Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 1, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1927
Page 2
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' PAGE frwo : : ^ fim loiAimitY REG: 1927. SOMEHOir fiQOD. Ob y«t we tr^st t6at ^mehow good Will be tbe final goal bt ill, . T6 pangs df nalure. sins «ill, .Dermis 6f doubK and T; taints -of I Wood: ; , K ' / Tfaai; notbing ^a\ka wltb atmlcss . . i -feet, • ,i Tiiat not one. life ^bali bie de• - 1 . Btroyed, " ; • '^1 i. Or cast as rubbish (o, tbe void,. Wben Ood^ath made the pile' com- I plete.' Behold, we- know not anything; 1 jean-but trust thai, gb<«;i <ha}l • ! -fall f • = • i At last, far off-^at last, to sfll,. d every winter change to spi^ng; So runt niy^drcam; but what amjl? i An infant crying in/ibc night, .Ad Infant crying foi- the light And 'Wiih no language^ iiiit a cry! . j - ' ' • Ttnnyson. . "CMT Federatlw or Women's ; ./ At the-meeting of the City Feder- s(tioa of WontWs iclubs '^hich will 'lie': Held Monday afterbbori ai 2:30 ~o '<ilO!Cit in IJIbrary jhall, tho. pro: grjkm will be in charge of the bet-' • comhiittee. The address ; <k the afternoon will be,,given, by: Dr. J. H; Sowerby on.' "Better; . Homes in America," and, there will' ; bb 8 slH^rt musical program The businass meeting,[to which; a^ mei^berW aro-aske'd to be present, will begin promptli' at 2:30, o 'blOQk 'andi the'entire • program will be completed in "tinie! to ad-i Jqum at 4 q' visit! <!be Reg-* ister's Honie Beautiful' to' Inspect the home, i Tlie hour of 4 o'clock to Visit the home has been fixed ^ in idrder that this time ntay be re- starved for the dub wohJpn. -This being-the last meeting of (hfl Masdn the clubmcmUehi are ! aakod to come proparod to' pay the dued. -f8i>erJal^ Sunday Ulnner, noon and evenlnir, ftOc, 7fir. KeMty Hotel. Nt. John's Albir Moclelr , Plwii Food and Aj >ron Safe ^lans were completed at yesterday's meeting of SI. Jblin's Altar -society of the ^athoiic church fdr :ai cooked food.and^apron sale to [be held Saturday'morning- at the fB^bam hardware store. Tl)e members met wiith Mrs.:H. B- rOlberdiog and Miss Neli Keiley in • the home of the former. 6^6 South , street and the work was sewing for the altar. Those 'at the 'meeting were:" ii - '• Mrs. Wm. Breen, Mrs. C. J. Mc- •Capn, Mra. John' Jeck,. Mrs. Barbara Zyskowski,* Mrs.'Wi Ij. Cole- aiaa, Mrs. Ross Arbuckle, .Mrs. D. C. Dullea, Mrs. Pi-ank ^arks. Mj-s. Harry Harris, Miss Rose; Sheid- iheter, Mrs. John Murphy, Mrs. HA-' Brauer. Mrs. Frank Lenaki. Miss Ruth Schlick and the Misses Mar- /garet and Lucille Sqhlick.; of Westphalia: Mrs. Josephine Walters. Tfce AnxiUfarr of St./Tlmothr's : £t>f8(B0i»Bl Chnrrfe ItHels ' The "membei-s of /the Auxiliary of St Timothy's fi^iscop^l church met yesterday fafternoon. dt 3 o^Iock in the vesti-y roobi .of the church for the 7regiilar! lenten etiidy on "Prayer.'f Miss ilvie Hall was the leader and ga ve ah interesting review of a .chnpter. on the subject. There wa^^a good attendance a[nd plans (or thej' future were discussed. ) iP. B. C. Holds MeeUn^ The P. B. C. club mombrtrs of, the (First Presbyterian cKuijch held • a meeting. Wednesday nigh home of Mr. and Mrs.: Ed! in thei Suthcr-j G^nies were land, 809 North street, played and refreshments