The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 1, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1927
Page 7
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/ .'1 on; Sos^rsj Toda;^,Af- Is Di&|played. I ifew York, Ajirtl. 1 (AP)—The Peniistent tlemBndf for f .United States Steel cDmmon; whicfartbach- ed anotlier new recorji high for all time; a temporaryjaetback in the rails on selling ^s^i^d'by the Interstate Commcrci CcrmlntsBion ideclsion in the St. Li uis iipd O'Fal- loB case and the ren iwcd iweakncss of the oil, baking, tobacco and packing issues were he Jiigh lights in today's irregular >iock market. "Wiih approximate y half n .billion dollars being; expeiided in the lorm oi quarterly ipjterest and dl_ vidend; payments,; and only rela-. ' tivcly low yields obtainable on bigb grade bonds, it was regarded natural that investment fnnda should, find their way in to the stock market, luteal cotnmon apparently was being accumulated on 'tiK> theory that the presciit $7 divi- ddad would, be maintained on the new stock. Money was }a plentl- fulBUppy-at the renewid rate of per tionit atid there wuis no CBII- iug (if Idans such aK IIRH ; occurred all previous day's this week. Iquidallon of |hu rails .Innplrod ihn O'Fullon decision n^ulled arly \loHscM of 1 to i'.-i Jmlnts, MquI bi ihn • ifi rarl li i litK IIIOHI of I ifHc .were tiiudc up tttlvrr and Niillonul tiTrtijo KHlns of K : early af»«riioon. tHif>rtmtiftnni I. nil, with e) ami titA luilnlit reniieetlv«ly. inuih- cd (trlccK neVUr reached befoj^o. iiAn <tus ,('itj- Grain KnnsiiK City.'April 1: fAlMU'hitat: .receipts lull cars; %v lowtr; No. dark.hard $1.27 4/ 1.34; NoL 3. ?1.2R ifi 1.33U: No. 2 hard $1.27CfiU.33>/i; No.-3. »12fifil.33; .\o. 2 rod »1 .25ViC'' 1-26^: No. 3. $ 1.24 Vbfi 1.25; Corn, unchanged to %c higher^ No. 2 white 71 @ 73c; No. 3. 68% C»71o;. ' *N0; 2 yellow 75 # 7GV.C; No. 3, 72'^<Ji;75c.' ' • .\o. 2 mixed 71V=(&73V4c; So. 3, 67%fi.71c. I Oats, unchanged; •No. 2 white 45^^#48 '2c: No. 3. 43'.'jiff 47c. 1 .Miio mai7 .e $1.19 ©1.23. Kafir $1.11 1.10. Rye 95 (ff 97c. Barley 77 @ 78c. Kxinstis at>-. April. 1 (API^ Close:' 1 ivheat: Alay old $1,27 1-8; July $1 .22; Corn:'May 7254c: July 76 1-8: 1-ic. Kansasll'itT Lirestock. Kansas" Citly. April i.—United . States Department'' of Agriculture. —Hogs 1.200; uneven; opening Kales to shipper^ l^c to 15c higher; . "^iclosinij trade . to; packers slow. • ground steady • with yesterday's jpjiaverage; llgnt lightamostly steady; s?tock pigs.'weak. laround 15c lower; .ni.50(ft;$I2.50: top $11.65 on 140 to 150 pounds; bulk 170 to' 230 pounds j;io.90?r$n.25; bulk i40 to i6o pounds $11.3SOflI.6S; '240 pound.-* up $I0.25#$10.80; packing sows $9.00ff»|9.75. • ^ . Cattle 500; calves 200; fpu steers steady. to strong; other' killing ^lahJics *"ery scsrce, unchaugcd'; sinckers und fcederx slow; rough 1.378 pound stecrn r$l0.50; good light WBlghl steers $10.35: light wc'ight Texas steers In qnurunlinc division $7.75. .Shocp 4.0110; killing «;lHa«ns steady; bc)<| wool(;<] lambs $irt.!)0; yearling ' wethcrii :4l3.50 with " year-old wethers aj| $11.25. Chicago (jlraid Chicago. April 1.' "(AP)—Close: Wheat: May $li34 to' %; July $1.29% to %: Sepi. $1.27% to -Ti : Corn: May 72% to %c:' July 77% to Ue: Sept. 80 ^Si>' to l-2c. Oils: May 4.3 Tt, <it 44c; July 1-S @He: Sept. 4.1 l-8c. Rye: May $1.03 IS to 1-4; July $1.00 3-8; Sept. S.'i'ic. * Chlcai^o Lireslork. Chicago. April 1.