The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 1, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1927
Page 5
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REGISTER; FRIBAY! EVENING. APR - i -. ': • r This Has Haiijt snwl . 'BILl/Y ^Vel'lsr ptfctty .head, of the'glpre defiartnieut ot tbe T. Q. • I 'urtiB 'Store, pores- over a <iueH- tionnaire which; "the old luan" _lia8 given Iris women eniployes to 'answer. V . ' Helping her iii this task are her mother and J CLAY CURTIS, son of tht-'departniOnt store bwu- .eir. Clay, because he wants to earn his owri way, has left his hijime and, taken a room with -the "Wells family In the poorer section bf thi? town. There is already an •iinpieasant amount of store gos- hipthat Billy istfyink to land Clay j Curtis, but Clay ii glrl-i;hy, laviiig hf"s \anity: seri|(lusly hurt ' n a lore affair with i ^n actr,ess vho turns him down^wh^h she . earns he will^be dlsinjierited if le narriesiher. Me is working In" a; factory to i eai'n his- living knd devoting hus' evenings to ihusicat composiUou. ' His ambi- . tion i.s to become a great composer, . • i , Billy answers the .queries im-: ' pudenlly and withjoriginality ini- -t^l- she conies tq the question • <=pnceming -her' life ambition. Here alie sobers ' and answers with all' i^eriousiiess that .she', Idiigs to bi?i!onie '."'the" greatest; • wonian-coiiOert violinisst ip Amer-i i<:a.'-| rWhen Billy finishes . the| <iuestij)]tinaire. Clay rept-nts ar plea He has \oiced J)efore, that Khe destroy the <|Ue.sij<innalre. Billy senses that fie has- a reason for his fears jjor her and sli«; • ::olds (he pupi-r linct-rtainly lie-; I'ween her hands as if she wl-re' illinoMi persuaded to ti iar it up. St orJ ; Billy told bim was watching the long fringe papn 'M Itlnrli-hnlrrd h»y nas ciiAi'TKi^ yM\. Billy did iiitt dilHtioy thequeH- tlonpalr<>. .siiine dim preiiinniiliiii, |Klc ^<lhly horn of her f<'elliig that (;iay kJM'Wmore, oi* HUHPCIIIMI more of. what old T. Q. was "up to." Hijiy^'d -liC'i: XingerH as lliey wi -ie. aluiut t <i tf 'ijr th<»-SIK'MS' to frag- m.iitf.i Sh.- keiircd. a lliil- ImffHy. j converBatlon she had been obliged lo hi-i- own i*|»om. ami W)<i .te a full Joverhuar. Jlut aho waa flurcely ; p .i .rf in an.-jwci- t.r tb.- t|ii<-sl|on. giu,| that .she had-at least; been ork in thi- C(iriis Si<)f<" i honest, even if she had been Impu- ifiit show wllat ^lie had • jg „t_ , \\ wriltt'ii to her mother, or to Clay, j 'i| lif-t papa's hiack-iyod boyiwas . able lifi give y<iii honu' .uoo^l lipn." when ^she returned to the. living j I_(^^,„ax .-iirveyod ^Hilly with insultiiig. narrowed black oy.|'s. "He-'did. as a n^atter of t." I room, lorhaile qiieHtiniLs. [ Asj a niattcT of fafl. Cla.V; displayed no curqosity when she re,- turnVd to the livial^ room, for he was asleep. Wis head fallen forward on the kftys\ of the piano, his tail, rather frail •' bbdy slumped in weaflness. The. flesh of his face was piilliif with fatigue, and a stab of 1 ity went through Billy's heart wbeii shI?. saw that the nail.s of one (langling hand were broken and ifaintly rimmed with black. I "'-i^'s a.- crira« lor him to. take jthose. fingers into a factory," Billy • old jher mother in a lierce whis-" kier. "A musician's hands making l^baTrels and packing; boxes! It's a rrime!" \ . • But when Mrs.--Wells woke him sentjy- and sent him off to bed, Silly betrayed none of this soft- less to him. "She gust .stood look- ne :at him. a sltchtly sconful smile on her deeply, cairved, ipe k'bimg lips. She hatetl the thoi ght )f tits tearing his ^sensitive h: nds )n rough lumber, bur- sh^" would latejhim. despise him. if he gai'e ip his fight to earn" his own liring. Tht^ nett morning, before .shi; oiild give herself lime to r<"ccn- lider. she burned her bridges i.^- liiid her. by dropping tlie (i"uestloii- laire, with it"s qu'ber'mixture of imniideiice and conmion sense,!into padlocked box proVided. lor ( Billy, told them ioolly. 'There^s j till- hell. Well have to hurry." ' Within a few days the little fli(('r." of evcileiiieiil over the ques- ti(itin;iires had difil comidetely awa.v. in iheiarger exi -Itiment of tlie appi t >a<-lr;ng party to cele- brifle the liiirtietli anniversary of the fiuntling of the Curtis Store. I'nze.