The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 1, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1927
Page 3
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Wrs. Dan Di^eSsler or 70% East .. Spi-bce s'tteet If reported 111 of the • fiui- ; j_ ... ; , 4-,Si»wIal SuiHlBj JU«n«r at Porli landtHolel, 65i», Hvahi: to S. 4- C. Tbomas. who haul b^en In training at the local A. & H : StOT«t ha|i been transferreff- tq 0trawa where be will assnme the inqnase- m^Bfxjf the More there, •- r •i-'Speclal for Saturday: b «iutl: ful dress Hats. 'Oric lot iatJjJ.SS. ; another $4.50.- in ail coldrs.^ Ed'; vprdf. Millinery. i - ; JMr. and Mrs. Archie JMontgOmcry. of i^OTi South ISlin [Btrefet are? moving to' LuHari)e to make {their nohic. - ••• '• t W^. Penii—5 eentK— A Good 't'lgar Mrs. .U S. Turner returncti yos- t^itilay evening from i.amart Mo. where she, was calh-d oh liccoitnt 'of th6 Huddcn death of a nephew, Mr. -dcorgc n <>bcrts. bbiikon Dirtncr • ri.O.O.i F.Hall • April 5, li927—3i)c. li. H. Slierman and Avery Sherman wore in Blue Alound yiJstcr- day looking after their ioil l^es. — r>r. C. S, Laniboth, ^urifon. Office phone 256: Res. plibne 515J. , "Mr. and Mrs. V.. KunsUin? and sons. .lules and C^liester. came tront PaPr.son.i Monday evening, rMrs. ii'unsion -and children to risit their parents and crandparents. Mr.jand Mrs. G. W. HiiKRlns Of iOiS Nprth Sycamore street jand Mr. Funiittoii to attend to business !inatter^ for the Interstate Brokerage Comt>any which he"represents in this socHon of ;the .state. ]. p -S |R 'i-liil Sunday l>inner, Hoon Ni^d iveMln'^', :MV, JOC Ifellej: Kbtel. Mrs. Frank R. Smith oX 507 .Niirlb Rtrect. motored to Leavenworth yesterday to vi.sit her husband, who is in tlie .National .Military Iwme for treatment. • 1 , Wm. I'enn—5 cents—A Good cigar .Mih.s Frances Patterson, bf Vates Center was a vi«>tor Jn 'toli^ilhis nlornins en rout* she will 1)1? the i Franklin over th Spcjial fo p['aimf Br Upward': Saturday: tUe. 2Pc Jt>: Candy Shop. .Mrs. ,1o^in Kol Miss Helfen F-"South Haven, a few.days with sister. .Mrs. Johnl Koh ex. Ka usas. ,^ —If its homti • try Lewnian's Thursdays and ; .Mrs. p. F. lielyl. Kansas, sister. Mrs. Dan to Tulsa "Where uest tit !ljTa. Piul week end. ^ ler and daughter, left today ifok- for a visit oif li^ir daughter and K_ Layle. r cocking you Iske, C iicken Dinners'on Sundays. Dukan went to \\;in- toiay to visit lier iregg. i ^Yta. Pe |nn—5 cc^i*— ^ Good Cif^ar .Mr. aiid .Mr.s. fcdgar B.' Snifth. who have purchasietl the propert>^ at 424 .North street, arc improving the appearance of the place by building a nitte new garag<^. —Special sl^owiug H:it« in .-jtraw, silk, gebrgettc. ftJtO to $3.7,5.'; Soft Straps for sjwrt wear. lof childresrs IKdwarris Milliifery. : Direciirry negistor Job The jicw TclephoD publishf'd from ; the , (Icparlitient. is dut today, bringing everything and everybody np .