Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1915 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1915
Page 6
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Com blued !;wlth llthia, and Jiaa been used I'or genigratlona toi ,flwsh anil stimulate clogged |k!dneys, to ^noutml^e the itclds urine so It is no longer a source p6'Irritation,[thus - ending urinary and blqidder disorders, lad Salts Is inexpeijilve and ckr .iot Ininre; makes a delighjful effervescent ITLiiia-wat^r drink, arid . noboby can iiiake a mjlstake by taJting a little oc- kidneys clean ^ImPvArrLni^ (C. U Arnold.) ' Feb. 2.0.—Sonie of the Heath and SV'iiliams young folks Staid In town over night the first of the Weiek. Mrs Bert Cleaver returned from a visit of severkl weeks with her mother. In Oklahoma last Friday. Friday night was. a very bad time for the pie:supper atTnlon, but there were enoaijh that came through the rain and mud to make the receipts very satisfactory. -Mr. Franco will mpve but of town into the house on the Northwest corne: of the Drake farm in a few days. tlrandma Drake and her> grand- dhughtier. Miss Blanch Drake, and tier) dkughter, Mrs. Frank Bliss and a daughter-in-law, .Mrs. Winfield Drake were visiting friends in Chautauqua county tlie past wfeek. Although Mrs. Bassett's sille last Thursday wa!s held under discouraging: iondltlohs the bidding was prompt and the sharp competition generally carried prices up to a level of full value. Many who wonld have come ias spectators, but were deterred by the rain, doubtless would have become interested bidders had they been present. • A birthday surprise, of social magnitude was given in honor of Mrs. F. Day a week ago last Sunday, at the Day home. There were about sixty persons present who came fully equipped for the dinner hour. - kev. Dunham and family of lola, spent the greater part of last week at O. R. Heath's and .1. S. Hases. .Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Butler attended church at Trinity in lola last Sunda.v and remained at Rev. A. L. Sampson's for dinner. Fiank Bale went on a business trrp to Kansas City the first of the week. Mrs W. .1. Evan* now owns the Harry Davis farm, the south half of the old Barr place, having closed up the deal about a week ago. Of course It may be judged that Mr. Evans dictated this trade and that the farm will be run under his instructions and supervision, and those familiar with his business success and witiv his good Judgment in matters pertaining to public welfare, do not doubt that he will turn the products of this farm to a good profit. "The mild weather has a tendency to advance fruit buds to a stage that will make them easily injured by late freezes anl frosts. The greatest damage done by the storm -Monday'evening was, to wire commu;;;catlon. It will be some time before pyles are all replaced, and wires readjusted so there will be'per­ fect telephone service. There are evidences of the storm on every hahd, but liitle real damage was done on farms. Saiii Wilson and Carl Corey, who live lujst .icroRS the river and helpers came on the west side via the rock road and river bridge Wndnetcday- ey- id'intiy looking after enifirgenry work of some kind. tbieir new home at Oas.Clly liext week The ladies aid cleaired.something ov er! $10,00 at tlie sale yesterday. ; Philip Brandon's knee, which he hurt on the ice some time ago, is getting bettor. EATKRPRISE. (May Hayea.) . Feb. 25.—We are having some bad wc^ather now. Mrs. Chas: Alderman and daughtei and Mrs. Dave Alderman and two chil dren i'of Elsmore vtsited their sister .Mrs. H. O. Hayes and family from Thursday until Saturday; Marjorie Bambart who has. been sick with pneumonia Is touch improv ed at this writing. Irving Ling of Newton, aKs., visited his mother over Sunday., The main line of the Bell Telephone was. considerably damaged by the stonh Monday night. Mr. P. .1. South ard went forty miles north of here Tucsda)t to take a man to work on the telephone line. ' C. L. Bambart arid C. H. Beahm ex changed horses recently. Several of the school children have been out of school oh account of the bad wieather. Grandpa I»w started yesterday for Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. Free Preston visited at Fred Beaty's Sunday. BAYARR. (O. J. Dunlap.) Feb. 2.