or nearly full dologn- tions. This is tho more to bo wondor- od at bocauso the county its supposed to bo democratic by a small majority in fhoso latter years, as a rosnlt of prohibition. It could not bo supposed, under the circumstances, that thoro would bo such a scramble for nominations as was tho case with our dornoerrtio friends, many of whom think a nomination equivalent to an oloction. Hut tho convention wisely decided to present only the names of good and capable men lor tho several positions and to place them before tho people ou their merits. If any or till of them should bo dofeated it will bo no disgrace fer it will only prove, iu that event, that thoir party is in the minority in this^county. Hut tho chances are, that they will not all bo defeatod, although the republican ticket may bo slightly in the miuority in tho county ou general principles. The fact that the democrats had gravo fears is conclusively proven by tho actiou of their convention, which dared not place a single new name on tho ticket, although some of the incumbents had almost thrown gray in their positions. It seems to us this very fact will prove an element of weakness rather than of strength, because it is a slnp in the face to all other deserving democrat* with ambitions, and furthermore it argues *•» court houso ring" with the motto, "noothers need apply." Whether or uot there i3 anything in fact in tills it will always bo charged when the majority party keeps the same "old guard" in office, and it can ' not be successfully denied. " •• ""VYe 1 give tho nominations mado olse- where, and lator we shall have somo- • • .thing to say of the nomlnoes. We only '•say "now oil tho supervisor question it " wiia urged thai as Mr. Kelly, the pres- ",\u'fffillfflW)*®ii is charged to tho siutli '.<.'.'•,, side'of the county it was thought to bo •'."'"unwise'to'nominate a candidate for " '""'that 'office from this section. This did Wi?figure last year, when Mr. Kelly was nominated and elected, and we think It ought not to now, but the convention thought o'horwiao and we must aoquiesco for the proNWit. Post towu- ship presents its present oflicient supervisor for the offico of auditor and wo believe he will bo elected. Bui more on this subject heruufter. TUB democratic legislature of Wisconsin is iu hard luck on tho gerrymander. Its first work was set aside by the supreme court and a spoulal session was oonvened. Tho Msoond. gerrymander has just been declared null and void by the sumo tribunal mid - The campaign hag dually opened up all along the lino, and from now until oleclion, which occurs four weeks from next Tuesday tho campaign will be prosecuted with vigoi on all sides. So far it has been notably a quiet campaign, perhaps the most quiet of any presidential campaign wu havo ever known. This lias been as true of one party as the other, and there can be only otic way of accounting for it, and that is the fact that tho people feel that there is no occasion for a change. Almost always a prcsiden'.ial campaign has unsettled business and caused such a feeling of uncertainty that it lias been a very Irving timo for all financial undertakings. This fcoling has bean singularly absent this year as compared with four years ago. Absolute confidence lias been felt in the oxocutivo arm of tho government, both as regards home and foreign relations. No democrat even has charged any direlictiou of duty on tho part of tho president. Wo nevor had a cleaner, safer or bettor administration, and as a result thoro has boon no mud-slinging whatever up to date. Tho campaign is being conducted on tho issues that divido tho parties. Thoro has boon sonic disposition on tho part of our democratic friends to evade the force of their platform, and to attempt to nihko it appoar that tho tariff plank was only intended for tarill reform and not tho uttor and complete extinction of tho protective principle. Roth Cleveland and Hill attempt to hedge in this particular, but there is no chanco to do so, as tho plank admits of no evasion, autl its author, Henry Wattorson, lias explained, with unmistakable emphasis, what it menus. Tho issue prcsmitod is whether tho American system of protection, which has built up tho greatest and most prosperous nation on earth shall be retained, or whether wo shall now gravitate towards British free trade, with all tho term implios. Tho financial, or mouoy question is also involvod, and tho issue includes