-to (lain. It. carries a number of uiins- ually attractive advcfrtisemenlift nidde unusually att don I) l),v the high clas ing work with whith oiit. . I »YKrNG Frrulirn your' Kar • now by Dye Ahlrsoii ('l«anrt-H T'lionc Km • • • • • •aclfivc (pprf i color prijit|- they arc net |ter Togs ng. • • > * • * Mr. and .Mrs. C F. .Marli'n of (W« N.brili ^1rHt si reef-announce the arrivlal of a daughter. Dorothy - Edith, horn WednoHday, JVlurch (iO. - Dr. .Montgouiery, Chlropractrtr. lola Laundry Bldg. I|hone 138. i FurirKurn S|iertals. i - us show you'sotu'c values in Living Uoom, Dining Room and Bedroom Suites, ilcnninger's Fur- uitiire Store. This from the! Maripp Record will Interest Uie lola people whb have baen getting theni..too: This vicinity.has b^en flooded again the i past week or'so, with neckties from Ohio, sent four in a package, with a request for remitt^ce. A. lot of folksjw'onder just what their; j responsibility is, when they receive" ^Cjuch a package. If a. house sends /IR'OU merchandise without your orders, you' are under no bbligation tc return;it, nor to pay for it. Of course uiilesB you intend to pay you shouldn't use it. Buf you can throw it in ,a closet and wait until a representiilivei calls for It. You may r«ceive letters coBcernltiK diinns, andj later tbreatViflidik letters unless ' jj'oii; remit Don't pay any attention'to, them, for the firm sent the merobasdise idthout ydnr arder or your wi(i&. And i^ter. they become folly satisfied-that you are one who do^ not in ^d .jto paji they will stop vMtins abdut them. .And inc (4eBtl7, UU Tenr.Jprqbfaile that your name -wtll' be taken off eir -Sn ^teissritet: Miss ye school the Associa^ Satu MUIer guest scieiico Kanhas rtfolr . —Foil m'ornin Cathodi Society (atbleen FOrsythe, .dpm^s- I c» lastructbr at tb'4 high I I atteBding the m^tfnf! of Has State Home Gcdnom cs ion in 7'opeka Friday and 6 ftiiis week. M^iss.Elna Toronto who has been 1 er cbmpanied her to Topekfi. Chicken Dinner I. O. O. F. Hall April 5,1927—35c. Miss Bertha Ridenour, who has bc^n visiting in the D. Turiier home, '05 Soiith State street, Returned to b«r home in Springliqld, Missouiji, last evening. - i IVni. eeB<8—A Good Cigar and Apron Sale Saturd ay at Brighani's Ildw. Sto-e. ladies of St. John's Altar Mr. iiBd Mrs. Virj;U , Dean of Barlles rllie.'-Okla., visited a cou] le of dayj with their uncled and a« it Mr. am Mrs. Harvey Pai'kerpf 3117 North i'ourth street. —Special at Kraise' Chicken Dinner Suudjay •?a Cafe, 50c. Wm. Pcnn— 5 c*nt»—A Good cig »r Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Moore ialid sons recently have moved fri m their home in Quinton. Okla.. toi ilK East Lincoln street. Mrs. Mooifejis the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. PRIDA Dan Dressier,' wio has; been drilling in the oil fif ds ne4/ blue Mojund. is home for a visit with Mrs. Dressier. • -T -Try it once—you will have no other. Vdn Hoozer's Bread. Wm. Penn— 5 cents— A Good Cigar Clarence Hlxon, who lives north of lola, is reported quite ill with pneumonia. Wnu Penn-!5 cents— A Good Cigar A meeting called by Mr. T.. B., Shannon, chairman of the Pension Fund committee of .Neosho Presbytery, will be held in the grill roonj of 1 the Kelley Hotel this evening. It will be attended by-thirty or more ministers and laytiien of the various Presbyterian, churches in this vicinity, and is fojr thq purpose of appointing committees'to carr>- on the work of the jiension drive I in each of the coiinties of the Pres-" bytery. Dinner >vill be served at 6:30 o'clock! and the principal speaker of the occasion will he Rc|r. W. W. Merrill. D. D., of