The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 1, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1892
Page 2
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Tl» Postvillc Weekly Review- FOBTVIXMC, BAT'DAY, OOT. 1. W. N. BTTHBIOK, Editor. Entered at the pottoffice at Poitville an teoond-class matter. National Republican Ticket. For President, BENJAMIN HARRISON, of Indiana. for Vice-Prosident, WHITELAW REIl), of Now York. AN EASY PROPOSITION. DEMOCRATIC NOMINATIONS. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS. FOU F.I.KCTOKS AT LAKGE. A. B. Cnmraings of Polk. Miltou Romloy, of Iown. DISTRICT ELECTORS Firsi W. M. Walker, of VnnBuron. Sacouit Chos. Lewis, of Johnson. Tliird C. E. Albrook, of Hardin. Fourth II. I*. Hancook, of Fayette. Fifth Henry Stone, of Marshall. Sixth R. K. Carroll, of Davis. Ssventh E. R. Hayes, of Marion. Eighth L. C. Mcuheii, of Appanoose. Ninth.. .John LIneU, of Pottawattamie. Tenth Z. A. Church, of Green. Eleventh .E. D. Chassell, of Plyraontli. STATE TICKET. For Secretary of Stale, W. M. McFARLAND, of Em mett county. For Attorney General, JOHN Y. STONE, of M ills county. For Treasurer of State, BYRON A. BEESON, of Marshall county. For Auditor of State, c. G . MCC ARTHY. of Story county For Railroad Commissioner, G. W. PERKINS, of Fremont county. CONGRESSIONAL TICKET- For Roprosontativo Fourth District, THOS. UPDEGRAFF, of Clayton county. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. Tho republicans of Allamakeo county -will moot in convention iu tho court fcoiiso at Waukon, SATORDAT, OCT. I, 1892, 1:80 P. M. for the purpose of placing in nomination oandidatcs for tho following county offices: Clerk of the District Court. County Auditor. Recorder of Deeds. County Attorney. Mniubor of Board of Supervisors. The ratio of representation will be one delegate for eaoh township and one dologuto .for every 25 rotes or major fraction thoroof cast for Hiram C. Wheolor for the oflico of governor at tho lust general election. Townships will bo entitled to tho following representation: Centor 7 Linton Fuirviow 2 Ludlow 6 French Crook..2 Makee 12 Franklin ... 6 Post 10 Hauover 3 Paint Creek 7 Iowa 8 Taylor 2 Jefferson 5 Union City 2 Lansing 8 Union Prairie.. 3 • Lafayette 8 Watorloo 4 Total 88 It is recommended that township officers be nominated at lhe caucus called to soloct delegates l» this convention, as tho now ballot law requires that a list of all nominees for township officers to be oleoted shall bo certified to by the chairman aud seorotary of the caucus and handed to tho county auditor not less than 20 days before election. Tho names of such caucus nominees will thou bo printed ou tho official ballots. By Order of tho Co. Can. Com. ONCE in a while a good thing coraoB "out of Nazareth." "Calamity" VVol- ler was at Charles City and took in Congressman Butltr's speech, about which so much has bion said by the democratic press. Mr. Waller didn't see so much in it to commend, but it seoms to us his criticism is severe. This is what ho says of the speech in his Farmer's AUIanco: "WolUtoned to Mr. Butler for nearly an' hour aud a half, only to be seriously antnzed in the proseuoe of the boldness of soma of h(s stutomaitU In the presence of facts—except the ouo, In response to our inquiry, that Cleveland's adminUtrallon ou the silver question:! during his four years in offtoe, 'had been u fizzle. 1 With this, wo more than agreed. It had been A wicked fraud on the just rights and interests of tho great body of tho producers of wealth in the entire'nation. We also discovered that there is 8ometluie8 a groat diflorer.oo bolwoen fluency in the utterance of words, and a profound argumoutative spoeoh." This covers the whole ground of Mr. Butler's speeches, aud no republican could write thorn up bettor or more to the point. They oontaln a wilderness of platitudes but no sound argument. IT IS indeed singular that in bis second speech, lit Buffalo, Senator hill should shut his eyes to the history of the past year, and say: "Thoy ignore the foreign trade or assume to believe thai foreign conn- trios will trado with us although they purchase nothing from them. They forget that reoiprooity oaunot be one­ sided." Mr. Hill and everybody eUe knows that the foreign countries DID take more of our products last year than ever before, and (bat exports and impoits never were BO heavy, which Is a direct contradiction