Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 12, 1963 · Page 20
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 20

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1963
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

4 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1963 The NIGHT, The WOMAN By Stephen Ransoae CBpJ tlfiA (& MB, 1981 bf Rcpfecfl lfawma. fibirflxrted by Newspaper Rnliiprto Ana. voice meant that lie bad found precisely what he had hoped to find. Last night, in Gibbon's cabana, Barcello had said, "I'm reasonably sure he was poisoned," and the morning newspaper had said that the poison had not been identified. The judge did not answer at alL • • • 'The last time Parish's phar- xxxn The county prosecutor had expected that answer, lie waved it aside. "Do you also know a man named Harry Litten?" "Also the yacht club. He's the relief bartender, and the shortorder cook on the late «hift." "Shortly after Mr .Thomas i*aw you in your boat alongside 'Valec, Harry Litten took a |break. He was just going out!macy refilled your prescription |the rear door of the clubhouse;was only last week. It called [with a cigarette when he heard]for 25 capsules, each contatn- |a thumping noise. You werejing three-quarters of a grain of 'carrying your motor along the Seconal. But there are only six pier and you'd slipped and capsules left in this bottle now. fallen with it" Shcllam was "George Gibbon died of an peering. "Do you have any overdose of Seconal. Chemical other explanation for that, analysis has shown the same bruise on your forehead, Mr.ldrug dissolved in his whisky." Carden?" |Now he turned his eyes back to "Many," Blake said laconical-!Rlakc. "Mr. Carden, are you ty. "none of them believable." going to deny that you went to The investigator straightcn-jGibbon's rented cabin in West ed to his feet, removing a fold-F'crnanda Beach last night?" 'ed legal paper from his hip It would be foolish. They ipocket. By-passing Blake, he'had their witness, the manager handed it to Judge Carden and'of Blue Bay Cabanas, and his said softly, "Please read it,(identification, sir." While the judge read.! "I went there, but T deny Barcello waited. Ithat 1 entered the cabin. 1 "Certainly." 'couldn't—the door was locked It was obviously anotherjand Gibbon was evidently too search warrant. Puzzled, Blake [drunk to hear my knock, much watched while the judge roscjlcss answer it. I "do deny that 1 and walked from the room- slowly, his dignity intact, but seeming dazed. After a minute ihe came back holding a small brown screw-cap bottle that bore a druggist's label. He handed it to Barcello and Barcello transferred it to Shcl- lam's hand "Let me make myself perfectly clear, Judge Carden. It's impossible for me to think you were even remotely aware of this." But the lift in Shellam's killed him—and that I had any reason to attempt it." Blake emphasized that. "My compli- mtnts on an expert job of investigation, but you still haven't, come up with any reason why I should want to kill anyone." This was a pointless argument, and Shellam knew it. "The law, as you're fully aware, doesn't require a motive to be proved, but it's an advantage to do so and 1 be­ lieve we can establish one. I believe you were paying hush money to Gibbon and restitution to Mrs. Howard." Blake did not try to conceal his upburst of anger. This implied an attack on his professional integrity. "Restitution for what?" "Mr. Carden—" Shcllam spoke almost wearily. "The administrator of an estate has every opportunity to yield to |dishonesty." Blake was shocked speechless — even knowing they would not find a single falsified document. The county prosecutor's next move caught him off balance. Shellam straightened to his feet, Barcello immediately following, with in air of finality. "Judge Carden, I felt I owed it to you to come and state my case with all possible fairness. But please believe me, I do deeply regret all this." Beginning to turn away, he spoke to Blake again. "I'm confident the grand jury will return an indictment for homicide in the first degree. But you're not under arrest I'm sure you won't run." Shellam left the room with Barcello at his heels. The judge was studying Blake thoughtfully. "Did you go out to Val's boat?" "Yes. 1 found her dead." "Whv. Blake? Why did you do thai?" Todd broke in before Blake could answer. "Look here. I'm no lawyer, but I can see the holes in their case. Nobody can prove you went out there, Blake. Boats get stolen. Padlocks can be picked. Nobody saw you aboard Valec. Neither Elton Thomas nor Harry Litten can be absolutely sure it was you