Chicago. ' I EVENPfG, APS h Prison Dp(^sfBeSkm 1.1927. H. Foster, of 614 street; South WaM tit —Dr. A, It. Twadell.' Ostcopa New Globe fildg. Phone 191. ; —Lister-oil or Le Mur I'crmanijnt Waving. North Side Barber Shpp. Pboue> 637-. — Mrs! Martha Goble has rcturijed hoihe from Ottawa where she sp^nt two weeks with her daughter, Alirs, L. \V. iLotspeich and family. Wm. F |'Bn— S centi—A Good Cigar Lowh I.arson!and son,^.rf!slie Lir son, wh > live oti route oifjj LaHar|)e were bi siness Visitors l«i; lola toi ay and ma dec the Hegistct* ollicq'u pjeasani calL wrecking IIOUKG at - UO [bet, and will build a buiij ;a Ayant you to plan the hoisu ourself. Can arrange ter ns purclliase price. Call 14.'52. Ray I a|m Kaiit sti low. to suit on Bell. J. B. the Fed (j;o., of has l^is in For Fuller Brushes pho. 102«J. C. E. Cc y, 421 S. 'Walnut, lola, Kfis. Cciolidge Can Look Over Suminer Locations Today ^Waslijngtoji. Apr. 1. (AP)— President Coolifigc now has an opportunity to; ''look over" .some of the sites which have been orfere<l him for a summer residence in the west. A movie iiian who has slacked his judgment alongside the president's in picking site* has pictured a half ilqken in five difrercnt States, and placed the pictures at the disposal of Mfr. and Mrs. Cdol- idge who arosiill puzzling over selection of.a summer home. Theipicturrs show sites in Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsi^i and .Michigan. DcPiiiedo to Resume His Fliffht Saturday .New Orleans. I>a.. Apr. 1. (AIM — t !i »mmanilpr Frjncosco dc Pin(|il« will hop off from here bctwcenj (i u/id 7 o'clock tomorrow niornijig for Galveston. Texas, lie annouii<-c(l this afternoon. From (ia'Iveston he will fly to San Antonio, spcnJing the ; nlKlil • thei-o. Ho will fly Sunday to Kl<-i phalli liutto dam. Arizona, and then to San iJicK". Calif. Western Association Umpires are Selected Tiipeka. Kans. April 1. (AP) — The appointment of five jinipires for the Wcsicrn Assoclatiiin was announced today by Dale Gear. )>rcsifU>nt. A .sixth arbiter for tlu' 1 Air Train ^en for Gerknal^y in Future BtrUn. Apr: l.;j(AP)—jObseijvers of Oeiinan | aviation developmnits are T picturing aijjtime lii the not (oo.idistaut future when! the "air train'! will- bei hn accpniplishied fact. 'The locdmotivo will be a powerful iriri/laue and iih6 '•Pttll-r maus" a row of gliders coupled to the locomotive and to each other, as the cars of a, train, bnly with considerably greater spacing'be­ tween the units, j' ; - Passengers in j each glider will be destined . for | some particular town and as the airdronje of each towa is approach «Ti the glider for that destination will b(f released from the end of the sitring and settle gracefully jdown I witlxjl its special ])ilol and its passengers! : Plaintiff Resis Today In Big AU^niatidn Case iVicliita, Kana., Apr.? I. (At*)— Tiio case of G. il. Phillips, plain- tiijt in d $l.i0,06<i alionatlion otj af- fettio.iis suit agaitist Joe|Gastop of .Nowkirk, Okla., \yas rented today alter IViiHips had testified from the stafidj. Phillijrs's 'testimony w;(3 to the cfrect'ihat Gustou had won the iove of. his wife and as a result of attcucient gossip hi.s gasoline filling! stations busines.s had been ruined. Counsel for Gaston said ,his case would not bo ^ completed' before .Monday.