to the arove language. Nobody wants reciprocity to be "one-sided." AH reoiprooity inks is fur tbt faiviga country to take what, ft oannot produce in sufficient quantities Jn rtturo tov what wo cannot pro- 1 Tim Fayetto Co. Union and somo other democratic papers soera to think they havo a knock down argument in the following statement. "If the taiifl causes wages to be higher, and raw materials to bo higher, how does It follow that It causes the manufactured product to bo cheaper?" The fact that the product is thus made cheaper is too well established to need further proof. But the question of the "wherefore seems to be the one that our friends want light upon, and it is the simplest problem in tho commercial world. It is simply tho proposition that a large business can bo conducted relatively to much better advantage and ororc profitably than a small business. There is no merchant or manufacturer that will dispulo this proposition. Wo havo carried out tho illustration before as to the merchant with a small and a largo business, and found that ho can better afford to do a business of 8200 a day ou ten per cent margins than a business of $25 a day on a twenty-live por cent margin, for in the one caso he would hnvo about $20 in the profit drawer at night, and in tho other case only about $6.25 and all the added expense would be two or three dollars clerk hire iu the former instance, which would still leave double the profit on tho big sales and small profits/ But take tho manufacturer. H« starts in with ten men in his employ. Certainly with his plant and his capital invested one dollar a day would not seem too much profit on tho labor of these men, as it would aggregate only ten dollars. But suppose his busi ness grows so ho can utilize a hundred or a thousand mou. Of course tho cost of his plant is somewhat lucreased, as in the cue of the merchant's olork hire, but the increase is inconsiderable compared with its capacity. Ho naturally would still desire to make the same profit off of each man as before, but if ho attempted to do it another factory would rise by the sido of blm and cut off three fourths of bis profits, and still make money. But you say this could just as well be done with free trade. Common sense denies this proposition. What warrant would there bo for tho ostnb lishmcnl of such plants if tho day after they woro started a ship load of the same goods could bo landod from England, manufactured by labor at half tho cost, and sold in competition? Thoso foreign plants nro still larger, thoir interest is lower and tho cost of wator transpottntion is comparativoly notbiug. Tho first and only thing that could then be dono would be tho alternative of shutting down or roducm labor to tho European level. Tho man who cannot see this is wilfully blind Free trado means not only English priuos for goods but English prices for labor throughout every avenue of industry. No sophistry can efface this fact. Ou tho other hand protection eoc tiros the home market and home competition brings goods down to barely living prices. This has boon the universal history of tho past. Tho democratic county contention which was held at Lansing last Saturday renominated all the presont lucum bents, and lillod the ticket by nominating L. Coppersmith, a former locum bent, for supervisor. U begins to look as if our democratic friends daro not nlako any new nominations, and that it was tho intention to give tho present incumbents life leases of the positions, notwithstanding the fact that they havo a safo majority in tho county, or are supposed to have. It is far different with the republicans. They cannot hope to win any position unloss they havo very popular, woll known candidates, who can draw democratic votes. Hence there is an excuse for them to retain such nieu when they succeed in ouco being elected. Wo haven't a word of fault to tlnd with tho democratic nominees. They are all good men, competent and obliging, and all that can bo said against any of them, so far as wo know, is that they havo hold their positions long enough, judging from tho usages of parties in the majority. It certainly seoms an lojusttce to other members of the democratic party at least. But this is thoir matter, not ours. Tho worst criticism wo havo to mako is that thoy did not accord their candidate for tho board of supervisors to this section of the county, which we botleve Is clearly