Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 27, 1915 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1915
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 27,1915. i Just Rec<eiye4 > Big Shipment of i Thejiiare now on display in our Rug and Drapiery Roo;|^on second floor. Come in aftd^ook them-over --rthi6 materials and prices will suit you. lETY 0^,Friend of Mine. Old friend -of mine, if you Kliall cross ihe tide Before jpyj bark lets go, ' you -ii^atchl for me upon the other Bide; ' You watch5and wait for liim our Peer less Gijide; ff first yoij: cross liie tide. Old frjend ;pf niine if you shall learn ' the wa^ Before I hear the call. You whisper tlirough the misty mass some jjifty The password that is best for me to ''• say 1 I I —If first |y.o« cross the tide. Old frlencljof mine, rrom baltlementH on high. If yonderl^rst you stand, \Vave back soine message you may cheer iis by, And .spiir us. on to dare to do or d|« From battlements on high. sliall see that Old fr'lentl: of mine, if ytm the Kfag, .Before I ikiss Ills hand, W^ft back 10 me some strain there yw sing, Seine note to still this longing won, derin^i; Tf first yoji s ee the King. —Boston Transcript.' It is ndt many weeks since the [lub was organized, and Preistunde- c ati tlie cliib Dkrice givje'n ^pne aAjrth ii^ere have' been some jolly-parties up ••I rooms, but the Rube there last night out.. , _ .80 far attempted in' l^fi way; of entertainment. The dance - was very Informal, as was quite nec- esSttfy after everyone Had seen the I i|muslQii,cpstn»Kes that appeared as if in^ny attids and old chests had been .Bfeafched <or ga,rnients. Several of tB'e "giris wore, kitchen aprons and sunbonneta, but others iiad dressed. |D0te elabprately for the entertain- y^t. Tire, costumes of Miss Bess .FetlierUn Sand Miss leucine Spencer Is 'twjn Si| Hopkins, and Miss Marion |tipl^ Ta,lbert ag a little girl were raen- 'tibped especially. If prizes had been ayarded J^.ul Nye, would hwe won l^rit j)tl20_ffbr the gentlemen, accord- 'ftk i<? of the gudsts, but Carl RlwiBiey a^ a living skeleton, Carl Camp^eil ag- the dandy, and Earl Mll- ,, as p. real ."country kid" were also very cilev'ei'ly-dressed. The merry- .piaiiera were Misses Bess Fetherlin, IJelen Andlrson. Lucene Spencer, Lou liBflL .M«ler| Hazel ,Fetherlin, Rutii St,;t^ Oetayia Munima, Glennis Bar tela, Anna] Smith, Marion Lois Tal- bpVt, 'Llllf^h i*Iorthrup and Helen .Cjimptiell; iiBjIeSBrB Paul Nye, Marlon .porsett,;;;^ank Anderson, Webster P^epnett/j^rl McKinney, Carl Price,' Carl Rilchey, Archie Hall, Carl Camp bell, Earl filler, Don Travis, Russell Hariiy and'floyd Nicholson. "T.6(e partj^'gi'ven on Thursday evening for Mi ^s Helen Herdman was at the home if Mrs. A. H. Hecox, and at tlieiihome of Mrs. Shermati as (Stated last^^venfog. if -• • • WW AdaiDg (Uid Wss Marjorio Lehr of ^doradp surprised their many I ifrlend^ by ibeing quietly married the iatb pf-jjasfeipbnth. It was kept a MC r(fet...6nl^ t|e nearest relatives beiss aware of if lintll recently whep Mr. ^daras wenj tp Eldprado and brought I .jbia )M'i<^ itpme'with him. Mr. Adams ypullgest son of Mr. and Mrs. 18. . Miss t*hr formerly _ . .e hieir j^ome in Humboldt and Is luiite w«H i»nd favorably known. THis fdepai^fwnt) ioi&e in wishiiig thcno a •?l0Bg i «'ad .iii^ppy wedded life. -^Is eloping from the Cherry Grove Itenfe in the Humboldt Union iWiU iatere«t many people here. .Mr. AJdAtngJe 4 nephew of Mr. apd Mrs. ^as^ Fitted Etes ExaniiiiiMl S»U «rM4iOB €liianiiit6«k or Tear PMer Bcfandiil. •4 j ..