- JNinc Bankers Arraigned .In St. Joseph, Mo.^ Today St. Mo.. Apk 1. (APi — Si'H- baiikcr.s, inOiitrnl by a grand jiiry ycslcnlay. today were arraigned on viirious i-iiargos growing o!il of lilt' I'aiinri di'liiy Company (if Jiie Fi- !aiul the Se- « arroll. >latre lacps InipriMMimeiit, arc irpiup Ml here. One >ho«s bini .Mr>*. Carndl. In da}«. i:<>i>t' by (arroll wn* a si^inttfrni^lier and vir:ini'<hip deck band. was con»lrled oi' (irejurj Rail Stocks Drop and i Then Soar up Today "^l^ —-——- iiifin .. .NVw York, Apr. l.;(Al*l--A <!•- .'ly h. clini' of. one to 2'... jioiiils in ihe ; .\ir. leading niilrourl >h ;ircs. followcil ;.: . nt liy a rr'<()V<T.v whii li wipcl ,<'ii! liiMn'-- most of ihc i ;irly lo.ssc .t. I iiml srti'i. .if y.i,-.; a few i.<^»«s lo riiorri lii ^jii livels. -.(i.; wa 'i Willi SI reel's r»s|rtins.' :o the ,, Siw, decision of i .he Inier.itiite Com- 1;, nilTl -C CoIllJIli.--.-:!"!! i!l I lie i.DlHS i \j, and O'Fitlloii ciis^-. iivliiiiis- liiat ; ; v.-iliialii.ii,^ ,l(>r r .i." ;ii:r4ii:n pui-- i.j, ijnriiv Stall! .Ifciiili. Tho trust com- piiiiy clo.sed DccenihiT 2S. li)2ti and I lie Iiaiik on .May 12. 1! 26. J. T. .Slewarl. preciilent of the Iriisl c-oinpany. am! lii.s .-^on. J. Harold Stewart, caslifer. , were first iirritigii'-il. Tho iiresiiient. cashier, and. five i|irci-tors of tie .Security Jiaiik Inter aiM'eared I licl'ore the coiirl.' ' ! This is a mes-sage addressed to the lady of the house. It's tiithe for spring^ cleaning! And that means not only yom* home, but your clothling as well. ^ We are experts in cleaning frocks, lin­ geries, gloves and all sorts of delicate articles. We restore yoiir home] furnishings, such as drapes, rugs-and curtains to original newness. Yes, We Clean Meii's Wear, Too! ' '>.(. ex- I -pFor! prompt results: .use the ' iCIassifitd Columns. • 1 :irlll:iie hi; 1 'uli ijij; -.1 'i' l-'ri.'hiv ,lul .Mrs. i*!er. \;:-! Vi !'e,-I. •• .',.{ .-^;ivoli!(i .11 ll!!- 1; 'I 'lIIM. !»:)!! \';:ll' i.i.-'v at l! ot Vickers, representative tral Reserve Life Insuraiice Kansas City, Kansas, wlho in lola .several days on trip, left today for soutji- points. . beeii USU! 1 Kat sas L B. lEAVELU >r. I). F. J c. c. In. Mo., kipss iri ilwo moiktbs Spec al atteiition given Dis. cas ?s of Colon and Rectum, i • ] Electro-Therapy and i • t>hysiotherapy. : • Office lola State Bank Bldg. j • FlhOnes—147 and 703. j • •««»»•**•••« R. J. [Dunn and family, of. 519 South Washington avenue, left yesterday for Auburn. .Nebraska, where i ley will make their home. Wm. Pc 111 —5 ce*ts— A tiood Cigar Carlfongcr. of west of the river, was a b visitor in Indcpeiid- ?nce, Kansas, Thursday morniiigl Chicken Ulnnerf I. O. O. F. Hall April 5,19:?7—35c. v \l-l -i .l ,. .\:!MV; I. .< i;-.:t ^. ,tinl ;of 1M4 insl^-;.d of Uie h :,L -h.>r i-vel.-; : ,^,i-.i ;.i..) lof recent years. : MU,;.;I ..|i HI 1„ I;I Tlie :l;li;U .-I h'l .Mycr.s. Wichita: Lou ^Valter.s. j JVJarine (^Jorp ]VIeinJ)ei .S planniiig <»n O'FojIon. 111.; V. McCarthy. Lo- i j> Thv^^i'io-li Parunnc <'"'""'I''" gansport. Ind.. and .\l Wallin, Kan-i 1 aSS IhrOUgh 1 arSOnS ; ,„r,, p sas City. Mo. . I ' .. 1. T ' . : V/.n.i li~ new baseball circuit, will be .select-; poses should IK - based on lli-iosi.