entitled to one member of tho board, no matter which party is in tho ascendancy. Postvi'lu is certainly ono of the most important towns in tho county aud tho Yellow liver is ono of tho most important streams to bridge In fairness aud justice we must ask the votors of tho county to concede us the member of tho board, and to do so now thoy will have to conccdo it to the republican nominoo. If Mr. Meier will accept the nomination for another term there ought to bo no doubt of bis election, not only on tbe score of competency but of location. Wo never have had a rnoro efficient member of tho board. FLORIDA LETTER. AFTEH throe months of labor the mountain has brought forth a letter of acaoptauco. It Ignores tho democratic platform in that Mr. Clevolnnd says tho party don't favor free trado but tariff reform, that it don't favor wild cat bark! but a stable currency on .. parity with gold, but he forgets to say what the repeal of tho ten per cont pen­ ally moans. Ho reitcratos the state nicnt of his message that tho oonsnmer pays the tar, but don't pretend that priooB havo been ra'sod by tho McKln ley law. Ho wants to protect the laboring class, but wants to do it by putting tho employers on a par with European employers, which Must mean the reduction of the prleo of labor here ono-half. He believes in civil servico 'oform, but ho forgets that during tbe last two years of his administration, ho, through Adlal Stevenson, out off more official heads than was ever done in the same spaoo of t|iye. Every republican tho service was bounood that tboro was time to reach. Grover is a groat olvil service reformer to be «uro, and 1( he is elected there will bo no changes except for oa.use! But the cause will be that the incumbent is a republican. We have no objection whatever to this oourse, as we believe in no life leases n office, but it iB dishonest to pose as n •Jvil service reformer with his reoord. Neither party will bo governed by It and they ought not to be In any post- nns that do not require groat skill or long practlee to beuoino proficient In, We' nau see nothing about tbe letter that ought to require more than three hours to write, or that will have any effect on the voters of this country. Unlike tho letter of President Harrison it Is not a statesmanlike paper, but the argument of a lawyer with a bad oaae. RRJUTOR HILL, in hit speeohes, places the "foroe bill" at the head of the list of Issues in this campaign. It does seom to us as if the democrats of tho north would lot such an IBSUO rest, as it oau be of no sorvioe to thorn In this stotiun of the country. In the south, where the present corrupt ballot enables the party to hold the former alayo states solid, we should expect such an issuo to bo put to the front, for it Is not only the salvation ot the parly tlioro, but of the party in the nation as woll. But it seems to us to come with poor grace foe any party In tbe nortli to l openly advocate a policy by which otio. 1 OCR democrntio frlonds aro jubilant becauso Senator Hill, of New York, has at last mado a spesch in favor of tho democratic ticket. If they but know it it would havo been far bettor if Hill had hold his peace, for several roa- Bons. First, it is well known that the prico of his support of Cleveland is tho ontiro patrouage of tho state of Now York, which will leave out in tho cold all of Cleveland's old friends and supporters, including the mugwumps, and turn tho federal patronage over to Hill as effectually ns if ho woro president. This will draw oft as many viles as would his opposition. Tammany and the state doniooraoy will not assiuiilato any more than will oil and wator. Again tho anomaly of his setting aside tho Chicago platform on tho tariff will not bu pleasing to the free trade democracy. Tho fact is that Cleveland with Hill's questionable support, has no more hopo of carrying New York than <n 1888. Tho prostigo ot defeat stares him in tho face at every turn. Now York will certainly cast its electoral vote for Harrison democrats themselves feol bonos. and tho It Iu thoir IN nil tho reports of Congressman Butler's meetings wo have failed to see any explanation of the mistake ho made two years ago in stating that tho McKlnley bill would raise tho prico of all goods on which tho tariff was Increased beyond the ability of poor men to buy. Oa tbe oontrary prlcos averago lower. Neither do wo seo any attempt to show how tho tariff can bo a tax when uuder it goods are cheaper than ever before, as youohod for by democratic as well as republican authority. Wo fear our friend Is going outside of tho rocord again and simply making prognostications ns to the future, like the weather prophets. It worked first rato two years ago, when there was UU evidence In, but It is different now. It is a condition, not a theory, that now confronts us. It will take a smooth talker indoed to get behind the cold facts of market reports. These all talk republican doctrino this year. EDITOU RKVIF.W.