were ser ved. Thos^ I»re8Bnt wore:i Leoriatd SutJierlnhd.jWiliot 0rlf- fln. Charles Howard, .Tamos Christy. NobleTroutwinc, Ilurveiy ,Suth'- erland. ,Iohn ' Stadler. ;| Robert ShieidB, Harris Fogtey, Alv n LuU. nbbcrt RcnjHbtrg' And iho Sponsor. (Jeorge W. Marsh. ii Tjfachers D!sni»'s UeciHlnn Vaj jThe teachers of ihe First' t^rcs- . bylerian iinday school met (ast night at the church lo discnsrt dc- c1$ibii, day in tUic - Sunday!' school, *blch will be Palm Sundqy- Di-. H^ G. Mathls. n. D. was in; charge and prjcceding ^hc meeting a picnjc Slipper; was held in the diriini- rfliom. ' -. • • • A'orfiiwesl Dirbtlon , ,.are«t« •;;• The womlen of the Northwest ^of "tbe Ladies' Aid society of the First Christian church met Thursday afternoon . witli Mrs. Chas. iioktt 302 North street and st>ent the tfme quilting and sewing oil 'articles; for and Easter bazaar to be held) in the church Thursday, April 7. • <• ^ A CorrecOon TJve meefinB of the girl.i', jclufi • which tbe Current Events club is sponsoring, will be held tonigbt at 7:30 o'clock in the banquet ropm of the Portland Hotel. The time wgs gfven as last night in yesterday's Register; ' ' ' .All girW who are employed and otbers who are interested in this organization are aeked to be present. "Mr., an'd'MrsrILeon ioelphmao announce the birth of a.son, Arthur .I^tlB Gelpbman. ,at St. Lukc'a bos- pltal, Kansas City. Ma:rcb 2 (4.. 'Mr. and Mrs. Oelphman Were former rieisldents of lola. ! hr' •1-9.'.<«> w H|rth(J«jr SmWe Wrtr —A surprUe birthday part; . held in the bbfne of Mr. anii Mrs. ^'J'ohn Kingery 530 South : State street laat night for.Mr. Manning libaadeB. !wltb the T. ^^h. doMft of ! thfl ^FirsU Baptist church af Ifost. jOaiMr$ Xot the flabal yea}- were }. el«He<J a« Jpllows: Mr- ir ' - ojry. Pr?«I«tent; Mrs. - Jwoadef. Ant Tic«-presii .1* C, K|da «if. second ^] rSir. WiiCTV Crew. tMM i ~ lid ^nt; Mrs.. Jobn Klngei PJ Urr, Mr. BUbu Mojet "" "mm Mt^ Blllitt ^ldtnrei cheer leader dai Mr., Mtttthlns Rhoades, atblctici nianage'h'Afterl t )ie '.buBinMS, -e-^ f resluhentB were iserved.' The'iine aiA bers attendint; We e: ' Meiglira. and Mesi lames Baill d iH cote, jlini'McCord and son, Hardd! McCoedrManiiilng Rhoades, ElQiu Hoyerl Jx C. Kidiiey, Mrs. t>anl I «^ cob and 'son. Gluurles Victor* Reo »b. and Mri and Mrs;; John KIngery ajad son, Jo{i^ Robert; KIngery. Ira B.;Fraiitz Optical The ru^deling of the room fc rf merly oconplied'by tbe JSconoiiy Shoe Store Anaex, lOir East Mac i- son, was started this inorniig,, preparatory to occupancy^ by t le Ira. B. iFrantz Optical Co. Tils change in no way «ff«cts ' t le Economy Shoe Store;; which w U icpotiBue; at 15 SoUlh' JeffersOn tender the inanagcment of Mr. Ml .a .l Fleisiier. The stocks of tie fko. stores w ^ill be. consolidated n ilhcj store fronting on Jeffersou. :Dr. Frantz expects to move in :o ho' new; location as soon af the fa'p<|essary • preptirations are' \com- tilleaed.. The room which ig in tlie pr^n-'Drug Store building will;! ic Com(>Iet)ely remodeled and redeo- ratfid^ Entirely new cquipm'e it Wili^ b© InsUIled. r 1 SKYROCKET (Mrs. J. n. Hibbs.) March 29.