The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1915 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1915
Page 3
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JTHE lOLA'DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 26,1915. 1\ I Saturday night will see the whirlwind winclup of our i-emarl<- jibk' Nine Cent Sale. The sale has grown belter every day' it has continued. People have told their neighbors of the unusual values oflVred and it has ta.xed the energy of all our sales people to wait ,u)i the crfvwds. We are, confidently expecting a great day Satui-(lay and have pn^jjared foj- it. We.have} die the l> and have pushed many into the sale. Don't fail to come beforejwe close Saturday night. YOU'LL LOSE IF YOU FAIL! icxtra salespeople to han- new atti'active bargains AlU n County's Oreatest Dept. Store. Wo I*ay MHcaKe to Out-of-Town Custi>mers 1 II ^1 DIRT CHEAP! Oklnlitiimi l.iuui' ifdiii 111 1(1 I 'l-lli iicrtfe. .per iiii'c anil up; , liuir cxsji; bulaiicc I CIIMS In siiil purciias&r; il'.^' DD iinpniil rincc. . , , 10 ju-iviv :il %<•'''•' '-^iJili. • (ijt ttiiil idirclKisi'i. 20 u-.j-ita at $.".ii; iUm ca.-li; bill, t ) suit piii'iliasi r. 411 .!i(J.-i's .-il $i;.iiii; ^liiii rash: lial. tf) 's>iit punliasrr. 80 iicTcs ,at $i;.iiii: *:'iii) casli; bal. tb suit purcliaSiT, iL 'fi^ ui-ros at JIu; lasii; Ival. to sail lun''r. afre.s at $.'j.(ill; J4iili i-asli; l)al to iuil inir^lKisi!!- •JT)!! afen-s at $.").uii; %^'>i'> fUMli; bai. 't seats (J'i. :-tL'ii aitTi's at $1!.'; J4ii(ii )caHlj; bal. ."> yt-ar.s KV;. • j The Potter Realty Co. Kodiii Old Coiirl Hons Hl«lir. Home of Bali Band Rubber Boott — The Palace PERSONAL MENTION SAFETY HATCH INCUBATOR. .Miss .\-viii> lliiwi' .<r, Kansas City. W.'KJ lias bi'nii lii-li- •.arin;.; lor tlic twin ihiimhti.MS (if Mr. ami; .Mrs. II. I', llil.c'..- cock, wiMit lo Cliaiiiili' Ibis art(;niO()ii to \isit friends fur a few days lufforc she iciurns liomc. • P. .J. Ilonau, TalJor. 109 W. Madison. .Ml- .aiiiJ .Mrs. .1. S. .Vccilriaui. after a \isit liirrc witli .Mr. ;:lui Mrs. Chus. Husii. liavc rcliirtii-:! to llii 'ir boiuo in :li(.-\vcy, flkla. —Drs. Hull liull. Osleoitatlilc riij.slfiaus. I'liuiies 120 und CCl. Hoy [••'unk, wljio lia.s bi-r'cn IHM'O visit- i!ii^. Ids'luotlipr,!: .Mrs. II. II. Funk, n^- tnrnc:! to l -'ot <.'au. Olcia , tliis afternoon. •' - I'rof. Fuller, World's (ireat.-st Raj.-; tilde harjfist. .at the .I'rineess loniKlil. I^i-ices and lU eiMits .Mrs. .V \r. il('iiry and .Mrs. (l(>orKe I '.oehn, of Ciiauute. eaiiK- \iii yesterduy lor 11 shori visit witli .Mrs. .las. MiJIs, letuniiim' liuiiie. lliis aflernooii. $12 and -u]). Easy Payment ' Plan. HENNINGER'S FURNITURE STORE. ton CONTIHUeUS ' JnOOTtl tUNMIH&- MILiER OIL CO. jPHOSTE 1128. WHOLESALE DlSTKiaUTOKS Majesfic Line Oils and \ Greases, Kerosene and Gasoline, I ' > 3 tola, KauHaN. ;: BRANCHES: Chanute. Kas. Clinton, Okla. Humbtiildt. Kas. Custer. Okl.^. ,: Wichita Kas. j PA PES DIAPEPSIN FOR INDIGESTION \ OR BAD STOMACH Itvllcx's SitiiriH'Ss. iiiis, llfarlltiiru, lljsin'itsia ill Kit) . .Miiiiilt's. Sour, sias; y, upsil r.lomacli, indices- lion, ilea It bii rn, dyspepsia: ulicli Ihe food you e.