Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 12, 1972 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1972
Page 10
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'Teiegfiph Tuesday, Sept. 12, 1972 TV shows need first aid SHARBUTT WSfONWRfTEtt * ffl&w YditK (Ap) - ._ wipftt'fr iffi season tefldango kicfc&d off this week with the promise of enough specials, good movies, new series and ptittte affairs efforts to put the hard-core viewer in a hoitje for the befuddled. For the average viewer, all this bodes well. It shows a trend among the three networks away from the past few years' steady diet of cops, cowboys and situation comedies. The first of the new regular series, ABC's "The Rookies" and CBS 1 "The New Bill Gosby Show," arrived Monday night. Both have the ingredients for success but need immediate first aid in the writing department. Rookies is about three fledgling cops in the big city. Its producer, Aaron Spelling, is the same man who developed Mod Squad into a hit show that starts its fifth * * * * IT LOG KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KvSD (NBC) 5, KETC 9, KPLR II, KDNLtt TUESDAY EVENING «:W—2 Police Surgeon 45 News 9 Ja German 11 Andy Grffith 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:30-2 To Tell the Truth 4 Golddiggers 5 SPECIAL: Macini Generation 9 Typing 11 Dragnet 30 Beverly Hillbillies 6:55-11 News 7:06—2 Temperature's Rising 4 Mande 5 Bonanza 9 All About Welfare 11 Movie (BW) 30 High Chaparral 7:30-2 Movie 4 Hawaii Five-0 9 Net Festival 8:08—30 Movie (BW) 8:30—4 Movie 9 Modern Supervision 1:00-2 Marcus Welby, M.D. 5 NBC Reports 9 Why You Smoke 11 Perry Mason 9:30-9 Insight 9:55-11 News 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Yoga and You 11 Wilburn Brothers 30 Rifleman 10:30-2 Movie (BW) 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Course of Our Times 11 The Virginian 30 Movie (BW) 11:08-8 Two-Way TV 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00—4 Movie 5 News season this Thursday. The theme of each show is "relevance" to modern-day problems. The Rookies' initial effort concerned an attempt by two of them—played by Georg (who spells it without an e) Stanford Brown and Michael Ontkean— to avert a bloody ghetto rumble between two youth gangs. A good premise, but the plot went this way: Ontkean, as officer Willie Gillis, volunteers to convince one gang that rumbles are rotten. He challenges them to join him in a basketball game and afterward "maybe sit down and rap a little bit," Whereupon the gang raps him sharply about the head and body. Brown (officer Terry Webster) subsequently moves in and gains the gang's confidence. When the rumble proves inevitable, he persuades the warring parties by * * * * 11 The Saint 12:15—5 Black Experience 12:35-2 Movie (BW) 12:45-5 Weather 1:00—11 News/Religion 1:35—4 Movie 2:15—2 News/Religion 2:55—4 News 3:05—4 Movie 4:40—4 Religion Wednesday September 13 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Summer Semester 6:30—2 Thought for Today 4 P.S. 4 5 Focus Your World 6:35—2 Farm Report 6:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:00—4 CBS News 5 Today 7:15-2 Fury 7:30—30 Little Rascals 7:45—2 Cartoons 8:00-4 Capt. Kangaroo 11 News 30 Mr. Patches/Bullwinkle 8:15—2 Romper Room 11 Cartoons 8:30—11 New Zoo Revue 30 bpeedracer 9:00--1 Joker's Wild 5 Dinah Shore 11 Jack LaLanne 30 Flying Nun 9:15—2 Dr. Joyce Brothers 9:20—2 Lucille Rivers 9:30—2 Petticoat Junction 4 Price is Right 5 Concentration 11 Galloping Gourmet 30 Financial Reports 10:00—2 Love, American Style 4 Gambit 5 Sale of the Century 11 Star Time 10:30—2 Bewitched 4 Love of Life 5 Hollywood Squares means of ridicule to drop their switchblades, pipes and chains and fight hand-to-hand. On the positive side, the acting by the show's regulars is excellent. The only things The Rookies may need for survival are better stories and a shift from the two powerhouses opposing them on Monday nights—Laugh-In and Gunsmoke. "The New Bill Cosby Show," fighting ABC's pro football and NBC's movie fare, had the help of Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier and should have been a great premiere effort. No such luck. Belafonte's singing was firstrate, as is his custom. But most of the show's comedy skits went limp, recued only by Cosby's zany monologue on the junk kids eat and Foster Brooks, whose drunk act defies description. Despite its generally wan start, the Cosby show probably will get better in subsequent offerings. It * * * * 10:50-2 Lucille Rivers 11:00—2 Password 4 Where the Heart Is 5 Jeopardy 11 Suspense Theatre 11:25-4 CBS News 11:30-2 Split Second 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who, What or Where Game 11:55—5 News Noon-2 All My Children 4 Green Acres 11 Cartoons 12:30—2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 11 Three on a Match 1:00—2 Newlywefi Game 4 Guiding Light 5 Days of Our Lives 11 Movie (BW) 1:30—2 Dating Game 4 Edge of Night 5 The Doctors 2:00-2 General Hospital 4 Love Is a Many Splen- dored 5 Another World 2:30—2 One Life To Live 4Secret Storm 5 Return to Peyton Place 3:00—2 Movie 4 Family Affair 5 Somerset 9 Modern Supervision 11 Not for Women Only 30 Mr. Patches 3:30—4 Mike Douglas SMerv Griffin 9 Off the Record 11 Flintstones 30 Speedracer 4:00-9 Mister Rogers 11 Flipper 30 Lost in Space 4:30—9 Electric Company 11 Gilligan's Island 5:00-2 4 5 News 9 Sesame Street 11 Leave It to Beaver 30 Star Trek 5:30—2 Hogan's Heroes 4 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:55-11 0M« fnm HAriOHAl WtATHt* Stow tow T«np«r0H>m IxjMcfed ]\atlOTial Showers are forecast Tuesday for much of the East ** and Midwest. Generally cool temperatures are predicted for the Great Plains States, while warm weather if* expected in the South. (AP Wirephoto) Area weather Weather Ogilvie's veto of school aid report bill criticized TUESDAY MOVIES 3:0 ?~f ~ f'^^r^ 0 ? j 7:00— 11— "The Juggler" ^, ~. T - „ t f (1953) (BW) Kirk Ford, Jim Hutton Douglas 7:00—11 — "The Flying HiTiccilfl" /1Q*\/U ^RW\ 7:30-2 - "The Longest fJf %. H Night" (1972) David b enn * ora Janssen, James Far- 7:30—2 — "The Daugh- entino ters of Joshua Cabe" 8:00-30 - "The Strang- < 1972 > Buddy Etoen, er" (1946) (BW) Or- Karen Valentine son Welles 9 — "Barrier" 8:30-4 - "The Family ^ < BW > Jan Now Rico" (1972) Ben Gaz- lcla zara, Sal Mineo 8:00—30 — "Full Hearts H and Empty Pockets" ri966'T"<'RW^ C( ^ IT (1964) (BW) Senta TT J DCi gCl^ Hudson 10:30-2 - "Ride Beyond 4 — "She Waits" Vengeance" (1966) (1972) Patty Duke, Chuck Connors, Mich- David McCallum ael Rennie 30 "80 0000 Sus — "The Corrupt pecte" (1963) (BW ' Ones " (1966) Roberl Claire Bloom Slack nn_4 „ . 30 — "The Rise West" (1952) Robert 0 d » (1960) (BW) j Ryan, Rock Hudson Rav D anton XX Uj UdllLUJi 12:35— &-"Canyon Cross- 12:30—2 — "The Silver roads" (1955) Richard whip" (1953) (BW) Basefcart Bory Calhoun 1:35—4 — "Bengal Bri- 4 _ "Oregon Pass- gade" (1954) Rock a ge" (1957) (BW) Hudson John Erie-son 3:05-4 - "Seminole" 2:00-4 - "Twenty Plus j (1853) Rock Hudson TWO" (1961) (BW) WEDNESDAY MOVIES David Janssen 1.00—11 — "City for Con- 3:45-^ — "Free for quest" (1940) (BW) Ali" (1949) (BW) Rob- James Cagney ertCummings 1 i 4 5 -1 1 VEC NEWS QUIZ ANSWERS FAKT I: 1-b; <H>» it-Literal; 44>; 5-Americans PAlff H! l*b; 3-d; 8-e; 4t-e; 5-a >4OTHI: 1*1 «*; 8-4; 4-e; 5-b jffMBQl, QUIZ: 1-8; 2-C; 8-D; 4-1; 5-H; 6-F; M A* O ft n H*> 1A_A ' 7<4tt Unit 845; Wt-A flBAUJ0f@£fe JtaMMfcoy <JJJHI Htonniii of ^(^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••••^••••••••••JP^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^PPW WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—2 Hollywood Squares 4 5 News 9 Let's Lip-Read 11 A'idy Grfiffith 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:30—2 To Tell the Trutli 4 Stand up and Cheer 5 Nightline 9 Playing the Guitar 11 Dragnet 30 Beverly Hillbillies 6:45—9 Our Land 6:55-11 News 7:00—2 Paul Lynde 4 Carol Burnett 5 Adam-12 9 \\ hv You Smoke 11 Movie (BW) 30 High Chaparral 7:30—2 Movie 5 Banacek 9 Film Odyssey 8.00 — J Medical Center 30 Movie (BW) 9:00-2 Julie Andrews 4 Ccinnon 5 Search 9 How do your Children Grow? 11 Perry Mason 9:30-9 Self-Defense for Women 10:00-2 4 5 News 9 Campus Showcase 11 Country Carnival 30 Rifleman 10:30—2 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Guten Tag 11 The Virginian 30 Movie (BW) 1 10:45—9 Viewer's Viewpoint 11:05-9 Choral Group 12:00-5 News ! 