—United States J)epartment, of Agriculture.—Hogs B.OOO; top ft;il.75: niost,210 to 250 >bund weigiht $10.S5@$11,85: bulk 260 to 300 ^ound butchers $10.50i?i $10.75; tuik packing sows $9.50(Rf 5 9.S5; few Selected slaughter pigs ])w:<rd to $11.65; bluk~medium to good, offerings $11.0 «@$Jt:Strr' heavy iweight hogs $1O:3S0>$1O.75: medium' $10;40(?i$11.40; light $10.75 #$11.75;, light llghta • $10.75© $11.75: packing sows $9J5@$10.00; slaughter pigs $10.85 ^$a .65. Cattle 2,000; best .led steers $|2.25: several loads $11.00@$H.75; bulk $9.75@$10.50; heavier medium hulls t7.00; suppl;^- short; vealers mostly $10.00^$11.50 to. packers; some imedium" lights down to $9.50 and below; shippers $13.00(?i$14.00. Sheep S.000; wooled Iambs early $15.75@$J.6i00; good: to choice handy W'eight and^ medium clipped lambs $14.75'5'$15.10;,sheep steady;! good fat iewes upward 1) $10.00;' good 76 pound shearing lambs to • country lOLA i».5i>. . HII I E, I FUR & ^\ OOL COBilPANY Get our pric«s oa . POULTRY AXD EGOS » We irill dome after pindtilr* B.!A. JONttT 8«.0feto 'I|MMIM7 GR kARK^T We ipajr fke followtar prices: So. 1 rEwTs 22c So. t Eggs r— 18c KO. 8 Eggs 15r IJfo. 1 Hens ! -21c yo. 2,Heiis._j : ISc .BroUent —— 80c Horn Hides — i... fSjM Qtcen Hides —.—! i—. ,-__«€ .lie Tawg tmi Old 53w *s '|fe Trlir<come vt«r j-0Br poaltrj. J. F. Greiiiruui Prodace Co. MOftTNPOPi I. PAGE SEVEN BY TAYLOR NPSMS FROM COLONY Free PJ*S « Editor B< comes a Bene ! diet—Vrteio Bant titmck 6} i , LlRhtning. add Personal Hmttan. i I;leiiion. vlsltei vrlth MIHH I'n Itn and with t!lty. Mrs. ( Of (Mrs. W. E. Ifaylon.l • COLONY. Kans., Mar. ao.— .Mr* S. (r. Thornton and illMIe Hon« Icf tufikddy innrnlng for Lclxxipm, ^ifero Mr. Thornton Is now locut «4d AH operator. MIHM huella Dilikol lit .Neo tdio Kiillii Mundiiy. vl.tliluK horn • rtilks and to nlt/>iid the runcruld' till old ft 'letid of the fntnlly. , MR Hiiil Mrs. l-'rcd Denton »' (jfilii mid hfs I mother. .Mrs. Chan. I over I lie Week cii' tlr Deutoii In Wlcli; Plat Ives nt Arkinsi'. i.iiv. .win. nhan- Deittoii., visltej,. oVer Ihe week-end with .Miss Pat^. II Denton in Wichita | and with; rj -latlves at Arkansas; City. .Mrs!.; Chan Denton's sister.' Mrs.. Reid.; at-compahled them hone from Ar{-' kknsas City and wil visit here for a week. j .'Mrs. Anna Weihie has been here f ^om Kansas City, visiting at the hbmc of her brother,-P. C. Ilolsap' fel. ; Mr. and Mr3. W. TJ Johnson Lawrence and; .Mr. and Mrs. P.l V Dixon of ifronfenac wjere here ith' first of the week visiting thei pftrentSs Mr. and .Mj-s.K'. H, .lohn !\6n. J - - 1 'Air. and Mrs. Ned Stansbiiry hftve ihoved i to Mrjs. Jackson Rieves'l) farm north of town and .A^r. and Mrs. Wm. Frazier are gat' tlhg settled in the Or Iceland rasl d ^nce. !