-it feriie-nls into e.ases ;iiid .-IiililMirn luiniis; )iiiir liia (i ac'ie-; and ;.oii feel silk and niiseralile, lliaL's win'ii >i )U reali /.i' llie ina>;ic in I 'api ^'s ldapc|)siii . It iiiaki-;: all sloiiiacli nii.s- ery vanish in five iiiliiiites. !r your stoiuaeli is in a conlinuoiis re\(di- if yon can't f;et it roKnl.ltcd, iplease. for your saKf>, try Tape's Dia- licpsin. It's so needless to linve a iiad stonuieh—inaki' your iie.\t meal a fav(nile food iiieal, tiieii take a little IJiapepsin. Tliere will not be any dis- tres.--—eat without fear, it's liei-anse l .'ape 's l.liapi 'psin ••realiy does" regulate Weak, out-of-order sloiiiachs that L 'ivi's it its millions of sales annually. (let a laiVe lifly -ceiit easi; of l^ape's Idap<>psin from an.v drnj; store. It is the (|ni(diest, suriststomach rrdief and ru:e l ;no\vn. It aeis almost like taa .i:ie —il is a seientific;. Iiarinl(^ss and iib^as :'.nt slomaeli preparation which truly belongs in i ;very iionie. .^-Pork is mi/jc; sbould (-i Koberfs (•lieap (M- - Fresh 1 lanis s inVjc; sides IDMJC- llarket. Piione 7^, Gas. Cantfo City Coal To Close up Slock, While It leasts—ilJelivered iit ;«S5.50 IVr Toil. lola IcijB, Cold Storage & Fuel Company Phoue lie i-'rank Uiddte, %%T. ^larke .Mrs. .loliantia Pierson, of SavonlmrK. returned iionie tliis afti-rnooii aft(::r ;i short visjil here :w:th .Mr .irnd .Mrs. .\'(ds .Velson I — The entire line of Fall and Winter .Millinery i;oes at oiof jniee for Friday and .Saturday. Values up to $S.r,0; choice lliic— Ri(;hardson 'K. Ml. and Mrs. II. 1). Bootli and their liaby, Wilbur, returned iionie to .Moraii tills afternoon. Tiiey liuve bifen liere a short time lookiiiK after Ijiisine 'Ks affairs , —Spring Coats now on display at I lie .New York Store. cj. W. Richey, v-ho wa .s called bfre b\ liie serious Illness of ills sister, .Mrs. Iva Layman, returned liotne to Hail les\ille tills afternoon. — Kxehan !;e yotir Old Furniture and Stoves for .New at Ed Meiinlngor 's Stove .Store. Mr. and .Mrs. Fred rhar(I have gone to Chamite for a sliort visit. —Prof. Vipklns, Fancy Skater, at Princrss (onicilit. Prices He and 10c Miss; ICIla Ve/ie left yesterday after- m.on I 'ii'r St. l.ouis, and after spending a wcid: tliere v.'ill so to SheibyviUe. Ills, f(.r tlie sprinjr millinery season. --Advice is cheap, so is a farm loan Willi Arrowstnilli of the Allen County Investment Co. See liiin today. Miss Patti Mather will spend the week, end with her grrandiiarents in Colony. . . — Fall and Winter Coats put in two lots. I..ot 1, values up to |17.r>'t, choice %:'..^\. Lot 2. values up to |3h, choice $7.4!^.—Richardson s. Mr. and Mrs. F. .1. Oyler loft this afternoon for Kansas City to visit until the first of next week. • —.1. W'. Hickman, Pajit-r Hanger. Phone 58. Miss Ella Law has gone to Colony !or a visit of two or throe days. --Apprentice Girls wanted .in tlie Millinery Depavtiin-nt at RichardsoiiV. Mrs. Minnie Gardner, of Sharoii. Pa., is here visiting lier father, who is dangerously ill at his home, 613 S. Slate street. —.