11 The Saint 12:15-5 Film 12:30-2 4 Movie (BW) 12:45-5 Weather 1:00—11 News/Religion 2:00-2 News/Religion 4 Movie (BW) 3:35-^ News 3:45-4 Movie (BW) 5:15-4 Religion The Telegraph court always publish last • mteato changes made by the tele- vistas rtattMM. SPRINGFIELD - State Superintendent o f Public Instruction Michael J. Bakalis today sharply criticized Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie for vetoing a bill that would have given the state a tool to determine accurate financial needs of Illinois schools. Bakalis said in a statement, "The governor's reason for vetoing this very important bill is an unsound as the obsolete practice that his veto perpetuates." The measure, supported by Bakalis' office and approved by both Houses of the Illinois General Assembly, was vetoed by Ogilvie on grounds it was "premature." The bill would have established a system under which schools would report their upcoming financial needs to the state on an annual basis. "The veto ignores both sound fiscal planning needs and a mandate of. a majority of the voters of Illinois who Workshops on environmental education begins Inservice workshops on environmental education began Monday for teachers at the Environmental Education Center at Pere Marquette State Park, Grafton. The workshops will display to the teachers the need and methods for students to identify and seek solutions to environmental problems. In turn, the workshops will emphasize the need for teachers to be able to conduct their own investigations or field trips. The new environmental education center was introduced Thursday to 30 principals from schools in Alton, Bethalto, Southwestern and Jerseyville. The principals participated in an orientation at the center, including several environmental experiments. entrusted me to operate the state education office for a full four-year term", Bakalis said. "I suspect that the real reason behind the veto is Governor Ogilvie's knowledge that getting the true picture of schools' financial needs will be embarrassing to him. I believe he knows the schools may tell us what he doesn't wish to hear: that he has been u n d e r - f u n d ing education," he added. The state pays about 38 per cent of the cost of operating secondary and elementary/ schools, The amount that the legislature appropriates each year for schools is based on estimates made at the state level without information from districts. The estimate is invariably the subject of conflicing speculation. It was the hope of the legislature and Bakalis' office that by obtaining concrete information on future monetary needs from school districts that the state's spending needs could be determined from the basis of sound data. Pr e s e n t methods for estimating the school aid needed from the state use projections of past enrollment figures and patterns of expenditures. This method has become increasingly inadequate with the growth in school programs and greater need for state financial aid. "The governor's action retards the development of a systematic procedure for financing public education," Bakalis said. "And I find it almost unbelievable that he attempts to defend his action by saying the proposal was 'premature.'" The governor's veto statement held that a planned new state board of education and an appointed superintendent of public instruction, not to be in office until 1975, should decide when and how to begin realistic planning of school finance. Jacoby on bridge By OSWALD & JAMES JACOBY NORTH 12 VAQ1086 • AQJ52 + 2 WEST EAST 4AJ9874 410532 ¥2 ¥4 • 94 4763 #AJ83 +97654 SOOTH (D) 46 ¥KJ9753 • K108 + KQ10 Both vulnerable West North East Sooth 1¥ 14 6¥ Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— + A One of the commonest mistakes rubber bridge players make is over-reliance on the Blackwood convention. They don't realize that Blackwood is more a method of keeping out of bad slams