The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 1, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1892
Page 4
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When Nature Needs nsslslanco it may bo best to render H promptly, but ono should rcmciibcr to n«e ituti tlic mo*l pirfctt reineillee only when itxileti. 'lli.! hunt nml moat simple and gentle rcnu-dy Is Ilia Syriiti ot 1'lga, manufactured by Uio California tig Syrup Co. Landlady—ram 'nifi'3 "wfibTTegrot at your leaving iw, Mr. Slltnillct. Mr. SHindU't—Yuu are tho only one under llils roul thai linn over been filled with anything thuu, tua'um. A llk'litlnj: occupant of tho sea was hooked liy it rortlnml fisherman. It proved to l>e n swonltlsli. Tho llsh, fi 'clliiK the line slacken, made a dart for tlu> bottom of the boat In which the Ilslieniiuu was seated, drovo Itfl mvortl tlimimh It and severely wounded tho man's foot. ! MADCAP; Marin to Look I,lkn New. Dr<ucfi,flent'a Clothing, Fuiitlior«,QloYee, etc., I)\otl or Cli-iuietl, I'lunh (tarmonU Bteameil, itt Olio i'iclcli'a l>>n Works, 916 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. 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It cures the worst forms o£ Female Complaints, Hearing down Feeling, Weak Back, Leucorrlitea, Falling and Displacement of the Womb, Inflammation, Ovarian Troubles, and all Organic diseases of the Uterus or Womb, Bloating, etc. Subdues I'aintness, Excitability, Nervous Prostration, Exhaustion, Kidney Complaints, and tones the Stomach. All TlruggUti jrit U. or lent bj mill. In form of FlPf ft l/OIeiiKei, ui. Kitiiit of Ml .00. Un r I'llli. BSe. 0*cti :*r <Mul,ii-^ fit'i-ly Biuwered. Atlflrej, In confldanev Wllllitl Ml.',, l-rt , VMM ^jigS, "Slto is in love with him," thought the Durliess. "and in angry because that woman remains in tho village. I think I see my way to " but even in her thoughts slio committed herself no further. Mat when Frank himself (whom nlie had not seen for six years) a |>|ie ;iretl n \\t day, she enuM not deny that a morn charming fiiiui 'T never won absolution for his sins by hia looks, or holp Ovlinglus many others did) that any wrnng-iloing of his must proceed more from the excess of it generous heart than from Ilia lack of it. To bo sure there was no shame in his face, and tins mi'.'ht. be taken as slmlitly unbecoming on his part; but that lie could look downcast was o,uiekiy proved, when,on venturing to od'er Mailrnphis hand, she overlooked it in a courtesy, nml walked nwiv. F.ven the Duke, but lately so Implacable against him, felt for his dis- conilitme, and before ho httd been in Frank's company live miniitm. succumbed to the fascination this young fellow seemed to exeivisa impartially over every man and woman with whom he came in contact, always excepting the one woman, who bad jilted him for bis friend. At dinner, nil savo Madcap (who thou .'lit of Hester) were the brightor for Ins coming; bis youth, hi gayety, the delightful tone of bis voice in which spoke the noble heart that looked out of his blue eyes, his very unconseious- nesii of his power to charm, warmed the Duke's heart to him mure anil more as the evening passed. Liter. In the drawing-room. Madcap found horsulf subjected to an annoyance that she found intolerable. Mr. Kyro was in conversation with the Duchess; T/idy Sophia bad crossed over to the Duke to to liim one m ilnn< endless tamilv problems tint no one lias ever Icen known to solve s itisl'actorily; and Frank, with a determination Unit for the moment bereft him of tho color Madcap found so nnbeeomlne, dared to approach the window behind wlioso curtain she stood halt' hidden. Was her head di-.iopiiig rather sadly? Frank thought so, till feeling some one near, she looked up. and then slieseom- ed nearly as tall as herself, and imcapa­ ble of brushing him from her path as a fly, and indeed had passed him when ho said— "Dody says " Madcap stopp"d, trembling, and hor hand stole up to tlie little mole on her ne-k. "Have you seep him to-dayVsho cried quickly.' ••lie .sent you hU d 'nr love, and— other things," said Frank, stopping short; "anil this," he added, taking carefully out of his breast-packet a little paeU 'i 'l that had so clearlv been tied up ny and D nine's lingers, that w.'.hoiii a word. Madcap pounced on it, and ran out of the room, without n thought for anything on earth but what was inside that precious paper. The Duchess, who had been near enough to see tho whole tiling, glanced at Mr. Kyro, and remarked— "Si much coldness, so much heat, and then u mysterious packet! \vo you not jealous?"" Mr. Kyre's reply loss concerned Madcap titan the wottvui who auMvossetl him; but even his determination scarcely enali.ed him to sustain wi;h spirit th" pari he ha I marked on'- lor himself, raid on which Fr.iuk'ssuecessilenendeil. .\iiti m-aiiwhile. Madcap lint fallen sou. 1-1 asleep with tears on her cheeks, and a half-withered liiincli of dog-roses and swv-et-brior in her hand. no *aiti. "Hut we all love yon; and there are others to lovo you. too," she added— then shrank away Ilka a child who has set. its careless lingers on n half-healed wound. If there was a bitter tension about his lips us he turned and looked at her, as lrt> realized with what grace a woman will oiler her basket of scr ips to a starving soul, while hard by, a in in will, unobserved, have lain down bis last gold coin without a word there was no bitterness in his eyes as lie said: 'And I lore you all. Madcap." 