\tiorney .John W. firow.n has opened office.s in the Stevenson build- ins where ho will bo pleased to reeeive 1 those, desiring iirofeasional. services. Mr and Mrs L. T. Wolfe left t!ii^ afternoijU to .•itteiid an. infair supper ill honor of -Mr. and .Mrs. K. C. Knokes — $l..''iii Kid Clove:--, for $l.iiii on Sal nrday at llir .Nc-w York Slore. -Mr. and .Mrs. .\i. !•:. I'-iillenwider returned iionie last iii^ht from I'Jdorado, Kas.. where I hey went i.o attein^, the funeral of .Mr., Fullenwider's fathifr, v,!:o:dietl i|uite suddenly, about a wi'ek a.t '.o. — Ladies Fall and Winter Suits all put ill one lot. Clioice $7.4ii for Friday aiiii: Saturday—Richardson's. .Mrs. II .IC. Reeder. ai.-conipanied Ijy i.''r. father. I A. Hird. and lier two cliililren, W (;nl lo ("hanute tliis afternoon I'or a sliort visit willi reialivirs. Moiiej t« Loan —(In farms. R. -M. Cunningliam, iffice State Saving.s Rank. -Miss Hazel and .Miss Maude West will visit relatives and friends in Clianuie for a few days. —I»r. 0. T'. Cox, Snrc'lullst, Eye, Ear, ><ise and '^liroal. .Mi^s Crace I.ayedr, of Kansas City, hn.s liecei .-pendiii.ic the week witli .Mrs. M .M. Teeters, and left this afternoon for her iMune. S",pccia!-Saturday at the Paistce of S-.vee!u, l 'e ;icli't'^iidire. l.'c pound. Piiil Stover, who lias been visiting •US nareiits for a few days, returned to Mildred this afternoon. Mrs. A. N. Sharp, of Qiiincy, Kas., and lier Httle nephew. Master Claude Russell, of Fredon'ia, lelt for their hemes this afternoon after a visit with Mrs, .Sharb's parents, .Mr. and Mrs. W. .\. llicks. AIK ; live in Lallarpe. --it 11 SB, RugH. Rugs. Over 1 00 new floor Hugs at • tare Slori'. • • • • • • • ' , •* •> OLU-TIME COLD • !•:• ri 'KE -^i »HI\K TEA * <• <t Cf <• <• <i .> <. <. <. <..;..;..;. .:••> <• •> Ed ll(;niilnger's i 'nrril- .Miss Knia .Mcf'abe went to fjolony this tlfteriloon ID visll her parents, for a lew' Jay.s. - Prof. Fuller. ('binie Hells, at tlie Princ (fS.« tunlKlit—IJld I'lanta- lioii .Vlidoily Singer, l^rices '•> anfl lOi. The divorce suit of SHdla .Shannon vs. I 'red Shannon was beard in llie (lisliiet ciMirl tills aflerniion. 'i'be parties are colored. Tlie hnsbainl did not contest Ille suit.' , P. t". Ilesser, former siierilf of Hour liiUl c.iuility, lat<!r t'niled Stales deputy marshal, aiiii well known in lola, i.s a caijdida'e for ihe olliee of Mayor of Fort Scott. —Dressi'd h<iK''< !><• per IIOIIIHI. I>e- llvcri'il lola, (»as Cily and l.allariie. OllM>r points F. O. i(. L'lioiie *:t, Holi- iT(s, (>aN (Hy. C. 0. P.oIIinger and liis son, .VIerl. went to Baldwin this afternoon to visit .Mr Roliinger'.s bi'otiier for a few days and to iittend the basket, ball game tins evening. —The Richardson Dry Goods sl^re receiving big sliipmenfs of new Spring Goods evi>ry day. .Vlrs. Eli/.a R. (lillilian. who lives at Si;; .North Wilslvinsixui .Xxeniie, is seriously ill today. .Mrs v.. \t. Wliilaker wlio has been very ill for several days, was able to he up for llie first linie this mornin.M. .Mrs. Webster (iieeii, wlio went lo Siiliih.iir Sprint!!*, .\rk , four .months :i!-,o In llie hop'' lliai llie climiite would iilieve he! of a ::i-M.ii. jitlark of asth- ni;i. nlurned imm lliis allei'iioon miieli ihi pi (i\ ed in ht.'iillli l.'ay Richardson, who rec.enily v.a.s .