=;.—Miss Ulilan Berklns Moran visited at Mrs. (Jeo. Cox's from Thursday until Saturday. I: Winnie Trimble and children went to Gas City -Saturday and returned Wednesday. Pearl McCallen went to lola Sat urday and returned Tuesday. Ch.-ince Trimble went to Gas City Sunday jand returned Monday. Hirani Huffman was at Sam Tuck er's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hosley celebrated Washington's birthday by adoptln? baljy girl to raise. Brady Hick's shipped a load of stock to Kansas City from Bayard Monday night. Leonard Stout and family visited at A. P. Rlgg's from Saturday until Tues day. Ed. T.iantz came in from Colorado City, Colo., Wednesday for a visit with Fay I^ntz and family. Leonard Stout and family visited at Will Warren's Tuesday. easionally to keep the • and active. ;. i GRASDMA USED SAtJE • . TEA TO D ARKEN HAIR. ; _ - ^ • • • —*— % • t Site Made, up a MIxtnre of Sage Tea I and Snlplinr to BriBt Back Color, -. '[ Gloss, TliIclaiesB. .; Copamon garden, sagii Brewed Into a '. heavy tea with sulphiir and alcohol . t added, will turn, grayi streaked and :;J faded hair beautifullygdark and lux- !;* uriknt, remove every %\% of dandruff, stop scalp itching an^il falling hair. : : Just a.few ^pplicatioi^ will prove a -s revelation of yojir, hair|l9 fading, gray -or dry, scraggly^and thjn. Mixing the J Sage Tea'and Sulpjjur i;eclpe at home, ' though. Is troublesome. • An easier way ^is to get the ready-to-^se tonic, cost-'-Ing about 60 cents a Jarge bottle at ; dr>fg stores, known as >'Wyeth'8 Sage ' Sulphur Compound," thus avoid- Mn? a lot of muss. ~ s ? While wispy, gray, fa^ed hair Is not > sinful, we all desire ;to retain our •fyijuthful appearance ind attractlve- ^.ness. By darkening ydur hair with ' JWyeth's Sage and SulpKiir, no one can '•tall, because It does It so naturally, so ievchly. You just dampen a sponge or j Jsoft brush with it aiVJl draw this -ithrough your hair, tal^ng one small .' •itrand at a time; by morning all gray - 9iatra liavo disappeared,^^nd, after an- ipther aPiPlicatiou or tfo, your hair becomes beautifully dai;ii{, glossy, soft - arid luxuriant. Special- Agent S. R. _ bivrrell. - ° IIARMO.NT. Fi;l). 'i 'l. —The sunsliine sure looks good again. We had a very had rain and 'sui >w storm .Monday. Mrs. L. .1. Hooe is spending the week in C'^^inute with friends, and relatives. Mi..: red Noyes an*l Ella Cloud re ceive:! their Belle City incubators to day. Mrs. .Mary Booe und l^ola si»ent the di.y with Mrs. Swfiuk and Ruth. Mrs. Swank and Ruth are greatiy Improved from tlie bronchitis. The Cotlake Grove ladies |aid served lunch at the Hettinger sale today. Mrs. Vida Smith of Kansas City is visiting her sister, Mrs. T. R. Adams Mrs. Swcany Is moving some of his things to the Burghart plkce, which he will occupy this season. Frank Booe and family spent Sun day with Will Booe and family. The latter expects to move to a farm near Carlyle next week- Vera Reed is home on a vacation. T. R. Adams and family and Mrs, Vlda Brown spent last evening at Mr Shefler's. Mr Ratcliff has moved to his farm near Harmony, that he purchased of the Cloud heirs. Dan Cornell and wife will move to •ad? Use "aEfS^IT/'IfiSnre Kskee Gonii Tashh like Magio! A b *Td csp of iktn makes np eve^ corn.' When you put 2 drops of "OBTB- IT" on tt. it f brlvelB up and come* rlcbt olT—and there'* jrouir com—gone bj thunder! Simple »a taking a870Qrh »tl Thatt fesfiAPES ^UGHJIOF WEALTH' Mmionaire^s Son 8av^ From feet Of |10;dOO J^nulty J- • "\ • by'-eouPt.r Ef. ijLouasvllle, Ky — That -cPhilip E |*-ald, ii;lneteea -ye :!r <i _ld ireshni|i ;!..!a [University of Ivisconsin, ri 'l ^ht be ^ved .7 t^opv ".the blight of a-$':0]000 annuity," 7 Jiidge Samu61 P. KirbyJ ordered the .'t^'s ^ees of t 'he estate <^ the late L. '/'•"Pi ^Ewa .id, aiilllAnai-e i^-oiimastcr of ' li)uiivHle. to regain a block of Stock ' l ^ti to youn.r Bwaid in| his fathers ^. w^l^ Under the.