Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1961 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1961
Page 13
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Section^ Pages 13*20 Eatabtohtd January 15, 1836. ALTON TELEGRAPH ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY, APRIL 14,1961. Sc'Per Copy Member of The Aswciatod VfW Women of Jersey Seat New Officers JERSEYVILLE — The Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary In•tailed new officers Tuesday evening In the Post Home with Mrs Albert Woolsey, 12th District chaplain, serving as installing officer. Mrs. Charles Bohannon was seated as president. Other elective officers Installed were: Mrs. Carl Belermann, senior vice president; Mrs. Keith Akers, junior vice president; Mrs. Hubert Hughes, treasurer; Mrs. Albert Woolsey, chaplain; Mrs. Iva Smith, guard; Mrs. Donald W e s t f a 11, conductress; Mrs. Charles Vanausdoll, one year trustee; Mrs. Joseph Woolsey, two year trustee; and Mrs. Her 178 Named to Dean's List at SIU Campus A record 178 Southern Illinois students at University's Southwestern Illinois Campus were named to the Dean's List for the winter quarter, by Dean William T. Going. The figure represents an In. crease of 19 per cent over the winter quarter a year ago. The list also shows an Increase of 16 per cent over the fall quart-j er of this academic year. [.,„,] "This Increase gives continued evidence of the seriousness of purpose of the students on the Campus Social Workers Needed in Alton Schools to Salvage Brain Power Thi» I* the fourth In • i«rtei on the position and alms of special education In the Alton school system. The next will be on the ichoot psycholoBlat. BY RLMBR BflfM! Trlpgrnph Staff Writer The Allon school system Is seeking Hirer certified social worker* ns front liners In one of the most vital nnd fascinating salvage johs in education. Jersey Pastor Accepts Gall to Sandusky, Ohio specially trained men women are needed to save brain power lost to emotions created by environments and pressures beyond the reach of the teacher, or perhaps even the parent*. as well as their concern •chef Andrews, ~three~ year" t™>* ceUence of performance,"! Lloyd Norman .director of f ep ' Dean Going suld. icial education in the Alton school To qualify for the Dean's List.; «y»™. "I**" of m »« nppd rpcen| - llv before the hoard of education asked that three social Appointive officers seated were Mrs. Mark Rintoul. secretary;'. i «iuden must maintain a grade- Mrs. Edward Crone, patriotic ln-| , 0 jnt average of 1.25 or better atruclor: Mrs. Ralph Downey, !f o| . (n , 7 l|U arter (B being equtval- flag bearer: Mrs. Robert Knicg-',.,,, to ., 0 A lo 5 _ 0 > TJle |f)61 er, banner bearer; Mrs. HcrechelL., nter qUBI ., er t , Bl includes- Andrews Mrs. Joseph Woolsey,; Bon)(a L Balchelor . Mrs. Robert Hughes. Mrs. Charles, sharotl R Vanausoll. color bearers; Mr..;" N g color Lillian Devening, musician; Mrs.j Susie Crone, historian. Mrs. Hev-i Wfllter Braun, Ward Brown, Virginia when hr workers be employed. Two Export* ("'nrrcntly the schools have two] experts in counseling and guidance handling the work who do not fall under the special assist- once provisions laid down by thej state Office of Public Instruc- schel Andrews is retiring presi-! M - Campagna, William E.jiions. dent. i Crane, Nell C. Devries, Clint) i n KU( .h trained people would j Mrs. Andrews announced the 'Evans, Virginia L. Foster, Maryi \\? the responsibility, primarily, next Macoupin County Council!Anne Glynn. Jenec-e M. Klopner, of preventing emotional problems Auxiliary meeting will be at 8 p.m. j Karen J. Korilko, Carl ,7. Kunz, from gaining a firm hold on the Saturday at Hillsboro. Mention i Norms' L. Minsker, Larry N-i'-hild. was made of the next 12th district' \loehn. Nancy B. Paeltz. David' One of the most dramatic of meeting May (j and 1 at Stanton.'