'Dodv loves you." she said softly,and put up tier hand to the sweet-brier, that sent out a faded wliill of sweetness, as if it reminded her of the hand that had brought it. 'Yes," said Frank, walking awuv to the open window; "and he is taken f treat euro of—did yon see the marks of lis kisses on tho paper? And I think bis lingers left some smudges too. I told him that you were coming back soon, and hi) began at once to pick a nosegay to put on your table. He thought soon must mean to-morrow.'' "I have never been away from him in all his lifo before," said" Aladcap, the slow tears gaUiuriug in her eyes, ••and l.VDI.V K Vl.SHIIAil UtU. CO., X.YNM MERGUftiHL Mr. J.O.Jonoa ,of Fulton, Aik .,8aysoJ B5V33«|3 "About ton years ago I con- KauiGSaeJ tracted a Bovorocaso of blood poison. Loading physicians prescribed medicine after medioino, which I took wMhout any roliof. I also tried mercurial and potash romedies, with unsuo HEUMATISM oessfal results, but which brought on an attack of morcuripl rheumatism that made my lifo one of tgony. After But ering four years I grrve up all remedies and commenced using 8. S. S. After, taking soverol bottles, I was entirely cured and nblo to resume work. is tho greatest medicine for blood poisoning to-day on the markot." Treatise on Illood and Skin Diseases mailed tree. ' Swu-r SrECOio Co., Atlanta, Oa. ELY'S CREAM BALM WILL CORK C ATARR H Price 50 Cents Apply Bftln Into 1Mb noitrl). ELY BB08, M W.rnm Bl, M.T Asth ma I^^w^a Cury for Autumn, Care Pay. Ejport oillce, I1M Jiroadw KOLA ,^o»Tiiiaoo.,iiiviB,jiT,'vSia»ai $40,000 ,C |(I ^ Kwa*d bj th* Boll TelopboD* Poloot U 1»S).; Tom; lovoaUou mir bo rslaablo. You ihooli Bietest UM, qslont. Addrotn tor tall «ud Inulligoaf d&eVKw ,1 chorgo, »V. W. ItUOI.KY A CO., SolloltorHur Potouto, 1 '" Plu>l&oBld'g,SX!78t.,ll W, tVimUlU(tou,U,f , Al«utloa thla pupu. ciiAi'riut v. Like tlo\7ti:i tin- jrntvnniit lylllfl* Is the In' o' her I'tliry t't'st. Alii like U-IIHUJII eilllillllfr Ki^lllllff Her vciice Is tov uml swt-t't. Only Madcap's fe.'t warn not llyinr. for she wor .i pattens, that clicked cheerfully as she went to and fro ovor the Ditch tiles of the Duke's model dairy. It was Molly's dinner-hour," so Madcap jiad ihe place all to herself, and might dip her little I'orelinger into as many p ins as she pleased, print a pat ot butler without bein r despised, even give a few good turns to the churn, shutting her eyes to listen to the hollow splashing; within, and tint brought to her mind the days when she and Frank had tried their 'prentice bauds in Lady Betty's dairy at making clieeHe. All night she had been dreaming of him and her children, somehow they were so entangled in her mind now; anil waking in the silent watches, a clearer perception of his character, and the weight of the temptation beuoath which he had fallen, was revealed to her, and she had been eager for tho morrow, though when it came, sho had not courage to hold out her baud, and force herself within the keuof that slight glance in which ho had included hor iu his morirng greetings. And afterward ho had disappeared with the Duke, wh'le th ) Diicluss had carried Mr. KyM off to h"r hot-houses; so that miidciv>. having written a letter to her sweethearts, found herself alone, aud wandered out on an expedition that ended in the forsaken diiry. lint presently she grew doaf to the splashing uois .i in the s -use of doser- tiou that tilled hor heart, and to some one who passed the door, the youn shape iu -Molly's imroii that l'enne! agamst the churn. Inula lonely,deserted look, so that he involuntarily made a step forward, as ono may toward achtld that one sees lost in pjrj/loxity or trouble. lie had come quite close to her before sho knew his pivsenoa, but when she looked up, he saw that iu her eyes were tears that perchance had washed away the contempt for him that they usually held. As they stood looking at oaau other, with ipiiv^ lipj, iu that llj-st trembling mom Mit of reconciliation, parlmpsi tliera was danger to the two Biiuls that swayed ligntly to each other as two (lowers in it summer breeze. They were so young, so bound together by natural tastes and ties, and they loved each other no dearly t ami, as Mul- Qtip tiwldlyvStrtt&lted'Qutn little tremb- lipg hand,Tr; • • • S ilig hand,Trank stuoped ttud kiss id it, laovvliut thattt bufl'Wycii luin hack his HugtfdmT When IwTftd let it go, and Motors »T. 11, TO- sad Hunpll doa«Jr»V . HUP , of It, sh% ¥ 8BU1, withithe tears rolling aWn her gheeks, 'UMwve been very ?wieke<j3r could jMfcto.Klyo yon; but Iperhapaaod lias. 4P» it was not for me to judge you; you-aip better tlnie. I 3^ W movodl ft Uttle m\Axi» one wWw shea no rewlv. »nd sinnd lookluir udrvnotia atoll ot curas and wliey, a faiut BmU"», oJt mewow-tlmt struggled with Xm» <smMs Jior Ips. ' "Do you* remember how I uned to mttke you Bteitl Lidy Watty's onrdsaud WIIBV, and howl always ate-mv own share and yours fcooV" she said. "Those were happy days," be replied, sadly* ^ v j)ut there U uo Lady Betty to make us tnlaotablo now," cried Ma,deap; "and [llLh%y» happier ones yetl" a'WWhoaJa'ljifliBttd; ho know S5WS'wPsl** 8 ! MP possible--' «^ If ttfiqWm mi tlWfflfiitll who wtuiupa. older oniw •»'•' ' ' "Don't cry," implored Frank, distractedly; "it will make you ill—and what will Mr. Kyre say?" ".Mr. Kvre will say nothing," iho said, balancing" herself on her pattens with suddenly recovered dignity, "he is with the Duchess. Did it ever strike you." she added, as the impulses of her youth toward Frank recurred, "that Mr. Eyre knew anything about jliitiwjf'' Frank, considering Madcap, thought that she must have had some