|bllip Ei ^ald, '"wjien he rqiil'hes the afe of tweptyr- 'Ipse, Ts to receive an annuity of <10,- jOO ^rSnd at twenty-five an annuity of i $2fj6oo;: Young E\%iild objected to I his Jfli|re ::pf, the |8tock being; sold, and is J .%a|:lng a) special cou.rseist the Uni' of Wisconsin with a viewl to -"iltt ^ng himself to engage; in the biisl- nels his_ father. '' ';' W<»U'>|Sax>Urt N«*« Faflk - wb7.cor&-inUUons have gone wUd OTW "GBTS-IT"^nothiug like It ever known. Some folks, to tbU day. patter to>nnd with bruiduKt^^s. atlekr tape, tbick plasters, corn "pulling' aalvea, googe corns ont wfth knlvjs, anlp them with actarcrs. maketboiij ble^ and tbeni howl beoaose they can't, get rid of aore corns. Use "GETS-IT." Tbere'a nothing to do bot apply i dr<H>s. The work'is done, "OKT8- IT"d<%siaiere^. No pain, no f uaslng. no cbansing shoes, no Umidng. It. nerer tells. Tnr It tonight (or any corn. c»llns. .wsrt-or, bnnlon. B« cure that yon get "QVte-W" and nottalhg else. "OSTS-IT" is 6old1>r dragguta everywhere. 26c « bottle, or sent direct by K. TAwrenco A Co„ Cbiesgo. Sold in Ipla and recommended as the world's best eorri cure by Morris & Howard. GENEVA. (Doris Cota) Feb. 2.').—We certainly feel sorry for thos«^ who have to travel the roads in their present condition. George Rcece, of Kansas City, and Fred Reece of Gas visited at the par ental home Saturday and Sunday. .1. Cota and son Laurie were In lola Saturday. ^ Miss Clara Mable visited In Garnett the past week. .Max Shelby went to lola Saturday and liroughi. out a load of goods for Ivan Curtis, who Is moving on the Og den farm. Mrs. Mary Drain Of Plqua came In Monday to see her mother, Mrs. Mor timcf, who is quite poorly. Mr; Simmons shipped hogs from Geneva last Saturday. Max Shelby is moving In the Archer property. Ralph Colglazler butchered Tuesday Rev. Foster, of Topeka, will preach at-the Congregational church Sunday. Wednesday, the 24th, being Mrs. O B. Millers birthday, a number of her friends gathered in and surprised hejr. .\11 brought well filled baskets and at noon a bduhteous dinner *a8 served. The day was spent In quilting and social conversation and all departed, wishing Mrs. Miller many more happy birthdays. on NORTHWEST OF CITY. (Dlcae Brooke) Feb. 25.—Mr. Mogel has moved the Hardesty place. The recent snowstorm put nearly all of the telephone lines out of commission and some of the roads are almost Impassible. Mr. Dave Brooke, of Kansak City, Is expected here Friday to visltj his brother, Tom Brooke, and family. Mr. Will Hlskey of Onaga, Kansas, while passing through on a business trip to Wichita, stopped for a short visit at the home of his father-in-law, Mr. Garlock. Mrs. L. E. Horville has returned from Kansas City. Miss Bettle Stock Is visiting In Toronto at present. Mr, Hill, who has been on the sick list. Is much Improved. "The '.tSO-Ilne men were out fixing the line Wednesday. Mrs. Smith, who has been visiting Uor aunt, Mrs'. Howe, will return to her honie In .loplln tomorrow. Mr. Horace Howe Is at Meade, Kas., looking after his ranch. Mr. Harris, of lola, visited his daugh ter; Mrs. Charlie McHenry, a few days last week. I.