••jvl.- •• -'^.J.ijJW. ... 6. Adama Jtt ^hi^ >tty jffljj t-.M «'fl- ited them very often, and 'In iJiis way hag become well acguainfea with Idia young people. • • .* <0»j* Every Fr'^ay afternoon the drill team of t ^e Wb ^inen Circle meets for practice, itvt yesterday, there was no'practice for ihe reason that the team h^d.planned isurt)rise for Mrs. Rose HiarHs; guardian. In drder to carry out thefr'ii.lan succe 'safuily the team raenrtiers gathered iit the W. O. W. hall earlier than is customary arid by the time Mrf). Harris arrived tbey were all theire ''to ^re>* aer and'pre^; pared (o start a serreg of games fiAt created fun all aCtferhttbii liniil yearly five o'cfbck when Ide cream^an'd cake were served. Mirs. Harris has served veiy faithfully for more th^n a year and the pleasant gathering was an expression of appreciation from ,tbe team. Those present were Mrs. Ella Algfer. Mrs. Hattie Simpsoji, Mrs. Mabel Waite, Mrs. Emma Gainer, Mrs, Mary Place, ^i^s. Frances I.iong, Mrs."] Katie Harrison, Mrs. Lena S.mltlr, Mrs. I.,pie Strode, Mrs. Gi^ce Howard, Mrs. PJUtt. Mrs. Mfty Donovan, Mrs. John MilUgan, Mrs. Bert Moyer, Mfs. Rose Harris, Mrs. Venlta Harris and Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson. Members of the W. C. T. U. are -always so. busy that there Is little lime fpr social affairs, but the meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. L. Gear the rule was reversed and except for a very few minutes .spent in necessary business the afternoon was devoted to pleasure. Sev erai ei^tertainers were a^ed to give the prpgrana ^for the afternoon and all of them responded m a pleasing manner. Mrs.jSadle Decker ^aSe two excellent readings, followed by a vocal solo by Mr. James Stone, who sahg very beautifully, "Mother in Heaven.' Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Philiip 'Heigele then completed the program with several humorous readings, and Mrs. Gear assisted by Mrs. J. C. Keim atid Mrs: Earl Parrott served a delicious luncheon. Great interest Js being taken in the red and blue contest, and several ladies who have, already becon^ mem-^ hers at the invitation of the conteist- ants .were present yesterday and wore the colors of their respective sides. This is probably the last social meeting until aftr; the close of the Contest when the losing side will entertain for the winners and the new inem bers. . Professor Otto Booker, of Kansas city, who w^s prevented irom singing at the first Methodist church llast Sun day night because of lIlnieB^ in his family will be here tomorrow night and w'H sing twice, once at the opening of the -service and once at the close. His selections are, "Open the Gates," by Karvatt and "Come Unto Me," by Schmidt. «• • * Miss Elma Snyder is spending a few days in Ottawa with her brother, •W. A. Snyder and Mra. Snyder. <fr • • A young man once ordered some pnoodle soup and while eatinjg it came Bcron; a needle. immediately he called the waiter over ahd said: "Ix)ok here, waiter, 1 found this here needle in m^ toup!" The waiter with a Burprised l<}ok, picked .lip the menu card, looked up and,down the columaa a moment, then ''a bidM'Biniie cceiit over hia face and e ;|(iQlainied: "You see, sah dat -^at am jest; a typergriaphical error -rdat—dat should am bin a noodle. —Santa Fe Magazine. _ . >•.•,.