—I sco considerable said in tho papers of a break In tho solid south. It is claimed thai several southern states will go for the third parly, and some are claiming that tho republicans will carry one or nioro southern states. It Is nonsense to talk of any southern state being anything hut democratic. Thoy havo the machinery and twenty years practice There aro sovoral appliances and they use whichever at the time is the cli«a[ est. They count out, buy out, driy out nnd freeze out—a case of the latter sin<*e I am hero. By a closo count in this precinct there wns a republican majority, tho target portion of it blacks. It was known to a decimal how many were democrats. A little figuring toltl how many minutes each vote would take for tho 450 democrats to uso all tho time allowed by law for tho polls to open. They hkd thoir men nil In lino early. As each vole was offered it was challenged, a wrangle ovel it till the time was up. When timo came closo tho polls it made the democrats laugh all over to see tho mob of repub licans. not ono of whom had a CIIAIICO to offer a vote. Tho latest and I guess tho best scheme yet, is our late flee •Ion lay—a ballot box for each candl dnto. It is working first-ratd and think it is the best part of tho raachln yet on exhibition. Now this season thn republicans have glvon it up; no ticket, and all the dem ocrnls hnvo to do Is to keep their mon in line, canvass thoroughly, talk long ami loud of tho terriblo tariff tax, and sorry conditions our ron&try is in bankruptcy is at our doors and tho FOUCE bill. The eve of tho 14th we had a big ouo hero in this city of Orlando. A torch light procession with not less than 100 torches in line, our brass band, slalo guards, Chinoso lanterns nnd a dozen of speakers. They do not havo to say much, but It was well said, grandly democratic. There wore a good many banners displayed. I thrught it the largest part in tbe procession, nnd the inscriptions on thoso banners seemed yery timely: "Cleveland the Patriot Statesman," "Harrison Partisan Bigot," and strotchod in front of tho English club rooms (saloon) wns, "Lowor Tariff, ond Supremacy to White Mon, "Sons of Britain Join Hands With Democracy," suggestive and so appropriate for the occasion. Hero in Florida wo have a stato law giving disabled rebel soldiers a pension by direct tax, but wheu tho government gives our union soldiers a pittance for their sorvlco at tho limo of the nation's groat poril, what a howl goes up, from not only our southern democrats, but it scorns when ono of thom gols down horo from tho north ho is worse than a genuiao rebel, which I do havo somo respect for. A few days since a man from ono of our distant counties, originally from a northern stato, gave me a visit. In our drive around'visiting different points of interest 1 met a friend, an old union soldior, who within the past fow years has bocomo disabled so he is unlit for manual labor nnd ho had applied for a pension, which 1 remarked to my companion. His reply was, "* hopo ho won't, get it. If ho don't is olocted he won't And tho thought TALK about Tom Updegrnff not beiug able to meet Walt. Butler in joint debate. A. deaf and dumb man ought to be able to moot with any democrat this year. The only issue worth talking about on either side is tariff versus freo trade, and all that any republican needs to do is to point to tho nearest store or to any prico current of goods. If tho averugo of prices are hlghor thau two years ago, then the tariff Is a tax. If lower, or even no higher then it is not a tax on the uou- suraor, and nobody is robbed or wronged. This is the whole mattor as to prices In a uutshell. It is markets, not maxims that talk this year. Two yearn ago It was all speculation. Now it Is cold facts that oonf rout us. THE Dubuque Herald and other democratic papers aro vahomont in asserting that