knowledge, of t'le art to keep Mr. Eyre for six years tied to herapron-string, but said, "She is bis hostess—he cannot be riule to her." "A pretty pair," said a low but nudl- ble voice iu the doorwav behind them. At the sound of it Madcap's mood changed; without turning, she said "Would you like som > curds and wiiey, FanukV" and gravely lllled the wooden sp'ioti and held it nut to him. "Quito nn idyl!" said tho Duchess entering just as Frank, fed by Mudeap swallowed a liberal mouthful, but could Tint even bo made to look ridiculous by the absuidi;y of the situation. "Quite," stid Madcap indifferently; "would von like soai i more?" she added, looking at the young man with a smile. "To bo sure," said Frank, who hated turds and whey, but would have eaten any abomination sho might please to oiler him. •Madcap," said .Mr. Kyre'.s stern voice at a distance, "you will fall off your pattens—what m idii••*•)!" "Frank is looking after me," said Madcap, waving her empty spoon airily; "go and look after the Duchess. Don't lot her wear pattens; she's too tall and too—plump,'' she aided, looking at her hostess gravely from bead to foot; "but I think you may tak'i olf mine now. Frank;" and Mr. Kyre's lust glimps or bis wife as he turned away, was with Frank kneeling b.-lore her, caretuliy unfastening their straps. •You are jealous," said tho Duchess to Mr. Kyre. as he walked beside her over tho velvet turf to the house. •Not I;but I was thinking''—he paused and looked at her w'uh a glance ue- neaib wliioh she trembled—"wimt a pilv you and I did not marry after all, and leave that young pair yonder to bo ns happy as I wo children together; and perliaiis now you understand better why sue is called Madcap." CIIAll'KIt VI. To act ii so easy, lo Uilak Is so htwd. When Mr. Kyre had told his wife tluit he must, propitiate the Duchess lor Frank's sake, and Madcap bad shrunk from this tirst glimpse, of tin uiiserupuloiHu.'ss of his character, ho had not taken into nc.tount tin danger of playing at pitcli-and-toB.s with a human heart, and before Ions found himself committed lo very different issues to tlvosvi tie bail intended. A child may klndlo a great lire, but lil'ty grown men cannot stay it;mid before Mr. Kyro had been ut tho White Lodge three days he knew Chat even for Frank's sake ho ought not to have gone there. The smalluoss of the party, tho isolation of a groat house at a time of year when all associates of tho inastor aud mistress in tho county wore absent, while unprivileged visitors found thorn- selves rigidly excluded, conspired to throw the young couple and the older ono so constantly to jochor that gradually Madcap's shyness with Frank ceased, and she could talk to him almost as naturally as in the tl lys when they were boy and girl together, lint to Frank, who could not bo expected to know Mr. Kyre's character as well as Mr. Kyre knew it himself, thesltuatiou was dangerous an 1 full of anxiety. He had ce.isod to count Madcap's husband a strong man, regarding his attitude to Hester ns alike bigoted and indefensible, and dreading some fresh weakness by which his wife's happiness might be endangered; though she, fed in secret by a more passionate devotion than ever, would not stoop to be jealous of the Duchess, and was never sad savo when she thou ,'ht of her children. But when she gathered that there was not a trait of beauty and sweetness about Dody that Frank bad not observod, he nnd she were so drawn together that thenceforward thore was no lack of discourse between thorn. And on the fourth day, when Frank was riding to L^ivel (moaning to return the same dnyl. Madcap, who had come out to see mm depart, sain, vory iruiy. that she would have liked to go with him on a pillion, so that all the way be seemed to feel her two little hands clasped bolow his heart, and hor bright head leaning In safety against his shoulder. She knew that the business on which he had excused himself v> the Duchess was to visit a certain nursery, aud deliver and receive important messages; and it was to receive these latter that she was very early dressed for dinner, and watching from the billiard-room window for his return, ready to rutt out the moment she heard his horse's stops. But it happened that his arrival was simultaneous with that of a new guest —a gossip of the highest quality—who saw the greeting between the two young people, and, supposing ihimi husband and wife, thought sucu warmth vastly ill-bred. She hud better hopes of them later, especially when she discovered the young man to lie that identical "nettle for nice noses" whose wrong' doings just now furnished the last new dish of Boandal for the county. She thought he must be either a fool of extraordinary simplicity, or a man of brilliant courage, to select thevilfeof an Kyro as his next ftvnoy; and at dinner became so fasoluutad in tier stuiy of the pair, that llio attitude of matters between Mr. Eyre and ,tlte Duclmaa for the time absolutely escaped her atten tion. • ".My dear Duclioss," she said, |n tha drawimr-room later. "I wonder von oer- m it suuh opoii. iove-in.iKing uotweeu Lord Lovel i\w\ Mrs. Eyre." "Ob, they lire old Mends," said the Duchess, "and Hweothearts," she added a little bitterly, for she was beginning to suspect Madcap's charms of being more binding on Mr. Kyro than her own. They met like lover«," said Mrs; Tramiorne, shrugging her sliouldevsi* "and she-has gone into the garden. Bee if he doss notrloln her." <uT ,,e , .Hi^te 8 ^." 