^ cd in the near future. The five appointed today: B. Saner. Toledo, Ohio; "Outch"; Of J-;. c. IKiikyatrir r:ii .-liiie Mtnrihiy- [ .si ;nior •>! a pla>| ill the ass is ••Th.' ^ ,^ar fu-1 Trains are Delayed By Landslide on Kaw Topeka, Kans., Apr. 1. (AP)— here this afternoon in a. speciaf , ^.^ ^j,.^ I'l,.,- wr Landslides from bluffs along tho' train over the Katy for San An-l '. '.i '^.j^.,;'-^; ^il^.^i..^ ICaw river today delayed Rock Is. . tonio. einoutw to Saa Diego. ' ;.; , ; .i';^.; land trains. The earth, loosened , t'aiif.. am! u. Chi:i:i. They will bf by recent rains, rolled onto the' B'lesiH oi t|:e city of .Mu-,koKec. !;•.•;. •i.:'--:ai! |s (iiivins'la new {'iii'vrcjet 111 u'ti.jr. pupcririft •.vculi. ^icCarty left loda .l- for .lop[and Proctor. Ok., on a He expects to be goiic —Eat Chicken .Dinner .Siiii'lay ul Cliuki'ivl card's (.'afe. .North Side.! W- M, Plumb, of .North Kentuclty street. 1: loimrli'd ill oli the Hu. ] \S'm. reiin— « crnls— A Good tlgijr ..The n any frlcndH of .Mrs. J. B. Pees wi I be glad to know she Is Htcndlly Improving fi ;<im her r cenli mi ess. Mrs. Pecs has bu^n ill more than a niontb at her home S2'2 North Washington avenue. —For Rent: Store room. I quire lit Tiro Repair Shop, IIG Eajst Jackson. •Mr. S. S. Shelley is nioring this week to the properly at 319 Hon h Walnut itrieet which - he reccntlly bought. -Mr. Shelley has the Chevrolet Agfiicjr in lola. Eye, Eaij "Cdx, .M. D., Spec! Nose and Throat- alist Mr. anld Mrs. Tom Webber, bf Gas, wh( have been visiting in t^e home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Smith. 409 Soutli ^Valnut,: have returned ib their hoi if. —Just Van Hooter Mrs. iWeast of Mrs. put stree] like Angel Food Cake •$ Bread, 2 for 15c Clay ^Veast and -Mrs. George Moran, spent the day wii f^ Leila \Veast.,320 South Wal- —SdienMfic lawrimower grindin ~ ' yer's Shop, 112 .N. Walni t. f. G. ' A dren, (Nrtmde rSaasas fiowell Patll B. Howell and two chil- and trene, I and.i i,llks KiOE nient tP Ga'rdQer, 'Tlslt Mr. H^weii; Mr. 8 foreman of an ctxt^^ tl^e Sanka Fe therel •Iltjtojapena railroad track at several points • Oklahoma atj a dinner ihi.s evcniiiir. • - ''• ;',,•';,•" ; = between Bishop and ValcnHa. : The boys \vere enthusiastic rtvoi • Four feet of debris covere^l the : the prosper t of "a little e.\cite- rails in some places. ' i ! .^lent.•• . Trains were delayed ueariyi two , I '»""rs. i Rafael Sabatini's Bishop is six miles west ot To-; OdOdUni S —Phone vour VVanl Ad<» to W Use Register VJanis tor peka and Valencia is the same dis- i tant'e west of Bishop; I Son Killed Today Twelve More Warrants In Coffeyviye Riot Independence, Kans., Apr. 1. (AIM—Twelve more warrants were issued in the district court here today against persons charged with being members of a nioli whiciil attempted to take ncgroc-* from pffi'-ers at Coffeyville (i.uriiig Ll;i!i(lo?o. Monmouthsiiiro. Wal's. Apr. 1. (API-Rafael S-.ihatiiii. .Ir. 19, only son of the well known author, was killed teilay whiic mo- lorini;' with hi* motlier. The car.- which he was liriviii". <i-ieniir!ud. .Mrs. .SalKitiiii waB injured hcverely. ^ "ELSMORE" (Dora IJeunirin I .Mar. «1.