tho demoorutio party Is not Iu favor of the restoration of wild-cat state ourrenuy. Will brother Ham or some other good brother explain why the democratic platform demands tho repeal of the ton per oent tax on slate bank issues if those assertions are UuoP Or do our friends claim, with Urovor Cleveland, that the platform amounts to nothing that a "white wan is bound to respeol?" bofore Clovelnnd after ho gets in. came to mo how can iv man that served in that war give his vote to thut man Cleveland, that while ho was in power all wo can romember of his doing was to order rebel flags returned and to veto ponsion bills. I want to toll you something of how wo aro whooping 'er up for Cleveland down hero. Wo horo in Florida raise some sugar, a littlo rlco, soa island cotton and ornuges. Wo nro democratic, very democratic. Wo aro first, Inst aud always for tariff for revenue only. We aro decidedly for froo trade, only our littlo industries must bo protected. Sugar is nil right, the government pays us two con's a pound at the mill for all wo mako, and our vice (I expect wo raise about ono pound in fifty that our stato consumes) and that of oourse wo want protectod. Then our oranges wo havo asked,—wo demoorats havo wopt right Into congress aud demanded that we bo protooted by a duty of ouo dollar a box. But somo fellow from up in i Now York meets us with:—"Yon aro democrats and you vote that way for freo trade, and I guess wo can't quite do it." And then thoso English freo traders are. raising long, staple cotton over in India and sending it over hore without oveu asking may we- i\o it.'and it is Bturvlug us out, andTweVWani < ft duty fixed of ten cents a pound on island cotton. * ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 0, 1892, ' List of Lotters remaining uncalled for in the postofilce at Postvlllo, Iowiij Sept. »6. 1892. Parties calling for any of them will please say "Aclverllsod:" Mrs. M. P. Cole, Harry Moody. Emma O. Nelson. JAS. PEMIY, P. M The World's Fair. Tho dedicatory ceromonios of the World's Fair buildings will bo held in Chicago on Oct. 20lh to 22nd. Tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y will soil round trip excursion tickets at reduced rates for tho occasion. For rates, dates and other details apply to tho ticket agent. TROUBLE HAS BEGUN ii tiium i luumrs. RAILROAD TIME-TABLES —Wo have purposely said nothing nbout tho miracle iu tho Canton Catholic church because we have not sufficient ovidonce upon which to base an intelligent opinion. There Is a great diversity of opinion on the subject. Tho Democrat this week has tho following report from two Catholic priests, which ought to bo good author- '•Rev. Father Norton, of Lyourgus, accompanied by Rev. Father Haxo- molor, of Lansing, visitea Canton, Minn , lost week and viewed that wonderful picture in the church window. Father Norton has no hesitancy in pronouncing it a complete humbug and nothing more than a flaw or imperfection in tho glass which takes tho strongest imagination to conjure into the face of a woman and form of a child. Father Haxcroeier is of like opinion. Tho priests np in that vicinity have cautioned their parishoners against the bumbue." One of the firm has just returned from Chicago with one of the largest and best selected stock of goods that was ever brought to this place and in order to substantiate the fact you have only to step in and look for yourself. Every line of goods is complete. Our stock of Ladies' Dress Goods cannot be excelled in the town. Dress Goods from 10c up. Ladies' and Misses 1 Cloaks and Jackets in great varieties, consisting of Plush, Melton, Beaver, Mallasia, Cheviots and others too numerous to mention. BOOTS & SHOES:—Welihave the most complete stookin town. We carry Bradley Sc Metoalf, Pingree & Smith and C. H. Fargo & Co's celebrated $2.50 Shoe. Weather and Crops. DES MOINES, Sopt. 27, 1892.