• Of course it is hardly fair to tell jokes on the Indies' Aid Societies, b»' this one Is really too good to k «ep. A little fellow who used to live here was yery fond of hearing hla grandmother tell Bible stores, and one of hia favorites was about the prodigal son fttjo "jfot into bad society." " Hla grandmother is also a very faithfi |l-worker in the church of whicli atoe it, a -oi«n- ber. and he heard her taih a gipi about the "Aid Society." One. , . noon she was some ,wh|it surpraed io hear her small grandson telling several of his playma.tea>M>e^ si^ry of the prodigal son, and assuring them most soieininly that "he went 'way, 'way off; to another country and got into the AW society." « * • Mi^ Grace Drake, 31S North Cottonwood street, entertained the Clio, Club on Thursday evening, and the menir bers apent the time very pIcMuiaatly with games and music. The bbstess served a delicious two course luncheon In which she had used the club colors, ereeii and white, very prettily. The Annesley Gtrls met last night at thjeliorae of Mrs. J. C. LangaCord. with Miss Fftye Potter, Miss Ldielia srarner and Misa Susie Clodfeltisr aa boateaa- es, who oDpeared yeiy quaint |p coa.-; tiimes of Yortjr or fifty jrawra .ago. -Tha; rooms in which the club met wei ^emri with patrloUc colore and-tied hatctiatal were BHggeative of the Ionic ago dtnry: 'jof-George Waabfngton fcnd bia liatofaei .i Eor tba center of^he dining table there wae a mktlature cherry tree with' its briitbt polored fruit and the dpii; dolls.Jhenu alao bbre siiggestiohs lirf the seaaon. The greater part of the evening was apent with fancy w ork, and tbere waa « ahort buaineas S)'B- IfipB ifiWlOS which officer^ jw.ere elcot- ' tollowa: Mtaa HMtie Fibnk, ..^„i;M»^ Smim mfiex, yice- rosidenl; Misa Alice McGowan. accu- y and lUtt .C^* Mioidla, trfiasurer The >i(uii E*^f' ^pslqa.ary 36. .c^Or of .thejaaRMUt .QhUWh .yJU ,{neet m Monday-Algbt M ^he h,P«ie of Miss Nellie Walters, oh North street. Mrs. A;'J. HttU^i Mrs. J. T. Crayford, Mrs. J. Jd.lrtfe; Mrs. C. L. Wjaah-i »o»r4 Mi!P.^J^>Woo(dln. Mrs. WUi I. J. 3. yarltdr, all mefntfera of ttie jjl.sY. L. J. Cinl ),'lBJ9 /l Mr. A. J. Hetifel, '^ehWp'erohe." {Went ^o F ^Fsqns thia/iif- tenuxm fpr an pyer Sunday houB<;^ M the honxe of Mr. apd Mrs: ^lUlatn BeadickOT. Although .^t-H! ^^Icker n^a not been able Jo attend air of 4he j^e^etlings ip(f the cliib'this • ^.ttftisr 8in<^ aliie ji)i># been jftvlnji; th P.arBbi|it,-she h,iM^>kipt up lier uaual ih ^rest aiKd tie diib is expecting to enldy,. 4be moat delijghtful iheetitag <>i ihe w:&fer"ai; heir bwne. * Mt-s. A. W. Beck and Mra. John Delap werei hostesses to the ihethher^ of the Pria^dUa Club yesterday afternpidhi yrtien tWelve inembers and one sm'aU gnest, Jlfsa EleanorJdorH^, were pres- «nt. This iUtend$w <&p ia not quite so large as .the .attcmdance-has been for several weetfcs for the reason that several meetings cpD^ipted and members who are keeping lient did not attend, but all who'were present spent a very happy afteniotiib In Mrs. Beck's beautiful home. A Idyely Ave o'clock lunich- «Qn was aerved aind a handsome potted iilant diecOrated'the center of the tiibl *.v i - - <. * • The Loyal Bereans, of the Christian Sunday School, entertained for the i;nemberB ol the class and a few friends last eVenMig^at tlie hdnie of Miss Clvlo.- iDavis. HAtchets abd flags were Vised to decorate the rooms, andNthe guests were .eriieHained with music and Atuuslng games and patr otic contests RerreBht^ents were served to the following members and gijests: Faith Frantis, Mabel Becker, (^ertrudo Wal- tefson. Estella' Huggihs, Bertha Hpit- ford, Grace Starka, Jessie Samuels, Oiiloe liavls, LaVerhe Northrnp, Vernon Ellis, Eugene Oliiver, Wallac<- Smltli, CJie.ster and Earl Lewfs. KALEM. . February 2.'