-^ lor the men, it developed, were to he aw.ardedjon the Ijasis of in'T.eate vf sales idoring.lhe anniver.sarv: i|ale.. a tjiife-lionored <iis- toni jwhicli had hitherto extemled to the emjdo.ves lilsO. The Curtis Store liand hadiprac- tife/l- almost eveiV evening; .\lis.s SimiDou.'', head of ; the- peisonnel dbparVment and ' teacher -of the nitle to irhe jrvn Kome xood tlpv." inomcntary lull.t she'saw him stand- ngiiear the pei|fuine and ciMmetiis [leparlment. his-bushy brows drawn lown over eyes that were fi\ed jiti Xyda I.,nniax. "Pnnny," nilly told herself-, us ihe began to stow iway boxes of [loves, '"he's buxzing aro'jnd the |)retty girls' counters like a lady- Idlling tloiirwalker. Dcm't know Jjat what I'd better warn Clay if he ioesn't hurry home he's likely to find a flappeV steiwiother there ahead of him. .AVho'd liave thought that bid T. Q. would turn .vhrik on But, she was foirced to admit, if >ld T. Q. was really "sheiking," he .vas going about it in an odd way. le made no effort to tafk to the je^rls; just stcmd at a safe distance. Again lier queer conviction that old T. Q. was "up to something".rreareil ijs he id. and dii^titrbed her. more than .'•lie would admit to lierself. Staniloy Powers, assistant credit i)iana^pr. had dated Billy more lan a month before fori the party, classes in salesmanship. buzzed ' h<» was hospitably invited for about franticallv. imniwiscly con- 1 sp 'PPer.'since bpth he and Bill}-, as cerned with.plans for "The Pageant j fji'^^Ttainers for the evening, had of I'ri'gre^^s."" in which, the store's ' prettiest "girls were to take part: Happy ) he at the store e:irly. Mrs. Wells" casual mention the Curtis Store Dramatic Society; the breakfast fabi dail.v rehearsed a one-act iilay. written by that jaunty, go-getting advertisinp mana ;;i >r. .Mr. Brenner;.! ectlve .i;uest hai pon Clay. Powfcis'? Who's ati.l old'T. Q. himseli seemed to be t ,,pn,a„je,,_ completciv losing, inter- ... „ so inlecled with the excitement of,e,t j,, ti,e raffle which Mrs. Wells Agrlc.ultiiral College oni June 4. could not <oii-; I T " . • . aiilii-ipatioii that h<^ fini- iiimsi'lf to hlis office, but prowled from floor ins his wi'y sriii at apiii-:.! iiiK at iml J he padlocked box pro ,, , , , , , , lint : :in -ni-. !ii lite <n .ov^ of a ghl |v'ho .VydH |j)max and WinnJej Shelton.! «aj i.isiiig, a s;.l.^ Ir -M jiHse-she Was to floor, siuil- riisioiners 'anil j arrassing ]mo-• ho f-njoved being SHI-U M.igeiher i loo sleepy irom l^lij ir the sake of <he contrast" I.--j ni;!h( before to xai; |*-een .Vvda's sultrv briinet ,beauty |.'ujHiing or mil. ii'ule:s fliiwerlike blon<lness. <in ihedny Infoie compariiiK ' fiuc»tl<'Oiialres was exerclHlnb her lltv biil<.>ri.d the rooni. " ' luiid of the ^love Id.p; givin:; .liil'e |llaiker, ci ri -liea rsals'tlie wllellier ,slie ijnd, Wfnule!s fl|>werlike blon<lness. "if* >jl 'kiio |i'BII]y leiftiefed ihe rooni ;;K<iilie Kave |ne H MWe|l tip." 'lujIi.omux was Hii >inK.; "He wan dlhic Hiiit Sunday article On the Us 'liiurHtb' on the roof, and lie /HI/I jibal ,was a ijeail give -away that old T. (J. was batty about,' P IUH. r •'^o. he I'told me to put down *Paf m.v llfe'ii ambition, was to be kindergarten teacherj On Ihe.diiy iHforeiilie party Billy prerogative jis |di-partnient by lie ol her lu'ii :ixsl >tant><, nil liii|ii'oniplu les- Hiiii III .xaleKiniiliKhl) . "I've"Sold yini llo•^eliH hundred and ntnety-ni xcreain'.'i Vou know ii] Isnt tljat lie. Win. I .llllle, tlial'vo)^ can he | .all than nrtie ! kio tlniits, i leasaiit to i a customer witlioi;t ibllitig hor pet li'ames. • That girl's lliatile is .Miss Dcntian. not 'dearie" |or 'honey'." - • .-\ low chuckle behind'her caused Han't bear a kid in my sight. <Vhat"i Iter id whirl «nd fai-.t T. t^. Curtist. did ydu 8 ^y»" =1 1""^ had :be»n.watchitlg li<r ."