—Mr. and Mrs. CaH pisoh called at Harve Ludluni after setting -eggs Tiiesday evening. ' - ; Mrs. Leo Hibbs cam'^ hOmc fro n the hospital Friday and Is feeliijg f ne at this writliig. '^The gu^ts of Mr. arid Mrs. Tob Zimmerman Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs: Jobii Zimmerman arid ch 1- dren, Mr', and Mrs. Sinclair, ;&: r. and Mrs. Cecil Bakm of Humbolpt and Mr. Leonard Ericson. '> ; Miss Lading Zimmerman vjsitpd Jo Zimmerman Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Alumbaukh and fanliljr were ibopping in Hut i- boldt Saturday.' . Tbe gucstt of Fred Krokstrojm Sunday were Mr. Charles Krok- •trom, Mt^. Edd Krokatrom and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Statiiper a^d eblldren. Mlaa Nina Lea Zlmniermain vetted Evelyn Zlpimerman Saturday night. ' Mr. and Mrs. Charlbs. Aldernun visited at Dave Alderman's ISu H day.i ! Mr. and Mrs. George LInquist visited at; Charles Jones Sunday afternoon. , Mr. and- Mrs. Charles ,^ Aldermin were shoppibg in lola Saturday. Mr. and. liirs: Loyd Cox visited with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ludluni Sunday. /' • Mr. Sh'erril Walquist visited the week end iwith Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Jones and Delores. i Mr. Loijie Hibbs and Mr. Karl Bauer ^isjited at George Hibbs^s Sunday afternoon. . Junior Zimmerman took dinner at CharlesiAlderman's Tuesday.. Mr and! Mrs. George Samp visit- id at Winter Samp's Monday. Mr. andi Mrs.- Ira Bonian visited Mr. and Mrs. Wooden of lola Sunday. Mrs. Walter Jackosn and Ruby visHed at J. R. Hibbs Sunday afternoon. * . • Mrs, Ora Roman and Mrs. Gra< Honcbin and baby visited Mijs. Walter Samp Thursdajf afternoon. Mr. and, Mrs. Walter" Brdoks visited at Gebrge Hibbs 's Sunday ejv- ening. i L Mrs. W|altet Samp and Violet tended the Firm Bureau club at Mrs. Andrusi's Friday aftcritoc n. Mrs. Lieb Hibbs and little sen, Calvin, visite J with Mrs. George Hipbs Tuesday. J Mn and Mrs. Glen Bdman motored toTojeka Saturday taki ig Mrs. Gracel H mchiii and baby hoi le who have; b<en visiting hcrjpsjr- drils, Mr. anr Mrri. Ira Bomah. Mr. and:M s. PU<-kett and' ba >y of HumlKildt visited aj Jim Broofis Sunday, i ' CAR •• ^Mre. Mijl -Mar. 29.— MrsU* ited Sunday wUhj Murphy. Mr. and Mrsi came Wednedddy visit with homeliftilksL young 3. StjllV I wis of lola vis- Mrs. Clarpce {Dbiiald Bamett fo< a few days folks, of Friday Used condensed milk tins, old gasoline :cans, and.similar metal'atcn^sila U^ome palls, dtahes.1 and other useful artijclcs in this Near £aat Relief drphan.a^c in Artnchta, PRAIEIE CENTER •|llSevai>y6lfe) ,Mnr. 30.-Sir. arid Mrs. A. Dewey, spent Sunday with iliijir f\atichtcr ,'Mr-. Anderson knd family' br Vilas.' • ' Ruth More and spen^ (he wcet- rid with her ^raridmutber, Mr^. Chas."Morels nd. .Virs. Cllne Ostrander and Frejia and Mrs. Be i Collisob' and Ardi l^ea visited o ne day last week wi Mrs. Franji Ilievers. Jean Cli^t nian visited with li mot'a'^r Sniicay; who lives In Chja- nnte. , ; Miss Jcaju lotte Kaufman visit^ Saturday aril Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Garrestt Tascbe. Mr.; and! Mrs. Gus Wolfe arid Neva spent Friday evening : w|th -Mr. and Mr^. Lee Wblfe. s.'Jim Boyd and Es^ie Mrs. Mitehell visitjedH th ilr. and Mrs. WMll Mr. and M and Mr. ant Thursday -w Tasche.! ! : Mrs. Davie son and children sp^nt Saturday, w (h Mrs. Chas. Mote- land. I 'iita. ^rei Moore and children! Mr. and" Mis. Clarence CJolUs^n Mr.