.—.Mrs. Ollie Kalni and children iare on the sick list. .Mr. .laines .loy and family are beginning to hiove to the Muntzert place. Miss Katie Stuteville was called to CentervlUe by the illness of her: sister, Mrs. Jno. Rice, i She has pneumonia fever. Mrs. Carl Wicklund is much iiri- proved. Mr. Weaver and .Henry Roush .are assisting Mr. Coltrane with ills house building. They expect to get the roof on two rooms Thursday. Hi is building on tlie west forty, of the McLean place, which he recently purchased. The infant d^iighter of Mr. and Mrs. BauguB is dangerously ill. Mr. Jas. .Ronrk and family will move to the farm vacated by Mr. Tipples. Mr. and Mrs. Jas; Porter .attended the fune'ral of Mrs. Pprter's uncle, .Mr. Hartman at Humboldt, Tuesday. Mr." and Mrs. Walter Young will move to the farm now occupied by .Mr. Mullenlx. Mrs. L. B. Pearson and daughters pleasantly entertained the following guests, a week ago, Tuesday: Mrs. Andy Roush, Mrs. Bud Tipple, Mrs. Jim .\damp and Mrs.- W. D. Fronk and Mrs Willis Pettit of Humboldt. Dr. Payne was called to the Roush home Tue^dily to attend Ollie who is sick with ehllls and fever. Berl Baugus and Calvin Spears went to LAHarpe Wednesaay evening. Mr. Kalm and- Mr. Baugiis butchered Wednesday afterhoOn. Mrs. Morrison and Miaa" LnUe Adi^, of Allen Center,, came down "Thursday to assist Mrs. Kalm with the mieat. The box social which has been postponed .on account of bad weather, will be next Thursday., March 4th. The third time's the charm,.so it's going throttgh .thlp jtime, ittfi. roads or good. Don'.t forget there w'iil be a ten-cent lunch for thpse who don't,care rpr box^ es, also caJidy .and peanuts—'Thursday, March 4th. UTIEII5 HW THE FRONT Interesting KeniH from the CorreK- pondents of the AsNocIuted Press in Europe. —J. L. Southern, Eau CValre, Wis., writes: "Years ago I wrote you in regard tfl ^reat results I obtained from Poliey kidney PIIIH. After all these yekra I have never had a return of those terrible backaches or sleepless nights; iam permanently cured." Men and women, ypuhg i ^d old, find this re Uable remedy relleyef rbeumfitism, backa<i^e, stiff Jo.^is arid ills caused by wea^c ordlsf^Mid lUdheys or blad der. burrell's Drug Store. AMtp Bandit Would Fight. Paris.— A letter to hia mother from 0}ett^ne, the Parte auto bandit, aaya he if'sorry he did not die od the'guil­ lotine instead of ieitlhg a cbhtihuta- fipr ,of sentence, .Jbecanse he t^Uk't jgo *p ttie iroitt and fight! THE TEETH Eaqh tooth i^toiil^ be Mooted upon as a priceless pearl—for if lost It can not be replaced. Teeth ,wUl lastior a lifetime if kept peVtecUy clean. Decay cannot gel a hold oil poilstaed enamiel. kills all «erms that oaiiect on the teeth, loosens the tartar and ^ diSaolvea^other accumulations. It is cleansing and .purifying. .i^lce,|J!&e. Paris.—"The legend of the asl)hy.\- iating properties of the tliree-lnch projectile," says an artillery oliicer, "has been accounted for. We Pften foutid in the trendies bodies of soldiers who a^>peared to have been struck by a thunderbolt—no trace of wound, no ijtood to be found on their bodies, it vjas fiiially decided to clear U|) the riiatler and autopsies wore made of .sliich c.'ises. Each time there was found .somewhere in the body a small fragment of cur three-inch shell, having made an luipercefitible wound but having penetrated to a vital spot, causir^ mortal internai hemniorrhagea. Thin is due to the mal:velous .shell whicli breaks on the average into two thous- iind idece.s, about half the length oi 'X lead pencil and the thickness of a via^ iting card."