«ul8 Mogel enrolled at the Horville School Monday. Charlie McHenry will move from the Alberts farm to the Woods farm.' Miss Ruth Ghrlst Is visiting her sister. Sirs. Small. fsnsriiErvm Myriads Have Lewned of Its Re. BBitfkiible Contive Value. From IHo very fscl tlist S; S. "8., the famoija blood purlOpr la a natural medicine, It is opposed'by those who ran not give up' inercury and iith(>i< dangeroim drags. TIsbIt la a atraoKP master. Afflicted . people use iDiTciiry wltb u blind force of babit. Not w^rot^ by the rhiMi- matlsin i they ace all around tbeoi. unmindful of tlie locomotor ataxia, paraly- ils and I other dreaded results of mineral pdlBOtalng, they cllni; to the fast dlaap- pesrlng, treatment so surely and positively being replaced by 8, S. S., wherever the light Btrik(-s In. 8. S. .S. la fast be coming, the,world's papacca for all blood troubles because It Is welcome to a weak sfootseh. Is taken naturally into the Brood; is a wave of purifying InfluAice known -by Its remarkable curative results, and Is the standby of. a host' of people. It goes Into the blood and reinalns a strong medicinal. Influence to the end and this wltbout any .other, effect than that of a purely cleansing property. , it Is the most universally recommended blood remedy known, and has iuttalned Its reputation, for half a century. Its ingredients are Nature's defl- nlte. antidotes for germs .that create our worst afflictions. Cet a txittle today of any druggist. Refuse all slibxtltutes. Write the medical department, The Swift Spectflc Co., 02 .Swift BIdg.. Atlanta, Ga., for free advice on blood troubles, arid how to overcoqie them. This department Is one of the finest helps to men to be found anywhere, and it Is entirely free. TOWN BAND ORGANIZED UNDER PROF. HARK£R'S LEAD. Revival Meetings Are In Progress al tilt Methodist C'hnrch—Notes and Personals. lln 's farm where they have been feed- inK Mr tiert Hockett has been hauling kafir corn and feterita seed to Lone i';im this week Revival meetln.s;s were to have been continued this week but the weather prevented. The nenlon sliredding outfit jthat has been shut down for repairs; ex- I)ected to resume operations this week but owing to the condition of 'the fields win probably not start until next week. C. Deweese and .1. Deweese are^ hauling wood from the Francis farm where they have about CO loads sawed.- JSOl'TH OFLAHARPE. Feb. 2G.—We were glad to .see the fine rain whicli affords us plenty of stock, water. Hurrah lor the Register for printing Mr. Vezle's letter which advocates the sentmelnt of a great many in regard to a 180,000 high school building for lola. Mr. E. A. Ellis of west of Pleasant Valley district is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Montgomery and family,. .Mrs. Peters stayed all niglit with .Mrs. Walton Monday. t was a lively crowd tliat went in and surprised Mrs. Burchett on ,the Ight of iier birthday. Tlie young members played Clinch and checkers, while, the older ones crochetedj and did other fancy work. They had violin music and singing. Several pretty solos were sung. Light refreshments were served and at a late liour all went to their homes after wishing Mrs. Burchett many happy returns of the day. The Methodist Sunday School extends a very warm invltutiou to all wlio are not in Sunday School to enter our ranks and help all to live better lives and learn more about the bible and its teachings. Mrs. Larson received word from her father in Sweden who was very sick, that he Is now about as well as usual. Her mother died sometime during the inter. Mrs, Peet was a jjleasant caller at tlie Ohlfest home Wednesday afternoon. Arthur and RusseU Newman who used to live here, and after their mother's death, with their father moved to Iowa, are visiting with John Burchett. They say there father Is married again and will soon move back to l^a- Harpe BRONSON, FEB. 25.