Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1950 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 18
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»AOt IIOHTWSH ALTON EVIH1MO TBLKOftAPH WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,1IM Sfeel Demand * ] Sustains Stocks 205 3 "» HEW YORK, Jan. 18 - UPl - ftUttaltierl demand for steel shares totfcy kept the stock market on the hlAer tide. "Bains throughout were modest fractions to around a point, and thfj-e wer« a handful of leaders on th*>.losing side by about the same margin. Activity wag limited wllh trad- ln| at the rate of around 1,500,000 ahfreg for the entire day. strength In steel and small gains •mbng coal carrying railroads persisted despite the threat of a seveie coll shortage because of strikes. Motors slipped after showing early gains. Hails jiggled into a mixed pattern. Corporate bonds moved narrow- 1y.;' „ . . Abbott Al.'Chem A Dye Alr>d Sirs Allls Ch 33 Arfl Can M ]••Am Car A Fdy 27 1-4 AnJ Gas A Elec 52 1-8 Am Loco 16 1-4 Ani Pow 15 1-2 Artj Rad 14 Am Smelt 553-8 Ani Snuff 41 A'T & T 148 1-8 Am Tobacco 74 3-4 Art) Zinc 65-8 Anaconda 29 7-8 Arrnco 28 3 " 4 Armour 8 3-8 A* A SFF 104 1-2 Avto 6 1-8 Bald Loco 12 3-8 Behdlx 3G 3-8 Beth Steel 32 1-4 Borden 49 1-4 Borg Warner 57 1-4 Brlggs 29 3-4 Calc 43 Caterpll Trac 34 1-4 Chics A O 30 ChJ ft NW 12 1-2 CM RI A Pac 42 3-4 Chrysler 64 7-8 Cotnwealth Edls 30 1-4 Cohgoleum Nairn 27 5-8 Cofia Edison 28 7-8 Cons Gas 4 43 1-4 Container 41 Cofit Can 37 Cant Steel 147-8 Cotn Prod 88 3-4 Corn Prod Pf 185 Crane 28 1-4 Curt Wright 81-4 Douglas 72 5-8 Du) Pont 61 1-2 Eastman » 46 Eajon 30 1-4 El-Auto Lite 44 G ?E 42 1-8 Gen Foods 483-4 G .M 72 G{h Time 23 Goodrich 73 5-8 Livestock Pricei At Cast St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Ill- Jan. 18, l*> - (USDA)—HOGS- 11,000; market active, steady to 25 higher than average Tuesday: advance mostly on weights over 220 pounds and sows; bulk good and choice 180-240 pounds 16.00-50; largely 16.35 down; top 16.50; 250300 pounds 14.50-15.75; few 310 pounds 1o 325 pounds 14.00-25; 140170 pounds 14.50-16.00; few 16.25; 100-130 pound pigs 12.50-14.25; good cows 400 pounds down 13.0050; few 13.75; heavier sows 11.2512.75; stags 8.50-10.50. CATTLE — 2500; calvns 6!W), medium fleshed steers 21.00-24.00; medium and good light weight heifers and mixed yearlings 21.0025.00; common and medium cows largely 15.00-16.50; canners and cutters 12.00-15.00; bull* 25 lower; medium and good 18.50-19.75; cutter and common 15.50-17.50; veal- ers 1.00 higher; good and choice 27.00-33.00; common and medium 18.00-26.00. SHEEP—2500; market not established. Gdpdyear ................ 46 1-2 Gt- Nor Ir Ore ........... 12 3-4 GtT.Northn pfd ............ 42 3-4 Greyhound 11 1-4 Hmneitake 471-8 Houd Hersh 131-8 Hudson Mtr 143-8 I fc 37 1-4 Inljmd 391-2 In» Con Corp • • • 14 1-4 Intf Harv 27 1-8 Int Harv pf 180 1-4 Inf Nick Can 28 1-2 I T A T 12 1-4 Jeftel 58 1-2 Johns Manv . t 46 3-8 Kwnecott 53 5-8 Keystone SAW 18 1-4 Klmberly Clark 25 LIB Glass 63 1-4 LibbyMcNAL 73-4 Marshall Field ..• 253-8 Mont Ward 56 1-2 N«sh Xelv 17 3-4 Nat Biscuit 39 1-4 N«t Cont 8 1-4 Nat Dairy 39 1-2 N&l Steel 80 3-4 N-Y C RR 12 1-2 No Am Avia 11 3-8 North Amer 18 7-8 Northrn Pac 183-4 Ohio Oil 27 1-4 Owens Glass 64 3-8 Packard 45-8 Pan Am Air 93-4 Fiji-am Pic 18 7-H Penney 56 l-l Penn 17 1-4 Produce Prices At St. Louifl ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18, (JP> — Produce and live poultry: PRODUCE — Eggs, current receipts 27-27H, unclassified, 49-53 pounds, 2314-26; 46-48 pounds, 2223. POULTRY — White commercial fryers, broilers and roasters 21-22,1 Ihe"and"day of December. A", b t»4» INCOME TAX SERVICE MAAQARIT L MUITT ttl last Af/rort Dial 4-4AM i.r.OAt, NOTICE CALL Thr Revenue Committee ot the City Council hereby gives nolle* thst It wl) receive sealed proposals for Ihe *al nf the City nf Alton. Illinois, of H.OOO Wheel Tax Auto Sticker* far the fltca year beginning April I, IBM, and ap prnprlate receipt forms therefor in triplicate. The sticker* mutt be cap able of transfer and attachment to windshields and the design may specified by the bidder, provided th design shall not be one which ha* Been used In the past five year* by the City Sealed proposals must be filed with the City Clerk on or before 9:00 O'clock P. M.. January 23. JMQ. Any or all pro potals arc subject to acceptance ot re jectlon by th* City Council. MIKE WAID* Chairman Revenue Committee WALTER c. BROWN. WALTER WET8TEIN Jan. 17, 18, MASTER'S SAL* STATE or ILLINOIS) III. COUNTY OF MADISON I IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE 18.9fW. raAm 22 Other prices unchanged. Chicago, St Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Cgnh Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 18, <JF> — WHEAT — No. 3 red 2.11 «/4. CORN — No. 2 yellow 1.3314; No. 3, 1.28-32%; No. 4, 1.24,U-27V4 ; sample grade 1.27U. OATS — No. 1 heavy mixed 76; No. 1 heavy white 76-77V4; No. 1 extra heavy white 78; No. 1 white 74-y4-76y t ; No. 2 heavy white 76; sample grade medium heavy white BARLEY — Nominal: Malting, 1.20-60; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS— No. 1 yellow 2.33^ track Chicago. Chicago Grain Futures. High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.15 U May ... 