• Berlln.—in proportion to its size, ;ti. little village in the Province of Bran-' denburg claims a record for patriotic; zeal. The town has not (luite 700 inhabitants, but according to the btirgo- masterls bo^st, it has contributed nearly $1,200 toward the Red Cross, gifts for soldiers and care of wido.v.?. (\t the outbreak of. tlie war every 'jia'i. of the village paid his war tax in .id- vance, without accepting the which this action entitled him to. Twelve youths of the village voiua- teered for service on the first day cf mobilization; eighty of the men went off to join the army, while since the war the -200 or so women of the town have knitted nearly a thousand socks, shirts, wristlets, and other coniforta for the troops, Resides collecting more than a thousand pounds of woolen articles during a single week. Paris.—Amoiig the ambulance dogs sent to the front recently by Madame Kresser, presidjent of the Ambulancj Dog .Society, was "True," a French shepherd, who :was captured by the Germans and ki»pt in captivity several weeks. He mdnaged to escape and JBnd his way back to his kennel in Paris, a'distarice of over 100 miles. Vienna—Moving pictures taken at the battle front are being collected and shown before generals and staff pfii- cers of the Austrian and Hungariaii armies. The Austrian war - nunistry has set apart quarters in the building housing the ordinary war archives for the films. These later will form a part of the curriculum of the War Academy. Geneva.—Swiss newspaper reports of a meeting of iron manufacturers at Dusseldorf February 4th say that a Dr. Shiister stated to the meeting that the lack of metal was becoming a grave ouestion in Germany, and suggested, the reports add, that-it might be easily solved if all the bronze mpnunients raised to the honor of the Emperor and other members of the royal family were incited down. Paris.—Gulllaume Tronchot, chief architect of the government, declares that it will be posjsible to restore the Cathedral of rthelms. Casts have been long ago taken of nearly all the details of ornamentation that were destroyed, he says, and mathematically precise documents exist from which the jewrel of architecture may be reconstructed ih every detail. Paris.—The Rev. Frere Jean Ban tiste Jeaitmarie, yaho died of wounds, received in the l)attle of Vrlgny, Nov. ,l2th, was.the 31st pf the Redemption- ist Brothers ktlled In this wgi-. "I am not afraid to .die; I,shall orily regret jhot .to have been able to say mass," were his. last words. Captain Dow of the Lusitania, who Flew the American Flag: in British W ilers tm a Recent Trip I 'ceMltjrterlun Church. First i;iiiircli: Rev. S. S. HIlsch<-r, tlie pastpr. will preach morning and . evening. The evening sermon will l)e \ the .sejcond in the series froni the Book of the Revelation. The subject will be "The Sun-clad Woman." These sermons deal with events that are very iiiteres'ling just at this time, a'nd very iinppi'tanl. The effort will be to make ' tlieni u|J to. datt?;" informing, inspiriii .ij and evangelistic. Tli'e public is cordially iiivited. The first thirty min- iveu to a song service, old hymns. (;ome and utes will be using the old aing with us. The morniiig combination servic begin.'