= and .M IS . Ben Collisob' and ciildreij. Mi ..and Mrs. Flot Col 11- sbn and soil ot Yates Center aid pella FanUner wer6 Snnday d ri'- ner guests kf Mr. and MrsJ Frank Si^v^rs. Madelene Hartwig^'^as ^bere in tb£ evening. ; Albert aid JeaA Benson; spint Monday wi h their, grandtnoth ir, Mrs. Bensoi.. ^ Norma Je«rell, Karl. Charles; .Jr., and Mkry J SHane spent SAtnrd ly afternoon v itb their grandmoih ir, I Mrs. Giis Wolfe. ' Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Morela id and children visited Sunday with N^r. and Mrs. Chas' Moreland. Mr: arid iMrs/'Garrett Tasche a id JeaiiTiette Katifqt&n called at tie Moft Seiis^n home Sunday inorjuT Mrs^lObas. Wolfe and childrm spent; front Tuesday {nntilTbaiB- {day of lastj week Trithilier ^ren s, llilr. and Mi^. Carl Lawrence. ' Mr. and iiii. Smith ot Coloiy were Sunday dinner gneata of r. aiid'Mfil'Oarrett Twche. Alice Wesley TMcbe ape it ^>|tun|«arJit tl>e HoreUtttd borne. ^Tonns Ja«M(rk ik Bns)»a4 o « iv ^,vitnM !tibes by a new I^ai|^ there necessity • chf<|r rigid econoiny. Th© work Is done by I th« children themselves, while they le«m the t|n»mlth's trade." SAVES CHILDREN FRQl|yl MAD DOG Even, of Pltt.sneld, Mass;, .whose 'prompt action saved the UVes oif thltty seven babies in the Near EastI Relief orphanageat Sidori. Syria, when a pet dog- suddenly^ went m^d. She managed to arivo: the"creature oft and ,then riisbcid her yoongr charges to Beirut for Pasteur treatment. OSAGE VALLEY , (.Mrs. Edward] Sissou.) 3Jrs. Walter GlUhani' spent Sun- dajT with her mothieh Mrs. Holeman of LaHarpe, an'il spent Sunday night with Mrs. Frceiiian Gillham of Broiisou. mark Gillham, Chester tjillham. Fay Gillham, Rcfia Gillham and Mr. and Mrs. Berley Meffbi"d and baby spent Sunday at Lynn' Hell's at Blue Mound. Earl Slsson, wife and baby .spent Sunday at t^o Edward Sissbii home. Joc'GillJiam anil wife .sp^-ui Sunday afternoon :it liny Giilliain's. .Sunday visitors at the C 'qo. Cill- aspie home were: ItRj-niond Jackson and family, Lee Colgih aiid family. Chris Colgln and fartiily. Mr. and .Mrs. Dewey SplllniHn viHited at the p .trcntal .Sant-Hpilf- inan borne Sunday. It" was • Mr. Spillmau's blrthdiiy and his children surprised' him serving Icc cream and 'ake. We wj .sh Mr.. S ilUniaii many more happy birlli- diys to come. ; Mr. ,Me<'ks is sl.-iyiiig .at the Frank-Drown home utiil "working. iUerley .Mcfford's and l'::arl SI K- Hoii 's spent -Sunday evening at Riisspll .N'ewnian 'K. Charley DaWson umferwont .-in operation at thh Kt. Scott, lio-ililtal Tufsrfay aflernojriii. They removed on^ of. Ills eyes wIHrh. •>< a very serilou.q; operation. Mr. Dawslin bai bfH-n havin'g' liis oyi^' Ireared tor some time. Ho is gettijig along vefy nicely at this writing which is very good news : to his many fripnd.s. The Daw .son faiiiily runs a Jioultry. eggi)' and creaiii house in Dronson. ! Mr^ and .Mrs.i|Roy DenMs spent Tiiesday evening at the i Dewey Spillinan home.' The evening was spent playing rook and eating ca*dy. ^nzel Wayne Sisson is having a siege of cold and q^oup. De»;ey Si>illmari'.s ai-lled at the Ike Decker home;Tuesday. Retah Slsson and Denzel Wayne callcil at the George Slsson and E. K Young homes Monday afternoon •; Diijk Sisson's \nsited at the par- 3ntar ;Fred Schalck home Snnday. I SISTER MARY nilEAKKAST!