Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1961 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1961
Page 16
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» gk ^t^B^f^l^-^ ^uf^ugjt^^^^^^^^^ AlfTOf JEVBrllNO City Bowling Meet is on Saturday Begin! Th» Alton Bowting Awoelatton'i •mo*] «Hy toutTMimrrn wffl fi* Bw'N'r wny SntunJuy altwinwiw nt ft* Bo«l Haven Afltj* In Alton. touiTCy wfll BIO Miry 7 wlfh artkm on Saturday and Sun- dov of the next few weekends. There we Ifi teams wrtwd wfffi tnore than MS bowlers psr- hi the action. The schedule for the first week day Scratch B. tt.V SrniQtt (TtMBtoy Mwrh»rrt.« pnd with tV tr*m« and IT^R foainJ** In parenthwis are as W-|di tows: B. H.K Custom Maid (Wednesday Sentor Mwrrmnts W. R.), Broadway Otass f? p.m. Thursday Met- ctantel, Was* Tool A D1« Co rTuwntoy Metro B. H.I, M.P.M. No. 8 (Tuesday 8:45 Handicap 8. !.> and Hankm-Hapfrele (Friday Nlte 7 p.m.). S:» P.M. King Louie (Monday Merr-hanf" T.V Garrett Furniture <Thur« 7 p.m. Merchants^. Mt')«*r ANNOUNCEMENTS tttffhO Sealed t- kVni *W. IWI> IVI IWI iti«Mi'»r* I* required in th* malnten WlMVr'&Yn- tiittyniit. and at mat ttm* ^ L.*1L.' > «fttc« of H» tny Manager until l«!W o'clock A.M.. CST.. April 2», till, for Mrntsninn materia" ane* of Alton. nlfi»Ms."'Iiia""it" ffiirtt publicly opetm and read. tti Propotau g**lt *« k ««5 m ttted on tonft* rortttiKMl by wa Munu'-v paiity which may be obtained at the office of the City Engineer, and shall b* enclosed in an envelop* en- dorsad -Material Proposal, Arterial Street Maintenance." (3) Tfi* right I* reserved to rel*ct any and all proposal* and to waive technicalities. A proposal guarantee In th* form of a bank draft, bank cashier's check or certified check in th* amount of not l*s* than ten <lo> per cent of th* bid • or for the amount specified in ihf schedule listed In Article 2.7 of the. Standard Specifications, will be re shown ANNOUNCEMENTS >tMIJtoMfc«-«->*.--»-< ittlAM N. Man* all 01 •fighbors i bw?15v«m«nt, w* especially wtth w thank Rev feuftene MiRA. BurM'd Funeral Horn*. St. Anttwnra HO* pun', th* patiMnrtTS. an thoM wtio mm cards, food, flows, or a*listed In *(r» way. Ood fetes* you ""' Mrs. Hiram W. IrMlti and Family. » RUMMAOB A PAStRY 9ALBS RUMMAGE iALE -Old CllMMIdral Halt. State St.. Saturday. April IS, § a.m. RUMMAOl SALE Saturday. April 19. 9 a.m.. at 519 teiie street. Alton. Sponsored by the Alton-Wood River Sportsman Ladies Auxiliary. f SOUK 1189 an* LOtXJM EMPLOYMENT O»«w. Hotel Hroy, to to J a.m. an T p.m. MWBJ tOY *ANT«0 - rot iiron ni«irtati rmita, Mar col- •I* and Jofmtan itr|«t. via* i*w« Agency. I03H B. Bflwy. CRIDIT MANAQIR ear* t«tp.r«pK UKNTLEMAN to cart for MW apt. bulidlna. Ramais and minor rt- pairi. tlvina quarters on the premises supplied. Writ* Bon «W, Car« Alton EvtniAi Teleiraph. PART TIME 0 White men hours in P.M. and Saturday week. For i HO S-4473. We need 10 White men — work J in P.M. and Saturday. $35 week For interview in your home *:» P.M. j Merchants B. H.i. Eeco Milk Bavarian (Monday MW-.,Tuesday Metro B. H.), Dave* chant B. T.V Black Smiths (Stand- j Barber Shop (Tuesday Senioi arrl Torch Chih W. R.>, Allcv'Mere-hunts B II>. Canton Thurs- Omw (Dtrrelass FrMay Acrnei i{ toy Merchants Acme > South Rox and New Moon (Friday Grimmer- arm Dads (Wednesday, Commer- c1§1 B. I.V cial W.R.3, Budwelser (Tuesdsy •sSn f».M. * Commercial B. H.>. Jack Tits M. P. M. fOrrlzpd Friday R.H.i.iwlHh Masonry (Monday Mer- Pick's Fnam Blowers (Wedw*- i chants -B. M. Financing Security day Merchants AermO. Horme>! (Bowl Haven Mixed). Bulk De- Printtn* fFriday 7 p.m. B. H.V < pot (Super Shell B. I.V Dabhs quired A surety bond for th* full | Hltrh Life (Monday Merchant?' i amount or the award win b* re .„. „. ,-.*„., *,-. .. . « i nu n « v r- ,^ .. ,T>. -j c«.,i«_'oulred Where a surety bond is not FRANKLtN LODGE NO. M. A. P.I v B. I.>. FaWaff (Tuesday ^nior;^'™^";^™^^, 1 ,^^,,,,^ of! * A M ANNUAL BEEF DINNER ;T rx the successful bWder will be held: Saturday. April IS. Serving S to 7 gon ^niy Ham and Ma'r'v until all of his material ha* been • - - *•-•" "-"• — *—delivered «nd accented by the; awarding authority unless approval Is given by it to substitute a surelv j Wl p.m. Tickets available at door. L. E. Qllieiand. W. M. bond in ilou of the proposal tuar ' «nt»e By Order of COUNCIL OF CITY THE OF ALTON GRAHAM W. WATT. City Manager April 14. It. * 11 II HELP WANTED—PEMALB BABY SITTER — Mora for honl*! th-n wates. HO 2-9810. DOROTHY LAMARR COSMETICS— Sales and supervisory staff desires full and part-time women to join Semm* • jolle, Cosmetic Distributor. Extensive and fascinating positions available. EXpress 7-3683. RENTALS BUSINESS LOCAL I LOW DIJTANC1 tan wainmtMi art. PHH no t •*$ mot i HALI IfJO ACRES - W Ml -ettHWMl •cm in clover * alfalfa, MBN—Own, mMjvft. tottt. M mi bui lint. CL 447M or CL 4MMU4. Co. PLEASANT*l«r*l son*bl«. 730 Atby. IMp, rt» ROOM POR ftBNT — Private entrance »nd bath. CL 4-1781. I Oth. Wood River. 31? ROOM — Private eatraaea. 4 Mocki from downtown. 401 Wood liver, wood River. STATE OF ILLINOIS ) COUNTY OF MADISON ) Busch Bavarian (Downtown Clas- j Service (Thursday Sen-ice W sic Acme). Photo Art Shop (Mon.JR.), Calhoun K of C (Wednesday dav Businessmen \V. R.V Grin | Fraternal Jerseyville). Trinity drrs (M. P. M. "A" B. I.V Cook«JNo. 2 (Lutheran B. I.) and Re-| RO sE MARY WATERS Plastering Wednesday Nisht Car I former? (Shell Premium B.I.). rolltonV Knishts of Cotombusj g.