«rhich they vatated. •Lee R. Ilettick. eiitor of i jh Ffee Press and Miss Agnes Pobt Ottawa, were married last 'FJrl d^y afternoon, the ceremony takp in« place at eswego. At the sabp titae. another ybung cjouple frbni Ofidley. friends of .Mr. and Mri. H^ttlck, were also married and thfe wedding party drove to Jopain where they visited over Sundky. M^s. Hettick is employed as s^q- rc ^ry 'Of, the Chamber of Co |m[- mercS at Ottawa and will eontli""- htfr w 'ork there until ijlay first a T; which they will bq at home {h%ir friends in Olony. ^Irs. J. V. Schafges accompah Mrs Van Pelt on hei^ return trip visited w th to. Pftola Sunday, and relatives there. Mr. and Mrs. Arthiir Jones ah bfiby uon were up "from Huinbolrj an-d spwnl the week onil with hof foikh. I ftlr.K. John Martin Ift qult.e slfk wkh-appendicitis and! It Is all operation will be Ineies 4\prn l.-John Sulirpin o • llay n fcarpd arv Klitl'i" ss helre aji<i le trip o \1er 'o iiSiKl sh'*) Falls spent Tlinrs Colony. He Imd IIUKIM was forced to make I oii'"Jjprky.'* as the riKids a ptfssahlc.,' >Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorge Denton a id little daughtxr. ,Klariorie. Iia belen here from Oairnett this weejk. visiting home fnlk.s. |Mr. Detitoij has summer's work as driller |lri the Paolaott. Held, hiij they prob- ahlv win not move there, but-cobr tiftue to live ejt fjarneit. i •O. D. I.,arsoi» has been visitinij relatives at Mudl«on and Osage Cfty this week. I ..Mr. and .Mrs. f-ew Kent and^chiir drcn: were in Oarnett the of tlifc week on account of the denth and burial of .Mrs. Kent's'fathei*. Mr. Cunningham. Mr. arid Mrs, WjIIard Lowe have r«jturned from a visit with rela- tiVes at Kincaid. ' :Earne8t Marshal, son of .Mr. and Mrs. ^y. A. Marshal, had the mls- fntrtune to brieak both the forearm bones,In his right arm. as h'( was tningi to crank —a gas eiigihe Thursday evening. He was br<^ught into town immediately t|> have the frkctiire reduced and gamely attended school Thursday. , The fourth number on the lecture course. "The LoveleS|S Quar- tett," /was given Tuesday evening atsd the program pleased those attending as it was well diversified anfl also well rendered. | The last niimFer of the cour .se will he a home talent play, whic i will he gU-en in the near future. Dr. Dudley made a biiMness trij to" .southern Missouri this week. The big hay ba^n on the farni SlJc tniles of town, oeentiled by Je 'ffle Vetefo. was striitk by light nlhg and burned down earlv Foreign Banks in Hankow Menaced CLASSIFIED ADTBRTU- OTG INFOBHiTIOir. : Caab 6c 7c lOo If anti-forelgh rioting breaks out IniHankow. China, it is very likely to center around tfcjese beautiful foreign properties along the Rnnd. X^ft to right are fne buildings of the Natioiial City Bank of New %'ork. the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (a British concern), and jhe A. P. C. bulldiug, whc.rc foreigners are concei^trated. Recent dispatche3 state these two banks afe closed and ,tbat the situation is tcn^. Stock Owners Build Pei^manent Watering Tanks With Concrete Modern Flashk Tonight At Ithe Kel By W. e. KAISER, AgricuMural Engineer Watering tanks that are permanent, watertight, strong and securely placed'give the farmer , satisfactory service. They will not need replacing or repairing,' and provided they are properly made there will be. no danger of leaking or cracking, even if the, water freezes in them; and the stefck will sever upset them. A tank of this Modern Flashes without doubt 'the (las.sieHt and ipeediest song 'and dance revue with' a special to secure a workable concrete, but be careful to avoid a sloppy mix- ..