than of getting to good ones, and in some places it is almost considered illegal to bid a slam without chirping four no-trump somewhere] along the way. Thus, it was very surprising to see North, witn a hand jusj built for Blackwood usej forgetting about Easley's fine convection and jumping right to six hearts. Partly cloudy, warm and humid today with a - chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. High today near 90. Partly cloudy and continued warm tonight and Wednesday with a period or two of thunderstorms, Low tonight near 70. High Wednesday 85 to 90. Variable cloudiness Thursday, chance of showers and thunderstorms, cooler north. Lows upper 50s to upper 60s. Highs lower 70s to middle 80s. Friday partly cloudy, chance of showers and thunderstorms south portion. Lows mostly 50s north and mostly 60s south. Highs most 70s north and mostly 80s south. Saturday mostly sunny. Lows lower 50s to lower 60s. Highs lower 70s to lower 80s. Implied consent West hoped to be able to cash both his aces, but was too smart to double. He could gain 100 points if the aces held up; he could lose a lot more if North knew what he was doing and w#s void of one of the black suits. North was very apologetic in the ensuing conversation. He said that his hand looked so good that he just forgot about the possibility that his partner might not have even one ace. We were drawn into the discussion. We pointed out that we sympathized a little with North, but hoped that North \\ould not let enthusiasm run away with him in the future. After all. we remarked, "There is no extra bonus for a slam bid all at once." Ike bidding has been: W«*t North East South !• Dole Pan 1* Pass ? You, South, hold: 6AQ87 VKJ4 +32 +K984 What do you do now? A—Pass. You don't have enough strength for a bid at this point TODAY'S QUESTION You pass. West bids two dia- • mnndg, North and ^fH What do you do now? toaaamr goes effect Oct. 1 SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (AP) — Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie said today that breath testing devices will be available in time to permit the state's implied consent law to become effective Oct. 1, Ogilvie made the announcement as he vetoed a bill to delay the effective date until Jan. 1. Under the law, police may demand a breath test for alcohol of drivers suspected of being drunk. The bill at first was slated to be effective July 1, but was postponed by legislation until Oct. 1 because of anticipated late delivery dates of the testing units. The bill Ogilvie vetoed was approved in case the equipment were to be delayed again. Woman booked after her car slams into tree A 34-year-old Bethalto woman was arrested in East Alton early Monday and charged with intoxication and destruction of property after her car went out of control and hit a tree on West Main Street. Mrs. Kathern Agard, 428 Shellview, was charged after losing control of her car and hitting the tree, in front of 205 Main. She was released on a notice to appear in court, There were no injuries in the accident. Mrs. Agard was alone in her car. Demand for highly educated people is now decreasing CHICAGO (AP) - While institutions of higher education are producing increasing numbers of advanced degree holders, the demand' for highly educated manpower is decreasing in many areas of the economy, the executive director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education said today. In a report presented at the board's September meeting, James B. Holderman said these trends have produced "a surge of interest in the developing field of manpower planning and analysis." Holderman's report contained projected estimates on the supply and demand for advanced degree holders in Illinois. The figures indicated that .by 1980,'there will be 3,365 Illinois residents with Ph.D. degrees, while the demand for Ph.D. holders will be only 2,378. According to the estimates, by 1975 there will be a supply of 18,685 persons with masters' degrees, as opposed to a demand for 14,042. The 1980 projections for masters' degrees indicated a supply of 20,234 and a demand for 16,000. Holderman said the board ¥¥*¥ (X) OPEN 6:30-Shown 6:45 i. 9:05 CAMEO 162Z WASHINGTON « DIAL 465-703? ALTON'S FINEST! ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥.**, WANTED 8 HOMES THAT NEED PAINTING ALTON, ILL. — Eight home owners in this general area will be given the opportunity of having the new Saw-Kerf Super Steel Siding by United States Steel applied to their, homes with optional decorative work at a very low cost. This amazing new product has captured the interest of home owners throughout the United States who are fed up with constant painting and other maintenance costs. It can last for 30 years and provides full insulation summer and winter, as well as fire protection. Our new product can be used over every type, of home, including frame, concrete block, stucco, etc. It comes in 7 colors and is now going to be introduced to the Alton market. Vour home can be a show place in your vicinity and we will make it worth your while if we can use your home. For appointment please write (Including name, address and phone number) to Jack Johnson, 11 West Third St., Alton, III., 62003, or call 463-8775. Our representative will call on you without obligation. BUYS A GREAT LU N U n Monday thru Saturday, 11 AM to. 4 PM ATPONDEROSA Family Steak, Tossed Green Salad, Hot Buttered Roll OR Chopped Steak, Tossed Gceen Salad, Hot Buttered Roll DONT FORGET: TUESDAY NIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT. «i.0i>| 43 WEST EDWARDSVILLE ROAD WOOD RIVER — DIAL 254-6879 I (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) has employed Robert Melone of Rand Cor. and James McGill of the Institute for Defense Analysis to head a program of manpower planning. He added that the board's staff is working to develop computational resources necessary to analyze manpower trends. In other action, the board considered recommendations to approve a master of science in instructional technology program at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. KUTIMURO ROAD ALTON, ILLINOIS FEATURING: if FRIED CHICKEN ir STEAKS if GENUINE ITALIAN FOODS if SEA FOODS For Carry-Out Orders Ph. 462-4620 OPEN DAILlf AT 5 P.M. SUNDAY 12 NOON (Closed Mondays) tmmm 'OPEN Comfortably COOL GRAND Tonite! Ends Thurs. at 0:00 In everyone^ life there's a SUMMER OF'42 r/omWvncrfiros. AKIm»yUI«*tSfnlo* Plus 2nd Hit • FONDA DONALD SUTHERLAND __«ia(i3!anJD3kuia| ''Best Actress" production 'Mule 1 At 7:00 GRAND STARTS FRI, Walt Disney's "NOW YOU SEE HIM NOW YOU DON'T" (G) Open 6:30 (PG) Comfortably COOL WILDEY Tonite! Ends Thurs. "CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES" 7:15 9:15 3rd BELL INN CAFETERIA & LOUNGE 99C SPECIAL DAILY Private Parties 203 W. 3rd St. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily 1 (MID-AMERICA THEATRES BEL-AIR MWV A6 « I II OPEN 7 P.M. START DUSK —LASTNITE— "POOR WHITE TRASH" (X) "MAlCAU.ED U HOR$E'' (PG) • STARTS WED. • WOODY ALLEN "PLAY IT AGAIN SAM" (PG) PLUS "GOODBYE COLUMBUS" (R) CAPRI DID SI IOUIS RD OPEN 7 P.M. START DUSK i—LASTNITE— "DARE DEVIL" (PG) PLUS "FIREBALL JUNGLE" (PG) • STARTS WED. • "CARNAL KNOWLEDGE" (R) PLUS "SOLDIER BLUE" (R) NOW SHOWING! CLINT EASTWOOD JOE KIDD NIGHTLY AT 9:10, PIUS: CLIFF ROBERTSON THE GREAT NORTHF1OD, MINNESOTA RAID" NIGHTLY AT 7:30 JWO COIUSC ML.* ENDS TONIGHT! (R) "BOX CAR BERTHA" At 7:50 PLUS: "99 WOMEN" At 9:30 Starts TOMORROW! THE FIRST StX-HORROR FILM EVER MADE! CAN THE EARTH SURVI1 AGAINST THE ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE? Shown At GOURMET DINING AMID OLD WORLD ELEGANCE! NOW APPEARING: JOE MURPHY, Organist ENTERTAINMENT Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat, Sun. Open Nightly at 5 p.m. Phone 656-1113 for Reservations Except Monday RESTAURANT 1201 N. MAIN EDWARDSV1LLE FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children 0ENERAI. AUDIENCES A«A0»ActttM tftRSNTAt GUIDANCE SUGGESTED ttndv 17 nqulrw •cconwylna Parent or Adult Gu«rdi«n NO ONB UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit smy very in certain area*) Printed ALTON EV at a public ENING service b

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