-jo p.m. i v§ Wednesday Might CarrolHonV R j Bearing (B. H. Tuesday'JOHNNY WATERS. St. Paul's (Mixed Church B.H > 'commercial', Marshall Studio Broadridge Insurance (Thursday! (A|ton . Wood B j., Godfrey Major Men B. H.V Quality Pon-: Boat & Motor (Tnursday Major tiac 'Friday Sportsman W. R.V M(?n) M(j|d Shop (Industrial Sinclair ^Thursday Industrial Ac-^^ MWtown (Wednesday, !Merchants Acme). RefineryJ TO: JOHNNY WATERS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT ) > Plaintiff > 1 ) ) Defendant ) DIVORCE CHANCERY NO. 8I-C-170 I Star, will meet at Gent's Funeral Home. Friday evening at 7:45 p.m. to pay last respects to Sister Anna White. Funeral service* at 8 p.m. 1 Lee Smith. W._M. i 1 1 LOS i -a i R A Y K; t»—sToCi'N ! FOUND—Hound SAratoga 9-753» REWARD for return of contents of black purse believed lost neur high school Tuesday afternoon. Keep money. HO 5-8066. ill NOTICES me). Pipe No. 1 (Wednesday Di»-|, mond B. H.i and Hofgren Gro eery (Wednesday Merchants VV Lab. No. 2 (Shell Premium B. I.). Wegener's Foodliner (Bowl ' i _ . . _ , ,,, you. Johnny Waters. Defendant In 'Haven Scratch), Explorers <K.| t he above entitled cause, that the The rerulslte affidavit having been filed. Notice is hereby given ' ir> A_~.«I QKoit M/\ 1 /TnHmsf.i abovj suit has been commenced In Varble T- V. (Friday Commer- ! c - Acme). Shell No. 1 Undust- Jhe OrcuU Cour( of Madlson Coun . rial R T) Morri«ispv rorrstnic !rial Acme), Honke Pharmacy ty. Illinois, by the said plaintiff. ciai H. j.i. mornssey »-onsiruc , „_„. Rose Mary Waters, against you, tion fB H Scratch^. Termitp* ( Major Men B. H.), V.F.W. prayin( , for divorce, that said suit Eagles (Fraternal Bon-Air (Tuesday Jerseyville).: < Friday Commercial i Steward Fnrl« R H) <?tepk Is numbered 6I-C-170 In Chancery Early B. H.). 5>tecK, and |s MJ]| pend)ng And m,, (Senior City Acme), i Johnny Waters, defendant. Is to be B. H.). Shell Refinery Lab. No.ljPeacock (Senior City Acme'. ser\ d by publication. (Super Shell B. I.), Falstafl (Alto-j Vita-Cee (Friday Commercial w^'h^^re.^nieM you fj] Johnw Wood B. I.). Luers (B. H. Thurs-jB. I.) and Pirates (K. C. Acme).[Answer to the Complaint or other day Industrial V Sammons Grocery (Thursday Early Acme), Exchange Club (Friday Commercial B. I.V Coon Creekers (Wednesday Nile AcmeV Cliffs Service (Monday Scratch B. H.V Phil's Tavern (Monday Scratch B. H.V V. F. W. (Tuesday Commercial B. H.), Wells-Schmidt (Friday Moose W. R.), Hamel (Lutheran B. I.) and Norb's (Thursday Major Men B. H.). SUNDAY 1 P.M. American Vitrified Products (Thursday Night Carrollton). Up- most Market (Tuesday Handicap B. H.). Tom Hauhe Auto (Friday 7 p.m. B. H.). Bowl Haven (Mon- 9 p.m. Schlitz (Monday Merchants) B. I.), Kingston Service (Friday 7:00 p.m. B. H.). Miller High Life (9:15 Thursday Merchants Acme), Refinery Lab. No. 3 (Shell X-100 B. I.), Dispatching (Premium Shell), Mold Shop No. 1 (Onized League B. H.).! Vinyard Drugs (Friday Commercial B. I.I, Hornsey Printing (Downtown Classic Acme), Hitching Post (6:45 Tuesday Handicap B. H.), Wood River Moose No. 1 (Moose Traveling), Cliff Sporting Goods (Wednesday Business B. H.) and Packing Supply (Duraglass B. H.). wlae appear in said suit In the said Circuit Crur't of Madlaon County. KOR THE BEST In yard trading, garden plowing. Rich Gvtllo. CL 9-3579. GARDEN PLOWING—Yard grading HO 2-4813. HARDEN PLOWING and discing. Blade work, ••2353. yard leveling. CL LOOK better and real better. Kant or buy a Magic Bait. Reiajtes. re neves minor achei and pain*, reduces aad controls your figure Free home demonstration. Rental may apply on purchase. CENTRAL SBW1NO SU?PLY CO. 14 W Broadway HO J 8214 GARDEN PLOWING — Discing and yard work. Ray Werts. CL 9-1168. HALL FO~R RENT — Suitable for lame or small groups. Day and evening engagements accepted. HO 5-6913. Berry Harris. PLOWING — Discing, blade work". Free estimates. HO 2-7271. ROSEWOOD AFRICAN VIOLET Illinois, held In the Court House In j SOCIETY—Showing & Tea. April the City of Edwardsvllle. Illinois, on j 22, noon to 9 p.m. April 23, 10 to or before May 16, 1961. default may 4 Hllcrest House 934 Main St. be entered against you at any time| Public Invited. Free. after that date, and a Decree — entered In accordance with the prayer of said Complaint. Dated this 12th day of April, A. D. 1961. River Ripples and Outdoors with Harold Brand Buge Gun Display ,Motorboat Club grounds on Piasa ! National Rifle Assn. is cur-|Creek is still gaining more exhib- rerrtly conducting its 90th annual jtors. Latest groups and firms to meetings in St. Louis at the Chase- Park Plaza Hotel. More than 6,000 members have registered for the daily meetings that continue through Saturday. In connection witt the meetings, a 112-booth, estimated $3,000,000 display of antique and modern firearms, shooting accessories, reloading machines, cartridges, firearms oddities and others have been on display to the public. General David M. Shoup, Commandant U. S, Marine Corps, the principal speaker at the annual dinner meeting Wednesday evening, told