Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 1, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1927
Page 8
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lents Started: iharges Men Who •estified Have Been "Fired" By Roads. Topeka. Kan., April 1. (AP)— ' Charging 'that the railroads had . "fired" three employes and threatened to dimnisa five others who had testified in the long train case, Clyde Reed.'of Parsons, counsel lor * the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and Brotherhood of Locbmot- .- ive Firemen • and Enginenien i-opened the oral argument today in i ithe action before the public service commission for an order regulating the length of freight trains In Kan- saa. - f • • I "These men -wfere discharged," Reed declared, "after the railroada . said they would not object to em­ ployes, testifying at Ifhe hearings •, They denied at the time that there 'was any tlireateningi'cloud hovering over the men who testified." . Mucli of Reed's opening botir and a half argument was devoted to a discussion of air brake rules'adopt­ ed .by the American Railway. Aswir elation. Me quoted testimony given at the hearing last December' bei- fore the. service commission by (Jeorge H. AVoods of Topeka, general air brake inspector for the Santa" Fe. Woods testified that whei a frejght train was operated with high air pressure at the "head end" of a train and luw. pressure'at the 'rear end," the engineer had iio.ontrol of the brake operations of the train. This, Reed contended, frej^ijently Is done, et^dangering the of trainmen, although- the cause ex tohiwood en' at, a • and at lOi riVir iwaij MBbo k bile 'traffi Marais Nea^ .received expected. at 14 stage. THE lOIA PAILY'REGISTER. FRTOAY EV]^«|NG;. AP^EL y 927. AMERICA'S QRfMAN CITY RISES AGAIN was not sufncie;qt to cnslre floods. The' £ot- •Jver at Katporia. has, rls- ate of one foot an {hour o'clock this moi^'nfnk the leaving iu ban^g. j The 80 was near flood ptage t wagii t a stand stid this morn- IK • ' ! . • The HI fall in BmWif \Vednesd« y morn4ng wa» 2\29 Road I are muddy and |c is almost Impq'ssibi IS Des Cygnes Flood Stage %w Ottawa, Kans., Aiw. Ji. ;(Ajr Rains in the .Marais des i C^g headwateis west of hdre'jbrdu the river to near Hood [at Ale^v and Qu^m no. according toi re; I ere 'but little dainagi The river" here! stiajnds feel,' ten foot beloW IIS WORSE TODAY Reports: Indicate I^ath Of Rumanian Kingo Is Immihent. Berlin, April 1. ports reaching here charest and other Balkan cities indicate that th4 death of King Ferdinand of Rjiniania. Is imminent. Heavy Wind Damages Farmis in Montgomeiy Karthquake damages at the Near Kast Rclipr 'X >rphanag:e c(>nlpr, in I.<>ninakan, Armenia, knovm aa "America's orphan city In the Near Easf^ because it is supporlid liy charity from tb4 United States, are being repaired. The cblldrea are heIpU>g to clean away soiuu of the debrio. requ vary lives rallrbads f*by their ,oVn rules are red to raainiuin a pressure ng not more than five pounds betwkien the engine and caboose." 'T lere Is )un Indefensible condition 4in Kunaas," Reed declared "whe.ii the railroads will not abida l)y tlie, rules they wrote them- selV)!^" ."It is our position," he continued.! "that this increased lengt 1 of freight trains, ^uiiaccomp- anied] by a corresponding Increasa in air brake perfection, : has in- •rrea-sjed lh';e hazard to ti^alnmeh and is grpundi for an order ; from the couuiUssioin/ reguljutliig the length of trains.' Several times Reed clashed with the atturi^eys representing the six .railroadrQoiiipanies which* are re-j spondentsito the, action. I Independence, Kans., Apr. 1. (AP)—A heavy wind did. some damage t(f farm propertj*—and small out houses over the county , liist^ight. aicording to reports re- i qeiveid here today. Several small outbuildings were blown over at Wayside, 12 miles southwest of here but no one was injured. Hail did some damage •liate yesterday to fruit trees iiorJh- east of this city, wliile ^ouniy roads