tho question of stable money. Attempt to evade it as they may the democratic platform is not sound on Die money question. Thcro is at least a grave doubt iu the demand for tho repeal of tho ten per cent tax on state bank issues. Thoro is no doubt whatever ou tho republican positiou. That party has given the country tho best cutrency tho world has over seen, and never once in thiity yoars has it been discredited, and it is safo to say it will not bo so long as tho governmon', is under republican control. Tho only other issuo is involved in what tho democrats choose to torm tho "force bill," which, when interpreted, means no attempt to secure a froo ballot and a fair count in the southern states Tho democrats havo always opposed this antl tho republicans havo favortd it, in tho south and everywhere elso Here then, nro tho issues, as made up: Tho Ainorican systcn of protection yorsus freo trade, or at least its equivalent, a tariff for revenue ouly. A stnblo and universal currency as good as gold vorsus somo other experiment. Au untrammeled ballot vorsus intimidation and fraud. On thoso issues tho republicans havo won every national election but one in thirty-two years, and what is thoro to prevent thorn from winning this one? There nro no uu tried, theories about the republican positions and there is nothing but theory in the domoorntio positions. If they had faith iu thoir position on tho tariff tboy certainly would havo given the country somo tiling which thoy doom better than tho MoKinley bill at the late session of cougifcss. Their uttor failuro to do so is ovideuoo that they daro not go bofore llio coHiitry with n democratic measure until after uloctiou. Although thoro is always uncertainty as to tho result of an oloction until after tho ballots M - O counted tho result of this ono is at least as certain as any that wo liayo lind for twenty yoars. Without any doubt tho tariff is tho loading issue, as it lias b«ou siuce th lecoiistruc'.ion period, though it never has boon so woll duiinod as no .v. In fact in 1884, when Cleveland was elected, tho domooratio plank was almost identically the same that tho republican plank is now. By a strotoh of imagination it might bo claimed that tho people aro in favcr of tariff reform —that is a tariff for rovontio with inci dontal protection—but thoro is uolhin, to warrant tho idea that thoy aio favor of a tariff without any vosligo of protection, which would opon our ports 10 all compoting products of Europe, But «v«n this blow at American industries might havo been tolerated had not the workings of tho MoKinley law demonstrated that protoolion is the life blood of American prosperity and that hndor its workings, including reeiprot ity, prices ate not advanced but on tho whole lowered, couiniorce has boon stimulated and ovory artery of business has been given new lifo and vigor To suppose that Hit* American people are going to so vote as to imporil the present prosp«rou°. conditions, with no certainty that general disaster will not result, is to suppose that they ar dead to tho vital issuos that have made thoir country the groatost and proudest nation on tiie face of the earth. Wo cannot bolleve that thoy will do it, and henco our faith ia ilrm Unit Harrison and Haiti will bo triumphantly clue ted that stands in tho way cf democratic success. It is to keep the south solid that all these means are used, which are a disgrace to any civilized nation. It is such work as this that oalls for some kind of a "force bill," or some other arcans to insure tho rights of American citizens being respected. ATTACKED BY MOBS. General Weaver Prevented From Speaking in Georgia. RALBIGH , N. C, Sept. 25.—Special telegram. —The spirit of lawlessness evoked and fostered by the organized democracy of the towns antl cities of the south has become so intolerant that demands the attention of law-abiding. God-fearing people everywhere. Free pencil antl a fair count uf the ballot are arrogantly und openly denied. Within the past few days the southern hivalry of Georgia initio democratic Inbs of Waycross, Albany antl Macon resorted to mob violence, and, incited and encouraged by tho democratic press of the state, indulged in hoodlumism and vilo language, and conduct that would put to shame the natives of an uncivilized community. At Columbus a determined effort to reak up a third party mooting was suppressed only because tho farmers were in the majority. At