— Hnkpd .ipples, rorcal. thin creiim. ••riKp liroileit baeon. fried rornmeal miisl . Hirup. milk, roffcc LUNCHEONMork sans .iccs. ,rreamed celery, new on Ions, ryo bread, sliced oranges, romonut cookies.^ milk, lea DINNBri—Boiled fish with egg >.auc<|. plain botlerl potatoes. 10>* jminnfe ^ahbage. head InttucK with Thousand Island drossliig. ' hran rolls, oiien aprlrot pie. milk, rof- fee Stewed dried apricoiR are rubbed^ through a colander to remove the skins Orange Jiiice and I sugar are added ''to taste" and the mixturnis used to fill a baked pie shell. .Whipped cream Is piled over (he top and a delirimis des. sert results ; Mock Sausages One-half cup dried lima; beans. 1 oup fine dried bread crumbs, cup chopped • nut meats. .1 tablespoons melted ibutler. 1 esg. hi teaspoon salt. teaspoon pepper, milk;. !Soak beans in cold w^ter to more thaii cover for three hours. Drain. Cook in boiling water to which teaspon soda h^s been added for 10 minutes. Drain and rinse in; cold water. Ret!urn to sauce pai) and pour over boiling water to! covei" Simmer until tender. Drain and rub! beans through a strainer Add crumbs, nuts, eggi slightly beaten, melted butter,, salt and pepper. Mjix well and, add \ milk to make ' moist. Shape in! the form of frankfurters, roll in crumbs, brifdh over with •melted butter and brown iri a hot oven. • ; I ; ^ ^ j NOE|TJ)[ LOGAN (.Mr.-. Fred Dice) . Mar. rji.LMjr. and .Mi-.-^ Durrell Hovk<eII: iiitd fninily .spent ' Buntla.v with Mr. spd Mr.s. Hay and familvj Afip'rnooii ivi.«iiors were .Mr. and Mrs. Clemiji'i and HeKii. Ati |Ameri(i<|ai Pri^ice|l»| Mrs. foriiifrllr Princofij daiijjhtl ilan fawilly during tHn days then \i\ Near .Taqiiilh., w r o£ a distin Iklarie Wulshedl Czar. iHer family; p.| Kevoli^'ilon andj ^e stantl^tijili!. where |sh 'jlanuKlnK] Din :ust nellcf, rLshed fled to met J .-li •clor jl-'or )Ei;af)n. R'us- |of the isi the ,ton- qtilth, oifl; the hcrll spr- -Scveral of the . the neI(^bbrhobdl spent evening'hit'Baraietf.'s. j' ilr. Lee Weinfirj Mfss Lulu Di^vis and Mrs. Clare Smith of lola,were Stinday' evdriing(visitors at. Clarent^ "ilurphy's. M | ' Mr. Cole's haye moved on the Brannep farm, formerly, occupied m ibe' Baker fainily, who have mbvfed near'CoIopy. ; .,W. W. Ba,ker 'bas been on the sick Hat for the piast week or two, biit is better ribw.; Mrs-Slurphy spent! Friday afternoon wit'h. her "mbther, Mrs. Call, at Geneva. ; | Report of Carpenter school; Dist. 6, for sevent litnbrith ending uMarch 25: Numbetj of days taught. 20: number enrolled. 25, 9 girls and lU boys; .average daily attendance. 8, girls 15, "boys 23; number cases 6t' tardiness; 0. Those perfect in attendafnce were Clarence Corkins. Ff"'ederic'Corkins, Lehta ,Troutwine. Riith Troutwirie. Nellie Hall, Wil- iria §ell. Margaret Baker, , . Karl Heinz, Tom ^nnkel. Merrill Baker. Robert Douglass, Mary Bakdrj Guy Baker, t'esIie'\B^ker. Howard Knn- ^e|,and ^iffbrd;Cdrkins. Those receiving pei^fect spelling certificates:, Eugeiie Liicas. Nellie :HalK Karl lieinz. Lorn; Kunkel.