•'llUlCled of the lllefl 1)1 I'.OIIIi' coal from a railway company, has filed ii lielilioii for parole lie is cidored. :i:iv- will buy clmicc of anyl-'all or Winter Hat Frid ;i.\ .•mil .Saturday Ki.'diardson's. .Miss t'rida Ibjoth, who lias had a vacation of two months from ):( M- sciiool duties at iiais;Ier, .Ndi., went to Fort Scott this afternoon to visit fr.ientis until toiuoirow. afler which she. v.'ii; on to .Nebraska to take up i'cr work a^ain. Car Colorado ..\iiples, .lonatlians .l(!nntts; clioice and fancy on .\lo. Pa<'. tra(d-: ni'ar depoL .fl.OO and ui-v ho.\. 1 _ .ludge Smith: today granted marriage license to .Miss .Maiui(; Gertrude C.on- over and .Mbert F. .McGiiire, both of this •ilv. Col. .1. B. Atchison, wlio iias bi.'en ill for sev('ral months, is reported to be •iniuipioved. He is unable to leave his ie :;idenei. on Soiilb Wasbinglon Ave. I'liblic Sale. i)n Saturday, iM'bruary 27, I will sell my farm 1 mile north and miles west of Kiiic.aid, be.i;inning at Ki o'l lock, 2G bead of Kood horses und mules, 41 head of cattle, some feed and a long list of jfood imideiiKuits. .'•'or terms and particulars see iiills. L, H. KIL150IIRN. Senator C. H. Lamb, of Yates Center, wlio was I'fii'f! attending district court, has decided to enter the race for Congress from' this district next time. Mr. Lamb is one of tlie leading attorneys of this si^ction of the state and lor years has been a leading re- inihlicaii worker and proinineni in lodge ufluirs. He served in Hie state senate, made a,good record tliere and is well informed on political affairs of.tlie times and thinks for liimself on iniblic matters. Senator Lamb has many personal and political friends in Coffey county and wilt have a strong backing liere.—Rurlington Republican. Get a email package of liaiuburK Breast Tea, or as the Oer ^nan folka call 11, ••Matnburger Urust Thee," at any pliartnacy. 'I'ako'a tablespoonrul of the lest, put a cui'i of boiling wuler upon II, pour through a slev<^ and dj'llik a teacup full at any time. It Is Hie niost,effecliv<! way lo. break a cold and cure grip, as It opens the pores, r(dlevinK congestion. Also loosens the bowels, thus breaking u cold at once. It is inexpensive and entirely vr^ge- t.'ible, therefore harmless. • ST<M.E %:ifm AM> lU.VKEIt, TOO. 'I'tvo .Hen Eori'fd Hurana, Ark., Kauk IVcxIdent tu »»lh 10 .Miles. Fort Smith, Ark., Feb. 25.—Two masked men late today walked into the Rank of Havana, at Havana, Ark., ten miles west of Danville, Veli Coun ly. and finding Dr. - .T. Mechem, 54 years old, president of the bank, aloni', stole nearly $.0,000 in cash from the safe and kidnapped the |)hysi<Mati. About, S:aO o'clock a telephone message was received at Havana from the physician announcing that the robbers had released him on fllue Moun- a'li. ten miles southeast of Havana^ and that ho was enroute home, A large posse is in search of the robbers. Dr. Mechem telephoned that on leaving the bank tlie ro"bhers told him that with the least outcry they would .shoot him. They liurrted out of town toward the mountains. Ten tnibis from the city the robbers sill down to rest and told the bank iiresldent IK; was at liUerty. The rtihbery was discovi^-ed by .Miss Meri'y Mitchell, ciiHhier of the bank, on her return afti^ra brief ali- selice. She • discovered Doctor Mechem missing. * •:• fl- fl- V -:• r!