all non-dom- ocratic meetings hold along tho lino ol railroads, great crowds of thugs and rowdies from the laige cities are ship pod in to create not and provoke bloodshed. At Macon the right of speech was denied to Gen. J. B. Weavor, tho presidential nominee of the people's party, and the Young Men's Democratic Club, !i - JO strong, preconeertcdly marched to the meeting antl aidotl in the disturbance and abetted the chiv- nlric rowdies in their disgraceful pro cocdings. Mrs. Gen. Weaver, who accompanied her husband, ami who Is proiniuont "white-ribboner," and lovely, christian gentlewoman, was assaulted ami driyon from Hie balcony of tho hotel Lanier by rotten eggs thrown at her by Maeoti chivalry. Tho mayor of the city was invoked in vain. The polico stood in with tho mob anil laughed and encouraged them. A committee, consisting of the chair- mau of the democratic club, Dr. Nura- ally, of the Presbyterian University, and tho Methodist pastor, wept ami implored mo '.o nddross thn mob anil ]uiot tho demon that had been evoked and lift the odium of disgraco from thoir city, but no human voice could bo heard above the roar of the democratic wild boasts that held possession of the city all night. At tho stalo capitol tho disgraceful scenes of Macon wore twice repeated in the presonco of tho governor of Goor gia, and with an organized polico forco loworless or unwilling to prevent law- ossness, culminated in a frenzied, madly yelling democratic mob, who would not permit au auuouucomeut, and opon- signified thoir intention to suppress frco speech by violence Mob law pre vailed*, and that demon of intolerance that prompted tho fronzy of Sumtor and brought the despair of Appomalox stalked through the city of Atlanta, That the shedding of innocent blood might bo averted Gon. Weaver and his party loft tho state yestorday to rosumo tho political campaign in North Caro 'inn and Virginia. Tho political lines in Georgia are tightly drawn by so-called organized democracy in tho cities as against tho populists of the rural population. As 75 per cent of tho population of Georgia are agriculturists it follows that they are demanding a cessation of tho reign of terrorism anil tho suppression of lawlessness. With a fail count of tho ballots this fall tho death knoll of democracy will sound. Mns. MAIIY LEASE cannot wull be controlled or prevented. The earth closet, the cement lloor, the close drain and tho cistern have other benefits than the saving of manure. It is certain tin... wo can't blame the Lord for our sickness if we havo filthy surroundings. There is a chance and ability to eat and sleep on the farm that cannot be felt in the city.—T. B. Terry. WE find tho following editorial item n the democratic. Duhuquo Telegraph: "Charles A. Spring, recently nominated for tli* legislature by tho demo- rats of a Chicago district, has finally consented to withdraw. Under tho lias of Charles O'Brien ho once seryed two years in tho punitentiary for rob- t-ery.'" It is too bad that this trilling dlsabil- ty could not havo boon removed, as it may bo difficult to fill his place with a less objectionable man. —Tin job department of tho Lansing branch of tho Democrat has been moved to Waukon. Three job offices could not be made to pay in Lansing or any other town of that size. Dr. Ambler still furnishes matter for the Lansing page. WHAT FARMERS MAY HAVE. If you nro satisfied with n small bust nos.s thnt will give a fair income, you may not- take to farming, yet it will givo a bettor yield for a small capital titan any other honorable business known Persons may uot belieyc that statement, although it is truo. No person can name other honorable business requiring only four or fivo thousand dollars that will givo such a yield. It is indued an honest, re until or ativo nnd indopoudent profession, cortaiu merchant was hoard to say that ho had to bo polito to maintain Ms custom, although thoro aro many times when ho would havo gladly kicked somo offending person out of tho door, but on the farm a man is more iude pondout than he can possibly bo in any other place. It is truo that whon sell iug he must havo wlrtt his customer want, but he doesn't havo to moot so many peoplo as doos tho busy business man. Ho can spotid a groat deal raoro timo at home with his family, and this is an important and a sorious feature i tho lifo of overy Individual. Somo men scarcely have timo to become acquainted with their