-Koiiert poiiglass, Mary'Baker. Guy Baker Richard Kinney, iLbis Edwards, Leo Kunkel, Bobbio'li Barnctt, Leslie Baker, Howard K\|nkel. and Evelyn "Turner. We aro jhaving a contest in arithmetic. Tjie side losing will treat the wlnnii^^ side. Margaret Baker and Nellie Hall are the can- tains. AVe are ; having u siinil(ir contest in spelling. Last week during our drawing! recitation, w: made; blue birds., With these «•<• made'a border foij the school room. Mrs. Agnes Boker was our visitor this month' YiHitors are always wkcome. i ! HQRVSfXE K Mar. '3i;—The HorvUle Community i-H Baking cinb met witb Mrs. Clayton Sattirday morning for Its first baking clasr. | Helen Moiifort and tieJores Clayton weire the dem-. dnstratin'g" team. Muinns ! were oaade. Eleven girls were present- Mr. arid Mrs. Qeoi^ge Mcnzie, Mir. and Mrs. Fred.Meniie anU children and Mr. and Mrs. DaVid Kiiig were" visitors at the Wm. Scott home Sunday. .Mr. Boiing and Charley McAnulty visited with Ed .Coolly; Sunday aftcrni.on. i Mr. and Mrs. Ramond Scott and children left Wednesday lor theirl home in Borger, Texas.. alter a visit "with Ramond's iiaroots, Mr. and Mrs..Wm. Scott. • , The following called at Clayton's Sunday: -Mr. and Mrs. J. LM; Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Clayton. Mrs. Peterson. Mr. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Roy, Peterson and (children, Mr. and ..Mrs. Ramey arid , Nettie McGcc. i j . Mrs. Boiing visited with; Ruth McAnulty Sunday afternoon. 1 The G. W. C. was entertained, by Mrs. Mary Lucas.;March 24 -witb a good, attendance. A quilt was quilted for .Mrs. Eastwood, who was taken in as a member of the G. W. C. .\ fine dinner was served by the hostess, and the evening was spent in singing and piano music. Mrs. Mohfort and Mrs: Clayton presiding at the piano. There was nonbusiness meeting as the officers were detained at home, and Ino roll called, so the roll Call will be "What can be done to make the Club better:" The next meeting will- be with Mrs. Mac; Percy Those pi-c'^erit were"; Mrs; .ncfcj».^r« doo.' EsGfp; Mra. Virgil Estep, Victor and Dorothy, th" tw;o Mrs. Klvitts, Mrs., Ulm. Mr;: Clayton^ Mrs. Slonfort. Mrs. Smith Mrs. C^regory. Mrs. Bbling. Mi-< Eastwood:-^ Mr. Frank iSpiitb Mr. Gregory were vliitors. O. W. douzihs spOntLthe wcpff end withllis daughter and graii'l- daughter. Edna anB srin. Mildred Wil- Traffic problems' are no now things. More than throfe humlro.! . years ago coaches so conge.-t'ci London's' narrow streets that tlu> goverl ^meBt had to take Icontrol. Nursing Mothers yitcmm'Starvatipn SCOTTS jE*JUlil0N Abound In Cod' Scott&Bowae;Bk>oaifield,NJj. 2M] The five legged ai;e gigantic i grjintte sculptures, for 'rmerly guardians of the Syrian; Palace gates, and ish Museum. vices iito the ioi|i?:iiiilzatIon J.aquith ha.-f been —* Executive Conniilt lzatloti« 'Mrs. IccjoratVd by ihe eel of the pr^n> Leo Clemen called ill ; lA 'siiii ents, Mr. and >Irij. Jl.A. wi >tiiack last \Vedncs<!»yl i^fternooii. i T^ey had beeii to Kanp:i|s Ciity witli Jhfeir "Invalid I son lo cprisulit a spcnWist und/w^e Roing td Winfitld lirhere t;W, little hoy had beeff the past three years. ' j "/ ' • \ '. Gloii; Riddell kpent /Wed i^c ay afternoiin at KrcdjDicefs. S'.iiidiiy jifterniau visitors at he V.-inFo-iseii lionie were .Mr. ard'li^s. I.iiiiKfopl. Mrs. lliisic Potteijj.and .Mi.