- * -!r * •!- •!• fir * -S -I- it; IIA\ETIIi: KEIJISTEK .MAIl.KD XO Yor. On Rural Routes In Alien Coiiiity $-'..')0 ' piM- year; |l.2.'. for r, nionthf,; weeks for 7 .'u'. My mail to any part of the Pnited Stales, L'.'.c per inontii. SI'DSCRIDE .NOW. E Fft¥ji GOLDEN KULE FEED CO. (For Most loin Groct'rs) SINCLAIR & HICKS MILbltEO . U. F. HUSKEY coroxi: J. BISHOP NEOSHO l',^LLS MORAN POULTRY CO. MOHAN LOVE BROS. & CO. ItKOXSON GRIFFIN & GIBBS KINCAIO T. E. SMAIL L«»\E ELM A. M. TIPPE EI.NNOItE ^, T. J. FOSTER & SON ^i.AILlHPE I >l Kill! AN I'l.lNtiEK.S TO rA\ \l,. Subaitirliti 'S Will Work Out IletViist- I'rolilriii.s Hi Kalbou. I'aminia, l'>b. 2 .0. — The American suhiiiarities t:-:i and C -'i have been ordered from Cristobal lo ll;ilbo;i (« work out certain problems In :-enneclion with the coasi artillery, relating to mine laying and target practice. Th,. submarines will lie the first .American fighting craft to use the canal. lOI'K OEAI) l> A\ ICY Fl.OOl). Ten Were Iniiireil in Kiisli of' Water (her a Hailroad Tniik. Lisbon, X. il.. Fell. 2.7.—Four men weri! killed and ten badly injur(td in a riisii of ice and water in tiie .•\ninio- noosuc river today. Tlie accident occurred while a wrecking «'r(^w was trying to remove ice from the flooded track of the Roston & Maine Railroad in tiie meadows a mile above IJsbon. I!AT n»ISO> l> KOLI.S-^ I OEAO, Netiraskans BellfTe Cliiircli Feslivul linkers -Made Mislake. Alma, .N(!b., I'Vb. 25.— One person is dead, auollier is reported toiiiglit to be dying and thirty are dangerously ill as a result of eating rolls sold at a church festival held here sever^l davs ago. liat poison, it is bilieve(l', accidentally becahie mixed with Ww flour from which the rolls were luadi;. KEPT FRO.M COLOKS—SI l( IDi;. (lii'riiiaii Onnlioat Paymaster* Killed lilmKelf in HODOIUIU. Honolulu, T. H., Feb. 2 .'i.— Walter iiiaudi, .paymaster of the German gun Ijoat Ci<ner, interned here, committed suicide last night. The fact lliat he was unable to rejoin his family or tiie colors is believed to have preyed npo" his mind. Tomorrow night at tiie Y. .M. C. A. gvni the lola and Elsmore lilgli school girls tea.nis will contest for bask-jt ball honors. Tlie results of the lola- Lawrijnce game and Ihe tract meet at Kansas City will be aiinouncf'il during lll(; galllu. Offiti.-il Statement of the Financial Condition of the ALLEN COr.XTY .STATE UA\K .At lola. State of Kansas^ at the close of business on the 20tli day of February, I'.H:,. Resources. Loans and discounts -$42S ,0I '..74 Overdrafts ns4.73 K.xpense account -.. - 1,2 "l.ll Other bonds and wairaiits- 17 ,iniii .ou Guaranty fund with State Treas., bonds :',,nilfi .00 Cash itotus and clearinghouse items 2 .1)011 .20 Cash and sight excliange. legal reserv.> . 2.'.7.274.22 Total : $7os,.