—I'he past week has been abnormally hot and dry, with moro than tho average amount of suushino. The daily temperature averaged eleven degreos above tho normal, and tho rainfall was generally very light. High winds prevailed nonrly every day, which, with tho high temperature, bright sunshine, and* low percentage of humidity, hss- tonod tho ripening of belated corn and carried tho bulk of tho crop beyond the frost dangor line. It is now practical assured, though tboro will bo some what moro than tho usual amount of soft and shrunken corn. The aroa of orn planted In Iowa ttiis year wus nonrly six nnd a half million aeros, and this was materially reduced by heavy rains, causing imported cultivation or total nbondonmoiit of many fields. On the basis of reports receivod from all parts of tho state this bureau estimates a total yield of not more than 175,000.000 bushels, which is nearly two-third of an averago crop, or ono-half amount credited to thn state last yoar by tho government report, This estimate is, of course, subject to revision by final returns of tho season, December 1st. Rain is grontly neoded pnsttirngt), for the germination of wheat, and to facilitate plowing. tho for fall THE WORLD'S HAPPEN1NQ9 TnsBB are 800,000 blind pooplo In Europe. UNTIL two years ago there was not a newspaper In Persia. TUB great majority of people dlo be- twoon 3 unl 0 o'clock in the morning. DBIP.D fish was formerly and Is still to some extant a medium of oxchungo In Iooland. THKBE aro 22,000 vagabond children constantly wandering about the streets of Tarls. THE Idea of ferrying loaded freight cars across Lako Michigan Is soon to bo put Into practice PARISIANS aro so fond uf snails as an article ot diet that they consume 100,000 pounds of them dally. THE guests at a party reeontly given In San Francisco camo orrayod In garments made of paper. A OAiiitOH of water would only cover a space of two tot t square ft spread out In a layer an inoh thick. A ei.ii'PEn ehfp for every day In the year Is required to movo California's surplus wheat to Kurapo. TUB mines of th > world produce twon- y-(lve tuns of gold every weok, but tho precious metal remans as rare as ever. THE blossoms of tho plant from which coffee 1H obtalued aro whlto. It grows to tho height of about ton foot, and tho frutt Is a brtght red color. A DEVICE that works well In keeping loose papor out ot the parks ot Chloago Is the pln-lng of big trash baskets about on the lawns and paths. THE Midlers seem to be tho Smiths of Germany, as thorn wore 0VH),987 of i hem at the lait census—or ono In oTory sevonty-tlirco of tho population. TKAFPIC has beou delayed at Umn- lillon, Oro., by millions ot largo crickets, which cling to the rails and make it impossible for train* to movo over them. FEMININITTES. LIVINff 'CARDS. Neii sea FEROCIOUS PIRATES. Wild ant Arrton Inlialillat by I.awl«a» llrlKnnda. Turing May two Spanish ship* ware captured by pirates off the north coast; of Moroooo, almost within eight ot Europe. Outrages suoh as those show how really eouttned our boasted civilization Is. Among the Itlff Mountains, stretch- log along the Mediterranean, live those wild Kerber pirates In rooky fastiiossoi which the Moorish army has nevor been able to penetrate. From their tnaooos- slblo holghte thoy defy all tho power of the Sultau. They live in wallart towns that are perched high on the mounts' \ hides. One mouth thoy are tilling Uw soil of tho fertile valloyn, and the next thoy may bo found oft on a foray against thoir peuoo-loving nolghpora aouth of thorn or watching along tbo coast for a olianoo to loot Kiinn sma'l ,oratt, Six lustanoos of piracy have been reported within the past llftooo months, aud each Farm ot Mu»lo»l WbUt tor CU»r. Itubl« Kntortftlumeuta. Those who aro ou tho lookout for novelties for bazars and public entertainments which have for their object the benefit of bouovolent bodies, will he pleased to hour of a departure from the stereotyped form mostly followed 'n consequence of thu Introduction of 'musical whist with living cards." A short description will cuuble anyone, with n large room at their dispose.!, to arrange a musical whist performance. Pour players talco their seats. A lurge, square cloth stretched on tho floor represents the top of the card table, and the players sit, each on ono ~lde of the square. The cards then enter, dressed In appropriate costumes. The dresses can bo raado as simple or as elaborate as may bo desired. The aces and the court cards.should be tho tallest performors, and the kings, queens and knaves should be made up o a* to suggest the well-known appeur- •neo of thoso cards. Tho pip cards need only wear a tabard Indicating thoir value. School children who cuu bo easily drilled, make very good pip cards, tho throes and twos being, ot couvKC .selocted from among the youngest. Tho cards should first go through evolutions, accompanied by band or piano, to express iu dumb