^ ppirick, Roger Kwlng Potter.;'hfse emotional inroads is the| The publicity chaivnuin. Mrs., Toiinne R a ) in . Frances .1. Reid, ; child of sound intelligence whoj Charles Vanausdoll. announc- ' j nmos r_> Bidder Donna Rae'i 1 "" 1 " 0 ' keep l| f in sf' 100 '- There | ed the pi-ess book is neurly ^'»-; RosellbPrg . Rose Marle S acchi>' <p othprs ' ot (>0 " rse ' that ranf?e pleted and will be entered in the 12th district publicity contest May 7. Rose David J. Schlilt. Ann C. Scholl. i Tames .1. Schwegel, Thomas W. — Schwegei, Danny H. Sokolow- What is now the Salu Park sec-:, ki Dick j e A . Spurs-eon, Robert tion of Upper Alton more than a; L Steinmanjli Jerry Lee Stone . .century ago was a settlement of: Alhnrt „ Vnn Horn gteven its own. Start HEARING BETTER Today SONOTONE THE HOUSf Of HEARING WE HAVE MOVED From the Commercial Bldg. to 651 E. Broadway ALTON Formerly Hemphlll Agency WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT Hours: 9 to 5 (Sat. » to U) Telephone HOward 3-6720 Albert R. Van Vlado Velloff. Bethalto - David lean L. Lowensleln. W. Cain, -Winnie B. Brooke, Bunch, Etta E. students, no more than 2,000. j Each should have no bigger case! f voin the marginal to those whose symptoms are so bad that they require help from other agencies. The. job of the social worker, too, is to brine; these more seriously affilcted ones to the attention of specialized agencies. Job Frustrating The task of the two social workers in the Alton schools is heroic Brighton - Nancy S. Meyer. ji, u t frustrating. Sound practice Cottage Hills—James D. Mil- « P f s down that one such worker 'igan. | should be assigned to about 1.000 East Alton- Byron Dean Deissinger. Clara Lee Heflin.jload than 40 per month. Darrell E. Johnson. Lauree S.j There are upwards of Reynolds. Edwardsville — Rose A. Boc- :aleoni. William G. Buch, Lorene Fern Isaacs. Lyle K. Judge, Bonnie L. Moeller, Keith T. Probst;' - Carolyn S. - Sehroeder. John A. Strickland, Norman F. ?trublng. Elsah — Janice P. Peterson, i Godfrey — Shirley Ann Ackman. Ida Faye Brecht, Judith D. Kistner. Greenfield — Brenda S. Bishop, Martha Ann Dodson. Hartford — Roberta K. Atkins. JERSEYVILLE — The Rev. Alton E. Loar. who has been pastor of the Peace Evangelical and Reformed Church in Jerseyville and the Christ Evangelical Evangelical and Reformed Churches. Parents of Son JERSEYV1LLE - Mr. and Mrs. James B. Seaton of Pittsburg, Pa., are announcing t he have given the miM MWMM An> drew to their mn bomWtdbllfry it the Jertay GoiniiHfnlty, pital. Tht baby wtttfiM I 8H oiatwt, ' He U a gnnffon of WWttt Witt of JerMjrvUte, ttMk Ouy Jadtaon of N«w CnMWi UM Mr. has announced his resignation to accept n call to the pastorate of the Emmanuel United Church of Christ in Sandusky, Ohio. The resignation will become effective as of July 31. The Rev. x)ar and his family will leave Jerseyville, however, during the middle of July for a two week's vacation prior to Aug. 1, when Rev. Loar will assume his duties at Sandusky. The church in Sandusky has a communicant membership of 578 j and the Sunday school member- j ship has been £58. During 1938,1 SI 30,1)00 Christian Education'; unit was completed and this is! now free of indebtedness. : Members of the Councils of thej Jerseyville and Ficldon churches [ met Thursday evening for thej purpose of appointing a pulpit! committee to cull a pastor to fill ! the pulpits of the local churches. | Dr. John Schmidt, president of! the South Illinois Synod, attended j the meeting. Rev. Loar came to Jerseyville four years ago from Potter, VVis. He is a past president of the Jerseyville Ministerial Association, and is immediate past president of the