the audience about re- have displays are Alton Volunteer Emergency Corps, Piasa Motor Fuels, The Illinois Conservation Department, Ebinger Radio Inc.. Electronic division of the Harbor Sales and Service, and The Soap Box Derby, and the Kiwanis Club. There are now 29 exhibitors inj all and more are pending. A pro-| r ,o' i ^i < e"ihii' ci m7ans" : of""th'ankingj gram is being planned at half ihour intervals at the junction of est Third and Belle Streets on) 5"* """ "' WILLARD V. PORTELL. Clerk of the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois RUTH and ESTELLE'S CAFE 1230 E. Broadway. HO 2-9912 OPEN 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. DAILY Friday. Saturday, Open 6 A. M. to 10 P. M. Specialty: Half Fried Chicken. French Fries. Salad and Rolls Telephone for Carry-Out Orders W* need 2 ladles part-tuna, one full time. Information call CL 4-M81. ofRLS. i*-23 an<f Couples — Free to travel New York summer resort and return. Transportation furnished, no experience necessary. We train you. National circulation work. Guaranteed drawing account. See Mrs. Chew, Hotel Savoy, Wed.- Thurs.. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to pm. CL 9. eges. 8183. ROOM — 2 block* from dowatcwn Wood Rtv«r. Private entrance. Phone privileges. CL 4-9947. BEEPING ROOM In modern home. 2814 Edwards. SLEEPING ROOM—Clean and welt furnished. CL 4-5456. SLEEPING ROOM for gentleman. Close to Glass Work*. 907 Pearl St. HO' 2-4247. sTlfpING ROOM—Next to bath. Call between Heights; days only CL 9-1887. WANTED—Babysitter, In Brighton. 141 Cr.'! CL 4-3764 after 3 p.m. ROOM AND BOARD 2 Oft alOOM APT unfurnished. Also 709 wasninatem. H. a ROOMS — Writ now. Modern. Lar»« oiosati. ' oratM. H«tt and water . Adults only, ton aiilnam. 3 «OOM APT.-.Prlvati entrance. East Alton, Adults DU 4-4MI. 3 ROOMS—Private bath, eniranei; heat and water furnished. Aduttl. Ml B. 9th. 3 CLEAN furnished rooms. tlei furnished. 214 Lorana. River. 3 ROOM furnished apt. In Upptf Alton. Adults. HO 8-?H. 3 ROOM. Wood River. Private entrance, Bath, utilities paid. Child welcome. DU 4-94W. ROOM air conditioned apt. Paneled wood walls, ceramic tile bath, private entrance. Refrigerator, electric stove. Venetian blind* furnished. Located Connor's Apt*.. 12 N. 6th street. Wood River. CL 4-3869: after S and Saturday, CL 9-6163. WANTED—Woman as $1.00 day. Stay. Kitchen privileges. Write Box 870 Care Telegraph. .GOOD MEALS—Nice room*, dote companion, m. 628 3 ROOM furnished apt., downtown location. Gas heat. Private, ISO month. Real listate Exchange HO 2-9797. WANTED—R.N., 3-11. Wag- •t $15.50 per 8 hours, with 2 weeks vacation pay. Call HO 5-9124. 2348 Virden. Mathers' Nursing Home. WANTED — White woman. Light housework and care for children. Call Saturday after 10 a.m. HO 3-8714. WAITRESS WANTED — Apply Redto p Cafe. 1201 Belle. Alton. WANTED — Experienced lady to care for 6 weeks old baby for about 2 weeks. Days. HO 5-2153. WHITE LADY to help widower with 8 year old daughter. CL 4-3063. |g HELP WTO., Malt * Female AGENT to represent Rl«si Studio. Excellent working conditions. Good salary potential. Apply in person. 217 West 3rd. Alton. WANTED. EXPERIENCED wool A silk finisher. Steady Job. good salary. Apply in person. Paragon Cleaners and Shirt Laundry. 308 McCasland. East Alton. JOSEPH R. BARTYLAK. 307 Easr Main Street. Collinsvllle, Illinois. Attorney' for Plaintiff TO OUR MANY friends and custom era we are operating a full time; rapher radio and rv repair service and Cook. April 14. 21. 28 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals will be received by the Commissioners. Rosewood Heights Fire District. Madison County. Illinois until 8:00 P. M. Central Standard Time. Monday. April 24. 1961. for the Alterations and Remodeling of the Rosewood Heights Fire Hoose. 45 East Airline Drive, Rosewood Heights. East Alton. Illinois, all In accordance with plans and' specifications prepared by Cecil E. Neilnaber. Architect. 183 W. Airline Dr.. East Alton. Illinois. Separate Bids will be received as follows :>. 1. General Construction 2. Plumbing and Heating Each successful bidder will be re, quired to furntsh- a performance and payment , bond in the full amount of the contract. The Commissioners. Rosewood Heights Fire District reserves the right to reject any. or all bids, to waive minor Informalities In any bid. or to make award In the best Interest of the owner. COMMISSIONERS, Rosewood Heights Fire District. R. C. OILMAN. Secretary CARD Of THANKS FRED THIELE — We would like all our friends, relatives and neighbors who were so kind dur inn our recem bereavment. Especl- sales to give you better and more effic'ent service. Member of IBEW 14J3, Electronics service Technl- -clan. Hershai A. Smith, Smltty's TV Service. CL 4-6382. WANTED — Pharmacist. Mechanl cal engineer: employment In tcrvlewer. Auditor, degree. Stenog Alteration woman, store, female. Aoply in person. Illinois State Employment Service. 87 Henry. CHARGED. Alton. NO FEE SALESMEN TREES TOPPED—Trimmed. Safely removed. Fully Insured HO 2-01 SO. | TREBTWORK i Trim Top. Spray. Remove. Expert workmen. 2-0811. . Free estimates. HO WANTED—Ride to MacDonnell. 