^^^ Aluipc the Maler .Accordinest i o;.H.alf-inch round reinforcing | -"{.^j ^V /^^.H-''^"-'""^ rods are bent into a "U" shape'" ""^ ley iTheatre CLASSIFIBD RATES IMIIr raU p«r:Un0 for consecutive niBmiona: j f{«U?fiw.- Qajrs >••> so. •tt>% Osr ••••• 12a/ Minimum Gfaarcr. 3<e en any ad. Minimum cayh, Nc. i Count five words to a ,lin«>i rudNB TOIJR CLAJB8IRIBO AD TO 1« . ' ' • ' ' Krror* in •dvertixenieiilii (hmiM h» r^Dorled ImmrdlHtrly. Th»i f n«>i:l>it«T will not hri rtsponslhlA for mor« than one Incorfect m*«r<lon. i Adii nrilered !ur n\x Vimrn lind otop- p»«l b»(ore rxplrntloii will Ivj' rliMtgrd ror only tlie numtier of iltnrk ttiii ad ,apmared, nnd adjuxlmcnt n " rite cnrned. ' The tola Reslster offiee In open to receive nclvArtlM«rnentx frnm It «. ni. to < p. hi. dally. All nds rn^rlvad up un.- Ill I p. m. will aipftiir In all city MI- tlons tlie immo day. An Ad 't ^akpr will slndly aiiir<lKt ynu If dralrrd. no that flip-copy j for your ad In prppnrcd In such a iqHiiiirr iiii to bring the greiitesl results for ynu. AdVprtlnlng ordered for irrngutar In- /ertlons takes (he one time rate. No ad ;ls :t.-iken .for less than a baslsiof three lines, j ! Careful attention etven to.'mall orders which must be wtth order. Special rates for yeariv adyertislnir. The individual advertl.'senients under the followins classifications are arranced in A1.PUABETICAI- ordfr for (lulcic ref<>rence. j All ads'prt restricted to their prop •»r clHsslQcalloni and to th« regular DnHy ReKIsttr style of type. JTbe publishers reserve the riicht to edit or reject any classified advertising copy. —Telephone'your Classified Ads !,to 18. ^_J ANNOUNCEMENTS This special fea] have just closed.a before ' iMJing placed. The r'od.s I which run are placed j','^'''',„,, ..„., m,^^ six inchest apart while run- I'"" Thc^ ning ricrbs.'. the tixmgh are onel'^l P"=»"'"«^ foot apart. When rods are in place, they form;a lattice work oa the floor, i . ; i beautiful costumes features are act. nteriiiingled in the 8ETHEL (Marjoriei :.h.r. 28.—There QIb .Son) will be a pie supper and prograju ai the Bethel sihwl house Frida tni tt"' M tTvtn to type Is pompthing that the {"armer can build himself. The soil on which the bottom of the tank is to rest Is thoroughly packed nnd leveled nnd Ihe adjoining ground Is sloped away for drainage. The outside forms are built with one-inch boards braced by 2 by 4.'.s. Tlie In.