—Mr. Mariln and Roy Taylor are going-out ,io the Dr. Fulton farm southeast of toSvn to plaster the house. Everett Norton came in from Kansas City tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Will Forakei- were in lola this afternoon o:> business. Wm. Purdoms are moving ciut to their country home liortii of town liiis week. Mr. and Mrs. .Marshall We.m of the country have a new, baby girl. Walter Campbell moved his family out near the oil refinery last Saturday, so he will be clost; to liis work in the refinery. Mrs. Corn.s returnea from Gas City this evening where she iias been visiting relatives. Mrs. RoUa Hickson was an lola visitor today. Mrs. Wasson of Gentry, Arkansas, wag jn town several days the guest of her friend Miss Parker. Claud Clemmings left Iho first of the week for Villa Grove, 111. John Sigler, of L'niontown, was in town Tuesday on business. Tillman Thompson was visiting liis son Jesse In lola last week. Win Nobles are going to move inio the property being vacated by Wm, Purdoms, and Quill Perkins will move in from the couhrry to the property vacated by Nobes. Revival meetings are being held ai the M. E. church. South. Rev. Chapman Is helping to conduct the meetings and a great deal of interest is b<- ing taken in them. Owen Thompson, Will Noblo and Elza Zimmerman and wife drove out to see Pete Mjnich wlip is qiiite sick. Bronson has organized a band with Prof. Harker In ciiarge and practice will be held on Monday and Tuesday nights of each week at the city hall. Mrs. Clarence Isaac and children returned to their home in Mildred alter a few days visit with their unci Caldwell Davis and family. of the former's. Mr. Heath was also flown for a short visit this week. Prayer meeting ne.\t week at .Mrs Ram.^ey's. DON'T B ;: MIli^LED. lola VMizem Should Read und Reed Tills Advice. an Kidney trouble is dangerous often fatal. Don't experiment with sometiiliig new and untried. Use a tested kidney remedy. Begin with Doan's Kldnev Pills. Used In kidney troubles 00 years. Recommended here and everywhere The following statement forms cph vlncing prppf. .P. Moot, 408 S. Main St., I.aHarpe, Kas., says: "My-kidneys were weak and I had backache and rheumatic pains. The kidney secretions were irregular In passagei and caused much annoyance. Not until I used Doan's Kidney Pills ^wafe I benefited. They gave me such great benefit that 1 have had no further need of a kidney medl cine." Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that Mr. Moot had. Foster-Milburn Co. Props- Buffalo, N. Y. DIAXOm . Fpb 24.—Mr. G. W. McKlnder who has been organizing granges over the county returned home last Simday afternoon. J. N. Vlckers deported Tuesday ev- eninug for Colorado Springs, Colo., to visit his son. Earl and family. J. Jackson was in Clony on business today. Mr. B. T. Stewart lias been iil the past' week with an '•.ttack of sciatic rheumatism. Mr. and Mrs. J.- Jackson attended ! the annual Grange dinner at Lone Elm last Saturday and report an-nnnsnally good time. About 260 Grangers were present. H. Snyder and Emery Foster were in Mildred oe"business yesterday, i On account of the weather'and wet fields. Mr H. Haima iifaa compelled to take his cattle home irom the Mu- MILDRED. (Vena McAdam.) Feb. 24.—^>irs. Cook returned home from Parsons Thursday where she has been visiting her sister. Prank Norton, who nas been working In Oklahoma came home Thursday for a visit with relatives. Mrs. Graf came home from lola Wednesday where she has been visiting relatives and friends. Hank McAdam has purchased a new automobile. Mrs. Grover Woolery went to Kin- cald Saturday to visit relatives. . Mr. Huffman and son Fred wont to Superior, Neb.. Saturday where they have employment. 0~J. E^llton returned home from Chanute Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Huddleson returned home from lola Saturday where she speni the last of the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Woolery. Mrs. Frank Norton went to Bronson Wednesday to visit relatives. Mrs. Charley Merrlfleld has been here visiting Mrs. Johnnie Williams. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. McAdam returned home from lola Sunday. Miss May Curley spent Wednesday with Miss Edna;Adams. Mrs. Elmer Norton went to Bronson Wednesday to visit Mrs. Everett Norton and family. • RISING STAR. Feb. 24.