-, at 10:lf>, the worship being followed by Bible study. Junior C. E. at 3 p. m. and the C. E. at 6:30. Little BiiHder's Cim|iel: Miss Kinney, Supt. Sunday School 2:30 p. ni. Bas^eli Ciuipel: William i:)avis, i5up. Sunday School at 10 a. m. United Brethren Church. Tlie pastor,. Rev. George E. Moody, rebrtie' will predch luoruiug and evfiiiug; Tliu "Combination service begins li):l.'> a. m. Morning worship followefl by Bible stiidy. Pastor's .theme, "God's Wtork\ijen," and the Ichoir will sing "Let Your Light So Shine." • At 7:30 Mr .Moody w'" give second number of the series of sermons ho is preaching, subject, "A Yourig Man in Busl.nes.s." Letters were written to pfpminent business men of Kansa.s, asking their,opinion upon this subject. These letters read in connection with the evening sermon. Sucli men. as Joab Mulvijine of Topeka, R. A. Long, Kansas City and W. R. Nelson: J. K. Little oif LaCrosse and local business men have replied, giving their requirements of a young man entering busine8.s as a career. Endeavprs meet at 6:30 p. m. .\ large chorus directed by Walter Hamilton will sing morning and evening. ^oUce! —I am a bandldate for the nomination for the office pf Commissioner of Finance and Revenue pf the ,C^ty of Ibla, .at the .Primary to .he he.ld on March the 9th. Your support will be appreciated. A- i- SHAi^AUGH. (^TFIliD PANQRUFF } Ev^ry bit pf dandruff disappears after, one or twp apjilicants of .Dapde- Vine .r.ubtied well into the scalp with the fiBSer .tips. Get, a 25-cen't bottle pf Itande/Iiie at #hy drug store and saye your hair. After n f-••"<. '">p.Ilcatipn8 you can't find a particle oi' dandruff or any falling hair, and I a soa^p wilt never itch. FirNt JSaptist Chnrtli. (J. T. Sharman, Minister) Sunday School 10:15 a. m. Morning worship at 11. Sermon subject, "Cornelius the Centurian." Sunbeams at 2:30. .lunior choir at 3:30. B. Y. P. U. at 6:30. Leaders, Division No. 4. Evening service at 7:30. Subject, "The Unanswerable Question." Reception, for Mr. Scott, at the Pros- byteridn church Monday night. Dr. Palmer, of Denver. Colo., is tourltiig Kansas in the interests of the "Home Mission Society" and will speak at the church on Tuesday night. The members of the church, and all others are urged to hear him. . Covenant meeting Wednsiday at 7:20. Teaclter training class at S:15. Choir practice Thursday night at 7. I>adies' Aid—Division No. 1, Mrs. Gunn. 310 N. Cotton'jirood, Friday aft- ernopn; Nt). 2, Mfs. Funkhouser, 62-i .V; Washington, Wednesday afterngon; No. 3. Mrk Nathan L«ffler. 209 S. Oak, Friday afternoon. Caiitain Dow ol the <'iiii;iril liner Lilsilani:i lli !w the American flag on his, la«:t trip liom the UnltifU State.s to Liv (!riiOol. Me iiiit it up after he had got into ilritith waters, aiul thereby at once raised :m inteniatioiial question. The i caiitain. oir his trip ha(-k,^aid he would u .se the Ainerican flag again if he felt I it nccoss .-ii-y. He took this view because ho carried American passengers and good^' n-.d insisted iliai he had a right to .protect them. a SIKHI i-oimrc^a- liear the fiiiiiiicial FlrHt XethodlNt EpiMCopal Chnrcli. Class meeting 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at 10:15. Rev. B. M. Powell's sermon theme will be "The Tares." The choir will.sing .leffery's "Wjorshlp." Bible study follows tjie sermon! Everyone Is asked to bring his Bible. Jiinlpr Bp.wprth I.