—Tiii^ part v.C Ih- Slate the ti'oiible there the night of I is R-IUUK iis ;>:i;.re of rjin. .March IS. This makes a tola! of | Mollie Wray niid Hauuhier 22 warrants i.ssued to date. hiH ICraie. iiitcnded ih- fum lal of a none have been served. Coiinti Attorney C. W. .Mitchell fiivd tii casc-a. .- ; Rotary International ^eet at JVIinneapolis i j (;hi<-;*Ko. Apr. 1,-'(API—Minne-. atmlis. MMinn., was itelocleii lod.-iy 'V as ilui^ jiosl i-ity for the nineteenth annual; coiivoniioii of Rotary In- ternHttoniil to bo held June IS (o 22. ISiX. This yi-ar's <,-oiivenllon will be held in Osteiid, Uelgiuin. June- 5 to 10. .close iriend in F<,rt Sc<.tt Tiies- il;i.v. Miss .Malilf liitr.;hl .s<-lio<,l for; .Mrs, Wray Tiie.«hiv. There are several ri<w c ;ises of mcasle .H in town the pa.-^l neek ain' Bank Robbers i Steal To Obtain ^Equipment ns., Apr. 1. entere<i two Junction City, Ki fAP)—Robbers wh< places hei:e last night secured a complete outfit for cutting into bank vaults. At the Sikes .Motor Company, a tank each of oxyg^en and acetylin gas with 30 feet <of hose were taken, and at the Ho- gelstrom blacksmith shop a torch and 100 feet of hose were removed. Tht«e Baiidits Sought In Pampa Bank Robbery Borger, Tex., April 1.' (APi— Whitey AValker,, Matthew Kimes and Ray TerriU are,being.sought in connection with, the robbery yesterday of the First KaUonal Bank of Panipa, according-to tele- phono advices. The three have been identified from photographs as three of' the four robbers. Half of I^volting Students Still Out Superior. Wis., Apr. 1 1. (Ai*)— ^bout half of the SOO atudentp of ceatnl high school wallced oatfthis! i^omihg and marched) trom tl£e| ^^fg.^^ Do it pyer with Par-O-Keet Lacquer Refiniish your furniture in one of the m^y , str]id48 color combi- natioii? that £(re possi- . ble with Par-O-Keet 1 Lacquer. , Par-O-Keet goea on with ;a bru^ is easy : to apply, is as durable •.' 83 vanti^ or enamel ; i and the finished-'surr ;' facecanbeused'witlua ' an hour. AJ)C/or color ctnr^ * - i ^ i BriKliiaa>HarrlsoB •••-'^T-*&,-'..* ! ic:iinaii from ; s!::y- • .Mo..!i-; iat slie' her; i ;i hear.: re Ulue ' the resulta [ The Best- TribMe TENDER MEMORIES You will want the monument you ereet to commemorate the rriemory ^ of your loved ones through the coming generations. May we-h^tvc the privijiege of showing you thru our sho\y yards? WILLIAMS MONUMENTAL WORKS Phones 676 and 200 .. 301 South Washington Ave. I, Why buy an out-of-date tire? Thcrc'.s a new tire—the 19^7 Goodyear Baijoon with the new type AH Weather Tread specially- dcHigncd far bal]o«n tire performknce. This new tire--"The Greatest Tire in the World" r—will revise all your ideas a!bout balloon tires. lis tread insures slow, even wear-r—no inore;cupr- pinfj "pot-holJni;" anfl sucK troubles.. It gives positive, gripping traction, jit is a real non-^kid tread. Would you be satisfied with', an oui-of-datc tire, •now that you know abotit this we?' ^ Come in and sec it. The Goodyear Criss cros^ repaiij servitc ha.s proven to be the most satisfactory of tire repair mleth- ods. We specialize in this in.ethod of tire repair. Our service car is always ready. ' PI ALL REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED ROAD SERVICE IS UNEQUALLED RES THAN - ON/ANY OlIIER

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