—Mrs. Jim .McCoy spent one afternoon last week with Mrs. Sara Lllley. . ! .Mr. OrvUle Swojie and family moved into Mr. Roy Highbargin's house last week. Mr. Swope will farm the place across the i'oad from the li'ousc on the Norlhrup place. "Mr. Harve Bromagen Is moving to the farm he has rented down soutii of Moran. Several from this neighborhood attended the Coffey sale. Rorn to Mr. and Mrs. E.. M. llosiloy .Monday, Feb.. 22, a daughter. Mrs. Jim Chezum and daughter Mrs. Roy Skiers, returned to t'heir home Saturday night from Collinsvllle where they went to attend thie funeral of Mrs. Chezum's grandson. Mr. Kenworthy came Saturday for a vi.sit with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kimzey. Mr. and Mrs. H, L. Hardy and their daughter Christine 8i )ent Sunday at Mr;- 11. Oaugherty's. Mrs. Jerome Dawson (vallcd on Mrs. R. A. Hardy Friday afternoon. .Mr. lijonard Stotit and family came THE EiXnOSIIIONS niiiiiiiMtjiiiiiiiiininmiHiniiiJiip^^^^ Hr March 1st ll'' to NoVJ^tMir 30th No need to worry about the cost. It isri't an expensive trip. Hotels have pledged themselves not to increase their rates. This low round trip fare with stopover privileges is only a few dollars in excess of the usual one-way fare, and it permits you to visit the Panama-California Exposition at San Diego (open every day during 1915), and the Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco Jopen February 20 to December 4), without any aaditional railroad fare, if you travel Vidoii Pacific Salt Lake Route Two excellent through trains, daily from Kansas City direct to the very heart of Southern Califoimia. Without additional railroad fare you may visit Denver, Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City. Write today for new booklet, "California and the Expositions," which gives complete information covering hotel and restaiirant rates, the cost of California sightseeing trips, and other important information necessary to plan the trip intelligently and economically. This book is free; write today. W. K, ( iin.lllT. A. O. P. A, 'Mit U'vtlillt,>SI. UujlBiaii L'lt}', Mu. Mnsist on the Best- It Costs No More OlIlllliiiiiiillllllllK" and Return A Bald Head O.nly Indicates that the scalp has been ntgltcted. We tecommend that you use ^ the germ that causes the Lair to fall out and vill keep the ecalp Leal thy. Burrell's Drug Store. Kills 'niilr.i west lit lu'I.siiiorp. Pay sand was in'iii'li ati'd at a dcptli uf ahout (i<10 feet aiid showed tn he lUii liiiesl in i|Uallty. -AhcMit 2il fvel of pay .sand was drilled tliroiigli. Hoir Tonic i '''"'"'" K ''^^ "lo^^d to ' tlio. IliiKselhac-liHr farm whicli joins the Ard li^hly on liie cast, and tlie drillers <^,\l>eit to bring in a well today or to- morrnw. Tiitrc is hardly any doivht Ijut uhai a scod well will be found — jon tliis lease as tliere is already one to Mr. George Stoufs Tuesday-evi.nii.'i; ^'•''l' i^'"' l'-'^^- ^''^^ has been lor -i visit t'"^ ^'"^^^ years. Mrs. T. A. Kimzey went to lola Tues- '''I"' ''rinie W.^stern has a number of day tor a visit with lier sister, Mrs, farms iindor lease and will develop Vogelsoiig nlieir lioldiiigs as rapidly as possible. Mrs. Vlckers is visiting at .Mr. fliit- ' ''"I'-i I'^astern Kansas people have wood's tills week. (iKT (.'0(H» WKLL AT KL.S.nOKK. Development »ti' Field Near Thai 'I'own Itringiug Good Itesalts. Klsniore Loader: Tlie Prime Western were the lucky ones, this time. Last Friday they drilled in a monster gasser on the .lolin Ard eighty, four CALOMEL SALIVATES \ Calomel makes you sick and you lose day's work. Calomel is a nasty, dangerous chemical. To liven your sluggish liver and bowels when constipated, lieudacliy, bilious, just get a 10- cent box of harmless Cascarets. They ork while you sleep, don't grijie, cken or. salivate. moved their drilling rig from the Zini- - nifriiian lease to the,Pearson lease?' just across the road south. The well is.' new down several hundred feet and if tlu^ weatiier will permit the drillers expect to bring in a well the lirst of next week. "Shady Brook" Butter sHAoynooKiurra Pasteurized CTHa ABtomurrwu lALWAYS UNIFORM AlWATS GOOD Ask Yonr Grower for It ALLEX CEBiTER. (Sllva Morrison.) Feb. 36.