Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1950 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY II, 19M ALTON IVKNtNO TELEGRAPH FAOft VtfTWNI That Thud YouHeard Was Alton Hitting the Conference 54-33 Shellacking by East St. Louis Runs Loss Streak to Eleven By DON PLAMKI Telegraph Sperte Writer The Flyers of East St. Louis have come, they have shown, they have conquered, and they have gone. Just as simple as that. Tuesday night they came Into town with no wins In five South* western Illinois Conference starts, „„,.„ ,They were, striving for their first gMter league win—same as their oppo- miillr nents. "-—• - one of his proteges misses an easy lay-up shot, such as Wlllard Sims did one time during the game. But he lived through It. Next game he'll die all over again. 0 0 OCOlllM ...„. S S SlUlteek MePhcram 0 0 OCartteni The East St. Loulsans showed gft?""" 1 " \ g 9MMrli °" Sims Chapman too much strength on defense. ,_„.„,„. They showed too much outcourt *eh*r«r shooting. And they showed why they're rated as one of the upset- tln'est of all teams. Oh yes, the score! Much to Alton's sorrow, 54-33. East Side couldn't have picked a better night to 'escape the darkness of the conference cellar. The blue and gold clad invaders caught the Birds in their usual coma. It has lasted now for the last 11 games and the Hllltoppers haven't been able to snap out of It since coming to life briefly against Benld In the second game of Vhe season. Alton's ace scorer, Bob Kuhn, wasn't able to make the game last night. A few details like a "strep throat" and the doctor's orders to stay put in bed at the hospital kept him from playing. Had he been able to play, it's doubtful If the alertless Birds could have done anything with the hepped-ap Flyers. . Hep Characters Seems as though the Flyers have been hepped up a lot of late. They got all aroused In their own Christmas holiday tournament and knocked off Pekin, which was previously undefeated. Then they came within four points of brushing off Kankakee in the championship game, That's old news, but It's a gentle reminder just to prove how these men of Pick Dehner can be un predictable. Wood River's power ful Oilers had the stuffings scared out of them by the Flyers. They were so bewildered by the Flyer spirit that they were caught napping and found themselves behind at the half. So, what kind of a chance did Alton have against East St. Louis last night on the Redbird floor, which has suddenly turned against them? Last year it was next to impossible for visiting teams to win on the Hilltoppers' hardwood. This year— oh woe, oh woe! Coach George Ingles of Alton can't seem to find the right combination. He's tried five different ones in the last five games. Last night, Tommy Holmes, Karl Hoagland, Bob Collins, Jim Halleck, and Don Harrison were on the floor when the referee tooted his black noise-maker for the first time. The five combined to score a to tal of one field goal and three free throws in the first quarter. Hoagland scored four of those points, while the rest of the team busied themselves worrying about what the other team did, and not paying too much attention to their shoot ing. Here Am I Begging for ... Five minutes had elapsed before Hoagland hit that precious first quarter field goal. It was a long one hander from the side and so surprised the Birds that they didn't come close the remainder of the period. Gibson Kurtz, who gets a big bang out of cutting up capers during time outs and rest periods caused the Birds the most serious trouble. The bullet headed young ster broke the game wide open in the third frame. For the game Kurtz dumped In nine field goals and two free shots for 20 points. Had he been at full strength, the score might have been bigger. Last year, Gib was out with rheumatic fever and never did get into any games. This year he showed Dehner so much talent in pre-season practice that he was a It was easy Totals ...M1014 Totals