^o fre- Mil's Doran. the teacher, Vho.'inontiy.. latelv- that Mie not btiards with U.S, told me to say i lst.irprise .1. nor was sh.K'nil)arras.sed. V anted to take a complete business I A*; a customer can e sailing up to tUrse and be private .secretary to'the gloxe counter dioi half .turii^ . , - 1 iier back on him, Jiitj as she did she duiiberatel) j winked one tjf:... Believe me, .Miss Doran is the <) t I jilize, I Where's iyouhs. Billy?" Jwhile .she wasvmakiiig imt M'ln the box,'";' i Billy | answered sales slip, he moved' away, ffhortly, a litlJ« sickened by. the | when she lo.ike.i aluiut her her and in a Wilbelm Wants TIus Palace-Orphanage Xuotber nport from HoUimd atya tbat former Ctemaq a «cftitt b»v« hla 'IM1*M; on UM Orcek ulankl a< rctyrned'to blm. I Puinr ar» nnder luray.'to make It <i iecoMd Carjio, For »ltoni|r *i^t ^\^r^ dfauur tt' pt .Cbrta. MonU at e of their pros- a 'queer effect Powers?" he bad im\ brought iii from the lcitphen.i •The boy, friend," calmly, though; sbe his facnl frqm under or Jior ried-brown Islahes. "SUnley Powers, • assistant credit manager. My nice little .pet boy friend, who plays the cornet In the Curtia band." i , • "I won't ;be home for din—anp- per,"Clay told Mrs. Wells a-few minutes later, after he had finished his third waffle in moody silence. . "Well. .Ijlike that!" Billy stormed after he had left the dining room- "Wiiat does he think this Is? His own private home?. Well. If he wants to squan^ler his hard-earned money on cheip restaurant food he's certainly welcome to do It I don't have to ask him when I want to have a. boy friend Tor supper!" "I think, honey," her mother reasoned amiably, "that he thought it would be emjiarrassing for Stan-, ley as well as himself. You know Stanley wouldn't feel free and easy sittih)^ at the same table with, his ibosif's disinherited son—a son that's no\y working in a factory." "^lay disinherited • himself, and .vou know it!" Billy t!lashe<I at her, (heii reddened valntully as her niother smiled underptandingly. iJilly was moody, troubled, dlfff- iiU all that long day Which was Id In the big party.^be wished mother hadn't bM ^fK> darned Ijoapltable to that tiifp$me Stany jP<iw«"rs. whoj wasrint^rested in nl.v three things—talking ship, laying his cornet and faking love, tlie very thought of tKe wrestle she would .have with hira to keep him froiifi kissing her gbotl^nlKht when he brought her home from" Ihe parly nauseateil her. Strange hiiw i impbssihie he and all the hny4 i^c had been going Wltl^ had become lately ; . . Slje wished ali.e hadn't promised" lb go toifhe pari.v. that she didn't lia%'^ to play her violin for them-jr the}' didn 't know anything "about real music. If she roiild only af- fiird a real teacher for a year br »fO. hen throw up her job at the store ;ind go to New/ York and for-}.* the managers to give her an audition! But what a fool she was to plan am! jdream like that! She wasn't even; ilever enough to win a prize in a depannieiit. store contest. Iin- pudjni little Smart-Alec! . Sh""d prohjildy be fired in a week or twp— ••• • . "Th'-re's the doorbell, : honey."" her mother called from the kitchen. '"Vou run and an,«wcr' it. Pin making white sauce for the ^s- pai-asrus tips." Blliy s.tu'ck out her .tongue at her i own 'sulky face in the ;hideous goj-' Tien oak sidebbard before she turn-' ed reliictanily to obey her mother. Darnj Stanley Powers and his eternal chatter about the (j'urtis Store! Dacn the Curtis Store. And-}-and j darn. Clay Curtis for not coming I homo' to .supper! Stuck-up idiot! (To.Be Continued) What's money after all, its ,ci askedJN e ot Anti The hte party and the an- nouijirrmpnt ai'-prlze wlnnent In the (|uesti6nnain> rjintest are de. serlhed In. the ne.xt, chapter. "Cebtral intercollegiate outdoor track'and field championships will be held this year .at Michlgan'i Let us show yoii the lat|.