—Ulllan Weber stayed from Sunday until Tuesday with Emmaretta N'orthcott. ' Emmaretta Northcott Is staying with Mrs. Richard Rose. Mrs. Geer sp^nt Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Wei Barker. Hnzel, Leland'and Thelma Weber spent Saturday with Ralph. Lawrence and Gertrude CrbWell. Mr. and Mrs; Heath were in lola Sunday helping care tor a sick uncle DANORUFEY HEADS Scalp Dries-Chokes out the Hair And Prevents iU Gro%rth. If you want plenty of thick, beautiful, glossy, silky hair, do by all means get rid of dandruff, for it will starve your hair and ruin it if you don't. It doesn't do much good to try to brush or wash it out The only sure way to get rid of dandruff is to dissolve it, then you destroy it entirely. To do this, get about four ounces of ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at night when retiring; use enougli to moisten the scalp and rub it in gently with the finger tips. By morning most, if not all, of your dandruff will be gone, and three or four more applications will completely dissolve and entirely destroy every single sign and trace of it You will find, too, that all itching and digging of the scalp will stop, and your hair will be silky, fluffy, lustrous, soft ;and look and feel a hundred times better. You can get liquid arvon at any drug store. .It is inexpensive and four ounces is all you will need, no matter liow much dandruff you have. This simple remedy a <;vsr laik. PUBLIC SALE 1 nill xell u( puliftc uuvtiun <iu my ftirn lolii, Kiinsns, on Oil liell Konte, on what n , i m\in nortlieastt of rourt hou.w, MS a part of the llidtart farm, IH miles xonth of the Itock Treek srhool hmn^, on MONDAY.MAkCH 1,1915 l <ei ;inuin (r ut HI oVIoek a. ni., the following de .M-rlhed property: « IIFMD IIOI{SKS--r high graden?eicheron marcs, wt. about 3000 lbs., c-omiiiK 1) years old: 1 bay-marc, wi: 1 tOO lbs., coming 10 years old. These n..ire& bred to Stafford's Peicheron horse and believed to be with foal. Also dark iron gray or black lUHre. coming 5 years pld, bred to American bred registered IVrcheroii ;.^tallion, believed with foal, wt. about ItiOO lbs. 1 black Ham- i<iar<\ coming « years-old, .^guinaldo. trot time "2.08, he by Steathliiiry, jince L'lOlH, 1st dam l)y liaroh IJillon, trot 2:00i4, This mare is with foal by a German coach horse. 1 comintt-'ycarling filly from same mare from fea'ldle lired horst;. Tbesip horses are well bi'oke and very lin,e. 2 IIKAD OF rATTI.K— 1 full blood l>urh:im, very line; 1 Iialf Durham and lialf Hereford, good cow. HOGS— 3 sows, 1 with 7 pigs, 1 with 8 pigs four mpntiis old, 1 will bring piss la.=t of .March. Those sows are a cross between the Poland China and D.ircc .lersoy, and are about one year old. I.Ml'Lt.HENTS— McOormick mower, .sweep rake. Rock Island i2-gang 14- Inch riding plow, 2-section harrow. John Deere disc harrow, hay frame, Busj- Bee cultivator, .lohr. Deere corn plaivlor. lOO rods wire, Mitchell wagon, Tlmp- ken rolllor b^arins surroy. light driving curt, set s'ingle harness, 2 sets double hnrnciE, small iools. F1:R1>—200 bn, corn, 20 tons hay, last cutting alfalfa In field A 16.v30 Paulln stack cover. TEU.W.S—$10 or under, cash; lars^er sum,s, 9 months credit, 1%. 10% If not 4jalri whpn dne. 4% discount for cash This farm is for rent for caah and If not rented before day of sale will be offered for rent on that date. COL. D. SSIOt'h, COL. r. .S. ItlSllOP, AiHts.T>^ /-I I? (.'.K. BowLus twk. Lir. C J . r, bevers l -UNCH OiN THE GROUNDS.

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