The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 1, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1927
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

^ PAGFlSIX . a lOLAlpAIinr ifelSTEltl JFRIDAY EVJENINq. AjpRTL jl FIntt Mctbwilitt Chvreh God has not leit Himeelp with- <mt witness in any age of the worM. Ei{en centuneii ago, through special yi ^jons God made His will known among wen. We will think or the' Vision of E:xekial at the morning IhOur of wbrsliip. It t« piapucd by 'the ministerial Associationj of Iqla that thert abould be IBD exchange of pulpits on Sunday night. -Honce, the pul> pit Of this church will bp ocoupiiMl by !H0 !rt». i>ther minister and the paslcr vlll l)e In another church. Wc wnnt to loyally support the prearliur who comes to us next Sundny night. Stmilav School ,nt 9:45. .Junior tind Inlermediato Leagues at 5. Ktfiilor Kpworilf l.,cagu6 ai 7:00 and the evening worship hour at 8 o'clock. . ATTEND CHURCH NEXT SUNN DAV. C. I. GOLDSMITH, rastorl ' The Salrati<tn Ahnr< (214 AVest .MadisobSt.) The Sunday mectingsi at the Citadel will be as follow^. You are ihviicd.' . • • 2:30.p. m. Company meeting. 4:00 p. m. Young: people's Legion 7:15 p. m. <^en air. . ' S:0<) p.m. Salvation meeting. MectiBi; at Hte Ontpost at S'SontJi Kentw;k5v • Sunday 10:00 a. .m. Compaiiy meeting. i. Wednesday 8:00 p. !m. Salvation. Friday 8:00 p. ra. Salvation. . All children lypt attending Sunday schcrol are' welcomed, - invited, urged to attend tho iSalyation Aiimv Company meetings, 2:30 p. mJ at the Citadel, 214 West Madi' soil and 10:00 a? m. at the outpost at 3 South Kentucky, in East lola. - -When.having clothing, etc., you are' through uslqg, call "The Salvation Ai^y," phoneO(13. •. * Did you know: Tlje Sal vat _ Army is working in 132 couutric: and colonies, preaches the Qbipe in r>!»^ dlfrerent langUugeH, by 22, HIT officerH. in -I4.7XU centers' '••Ii,,,{d the War Cry" (^\I•TAI.\ It. K. TlllHKTTS. Offlcvr In clinrge. . Fre«^ .MellioillfitChurrli. Siiliduy Hcliool lit II). II. in., .Mrs'. Aiititi (;niy Hti|)l.. .N. K', iloriiiM', uni Hl(ttii(tll. . ! I ItoV, K, K. Itonhiim will hrliiK HIM iiij-iiMiiKi* 1(1 the church at J|:in ui iiii . Ii' M. Y. I', win hii d ihi'lr service ni (!;3ii p. m,. K, llrnci" Moti- hiiiii Iciidcr.. ' •• r I 'i'iiycr ttiid priilHc rwervlcv fol- lowjiig, conducli'il hy ('has. Ilol)- innOM. I Kvenliig preaching .service ul' K o 'clock. ClasH meeting Tuesday evening at 7:30. in charge of class leader, or his assistant. Prayer meeting at 7:30 Thursday evening, James Carrier leader. The young' people will meet ion Friday evening to do sothe work for Home ..Missions. ] us. Should you l^e without a church home. Everyone, welcome to ainy or all of theee services. jms. ALBERTA W. BONHAM, Pastor. The Church of the Tnltcd Brcthrcji In Christ. Sunday school at ,9:45, Mr. John Knock is the Superintendent. Clbsscs and teachers for all ages and grades. If you are a member of this Sunday school will you , please come next Sunday and bring a-new"scholar if possible. ;We arc,in.a campaign to increase the attendance by Easter 33';. :, Prcachinp at eleven o'clock, :Spe- ; clal mu&ic by the chpir. junior Christian Endeavor at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Mabel Manning is the superintendeitt. j Intermediate C. Ei at 7 p. m;. iMrs. QpaLilays. Supt. • Senior C. E. at 7 p. m:. Miss Thclma . Robe'rt.s is tho president. • Preaching at 8 o'clock, special . music by the • choir. We Mvp secured the assistance of "MissiBdric Layne for our pre• Easter Evangelistic service, beginning AprlMO, and continuing over Ea.slcr Sunday. The Rev. Migs LajTie is of unusual ability. She is the daughter of- a United Brethren minister and is aliout twenty 'ycHrs ojd. and it |rpmendoiisly interested'. In iho extension of the Kingdom; of our lx>rA. K. .N. .MONTOOMBUY,, Pastor. I•'lr^t A. .M. K. Chuijili. Sniitlny HC I IOO I !»:.