show, shuffling, cutting and dealing, and should then sort themselves in bands and suits In front of their respective players. This must bo rohoarsed until the actors know their parts, or they will get into Inextricable confusion. The play then begins as at whist each player In turn indicating a oard, whloh advances to tho center, stepping to inuslo. On, tho completion of a trick (four cards in the center) the winning card leads tho others to one corner of the table, where they form lu tile; and so on for the other tricks; closing up when six trioks are made Onelther. side. At. the conclusion of this.'plejr tha seota, is; announced by a Boorer trained for the,, p^cposo and the tricks of "tiie wlnnTnlr- s^de^Jead, off in triumph those of the losing' slfte. the cards retiring In proeosslori. - 8TRANOB WAYS OF BIRDS. revullarltlea That NnturalliU Can Not K«- plaln. Why some birds whloh oould plok up food among us all the year round should leave when food Is plentiful, while others with similar ways of life remain, is still a mystery. H is easy to understand that a species which preys on fresh-wator fish and on frogs should seek other quarters whou the pond* are fror.en aud the frogs burled in tho clay. Hut it is not quite uo olear why the swallow and the fly-catcher leaves a region where there In perpetual summer and winged food in abundance, to risk a long journey over soa and laud, only to And a great scarcity of thu same kind of food, And It is equally puasllng that the seod^uud fruit caters who since Ootober huve been fattening among the gardens urAlgerla nntl Ktf vnt should «nii -I hopo you pray to bo bott rf Tho bello— WHAT wood <loes a gardner soldom objeot to? A elgar In his own mouth. A I>IHCOI'UAOKI> man Is one o' the gnddest sights (hut angola over have to look at. AT Charleston, N. 0., u woman testified reeontly In a court that Bho was tho mother of twciry ohl'd.'en. HAT I ? tho world doesn't know how the other half It v. a, and isn't quite Pure how It Is going lo get along Itself. TnEUK aro pooplo who think their neighbors' houses need painting bo- .•nuse thoy do nit wash Iholr own windows. THE new minister every day l>h, Soar mo, no; 1 am so goo.l now I'm a bore to my friends. THERE IS a man In Montezuiuu, Oa., who hnn hud Ms arm dlsloeu'od at tho Iheuldor thirty-eight times, and his leg dislocated at the hip eight times. Dix—How old was yiur wife when you were married? Hloks—Twenty- "And that wni (on years i'go; she must be 36 now?" "No; she's 2 >now.". IT IS not sofa to judge a limn'n courage by tho tone of vo'oo ho employs when he fpoaks to, (ho ouloo boy. Walt until you hear htm address his wUo. HUSBAND—"Whloh sha'l It bo Beatrice—th.; diamonds or a brougham? I oau't give you loth. Wlfo ihesltat- •nglyi— I think I'd like—woll, ono bracelet und a dog-cart. THE Chlneto havo a kitchen god, Which Is BU. poBcd to go to tho Chinoso Heaven at tho bogluntng ot caob yoar to report upon tho prlvato 1 Ifo of the families under his caro. DR. J- S. GREEN, PHYSICIAN & SUHGEON, Office and Residence Southwest par of town. All calls promptly attended F.J. BECKER, M. D., HO MEOPATHia PHYSICIAN AND BUliGEON, Office and rcsidenci: ov«r Chriss' New Furniture Emporium, Postvillc' low.-,. ntM 1 " r,murc J. SHEPHERD M.D PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON D. S.PEN8IOHEXAMINE1I. ' 22, 1601 ,1 Ry. win ..11:05 n. . 4:10 p. .6:35 p. m m m, m. ru. On and atter Sunday,-Novi. trains on tho O. M.. oi St. P loave Postvillo as follow^. OOINO EAST. Passengers. No. 2 4 :51 p No. 4 (night) 3:29 n Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slook.. No. 6 Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock ctoiNa WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12.10 n No. 3 .10:25 a Freights. No. "Way Freight 11:05 a. m No. 9 Time Freight 6:15 p. m No. 11 Time Freight 8:45 p. m All Freight trains mentioned, «xcept No. 12, carry passengers when provided with proper transportation. No. 9 between N. McGregor and Mason City. M. E. TALCOTT, Agent." 33. C.E.&N.P..E. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. DKCOKAII DIVISION. Time Table in effect May 29, Passenger going North... . 6:20. South. 5:00. Freight. " North, 2:15, South, (i:00, . J. K. PKKKY A 1892 P M P. M M. gent CHURCH DIRECTORY. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, I.. nsmaiico Ayoiit ami Collector, .^""'V!'.',?" 