families. It is said that tho child of a dninimor onoo wont to her.mother crying and sit'd, "Mamma the man that slays liore oyor Sunday whipped nio." Tho businoss man oats a hurried breakfast, takes his dinner down tow and gets homo for supper late at night, tired antl vexed and worn out with th duties of a rushing lifo. In tho farm home a man can havo noarly all that is really valuable of the city lifo without many of tho objectionable features of tho latter. Lot us compare some of our farm homos with somo wealthy suburban rosidenoos. Tho latlor havo lino grounds, shapely treos, extonslv lawns, otc, but what country home cannot have tho same with less expenso The lattot can be just as oomfortabl and luxuri 'Hit, though probably not so extravagant. Tho city houso' has its steam healers and radiators, but tho country houso can bo aud many aro tit ted with the same, although, as Charles Dudley Warner says, "Thoro's nothing so choorful ns tho back-log fire," unif cannot dorivo the comfort and inspirit tiou from a hot-air furutica that a glow ing stove can givo. It is true Mint the city has luxury of gas lighting, but the farmer can manufacture his own gas '" ho choose, or what is belter he can light his homo about as wall for one- twelfth the money. The city homo has a batli room, and a farm homo otin anil ought and doos havo tho saino. might bo said that if a mau would put into a farm as much monoy as the above montionotl comforts would tlomaml ho couldn't soli it and got bac (lis money Probably not, Wit the (not is ho doos not want to soil it, Yot the standard of fanniug in going up, and improved farms will lu th» future uo I host) most in demand. The streol oar is a luxury thnt the farmor cannot A OLORIOUB RECORD. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. The World's Pair. The dedicatory ceremonies of tho World's Fair buildings will be held in Chicago on Oct. 20th to 22od. Tho Chicago, Milwnnkeo & St. Paul R'y will AOII round trip excursion tickets at roduced rates for tho occasion. For Hies, dates and other details apply to the ticket agent. -"Thirteen year old Charley Turner on Saturday, with a 22 caliber rifle, hot tho heads off of two English spar- ows, ono after tho other, at n distance of a little over two rods."—Mououa ..eader. That is nothing. Why, our foreman, with his "little 22," shot the hoad off a at, (or would if its head had been in tho right placo) at a distance of a little over two—feet. Antl ho is nioro than thirteen too. As the rat was in * trap it is needloss to say he was secured. Che ,'Long Tom" aAd the Memorable Battle of Faral. An effort Is being mado to rooover th« famous "Long Tom," a '24-pouud gun lost in tho battle of Knyal, In 1819, from tho Amorlean prlvotoer sehoonor General Armstrong This battlo, In which tho Bluglo American schooner, with her nlno gunB and 90 men, fought single- handed with throo large English vessols, boarlng In all 13D guns and 3,00(1 men, was ono of the most stirring battles of tho war. No quarter was asked or given ou oither side. Tho English vossels hud surrounded tho gallant little General Armstrong, and their men bad boarded her in the midnight attack, but, with pikes and plBlols In their faces, and with the cry of "no quarter" ringing In tltolr oars, tlioy ha:l boon driven back, wldlo tiie calm B«a and tho vessels' Bldoa woro stained With blood. After tho light tho Americans counted ttia cost. Tho "Long Tom," their best and largest gun, ha 1 been knooketl from its curriago by tho oanuouude, but It woe replacod, and next day, whon tho light was ngaln reitowod, the "Long Tom," which alone WHB serviceable dismantled it leant ono of the British ships, causing it to tloo tor safety. The other vessola coming close brought the battle to a rials. Tho Amerieuns, lowering the •oats, scuttled tho ship and pull, d for ihore. Tho British hastily boarded the rivntoer, but eho was beyond hope. In angor and despair they sot her on tire and sho burned to tho water's odgo. Thus tho "Long Tom" was lost, and Koolio sung tho praiaes of tho tight In tho ballad commencing: Toll ibo awry u, your BODS Of iho gallant days of yoro, When ttio brl,; uf tfov-an gnnt Fought tho (lout of »ovou scoro. From thoMt'tof Htm till morn, ihroug"h tho Ion-; Beptombur nlght'- Ntiiety toon tiKtilnst two thousand aud Iho nluoty won tho ght— In tho liurhor of Tayat thn A700. Long alter tho battlo tho gun was recovered and n-ouate I In tho enstlo of