-,0 .i. in. 10:10 a. m. Praise arid song :icr- VlCL'. 11 it. m. morning worship. A. f, E, l/eiigin> 6:30 p. m. Evening worship 7:45. TruHtec board .Monday nlglil. Iti'vlval meeting began Woducs- day night conducted hy Mn). S. Anna Armstronj; ' who has- just closed a wonderful meeting at Chanute. >iverybody. is Invited to attend the meetings every night at this church. . Services begin each evening at 7:30. Come and hear her, she" is a wonderful speaker with powci^. The Baptiat and Methodist will cooperate in the ef-. fort. , r C. A. JACKSON, Minister.. Chiircli M the NaiaiMe SuiQlay S.cb{ool at 924p ai m. The morning service wilt in charge of tie .N. Y. H. S. (Their topic wUl.Uc ''Tithing." Scvei[al t {fferent memlfers will speak on < tfferent phases of- the , subject, lit w|)l doubliess be a very io^^rest ng service Jks the young people are cn- tbiMlksUc 6D the stibject. They wui [ present this ttierae at Ft. Scottj 00 Friday night ,ta the zone raUyjof which Mr. H, A. Doyle is tho zode president. ' .Tl43 Juniors meet at p. m. Tho Sentbr N. Y. f. S. hioets at (i:30 p. nij Atjj night tho pastor will speak from "Beauty for Ashes" as a theme. | On Tuesday April 12. Mrs. W. B. Needles. Ulstrlcl President of the W; M.' S. afid Mrs. R. G. Godding^, returned missionary from Inditi, wlU'speak at this church. There wUI be«li days services and .a piibljo-meeting at night, l^hey are<;boui very interesting, pleasant speikerti whom you will' enjoy hearing. A glad welcome i awaits yont a(| all services here. I Trl^trxjtll9di8t Episcopal Churh * The'SirmJay school begins' at 9:46 a. m. . " Morning worship at 11 a.m., >men^er with April 1. all even- Ini^ services will be a half hourj lat|r. ' 1 ; Epworth League jat 7:0fr p., m. and the evening worship at 8:UII. All] the. nunlsters w|ll change pul- pitfe for Sunday evening. 'Come and heir the message .from one of onr sisfer churches. • . [ Flwf Clirlsdnn Chnrcli. Preacljing at 11 a. m. by the pastor, J. E. Reynolds. At 8 o'clock p. in. tljerc will be an exchange of pulpits iby, the members of tHe local; Ministerial AsHOciation. j Bible, school at °!r:3o a. mi. Dr. Haf^ld Lovjtt, siipcrlntendent. gsnjor anil Intormeillnto Eii'doav- or'HOdieties meet at 0:30 p. in. Timchor Training C I SHH hieeta Wmlnesday at 7 p. in). Praypi* meeting meets Wifdijes- duy ai 8 I. m. i H'hi' public is <!(irdlully liiv|lcd 1.0 attend all HervU'^s held ijt IhU cliurcli, , I ThP l<ti|i(l<il Teiii|il« JAIi sprvtetm will iN> hejd |a4 iii*- iiiil on Hundny except thai tljie iililR M «rvicvs will.begin thirty tiljis later. The II. V. I', fi. iu«*ot at 7:00 and tho eveDlnR; («VI<- imlD- wlll ser- wlll ptilpttN Isiiinday vice at «;im o 'clock. The h«> grnernl exrh'ange pf among the mtnisterM on ev^nlngi and one of the othjeripaH tors will occup our pulpit At the morning service the Ipas tor will deliver his third. pre-East erHi <fnton taking for his | tdpic "The,Constitution of the KIngdOm.'f Presbyterian Chnrcl jt Is said that In the Cit}i of Qal timore' most of tire cabtneiJ do nol know where the leading Presby teirian chorches are located. A traffic cop' one block from tht leading Congregational chiirch die not know where it was. In a KJan^ s'sis town Of- live'thousand a cabman .dW not know where the Presbyterian tiastor lived though'botl tl^c minister' and the cabiaa;n hti lived ill the town' for five years Ilio you know wliere the lola Presbyterian church Is located? It if g ie stone church at the corner ol uckeye and Madison. Come t( church ncjxt Sunday, i i The Sunday school meets , ai i;):00 A. M. Y. P. S. C. B. at 7-.