6 ^ bea,t us she thought thiltlf thoso trYtfyOunft -peoRh} iiay-fcoplipvvhSM^ approach, out opeuing out her sweetness to tho evening dews with a sudden leap, a quiver that well may startle the boo-raoth that has fallen asleep iu hor breast. "Huahr* said Madcap, feeling, rather than knowing, that Frank stood beside hor, "if you speak loud they will not unfold, [have been watching them, and thinking of Keats's linos." Thoy stood fern while without speaking by tho opening (lowers that s"om>d to bring with them their own light, while the night wind blew to them, now and again, a little iiitensowhill'fioin the distant stocks; then she said— "Do thoy miss mo? Were they in the nursery, or picking a lmsegav, thinking I should cohio back to-morrow?" 'I found them in the copse,'' hn said, with it little pause before be sp ike; 'they were quite happy. Hut when they Baw mo tney ran up, clamoring to know if you had como back." And what did you say?" said Madcap, stooping over a cluster ot stars Vast fading in their masses of heavy foliage. "That vou would not be long now; but that did not satisfy Duly—ho clung round her neck and asked if soon meant to-day?" "Hound whoso neck?" said M uleap, jealously; "he nover cared for Joseph- "it was not .Josephine," said Frank, his voice souu ling as though ho w. TO moving away and bad left herall aim-;. For the garden was almost iu darkness now—the night had taken its revenge and extinguished thoso colors that flamod most vividly by day—scar- lots, blues, and pinks were now but black shadows, and only the ghosts of the evening primroses gave a v.iguo suspicion of th'ir pivs.uico. "Was it—was it ll^'cr!" said Ma leap in a whisper, that barely expected a response. "Ves," replied a voice but a litt'.o way off; "her heart is bound up in him —she lives but in his life, and she watches over him in your absence as only you could do—but she does not usurp your place."' For awhile thero was silence; and his whole soul yearned to her. knowing that she was weeping: tlrm she said — "There are things thai ev-'ii ('• > I I > • not meddle with: like the gr .iw.n g • : or hindering a huiniii soul to b.;co n good iu its own way; an I she is goo :.' Her band stole out to bis iu the darkness, and so in mute accord llicy moved toward the light, consecrated to each other, ho by his sacriliee for her, she by her old lovo for him, and new pas iioii at'* desire for his repentance. 'They have the faces.' of angels," s ad Mrs. Transomo in a low yoico to'.h> Duke, as tho two entered: "but even nugels may trip and fail sometimes, an I nobody ought to know that better than —.Satan." Sho nodded toward Mr. Kyro as she spoke, who looked singularly old and haggard iu contrast with the two beau tif ill young people; and as if her thou :ht had reached liim. Mr. Kyre su Idenly looked at himself in a mirror opposite, then at the two—and a curious idea took possession of his mind. THE FARM AND HOME FARM NOTES. Money I" KKK". If you arc making n specialty of oggB for table use, keep nil the cnrly pullctfl you have room for nml then bring them Into laying condition In winter. There Is more money In It than marketing tlicm. linn I i-iilt Trei-K An- IlilllK'il. riiousaiiilH of trees mo ruined by overbearing when young. The heedless and greedy grower thinks It great luck to see a tree heavily loaded at two, throe or four years old, but It Is a short sighted policy. It Is growth that a tree wants at that ago, not heavy crops. run**, of itoup. Dampness In tho poultry yard Is the rent assistant of roup, and should be avclded. Ou heavy clay soil, where the poultry-man must build or do without, poultry, a drain ntndo of tile nhould bo a feature of every yard. A windy location Is best, however, us It Is dry and free from filth. A NerltHls .Mlsiulte. One of tho most serious mlstnkes made in the management of cows, says I'rofcssor Stewart, is milking them while they arc feeding. This common ly causes a serious diminution of tho milk, various Irritative results on the temper of the cow and the consc quentlal permanent. Injury to the animal. HPodsmnn can give tho proportions In which they should bo mixed, which must vary ncrordlng to the number of kinds of these weds thnt can be found, many Heeds -uieii do not havo them nil, nnd the character of tho land may make It desirable to drop some of them and to substitute others, as using oat 1-IIH.S or rye grass and the crested og tall grans upon very dry soils, or where sheep are to be pastured. Instead of some of those named above for moist noils. AVo have not mimed lho red or crimson clour, because we should prefer lo sow the seed of thai the spring very early, ttud allow le melting snow or spring rains to nrry It down among the roots of the Iher, and because if fall sown, cattle, when they get to It, are apt to pull up instead of lilting it on", or gnaw HO closely that II winter-kills. And, Ivy th« way, if cattle cannot be kept off of It this fall It may be mi ndvnut- ge lo HW II little rye or a mixture of wits and barley for them to feed upon this full, which will protect the grass, help as a mulch during the winter aud •y their roots keep the cattle from poaching up the (ground to sonic extent. The mistake of getting on tpo much seed may cost un extra tfol)"?, but getting on too Uttle seed may cost great many dollar's worth of feed while the pasture las-Is. A Ten for I'lirs. There Is no healthier or more rapid place for getting growth on pigs than hi an out door pen. If pastured in orchards the trees should be protected by driving three stakes n short dls tanco from the trunk and fastening rlabs, or barbed wire to thjtn to keep