werle damaged by excessive layed. Temperatures fell from 70 , yesterday afternoon to forty early! today. High wind from north during the night caused no damage. Both the Arkansas and Wal- niii river.'i are \rp several feet, but there is said, to be no danger from high water at this time, i St. Louis is Flooded By Drenching Rains LIQUOR BRINGS mm TODAY fic. Representativ rainfall a Qf- their bbnks. At Au Augusta,' Anfi-Saloon' League Problem Over Statement. Has id by csreeks going out I St. Louis, :Apr. I. (AP)—A. Two Rivers Over Banks :usta, Kans., Now out oi ifii htinii-o ™ i-'i mili» Hiiii counter-chargfs ' were .out 01 Its banks amd drove a score I exchanged here today u] the (Af)—De- Kaus., Apr. 1. (AP)— The Walnut aud Whitewater rivers overflowed their banks in low places here today following heavy rains yesterday. The Walnut river was within seven inches of last October's flood stage. Tho low jwliils in the HDuth pari of town have overflowi'd hut there wa.s little damage. The river was- rl.sing at ihernf'f of ten feel per hour ut H o't iock last night, hut had drup]r<'d to on or more of families from their homes in the bottoms, inundated lowland.^ in Forest Pafk ami away wooJ hlork | «(r«ei paVlngi Ml the central and Jest .rii sect.on of the city | the floate<l iiTnhlbition cohirovprsy.'^startod by the n .«srTl !on of, the .Association tee, added Wayne B. issued on his that he had Hudson. of Bucharest. Rumania!, (APy—Kliig Fejrdlnand has-taken a serious turn for the worse. ' AP)— Re-' from Bu- Aprll 1. condition Michigan, chairitian of the commit- denial Wheeler, of Wednesday, to that of the league, but G. C. Hinckley, secrctjary of the AsMici- atlon a^ came back with b the Amjsndment, rtfjferatipn which quoted! .Mr. \|Vhejele# as hdvlng reported' to his ejfeciilive committee raisjed Imoneyl to meet of the housie ,1 against the Prohibition amendment tliut the Anti-Saloon I >Hgiie had pai <r expenses vf the house coni- mittef on tlie alcoholic liquor traf Michigan repre.<^ certain expense t-imimfltee. Hinckley's,chajrges were describ- [)n as "sheer bluff Neither Mr. Lea- any contributions toward the compiittee In the four years he had b« eit a jnemher, the entative .said. ed! by .Mr. Hudsi aijd dust throwiig.'' Wheeler, tipr th4 Anti-Saloon gUe had"'made foot an hour at II 'o'clock ptorning. The flood was exi)ec to reach the crest at noon. ; Concordia Fire Loiss • Estimate is $42,000 Concordia, Kans. April 1. (AP) —Tiie business, street of Randall. Jewell coiiuty.. was badly scarred today aa ii result of a fire which >)roke put last night in the building of the Metz Packing Company. The fire spread to«the farmers drug store, a> butcher .shop on'the west sIde,of.;the -street and then to the Verdigris River High At Indei>endence Today Independence, Kans., Apr. j I. (AP)—The Verdigris riv«ir h^re wds up 21.r> feet this morning and sfill rising. It take.s .'12 feet to lut the rlyer out of its banks he e. The .stream was less than two f^e^ almve normal at 3:?,0 ye||terday afternoon; No dan ^-.T is ejdpecijed from the ilood waters. Rainfall is Heavy I At Junction Ci i .Junction City, Kans., Apr. .. <AP)—Showers last night broughl east side,, consuming an ' office Iniiidinjg, a 1 ardware store and a vacant build ng. ' , ; .\s the tpwjij has no water i plant, it w'as practically impossibte to check the ifire, the ctiemtcar. wagon and bucltet brigade being inef- f«ictlve. The loss Is estimated at $42,000. . - the total rainfall for the i) hours at':2..37 Inches. ^ Ground too Wet to PIbw At iSjrkansas City Today Arkansas Citv, (AP)—TThe fun Karis.. Apr. shining Schalk Misses Mbctil IIP ypu wers a major league mana< r gar. starting yaur first year, pnd j'was suddenly deprived of Ixouri star.i a player rated as the best outfielder in the American League, you wou ^d feel mighty tough about It. That's the way Ray Schalk. ',. new pilot of the Ct^icago White Sor, feels, only more so. ; U| is doubtful It ' ,any team starting Its .spring trj^ining