1st shift, from Humbert road by race track. HO 2-9496. WANT TO RENT MOVIE CAR TUONS for the children's blrlhdav oartv? see Foster's for brand new stock of Walt Disney's cartoons. FOSTER'S DRUG STORE. "Alton's Camera Headonarters." 230 ft. Rrnndwav. HO 52585. WEDDING SUPPLIES. Invitations, imprit napkins, bulk wedding pappr pla'es. plastic forks, spoons, punch bowl rental. Baxter Distributing Co. 554 E. Broadway. HO 5-9347. •OR YOUR CONVENIENCE You can place your classified ad, classified kill or classified corrections 24 hours a day. Cdl HO 5-6511 o p.m. to 8 a.m. For men who are now making $50$100 per week, and would like to better themselves. Experience not necessary. Must be ambitious, willing to learn. Car helpful. This will be a permanent position with large company. Personal Interview arranged by writing em- floyment manager. Box 517. East t. Louis. 111. 5 MEN not afraid to work to help on food route. Average $2.50 hour. Due to expansion. Must be neat. Oil Evergreen 5-5535. 21 SITUATION WTD. — MALE 22 SITUATIONS WTD.—FEMALE FINANCIAL 43 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS 3 ROOM COTTAOE—Right across from Glass Works. HO I-OIOt LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOM — Utilities furnished. 1202-1428 E. 4th street. HO 2-3586. APARTMENTS — PLATS 3-LAR6E-ROOM APT.—Private bath and entrance. Washing facilities. Heat & water furnished. Close to downtown East Alton. Adults only. Inquire at 198 Goulding, East Alton, or phone HO 2-0815. 3 ROOMS with bath, ground flour. Heat and water furnished. No pets. CL 4-1801. 3 ROOMS In process of being newly decorated. All utilities furnished. Maid street. East Alton. $65 month. Call CL 4-9633 or HO 5-2257 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. on Brown St. $45 morth. Real Estate Exchange. HO 2-9797. 3 ROOM APT. Utilities furnished J55 per mo or IIS week. 2011 Brown. HO 2-3212 or HO 5-4381. 2113 JOHNSON — 3-room apt. Up- stair*. Partly furnished. Screened- in front porch. Utilities furnished. HO 5-1549. 609 MATHER — 3 room furnished apt., newly decorated. HO 2-8670. HO 8-2712 after 6 p.m. ATTRACTIVE 3-RM. FURNISHED APT. — Garage, adults. 842 Lewis. Wood River. EAST ALTON —3 room furnished apt. Private entrances. Gas heat. HO 2-8814. FURNISHED APT. — Adults only. -MjJa Easton HO 6-3655. FURNISHED 3 room basement apt. 3rd house east of Brushy Grove School on Rt. • 159. CL 4-3663. HIDE-A-BED—Living room, kitch en: newly decorated. Utilities, prf vate bath, entrance. HO 5-2720. IN ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—4 room furnished apt. 38 Woodland. CL 4-1992. itoeMd laka. a-room mown Mtr outbuilding*. Mai t on well. I/I* to bnyet. of 3 or mor* well* thl* trade for city womrts. wL perguion tractor and ran lujaoi •qulpment. All for W3.800. H down M ACRES — UftlmiMWld With small lake; tood •»« » «w«d. Located northwMt of ST Taxes ar* only 121. A r*al 87 ACRES — Unimproved. 10 acfii wheat, 10 acres open. 7 acre* Ml- ture. small lake (It*, good highway, edge of Woodburn. Immediate possession. $8.100 MADISON COUNTY 80 ACRES with modern brick home. 2V4 miles east of Bethalto on Rt. 140. Good outbuildings, city water available. $38.500. plus adjoining 100 acres. Level to rolling, [deal for subdivision: city water available. Meadowbrook. $400 per acre. This may be purchased to gether under 1 contract. CITY FA*M OF 48 ACRES on Davis Lane. 1 mile of Onlzed Club Grounds. Good 5-room modern house l«'x36', machine shed, nice bam. chicken house, plenty water. I 10 acres wheat, 20 acres open for spring planting. Make us an offer. A good buy at $14.000. Complete with equipment. 9 ACRES In the city of Alton: large barn on city street, can be subdivided. Only $8.500 JERSEY COUNTY 560 ACRES stock & grain: 2 sets of improvements, plenty of water, plus 40 acres peach and apple orchard, leased for 1960. Ideal cattle set up. Immediate possession. Must be seen to be appreciated. Only 19 miles of Alton and adjoining state park; would make Ideal dude ranch. 244 ACRES stock and grain, good improvements, very good buildings; owner selling due to Illness. $33.000. FOR SALBt by flfnar. brick and framajtonw. . -.. ----, m*nt. earaoft, fwoail fcack yard. Can b* bouaht with small down payment. FOR SALE— 3 rodmi, near town. Basement, i ar Rlehl Agency. — , . Basement, i arage contract. 18.280. HO SOUTH ROXANA — 407 Ohio. 4- room all modern house. Pract cally new. HWF. Lots of birch cabinet*. Carport find gas furnace. P a stered walls. Good location. Small down navment Easv terms. X-GI s n<| K payment', and will rent until loan goes through. CL 9-2994. NOTICE — 2-room completely furnished in private home. Quiet, employed lady preferred. 1200 B. 4th St. HO 2-5478. pURNISHED with all utilities. HO 5-7331. 3 ROOM APT.— Private entrance * bath. Utilities paid. Garage. Furnished or unfurnished. 445 Milton NORTH ALTON — 3-room modern road : apartment. Utilities furnished. References required. HO 2-8840. 4 ROOM APT.