Jerseyville East Elementary Parent Teacher Association. He is also sen-ing at present on the State CROP Board as representative of the South Illinois Synod of E. & R Churches and is a member of the Town and Country Church Committee of the Synod. Mrs. Loar is a member of the Board of Education of the Community Unit 100. She is also first vice-president of the Synodical Women's Guild of South Illinois and Reformed Church in Fieldon, birtn of a dnURnter at 8:36 a .m April 10 at the St. Clair Hospita in that city. The baby has been named Jane Arnwine and she weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces. The baby is a granddaughter ! Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Egeihot! ol Jerseyville and Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Seaton of Lexington, Mo., and is a great granddaughter of Mrs. Essie Heiderscheld of Jerseyville. Prior to her marriage Mrs. Seaton was Miss Gayle Egalhoff of Jerseyville. Announce Birth of Son JERSEYVILLE - Mr. and Mrs. Benny Abbott of Jerseyville and Mrs. Ernest Abbott dt'JbtM and Is a great grandson of H»> bert Ray of Etdred, Mrs. Robert Hunter of New Canton, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Abbott of Kane and Mrs. Etta Witt of Carrollton. The couple has another son Timothy Ernest, aged 1 y«af. Cuts Chin In Fall JERSEYVILLE — Jeffery Murray 4, son of Mr. and Mr*. Robert Murray of Jerseyville, 'dumbed up on a cabinet Wednesday evening and tell off cutting his chin. He was taken to the Jersey Community Hospital where mi- tures were used to care tor the la- ceratlon. Monument avenue In Alton — named for the Lovejoy Monument — was formerly called Apple street. Mrs. Charles Lyons, expert in guidance and counseling work, is one of two doing a type of social work in Alton school system. Here she is greeted at door of Milton horns. Mrs. Lyon's holds VISITING A HOME a masters degree, spends much of her time collecting data and when well grounded on the child's problem, she may visit the home.—Staff Photo. less need for mental institutions, special schools, penitentiaries and policing at public expense in the years ahead. Besides, one more child is given an opportunity to live a happier life, Norman adds. THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB ILLINOIS DIVISION is pleased to announce the APPOINTMENT of WEST "66" SERVICE STATION Day—CL 4-7257 Night—CL 4*3084 559 WEST ST. LOUIS AYE. as the East Alton Area Automobile Club - Illinois Division Clarence Kibby, District Manager 10,000 j not a j wa y S rrfean he needs speci- The students in the Alton system. The| a | n t( en (j ori . formidablness and sometimes! hopelessness of their fight to save; . these young people from thej 1 , s pntjre , sloughs of education and maybe ... . drunkenness, or parents who dojto help him. not ccive enough attention to thej An ideal situation cannot be! persisent ones, however .j child, or a broken home. But 1 realized with only two workers if left unremedied may warp a] other times the problem is not {serving so many students. Nor- life and interfere J s 0 ev ; dent. Bad companionship, man knows there are countless even mental institutions is easily; evident by comparing of the fig-; permanently with his success. | 0 r a father or mother svho does j children in the system who could ' his role i be headed oft from trouble, or Social workers must conduct;not fully know her or ,,i"m<:plves with tact and percep- in bringing up a child although j kept from becoming public wards ,. Itinn ThPv must first learn of the sound in other ways, can be en-jin the future if they could be A social worker must ^i^ 7^™^ the ' frachpr and ! entered. | reached now. thorough, unhurried and analy-;™; . , p - prhaps tho rhik , for if the support of the parents! It is for