^s It .il:ic!u; Tniiis'liill of [bla Mi-s ! Klorencel iMcClpsky |!ap< nt tlie Rfilph I^lis haiae 'iCli. :(iid' Mrs. Ifilrre|l'Hpw jr ia • ""riday evei jr Woiiia<-k"s Siipilay eveiiiiis. Mrs. Dotnitr .iiid diiugliur. Mis-; CUira Doiniiz. .ilid .Mr. .iiiil .Mrs. Clia«i. Dcmtiz, |ill of Hii^nlxiljII. vis ited Sunday with their diiimhier jnid slsler.LMis. Ilert Orjh ailrl family. • \ Mr. and i.Mr.M. Kraiik Kiiinl-y .-iind r<'iiiiily of Hiinilic>I;it .NJr. and Mrs. ('. o[ Kinney Bpi iit Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Kav Kiriii 'y and fiiliiriy. I Paul, Iflnrence and Kiaticea Chicken reiiinied ilieir scln)f»l work .Monday af or h ^'Viiij; Hie iij 'easleK; .Mr.". Chick-n returned lojitlr Immii Monday af eriioon. ' .' Mr. Hunker, Orville an'i Fern, called at JHniry Hurkc"; Siintlay n!finiinp. ' !. ' .Mrs. J. A. M'oniack spent .Miinday and Tuesday - witli .MrsJ i.e-5lie Wnlmack. her with papcr- iii .s. ' •: .Mr. and ^^Ir.s.. F:iinore Stin,soii and children ajiid Mrs. BarnanI and Loiilla sppiU Sunday afternoon witlt .Mr. and Mrs. ,1. .\. Woniack. Mr. and ijr!?. Robert Collins spent Sunday with their daughter. Mrfl Leslie Woinack and .Mr. AVpmack. Mrs. Dice j and children called in the afternoon. ] Fred Dice spent Sunday' with Glen RIddell. Mr. and-.Mrs. Will Jordiin of Cimarron j Kans.. paid a shorr visit at the home of Mrs. Jordan's par- ilaiiuiiters spent^.., jllie IJeiiiiell hoii'ii-j ej'd hulls of NlnevalV now in the Brit- FRY'S Special F^ncy Japanese Imported Ash Tralys Regular pfice 50c,; , ' On Sale .Japanese Bamboo Gisar^l^e^ Hplders Regular Firice 25c Ofi Sale 15c Ill < Ci-epe and Georgette Dresses $5 95™ $19.75 . ' Sleeveless Dresses In light b'hades; Orcliid, Mais, Azure, White, Shell Pink. WE WANT YOU TO SEE OUR ; Swfeet Sixteen Girdle , an^ Cbmbinette' ' ' • ! T • • , j Romaine F1^U Fashioned Hosiery ^1 506 Thi.s ad is wortl] 50c if kpplied, on any Children's Shoe, or Slipper April 2nd. Only one coupon jto each pair. SPOT CASH SHOE STORE - ; ^."E. 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Pant Cii «• iCIiallJe „ —.—4 14e 29c Tard-wrdf, Fast Ci «r'PHnts - —J —2tc lie HopellnMil . iit Qm f bftoB, .. . • 'f Seeoitr eiabonite S^lks for yopr Easttr Mnslln, Special —J -10c • „„u J -We of beantlfnl! uMa land prints le^ Owe IdK iwlee« ^ sarpflse Satnrdar 1 |to U 7H)O-9:0O p. lii. THE LITTLE HOUSE WIT|i THE BIG SHOWS. Matt Mc^re—Dorothy Devore ; —in<4 m Krazy jKat Karto^n Koinedy—$ennett (.'dtnedy "Peaches ! 5 aiid PlUmbcrs" ; Admlsgjon, Pli|l(ii^(in 10c; Adults 25c ' Saturdaj-—The ffe Show—1 to 1 pi mA-lOe . Alberta VauKhn ta "TIic Adonible;peccl»er''-i-Krn>!y Kat Kartoon Komedy—Dorothy fbiUips in "TheiBar C'.- Myslerj^^Setiael I'lTm. jBdy, "Why fi/rl* iktj JSo"" ' aiundiiy fbr Tliree Day»—Thj) Gsrateet Wcstem Epic "Three Bad M ^ '^n;? wItWa cast ef 86^ People. ^ They went westward in a flivver, but ultimately reached their :degtinati9n—They had theii- trbiibles, and bh! how youll enjoy this pictuire of the modern, "covered wagoii"'—^this enterteining romance of "tin lizzies" and auto camps. ALSO COMEpy AND NEWS YaHikyijle I jA 8ineins,.dancins and mnsifal revue, featuring Lee Murrar. foQtflooee daodns fool aiid Veto Alaiae. boy; wonder accordionist. SAtCBDAY—• '••;•;-• • . • • • • i- llC" Also "THE TSiSCttEB^

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