The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 26, 1915 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1915
Page 2
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 26, 1915. —We Give and Redeem Surety Coupons— Mew Spring Siiits New Spring Dresses New Spring Waists Arriving Daily at the YORK The Style TJi*;re Ari" Otiii-rs. Doij'l imagine, iny boy, if you ilirow II jj youi' jfjb Th:ii till' firm iliai einplovs vou will fail, •• Tliat tlK- w!i^>li,' office foicc in iin- gulsli wii) sob And tlie senior partner turn pale. You are liigljly etlioient and anive I aiiU; brigju — So you say;: I'm \inwilling to doubi ygu— ^ But liie cliaiife of all Ibis is incredibly sliglij; Tliere art- jiieniy of otliers williout ! you. } Pon't get m^d with tlie girl and to make lie^ feel bad Fail to go foy your usu ^^l call. •It's the, truth, though; 1 know it sounds Siid, 'That slfe miy never nliss you at all. It's mighty i^oor policy-slaying a\yay. Though I gnjnl that n: limes slif inay flout yoiiy i Biit 1 know that I'm in a r.osjlion to say i Tlitre are plenty of other.- wjlhoui you. ' Iton't gel soured on the world and do I i anything rash, I .\"ot to speak'of llie good of your .soul U" you jump" in the lake you may make a fiinall sP'^sh, But you 'll n^ver make much of a hob'. Ijon't ex|)ec|' folks lo make such a terrible fuss When they t'Bink very little about you. I And, to use >coininon language, aren't ' caring* a cuss— There ar<^ lijlenly of ollier.s without • you. • Kansas ('ity Journal. Miss Krniii Lacey invited a few of her friends to spend Vv'ednesday evening at heir home and the guests were- pleasantly entertained with vic- irola music.;; Miss Lacey served a two coursi! iunciieon to the followirtg: Miss Helen iCaswell, Miss Hearl ^ c- Kenzie, Misp Jessie McKarnin. M ss Flora JackBon, Miss Pearl Milbern, and Miss A{ice Baker. —Big Kit] Glove Sale. N"(?w Vork Stor/i on Saiurday. , \ <j? -:• -> M[ss Tellene Evans, Miss Helen Allison, Miss i'Vena COnnett and Miss Anljfi Ewingi.-were guests of Miss Helen Herdmaa last evening at the home of ^Ir. and Mrs. H. H. Sherrnan on Norlh street. Mrs. Sherman had invited the gJTls to spcr.a the' evening with Miss Herdman in honor of her birthday, atod it was a very jolly gatl^ering fior all. The dining taile was prettify decorated with roses 'and: the hostess senved ices and cake. . -v ^ •> —Sale of-, cookef] foods at Fryer's Grocery tomorrow; 1... A. S., Division 4, Christian Church. •> •:• <! Mr. and iMrs. Grant Billbe were very much .surprised just before noon yesterday i when grouiis of their friends be^an arriving at their home ^ith baskets filled with everything necessary for a bountiful dinner. Mrs. Billbe| hasibeen a member of the N. T. T. club Jever since :ts organization and tliey \yere the other ;members of the club atid iheiK husbands who had planned this delightful surprise as a ^ farewell lOjMr. and Mrs. Billbe who k will move io their nev,- home near La- Harpe next week. After the gentle- I men had returned tA their work the These Leiises Do Not Toiich Your Eyelashes fliioir dr.«>"i» jMirvv Ij -nvi's plenty of'room iitiil ntlowA tlic viges of till' It'uses tO' fii close (0 your eyes. VoH fail forg<'t tliis auiiflyaur-f! It you ft I' a r Torif lenses. \Ve siiiill. lie '^4ad U) It 'll ytiu more UIMMII liieiu. CONSTIPATION A PENALTY OF AGE Glasses Fitted Eyes Examined KaliNfa^lion riunriin (e (<ii or Your lluiiey ItefuuUed. M«. FM|M. K. & T. and Sunla Fe |Fat«fa Inspeetors. j.Notliing is so essential to heallli in advancing age as keeping the bowels </i)eii. It makes one feel younger and fresher and forestalls (rolds, piles, li'vers, and other dependent ills. Dathiirlics and jiurgatives are violent and drastic in ai-iion and sliould be avoided. A mild, effective, laxative-tonic, recommended by physicians and thousands who have used it,,is the combination of sini- ide iierbs witii pepsin sold by druggists everywhere under the name of lir. {;nldwi-irs Syryp Hei'sin. The price is fifty cents and one dollar a bottle.. For a tree trial bottle write to in-. \V. I!. Caldwell, 45:; Washing- ion .St.i Montlcello, Ills. • ladif's remained to visit for an liour or I wo, as it is probable that Mrs. Billbe win not find time to attend the meetings very frequently. The club's gift to the honor guest was a' silver cream ladel engraved with the club Initials. In the surprise party were Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hecox, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sherman, Mrs. T. S. Breck enridge, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Bartela, Mr. and Mrs. W. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. E. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Iv. B. Gladfeller, Mrs. C. E. Stebbins and Mrs. T. A. Joyce. -> •:• —Special Saturday at the Palace of Sweets, Peach Fudge, loc pound. • •> • The missionary spirit in lola received ai.declded impetus yesterday af ternoon ;WUen the Missionary Union of Tola met for the third annual session at the Reformed church. The^ first meetings were rather exiiefimenti al and the members of the various missioiiary societies attended with a sense of curiosity, but yesterday everyone present-^and there was a very good attendance—was there for her own good and to learn something of value for her own society. To show something of the difference ot the work in the various societies three papers were read, representing the Baptist Church, the United Brethren Church and the. Kpiscopal Church. Mrs. It. I.. Mather was the Baptist representative and in her pafier, "The Child At Work in Our. Own Ijfind," she gave some -excellent ideas of the help mission societies may be to the little laborers. Mrs. Earl Parrot't, representing he United Brethren Church, hatf chosen for her subject, "The Child in i:)arkness," and she told of file IM'e of chiluren who live in the lands wlieie the light of mission work, has not yet penetrated. The Ladles Auxiliary of the ICpiscojial ClMirch here has always been particularly interested in the mission work among ihe' Indians of Alaska, and Mrsr. K. tt: llobc-rtson, representing this Koclely, told of the Work there, 'file three sulijects, (lifferlng greatly, wi're all made very inleresling by llie n^aders. hi the reports from the seU'u societies reprcsenlnd at the nie«!ting it was found that 341 w.oinen are actively engaged in missionary work fn lola, that the average attendance for each month is 157, and that money sent out from here last year was $1,141). This,sum does not include boxes of clothing, provisions and litera­ ture, and does not Include any sums sent by in^iyidualg or societies other than those represented at this meeting. . During the business ses-sioii it was decided to continue the annual meetings and the Invitation of the ladies of the Episcopal Chureii to meet with ihfeft' next year was accept«d,_ana .be- fioire that time each society will work lo taalte the liext meeling even more ^ti^factory than .the meeting yesterday. It is ^Iso planned to interest tic -youiig ladles missionary societies in the work and to have them repre- sentetl at that time: • * • —Attend the big Kid Glove Sale on at the New York Store. "There," said Mrs. Fancywork, "I'm just about to shat tlie tuttle out." "Just whm did you'say?" inquired the surprisetrMr. P., as li<i laid down his paper. Why. J said-that in a. minute M-WJII tut J.he shattle ou;.'" "Oh," responded Mr. F. picking up his paper again, "you mean that you wHl sWit iha tattle put." "Tfiafs what 1 said," replied Mrs. f. as she coniplaceiiiiy finished tatting the thread out of her shuttle. -/'And I've done it!"-^Mrs. E. E. Kelley in Toronto Republican'. -^VVhite, Tan, Gray or Dlaok, 2-button clasp Kid Gloves; |1.50 (luality for $1.00 at the New York Store Sat- ui'day. ' • • • There wag a dance at .the Elks Club rooms last night, which had been announced as one of the regular Thursday night dances, but It seemed that every oiie wag in the mood for dancing TbT: not since the holidays has there been ^uch a large attendance and as Is always the rule at tliose dances, "the more, the merrier," for it was also one of the jolliest of the informal dances of the season. • •> • —^The spring suits are arriving daily at the New York Store. * • Miss Bernice Rotot, Who attends Baker University this winter is ai home for a short visit with- her par- eiits. I <• O « —Spring Suits specially price,] at $1*^.50, $15.00 and up at the -New York Store. • ' • •> <• Dr. and Mrs. L. L. Ames have returned from Elk City where they spent two weeks visiting their son. • -> •> —^^Buy something ready cooked for Sunday dinner at Fryer's Grocery to-1 morrow. Division 4, L. A. S. Christian Church. . • •> • . The lx)yal Soldiers Class of Ihe Presbyterian Sunday school, were a littre late in doing honor to their hero George Washington, but at the home of Albert Kratz last night there was a very jolly party at wriich the boys of this class were guests. The young host dressed in George Washington co.stume greeted his guests as they arrived and later in the evening "Mother" Washington In the person of Mr. Hayes, arrived to enjoy an hour with the boys and to entertain them with music. The rooms were all very gay with red hatchets and bunting and flags, and when the guests were invited to the dining room for refreshments they found the table decorated with a cherry tree with red cherries on it in the center of the dining table. Those who were present were Miss Annie Means, who teaches tlie class, Ned Turner, Ross McKenzie, -fxislie MoKenzie, Homer Mitchell, Ralph Sherman, Avery Sherman, Albert Kratz, Mrs. Kratz, Mrs. Means and Mr. Hayes. Each guest was given a red liatcfiet and a Georges Washington liat as souvenirs of the occasion. FRKM'H «JK>EKAL WKIJO-MEI). ItnmuniaiiN und SerblnnH Give I'uul I'uu an OTUtioii. London, Feb. 2.'