2.11'/« July ... 1.93 Sep. ... 1.93V4 CORN— Mar. LOW Close May July Sep. Dec. 1.294 1.28% 1.27 1.22V* 1.14% OATS— Mar. ... 72% May ... 69'li July ... 62% Sep. ... 61M Dec RYE— May ... 1.41'i July ... 1.42 Sep. ... 1.44% SOYBEANS— 2.13% 2.09 1.904 • 1.914 1.26 1.25 M 1.24 1.19 H 1.134 71 66% 61 60V Mar. May July Nov. 2.33 Vi 2.29% 2.24% 2.00 % 1.38 1.39',i 1.39 2.29% 2.26 2.224 1.98% 2.14 4 2.09 4 -tt 1.90% 1.91 U 1.26',; 1.25%-% 1.244-% 1.204 1.1314 71 67 ! !i-'/4 61 Vi 604 62 1.384-% 1.39%-40 1.39% 2.30-30 Vi 2,26-26 Vi 2.224-% 1.98% MAHY BIRKENMAYER. Plaintiff. CHARLES R. "BIRKENMAYER, C. E. MERKLC and MAMIE MILLER, Defendanta. CHANCERY NO. 1SSOS PARTITION. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a Decree of said Court entered on In the above-entitled cause. 1 will sel at public vendue. In the highest and be* bidder for cash In hand, on Saturday February 11. I9.V), at two o'clock P M. on the premises, the following de scribed real estate, to-wlt: Lot Number Five IS> In W, J, Bee's Subdivision as the same appears from plat thereof recorded In Plat Book 10 at Page 2S In the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois; Situated In the County of Madison In the State of Illinois. Upon compliance with the above terms of sale and confirmation of the Master's Report of Sale by the Court a deed or deeds will b* executed by the undersigned In conformity with said Decree. DATED January T. 19V). JESSE R. BROWN, Master-ln-Chancery. IRVING M. WISEMAN. BURROUGHS. BURROUGHS & SIMPSON Attorneys for Plaintiff. Jan. IJ^'S._**' 'eh. 1 NOTICE or PUBLIC' SALE I lis. Pepsi 97-8 Pfolps so 1-4 PQBlip Morris 51 7-8 Phillips ... 60 5-8 Ptfre Oil 28 jl C j^ 13 1-4 Rao !..!!!.!!!!!!!!.. n 1-4 Renub Stl 24 3-4 Soott 67 7-8 Sejrs 43 1-4 Shell Oil 35 Simmons 29 Sinclair 22 5-8 Soeony Vac 16 1-2 Scfyth Pac 52 1-4 Spiegel 93-4 Sti; Brands 221-4 SUOII Cai 62 7-8 St'Oli Ind 43 3-S St Oil N J 67 3-8 Stftrret :u Sterling 37 3-4 Studebaker 27 Svfcft 35 5-8 Texas Co 60 1-2 TUhken Axia 155-8 St. I-ouia Caah Grain ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18, (*» — WHEAT—Receipts 4 can, 2 sold. No. 3 red garlicky 2.084, No. 4 red garlicky 2.03. CORN — Receipts 146 cars, 3 sold. No. 2 yellow 1.324-1.34. OATS—None. No Change in County Multiplier Transamerlca 15 5-8 Carbide 43 3-4 Un. Pacific 86 U« Air Lines 14 7-8 Urf Aircraft 26 1-4 US Rubber 41 U$ Stl 27 7-8 W. U 20 3-S Wfst Elec 31 1-2 Weolworth 49 3-4 WfrPfcMptd 18 3-4 5 1--J Sopite Near York Curb Nat Gas A Ciflti Svc JEI Bond * Sh . Fojfd M Can A Mln .... Frutr . Prod n 73 1-2 10 21 3-4 11 1-4 S 3 1-8 Hue) Power ......... IS 3-4 OH *•(• B)fMw Tem.rr7w YORK. Jan. 18, MP» - A «•» tor mpwrty «try purse will b*. •hfjtfll tomorrow when General If «0fi opfJM tip own auto show hep/ oaill which General "MUcentuiy Motor- a Hfll flMtteUf through Jan •ftttW tBrttalag model* ol T S»li 11 I n 4Mu.trnl*« Oldf- EDWARDSVILLK, Jan. 18. — A multiplier of 5.8824,' unchanged from a year ago, has been certified to County Clerk Eulalla Hotz by the Illinois Department of Revenue for use, under the Butler laws, In raising properly assessments In Madison County for the 1949 tax year to so-called full or "100 percent" valuation for taxation purposes. The multiplier, certified to Miss Hotz today, will be applied at her office against each assessment making up the $79,339.915 total assessor-fixed and board of review-equalized valuation nf property In the county for 1949, which represents a net boost of $1,380,910 over the previous year's figure. Madison County's "100 percent" assessed valuation for 1948, on which taxes wore paid the past year, totaled $500,431,389, Including railroad and capital stock assessments made directly by the stale revenue department. Valuations of railroad property and capital stock, determined by the state revenue agency, are yet to be received at the county clerk's office before extension of 1949 taxes can begin. Director Richard J. Daley of the Illinois Department of Revenue, in certifying to Miss Hotz the 5.8824 multiplier for Madison County, explained that his department had determined a percentage of 488,24 must be added to locally-equalized assessments to full value from 17 to 100 percent. The 5.8824 revenue department- determined multiplier for 1948, the same as for the 1949 tax year, was received by Miss HoU last Feb. 3. The abstract of board of review- equalized assessments was sent by Miss Hot/ to the