Ihe bogs nwny. AMIU-W fin- 1'lKs. Com Is not easy of digestion, uud hrigs fed on it easily becomes cloyed. A dose of hardwood ashes, and still belter if nsbes are made from -corn cob, restores their appetite and keeps them In thrifty condition. This, however, is only to be recommended for fattening pork, ns the ashes, like the soda and baking powders used for making biscuit, Is really Injurious to digestion In tho long run. With hogs that aro fattening, the digestive organs a year hence are matters of minor lui portancc. CIIAMHII VII. Ruoh a ffetthi!,' up Bitth-s was never soon. That evening was tha last in which Mr. Kyre and tho Duchess, bis wife an J Frank, were virtually alouo; for within three days tho house was llllod with those persons that Mr. Eyre had prompted tho Dutchess to invite, 11 ivored by a sprinkling of brighter wits from town- these latter expressly born(as the conn ty magnates supposed) to teach solid men the inestimable value of their own slow understandings. There was scarcely a man thoro who had not known and loved Frank's father, ami gradually be mado bis way with each; for tho wives' judgments were id- ways in his favor, and on all sides tin verdict that he had bean move unfortunate than sinning was returned. And indeed, to tho wotinu, Frank was the central llgura of th i house, as Madcap, unconsciously to hersilf, was to the men, producing an unexp'cted elfoct on their minds, and almost inclining them to tho belief that as hum in Deiugs aro uivioeu into tnroo classes — men, women, and Ilerveys—so there might bo n fourth class, ot which Madcap was a representative. Sho bad no taste for flirtation— perhaps she was a total abstainer from birth, having loved but once, and once only, and so escaped any dregs of the poison that might bo lingering in her system; and when certain county IV bices, presuming on Mr. Kvre's units- guisod llirtation with tho, offered their thinly veiled admiration, something that was neither woman nor child Hashed out of her eyes and checked thorn. For men are but what women make them, as in thoir turn thoy imprint their features, whether base or uoblo, on what thoy deal with, and tho more recognition of n puro wo'nan will shed an influence in over-widening circlos upon tho souls of men who have painfully taught themselves that no such creatures exists. Hut the wives, who quickly fathomed Frank's attitude toward her, said that it was easy for a woman secretly so adored, to decline ordinary llirtations; thore was a general conviction too that Air. Eyre was amusing the Duchess rather than himself, being too finished a mun of the world to display in public his profound alfec- tion or his wife. And meanwhile -Madcap tired of it all, and longed for a sight of Iter children, of whom sho had not reoolved so much as a message for two whole days. Frank's position was now established, and why would not Mr. Eyro take her away? Sho did not know that each hour, however little spent to his liking, was a breathing space to him before tho struggle that must commence on his return to Ivivel; that here ho felt himself independent as his follow mou, I bora ho wai a shiva fast chained and bound by ihe weight of thoso sins from whiiviitwis beyond the power of oither Uod or man to ioosr Inn now. Tu U C-.L-'liii.»•.!. tllttrUM- Anion;? Turkey*. During later years an obscure disease 1ms prevailed to such an extent among tho turkeys of Ithodo Island as not ouly to cause serious loss to own ere, but, according to tho annual ro port of tho station of that atate, to threaten tho slow, but not the less ccr tain, extermination of this source of Income. Tho disease appears about the head of tho turkey ns a small spot of discoloration; this spreads rapidly to adjacent parts, and in a few day the bird dies. The general belief among owners Is that tho disease infectious; but whether this Is true Is a question that requires more evidence for its fjusworlng. struwheri-y l'luiiU. It is not yet too late to set straw bony plants If good strong runner aro selected. The ground must now br In good condition. Although they nr set on a largo scale with a dibble, the roots being all thrust Into tho hole wo much prefer making a small mound of loose earth as largo as hob! a goose egg over which the roots can ho spread and then tho balance of the hole tilled aud tho earth well pressed about tho roots. Success depends often on the details of work. Why should wo bo astonished at the warped, cold, unhappy, suspicious nut ures wo see about us, when wo retloot upon the number of vmwlsheil-for un- welcomcd children in the world; children who at best were never loved until (hoy wore seen aud known, and often grudged their being from tho moment they began to be. T wonder if sometimes a starved, crippled, agonized human body nnd sold does not cry out: "Why, O man, Q woman, why. bolng what I am, have mo to bol" ve you Buffered John Moerlin, the Olwomnatt million aire Uv».~ar, has had presented to him o, rare, opecjlmen of a bird. It is an albino robin, .and, perfectly white. Tt was shot hist week by A.' P. Itlihg.' the pkotographor,' of 'Cheviot, It Is a great ourloslty, nnd no other speolmou is known tc' exist iu any of tho bird collections o f • tUo country. The Natural History society mud the Curler club have no such bird. Mr. MoorUn will havo It stutfod'A'ttd mounted. ' "'^[^ ' qMtiW'Wttat'se" this * »eew otoref your iWl^*lii.