—Heat and water furnished. Large only. HO 5-3703. closets. Couple 18 miles of Alton, terms to right party. BUILDING SITES Reasonable FOR SALE -9 room brick horn* with 5 acres, m miles from Ed- wardsvlll* on Highway 112. This Is , r .,t huv at $25,000 BAtLEY BROWN. REALTOR Edwardsvtlle Phone: 8M.04??, Evenings .... PRICE-HALE REALTORS Villa Ridge Attractive 5-room bungalow on beautiful Wx200' level lot. nicely landscaped. Large living room, bin 11'xlS 1 kitchen with birch cabinets plus dining area. 3 big bedrooms and bath. Full DRY basement. gas heat. Attached garage 4 years old $15.900 $1.500 down should handle! .lust across from GtUon Brown School. Godfrey Five-room brick rancher — Beautiful irxJ4' living room, 'wonderful cabinet kitchen, three nice bedrooms and tile bath. Full basement, BBS heat. Nice landycaoed yard. Only 4 years old. $17500. Owner transferred. immediate possession. Trade considered. Humbert Road 4-ROOM APT. — Front and back entrance. Adults only. Utilities fur-1 nished. $85 mo. HO 5-2185. ! 4 ROOMS & BATH—Garage. Prl-| vate entrances. Close to school andj buj line. All utilities paid. $75 a month. Phone HO 2-4032 for further Information and appointment. 4 ROOM upstairs apt. Gas heat, hot water. Garage. Adults. HO 5-8549. 4 LARGE ROOMS — Close to SIU. bus. Upper Alton. Heat and water furnished. $85 mo. HO 5-9432 between 8:00 and 5:30 p.m. 4 ROOMS unfurnished. $55 mo. Heat, water and air conditioner Included. HO "-1507. ONE 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—$9 per week. I child welcome. ONE I-ROOM EFFICIENCY—$8 per week. I child welcome. HO 2-5264. ONE and two room furnished apt*. (25 - $40 mo. Also 3 room unfurnished. $40 mo. Apply 1009 E. 4th. TWO 3-room furnished apartments for rent. Water lights and beat furnished. HO 2-8785. WHY PAY high rent? 3 rooms with utility room and shower, electric stove, clean. $45 mo. 410 Chamberlain St. HO 5-9292. WOOD RIVER — 2 - room apt. Screened porch. Block downtown. 4-ROOM MODERN UNFURNISHED) CL 4-8847. APT. — Gas heat. CL 4-4951. WOOD RIVER — 208 S. 9th St. 3 '~"——«pn rooms and bath. 2nd floor, brick $60 b ldg. garage, rent $75.with per month. HO 2-1013. 23 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES RESTAURANT In Wood River. Do- CL 4-1260. PERSONAL SERVICE 10 DRESSMAKING—TAILORING CUSTOM-MA JE slip covera. Work guaranteed. June Hala. After 4. HO 6-253d. Saturday. Events planned and others tentatively in the making include a style show, live music, bait and fly casting demonstra- cruits in his branch of service, jtions, two-way radio conversa- "Many of the young men had jtions and other entertainment. never fired a gun, nor slept out-i If you have a legal question doors, nor were at all in condition for service," Gen. Shoup said. "Such conditions are disturbing. about your boat, trailer, operation or use of them, the Conservation Department representative But within, the ensuing weeks, the | \vil] answer them for you. The fat men grew slimmer and the i Rasa Bowhunters, previously list- thin men grew more muscle. By Jed as one of the exhibitors, plan the time basic training was com-j to give a demonstration of archery pleted about 90 per cent of the men were in fine physical condition and fully capable of performing their various tasks." niinoU Gun Legislation Gen. Shoup, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on Tarawa Atoll during World War II, was awarded a hand-made replica of the famous Kentucky Long Rifle following his speech. Gen. Shoup was seventh to receive the honor. He commented that he recalled the number seven being lucky somewhere else in his long career in service. - n»e National Rifle Assn. now has 400,000 members in the nation and long has fought (or the American Heritage of the right to bear and own arms. Advene legislation that would handicap American sportsmen hunters and shooters if bitterly fought by the NRA. This writer discovered in the past week that a sleeper bill is trying to be passed in the current Legislative Assembly in Springfield that will hamper sportsmen Col. Fraoisk W. Parker Jr.. a for mer president of the NRA, told Home. pq|)brarers, those who sent | cards, flowers or assisted In any and every way Wife. Brothers and Sister HARRY M"~BRUNK—we would like to take this means of thanking all our friends, relatives and neigh-bore who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Smith Funeral Home. Especially Rev Fred at the Boat Club grounds on Sunday where there Is much more room and less possibility of arrows going astray. Boat Otvner'H Guide The 1961 Boat Owners Guide containing 294 pages packed with listings and illustrations has been released recently. More than 2,000 builders and manufacturers of every kind of boating equipment from small craft up to j $195,000 cruisers are listed, boatowners refer to the Guide as a skipper's dream book. The books are SI and available from the Guide, 205 E. 42nd St.. New York 17, N. Y. Berghoff. pallbearers, those who sent cards, flowers, or assisted In any and every way The Family. LACQ, France — The natural gas deposits of this area have re-! serves estimated at 10 trillion} cubic fffl and provide a gas! rich in hydrogen sulphide. HINTS ON USING ELECTRONIC AD TAKER: . GIVE YOUR NAME AND AD DRKSS ami PHONE NUMBER (.Spall your name out). . Be <ure to state the number oil times vou daslre your ad to run Speak slowly and distinctly. . Remember ft Is Is a mechanical device. It will answar your call aad give you recorded Instruc tlons oa what to do. but other than tkat cannot answar any question you may nave. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIRED NUMBER HO 5-6511 6 P.M. TO 8 A.M. SLIP-COVERS—Drapes, alterations, miscellaneous sewing. CL 9-3261. HO 5-2692. BUSINESS SERVICE BUS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, Accommodating All Areas H & H SEWER SERVICE CL 4-0042 HO 5-1012 24-Hour Service CARPET—Quality plus low orlces. All wool wire Wilton. 16 decorative color In nylon. Supervised Installation. Free estimates. Madison County Carpet. Lou-Juan Mills. 4 miles south of Edwardivllla on Rt. 159. Call collect. Atlantic 8-7371. MIKE'S GARAGE — Own*r Phone 2996-R5 Cars - Trucks & expert on Lawn work guaranteed. utilities furnished. Dial CL 4-3893. 5 ROOM modern apt., unfurnished, j Evenings CL 4-7748 or CL 9-1959. HO 2-1607 after 4 P.m. FQR COLORED ROOMS FOR RENT for men and women. $8 week. Call after 5 p.m. HO 2-2436. ____ _ ____ f 0 , 0 ,!, 131 "" 165 *- CaU af ter 8 p ' m - 1 5 ROOM modern apt. Private bath and entrance. Heat and water furnished. 526 Williams, downtown Alton. $85 month. HO 2-3650. 5 ROOMS & BATH—Completely redecorated. Private entrance. On 8th near Henry. Heat and water furnished. HO 5-9473. ALTON—3 room. Private entrance, bath, stove and refrigerator, heat, water, garage. Call HO 5-2402. 5 ACRES, same location. $3,500 $500 down, balance monthly. PRICE & HALE REAL ESTATE Phone HO 2-0624 HENDRICKS HO 2-9958 GRIZZLE HO 2-7884 COCHRAN HO 2-8243 23-ACRE FARM — U/4 miles northeast of Edwardsville. 7-roorn modern home, barn, chicken house, shed, garage. 45 ACRES northwest of Edwardsville wtth 6-rcum house and oarn. 6-ROOM HOUSE at 131 7th St.. Wood River. NICE 5-ACRE TRACT at Carpenter. A. J. Schoenleber. Rt. No. 3, Edwardsville. 111. Logan Agency. 120 ACRES — 90% in cultivation, all good level land, all limed and fertilized. 6-room modern frame house, 1 good barns and 6 other outbuildings, all rights go with the farm, electric in all buildings, a first class grain farm in a good location. 1 mile from highway. Price $42.500. $12.000 cash will handle. E. H. Nledrlnghaus Sr , 105 E. Market Street. Troy Illinois, i Phone NO 7-2041. with fireplace, three big bedrooms and bath, large cabinet kitchen Basement, stoker heat. Enclosed front and rear porches. Priced at only $13.500 Aberdeen Lovely 5-room brick rancher offers beautiful 20'xl4' living room with fireplace. 3 big bedrooms and tile bath, wonderful kitchen with birch cabinet* and dining area. Full dry basement, gas heat: attached garage. Nice yard. Price , on j': $21,500 LaSall* Drivt Six-room bungalow — Lovely 12'xtS' llvlne room, large cabinet kitchen. 2 big bedroom* and bath all on 1st: 2 bedroom* on 2nd. Putt basement, ol! heat. SO'xlBB' lot.. Nice location just off N. Rodger*. Aberdeen Four-Room Brick Bungalow — Attractive U'xZO' living room. 2 big bedrooms and bath, wonderful kitchen. Full basement, gas heat, attached garage. Needs some decorating, priced accordingly. $17.500 Milton Road 1360 Ft. WooTllTver - Edwardsvllle Highway frontage. 5 plus acres. Terms or trade. Only $8950 YODER > ILSHIRE MALL CL 4-4627 CL 4-1484 47 HOUSES FOR RENT 3 LARGE ROOMS. $35—3010 Glenwood. HO 5-2072. 3 ROOM HOUSE—415 Bdwy., East Alton. Water furnished. CL 4-5813. 3 ROOM DUPLEX—Utilities, wash- APT. FOR RENT—3 rooms. Color- er and dryer. Built-in oven and ed. 629 George street. HO 2-7807. range, for rent or for lease. HO Saturday or Sunday. BEAUTIFUL 4 room unfurnished all modern apt. Garage, air condition' 18 LOIS FOR SALE 2 LOTS On Brown. HO 2-1402. 2 LOTS—50x108, in North Alton. Ideal for split level. Both for $2950. Call HO 2-6227. LOTS FOR SALE—$2,000 and Up.! All utilities available. Fire * police protection. Will arrange financing for building. Fischer Bldg. * Supply. HO 5-7701. • Cute 4-Room Brick Bungalow — I2'xl5' living room. 2 bedrooms and bath, cabinet kitchen. Full walk-out basement. Oil heat. Onlv S12.100 Daviet Street Beautiful 4-Room Brick Rancher- Lovely living room I2'x22'. dreamy kitchen 18'xIO 1 with birch cabinets galore: 2 big bedrooms & tiled Bath. Washer and dryer included. Gas heat. Large lot. Only $12.600 Drive out LaSalle to the end of street and you'll find this cute home. 2-7865. 4 ROOM DUPLEX and bath. HWF. | LOTS, ACREAGES, CLUBHOUSES! h «ed. $112.50. Exclusive location. By! Price Place. East Alton. CL 4-1580! cottage furnished, wood or coal appointment only. HO 5-5426. ' DUPLEX APT.—Rosewood Heights. 3 rooms, bath and garage, com- evenings, pletely private and draped. Cal! CL 9-1856. 4 BOOM" modern house. 7lVGeorge. h , ea LT U » l50 ft ' rtverfront Open for inspection. Dial HO 2-3684, slsslppi River FERGUSON APTS—3 and 4 room apts. Also efficiency apt. Heat, water gas range, refrigerator furnished. 19 S. 2nd. Wood River. CL 4-0404. 4-ROOM DUPLEX — Clean, $50 mo. 405 Whttelaw. East Alton. Wilthira Attractive 5-Room Brick Bungalow —Includes many extras. 17'xl2' living room with cathedral ceilings. Dining room, 7'x20' cabinet kitchen. 3 big bedrooms and tile bath. Family room, screened patfo. Carport. Owner moving from area, will sacrifice. Amherst Drive. *Acro»i From Airport 48 FT. river front. 96 ft. on High-j RRLLWOOD DRIVE — Attractive way. 4 room part moden house, oil - • - • - • heat. 2 other buildings $3.000 *g|CLUBHOUSES-Nqrth of Hamburg. FIHST FLOOR APT.