revenue depart STATE OF ILLINOIS, COUNTY OF MADISON I FN THE PROBATE COURT Of SAID COUNTY Harry F. Hemphlll. as Administrator of the Estate of Rosetta Ktncald, deceased, vs. Jeanette Knight. Virginia Pollnrd. Charles Reenln, John Funderburk, and Myrtle Becker) SALE OF REAL F.STATE TO PAY DEBTS. . Public notice In hereby given that, by virtue of a decretal order made and entered of record by said court. In the above entitled cause, on the 30tn day of December. A. D. 1949. the said administrator will, at the hour of ten o'clock A. M.. on SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 4, A. D. IBM at the premises located at the corner of Walnut and Main Streets, In the Village of Bethalto. County nf Madison and State of Illinois, offer for sale and sell at public vendue, to the highest and best bidder for cash to pay the debts of said estate, all or no much thereof as may be necessary to pay the debts now due from said estate and the cost of administration now due and to accrue, the right, title. Interest and estate which the said Rosetta Klncald. deceased, had at the time of her death. In and to the following described real estate: Lots Four (4) and Five IK) In David Starkey's Addition to Bethalto; situated In the Village ol Bethalto. County of Madison and •late of Illinois. The above described premises will be sold subject to all unpaid general or special taxes. No deed or deeds will be delivered to Ihe purchaser or purchasers until said sale has been reported to and approved by said Probate Court. Dated this 3rd day of January. A. D. >M °' HARRY F. HEMPH1LL, Administrator. STREEPER and CLARK, Attorneys for Administrator. Jan. 4. 11. 18. » CARD Of THANKS WILLIAM MANN8—We~wlsh to thank all our friends, neighbors and relatives for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Die Priests of St. Mary's, the pallbearers, organist, and members of St. Mary's Choir. Slalen funeral home, those who sent floral offerings, spiritual bouquets, the donors of cars and all who assisted In any way. Mrs. Wm. Manns and Children. ment Jan. 6, just 12 days earlier 'nan a year ago. Callage Hills Lutheran Teuton 1 Meeting; COTTAGE HILLS.-There will be a Sunday school teacher's meeting at Concordla Lutheran Church, Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. MU*lenar> to Muealc COTTAGE HILLS.-The Rev, T. Clark, a returned missionary from Guatemala, South America, will be In charge of services at the Assembly of God Church, thli evening, lie will give a talk about the million field* in South America. I WISH TO THANK—My many friends for flowers and donations tl the death of my brother. Mr. James Graham. MwdaJSarmeiey • _ DANIEL BAY AYREB-We wish to en- press our sincere thanks and appreciation to our many relatives, friend* and neighbors for their klndnes» and sympathy shown us during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank the Sisters, the Doctor k and attending nurses at St. Joseph's Hos- pltal. Rev. Wm. Croke, StreeperV (un m 1940 Ford 2-dr. Sedan Tali It * clean ear. Gloss Motor Co. Dealer 18 B. WOOD RIVER Dial 4-4»la IN MfcMORIAM I?T~MErtORV-Of Harry C. Newnem who passed away 4 yean MO today, Jan. II, 1M«: Sadly mined by Wife and Children, Mother. Ellen Newnont. PERSONAL ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - AltoB phone i-7» er Ml*. dr P. O. Boa phone in 184?" COLLEGE GRADUATE—Intereited in assisting htth school students with troublesome subjects. Write Bo« tw, careTHegraph. • T WHO~KILLE6 EVA SMITH?-Ple*it call. 1. O" • SOCIAL EVENTB RUMMAGE SALE-804 Belle, all day Thursday, formats. . RUMMAGE SALE-ThurtdajF Jan. 18, beginning 9 a. m. a»4 East 3rd. Olven bv Alton Hnetetv of St. Matthewt. ~¥ocieTir.s -^ ALTON CHAPTER—No. 775. O. E. S. Staled meeting Wednesday. Jan. 18, 7:43 p. m. Formal. Refreshments. PIASA LODGE—No. 27. A. r. * A. M. Special meeting Thursday. Jan. 19th, at T:3o p. m. Work In Third degree. Vlnltlng brethren welcome. Refresh- Harold W. Beattie, W. M. M* *•» |tt • SIMM MMTIAIt M ytir IIPM •VM tfcMfl y*t lift • tint M«r1|i|t. ItHrtr •II fitr ••titMilRi Mill and flgirt wfeat ntra Mtfttf !•• Mtd. 8.NM t. M Ml Wt Will tafia.! bow any It to to git tit MtMtf lid lt« llMpIo It to tt pay H latl, ROSENBERG MORTGAGE CO. 2616 IAST IROADWAY TIL. 2-7121 OFFICE IN HALE REALTY CO, VENETIAN HINDS Aluminum — Wood — Steel Old nilntfa Refhihked Dill 4-|922 ALTON VENETIAN •UNO CO. MM St. Louie Ave., K. Alton, III i* HELP—MALE A FEMALE MEN • WOMEN — You can make *>0 daily. Sell luminous name plates for front doom. Write' Reevei Specialty Co., Attleboro, Man., lor sample and detail). Ja SALESMEN WILL ACCEPT APPLICATIONS — For men who can sell complete Una ol art and commercial calendars and advertising specialties Good commlialon and bonuses. Small refundable deposit required. Write or call Standard Calendar Co.. 1213 Madison Ave., Madison. III. 31 SITUATION!! WANTED—MALE RESPONSIBLE MAN. 3S—Wants work. Good driver, electrical; any kind. 2-2310. 