<eague 2:30 p. m Epw.orth lieague 6:30 p. m. Men's Goun^l C:30 P( m. Evening worship 17:30. Sermon theme. "Why Did He .Come?" Prof. Otto Booker will song Karvatt's "Open the Gates" and Schmidt's "Come Vntp Me." i ' Everybody invited to all tlie&e services. vice, tliere will IK tional nieetiiLi-' to report lor 1914. Sunday School is comhineii with tin. morning service. The bible .study lie- gins immediately after the seniion a^; 11:4!') Christian Endeavor topic, at tj.'.'.li m, "Wiiat Will Jniprovi; (Jiir Hravi-r .Meetings?" At the Wednesday e.veiiiiiK iirayrj services, the study of the Imok of Han- ' iel hu.s been coiupleted. .Next Wcdiii-s- (lay, a review of the wlioli- liook will be given by the imstor at tlie regular timo ;7:30 p. in. All are welcome at tlie .'.e nic-d In;;::. First Cliurch of Christ Scientist. Siiiiday .School at 10 a. m. Churiii servii-i's at 11 a. ra. Subject: "I'iirist .Icsus." TesiiMUjiiial meeting. Wed. 8 p. m. .Seivicc^!! held at the church a.t the torncr of i' and Sycamore streets. '!'l !i' reailiiig room adjoining church is ofi'ii I'loiii 2 to 5 each week day. Yoii :in' (-ordially invited to attend the services and visit the reading room. The Reform^ Church, i The pasipr. A- P- Sohnatz, will preach at the morning and evening services. The subject at the morning service at 1():1'5 will be. "Thy King Cometh Unto Thee." At ttie evening service kt 7:30, the subject is. "The Greatest W#r," immediately after the morning ser- (.'hrislliin Church. Ser:iions by the pastor. Otho ('.. .Moomaw, ni()rninf; and iv-Miiiitf. Combined service ii:;{ii to 11:30- -I'ralae ser vice, Bible slinly. couuminiim and sermon. Congi-egatloiiiir .sinf;lii>f, lart^' chorus, spei-ial iiiusi.-. Evenins sr-rvici-, evauKelislii-. It i.s hopi'd that, as far aa posaibie.' every member, yoiiiiK and old, will attend the rece))tion to be given in honor of Mr. Chas. F. Scott, at tlie Presbyterian cliurcli, at which'phue he will speak pf his observations during Ilia recent visit lo the war zone of Kiirope. l..lnger a while ufti^' the a,l- dreaa for a personal ,!!;rei'lint; and n-- ceplloii. Keep 111 lliiudy fur Rheumatism. • —.No use to aquirin and wince and try to wear out your Rlieumatlsm. It will wear you out instead- "ome Sloan's Liniment. Need not rubj it in —juat let it penetrate all through, the affected parts, relieve the soreness and draw the pain. You get ease at; once and feel so niucli better you want to !;o right, out and tell other sufferers' about Sloan's, (let a bottle of Sloan's I.ininient for 25 cents of any druggist :IIH 1 have it in tbe bouse—against Colds, Sore and Swollen J.pintSr Lumbago, Sciati<:a and like ailments. Your money back if not satisfied, but it does aive almost instant relief. Buy a bottle today. ' , First A. .M. K. Chur.h. . iJecalogue 10:-t."> a. m. PrtMchiiig at 11. Class at !':! Sunday School p. m. Preachiuf!: at 7;.'lO p. m. I'Jveiyhody i.'; irnilcd to UiinK their Bible" liinl lieli' in our i'fvi\al meetiiiK Rev. (5. II. liMrl..-; ij' Waterloo. Iowa, and l!ev. T. \V. (!refine. .Ir., -of I'ai- .snns. Kai;. will be with us anda.-siKt In the meetiuf.' T. W. GREENK. Pastor. MONKk! JTi^NEY! MONET! Who wants money? Plenty of iiioney to loan- on good farm se- <'iirily. Prompt service. Farms and City Property for sale or trade. Choice bargains. .A .IS0 some very desirable suburban trades to offer. We liusine; TIIK 01*1 oUcit a share of your POTTKR JIEAIITY CO. . Willi E. W. Myier Court lluu .se —-Phone IM CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING €0. Wie Strive to Pleast; Phone 332 T Iola ,Ka8. "-J MM

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