> lv !8jtti'*eiHt« J ftn>«U4 ntt **mw Wto9#T' > % am somo- ttu^)W »r )riO^Sftrt 'totlOTO took Koot Hoi lu .Sheep. The wet weather this summer, many places, where sheep are now kept for the first time in years, (ituslng complaints of food rot. It a contagious disease, and on html whero diseased sheep have pnsturei or been folded, tho poisonous genus of disease are left on grass nnd weeds, and infest new sheep that we put to replace OIONO diseased. It is alway necessary, therefore, to change pastures whenever this disease nppeurs. It may bo exterminated by applying bluo vitriol to tho foot. This kills the disease, mid If the pasture Is changed the sheep will bo all right. Most tho prairie land is too low and wet for sheep pasture lu ordinary recent years. Thero should always bo some elevation lit a sheep pasture. Most of tho thno the nook will be found on higher ground dining tho day thni and always at night. Neloetliiir Apple TreeH, Before placing that order for apple trees this full you can not study tho matter too carefully. Dotennlne your leisure what you want, and do uot be spurred into hastily giving au order because some man cornea aloug with a smooth tongue and some highly colored lithographs. A common and serious mistake 1 B that of buying too many varieties. Ono of Bummer, two of autumn and three of winter sorts are enough for either tho commercial orchard or for homo use. This will etiablo you to have a succession nnd give your heaviest crop of winter apples, which' may bo handled at more leisure than those of summer and autumn, For commeiclal use select (hose whioh you know to be of good quality, handsome appearance and good, keepers, and whlqh have proven themselves adapted to your locality, An APP\Q tree is so long a time in coming to maturity that you cannot afford to experiment with"much untried sorts, 'Choose,' too,' a productive variety; some excellent apples are such shy bearers that tUolr cultivation, is rarely prottt- able, Having made a choice of varieties, tite next thing is to seo that you got a good stock. Better place your order with a trustworthy nurseryman direct, Instead of with au agent, and specify that you are to .tew low, stout toOtiirtwJod) trfiOB, mom tiwn two yejirrj 0$, NQW get thpm planted well \h)s fnll, In Ootobor or early November, 'and you' wai tonve a good baaUv fyt u profitable orchard. • •- -<!•< iWmMnK-iwir* i.i »nii.| , v • September Ja n_m»/ui- *un.± *<•• *••••' CLEAN INCS. Have a dcllncd motive in view. Emerson.—The ouly way to have friend is to be one. We can do more good by being good than In any other way. The panic wind that ruins the chaff cleans the wheat. Nobody ever blames a good apple for having come from a twisted tree S. Johnson.—lie who waits to do great deal of good tit once, will never lo anything. The past should be committed t< Uod's iiiercy and the present to his In Unite care. Sterling.—The poorest education tha teaches self-control Is better than the host that neglects it. The virtue of a man ought to be measured not by extraordinary oxer lions, but. by ids every day conduct St. Bernard.—Nothing can work me damage except myself. The harm that sustain 1 cany about with, me, and never am n real sufferer but by my own fault. rtn -lly. Purity Is power. The rose, ninon: the sweetest anil most beautiful of God's creation, is armed with thorns- nature's sharp bayonet for warding off attack. Purity Is the defense of beau ty; modesty Is the safeguard of Innocence. "Keep thyself pure." A (.rent lln.-k. Christina G. llossetti.—O I^ord, who ut as a shadow of a groat rock In weary land, who lieholdest thy weal creatures weary of labor, weary of pleasure, weary of hope deferred weary of self; In thine abundant, com passion and unutterable tenderness, bring us, 1 pray thee, unto thy rest H.-pt'iitleot'e. There Is probably not In the English or any other language four "lines that more beautifully express our depen deuce on the Almighty Father than these linos penned by Whitller. "I know not where Ills Islands lift, Their frouded palms In air. I only know I cannot drift Beyond His lovo and care." No, we cannot stray beyond Iho lov and care of Our Father which art 1 heaven. ANCIENT BURIALS. It WHS t'llihiiiiiai-.v to Ct llinlles Willi She lleuilK un noi. A WONDERFUL CLOCK. ItcprcMwitiMg i. Hi.llu-iiy Station, u rintvt-r lliiriten, Kir. Homo Journal: A curious clock, destined for the world's fair nt Chicago, has been made by a clockimker at Warsaw, named Goldfnden, who has worked at It six years. The clock rep- •ononis a railway station, with wait, big rooms for the traveler, telegraph and ticket ofllccs, a very pretty, weil lighted plntfoim, and a (lower garden in the centre of which Is a sparkling fountain of clear water. Past the railway station inn the lines. There are ilso slgnnl-boxc-s, lights, and reservoirs—In fact, everything that belongs to a railway station, to the smallest htall. In the cupola of the central tower is a clock which shows the time of the place; two clocks In the side cupolas show the time at New York and Pekln; aud on the two outermost towers urd" a calender and a barometer. Every quarter of an hour the tatlon begins to show signs of life. First of all the telegraph official begins to work. He despatches a telegram stating that the lino Is clear. The door.optus, nnd on the platform appear ..tho station master and his assistants the clerk Is seen at the window of the ticket otlice; and tho pointsmen come out of their boxes nnd close the barriers, A long line of people form at the ticket otlice to buy tickets; porters carry luggage; the bell is rung, nnd then out of tho tunnel comes a train, rushing into the station and. after the engine has given