1940DeSoto 4-dr. Sedan Clean. Priced riant. Gloss Motor Co. Dodge-Plymouth Dealer 7* E. LORENA WOOD RIVER DM 4-4815 ORDER NOW! SUktr Otal Available. Call 4-8004 WORK OF ANY KIND—Prefer daytime job. Call 4-3080. C. R. Atteberry. Cottage Hills. WOOD RIVER LODGE—No. 1083. Stated meeting Wednesday, Jan. IB. 7:30 p. m. Butlness. Visiting brethren welcome, A. F. Tlndell, W. M. LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN LOST — Blue corde purne. between East Junior and Masonic Temple. Con- lalned glmnen I n_ca»e. Reward. 2-1308 brown _ LOST— White coTlle pup, over eye. .Call 2-5375. spot LOST—Diamond ring. White gold. In downtown Alton. Keepsake. Reward. Call 4-62B2. TAKEN BY MISTAKE—Green suede purse at 409, Friday evening. Please return to 409. no questions asked. II NOTICE WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIRING — Murphy, 630 Er Bdwy. (Crown Gift Shopi. STATE LICENSE AUTO. CHAUFFEUR!) DRIVERS Etc C CLARK. 1504 E Bdwy WANTED—Riders to California. Leaving on Jan. 22. References preferred. Dial 2-2851. INCOME TAX SERVICE C. CLARK. 1504 E. BDWY. ALTON CEMETERY ~HAf~ LOTB rOR BALI aeveral hundred (-grave tat* m farMui parts of the cemeter» ar» available. INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC Call 3-5466 LET US BUTCHER—And process your hogs. Lockers for rent. Brighton Pack- Ing Co, JOHN KRPON SHOE REPAIR 715 Delmar — Hartford. Illinois One block north of Hall's Service Station. Prompt and efficient service. All work guaranteed. Union shop. "ARTY IS KNOWN—Who took brindle dog Jan. 8 at a farm near Plasa, 111., while hunting. Same will be prosecuted If dog Is not returned. LESTER McCORMICK. YOUNG MARRIED — Shurtleff student attending night school, desires full time day employment. Phone 3-5838. HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work. electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile, guttering—any repair work In Phone 3-6175. •IT WANTBD—rgMALB RESTAURANT—Cooking or short order, or waitress work. Write Box 1030, care Telegraph. SMALL BUNDLE WASHINGS — And Ironings. Dial 2-5953. LADY WANTS LAUNDRY WORK —In my home. Dial 3-4519. WHITE LADY — Wants washings and Ironings. Phone 4^6430. • COLORED GIRL—Wants work school and on Saturday, 3-5353. after SITUATION WANTED—As housekeeper. Write P. O. Box 149. Jerseyvllle. III. MIDDLEAGED LADY — Wants housework by day or week. 2-47(19. WANTED — Slip covers to make at reasonable price. 346 Beach, Phone 4-2363. WOMAN WANTS WORK—By day or washing and iron!ng. Call 3-3366. WHITE WOMAN—Neat and clean, will do housework by hour in Wood River. 4-5396. EXPERIENCED—Colored woman wishes week work. Phone 3-7195. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CAR OWNER—With 5 hours week spare time to service route of new type Nut and Amusement Merchandising machines. Income up to S300 monthly to start, with future possibilities. S523 working cash capital required which is fully secured. Applicant must be dependable and have references. For Interview Include phone in application. Write Box 1050, care Telegraph. MA SCHOOL Of CUITUR1 401 Hswry Straei Alton* Oldest State Accredited Beauty School 11 Kesri o| successfully Graduating BtudeoU AMBER W HUNTER ~ J-<41t 401 HKNRV SI LAUNDERING A DUCK WOULD DROWN — In Fina Foam. It's penetrating. Cleans rugs and upholstery perfectly. "•«*•- n«i-» Store. 655 E. Bdwy. Buck's Paint HAVING FOR FLORIDA—Jan. 39 or 36. Could take gentleman passenger. Dial 4-6698. WANTED—Ride to vicinity of South Grand, St. Louis or Granite City between 5:30 or 6 a. m. from East Alton. Urgent. Phone 4-7783. EVERY DAY EXCEPT SATURDAY UNTIL MARCH 15 INCOME TAX SERVICE Have Your Return Prepared by • TAX SPECIALIST (Over 30 Years' Experience) Jomplete Service—All Forms. Low rates E. W. MANNS Accountant — Tax Counselor Notary Public OFFICE: 201 W. Third St. (Over Hollywood Shop) HOURS: 10-4 — 7:30-9:30 P. M. Phones: 2JI232 - _?^*3» HARRY A. MOORE" PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING BOH Forest Ave.. Alton, Dial 3-7836 BENDIX AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY SOFT WATER — DRYING — STARCH- ING—TINTEXING. OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 8 TO 9:30 P. M., EXCEPT MONDAY UNTIL 8:00 P. M. EXCEPT SATURDAY UNTIL 2:00 P. M.. WE DO YOUR LAUNDRY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME. 3-HOUR SERVICE. Between Food Center and Doris Dodson, Jr. 1856 E. Broadway Dial 3-9295 M ELECTRIC—RADIO! BREGENZER'S Radio. Television Berv Ice at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 3-5033. 