Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 12, 1963 · Page 25
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 25

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1963
Page 25
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THE REGISTER-NEWS DAILY MAGAZINE PAGE BIONDIB gf eH(C YOUNO V 1 DAGWOOD, WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A NEW GAME P\AIXTHE WOMEN ARE PLAYING Jte>3> WITH THEIR, HUSBANDS? 1 (FIRST YOU HAVE) llty TO HAND ME <f SUPE--V. I TEN DOLLARS ) M./n/vw/MiA w >V III ABNER By Al CAW RED RYDER HOW, JUST A • CttB-WAB SECOND.' 1 DOM'T HAFTA TAKE NO IWSULTS.*/ " x5 " MY GOODMAN IF I— YOU ARE TO WORK FOR* ME ,YOU WILL CURB YOUR. VIOLENT TEMPER. AMP N0I6Y MOUTH/ PBUiAPSYOU) I FOUWDA BICOWE LAST KNOW OF A f/1 WKK WWW I WAS HIPM» RUM THAT Kl OUT FROM AUNTIE D-* UH^ Will VOU KEEP AN EYE ON MV CAR WHILE I £E6 Ts -f -i WHATS KEEPIKlG M,V HUSBAND? THE TRUNK* 50 Jcfc FULL OF LOOCAGB IT WON'T LOCK'. T -sSCZ. i PARKING 1 'i McKCE ! | EMPLOYEES t ONLY I AH..'ER6*5 CJUJONBYS MOTOR}DUH -)LP0Pl CARl MS OLD LVDY ISN'T IN 5 LOOKIT PAT IT...6UT TH' TRUNK IS OPBNLJ SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER EyeiN' HER, By TURNER CARl HOLD ITi Y BUT TH'OWNER SAID BUB! KEEP \T0 PUT'IS BOWLIMS 1 DUKM. yER HANDS /BALL N W TRUNK- I Mm OFFA PAT 7 AMP PICK UP MB yWE £&& CARtAPLANETlCKET^PATAjU'T, BEN CASEY ASIDE FROM YOUR STAFF,! OONt *"~ WANT AMYBOOy TO KNOW ABOUT THIS THING. ESPECIALLY MISS GAULTl By NEAl ADAMS HAVE 7 .CASEY. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By BIOSSER I 'LL BET TWEY HAD JDUMMQFRECK. HOCKEY* ON T/^WMAT MAKES LAST NIGHT/ I YOU WINK So? •A fa SII0R1 RIBS By FRANK CNIAl BUGS BUNNY OUR ANCESTORS I WONDER Y OA, |fS| HOW / AIN'T THAT A UNUSUAL COULD HAVE HAPPENED? ...WHEN THERE'S AT/OS IN TH' HOUSEl /iir >y, "When I dreamed of marrying a knight In shining armor I didn't realize I'd have to spend all day timing 1ht ttuffi 1 * They'll Do It Every Time •*M«>J ». I. MM 0*» By Jimmy Hatlo~| WHEN PHCOTKISS is AWAY FROM THE OFFICE ME REFERS TO ALL THE BRASS B 1 / THEIR FIRST NAMES — BUT TAKE A GE-ANDER AT THE WAV HE ADDRESSES THEM WITHIN EARSHOT"" YES.SIRS YES, MR, 8I6DOME SIR.' YES.MR. CRILLV.SIR.' RIGHT AWAV, ISIRS/VESSIRS/ I THANKEW, SIRS.' * As You Were * Glances Through the Flies of The Register and The News 40 YEARS AGO TODAY William Harris Smith, who was struck by an automobile on cast Main street last evening was so severely injured that he died a few hours later. The Middle Fork mine ol the United States Fuel Co., at Benton has been closed, putting 800 men out of work there. F-ftlSCIUA'S POP irtloti. Inc.. 1W. World rights reserved 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Announcement was made today that the Elks would give their annual treat to the little ones in Mt. Vernon Christmas. Mrs. Grace Holm, who was recently graduated from the St. Louis Beauty Culture College, has accepted a position with the Potter Beauty Parlor in the Hotel Emmerson building. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY About the busiest place In Mt. Vernon today was the new First National Bank. Miss Lulu Whitlock, Miss Gladys Price, Mrs. James Woodruff, Mrs. Jesse Frost, Mrs. L. V. Puckett, and Mrs. Walter Whitlock were visitors in St Louis yesterday. The Mt. Vernon Chapter No. By At VERMEER ALLY OOP Y'fOUND THESE THINGS OF OOPS OUT IN TH'BRUSH? By V. T. HAMUSt MORTY MEEKLS By DICK CAVIAIU IM A TYPICAL CHILD OF TH£ TWENTIETH ceNTucy-. oca GWUQGLMG AOAIN6T FCQC&3 THAT AGS ee/ONDMY CONTEOL. life. THe/'OS AL60 Be/OND 7. SIDE GLANCES By GAIBRAITH 311 *l gum I know what I saw, young man! I was looking out windows before you wars bornl" CARNIVAl By DICK TURNER "1 don 't know that your father will think that strapless dress is sinful for a girl of your age, but I do know he'll think the price is ungodly!" 233, O.ES. met Inst evening ond elected the following officers: Mary Louise Slsson, worthy Matron; Carl Hammond, Worthy Patron; Mrs. Sarah DeWltt, Associate Matron; Aubrey A. Crowder, Associate Patron, Miss Jesse Hill, Secretary; Mrs. Mamie Hammond, Treasurer; Mi's. Harriet Irvin, Conductress and Mrs. Hazel Hawkins, Associate Conductress. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY Miss Martha Nell DeWitt, who attends S.I.N.U. In Carbondale, has been called lo this city on account of the death of her grandfather, William DeWitt. Mrs. Keith Dutton and son left this morning for Benton, where they will spend the remainder of the week visiting relatives. 20 YEARS AGO TODAY Twenty-nine pre-Pearl Harbor lathers are among a large group of Mt. Vernon and Jefferson county men in a recent call received from State Selective Service headquarters. Past presidents of the ML Vet* non Business and Professional Women's Club were honored at the meeting last evening. They were Mrs. Ethel Green, Edith Cates, Fern Watson, Mrs. Nellie Rich, Mrs. Helen Ham Parr, Mrs. Elmira Scott, Mrs. Margaret Hicks, Mrs. Maxine Woodruff, Mrs. Rosalee Carner, and Mrs. Marge Wingo. 15 YEARS AGO TODAY For the second straingh night, a dense fog descended on Mt. Vernon last night, resulting in hazardous driving conditions. Thieves did some Christmas shopping inside the postoffice at Opdyke last night. Alter breaking in, they opened about a dozen Christmas packages, took what they wanted from the packages and left the rest. They also took about two dollars in stamps. There won't be many stay-at- homes in Mt. Vernon and vicinity tonight, from all appearances. la addition to normal Tuesday evening activity there are at least 29 get-togethers scheduled ranging from a concert at the high school and a Democratic buffet supper at the Armory to sessions of small social and church groups. Miss Jane Batts, fiancee a! Barton Bridge, was guest of honor at a dessert bridge and shower given last evening by Mrs. Fred Batts, Mrs. John Mitchell, Mrs. Theodore R. Lindsay and Miss Deanie Olmsted. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Mrs. Stella Hamilton, Mrs. Pansy Johnson, Mrs. Pauline Alexander, Mrs. Mabel Squier, Mrs. Lorraine Piercy and Miss Jessie Fish attended the Division 12 meeting of the Licensed Practical Nurses' Association which was held in Benton last night. Mrs. Harry Woner is the new president of St. Mary's Altar Society. Other new officers are Mrs. Herbert Downey, vice president: Mrs. J. C. Marsh, secretary; and Mrs. Lloyd Kessinger, treasurer. The ML Vernon Rams scored an 85-64 victory over the Marion Wildcats last night on the home field—leaving no doubt as to which team the team to beat South Seven Conference honors. 8 YEARS AGO TODAY The Mt. Vernon grade school board has voted to have only five hours of classes on Christmas Eve. A fierce fire which started before nine o'clock this morning completely destroyed the two- story brick residence cl Fred Justice, 1500 Viola, Airplanes from several southern Illinois cities will land at the Mt. Vernon Airport this Sunday to take part in a practice search and rescue mission to bt conducted by the Civil Air Patrol squadrons. After a three-day trial of a condemnation suit, a jury baa awarded a total of $3,750 to Ben and Grace Speck and James Gitcho. This was for right-of-way about nine miles east of town on land which is owned by them. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Hayes of 224 Opdyke avenue were married 57 years ago yesterday. RUNS OUT OUR BOARDINO HOUSI WITH MAJOR HOOPLI AlLYOtfVBTJONiElSfcRAS ABOUT ^ SOUR tf>R6AT RASSUN' H0UD6.AMO Ttf BEST HOLO YOU KMOW 16 OM A KNIFE? ANf PORK.'—' TWte WOLD IS, TUB AlKPlANe SPIN, AMO tM • COMMA \NH6EL "foO AROUND. \ TILL SOU'WE OWtlGK THAM A (TOP—-THEN t LL PUMP YOU. ON VOOR i ^CHIM.MEY.y HEY/ DRAT IT, -&TOP/ WHY, i PLAGUE] , SOU- 4P0TT -TT -6PUTT- CLAWPTVlAT _ DERRICK HOC© ON HIAA ,MA30«! HOO KNOW TH* ONE? SOU TOLD A\jfi tfOO WORKED ON ' THOSE <&IANT SIAMESE TWIN KA6SLERS/ „ ©LISTER ^3 LOSES MS PATIENCE-» OUT OUR WAY Sy WILLIAMS TAKIN' UP MODEL CAR AAAKIN'.EH, GRAMP? ' SAY, THIS AIN'T RIGHT.' YOU'VE GOT THE AIR CLEANER WHERE THE CARBURETOR SHOULD. 8E --ANDI 5EE ANOTHER MISTAKE HERE,TOO.' HAVE YOU BEEN FOL-. LOWING THE DIRECTIONS ? AAAYBE YOU SHOULPATPIED SOMETHING SIMPLER FIRST.' WELL, I'LL GET YOU STRAIGHTENED OUTAKl' WELL HAVE IT FINISHED IN NO TIME/ ft ml mm

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