(l( j)> m. Morning ,w-orship ;at i'll:Of ofclock. The pastor will preset ted, the choir wil jhave a ipecia Slumber. Evenfri'g ^oVship ai 8;0> rfclock. The pastors! of Ihf citj ^i-ilf exchange pulpitjSjfor this ser vjce. Come and' see who will bn your preacher fpr the esfening. . I( , H. G. litATHlS, Pastor., cKiain oil The longest jiress telcgi rtcord Is that when tho whole rc!- tlsed version of tho NeW • Testa!- ment was cabled from Lpndop tj) New York, and appeared in Iji IJages Of a newspaper. May 22. f882. • - ; I was suddenly '•(c. L. Aradldy Mar.; io.^unday achopl at Salem Chapel on Sunday-. April 3, «t 10 a: m. Preai^ftig by the pastor. Rev. N. L. Verie. at 11 & m. C. E. at 7 p. ro. Mid-week prayer service on'Wednesday erening. Missionary mcellnd on the 7th. A. J. Haya, who disabled br a paralytte sirolfe aear- ly three years, ago, is still sttting in hiis chair, «nd for a couple of months he'has been subject'to an- aoyiag spells r of coughins. and for two or three weeks past, he has bad a distressing form of ;hernla, Mr. and 'Mhi. E. Reyaolds. ^ow livlag io Kafisas City, canio dowa aad remained at the home of Mr. Roynolds'a-sister. Mrs. J. B> I^td- ctio and . fftmlly over Saturday Digbt, (md OB Sunday both,families •went to spend the day with the parents' of .Mr. Reynolds and .Mr». Pautetic at the west lino ot LiT)- erty distrlci. .Mrs. Gladys Crook, who recciltly left for Callfornlai made the trip safely and she and her husbanii, .Millard Crook, are' now snugl^r housed at Los Angeljcs, where Mr. Crook has bccn^ working for | a while. i ! Mrs. Dlc'k Stateler and Mrsi Jim Lasley and, two children of Bronson, Mrs, Fay Clojrd of Texas,! .Mrs. Gene Smith of LaHarpe and {Mrs. Frank Davenport- and' Lorraine were dinner guests,at Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cleaver's Friday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. G.. HilllJrant called at the Harrington home in Pleasant Valley neighborhood one day last week. Mr. and .Mr.s. T. .M. Slack and their .son Art and his wife were out at -the Slack home,: Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Peter .lohh.son wore at the home of their daughter. Mrs. J. W. Johnson and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Shelito spent Sunday evening .wlih .Mr. and Mrs. J. B..Pauletlc. 1 •There was a good attendance at the W.: A. Dawson sale Tuesday and many of those there] were, anxious liidders, HO that the effects listed were run off Qullei readily at from fair to good prices. The lowest sale in th^ cow line was Homcwhori! in fortv tlollnrs iiiid a number.^of them 'brought over a hundred dollurH. 0( course .Mr. Dawson Is too sick to give nttcij- (iou In the sale or other I MIH I IM'SH lUHtlors, btti the sale ww handled hv others lu a well regulated manner *ltli Miillsfaciory resullM. .Mrs. Dawson's uiulher, whoso home I K U I Eureka, Is very sick, sb H[\t> has to leave Mr. DnWHoit in care of oil CI-M while Nhe goeii to.see her OCCHH on- Blly. . > Our telephone KyNlem Is In snih poor working order that it Is Im- pONslble to collet;! news Just now wlih. iiiiy ^ HatlHfuciloii; hence a short list. FliDASANT PRAIRIE (Mrs. Ella Pqnsler.) '..March 28.—Mi], and .Mrs. Clatid Edwards and son. Junior attended « birthday dinner Si\nday in honor of Mrtfc Eflwai-ds's 'mother, .Mrs. Padgett, In Bronson. Vrs. Harry SIgg has three in- cuMtors hatching. 