this tic. Under the present conditions 10 '" ir, Alton. Norman believes that | ™ kmwn . reason none of qualifications for top work can be practiced. Lack of Time Teachers know of these young people but oftentimes have neith' Kane — Barbara B. Wanless.j Pr the trainina; nor the time to| ne is h o| d>"g Roxana — James R. Reyn-idig to the bottom of his trouble, j dass wlth hl ™' aids, John G. Robertson. i Their symptoms are poor school May Enter Home w o r k. aggessiveness, timidity. Wood River - Ruth H. Mur ray. Khoury Supper at Meclora April 24 MF.DORA — The Shipman- Medora Khoury League will have a pancake and sausage supper at American Legion Hall here Monday. April 25. Serving will begin at 5 p.m. All proceeds will go to the Khoury League. The social worker studies his j withdrawal tendencies, fearful-! school records, talks to jness. marked dependency, unsat-! teacher, the principal and finally i isfactory relationships with other to the boy. When she is eom- i children or adults, truancy and nletely grounded she may enter !deep dissatisfaction with school.)the home. I Mthough evidence of some of What does she find? Too otten, i these symptoms in the child does'Norman says. the support of the parents! It is for this reason that he suddenly leaves: "an be enlisted, and it usually'seeks the certified social workers, he is 's. then the child is put under'Under this condition the Alton the care of the social worker. !school system would receive state \eed Privacy i financial assistance, which it The Office of Public Instruc-j does not receive now for such more, tions recommends that a child work, others back in the -should sped a half hour to anj Put OH Bill hour each week with the social; The state long ago has realized worker in privacy. He should be!that to ignore students in need told, in most instances, what is of special education is to really **** »» d *<** hon f Ol . le , ' n:\ttentive, or overly quiet, 01 loverly noisy — so much so that "* not learning anywhere near "* capacity and what is put off paying a bill that grows jausing his problem and be informed that his teacher, princi-ilarcer with the years, pal. parents and perhaps school] For every child guided into she confronts system psychologist are working i proper channels there will be that SAVE NOW! m SPRING SPECIAL! Lane Sweetheart Chest . t-brown watout, th» big 44' Lane Chpfi ha* • •ifr-ming tray, free moth protection warranty. BWt LIB* value ever! I WAR \/ BUSINESS GUIDE MILTON AREA SHOP IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD FOR PERSONAL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS YOU CAN DEPEND ON RUSSELL BLIND & AWNING CO. HO 5-5588 Manufacturers "Where To Buy Them" __ (8U Milton) ELVIS TARRANT AGENCY ..... HO 2-7470 Real Krtate and Insurance __ <"2« Milton) SHERWOOD T TLE "SERVICE HO 2-3603 Armstrong Fine Floor Covering <»110 Milton) (706 Milton) Awnings, Storm Doors anfl Windows Radio and TV Repair Service SHOP, barber, good with children ^^ HEATINGT HO 2-2612 (1108 Milton) "HOl-0455 (013 Milton) "HO 2-9287 Wirta* Warm Air Heating, Air Conditioning (1138 Milton > CLIFF'S TOWING SERVICE """"."" HO 5-9581 •it Hour Service ^0 2-01 33 EVTRS pArNT^"RT~rr.'rT7.T HO 2-7239 Inclusive "DuPont" Deale* in tb« «re» _ (1113 Milton) F^OUS CUANBRS~7T77r .77 HO 5-4323 Btoutiful Cleaning and frewing 1338 Milton aU^TANTTlP 2-2267 Tto *»•»'« Loading Photographer __ (iUJHilton) HARRTsTRETSERVICE ......... HO 2-0811 Bomovlnc, Trimming and Sprwlng HO 5-8587 HICKS PHOTO STUDIO ........ HOS4N6 Portrait!, Camera* sod SttnyUo __ fii'J^ 0 ' 01 *' KlUMP BOAT & MOTOR CO. .... HO 5-6541 MILTON CLEANERS . . ......... HO 2-9231 "Ofy (piMoiac Thai iattafiM" Uiltt iUlton) MltTW QiifNHOUSIS ....... 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