1333 State FURNITURE WORK WINDOW CORNICES — Wall cabinets, what-not shelves, etc., Dial 2-5393. made to order. aVORAOB—ejOVINW SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 19 W. Ferguson. Wood River Used Furniture Bought and fold FOR QUICK MOVING OF FURNITURt REFRIGERATORS. STOVEB, TRUNKB BOXES OR WMA1 HAVE YOUt CALL 3-7BJO Ol S-O40 PRES. BELCHER H A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACKOBB THE 8TREE1 OR ACROBB THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE ma WABHINGTON AVE O1AL it-age* McCOY TRANSFER CO. ID FRONT BT ALTON ILL. DIAL 3-4HM - 3-7781 RNE HOViriO at SJTORAOF CO Local and Long Distance Moving PACKING CRATING SHIPPING FURNITURE REPAIRED REFIN181UD AfMta for RICAN NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINK 303 W Broadway. Alton Call V8031 After ft o m.- »-snt lac •I •LEEPINO «UUMB UPPER ALTON '— Clean, light, dry, warm basement sleeping room in large gas heated home; private entrance. Phone, laundry and kitchen privileges. One block from business district; two bus lines. 3-7058. 3631 College. 1 SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman. 154'S. Pence. East Alton. Dial 4-339S. SLEEPING ROOM— And garage, for gentleman. 440 Prospect, Wood River. Phone 4-4806. FOR RENT—Sleeping room, East Alton Call 4-7177 or 4-4939. NICE SLEEPING ROOM—614 Alby. SLEEPING ROOM—For rent on Bluff street. Phone 3-3743. EAST ALTON—Modern sleeping room for girl, adjoining bath. Near restaurants. Dial 4-6685. . MODERN SLEEPING ROOM— On line. Gas heat. Dial 4-3946. bus WASHINGS & IRONINGS WANTED— ' Dried inside. Phone 4-4057. C ITAINS — Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. Dial 3-8373. CURTAINS - Washed and stretched Called for and delivered. 2-76M. •UB ANNOUN«!BSIBNT8 CESS POOLS—And septic tanks built and pumped, reasonable rates. 2-9419. •BLr MANTKU—«IAI.k WANTED—Experienced mechanic. Must be A-l. Apply L. R. Craig. Craig Bros., BOI East Broadway. Djal 3-3594. MARRIED MAN—For general (arm work, near Medora Must have car. State age. experience, etc. Write Box __ FULL OR PART TIME era! home, the pallbearers those who : could you sell an auto service coupon J J "" "— booklet for Sioo containing lubrica- sent floral offerings, donated cars, and assisted us In any way. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Ayres and Family, a MOMUMKNTg-CltM. LOT* MONUMENTS - MARKERS ALTON MEMORIAL SALES 810 Main 81. • Alton. 111. Phone 1-8431 Established to serve Alton and community aa AUTHORIZED DEALERS from our modern display room featuring all leading granites Quality • Service Satisfaction At pricei which are competitive Order now lor spring delivery tram local firm NOT representing any outside Interests MONUMENTS - MARKERS BEFORE YOU BELICT ANY MEMORIAL . W* urge you to Investigate and compare DELANO SEHVICEI DELANO QUALITY! DELANO PRICES I REMEMBER THIS: When y«m buy from Delano you buy DIRECT PROM THl MANUFACTURER. You eliminate all the Intermediate coals and that meant you secare DELANO FINER QUALITY AT TOE LOWEST POSSIBLE .PRICES! lions, brake adjusting, spark plug cleaning, wheel alignment, oil change. etc. Car owners grab It on sight. $19 to 135 paid dally. Hotel Stratford, Room 311. S-B::iO a. m.; 13-1 noon, 8-0:30 p. m. Mr, Keyes No phone calls. WANTED-Salesman for old established auto firm.: salary and commission, General Mulors car. Write Box 830, care Telegraph. _ WANTED—Experienced used car" saieV- m«n (or General Motors dealer. Write Box 080, rare Telegraph. _ YOUNG MAN-To do general work and do light chores in retail store, experience will help but not necessary If energetic and willing. Full or half-day time considered. Give age and personal references. Write Post Office Box No. g. Alton. 111. BE KIND TO YOUR SHIRT — It has stood behind you. now give it the gentle treatment It deserves. Found only at the White Way Laundry at 9th and Belle. : TO PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free information call Century Termite Control. Phone 153. 1019 Ruskln Ave., Edwardsville. III. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of all kinds. Union work. Free estimates. LYNN WOOD. 3803 Franor. 3-0393, 3-1171 TREE. SPECIALIST ITimmlng topping and removing, we haul away the Brush Fully Insured and reliable We also have some sweat gum shade trees left. Free estimate M C LOVE 4-Tgaa GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney covera. Free eitimatea. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 3-1434 TREE SPECIALIST frlm Top. Take Down and Haul Awaj Insured ED KRAUT. Dial 4-8343 •BTOBATINO PAPER HANGING—And patch plastering; prompt service. Dial 4-aaaa. FIRST CLASS CARPENTER WORK DONE—Neat on finishing, Contractor 4-6(191. IS HELP WANTED—FKMALK DELANO GRANITE WORKS S24O Hawthorne Blvd. Alton. III. DIAL a-mlI - DAY OR .WENING "uTaUMOBIAM OTTiiEMORY-Of our mother. Maude Shumakr, who departed this Ilia U yeara ago: Dear mother, how we mitt you. Though the years have .bean to long, For there It a vacancy no one elte can fill. In Ihe years we've been without you, mother, Many sorrows have come our way. Ixulng father husband and darling sister. And grief stricken, we ollen pra> Thai all our hiartt tw open And accept our Saviour through Hit •race. 80 we too. will meet you mother, And our home be once mere complete. Sadly mlsMd by All Me ChUeret.. _ Bequeslee) hy. Oauanler, Helen. CUSTOMERS WANTING AVON—Representative wanted. Write Avon. S19 East «th. _ SELL GREATEST"VALUE8I-In Everyday Greeting Cards. 