<;lde forms, however. i|lope outwards, giving a baiter to the wall, so that when the water 'feezes, the Ice will be forced upward without cntcklng the tank. . Concrete mixture for tanks consists of one sack of portland cement to two cubic feet of sand and three cubic feet of pebbles. Both the sand and the pebbles should ^ clean and hard. Mix the cement, sand and the pebbles thoroiighly until the combination is of uniform color. Then mix In oiougb water Construction Drawing of a Watering Tank - J Before putting In the reinforcement, place half the thieknes-s of the floor. The walls are further reinforced by horizontal bars placid six Inches apart All reinforcing Is In the cenitcr of the concrete. If yoju spade the concrete as yon place it in the forms, the pebbles will b^ forced away from facra while the finer material will go to the sides, thus giving the tank a smooth surface. , ' After the/ forms- are removed, paint the. inside walls Jwlth a wash made of cemeht and water of creamlike consistency, using n broom or brush. This operation will in.sure a watertight tank.- A concrete approach to the tank will provide a year 'rc|und dry, clean platform for your stock to stand on while drinking. Thursday morning. The farm is j of hogs with cholera. Tlie vcterin-, owned by ll. W. Brown, living at,ary was in this vitinity vaccinat- Lees Summit Mo., and he had a fair amount of iasurance on the building. LEANNA . Mar. 31.—People are complai4- ing of too much rain. .Mr. and .Mr.s. B. C. Breiner anfl children! spent Sunday* with Mr>. Breiner 'S' uncle. B. Wheatley an|'l wife near lola. Emery'Peterson has lost It hetl iag hogs Wednesday. Mr. and Mr.< Willie Hulman and children of Chanute .s^peut ^unda.y afternoon andj evening with 0. .M. Ilolman and fanill.v. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bbops and children, .Mr. and MA. M. K. Heed and Robert .«i)ent'Sunday evening at the home off tleo.-^Alford. —Telephone your CUssified Ada d to 18. . and Riitts ^evening., | Arthur KrIcHon Saturday eve- vl.sitrd at ('has. , Mr; and .Mrs. J< Hn Zimmerman and children spent Sunday at Tom Zinimernmn'.-'. Miss Hazel Stal«jy spent Tluirs- day night, at- tlie J >hn '^Imm ;Crman homo. .Mrs. itnr(>ld Helen called iu th Mr. and .Mrs. were In Savcnburj^ iiiuR. ; I • Mrs. K. S. Bacon llacon s -Monda.v. • Mr. and \\r». Dick Teal spent Tuesday evening a; Ross l-iver's Mrs. Jim Andriiis entertained the Farm Bureau c ub members in her home Friday al ternooii. .Mr. and .Mr.s. J. R. Stewart of lola called at. the Jim Andruss home Sund^ after logn. John'Long of! Kimjball. Kans.. aind Willie Winder of Sunday dinner gues son's. Frank (?ibsc Mr. and Mrs. Will and Maxine ami kdwiii Fnrsman • ailed in ihe aftcriibon. Harry. Fred, R] leaver spent 'SatuMay night and Sunday with .Mr. ai»|l -Mrs. Ed Wade of Buffalo. Kans. .Mr. and .Mrs. Kliiier Price, .Mrs. Ivan Price and Z: c.< Pri'-i were Sunday dinner guests at the E. S re. ure attraction our of thie Bat- Itres as a; spec- presentation and unlimited Strayed, Lost, Found' 10 DlA.MO.\D BAR PIN—Losrt. Liberal reward.: Finder pleiise call phone ."itl. ! [ COLD LO(i:KET—Containing pic- .; tiire of my son Webster, j Finder please return to P. S. Bennett, Kelley Hotel Bldg.. lola. i .MONEY LOST—$25 in bills, between lola and Mildred orjnorth of .MUdred. Liberal reward. Call Beck Furniture Co. , j night, April 8. [Chanute were s at E. L. Gib- n and fharlcs, c Win.ler, Jr., ith and Cora Bacon honip. .Mr. ii Bacon called in tl<i .Mr. and Mfs. Ciia In the evening. .Mr. and Mr.s. E Virgil called at John day to get |>onie