Suu.'uantii t'ayal. Negotiations havo liot-n oponott With tho liing of l'ortugul for HH return to Amorlea and In tlio event of a tnwjriiblo reply, which In con- Ih'ontly expected, an American man of war will bo sent to bring the "Long Tom" home and It will bo put up in Lafayette Squaro at Washington, op- posito tho White House. TROUBLE HAS • BEGUN The Republican County Convention Met in the court hou»o in Waukon, October 1, 1892. Callod to order by C. M. Reeinan, chairman of the county committoe, who stated tho object of the convention, and on motion J. H. Trowln, of Lansing, was elected temporary chairman and A. M. May, secretary. On motion, tho chairman appointed tho following committee on crodontials: D. H. llowon, of Makeo; James Cavers, of Center; W. N. Burdiok, of Post. Tho committoo reported overy town ship but Uuion City roprosonted in tho convention. Moved and carried that tho temporary organization bo mado permanent. On motion, J. 11. Meier, of Post, was nominated for county auditor by acclamation. Axel P. Dillc, of Waterloo, was nominated for recorder by acclamation. U. H. Stilwoll moved that J. II. Tra win, of Lansing, bo nominated for county attorney by ncolarontion. Mr. Trcwin declined in a short spoeoh, stating that his business nnd profesj slonnl dutios would uot permit him to accept; that it wonid bo absolutely impossible to dovoio tho time to tho canvass that should bo if nominated but ho would do all and the best work ho could for tho party. A vote was called for and pi'l by Mr. Stilwoll, which was solid and unanimous for his nomination, but he doclincd again for the abovo reasons. H. H. Stilwoll's name was presented, but ho said ho had formod a rosolutioi' to koop out of politics, and his professional engage ments also would not permit it. The nomination was left opon to bo filled by tho committee. John T. Robinson, of Iowa, was unanimously nominated by acclamation for county supervisor. John P. Raymond was nominated by acclamation for clerk of the district court. The followiug resolution presented by tho delegation from Jofforson twp., was unanimously adopted: RKSOLVEB , That wo ns republicans of Allamakee county, aro opposed to any county ollloinl holding oflico mora than two consooutivo terms. In nccovdanco with n previous statement that ho would do so, C. M. lloo- man huuded iu his resignation as chairman of tho ooiinly committoo, his timo this season being spent mostly ou the farm; accepted, and on motlou A. M. May was eleated to fill that positiou. Ou motion of H. H. Stilwoll, tho county committee was empowered to (ill any existing vacancy now oxisting, or that may ouour on tho tiokot iu timo for tiling as the law directs. No further business itppeariug, tho convention adjourned. One of the firm has just returned from Chicago with one of the largest and best selected stock of goods that was ever brought to this place and in order to substantiate the fact you have only to step in and look for yourself. Every line of goods is complete. Our stock of Ladies' Dress Goods cannot be excelled in the town. Dress Goods from 10c up. Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets in great varieties, consisting of Plush, Melton, Beaver, Mallasia, Cheviots and others too numerous to mention. BOOTS & SHOES:-We"i:have the} most complete stock in town. We carry Bradley Ac Metcalf, ingree & Smith and C. H. Eargo & Co's celebrated $2.50 Shoe. A I->artul Slaughter. Homy C. Adam^, In tho Forum, dls- OUBSCS the reason for tho immense IOSB of lite among railway employes. Tho number of tlteso deaths is something startling. Mr. Adams Buys* that iho total number of railway on.ployt'S on June :»), 18'..0, was 7 -t'.l,:illl. Tho number killed during tho twelve mouths pro- ceding wt\8 '2,A5i and the number injured 'i'.'.'l'.ttt. This means ono death for overy 30i> nnd ono Injury for ovory thirty employed. Confining tho statement to those employes engaged directly in the handling of trains, that is to Bay, engineers, flromon, ooii'luctore, and other trainmen, tho results aro beyond the ox;oricnco in any othor buslnt'B? 01 Irudo. Tho number of employes of thif class was 15J,'J tj, antl o>it of HIIH number there occurred during the year 1,1V.' dentlis and l :),17'J Injuries duo to wiino form ol railway aeoidout. This insane 0110 dealli for every 10 "1 and on>" injur.,' or overy twelve moil engaged 11 handling Indus. In no other ompbyment, not oven In milling, which is a 11.0 t dangerous occupation, can such results be shown. To what, ho IISUB, U UIIB great mortality duo? A gltin--o at Btatisilt-B re- voals tho flic thai in coupling und tut- cou]T;ng rnt's tho nwtjor'ty of t.o<.tidenl6 occur. Tho total nuuibor killed during tlio preceding year by this can 0 w.i:- :1C'.I and tlio number injure'. ".S-pv while (ho ki'iil mi". 