'Mr. and Mrs.: Raymond Scott and children returned tb their home Thursday In • Borger, Texas. ^r. and Mrs. Albert Brouillard of Parsons spent Saturday night with MK and, Mrs. Arthur Edwards. ' f Hugh Wilson and sisters Gladys and-Mfs: Hasel Dnggan ciailed at C. Williams's Sunday afternoon. The Falrlaw'n farm bureau club held an all day meeting Tuesday at the home of Mrs. 'wail Ensming- cr.i jThc work taken was nutrition an'd ^health. ' Mrs. H. Ponslcr and Everett spent Saturday evening with Mr. and tArs. Arthur Edwards and family. . i Mr. and Mrs.! Willie M,o88 tooK Mrs. Jennie Moss to Bronson Sunday to visit her! son, Phillip Moss and family. .Mr. an* .Mrs. Ora Wolf .of Uniontown silent Sunday with "Mr. and a ^r.s. liarley McVey. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dnggan and daughter Delanb spent Friday evening with .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. Tompleman entT- talnediwith a rook party Saturday^ evening. . ' ' '.Mr. and Mrs, Herschcl Smith. St. Timothy Episcopal Ckiitreli. (200 Blk. South Walnut St.) Church kchool 10 a. m. ^' , Evening prayer and sermoa 7:15 p. m. Lenten services Tuesday T'15 p.. m- . '* • , ' X Service for children Frid^ afternoon. 4:30. -THO'MAS GETTZ HXLLu Rector. Fjrst Church of - Christ Scientist. 'Sunday school at 9': 45 ai m. 11 a. m. ''SuSject "Unreality." ' Wednesday .evening meetings- at 8 o'clock. •' ' Services will be held at church edifice, corner of Sycamore and past streets. The reading room in-er Ramsa3r *8 Dry Goods Store. J 101^ East Madison avenuk open week day from 2 to 5 p. m. TlUi t public 1r cordially-hiYited'to f,tiiaa tiiftiserricea of tH» cfenrefa ...SPECIAL... Just recesived a qalrload of exceptionally ifine Kerosene, for s 11 purposes. Costs m> morellut we sell at 1;hejame price as ordi nary. ' I " Try this iyi \yohr incubators, lampsj. stoves and traptpr4 Bejter than any Kerosene sold in this . I^mijt country dgliyerj^s on Highest (J#eP^l€^ Phone 489 Opposite-Ice Plant LANSING'S NIECE AIDS NEAR I AST SUFFERERS - 1. The Nurse's Training School established by .the N^ar East Rellcr in the new Polyclinic Hosplt.-il In lJs.nsihB, former Jlecrctary of State, Its first! dlr- Atb^ia.^ltl'^'x' '^3^^''"* .^^''^-a niece of:]itobert •otariTlBstiructtng a class of naUve nurses^ foriper on orphan wards of an^ Ri ^th Jean spent Wednesday at Mr. I. O. Morrlsota's. .Mr. Smith iMr. Morrlsdn make a hrood- helped er. Miss Elda Edwalrds of Pittsburg the American Relief organizajtic Mr. and .Mr.s. Ih children, Air. ahd spent Saturday anc Sunday with her parents, Mr. aim .Mrf<-. Hoy" i-Jd- ward.s. | ' I - ] - | Alorri.'^oii :i|iil Mrs. i'crl IJakcr .-mil ^daiiKlit^*!- of tlic Colil^-n Valley nelKliljorliood and .Mrsj Miller anil son. Kciinolli of .Moi-ap spent Friday evening'willi Mr.: ahd .Mrs. Ilcrsclicl Smilii-.. ^ RISING STAR (Mrs. Howard H^rdy.) '] March 30.—'The measles patients have all recovered and are 'back in school. • I [ Mr. and Airs. H. L. Snyder- and sou. Lee. were lola Visitors Saturday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Frase and son, Frank Thomas, spent Saturday with Mrs. Anna Hardy and Howard Hiirdy and family. Miss Elrainia Daughc-rty. who works in lola. spent the week end with her parent."-. ' ; .Mrs. I.on" I.ineback and daughter.-? of lola were Suiuiay visitors with the former's -Airs. Niito Ketchum ami .Mr. Ketchuni. .Mr. and'.Mrs. Oclmnr lirower and two sons of north Of loin, di'ovc up lo the home of Mrs. Hrower's aunt, .Mrs. Tom' Klnvivfy Sunday but found them gone. Mrs. Ann'i llarily received the sad' news S;iiurd.iy iiftcriionn of Ijic death i>r her sister ul Pendleton. Indiana'. • . .Mr. and .Mrs. Clem . I-' ' and hliinplitcr^^Marie of loUi. :ind Air. • .ind Mr.sJ Tloy SliriiiRstoii and, children of .Mildred were Stinday cv- (Miing siri>per, Jucsts .it jthc II.. L. Snyder Ijoine.