se Ralph M ver home .Saturday -Mrs. Esmond daughters of .Minn| visite<l at the Jim last week. Nila .VaJine (Jib.l :id .Mr.s. Frank afternoon and Bacon called L. Oliison and Ba>roir.» Mon- •ing cgKS. itcd at the I.a- evcnlng. ard ant' two apolis,^. .Minn.. Andruss home day night with Ma^ .Maley. Oa.soline pumps c f a new design have been installec at Windsor Cistle, Sandringhari and Marlborough House for usi» In the royal K.irages. These pi mps measure accurately to within eight drops. oh siicnt Mon- TRAVELING BAG --Black. Icontain- ing clothing, etc. Own ^r .may have by cailliig at Register office, identifying and paying for ad. .10x3% TIRE AND RI.M—tost between lola and the Cllneiieasc or In tola. Rfcturn to 80^ North ^Vashington. lola. AUCTIONS AnetloBs lOA PUBLIC AUCTION—Public: auction every Saturday at 1:00 o'clock-at Bishop's Sales Pavilion, i AUTOMOTIVE; .\nlomobile Agencies A A USED CAR'-Is as dependable as the dealer .who sells it-j-Dodge Sales ^nd Service. The best place to buy good, dependable u^ed cars. At present, we have a t^ompletc line of hoth open - and cIosi°d models, priced to sell. ElliS Motoi Co.. 214 North Washington. IIUBSON-ESSEX—Sales and Scrv: , Ice.' Bud White .Motor Co.. 21' South Washington. Phong 180. Aatomobiles for Sale 11 AEROPLANE—Curtiss J. N. i'-U. motor in excellent condition, ship has'never been, cracked, i A bargain for $4.'iO.OO. B. T./Barber. FORD FORDOR^192l sedan, ilock steering wheel, five good t re.s, upholstery nice, shape. goo|i paint, motor In good shape. Guairanteed. McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212;' South Wash!ngton. Phone S93. \ GOOD USED CARS—Buicjk roadster, new tires; Studebaker coupe; Ford and Buick touiring at} a price that will iqterest ydu. Marr Auto Supply Co., Buick l|ealert| {OAKLAND — Dealets — P^.XTIAC '26 Pontiac cou^, Igood iis new; '25 Chevrolet touring, l/kei new; •24 Ford roadster; "32 Ford coupe, gtwd; 'IS Ford coupe, ch^ap; '22 Hudson; sedan, gOod shabe;' '21 Studebaker 4 -pas8. '. couik>. fine shape; '22 Dodge coupe; IB Dodge touring, good. • Some other very che-ip cars. Cash, terms.dr trade. Hobnrt-Steele .Motor Co.^ AUTOMOnVB Automobiles For Sale 11 KEAL U8BD CAR BARGAINS— 1926 Chevrolet coach; 192.5 Chevrolet coach: 1923 Chevrolet roadster; 1923 F. B. Chevrolet roadster; 1919 Chevrolet touring: 1923 Chevrolet ton truck; 1922 Chevrolet light delivery truck: 1928 Stor roadster; 1925-Star.touring; 1926 Star touring: lalo model Star six lourinc;; lute mode)- Star six coupi?:! lalc model Sliir four sedan ; 1924 KHNCX coach: 1918 Dodge touring; 1918 Chiilmeri| touritiK; Ford linurlng. II. T. Barber Gar- agc,_211 West strict. Phone SLI. USED CAlis"--i92fi t:iievrolct~coisiife; 1924 Ford coupe; 1924 Ford tour- iiiR. a dandy: l!»2.'i Chevrolet truck. Shelly .Molor Co.. ll.S West Jackson. Phone ««.• USED CAR VALUES—192« Chry:;- ler "70" sedan: 192« Chrysler "t'lS" coach: 1925 Dodge coach: 192:. Overland Sedan: l!i2.'i .Maxwell dub. coupe; 1920 Ford roadsier: 1924 Buick four roadster: 192:! iWillys-Knight coupe sedan. We. •trade. Ross .Arbucklc's Garage. Chrysler dealers.' Phone 5fi. . 