Score by Quarters: ast 81. Louis Alton Officials: Mauth. Drlficra. Sorento Rallies to Whip Bunker Hill Sorento had to come from behind before finally whipping Bunker Hill, 50-40, Tuesday night at Sorento. Bunker Hill led at the end of he lirst period, 17-5, and at the half the same team was still ahead, 23-18. Sorento closed the tap to two points In the third fame, 35-33, then went on to win n the last quarter. High for the winners was Saat- toff with eight baskets and two fee throws for 18 points. Tulnin had 13' points on four field goals and five four shots. Welch plunked in seven fielders and two charity tosses for 16 points for Bunkar Hill. Banker Hill (W) Serente <M»> Player ffftpf Player fgftpl Miller 1 » 4Tuinin 4 S Welch 7 2 4Miller 1 1 Goad 3 0 Singles 3 0 (.Smith 1 0 4Saathoff a 2 lord 3 3 SGranda 3 0 Walters S 1 OReddlnf 0 0 Pope 133 Totals ... 1" 8 18 Totals .. .20 10 19 Score by Quarters: 1 2 n 4 Sorento S IB 33 SO Bunker Hill 17 23 35 40 PrincipiaTops Stowe Teachers The Princlpia Indians took their victory trail to St. Louis Tuesday night and stopped Stowe Teach- ars' College by a count of 48-46. The Indians won from the free throw line, making 20 free points to 16 for Stowe but being outscored from the field, 30-28. Paul Kilburn was the hot shot for Princlpia with 14 points on four field goals and six free throws before fouling out of the game. John Greer had 14 points for Stowe on five field goals and four free throws. He also left the game on five personals. 'must" from the opening „ „.. -.-, to see that Kurta was not at full strength. In mlxups under the basket his strength drained so fast that he usually fell to the floor. Probably three or four people at the game who didn't know about his Illness last year could tell that he didn't have the strength to go at full speed all the BV Gib h»d three field goals In each of the second, third, and last quarters. He tossed in two free throws in the initial frame. For the third successive game Hoagland was Alton's top scorer Ho slitted the nets for six buckets and two charity tosses for 14 points. WAV anyoy w «i «» ••«•• «.™ •««-« «., Iti tto em) of the world when sqyad WM atill in Ira*. o o ooo s t s e o 4 o a i « ..111014 •a" T1S . . S 4 14 17 43 M S IS SI S3 Cadets Lose to Mt. Olive Five By 6048 Score The Cadets of Western Military Academy were too free with their fouls Tuesday night at Mt. Olive and tell before the host basketball team by a score of 60-48.. Ten points of the 12 point vie* tory margin for Mt. Olive was compiled at the free throw line. The Red Raiders counted for 12 points on free throws while the Mt. Olive shooters gathered In 22 From the field, the score was Mt Olive 38, Western 36. The Raiders were further handicapped by four of their players leaving the game on five personals. Zickgraff, Rebstock, Stone, and Shaefer were nil guilty of one too many fouls. Three others, BJork- lund, Holsen, and Wesselhoft were handicapped by a Joad of four personals as the Raiders altogether fouled 36 times. Mt. Olive had 25 fouls for a game total of 61 for the two teams. The Raiders made a game oul of the affair early. They trailed 12-9 at the end of the first quarter and were nine points out, 3021, at halftlme. But with 16 fouls on Western in the third quarter the Raiders chances died although they trailed by 12 points, 45-33 going Into the fourth period. Gus Bjorklund led the Raiders in scoring with 14 points on four baskets and six free throws. Next was Zickgraff with 11 and Robstock with eight. Chelovich had 20 points on six field goals and eight free throws to lead game scoring, for Mt .Olive. Leoffler was next for the winners with 13 markers on five buckets and three free throws. Western <4«) Player Zickgraff Bjorklund Lave Holsen Stone Wesselholt Shaefer Rebstock Sullivan Ml. Ollre (M) fI ft pf Player 4 3 BLoeffler 4 « 4Bonna 1 0 lOsmoe 1 a 4Loesche 3 o SEIckmeyer 1 1 4Biscan 0 o sVlehwec 4 0 S Chelovich 103 flftp 5 3 a i