<):)(; L{al>nit1e «i. Capital stock paid in $ :^0,of'(i Surplus fund : CO.Oiili Undivided profits . . .".,14S Interest . r,.l42 Exchange ^ 0.7 Individual dei>osits . _ .•i.';i,:nri Ranks' and bankers' deposits : R'.i 2'M Certificates of deposit _ . _ 142.221 Cashiar's Ai certified checks I ,SU7 ii:i on Oil US 24 72 • Total : $7os,!):io.o:: State of Kansas. C'ounty of Allen, fs. I, Thos. H . BowluB, President of said bank, do solemnly swear that tlie above statement is true; that said bank has no liabilities, and is ncit iii- dorsei. on any note or obligation, otlu-r than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge an^l belief So help me God. THOS. H BOWLTIS, President Subscribi»d and sworn to before me, this 2i ;th day of Februjiry, 191.7. (Seal.) G. II. GREGG, Notary Public. H'oinmiKsioii (jxpires oii (lie 22nd dav ol Oct('iber, litlC.) CIIAS. W. BOWLHS, G. R. BOWLUS, R. B STEVB.N'SO.N, W. .1. EVAN'S. Directors Starts Wednesday at 8 am. This will be your opportunity to buy Furniture, Ruga and Carpets at unheard-of prices. Do not forget the date, Wednesday Morning at 8 o'clock, at the old Globe store room. —A. R. SLEEPER The need fur a!new high schotj] has heori shown in fficKc columns. Have Lhc stutcincnlK and ai'ginntints convinced yoii that il i.s needed/ li" nol, visit the high school and i)er- sonally investigate the inat- tei'. Go from basement to attic. You will be convinced. Tell your neighboi\s of your visit, and them to go and see what you have seen. Wishing for a new liigh school in lola will not build one; waiting for a new high school will not build one. We must be up and doing. There is a pai't for each one in this work for a new school, (iet ready to do youi- share. now? Every man and woman should i-egistei-. i WHERE? At the City Hall. WHEN? Today. Register! Register! Register / PUBLIC SALE I will sell at Pnltllc Siile, tlM miles nortli of lola, on lh»' Kentui-ky road and l-'i niilex sonth of Carlylp, on FRIDAY. MARCH 5. 1915 KeglunliR; at 10 oVIook, a. ni., the followintr deserllwd property, to-wil; -rd —: : L_- .7 HEAD llOltSES AMI MILES. 1 gray mare, !( yearn old; l sorrel (illey, coming 3 years old; 1 sorrel mare, 7. j^ars old, wt. jiliout 1100 lbs. I liiare mule, 1 year old; 1 mare mule years (dd. 4 lfEAI» OF CATTLE. 1 good 2-year-old .lersey cow, fresh; I Red P(dl cow, r. years old; 2 heifer calves. •7 Oo/.en Chit'kfiis. 2« HEAD OK HOCJS. 20 sMoais; « brood sows. IMPLEMENTS, 1 spring wagon, I farm wagori, 1 buggy, 1 set liarness. 2 plows, some l;oiiseboli(: goods; '/u ton coal; I kit of carpenter tools. EEEO. 1.70 shocks of kaffir and foterita; IV.- tons of alfalfa hay. 30 bu. kaffir cOrn. TEHMS OK SALE—All sums of |10 and under, cash In hand. All aunis over $10 a credit of 9 months will be given, purchaser giving note with approved security, hearing 7% interest from date it paid when due. It not paid when due to draw 10% from date of sale. 4% discount fur cash on credit sales. No properly to be remo»ed until settled for. COL. r. S. RlSilOP, Atirlloueer. tJ. K. UOW'LirS, tiwk. MJNCH ON 0R0UND3. G. W. JEFFERS They Work While You Sleep—those little ads in the Register's Classified Column.s.

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