1 to l"'0'!' ic !' I" "'I the nouits of the lirlclt blocjlt. IOWA. stuto. o.'licu ovtii UUH'H at POSTVILLE L. STROEBEL & SON, — I 'UOl'lllKTOKH or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store (AT AnUSTllONd'l UOLTKIl'8 OLD STAND.) Have a full lino of Boots, Shoes, Slip p'.-is, Rubbers and everything kept in a No. 1 general shoo store. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Kvory \>ttir war vauted. Wo keep no shoddy. DANUSL A. JEBAUD, ^©reliant Tailor, Postvillo, iown. All workwyarrantoil io give satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest in sampjes. styles . I'llYSKHAN & SU1H1 EON. Offloo over Waters & Nicolay's Hardware St*r« ; • Residence at Park Hotel. Calls wjllireceive prompt attention day ,nml ntefit. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. XIIOM! intending to purchase Mumv mental work for future delivery vf\\. litid it to thoir advantage t itixaniinoM. V. Kidder's Granite Work iu Cemotn- •jes, :is he is doing tirst -ehiRs work at art tiw prices as can oo procured in tho •oiinlry. if h« has not called npoiiyoti drop him a card nt Doeortili anil ho will bople-vted to visit you with Designs and stimulus of all kinds of Granite, at " ' west possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, Decorah, Iowa, th 34m O JAPANESE PILE CURE A Guuinmuod Cure for I'ilos of whatever kind or ilBKrco -buorntil, Internal, llllml or llleedlne. lIcliiiiK, Chronic, Recent or Hereditary. This Koiueafv has positively ~iievi>f been" knowii to full? »i.oo a box, 6 boxes forjj.ooj »cnt by mall prepaid enjpt of price. A written Guarantee positively K iven to carh purchaser or 6 boxes, when purchased at ono time, to refund thu «j.oo paid if not cured. Guarantee Issued by eisr. ^ , . „ R ;.. N - UOl'Gl'.ASS, One Solo Agent, Postvillc, Iown. OHOIOE LINE OP A N D SUITINGS JUST RECEIVED! Good All Wool Suits for $20 (iemiino Clay Worsted. 82<> ami up, lino Worsted and Chiuohill.i Ovur coats from $15 to 826. Hvorythlnjf warranted <). K. earl} and loavo your order. 1). A. JEIt.VLI>, Mo reliant Tailor Call CONGREGATION AT, - -HOY. N. IJ. Burton, pns- toi. Trenching over y Sunday tit 10-.30 A.M. and7:.'H) I'M. tinbbnth Hcliool imiuodiutcly altur inorntug aorvice. Y. F. S. C. E. meets overy Sunday ovenlug at 0:1S. l'rnyer Bloet- iug Wednesday ovoiilngs. MKTHODI3T.—Bov. E. J. Lockwood, Vaster. 1 rouchlni; services ovory Suiidny nt 10 "10 A M . and 7:311 1'. M. Babbatli School iumiudl- ntoly after morulng service. Tho Epworth Loaguo every Sunday evening nttl:00 o'clock. Pruyor meeting overy Wednoaday oveuiun at 7:00 o'clock. You are earnestly invited. POSTVILLE LODGES- 'NOBLE LODGE No- 51- A. O. U. W. The Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen meets tho Second and Fourth Saturday evenings in each month, in tho Masonic Hall over the Brick Drug tore. J. W. SHEEHV, M. W. WM. SiiErHE«i>, Rocordcr. BROTHERLY.ILOVE LODGE A'o. 204, A. /'. & A. M. Regular meetings on Tuesday even- iiig on or before the full of llie'moon. All brethren in good standing are cordially invited to at lend. K. I). STII.ES, W. It/. WM. MOTT, Soe'y. STATIONEKY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterinary Sxxrgreon, 1'OSTVlI.l.K, IOWA. Ollico lirst door Kust of tho Commercial House, Green St., Postvillo, Iowa. A lino sot of surgical instruments. AH necessary medicines kept on hnn d Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answered Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased tho origina. Post- illo Dray Lino 1 am prepared to d" till imls of draying promptly , carefully nut) satisfactorily. Good tenuis, good drays ami cari'fu I drivers t lwnvs nt the sorvico of the public. «t fair prices. All kin l's «f light or heavy luiuliog. in to wu • rcountry promptly done. #1,000.00 REWARD Tlie^Id Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B, HART, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - State • Bank? None but tho bust moats piirohasotl. Everything In tlrst-oliist shape. Courteous treatment to all. IVloos alwti)s the lowest. F&ED. N. BEEDY, TONSORIAL PARLORS. NKAIt CAKt, HOLTKK'S STOHK. All work dono In tho highest stvlu oi tho art. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. A. l'AHKKK, Prop. .vPHOTOCrRAPHBR.-:- An<i Dottier In IMotiiro Frames. I PostvUte - Iowa I BLACKSMITH & WAGON SHOP, Offirtd for any Machine tliai •l '*M«M!Iy lUMl uualliuuu.k.j^. ...

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