1 er killed In falt'ng from tratus atid eng'n.-s was .liil anil th. total uu:Lbi r injure.I was 1!, W'. Thai If to say, 37.'. -1 per eon!, of the total number of deaths and ir >."i7 per cent, of tin lotal number of lii.-ur.os sustained b> railway employ.-8 resulted while eoui' ling curt) or sotting br I'C-B. Mr. Adams th .11 1;/, (hut some reform should be made looking to unllormity In the sort of coutde.v used, as this, ho be HCVCB, would do much to minimize av eitlonts. At pt'osenl loeo.iiutives am paBtonger ears are, t'S a rule, well provided with auto.i.a:io couplers and train bra'-ios, but liny in e of to dllTor- ont kinds ami work in BIIOII 11 variety 0!' ways, that employes rarely become 1 ctiBtonietl to all an i lu-neo accident* necossarily follow. MASCULINITIES. TBBST that man in nothing who has not a consolonoe in everything. Tnvs skeleton measures ono Inch less limit tlio height of the living man. A DKAii cat is tho basis ol' a dlvoroe '.nit brought by a Fort Dodge, Iowa, woman. Tim trouble with tho man who knows lothlng is that he is always the last to find it out. THE now Archbishop of 'Westminster ,B in favor of giving la^or boor to tho working people. THIS safest ballast for a small boat te a cask of water. A Uog of bcoi does not loom to work so woll. JAOSON toys Uuie is only ono man who can beat u lawyor lying about • lult, and that's a. tailor, Ey»»Y man foeltt lnstlnotlvai« tw - 11 Sum" Wuuil.n-rul Tri-u,urt*4. Blnoo Iho ro ovory of the Spmils'i gal­ loon, wrockotl olf lllsianlolu, there havo bo en many remarkable ilhds of lost or burlod treasures. In lkSH tlio "treasure of Guawazar" wos discovered. Somo poasanis traveling near Toledo, Spain, noticed objoeta of gold and jewel work washed partly out of tho ground by heavy rains. Thoy broke thorn to pieoos and divided thorn. Happily, un intollt gont man heard tho story In time, bought up every fraginont, ptecod thorn all together and lied to l'arls, whoro he sold the lot to the Museo Oluny. The objoetB proved to bo 11 crowns—mostly "votive"—of tioth'e iiioiiaroha who ruled Spain during the seventh century. Tho "IrotiMiroof 1111 ioslioini," Prussia, also IB priceless. It wns found by sol- dlors digging 11 trench for slogo praotloo near tho town of that namo in 18(10 Thoro aro stowpaus, pots, platoB, a bat- torlo do otilslno t'omploto, all ot Bllvor! exquisite In form nn-l lit ornament, the legs, so to call them, of a table, standi for lamps, ull other, things iniloflnable! all sliver itud all lovely; a oomplote dinner service, plates, IIIBIHIB, cups, gob lots of beautiful (iivek work, In silver with gold wreaths and attachments, One might soy lu truth that tlio gold- smith'H art could not go boyond tho grace and rh hnoss of thoso articles many of wiileh uro ascribed to tho Hr«t nontiiry. Donmoil to Walk. Tlio peoplo of Oinolnnatl nro Just now gi-oally interested lu a atrungo character In their ol 1st—a man who, aeoording to Ills own bulla!', Is posBossotl ol a spirit and doomed to walk until he dies. His nttme la William l'ul'on, and ho has for the past three yeai'B wnlkotl almost In eesBautly day and night. Notwithstanding tho lmmottBO distances h< traverses, ho Is Btrong and hoahhy never.Bhowlnu or fooling fatigue an novcr footsore Ho bollovea that th spirit of an Indian has him in its powor, compelling him to walk until given orders to stop. Fullon Intends soon to start on foot around tlio world, going to Alaska and crossing tho Uehriu^ straits He onoo travok-c' on foot from Oinnln natl to Kansas City and roturnod, with out n oont In his pooket going or coming Ho Intends to take no money with him on his pro ood tramp wound tho world. SiiorlOo. It is a common custom In Armenia te sacrifice; animals in tlio iioetmipl' ment ot vows, Thus, a patron sail, is supplicated to Itvteroodo with the Almighty that certain siok be ro.itoroc to health, that a journey lie nuevoiu'tu. ly mado, that an enterprise, be brought to a prolltablo terinlnation--iu faot, lor arty temporal advantage—and .. oock, a rain, a bull—the animal must he a male—is lojl noax DOT8. A SHOUT