- things in wiill paper. you, are buying w*tll coverings, buy the bestj They ccst ho more thah cheap,, faulty desijnis. Pat (cms as low as 5c per doubit! roll. a new Jmepbo, I who- was jglven $lL000,000 for hia automatic photogi aphing machine'six years after coming to the Dnited Stetes a poor immigrant, Iwy. Her Iiusband'a money, Mrs. Jos^pho. cpnceded, can be de-J voted to much good, but as for her: "I was marrl^ to the finest nian in tlie world amd was happy long ago;'.' she said with a I shrug • of .her ahonlders. The Dallas club, last; jyear's champions of the Texas League, will make a hard effort .to Repeat this season. If it succeeds it will be the fifth .time it has. w<in the pennant. Dallas flrst cai^tur^ the flag in 1910 and Its next victory came in -1917. Tn the '•• following season it finished in first place for the third time. , BeginnlngJ with 1920 <he flag had Been won'jior six yearsUn a row by the Fort "Worth club. Which last year was displaced, by Dallas in its fourtii successful pennant race. ; • , . SAVONBURG . ;(T. B. More) Mar. SC.—Ert Mfller : shipped a car, of bogs to Kansas City Monday. Mri Budd, who recently pur- chaaM the Jap Marlott ranchj unloaded two carloads of^ine 2-year- old White face steers a£d drove out to the,ranch Tuesday, Dr. Lpngenecker of jfclsmore was a business caller in the.biirg Tuesday..! • • . • • . March has been a very dreary, cloiidy month, but €QO\I will be gonlBJ • Mrf. and,Mrs. Jay Moore had for! guests Saturday,!Mr. and Mrs. List-' er and two boys ^ of Ctas. Mr. ^and/Mrs. Xoel Rati iff. daughter " Christine, 'and son,. Master George, and T. B. More wiere dinner, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ert Miller Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Morgan and Ira Barsby.were afternoon callers. Ray ^Icbaniels, while applying some dressing-,-^ mughl bia[>:; twecn the belt knd pnlley and waii badly hurt. ; * ' i. Walter Heath, who jhaa been, working on a drill rig in, Texaii, came honte Tuesday. He iras. badly burned in a gas explosion 'some six week^>ago. '. - ! i Mr. and Mrs. Jay Modre had for (linner guests Sunday. Mr.; and! Mrs. ftSeo.ij.Markley and< family of; Salem. T. q. More and Mrs. More's. parents.! . The IClsmore tow.qship board held, a board meeting in SaTonburg Tuesday. ;" ••, % Thb recent contest in London:b«- tweeni, the Montreal ; Victorias, : champions.of Canada, and a i)icked team of English players w^s the first ice hockey, thatch'that has been played In the British metro-' polls iii many years. There are millions of Chinesa who have never seen a foreignfr. , ' —»——»- 11 tP—•» E -4 Results Are What Count W E/SELL PAINTS the best paints made, for they're made by du Pont, ! the makers of Duco. But we sell more than I that 1 . . we sell pamt satisfaction. We will , tell you exactly which paint will dtp the job ; i most economically; and most permanently. ^ Come in anJget a free cotorcard, showing the wonJerful 'chiMceofcolonyoucmchooaefiom.WeaboseUittPoid vambhea, enameb, and, of course, the favnoua.Duco. ^ j SH A N M d N' S (=;"] Cover slim over top—fits tight—won't fall off TUs is the wof tht mem Hitta Bros, Cogie earn l»oks wktm it comes lo\ you. The key is r attaekei to ike cover. It tmrms \ easily amd smoolkiy, and keeps 00 the trsck. pills' 2 Now Iki^rmew Imprwi cover is og. Vkt^top edges 4f Ike ioM are polled imtaotk'- u4 skarp edges $9 tmt fmten. Htnt^tfvtr is hatk tm tke CM to keepi year eoflee fr*sk. It slips Hfkllf f/ M# tm \ kasf to pat o* *ad / ."% ,f "> EXACTNESS—attention to the little! things—has been the reason for the success and popularity of Hills Bros. Coflfee. . Thisipolicy of carefulness led'Hills Bros, to ' discover and develop Controlled Roasting, the , patented process "which Yoasts only a few pounds of cbffee at a'time, instead of in bulk. As. a result, Hills'Bros. CoflFee sets an unapproachable standard in aroma, flavor and richness. Anii now, a little thing—but a;betterment— Hills Bros, have improved the caii in which the coffee you love ip drink is varuum pajcked. At first glance, there doesn't seem Ito be any change. The all-important words "Hijis Bros. Coffee" arc t^crc-also the Arab, the famous trade-mark. ! -But when you ojpen the can, 3rou'ilj appreciate the difference. The key turns easier and keeps on the track, flhe cover slips ov^r the top. No sharp edges to ctit the fingersi Best of all, the cover ^tli tigMy—won't fall olf. I i ••OJJd?-'" -1 'A

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