a shrill whistle, stops. A workman goes from carriage to carriage and tests the axles with a hammer. Another pumps water Into tho boiler of the engine. After the third signal with the bell, the engine whistles, and tho train disappears Into the opposite runnel; the stationmaster and bis assistant leave the platform, and the doors of tho waiting- room close behind them; the points­ men return Into their boxes nnd perfect wtlUnvKS prevails till, in a quarter of au hour, the whole Is repeated. _ust Flower" " I am. happy to state to you and to suffering Immunity, that my wife has used your wonderful remedy, August Tlowcr, for sick headache autl palpitation of the heart, with satisfactory resul ts. For several years she has been a great sufferer, has been under the treatment of eminent physicians iu this city and Boston, and found little relief. She was induced to try August Flower, which gave immedaite telicf. We cannot say to much for it." L. C. Frost, Springfield, Mass. O AT V'P •yPTjEASAHT Lawrence Harpers Maga- zlue for September: Although there is no mention of dcathmasks In tho works of Homer, or In any of the later classics, recent explorers havo satis- fled themselves that In tho early burials of all nations It was the custom to cover tho heuds uud bodies of the dead with sheets of gold so pllablo that they took tho Impress of tho form; and not Infrequently, when in the course of centuries the embalmed flesh had shrivelled or fallen nway, tho gold retained the exact cast of the features. Sehlloiu'.iuu found a number of bodies "covered with huge masks of gold- plato in repousse-work," several of which havo been reproduced by means of engraving In his Mycenae; and ho asserts that* there can be no doubt whatever that each ono of these represents the likeness of the deceased person whose face It covered. When Hamlet said that Alexander died, Alexander was burled, Alexander roturneth to dust, he overlooked the fact that Alexander's dust, instead of being converted Into loam to slop n beer-barrel, was preserved from corruption by the process of embalming and from external Injury by being cased lu the most precious of metals, Pottlgrew, in his History of Egyptian Mummies, says of tho death-mask of Alexander that "It was a sort of chase- work, and of such a nature that It could bo applied so closely to the skin as to preserve not only the form of tho body, but also to give the expression of the features to tho countenance." lie does uot quote his authority for this statement, but It is unquestionably derived from the account of the denth nnd burial of Alexander written by Dlodorus Sleulus, who said; "And first a collln of beaten gold was provided, so wrought by tho hammer ns to answer to tho proportions of the body; It was hnli lllled with aromatic spices, which served ns well to delight tho sense as to prevent tho body from putrefaction." Then follows it description of tho funeral oharlot, aud of the long line of march from Babylon to Alexandria, where Agustus Caesar saw the tomb three hundred years later; but thoro is no reference to n mask of Aloxandor's face in gold. Tho valiio of a plaster cast us a portrait of (lie dead or living face cannot for it moment be, questioned. It must of necessity be absolutely true to nature.. It cannot flatter; it cannot caricature. I( shows the subject as ho was, or is, not only as others saw him, hi the actual Uesu, hut us ho saw hltn- BOlf. Ami ui tho ease of the death- t«aak ptwtloulavly, It show the subject Of ton as no-permitted'no oue but himself to BOO himself. Ho dose not posoi hedoos not "try to look pleasant." lu.his mask bo is oeon, ^^t, THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL DRI0HT AND NEW ANO NtV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. U T doctor aayn Hnct« pi'nllvon Ihf flmimcti, IITAI ftnd IcIJnnya. unit Inn [ilPH-innt luxiulv.-. 'I'hli drtnli li made from hirbs, aud la IHVIJUI ud I or use aa aaaUy ajtoa. It Is called LAME'S MEMGME AU trujitUU •til ll *.t 50c ini |t p«r (» W,iml vuur >.lilr r >t for * fic« MU>V>I*< Ho*** ill* boMcli *«rh <1«T. In o'd*r ury. Adtr-u 't*Al<>H V. Wonl'iv althy, till. U BMam «H.*.M. Y. I SULLIVAN. <>ur( V.'t'imutulilllty. Miss IOtto Douglas in Scribner: The j parent whose sole answer to criticism or remonstranco Is, "I have a right to do what I like with my own child!" is the only impossible parent. Ills moral integument Is too thick to be pierced with any shaft, however keen. To him we can only say, as Jacques did to Orlando, "God bo with you; let's meet as little as we can." But most of us dare not take tills ground. We may not ""philosophize or formulate, wo may not live up to our theories, but we feel in greater or less degree the responsibility of calling a human being hither, and the necessity of guarding and guiding, In one way or another, that which owes Its being to us. Wo should all agree If put to the vote thnt a child has a right to bo well bora. Thnt was a trenchant speech of Henry Ward bcecher on tho subject of lelng born again; thnt If ho could bo born right the first time he'd take his chances ou the second. "Hereditary rank," snys Washington Irving, "may be a snare and a delusion, but hereditary virtue is a patent of Innate nobility which far outshines tho blazonry of heraldry." fiver the unborn our power is almost that of God, nnd onr responsibility, like Ills toward us; as wo acquit ourselves toward them, so let Him deal with us. Gunleh, ns largo ns a bushel, the Jaws containing exactly sixty teeth, thirty above and the same number below. The