.—Two news agency dispatches received' In l.iondon today from Southeastern Europe describe the warmth of the receptions lately given General Paul Pan of the French arni.y, in Rumania and in Serbia. A dispatch from Buchar<»st, Rumania says General Pau was given a liearty welcome on his arrival and that lie made himself popular in the capital A message from Nish, Serbia, says General Pau catne there from Rumania. At the station the" French commander was welcomed by Premier Dachitleh, the Serbian minister ' of war, and other inembers of the cabinet. As he drove to the French legation he received an ovation from the crowds which lined the streets. A third dispatch from Sofia. Bulgaria, says Gneral Pau's trip through Rumania'was expected to stimulate feeling in that country In favor of the entente powers. Senator Dobresco has made a speech in the Rumanian senate urging the abandonment of his country's neutrality. Four Little Children of German Crown Princess. Here "are the four little children of the crowu prince and princess of Ger- jlnan.v—Printtes William, Louis I'''erdin- and. • llulrertius and George—both of whoili are giving up their (entire time to t!ie war. The crown priiici; is In the li(!ld leading an army In the mid- OUCH^ BACKACHE? RUB LUMBAGO OR STIFFNESS AWAY Knit I'alii from Hack nith Small Trial Holtic (if <H.I "SI. Jamil's <MI." When your back is sure and lame cr luiiibagii, sciatica or rheiimatisiii has you stiffeni.'d up, don't siifl'erl Gel small trial bottle ofold, honest "St. .Jacobs Oil" at any drut' store, pour a little in your iiand and rub it right on your aching back, ujid by the time you count fifty, the soreness and laiiieness Is gone. Dont slay crippled! This :;ootliing, penetrating oil needs lo be used only once. It taki's the pain right out and ends llie misery. It is inagical, yet absolutely hariiilesa and lioesn't burn the skin. Nothing else stops lumbago, sciatica, backache or rllt•lllllali^^lll so jiromptly. It ncv <T disitppoints. .Most men- wlio are constantly ad-' vising you liow to be liealtliy am pale, skinny men. die Section of the line froriling France. The crown iirincess spends her lijue al the (lecilien House in lierlin, where hundreds <)f or|ihans and other children bereft ]>}• tlif war are being cared for. She has worked every day iii ibis institution since the wai- began. «o far the records s'low, no farmer was ever listed witli llie unemployed. Mrs. F. R. Brotherton and little son. Oilman, left today for Kansas City, where they will join Mr. Brotherton -viih him KO to Idaho where he will engage In evangelistic work. Mr. iiiotheiion has devoted himself to song evangelism during the past winter and lias been very successful. rebrnary and Mureh Krintr Out iTn- XIKIIII } HpolK. liim lo Itenuive •|"he woman with tender skin dread* February and March because they are likely to cover her face with iiplv freckles. No matter how thick her veil, the sun and winds have a strong tendency to make her freckle. Fortunately- for her peace of mind, the ri'conl discovery of a neiw.prescrl|»- ilon, othlne—double strenlgtli, makes It possible for even those most siis- eptible to freckles to ketjp their skin clear and white. No matter how stubborn a case of freckles you have, the ilcuhle strength othine should remove them, Get an ounce from your druggist and banish the freckles.. Money back if It fails. AJESTI TKeatre C TOMCHT .1. Wiirn^ Ki -rrigan as Ten-i'nce O'Woiirke in "THE KING AND THE MAN" MAHV PICKFOHI) "IN SUNNY SPAIN" .Also a Sterling Kid Comedy 5d— AIl.MlHSION T(l.HOItl<0>V BEULAH POYNTER "lENA RIVERS' (In Five ParLs.) Matinee "»c. Mght lOc HUMBOLDT NEWS UNO NOIES ItKOMIII.lL I'.NKI'MttMA Kli,l,KI> lL».VKAI{-OLI> .MAKV fMIFI'KK. Tonight at the PRINCESS -Also Salnrdav Aftoriinan and Xiffht PROF. FULLER in Ili^^h riass .Mn!