sermon makos long frlondo, TJUSBOOTIAWJE eocurltlos—Weddluj ties. TAKES things qulotly—Tlio pickpocket. DON'T dispute the right of way with* cyolono. NEVKR arguo with tin angrv woman or sotting hon. BE progrosslvo. Thoso who head th« parade do not ttko the dust. IT IS always wtso to appear patient whon tho other follow Is tlio lnrgor. A OAHD-DiiiVEit—The marksmnn who can porforoto tho aco of Bpndo.i with 0. bullot. A UAitD head Bomotlmes passes for a wtso one. If you aro not wiso, don't givo yourself away. DON'T try to boat a man at his own game; tho chancos nro that ho understands It bettor than you do. TUB art of ohaeing sliver Is a difficult ono. If you don't bollovo It try to got baok the dollars you'vo loanod. THE West nnd East will novor agroo on tho sllvor question until wo strike u fow silver mines In New England. IRATE HUSDAKD—"I'd liko to give you a plooo of my mind." Mothor-ln- 'iw—"Don't; you'd be a mental pauper." THE theory of givo and tako is a groat ono, but novor bo BO situated thnt you havo to give excuses for taking what Is not your own. DEW ARE of tho porson who Is always looking on tho dork sldo of things. An honest man has no use for a dark lantern and a Jimmy. MB. WILIJIAM SWEENEY, of Catasa- qua, Pa., la at present 103 years old, and has chowed tobacco for the past ninety yenrB. Tho moral is obvious. THAT woman, alas! was mado aftor man Is a thought to make her wlnooj but she, In conformation to Nature's plan has boon after man ovor slnco. Toon PIANO PLAYER (apologotlo- nlly)—"Really, I don't givo much time tomymuslo. Muslolan (with a shudder of disgust)—"Well, I should say not!" FRANCES E. M'MARD IB lncl'nod to bo modest. She repudiates tlio Jioston idea of kuoo-hlg!i w.-il.'tli-g drosses, Insisting that (hey .should 10.1 'di to half way between tho Itiieo and auklo. ANTIQUiT .E3. IT Is claimed thai tho 'ii hot- 'o-it bj one of Columbus' nhlps on Hi . n!j,'ht of August l.'.i'i, olT lito iMl.indof Ti ;ni a l, has been recently tinea;tiled on that island. A ouitmr.-K rollc of old Human Ill- found roceu'.ly ut I.anuriuiii , Tori- 1 i'or eao', ami now stored 111 the llrliisli JI11- t'eiim, IB n thin Blab of btono ihut wtif .1111 -lent ly a circus poster. A (jKoatii.i iiii.n has in his t-t) o-slot! a palm oil lam.- made In Miulr ,\, Spain 1(1111 It, was dug 11 • in ilif ivno > some tlttto a;;o, and is . u •: used 10 have hooii lost, by Ponco do l.eoit. Lnnn 11 YJtoN left at Smj ru.i an it.tut- sting rollo which has jnsi come to light. A member of a family which orgiiuillv came front MIsBoloiigul has die.I ut M"g J.'uiia, noarSmyrii'i, and haabivinon hod io a friend a Seal which bolongo.l to tli - poot. ANDREW JACKSON'S old homo at tho Hermitage, near Naslivlllo, Is Btttt .iual as ho loft It. Among the relleu whl-h tho houso contains aro the pistols of General Washington, a wuodon pltohor, mado and presented by tho eoopora ol Philadelphia from tho olm undor which Ponn conoludod his treaty with the Indians, and a bayonet, a round will oh c root baa grown, from tho battle-Held ol New-Orleans, . BR.J S.GREEN, I'HYSICIAN & SUHGEON, Oflicn and Residence Southwest par of town. All calls promptly attended F.J. BECKER, M. D., ZE3IO MEOPATHIC I'HYSICIAN AND HUllGEON. Oll'ico .IIKI residence over Cliriss' Xew Furniture Knipuriuni, Postville' lovva. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. fl, TENSION EXAMINE!!. Offlce ut realilunco on Oroon atroot, aecotitt (loURo Eustof Hoy ArMcNoirn nurdwir.o. Wm, SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Iustirauco Agcut and Collector, Atitlmrti'.cil to i>rat:tlco in till tho courtu of ttio statu. Otllcu ovot L/iou's store, brick block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. RAILROAD TTME-TABtES -wWBHWrSa 22, mm, Hy. uin .11:00 a. m •1:'0 p. m. .0:30 p. m On nnd atter Sunday, Nov. trains 011 tho C. M. A: St. P. leave Postville as follows. OOIJfO EAST. Passengers. No. 2 4:. r >l p. m No. 4 (ni";lit) 11. m. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock .. No. 6 Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock GOING WKST. Passengers. No. 1 night ]2.!0 a. m. No. 3 10:2ia- m. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 :i. m No. '.I Timo Freight 6:15 p. m No. Ii Timo Freight 8:45 p. m All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 12, carry passengers whon provided with proper transportation. No. 9 between N. McGregor nnd Mnson City. M. E. TALCOTT , Agent." B. C. R.