14-Card SI All- Occasion Assortment sells on tight. You make up to lix)',;. per box I Plastic and Metallic Curds, Gilt Wraps. Personalized Stationery, many more. FREE Imprint Samples. Assortments on approval FRIENDSHIP. 411 Adams. Elmlra._N._Y._ AMBITIOUS WOMEN — Who wear clothes well, to represent nationally known Fathlon Frocks. Up lo S33 waeklyi set your own dresses a* bonus. No canvassing, investment or experience necessary. FASHION rHOC'KS, p«pt 1780. Cincinnati. Ohio. WAITRESS WANfEa^"plp'l7~r5di~n; Faulstich building alter • a. m. YOUNG LADY-For aenerarstore~wori and can do some Typing. Experience not necessary II willing to work and learn. Give persona' reference age, and past experience If any Write Post Off! lice Box No, g, Alton, 111. NUir-MAI.!. * rtMALg woman to represent electrical appliance firm In soliciting house to house in' Madison County: small Investment and references re- S uired: excellent commission. Write . L. Stewart. Ill W. Hill St.. Champaign, 1U, FLOOR SANDING — And reflnishing; also painting. Reasonable rates Iree estimates. Dial 3-6514 or 3-3330. PAINTING li DECORATING—Removing wallpaper and patch plastering No. money down with 3g months to pay If so desired All work guaranteed *ra» estimates. John Ewlng. " SLEEPING ROOM— For lady. College, on bus line. 3-5138. 3111 E. SLEEPING ROOM—For girl. Nicely furnished, adjoining bath. Phone 4-9338. SLEEPING ROOM—In all modern home for girl. 4-6353. 405 McCasland, East Alton. ROXANA—One sleeping room for rent. 205 Thomas. 4-8358. WOOD RIVER—Clean, modern sleeping room; private entrance. 150 Tenth street. 3-7237. CLEAN, QUIET ROOM—On bus stop. 838 Washington. 8-5569. r NICE SLEEPING ROOM — In private home. 1 block from bus. 3-8168 after 8 p. m. NICE SLEEPING ROOM FOR 1 — 311 Market. ALL MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—Adjoining bath; hot water at all times. 656 Lorena. Wood River. 4-9103. DOUBLE SLEEPING ROOM — On bus line, near broadway. Automatic hot water. 730 Washington. Dial 3-4813. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman on bus line. Phone 3-8474. 4* BOOM AND BOABB HAVE ROOM It BOARD—For a~Tady In private home. Dial 2-5805 after 5:30 p. m. HOUBEKEBPINO BOOHS EAST ALTON—3 housekeeping rooms on first floor. 4-66B5. FURNISHED—Light housekeeping room 3131 College. 3-5083. . ArARTMBN 3-ROOM—Unfurnished apt., all modern. Private bath, pri Rockwell. 3-7997. 3-ROOM MODERN APT—Lights, gas, heat, furnished. 917 Washington. 3-ROOM APT.—Modern. Accept 1 child, no pets. Dial 3-8359. MIDDLETOWN—Near bus line. Living room, bedroom, kitchen and dinette; large closets and storage room; Venetian blinds, private entrance. Electricity and automatic heat furnished, «7». ' Write Box 980. care Telegraph _ GODFREY AUCTION NOTICE Next Mia wMbf WMh, Jan. at,'Mat 7p.m. and every Wednesday at 7 p.m. thereafter. GODFREY TOWN HALL NEW SALE lAIN-Sitt of buiUinf 44x72, plenty of rttom, pknty of tat, good «IH. Ntw coniignmtnt of ntw an«J uMd mtrchindiM. lri«| whit you km to toll—got it told. Cot up a party, «"• *"• hm »oms fun—«lM rvalp your township to improvo your roadi and bridgot. All eomirmiioni go to tho road and bridgo fund, no ono goti paid. All comignmontt and donationi approeiatod. SUPERVISOR IERT HITCHIY, Auctionoor. TOWN CLIRK W.H. WACNIR TRUCK BODIES Cutlom •uNt to Y«ur fp-Klfk«tlwit PLATFORMS, 7«12 $137.96 GRAIN BODY, 7x10., $228.00 PANEL IODY, 7il2 , $650.00 8KB US FOR YOUR PAINTING AND REPAIR WORK. TRIANGLE BODY COMPANY 4M-R ST. LOUIS ROAD COLLINSVILLE, ILL. Telephone M 200; 300; 600 GALLON SEPTIC TANKS In Stock. Wt Dt)liV€T WISEMAN'S 1»8 EAST BROADWA* ALTON J-M94 41 rVBNUHID AFAETMINTt 4-ROOM FLAT — Furnished. Modern throughout. Adulta. Dial 2-2M7. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS—And bath Newly decorated, private entrance ant larace. $35 month. Baby accepted. In Wood River. 4-8513. 2-ROOM MODERN — Furnished apt Private entrance, private bath, fat heat. 831 E. 6th street. 47 HOUSES FOR BENT NEW 4-ROOM MODERN HOME — 526 South 12th. Wood River. Phone 4-3496 FOR RENT—3-room house. Upper Alton. 3-7161. 4-ROOM HOUSE—Furnished or unfur nlshed. 140 month. See Mrs. Flinn, Lincoln Drive. Cottage Hills. FOR RENT—4-room house, 2 room house, lights, water. Accept small child On Boy Scout Lane. Dial 2-6935. 3-ROOM HOUSE—For rent, reasonable. Phone 4-2072. 