ever received a worse shock, than the attempt oh the part of Johnny Mostll. Schalk's pi-em^er outfielder, to take his llfei i I jWii _^recall only, onis eimilar happening!. About! ?p years ago. Chick Stahl of tjiel Bobtoa Red Sox. jcomra^tted suicCde Uecause of ill health. Just a fe.'ntdaya prior to the opening of the jseaspn. It so u]>se^ the club that the -team fiii- Ished lastj'it my Aemory serves me viorrectly. Like Mostil, Stahl was a prime Xavorlte w^lth the players and it is . a strange coincidence that he! was the star ceniier. fielder of the club. Mosttl 's -positton with Chicago, i • ' • . • • I Entire Tje^m Serious i •jTT is very apparent that the Mos* til t^ragedy lias upset the Chicago club to a inai ^Ited degree: Us- .nBllyja carefree aggregation, the Sox seem very serious-minded and ' I hav^ no doubt' but tljat the Mos- tUatfair has-created such a condition. ' . No 'one on tfe ball club has been and thp Amei^ica^ powever has coraij plansi. Barrett, he had one of tro^gest outfields in the League; and rightly soi the pa .S8ing of Mostil jletely upset his outfleldl 3G 1. THE Y ALL LIKE Last December Kingj Ferdiiiand submitted to two operal;ions for intestinal disorder. Thd following month Dr. Sluy.<li, radiuqi specialist. Journeyed from Brussels to Bucharest to administer- radium treatments to the king. I Late in February Drj. Sluys returned to Brussels, announcing the king soon would be able to go to a health resort. He saidj.the radium treatment would not be renewed before the middle of March, at which time Dr. Severeanii. Ruibanian radium expert, .would decide whether resumption would bel necessary. 'Since that/ litae therci have been various rumors of the pending departure for Italy. Spain or other Mediterranean Reports,also have circulateit that king 's ira- countrles. he intended to abdicate}in Prince Carol, on - account health. favor of of his .Program is Announced For Concert Sunday All details hare been worked* out for the free municipal concert to be presented Sunjlay afternoon at 3 o'clock at Membrlal hall by the) lola little syinphohy orchestra. The entire coinmunity^is invited aicord­ ing to J. v. Roberts,.director. The program follows: Oberon. OvertureV Weher Valse. "Triste" Sibelius In A Persian Market." (Intermezzo- i Scene) J Kettelbey Duet. "Serenade" - Titl -Mrs. Victor Kirk. Flute. Mr. • T; 0. Canatsey, Clarinet. Peer Gynt"Suite," _- Creig , I. Th the MorninK. II; .\sa "s Death. III. .•^Ultra's Dance. IV. In the Hall of the King. Indian Love Call, (from itose Marie) '- Friml Miss Clara Brown, Soprano Symphony in B Minor, (I'nfinish- •. ed> Ist Movement, Schubert, Souvenir, de" SIoscow, (Russian Airs) . Wieniawski Mrs. Lloyd X. Brown, Violin Merry Wives of Windsor, Overture. Nlcolai. DOCTORS, LOSE Points Narirowj Margin of Te^ Separate Teams At End! By a najrrow margin of pointsl the Doctoijs were defeated by-th^ first' trap team: at the; armory last night. Next Tuesday night tli« junior college team will clash-witli the Trapshooters,/while Thursday night the J. lola School Teathtys will con *pe|te with, the LeHJgh gunners. ; — Last night's scores^ * Doctors. -Mountain | Q^ew ... ^ —' ifli The "Centurions" is tie name of an English amateur a hletic society composed of men. pml.women who have walked 100 iniiles in than tweutfy-four hours; —Telephfne your Claissifled Ads to 18. . Aged Man Slain With Axe, and Wife Dying Buchanan, Mich.. Apr. 1. (API- While .Michael Zerbe. 