1925 FORD TOURi.NG—New paint new. tirep. motor In first class mechanical condition. Third payment (down, rest easy terms. Boyer .Motof' Co.. 212 S. Je^ff. - Phone 23. .Vuto Accessories, Tires, Parts 18 CHEVIROUET PARTS—Both new and used! a big stock. B. T. Barber Garage, 211 West street. USED PARTS—Get your used parts here,'they are reasonably priced. lola Wrecking Co. Pfaone 782. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Senices Offered 18 LIVE'STOCK *floM«!<, Catttef Yfthkiw 48 FOUR MUIiES-^-fthd 5 ye^ra old, 3 broke and i halter broke, gien- tld S.R.-moberts, Colony, J^ans., phone 30-6. •.• \ - ;i i. PotiltiT and Saipplliw"^ \ J 48 BABY CHICKS—White, Rocks for sale. 505. North Third street . BABY CHICKS—S.C. Reds, ready Friday^nd • Sunday. 10c each. Phone'^S-lS. Mrs. Joe Adams. BABi^l CHICKS—Why buy others w^hen-yon can get State Accredit-' cd chicks for $12.00 per 100? Leghorns, $11.00 per 100. Come and ; see what we bave in the- chick feed line. Sol Hot Oil Brooders, any size you want Custom Hatch-^ ing. 4c per egg. 220 AVcst street Sturdy Chick Hatchery^ EGGS—Single 'Cqmbi BcoWn Leghorn eggs to hatch, Sc aftovc market Mrs. Ola Stickley. Phone 615, Moran. Kansas. mOHKST MAKJCJfiT—rj.^ee paidi. 'for cream, eggs and poultry; Our truck and chicken coops are.; at yoiir service to rpick up ponl- • tty. Barker Producti Co- Pho. 658. Wantci—Live Stock 50 CATTLE WANTED—To pasture. T. \\: Lytic, miles west of lola.- Phono 995-12. OUR PASTURE—For cows will be. open April first, |2.«o per uiontb In-advance. ). I*. Copening. PAHTIJR^^Oii old Matiley fnrini 4 niiles DiMithweHtlolu: |l..''>i» per month. Phone 777. JVANf Kniro"BUY—All kinds cat- le Slid J hogs.; J.J'.. Biitcber. , "~ llERrHANhlSE ~ Articles For .Sale ,51 CHUNK WOOD— For sale, $'2.50 In tlmljcr or $3.2.> delivered. A. J. ' Swinford. Phone 518. Business and Office E(|uipraeiit it TYPEWRITERS—.New and slightly used; A variety to select i from. Terms if deeired. Williams jType-p writer Co.. Room 10. over Globe. Farm. Etinlpment DISC HARROW—John Deerei. wjtb tongue/truck, a bargain at $18.00. Allen County implement Co. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 5« WELL ROTTED .M.\NURE—For ' flowers, gardens and lawns. • J. C. Bittcher. - ; '• Good; Thinf?s to Eat .VICE .F.\T FRIES—1'4 lbs. to 2 lbs. <>ach. Trowbridge. 31S West Bruner. Phone 1231. ilonsehold (joods WINDOWS Door, frames and casings, also.lap siding. Ray Bell. Moving, Tmcking, Storage CORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, itorage, lent; distance baullng. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. Professional Services 28 SURGERY —Medicine, X-ray. Dr. F. Lenskl. Pbonea: otjcica, 886; residence. H26W. \ EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted-.Vale 0\K S.DE BOARD—Good, for sale clieap. C.' H. ;Arbuckle, 824 South street. SEE US—For bargains in gas ranges, kitchen cabi rugs. Henninger's :F[urniture Store. USED FURNITURE-High ^ade; oil ''stoves;; cook s oves; pian;s; phonographs. . Easy paymeiits. Crosing out Cook's Paints at cost Curtis Bargain Sloi-e. LaHarpe. nets and floor- YOU CAN FURNIsil—Your home ' cheap by buying-your furniture at Brysoh's Furiiitiire Stoie.