6-ROOM—Unfurnished, close in. References required. $75 per month. Write Box 540. care Telegraph. FURNISHED HOUM» 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — Two adults only. Dial 4-5619. FOR RENT—4-room modern. Completely furnished. No children. Apply S12 South 12th street, Wood River, between 8 and 9:30 p. m. 8UBINE88 PLACES FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry build Ing. 28x42. at 197 Goulding avanue. East Alton. Suitable for grocery etc. Oil heat and water furnished. Two apla. above now occupied. Dial 4-8884 M MISCELLANEOUS TRAILER SPACE — At private home. Must be right party. Call between B a. m. and a P. m. 233 Ohio avenue, East Alton. WANTED TO BENT 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.—Private bath, wired for electric stove. Reference! furnished. No children. Write Box 1010. care Telegraph. • WANTED—2 or 3 basement rooms in Wood River. Urgent. Dial 4-3646. 'ARMS AND LAND 20-ACRE FARM—4-room house, garage attached, large rooms, electricity, other outbuildings. 10 acres in cultivation, balance pasture. Ground has been limed. 3 wells, cistern, all weather road, school bus. $7000. Write Box 940. care Telegraph. 40 ACRES—Extra good farming ground; no buildings. Electricity, ajl weather road. School bus. Nice site for building. Price $125 acre. Write Box 850, care Telegraph. FOR SALE—60-acre stock farm on all- weather road; all stock and machinery. Close to Alton. For information phone 109-L2. Brighton. 111. 5» HOUSES FOB 8ALB FOR SALE—New FHA approved homes In Wood River or East Alton as low as (350 down and (42 per month. These are real buys. Must be seen to be appreciated Phone Gdwardsvllle 2108 Ralph H. Ladd, General Contractor. FOR SALE by owner—Tlpton avenue Wood River. S rooms and garage, hardwood floors, gas heat, automatic gai hot water heater storm sash, Insulated. Venetian blinds. Dial 4-9559. >, 5 * b ROOMS - (2000 down Immediate possession. Good location RIEHL AGENCY 303 Delmar. 2-7722 - 2-5354 - 3-3728 5 ROOM — All modern, about 1 acre, small outbuildings, on highway $7500 E. ALTON — 5 room, all modern, gas heat, combination windows, insulated $7300 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 3-8422 Hale 2-2246 — Tuetken 3-5095 Drew 2-1296 WANTED-Papcr hanging OcwdjvorE at reasonable prices Phone 3-3887 Of aeia Yager atreet. INTERIOR DECORATING - Flattering, patch plattarlng. removing wallpaper Reference. Free estimates. Dial a-aiTf DIAL W14I - for tree estimate o» floor sanding and inside painting. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOB Dial a-aut lOOf Phinney WHY WAITT-Oel your decorating dee* now before the spring, ruth There la no platterlng JOB too small or loo large for us. Will we platter your ccuiaav Yeti Will we putter your complete roomT Yesi Veal Will we remove youi wallpaper, paint your walla or kaag wallpaper Veal Do we guarantee out worlPrYeei Will we decorate youi whole house and live youeasy lermiT Yeal Why net Phone ua today Ne oav • *•! BVBJU (*»• pvewewv «•• -••"*• --•— .-sj-.. I nation. Ol court* not Phone JMTja INTERIOR >AlNftNO - Removing at cleaning wallpaper; fUpr reflnlatia* Special prieea new. »aaa4 «as-* INTMU6B •> AiNtWG^PIatUrtna as* patch piaturiM U re* an Urea el •itimate. RADIO BLBCfBIC— BABIOS TILIVISION SHVT 110 OROADWAY - 1 wri TWO LARGE ROOMS— Private bath, S49 per month; two large rooms. S30 per month. Heat, light and water furnished. G. H. Forsting, 30 W. Cherry. Hartford. ____ THREE ROOMS — Private bath, en trance, water, lights, heat. Adulta. Rel- erences. 3433 Gillham street. _ 3 * 4-ROOM MODERN APTB.— Automatic heat and hot water. Apply be- m. ACTON APTB, tween • and 7 Wild River. Apt. T. 7 • » p. m. " 3 ROOMS—Heat, hot water, "stove and furnished. Wood River. refrigerator 4-iilBT. APARTMBWT* WANTED—Employed lady to share 3- room apt. 8-BOOi. 3-ROOM—And 3-room apt. for rant, in Lincoln addition. Dial 4-3337. FOR RENT — a-room apt., near bua. 2-3I8S. ____, 4-ROOM—Nicely furnished apt. Middletown. Laundry facilities, automatic heat and water. Dial 2-1M7. 3 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMB- Wlth tun porch, private entrance, private bath.'uillltiM furnished. K» Illi- nols avenue. Bast Alton. Heat, 4-ROOM—Nicely furnished apt lights and gat furnace. Phone ; " FUBMISlSo HOUSE" -Fat rent. Lighlt. entrance. MODERN rtmWUHlO - Oou i, iiihU. gai lurnlahed. 1M TXlton. FROOH FVRHIBH1P' — Base-maul apt. Private entrance and bath, electric re- erator and stove, beat water and its lumiahad. B4A jwr month 4» ion. Wood River, alter I •• ». «C«LY WrifcttUtD ROOMB ^T« Milton district •iMtrlf stwe and re- NEW 4-ROOM—All modern house. $800 down, balance on contract. C. BNOB. Alby street road. Phone 3-8114 FOR SALE — 3-room basement house with bath. I8'xl8' garage Corner lot, on 6th and S. Market ttreet. Hartford. Price (3800. MOO down will buy, HOUSE FOR SALE—By owner. 