—4 rooms and bath. Floor coverings and Venetian blinds. Can be seen between Mowers. AUJ ? 0 Tm. 1 All utilities George, East Alton. a.m. Or 8 p.m. to pa1( J. 3U Thursday Industrial Kennedy 201; K. Stewart 21fi. 206 (604if Waggoner 223, Grt-co 202: Nickel 200: Almonroeder 207; Redman 224. Nite Ha\vk« Reldt 158, 172 (462): Hickerson 165: Landre 182, 163 (459); I^sch 154, 150: Parka 169: Kahl 152: Targhetta 150. 156, 150 (456); Slmington 153; Chism 169: Perica 151; Berry 173. 173 i IIA RIDERS (482>: Bodeer 176 160, 151 157; Compison 19S, 217; UPinia .. — From River lo St, Louis through of Rocks Bridge. Working hours. 7 tt - m - to 3:30 p.m.Cl. 4-3353 RIDE WAT/TED^To Florissant,"Rt. 140 to stop light. Arrive 7:15 a.m. HO 2-5347. UD INCOME TAX INCOME TAX - Evenings and Sat urday by appointment. Charles Wrlrlch. formerly U.S. internal revenue agent. HO 5-7429. BfiWLLNQ IOWL HAVIN IOWL INN Rotella league Hamilton 203; Stanley 203; On- 210; SlHten 201 Shell ladles INCOME TAX SERVICE 60ft E. Broadway. HO 58023 Hour*: 9:00 A M • 3 00 P. M. Evenings—5:30 • 9:00 P. M. No Appointment Noc*siary Rog*r Stump*. Albert B«lang*r • MOMP. TAX - Bookkeeping **rv ice Garni D Rrokaw For appoint m«nt HO 3-B3BJ or HO tTV» INCOME TVX - And bookkMPlna Linoe 170: McReynolds 176: i i*rvlc* for indlvHuah or bu*l- Downer 175: Anton 170: B»tn-! new Milton Bu*ln*»*. *rvlce horn 173; Moore 173. 180; Booten 180. Lutheran l<adle« , E. Helmkamp 171; M. Helmkamp 202. »533V Lutheran Men O Meier 201; F.Engelke L'05; Kanz 207. ACMI UNIS 7 P.M. Thunday Merchant* Thursday 8:«S Haveuette V. Luly 172. 193, 161, 526. K Schulz 192; E. Seal 163; S. Carrier;': Hjse 215- Lawson 202181: N. Isenberg 175; C. Chim-h- ! p ra tl 210. 209 i606>: Fluck 235: C Parish 201. 214: D. Pan*h U* that hi* Assn is doing every i'" lo : J. Morton 173. 165, 496; .Weaver 221: Gibson 226: Srha possible to prevent the bill heiftt purged The help of 1) ayaitanwo may be needed yet. Hi AJfcP MMorttKt Club « ~ «jd Sports Show ;M Hensle '' B. Gabel 161'. Jr 217 f, •* *• Alton! J.Greco 3091 i i S. Armstrong !61; D. Bed- 8:15 P.M. ThurwJay M*reiu»0i* P. Breitvveiser 203; Pratt 2UO; Kelly 220, 244 1654. Induatrial Leedy 209: Bowles 205; L,. Perica 203: J Perica 221. Kumpf 207; Weule 209; Benefie) 209; Willoughby 300; N«Jloli 204; Henesey 204; Emerick 207. will 179: L Tburwluy Major affo R Vander Horst 'M: C. Jefferson 221; L. Smorado 201; Maher 219: Gregory 213; Stai.w ' - . B K een»y ya, 5; Jo* U*ch 213; Marlon O. Key»«r Call HO 3-4371 for appointment. INCOME TAX SERVICE - 8. Q. Battla*. 472 S. Prairie. B«thalto. TAX SERVlCE-At your home In privacy. Don't wait la Una. Carl Robert* CL 4-ttMO. EDUCATIONAL 13 LOCAL IMTBUCTIQNS PIANO AND ORGAN—YOU will amazed how easy It I* to l*«ra to play bv n«w modern miibod*. Free lesson* and us* of instrument In your home Qualified t*ach*r* can(rally located in Alton. Wopd RSv*r. Ea»t Alton. Kt»i«na. Hart. fort B«thalto. Fo»t*rburg. Fot details c»ll CL 4-4110 aft*r I ».»,, any tlm* Saturday. EMPLOYMENT m«rrt*d lUauMsy. POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED —SHARPENED ALL MAKES Authorized Toro Service Complete stock Toro. Kut Kwlck mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3535 College. HO 2-7328 IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY — Mod- 4 ROOM partly furnished or unfurnished. Newly decorated. On State street. Adults. HO 2-2923, HO 6-3828. BUILDING IN FIELDON-Could be f_ r ? u . n A used for business or for home. On highway with more land behind .............................. $4.500 5 ROOM modern house for rent. $60 month. 1714 Bozza St.. Alton, be tween Broadway and Washington HO 5-7260. ern 3-room apt. Redecorated. 5th St. HO 5.8480. E. U BUILDING — CONTRACTING A-l CARPENTEF REPAIR—Roof- Ing, porchai. rooms. Interior, exterior painting. Reasonable. HO 2-2901. ALUMINUM SIDING — Oranmental railing, celling tile, ceramic tile Free estimates. Material and labor Included BETHAI.TO ' UMBER CO. "The Friendly Yard" 403 S Prairie. Bethalto DU 4-9131 MILLS. APTS. UPPER ALTON—Newlv redecorattsrt Cute 3 rooms and bath on firm floor, lust rleht for wnrkln* oer son or coUPla. $85. HO 7 3375 01 HO 5 1747. NEW 3 ROOM APT.—$75 a month Including utilities. HO 2-1968. NORTH ALTON—5-ROOM NEWLY DECORATED. PRIVATE FRONT AND REAR ENTRANCE. HEAT AND WATER FURNISHED. STRICTLY FIRST CLASS. NO SMALL CHILREN. $100. HO 3-0099 OR HO a-03l5. ONE 3-ROOM APT. — Un. furnished. $55 a month. All utilities furnished. I child welcome. HO 2-5264. ALUMINUM SIDING? "Let George Do It" HO 2-0386 BOB WOODS - Can-ant Contractor Union work. 87407. Free estimates HO CALL US for all your remodeling and home repair need*. Free estimates For one-stop shopping on building material and labor call ui. BETHALTO LUMBER CO. "The Friendly Yard" 403 S. Prairie. Betttajte- DU 4-»131 CARPENTER WORK—Roofing lid Ing and remodeling. FRoatter 2-3817. CLOCKMAKER and JEWELER * 400 day. antique, and cuckoos All work guaranteed 9 a.m. to 9 p m Phone HO 3-2230. Francis "Pet*" Davey Jr.. 1919 Liberty St. Alton. CARPENTER REPAIRS - Block laying, concrete work Plumbing •Ifctrlcgl wiring. HO S 343C. PAIKTINC aad wi tat) <** ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS ;i NICE ROOMS — MODERN APT. $63 PER MONTH. CL 9-1508 OR CL 9-1976 _^^__ SMALL APT. — llih~~and 