^North Jefferson. $.'50.00 WEEKLY—To represent an "Eastern .Mfg. Co." A great invention that has been proclaimed j a real treasure for the home. | Three vital necessities for every home' all combined in one handy and clever uiiit. i^adies or gents. Experience unnecessary. .Vof sold •hrough the ninres. For full particulars address Box 139, Iiila, Kansas. Mu^ilcaL Merchundlse 62 FINANCIAL Money to Loan—Mortgage^! -40 FARM LOANS-Quick scnrica and reasonable rates. A. • D. Haw< tbome. 213 S. Washington. MONEY. TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan on farms and -city property. Low rate. Terms and payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. .MONETV— We now have plenty of- ihoney to.- refinance 'your old loan or make you a new |one. We also can save you from' 2(1 to 25 per .cent on your insurance. The iWhltc Realty Co., lola, Kans. FARM AND CITY II^AK'.^J —Base cate on farms, 5%, city Xiong or short time. R. M. Cunningham. LIVE STOCK Horses, tattle. Vehicles 48 .MALE IIGG—Large type Black iPoI^snd China, weight near 175 lbs., carrying, the best blood lines. Liberator,- Cdl Jdck and Yankee Master.' Jakii Mueller. Chanute, phone- 936-11., 104 HEAD—Registered Hereford cattle; 23 choice bulls including Herd Bulls Delawjire and Prince Dogiino 169th. . One-half females offered are by ^Delaware by Beau | . Delaware by Beau President, Sale .April l3th:-Write for cataloig. : Allen Man.sfleld,' Ottawa, Kans. GOOD PIA-NO—Will exchange for livestock. W. H. Wood. LaUarpo. Kansas. r PHONOGRAPH— Edisojn Diamond Dtsc with'twenty Kdison records, extra reproducer and jthirtj; miscellaneous records. iJOjl .N'. Second.. Seeds, Plants, Flowers ftl' NEW Tl.MOTHY SEED—Reciearied.' Wm. Gwilllm. Sii miles east iir Harpe and north of slab, or phone 706, LaHarpe. 8iEBD''t;0R.N—White, no failure in 8 years; 70 bu. to acre~ last year, on upland. H. Baizer. lola. Kanii.' WHITE SEED CORN-Adapted^ isx, fertile -goll. $2 bn.; Limited supply. C. W. Warksl Farm. Humboldt. . . . t " ROOMS ANB BOARD Rooms Forj Honsekeepliti; 69 3! RpO.M APART.MENT—Ground ifloor. front Entrance, cvcrjthlhg' furnislied. 21l> East St: Pho. 1396.. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Houses For Hent 77 GOTTAGE-^Five room, close in, r complete city service. 0.~1L Cowan, 323 West street after six. FURNISHED HOUSE—Four rooms, electricity, city wntcr.^. garage, good garden and fruit Inituire 305 South Fourth. Pfione 353. HOCSE— 6 room modern, 300 bltjck on South Washington. Phone .W.. BY BLOS.«!EB wm HOUSE—I rocims partly modern, 17 .North Thirid. Phone 904W. JACKSON., : E .1 7l8-i-Seven - rooiB modem house. Inquire 722 East Jack .son. Phone 1294W. : . THREE ROOM HOUSE—Electric lights, city water, located at EjOs South Chestnut See M. A- Schlick; KuborbaB For Rent HOUSE—Barn and 3 acres, chicken hous*. lots of iruit Van Hyningr Kelley Theatre. - . > • • REAL ESTATE FOR SAtF Houses' For .Sale'. BARGAIN FROM OWNER—Nine room,^modern,'except fur-; nace.-at 1Z4.N. Fourth street lola,' Kans. Write .Mt-% D. T." SmltB,' 1817^4 S. Main St..'Wichita, Kans. •r - I TfTTC JOLAJ)AILY REGISTER, FR^

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