a i 333 0 0 1 a i o : a 4 a 8 8 Totals ...181236 Score by Quarters: Western Mt. Olive Totals Officials: Solander. Rufflnl. Conzales Again Beats Kramer in Pro Net Tour OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 18, U&->Richard (Pancho) Gonzales apparently is getting the hang of the inch-thick canvas flooring on which the professional indoor tennis Is played. Last night the young'-Los Angeles star who was 1949 national amateur tennis champion defeated Jack Kramer, wing of the pros, for.the second straight time. The score was 6-8, 6-3, 8-6. Princlpia (4S> Player Kilburn Rousselot Pike Burzell MeCarter Mussman Cain Levinion Stewe i It ft pf Player 4 6 BHerman 1 0 2Burrell 1 4 3John Greer 2 4 4Hu«hes _ 1 Sftobt. Be. 3 0 2Johnson 1 4 1 Brown 5 1 OOrphelia Raymond ffl ft P< 235 445 S 4 S 034 4 3 S 000 000 000 000 Total* ...142018 Total* . .151824 Score at Half: Princlpia 33, Stow* IB. Officials: Bell. Williams. Benld Bounces Shipman, 55-33 Benld got away to a fast styrt in the second half and the Shipman Pirates, who had been only three points back at the half, found themselves In the midst of a barrage and were buried under the avalanche at the end, 55-33, In a game played Tuesday night at Benld. Tarter was the top scorer for the Benld Indians. He tossed In six buckets and a free throw for 13 points. Anderson pumped in five baskets and a foul shot for 11 points to help out the winning cause. High for the Pirates, who lost their fourth game of the season against 12 wins, was Davis with half a dozen field goals and two charity tosses for 14 points. Benld led at the end of the first frame, 7-5, and was still ahead at the half, 21-18. But in the third quarter, the Indians went on, the warpath and forged to an 11 point margin, 37-26. Grafton closed the margin to three points in the third canto, 31-28. Then Grafton rallied and knotted the score at the end, only to have St. John's come back and snatch victory from the Invaders. Carmody was high for St. John's with seven buckets and one free throw for 15 points. Right behind was D. Caselton with 14 markers. C. Wallc£e was the game's high scorer. He plunked In 10 field goals and three foul shots for 23 points. In a second team game Grafton won, 54-34. •«•!< (W) Player Contralto Anderson Tartar SalaauB (SS> fgftpf Player ' ' 4 0 4Reno I OHudson Audi Poloniua 1 ITaylor I SCaveny 0 SDavis 4 IShelton 0 IBaJur 0 S 0 0 1 o a a s a a ill 0° 0° 0° TOUto ...14 T1S aeora by Quartan: ToUli Official! 1 ...ii e s t S S 4 7 SI 37 56 s is ass* /i sis/ex The game marked the end of the first round In the Southwestern Illinois Conference for both teams. East St. Louis wound up In sixth place with a record of one win and five setbacks. The Birds, alter last night, were without a victory. * Nervous Nellie The fans got lust as big out of watching Pick Dehner they did the game. Pick, who when he's not at a game with his boys, referees in the professlona National Basketball Association, st. John's did Tuesday night If you've never seen him officiate what only one team has been able one of the St. Louis Bomber to do this season. The boys from games, then you've missed one of Carrollton defeated Crafton. But the moat colorful treats that the they had to go Into overtime to NlVcavn offer. " " ^"~ "--' •"— *"" •"•" .^St John's Edges "" u CraflonFive,4441 do It. The final score was, Near the start of the season, He's the same way on the bench ..„. .... „ _ .. when his charges are out on the Grafton was beaten. But since floor playing a game. He's aa then it had been rolling along like nervous aa a torn cat at 'a dog ahow. He can't sit still a second ,*.„.„,.. ........ r -— .... .— He never agrees with the refs end out of tht> fire In the last quarter, he's never at ease when one of his but managed only a 37-37 tie at tads steps to the free throw lines, the end of regulation playing time. Pick Ulks to nobody In genera a » T^.-. i~< .