0*nrg» and 213) Scat*. HO 5-5816. TWO—3-roomi and bath aptt. 5-5M3. HO UNFURNISHED 3 large rooms. Clean, modern and private. Be* to appreciate.' CL 4-036J. UNFURNISHED APT. * 9 roMU. prlvatt, bath with air conditioner. HO 2-2333. After C a.m.. HO 5-S035. UNFURNISHED APT8-» room* Mth OD 2 floor, private- aatri close to downtown. All Utll furnUhSd Adult* only |M HO 3-M41 - HO )'U1I. UPSTAIRS UNFUHNlSHkD. » roomi,. heat, water fural»h« Wired for electric stove taautl ful ant., no children, nice location Nice neighborhood G«rag* V wanted. $6* mo. 2434 Alby UPPER ALTON—3 large room* bath. up»talr* Curtain*, floor cov •rtna* and stove Utilities furnUh ed T Mock to DIM Una. 3 Meek* to SIU. AduJt*, MS. HO <-3«m WOIOIN ARTS. 1 and 3 bedroom apt*, fifficieavy «arlB«»t. HO 6 ROOM ranch brick. 1150 per mo Rolla Harrison Agency. HO 2-4861 HO 5-5388. 6 ROOM HOME — 2 glass porch's. Juv north of David Acres. Rt. 67A Modern, oil heat. $85 mo. Churle* Soringman, HO 2-3563. 219 HARRIETT — 4-room duplex. Baih. oil furnace. HO 2-1279 after 5 p.m. DUPLEX — 4 room*, utility room, bath room, all modern. 642 E. 4th. HO 6-3358. FOR RENT—Very nice S room brick and (tone home. Godfrey. Basement, air conditioning. SI 15 month. Phone HO 2-«l38. FOR RENT—Nice • room modern home. South Roxana. $70 month. Phone HO 3-8138. FOR RENT—3 room houi*. 3 lot*. Well and wa«h hau«*. Wired for electric stove. Located near th* Delhi store. Call HO 2-7545. S** David Walsh. FOR RENT—3 room home. Cottage Hills DU 41135. Call betwwn 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. MEADOWBROOK ~ 3-room. partlv modern. HO 2-4147. MILTON AREA 4 ROOM MODERN — Gas hMt, 855 month, i child parmlttad. HO 2-3S59. PRIVATE-^ room house. CL 4-14M after 8:30 p.m. ROXANA—* room* and b»s*m*nt Automatic heat and hot water. Large clo*»t ipaoe. Adult*. ROXANA-3* room modem 3 adult*. Mf. CL 44341, RpXANA—4 room home. heat SE1LER AND BROWN •» Spaclou* 5-room modem Carport. 170. CL 4-7212. SOUTIJ t>ou»e. 1 child. 4,?»r wo4 * 1 "" »a*M»ant Business or HomeSite. with about an 8-acr3 lake. Building 30y40 with soda box, picnic table, dance platform. South of Jersey- villa $21.000 SOUTHWEST OF JERSEYVLILE— 61 acres, about 30 tillable. Has barn and some other buildings. Coal heat, basement $12,000 EAST OF JERSEYVILLE — 80 acres of land with 60 acres In cultivation. Barn, sheds, other build- Ings. 5 room modern house, oil forced air furnace, basement $19.000 BRIGHTON—5 room house. Stove heat, water system. Insulated. Nice lot SOxlJO $4.760 ALBRIGHT SUBDIVISION—Rt, 111, 3 mil«» north of Godfrey, Lot with 100 foot front. Water and electricity to lot 1950 I860 Model Melody Home Trailer, MxiO ft. Ha* 2 bedrooms, wall to wall carpet. Includes all furnishings: also automatic washer aad dryer $5,250 61 ACRES—About 36 acres tillable. 4 room all remodeled house; also a 3 room house, good barn, good well. Can be bought with $600 down paymeqt $6.000 SOUTH AND WEST OF JERSEY- VILLE—167-aere farm. About 60 acra* In cultivation. Steel bin, feed •had*, barn, pood* with water pumped to barn and faed lots; springs. 4 room house $14,900 MOURNING REALTY COMPANY 208 SOUTH STATg STREET JERSEYVILIE. ILLINOIS PHONBt Office. UM Hom*)i — |!|»W virau Myar* Mt-fU paibert Uouralaj .... MM* •tuwell Mmirntof .... W-X ftoretay Hoiwman .... I3MK 6-room brick rancher with 2-car attached garage and one acre of _......."' _ room 20'xl4', din- Ing room I0'xl3'. '2 huge bedrooms, one smaller now used as den. Large cabinet kitchen. Full dlvld | ed basement with rathskeller and 18V, acres! H-buth. Drive by this dandy home HOSIWOOO HII9HTS Gr«»» foa. I3*»U» ..... HMO WOOD RIVIR Gr«ud~*6*l30 ................. 11000 Canir*! Av* —73 x 100 ........ 12330 and call u«, we want you to tee it! Priced at $26,500 A Masterpiece In Contemporary Architecture This superb bricx and masonry l« nicely located near Hind School In Bethalto. juit 3 year* old, on beautifully landscaped lot. Carpeted living room 20x12'. large cabinet kitchen, tile bath, utll'ty room has waiher and dryer: family room 16x>'. Garage 18x20 paneled in Philippine Mahogany. Patio 16x9'; Gas heat, city sewer. Extra* galore. A REAL BUY at .,..$21,600 Bethalto •»*,¥?£ *T.-Pour room bungalow. Big living --. j- . .. 2 dandy bedroom* and bathTVpnd*rfui hltchim floored attic. Pull ba*ement, ga» boat. Carport. Lot 50x140'. • Block* to Hlffi School. Only 110,100 lathilto •PENCER «TREET-Idaal for th* rttlrad count*. Pour room bunaa- ow. On* b*droom. carpeted flv- ini room 10x15'. path, tart* utility room, oil heat. Patio 1x16'. On city **w*r. Only $8900 N*w At Tomorrow A handsome 3-b*droom brick with attached a arage In lovely Country Air* Subdivision. Bethalto BMU- tlful carpeted living room, t tie Bath, large kltch*n with built-in range & QVMI and birch cabinet*. Washer & <uv*r iaclvdad, Plenty of a(or> age. Qa» h**j. M-HIO- landioJiid lot Only lll.aoo. Just 1H y**r* Prttty Al A Picture lilinoi SO. ROXANA Completely Wonderful 4- room cottage on Shell- view in Batbalto li. Ilk* new 4 room* of furniture. J-ton air-conditioner. Wg Wtehen with birch cablMts. carpeted living room. 3 Ma MdrouiM. FuJi tw«era*m with wither and dryer QU h«at All tali wua outer •«tra* - %>iy I. OTTO

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