7 spa- clout, beautifully decorated rooms, ready to occupy. Hardwood floors throughout, Urge lot, 2-car garage. Good Upper Alton residential area near schools and but. Phone 3-4838 after 4 p. m, 4-ROOM HOUBE-W acre ofground. oft Fosterburg road. Dial FOB 8ALE - 3-room home. Baaemant under « roomt. Hot air furnace, garage. MMS. 87* East Penning, Wood River. _ •-ROOM HOUStV-A" modern, garage in basement, gas beat, carpeting upstairs. JMj85S_after_4_p. m. 4-ROOM MODEBN HOME—Newly decorated, hot air heat, near schools and bus. Vacant. For further Information, 2-4358. (-ROOM HOUSK—Built-in cabinet!, I acres of (round, fruit trees, nice strawberry patch. In city Urolta. Immediate poueition. Phone 731-B, Jar- teyvllla. COTTAGE HILLS- . 4 roomt. ,u modem. Jlardwood L .fleew. with front t^nrr!ce_ w 'foV iulck'sairriiene 4-5UB3. FOB SAUC-Couatry home. S acres. •; SMS, au nwMi»«w. •»•••"•*««• ••*»»••• tpace lor I rooma In attic; large porch, »*IO seraae. en * acre round with barrlee _and fruit MlLTON-4-room modern with far s*:» Owner UH DF.EY TOWNSHIP - Uw rooms, many closets, oil automatic teat, double garage. attractive grounds. Priced rl«bt Write •** WB», can Telesreg*. 1941 Ply. 2-dr. Sedan New paint, motor rebuilt. A special! Gloss Motor Co. Dod(re-i?lymouth Dealer 78 E. LORENA WOOD RIVER Dial 4-4815 OFFSET PRINTING OUR SPECIALTY Office Forme Form LetKm DIAL 8-eait Twnplt HaH BuslnMt 8«rvlc0 «MA B. Broadway—Alton, m. HOUSES FOR SALE VIEWLAND ST.—New 4-room modern. Hardwood floors, full basement, garage. $5300. $1200 cash, balance on contract for deed at $35 per month. ••6498, WHAT ELSE, PLEASE? Man has long sought nature, the outdoors at his threshhold without sacrificing city life, neighbors, friends and proximity to business. Such a unique combination exists with this lovely new 5-room brick home with attached garage. The large living room haa two picture windows and brick fireplace. Numerous closets, modern cabinet kitchen, full basement with stoker heat. Yes. you'll never be sorry In seeing this home in Rosewood Heights when the asking price Is only $11,000 A sacrifice. Alton Real Estate Exchange 716 E. 4th St. Dial 9-TUO 3-1437 - 3-3712 - 2-9009 Open to B P. M. FEKNWOOD AVE. — 9-room modem home, large level lot, garage. I will sell on contract. $5300 and $800 down payment, balance monthly. Dial 3-«T71 MILTON AREA — Nice 4-room house. Furnace and stool, $3800. 2-3147. 5-ROOM MODERN—Wood River, linoleum kitchen and bath, good cabinet space in kitchen, full basement, hot air furnace. Can be bought on contract, $1000 down, $55 per month. Immediate possession. WM. J. HERB AGENCY 3508 Brown St. 3-3026 After 5 Call 2-6413 or 3-634S CROSH REAL ESTATE UPPER ALTON Close In. Attractive 5-room, tile kitchen, large cabinet unit, inlaid, tile bath. S large bedrooms, closets, dining room, living room, hardwood floors, all newly decorated, new roof, recently painted. Enclosed front porch, life-time screens, furnace and stoker, near schools and bus $9800 LESLIE AVE., W. R. Attractive 5 room modern. Excellent condition, newly decorated, 3 large bedrooms, closets, bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, cabinet unit, good roof, dry basement, gas conversion burner, garage $8400 CROSH REAL ESTATE 1002 Phlnney Avenue Office Phone: 3-3576 After 5 P. M. Call 3-6063 - 3-7894 4-ROOM—All modern. 4 lots, plastered, built-in cabinets, tile kitchen and bath. $5000. Stanley Dalton, 330 Carbln. Belhalto. HOME WANTED—Must be right. In Godfrey, Can pay $2000 down if modern. Dial 4-9336. WANTED TO BUY— House, 6 rooms or larger, modern, from owner. No dealers. Price and location must be in- eluded, Write Box 970, care Telegraph WANTED TO BUY— 4 or 5-room modern house, desirable price. 2-6700. CITY We heve location. Fair ___ * FARM PRbrtftTV VAJfllD— ve eeab buyers for row aiommti AUCTIONS HILLTOP SALES BARN — License* and bonded tor your protection. Livestock salea every Thursday night. Livestock aalea promptly at • p. m. Thursday, Jan. 19; already consigned, II head of good stock cows, also milk cows, stock hogs and hay, ART LONG, oooa — CATS - rate PERSIANS—Bxtra good young whita male, brown female, and 2-year-old onet. Phone M- 200 Barr, Jerseyville. COCKER BPANIEL PUPPIES—Golden, A K. C. registered. Champion stock. » females. ta». Phone Bethalto 403. CANARUB - And love birds, guaraa- • slann: ' Dial t-l« BMMJgHNBBt WILL DELIVER 844 Ford Tractor. New paint. Perfect condition. 1M8 Ford Tractor, Hants and all at- cessories. A good tractor. F-30 International Tractor, good 3-bottom 14" plows. (Will tell separate). All steel pig brooders (871 (Ruular lu.BO valuai All steel coal oil tank heaters, reduced to $24.08 ReguUr G. E. electric stock tank Deleers, reduced to See ut NOW for early spring delivery of new rord Tractors, Dearborn Grain Drills. Dearborn-Wood Bros. E' Combine. Frank Lynn. Manager - - O'Neil. Salesman 'oatl Biver. III. A RIAL BUV-Ina brand new Maaai? Auburn. POCKLINOTON HYBRIDS SEED CORN: fWV.

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