they saw in the dark at a "distance. They'd get torn to pieces on the witness stand." The judge answered him soberly. "I've heard weaker cases bring conviction." (To Be Continued) ALASKAN OIT, Today, more prospectors air Jured to Alaska by oil than by fold. Exploration and drilling foes unhalted neither by the imbzero cold nor the seemingly Bidless night of Alaskan winters. Construction crews thaw the rock-hard soil with steam poses and some isolated camps receive their supplies by helicopter. Dr. William Beeba used the bathsphera in his undersea exploration. Congressman Book »y STANLEY MBISLLK WASHINGTON (AP) - Fred Schwnngcl, tall, rugged and 56, heaved a manhole cover to the side and started to climb down a hole in the ground behind the U.S. Capitol. "This will make some story," he said with a laugh. "A congressman going down, a manhole. As he started to descend, a Writes About Capital MONEY For Anything And Everything Yoo can count on prompt, courteous service whenever you call on us. We make ft easy for you to get cash, whether you need a few dollars or a sizeable loan., AND MOTE THIS! Everything b custom-tailored io suit noa and jour pocketbook. G.A.C. FINANCE CORPORATION 1116 Broadway Ml. Vernon, Illinois Telephone: 242-1996 (lift I OfllCIS llOu ( £. COASMO'COASI A ALSO OFFICES 1H CENTRAUA, WEST FRANKFORT, HERRIH AND MARION little boy spotted him and called out from afar "Hey, Mr. Sdiwengel, is it Groundhog Day?" It wasn't Groundhog Day. It was a normal exploration— in pursuit of a hobby—in the life of Fred Schwengel, a Republican congressman from Iowa, a man who surely knows more about the byways and history of the Capital than any other man who works there. Sohwengel's knowledge and enthusiasm about the capital have come to public notice in the last week with the publication of "We The People." It Is a lavishly illustrated history of the Capitol, produced by the National Geographic Society and sponsored by Schwcngel'g U.S. Capitol Historical Society. On the day he descended into the manhole, Schwengel, flush with the news that the book was a best seller, was taking a group of newsmen, their wives and children on a tour ot those recesses of the Capitol hardly anyone but Schwengel ever sees. The tour could be compared only with storied and movieland tours of the sewers of Paris, of the hidden corridors in the Phantom's Opera, of the subways of New York, of the secret passageways of a medieval castle. Before the tour. Schwengel talked a bit about lus early interest in history. "When I came to Washington as a congressman in 1935," he said, "my interest quickened. I was in tlie capital of the world. There was so much history around me. I became so interested that I gave up golf to have more time for reading and exploring. But, he continued, he soon found out that there wasn't a good one-volume book written on the Capitol. "I had been using one written in the 19th century," he said. "That was my bible on the Cap. itol. In tliat book, the author says there are 13 columns on top of the Capitol dome holding up the statue of Freedom there, one column for each of the 33 original colonies. I always thought that was a beautiful irle .-i "Then r>ne day I climbed up •Hncl counted them. There are only 12 columns. I decided a new book was needed." Hofictay company coming to call ? .inhere smart Santas Prices Good Friday & Saturday, Dec. 13-14, 1963 PORK LIVER . 19' WHITE RIBBON SLICED BACON ...ib. 39* ARMOUR STAR ROLL SAUSAGE Roll Ll ROUND STEAK ..... 79' POLISH SAUSAGE2 Lb. /Qc Bag 0? FRESH OVCTEDC Std - $1 - 29 - Se,ect * U9 V I J 1 LKJ Counts Pts. $1.49 GODCHAUX PURE CANE SUGAR BRACY ICE CREA MANHATTAN COFFEE TOPS SALTINE CRACKERS I-LB. BOX 21 NABISCO VERY THIN STICKS 7V2-OZ. PKG. 25 NABISCO Very Thin Pretzels s-oz. PKG. Mb. can 2-lb.can $1 ' 5 3-lb. can $ 1 7S Dairy Brand CHOCOLATE MILK quart BRACY FARM FRESH PRODUCE MILNOT MILK .3 Tomato Juice Red ^ 4 46 cans oz. cans $100 GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS » 10* HEAD LETTUCE'" a CALIF. ORANGES ms " RED GRAPES 2"* 29* TUBE TOMATOES 2 ,,l "35* KLEENEX TOWELS ECONOMY ROLL TWIN PACK 45c [risco 0. 3 lbs. QUAKER OATS QUICK or REGULAR j 1 ||j 2-lb.Box49* Box U.S. NO. 1 RED POTATOES EC M Hall Price! TASTE WHAT'S HAPPENED TO LEMON AND LIME! Buy One 6-Bottle Carton of TEEM at the Regular Price of 36c Get the Second Carton at HALF PRICE! -YOU GET TWO CARTONS FOR ONLV WE NOW HAVE A NICE SELECTION OF SPRUCE OR PROCESSED CHRISTMAS TREES 15th and Broadway Store Open 8:00 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. Monday Thru Sat. \

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