- , Airs. Ora Stuinlio has been iiuitc sick I lie ' few days. -Miss Viola CnrlCy outortaincd her class of the Alildred liiph i -chool^and a fcvv other invited fricnils at her home Alonday cveu- iiiK in honor of her birthdav. Mrs. Kva Springston returned lo the home of her son, iJay, Satur­ day, after'E two-weeks ivisft with her sister, Mrs. John rBuifris and fainliy.of near Mildred: I ' AlV. • ifndf Jlrs. Howard Hardy iand Air. ChsCrlJy Russell' werie Ibia vi.s- itors Friday of last week, r Mr. iahdjilrs. Ernest Stumbo an nounce the arrival of twin'daugh­ ters last week.! - -Mi^s Fisk tauglit school Sauir- lay, making up one of the days ost while' she had the measles. Donna Lee Afc.Adam of .Mildred wiis ti-visitor. ] Mr. and Airs. Jim Davis and .Mr. and Mrs. Charley Robinson ami son were Sunday afternoon'calli-rs kt Airs. Anna Hardy's. Ray Springston and family am! Harley Snyder and family were Sunday guests at, Mr. ^arcy'^. west of lola. ' ^ ; A physician was called la^t wct -k to see .Mrs. Anna Hardy. Who Ifas lieen-Iald up with a lame bai-k. Sli> remains just about the same. ( The children are cujoying- a ba.s- ketball. armory balls and bai.-; which were purchased with the ctoncy made at the pie supper. ;r .Mr. ami .Mrs. Fred nHoddy or Oklahoma have heci^ visiting Air. And Alr.s. Everett Ketchum the past icw days. C »OLDS ' of head or chest are more mstly 9 tf eated externally with—> VI CHS Oorr 17 •Vffff^.Vi Jarm V^d Yearly (IIEVROLET anuary, 1925 T:^T.Za^'^ J ,i..,Tn— 7 J —— ducedanewChevrojIet wllicb scored a tremendous success. Amofig its many new features were: a new and rugged reaf axle, an improved unit power plant, a new sin- _ gle'plate ^isc'clutch,! a much stronger fraiiie, ' sepoi-^lliptic, chrome vanadium steel sprirjgs cowl and dash-lamps and ' " newHsherbbdiesfinished $ T O |^ Ui>. In Duco . . . And the / price of the Coach was • W istj 1925 ^"^^"'^^ Qi^iCoach $ AugUdL, x^^^ ^ new measure of value based oi^ many new qualityj features ... such as motor-driven Klaxon horn, iraproved sheet metal construction in i the bodies, corrugated steering wheel with walriut finish, new headlamp rim construction! arid a more con- venieint gear-shift lever. \ Yet, despite all the addi- i$ A C tions . .. the Coach was Ij J§ J reduced to fu>.b. FUnt. Mich. value ... a model offering many mechamca^ improvementsv such as a smoother, quieter motor with three-point suspensii^n, a silent, V-belt generator drivg, new oil puthp, more efficient cooling, ani air cleaner, larger brakes, etc. Nbtwit^i- standing these improve- $ /• -il 1^ t^A. ments . .' . The Coach was reduced to » - - FHat, Mkii( ^^Touring $ C ^Roadner sMm^ Coupe •-• %Mmm^ ^e4-Door ^ Sedan • • > • fiOuSport «^ Cabriolet Qki ^ fkmtrittlklt • AU Rrioct E «b Flint Midiifan BallooA tires scandaid cqaip. f awntMaDnuK^eb. In addition to these low prices CbewMblfa delivered prices ipctudir-'Ae lowest handling and 'finwni**T *y chajses available. The Most Bi^aiitiful Coach ill Chevrolet History Clithaxing the Chevp standi Fisher and finish fiill-crown. all ?)f Chevrolet's previous value triumphs, >let Coach of today is acclaimed as the cwt- )sed car |Value of all . paneled and new colors of [_ onefpiece fenders. .. buQet-type time. Beautiful new b^adedi^xaldbslily tow . . i AC oil filter and AC air cleaner . performance, greater riding comfort. and able stieering ease! A car so marvel- ^ ^^ly beautiful that you must see * itlto appreciate it. . . Yet the price ha8,l^eifaiteducedto .... /.•.juw,*,

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