&N.R.R. L, STROEBEL & SON, — Pnoi'itiKToas or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT AHMSTHOKO"* HOLTKll'fi OLD B'f AND.) Have a full lino of Boots, Shoes, Slip- peis, llubbers and everything kept iu a No. 1 general shoo store. Custom work and repairing neatly anil promptly done. Every uair warranted. Wo keep no shoddy. Granita Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find it to thoir ad vantage t • examine M. V. Kidder's Granite Work iu Ccmeto- rics, 11s he is doing first-class work atns li,w prices as can bo procured in tho country- If ho litis not called upon yon tlvophim a card at Dccorah and lie will be pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Granite, lit the l.'west possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m0 Decorah, Iowa. JAPANESE LE CURE A Gunraiitaui! Cure for Piles of whatever kind or (k'^rco—lixluriml, lutuviutl, Utiml or HluutHim, ItcliiiiH, Chronic, Keeeul or Hereditary. This Kuincdy has positively never been knowu to fail, St.00 n box, 6 boxes for $5.00; sunt by mail prepaid on receipt of price, A written Guarantee positively HivfMi to each purchaser of 0 boxes, when purchased at one time, to refund tho $5.00 paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by H. N. DOUGLASS, DRUGGIST. Sole Ajjent, Postvillu, Iowa. DANIEL A. JEKALD, a ^erclxairt Tailor, PoHtvillo, Iowa. AU woiicfwiiiTtintoil io givo satisfaction. A full lino of Um latest stylos in samples. OHOIOE LINE OP DOMESTIC * IMPORTED suiTiisra -s JUST RECEIVED! D R. MABEY, Oflico and rositlonoo tit Park Hotel. Calls will receive uromnt attention ilny ami ni<r|it. (iootl All Wool Suits for $2i>. Genuine Clay Worsted, $2-') anil up. I'inc Worsted nnil Chinchilla Ovor- conts from $13 to $26. Kverylliinjf warriiutcil O. K. Call oarl j nnd leave your order. 1). A. ui, Merchant Tailor. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B, HABT, Proprietor. Opposite - PoBtviUe - Btato - Bank. Nona but tho best meats viiirohiisoil. Everything' in llrst-elnst shape. Courteous treatment to all. Trices always tlio lowosi. FRED, N, BEEDY. -:-PHOTOGRAPHERx~ LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. OKCOItAII DIVISION. Time Table in effect May 2 'J, is? 2 Pnssengor goin;; North... 6:1:0. 1' M South 6:00, '• Freight. " North 9:45. I'. M " South, 8:00, A. M. J. K. PKKKY Aefl)'. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONGltEGA'l'IONATj -Ituv N. J,. Burton, ].»>,- tol. rreacMng evory Suuday at 1C-.30 A.M. and 7:30 r M. SnulmtU Kchool in-njedutcly ultor lnorntui; sorvtco. Y. 1*. S. C. E. incuts overy Sumtuy ovonlug at 0:15. l'rnyer Meeting Wednesday evenings. METHODIST.-Itev. E. J. Lockwood, Viutcr. rroachiug eorvlcea evory Suuduy at 10::JuA M . unit 7:30 P. M. Bulihatb Scliool Imun-iU- ately aftor inornluu fli-vvico. Tito Ei>*'ovlU Loitttuu every Sunday OVOUIHR titG'.oo n'clouli. I'rayor meeting every Wednesday ovojiiu^ ut 7:00 o'cluek. You are earnestly iuvitod. POSTVILLE LODGES 'NOBLE LODGE No 51. A. O. V. W. The Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen meets the Second nnd l''oiirili Saturday evenings in ouch month, iu tho Masonic Hall over the Hrick Drug tore. J. W. SHEKHY , M. W. WM . SitEi-nEuu, Kueoriler. BROTHERXY.XOVE LODGE No. 204, A. F. <i- A. HI. Uegulnr meetings on Tuesday even ing on or before the full of lite mooi. AIT brothreu in good standing are enr dially iuviled to attend. K. I). STII.ES, W. lU. WM. MOTT , Scc'y. STATIONERY. Don'tforget, when you wan; plain or tancy Stationery, tha * the Review office is the plac to get it cheap. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterixisiry S-uixg-eoi... VOSTVII.LE, IOWA. Oflico first door East of tho Comnirr cial House, Grocn St., Postville, l <nv:t A riuo sot of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on bun Thirteen years successful yvactii Calls promptly answered Postville Dray Lin: P. J. BEUCHER. Prop, Having purchased theoriginn. i 'o.v viilo Dray Lino I nm prepared to ;l" :• kinds of" tlrnying promptly , careful' and satisfactorily. Good teams, g<>, drays and oarcfu 1 drivers iilwnys i>< service of tho public, at fair prit'r- it kinps of light or heavy hauling. in iu ,s oroountry promptly done. $1,000.00 RE WAR TOWSORIAL PARLORS. NKAlt OAKI. IIOLTElt's S'l'OUE. All work doiio in tlio highost styla of tho art. Satisfaction guarautoed. J. A. PAUKI'.U , Prop. 'BLACJKSMi™

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