87 year old Buchanan township farmer lay dead iri a local morgue, his .skull crushed in by axe blow.s. and his 85' year old wife, suffering from a fractiired skull fought feebly for life, a corps of deputies today sought Walter Wallach r.o. son-in- law of. the aged couple. "Walter Wallach. hunt him." Mrs. Zerbe is said to have whispered, and the hunt was on. The attack upon the aged couple was made about ft this morning. Before taking flight, the slayer ^el fire to the Zerbe cottage. Drj- Stephenson , \ Dr. Lenski ^. ;)2 Dr." Tippiei t ! .sj: Dr. .Alurphej- -.St; Totals Tnipshooters. W. P. Allen . Arbuckle , Fid Smith O. It. Krannich —, H. Shively 4« 1 :s2 ——.is i'i !):! Sii Totals 4:-,;! St. Petersburg, where the Npw York Yankees and the Boston Braves did their spring' training this year, boasts of having ihe largest baseball plant in Florida. Higher speed lis attained In Ir4 hockey and in ping pong than ni any other games. FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phone 131 or 820 Ray Investment Co. -Mrs. I'hllln .S. Hav 1 IT! WE SOLD MORE THAN TIRES Diiring March, 1927, Than We Sold of All Other Tires Combined During- Any Previous March ike Bootje Gets Chance TX a)I pjobabiilty. it meant that! * Bill Barrett must shift froml right to clenter. Bill had Just aboud learned j (he intricacies ot fight neld and inastered the sun ilel4 handicap tl^at faces the Vlght field or at tt Icago as well jas several other An ericatv Leaguej parks. Barret isn't so keen for play, ing cent<r. but will glve'SchalU his best. .That me^hs tfiat lke| Boone w^l likely go to right field Boone can jhit. but he is no Tris Speaker ks a ^fielder. So,; instead bt having his out4 fleld definitely settled he has twa doubtful spots. Randolph MooreJ B youngster who starred at, Long4 view., Texas,,last year.lis a flue prospect, a reklly great fielder, but] there is <har<^ly a chance that he can step pitching perienre. in and hit major league [with only one year's ex- more affected by the tragedy than Manakier Ray Schallt. A great ad, mlrer|°aHd close friend,of johnny. L he has: sulTered a sei-ere shock because of personal refiC6%i;^o this, one must add the; worry thfct nat- arally resjilts beciuse of MostU's ibsence fr^W the.lineup. .When Rk/ Schillc consented to "lake <iver the Cbl^a^^ club aS siic- - eesFoi^ to, Eddie CoHins, the outfield was one p&rt of! the club that ' tare ihim iiio greit^iconcern. He... Cood Pitching Expected TT is Just piossible that BilI,Hun- •'• nelteld may solve part ot Schalk's worry. Last sea^n he did y'eoman service at short, second and third and hit mighty well. Maybe he will prove the key to the ouifi^ld problem by being shifted to right or csuier. Manager Schalk admits that suchia tiling is a possibility, but that Is as" far as he would go. on that score. Th6 White Sox should gel the best of pitchiiig. The infield should prove a strong combination if the veterans hold up. The outfield,is Schalk's thief worry. If 'Johnny' Mostil. was in the lineup. I am sure the White Sox Would IM .most' optimistic as to their I chances, ^causa It is a mightY*)(]eod ball club. The loss of Mdjitil, however, has made most of th« at iletei n^tber pessiml«Uc 1. Marathon constructed ti-ead, pri long wear. St moderately pi tires everirinpr Tire<^" are n^-^ssivo, heavily with a real road gripping skiddinr" and insuring II jMaiulho-; Tl.e^ are very ced. 2. Our Weelily . Payment PI mi enables you to purchasje a Marathon Tire- with a small down i^aknneht, the balance being paid in ^weekly] instalments. Only a good tii-e can be solq oh .such liberal teyms. 3. Marathon anteed to give Tires are definitely guar-: ^ -. - ^ 5'ear's service. If, yoi| are ! not familiar with a Canatsey Guarantee— ask your neighbor. When you buy aitire I from us you know just what your tire cost \ per,mile will ibe. — i i *^W6 TaM twelve Out of Tires'^ THANKS! We io our appreciation tb the many Allen county motoi-i.sts who have:; purcha.sed IVIarathon rTii-es from u.s during the , month and to assure yoii all that we will live up to the which you have placed in uSi We believe that, Marathon Tires are the on the market at the price and we are ready, and able to stand behind them. Let' u.s thank you again for ' "your response to our "Pay as you ride plan." If ynii have never tried them let us shoiv • you how etisily you may become a member of t_he ever:, growing family of J^arathon Tire Users. C. CANATSEY. 116 East Jabklon K .-t C. CANATSEY, Prop, Phone 146

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