«l('al Conrert PROF. PIPKINS Fani'} Nkaling Act. "MON.V ItXKK FKATIIKir Two Reel Feature "TIIK VXISV. SHAIMIM" Two Keel Uubin, featuring .lOHN INCK Unllins i.ecdiri' Sunday .tflsmeon .News .Votes und Personal .Mention. lll'MHOI.DT, Fi -b. 2ii.—In an article in ye.sleniay's Kef.l.ster .tliei 'i' appeari-il • the name of I'^iily l-iurlcli as a representative of lola ill the .Mien County K. II. Club. Thi.s is somewliat of an error, wliether intentional or accidental. .VIr. I;iiirtcli as u mailer of fart never did in lola, liiit is a graiiu- ate-.of Humboldt liigli siltool and lias lived his whole life practically, in and around Humboldt. At the present tiuie Kuly is one of tlie foremost stuilents at K. U., being an extraordinary scholar of chemistry and piiysics. lint lola must not claim liihi "for all that." IJon't fail to hear Peter W. Collins lecture Sunday at p. m. at the opera house. Free to all. : The Hess Realty company of this citv has got out an uni(|ue little ad- viM 'tisenient in the form of a postal (•aid. Tliis little c-ard, iiaiuly to nial! or carry in yoiii; pocket, gives a good clear idea of llnmboKlt anil its sur- !oundin.i;s, its (jiany resources and conveniences ami spleu'iid svhools. In all, it gives to the I 'eaiter good proof that lluiiiboldl is still on tlie man .in.! kei .'ping up with the besl of tliein. li' tier:- lie anyone de.-iriii^- a change,or a ^ooil spi-culation, it would siir<;ly b<' a good idea lo see the aboM' firm ami ri -menilier old lliimlioiiit. .Mary Doepke, tl :i; t wi-iM -ycar-old daughter of .VIi'. and .Mrs. Charle:- Uoepke, who live a few iiiil(>s east o!' Ilumboldi, died last Wednesday iiiorn- i'ig alter a short illness of bronchial pneumotiia. Funeral services were held this morning from tin; resilience. The loss came as a severe shock lo frieiiils and ridatives of the little girl who was so untimely, takiwi away. Chaiiel hour al the liigli school this iiKU 'ning was spent in choosing nanii^s Our stoi-e is fust filling up with, bright new goods for Spring and Siiminer, 1915. Eveiy department is full of the new.. New SprinjJT Suits New -Spring Coats Now Skirts New Waists New Silks New Wool Goods New Wash Goods New Trimmings New Embroideries and Laces New Handkerchiefs New Hand Bags New Novelty Braid Triinmings New Neckwear New Ginghakns—New Percales Nevy Bed Spreads New Draperies New Lace Curtains New Table Linens New Fancy Towels New Art (ioods and himdreds of other new things. Come in iind look around. You are .;dvvays welcome. .KA.5. for the recently formed literary societies. Three set.-; of names were voted upon, Greek, Roman and English. The Greek Uiuinjs, Beta and Sigma, were chosen by .-i large majority. .\ father with .sj.x sons has lo prac- ti'-e iiiilitarisni, whether he believes In. it or not.. , I 'Ji -t'iiomy masiiuerades so much j tliat siuiie of us spend a'dollar irying! to save a liime. Take a Tonight ft will act as a laxative in the ••^ morning IJurrell 's llruK Store. M(»:>i:y: .MOM;Y: .HOSEY! Wiio wants money'/ I^lenty of money to loan on good fariii seen rit.v. Prompt service. • Farms and City Propertjf for sale or trade, (.'hoice bargains. / -Mso some very desirable, sub- • urban trades to offer. ; We .solicit a share of .your business. •rut: POTTEK ItlALTVMO. Willi l-:. W. Myler (»ld Court House— i -Phonis SOI CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING (p. We Strive to t Phone :};J2 ^ lola, Kas. K. It. Fijatiire, Two Paris "TIIK DKAItLV SPAItK" -UECttKE OF .USTICE- ••Tllli MimrAi, WEEKLY" '•TI'TTlMi; I i tJVEl!" 5** A .NY SKAT In Peace and in War Methods Weapons Win! To send art army into action equipped with the weapons df '• fifty vear;: ago would be to send it to quick destruction.' = To try to do business, nowadays, on the lines that were usual iifty ye ,Hrs ago is equal folly. : Fifty year.^ ago the muzzle-loading rifle was the vogue. T«day not even squirrel-hunters use it. In modern warfare it woup be little better than a club. . i Fifty years ago business was conducted on the muzzle-16a|- ing plan.^ If a man sought work, he walked about asking friends to look out for an opening for him. If a man wanted to sell reill estate, he ])laearded it. If be sought tenants, lie placed a card In the M'indow of the vacant properly. . i All that ct .m.^tituted "mu/zle-loailing j )ublieity." \ Today, quick-firing publicity is the \'ogue. Daily advertising gives to your proposition quick-lire publicity. H Using it, you are on an e(|ual footing witii your competitors. Neglecting it, and reverting to mujczle-loading publicity, you havfe no comi)etitive cliance at all. . Ask Our M Man for Inforin- afion-Phone 18

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