« <h. .mi nt th« when he's on the Conch. Jus anybody within hearing range HIV *7II«4 »•# t •?§)•*••»• •»»*• f*W.T«**gf *••••*»« St. John's led at the end of the first quarter, 9-5. At the half she host St. John's ...182225 1234 9 21 33 48 12 30 45 «t Prep •t tHt toaltefftwll ASSOCIATED MRSS •t till Cfcleata Ar*» . ^ University Hlth 33, Wheaton Aead •my St. Harruon M. Llndblom M, Kelly *?, DuSabia 11. Autun 3&. »t*inmttt ST. Mt. Carmel 38. Loyola 3). Dawmuu R, O. V. A. (Ontlrtat 39, Knoxvlll* M. Kankake* Valley T*»mam»n« • St. Patrlrt 4» s Cheban«e «o. Petone 30, .ftdMlck 82. Htrrlsburi 48. Cen(r«im 47. Ashley M. St. Mary 43. Odin 49, Bandoval 38. carlyle «o. Okawvnie 33. Murphyiboro 97, Anna-Jonesboro 14. Eait St. Louis 84 Alton 33. ColUnsvllle 48. Cleveland (St. Louis) Belleville 68, Sparta 43. VenlM 87, Worden 33. New Athent 48. Red Bud 39. Madison 38, Livingston 29. Community Catholic o» Sterling 52, fltreator' 40, St. Bede (Peru\ 38. Ottawa 49, Ottawa Marquette 30. Ceil Valley Tournament Seneca 44. Wilmington 2B. St. Paul of Odetl SI. Gardner 29. Twe Mlver Conference Mi«t Erie 91. Cordova 28. Prophetstown 37. Tamplco 29. Port Byron 3D. Hlllsdale 32. Olllesple 47, Feltshans of Springfield Nokomia 59, Virden 33. Staunton 48, Greenville 48. Litchfleld «4. Pana 93. Benld 99. Shlpman 33. Otrard 41, Auburn 37. Hoopeston 47, Urbana 38. Winchester Tournament Waverly 97. Hardln 37. Carrolllon 99. Nebo 90. Mt. Sterling 77, Northwestern Ol Pal- East Peorla 92. Washington 41. Washburn 87, Eureka 32. Clinton 80, Beardstown 49, Chenoa 60. Mtnonk 40. Teutopolls 75, Stewardson 41, Windsor 57. Altamont 39. Robinson 88. Marshall 45. Mt. Pulaskl 72, Atlanta 37. Flora 53. Lawrenceville 4B. Villa Grove 30. Tuscola 28. Clay City 49. Wayne City 33. St. Elmo 84, Cowden 4«. Pawnee 48. Edinburg 42. Montlcello 74. Atwood 19. Cotfeen 87. Ramsey 33. Beecher City 84. Flndlay 32. Litchfleld 84, Pana 53. Casey 81, Westfleld 24 Sullivan 48. Newman 43. Metampra 48. Morton 28. Galva 47. Bradford 38. Toulon 93. Walnut SO. Elmwood 93, Lewistown 32. Havana 49. Notre Dame (Qulncy) 41. Wood River 71. Hlllsboro 48. Jewel Ens Dies; Former Pilot At Pittsburgh O ratten (44) Player Keller Souders C.Wallace Morris G.Wallaee Arnold Pohlman Brown C.Watson Slated St. Jehn'i (4<) f I tt pt Player 3 3 SCarmody 3 0 Osteinacher 10 3 4D.Case1ton 0 1 OHardwick a 0 iKuhnllne 0 1 IHartman 1 0 SSkagfs 0 0 OKirbach 0 0 Sj.caielton 0 1 osteekel Totals • 1 3 Totals ...18 829 Score by Quarters: .... St. John's • W 31 37 Crafton S 16 as 37 Officials: Young. Livingston. fl ft pf 7 1 S 000 S 4 2 103 334 000 1 3 4 000 014 000 ...171897 3 4 OT 4S 44 SYRACUSE, N. Y., Jan. 18, UPI— Jewel Ens, 60, manager of the Syracuse Chiefs and former leader of the Pittsburgh Pirates, died last night of pneumonia. The veteran baseball manager of the International League team had been critically ill for the last 11 days. Ens mafhaged several major and minor league teams. He led, in addition to Pittsburgh, Houston in the Texas League, Indianapolis in the American Association and Syracuse for the past eight years. He bossed the Pirates from 1929 to 1931. Frank Shaughnessy, president of the International called Ens the kind of manager who could take any team and reach the playoffs. "He proved It by making the International League playoffs more often than any other manager," Shaughnessy said. Ens won the Shaughnessy playoffs In 1942, 1943 and 1947, taking the Chiefs into the Little World Series. Ens came to the major leagues in 1922 as an infielder with the Pirates. His active playing days ended when Pittsburgh made him a, coach In 1926, a Job he held until the Pirates upped him to manager. Ens was a native of St. Louis, where he lived until a year ago. From 1932 to 1935 Ens coached at Detroit, Cincinnati and Boston before returning to Pittsburgh for another five years as coach. Ens Is survived by the widow, a son and daughter and three brothers, all of St. Louis. 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