giant Ferregus, mentioned In more or less reliable histories as having been slain by Orlando, nephew of Charlemagne, was twenty-eight feet in height. While In the army he was forced to walk, there being no horse strong enough to bear him. The bones of a giant discovered In an excavation near Bouen, In the year ISoO, were of extraordinary proportions. Th« shin bone was as long as the whole leg of nn average man, and the skull was made to hold a bushel of wheat without spilling a grain. Ono of tho jaw teeth weighed eleven-sixteenths of nn ounce. Klntolochus Bex was fifteen and ono- half feet in helghth, five feet through the chest from the breastbone to the spine, nnd a full ton feet across tho shonlderj. Professor Sllllman has said that ho was confident that ''there were giants In those dnys," nnd that the human race Is rapidly degenerating. Brevet Mnjor General George Ii. Andrews, professor of modern languages at West. Point, has been retired after forty years of honorable service. Pliny.—True glory consists In doing what deserves to be written, in writing what deserves to bo read, and in so living as to make tho world happier and better for our living In it AcuitB for nearly all the common Ills— ' what, doctors 1 Pabftwl Tako Ikeduun'a 1'illa. For Biilo by all druggists. 25conta. Tho prlzo for tlio moat uppropriuto biulgu for tlio lady managers of tliu World'a I'mr was mvui'dud to Minn SoBaley, of New Voik. J. 0. BIMVSON, MarqiiOBS W. Vn., nays. "Hall's Culiirrli Cure cured mo of u very bad I'uso o( catarrh." Druggists soil It, I'M. Among tbu couutlosg millions who liayu dwell and still dwoll upou tills earth, no two individuals wcru over pruclsuly alike. I.Ill - ....I Anl III!!.' lilt. K. IC'llllFMANN M, Paul, Minn., will mull u tvlul | U'U KO o ' St'liUfn.turn 's Asl lima .•\:iv /; ci' to any sullorcr. Ulvo.s ln-iiini i-u- Ilof In worst, cieiiis, und curtH whom othors (till. Namu tills paper and soml uddiosa. JOHN L. John L. Sullivan has written his autobiography. In it he acknowledges that within the past ten year* lie has earned $700,000, most of which is spent. John's days for earning such largo sums of money are about over. SLill he may prolong his lifo for years il ho will avoid pulmonary disease which is the bane of most athletes. To da this lie should take Ueid's German Cough & Kidney Cure the best remedy for pulmonary trouble that was ever ollered to the public. It contain-; nothing dcleleriuns but it is unrivalled for any malady that arises from cold. It, will cure pneumonia in its most desperate stage, pleurisy, bronchitis, and catarrh, lii'i .'aitso this must be treated constitutionally to producoa permanent cure. It is infallible for a sudden and severe cold; and maladies that arise from it. As it contains no jioison and there is no danger in its me nnd it is impossible to take an over d.iso. Git it of any dealer. • mull buttles •-'")<•., largo ones fiOc. SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111. " MOTHERS* FRIEND 5 MAKES CHILD BIRTH EASY. CoV\rtn,Im .,Dec .B, 1880.—Mywlfo uaod MOTHER'3 I'BIEND boforo her third confinement, and oaya sho would not b« aritriout It lor hundroda of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Sent by express on rcrelpt of price. $1.60 per !»» tie. Boole " To Mothers " mailed true. 0RAOFI6LD REGULATOR OO. f at* aaia mi AiieHuaaiuTa. ATLAHTA4QA Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OR — Other Chemicals are u* u il In tha preparation of W. BAKER & CO/8 BreaMastGocoa tt'htch is ahanTHteXy uro and *o/u6/#. i ltltns mora th n n th ree tlmM tho strwiyth of Cocua mixed with Sturch, Arrowroot oc Snj?ar, nml ia far more eo*> nominal, coating Una than one cent a cup, U U deUciouB, tiouriablnj;, aud SABUUV OIQEaTKD. „ Sold bj-Ororern everprlur«» ft, BAILEE &CO..Doroheitor, Mm 'losjuaaiil (riTCMTlB.) <cron0<(< an* pwtmt X«V Photograph plates l>y maolitnery. are now coated TRADE ClIIIIB PB0M1TI.V AND PEBM*NENTl.Y RmEUMATISM, tiutnbtMro. Heailnoho, Toolliarlie, . NKITR A ZM & X A. Hate Throat, Snelllngi, UToat-bltes, SCIATICA' Sprains, Pmlaeg. Burns, Bonldi. THE CHARLES A, VOOELEB CO,, BiMmotD, Hi, \V^r^^WUJW8Jl l aS^-93L Tha inadn, :l Una powdar and .vnh remoTabla l. U| iro alwayk ready fi UalU. othai Ljra, k **iaa iwdar and paek*4 la a aai remoTaala lid, taa caataarta r aaa. Will make tha'erjf uertamei Ffirtfliaf In 20 niuuiaa without toiling. B la tho beat for claastag mata pl)>e>, dulnfectinc aiaka, cleaela, waihlni bottlea, palnta, traea, (At, PF.NNA. SALT HFB. C*. (Imi. .lata., Mila., fa. Thli Tratto Mark Ii on (he beat WATERPROOF COAT SHa'aVi'.* 1" th« World! A. J. TOWER, BOSTON. MASS. Illustrated Publication*. AND LOW PRICE T ~ NQRTHERvl «7*Thsbait>Aai'lri l.;nuU now pp"i* i . fitting nni TlinUr " Um plfMiiiiuh, llv«r utiu boweU. purl*I nvtvs, .couatt.mtluu, U)-(»U>i bWMl»oUo,meii _ lHiliiful dlgeaUoD, bad caimUexlon, nml all ilii*6aitei* t'nuotl by ftulur* of 1 tho Btonmch, Uror or bowcla to tw f t unotloiw. lYruoiiB given * i.wia, foul J • form tliolr „._ t)I'0|HU'., „ •eutlnir ant iHmtinVod by talcing ouo after eooh • Price, ; nnmnlo. lb. At DnxtuUtB, or writ by tO OYW* >h rue* . mail.; ^ ^ Kpruce fit,, V«w York^i A CiiKAtt COMPLEXION.* Dr. O. l>. lliowu'i tiatlutlfiaa tba akin aaa TISSUE BUIipsssr*^-* 9 -" il Hklu T4»ln wbtoh moat toarlinmont, abaorta U Ilka a vuouira. Dri V well |I. Ho;itl Wo tor H/MTXK wiltr _ tiepar lllun. Bovtjit Aua* tl Wouiau'a Ufa an; TQtud to I ho cara nf VMI eoauiatlo, but a If attaMS looat aklua, kaimrr (at

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