Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 12, 1972 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1972
Page 5
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Contract let for parking lot at East Alton school The low bid of DeGerlia Excavating Co. for construction of a new parking lot at the Washington School was approved Monday night by the East Alton Elementary District Board of Education. The new lot wit be built east of the school building, with the present lot at the school's south side fenced off as additional playground area. DeGerlia made two bids, with the low one accepted, That bid, for $2,129, was for taking off less top soil than under the other bid, of $2,409. Only other bidder for the job was Helmkamp Excavating, at $2,650. The board also approved a lease with the First United Methodist Church of East Alton for rental of a parking lot across the street from the Eastwood School for $1 for three' years. Not approved, but sent on to committee for study, was a request from the church that the district contribute $1,100 toward repairs on the lot. .Ralph Gentry, head of the administration board of the church, said that is the same amount given for repair three years ago. The board voted to pay E.S. Edwards Construction Co. $24,000 as the final payment on the construction of Lincoln School. The board's October meeting was moved from Oct. 9 to Oct. 10 because of the Columbus Day holiday observed by the school on Oct. 9. Helmets stolen Thieves netted $80 worth of motorcycle helmets among other items during a break-in Monday night of the Wood River Freight Salvage, 1301 Edwardsville Road in Wood River. Police said the salvage company was entered through a rear door on the north side of the building which had been pried open. In addition to the helmets, thieves also made off with a tape player valued at $25, 20 rolls of electrical tape worth $10 and numerous flash light batteries, police said. Shi 'iver s prices School board approves $22.4 million budget Sargent Shriver, Democratic Vice-presidential nominee, campaigns in a supermarket in suburban San Francisco today, and checks fo|od prices with a shopper, Mrs. Marguerita Cordero <if Daly City. (AP Wire- photo) > ~~~ ~"" Sen. Nelson uifges ban on use of herbicide The new school budget for the Alton school district was approved Monday night with expend!tures reflected at $22.4 million and revenues at about $90,000 less. Opposition to approval of the budget came from board member Lucian DeShong who wanted to return the budget to the administration to make expected income equal to budgeted expenditures. He termed the budget as approved "fiscal irresponsibility." S c h o o 1 treasurer and business manager Pete • Dayman said the imbalance is partially the result of the fact that the district is paying off $400,000 in tax anticipation debts incurred the previous fiscal year. However, school attorney Roland Griffith said there is nothing extraordinary or illegal about the budget and that the figure for expenditures merely is the amount the district would like to spend if they get the money, not the amount the district will necessarily have to spend. Assistant superintendent of schools Charles Rayborn said a large part of the budgeted expenditures were for salaries and would not be easily adjustable if the need should arise during the fiscal year. But Grifjfilih also said that if unexpected income would come to the district and DeShong's proposal were in effect, the district may not be able to lay its hands on the additional revenues until 1974. DeShong's motion to rework the budget was voted down with only he and Robert Hermes voting for it. In other action the board: — Accepted low bids from various firms on $9,667 in athletic equipment. Assistant superintendent Charles Rayborn said this expenditure was about $1,000 lower than similar expenditures for last year, and that the savings are a result of tighter inventory controls. — Heard that 2,504 children so far have been approved for a free lunch program . This year's total is expected to exceed that of last year. — Announced the new employes' dinner is set for Sept. 13 at 6 p.m. WASHINGTON (AP) -All immediate ban on the use of the. herbicide 2,4,5-T was urged today by Sen. Gaylord Nelson, who said it includes the second mostly deadly substance known to man but has been used throughout the country in defoliation programs. The Wisconsin Democrat .said in a letter to the administrator of the U.S. En- v i r o n m e n t a 1 Protection Agency. William Ruckelshaus, that. 2,4,a-T contains dioxin, which he said is second only to botulinum toxin in its dcadliness. "An infintesimal amount of dioxin, about a drop in a medicine dropper, will kill an estimated 1,200 men," he said. Nelson said it is feared that the dioxin will accumulate in the tissues of animals, birds, marine creatures and humans and cause serious damage. 'Dr. Jacqueline Verret of the Food and Drug Ad- mu(iitration reports that in chick and mammalian studies, dioxin is 'some 100,000 to a million times more poljent' than the tranquilizer thalidomide, the notorius drug which caused major birth defects among hundreds of babies whose mothers used the drug during pregnancy," he said. The spraying of up to 1,000 acres of hillsides and bluffs with the herbicide in Southwestern Wisconsin last month wjfs criticized by the senator. (ADVERTISEI^ENT) AMAZING DIET pISCOVERY! The diet you are now on—or thinking about—may be dangerous to your health! Yet. with this now diet discovery people have lost as much as 05 pounds satcly and very, very easily. 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Bdwy., Alton Ph. 465-3546 Gordon Geil Gel) Ins. 2nd. & Hcirijusoii Ave., VVifod Klver, 111. ij'h. 254-4914 Raphel Snyders Itnyders Ini. 21 Main SL. Bitchlown, 111. Ph. 396-3215 Linn Cooper Sieck-Cooper ! lit Nat'l Bldg., Alton Biggest contributor to HHH campaign switches to Nixon Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, Sept. 12, 1972 A«5 By H.L. SCHWARTZ Hi WASHINGTON (AP) - The largest contributor to Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey's unsuccessful presidential'bid has donated $48,000 in recent weeks to President Nixon's re-election campaign. New campaign financing reports fled with the General Accounting Office show that W. T. Duncan, a Bryan, Tex., rancher and land developer. and his wife contributed $G,000 to each of eight Nixon campaign committees. Duncan gave $300,000 to Humphrey's primary campaign this year. $200,fl(;o of it the day before the Minnesota senator was defeated by Sen. George McGovern in the decisive California primary June 0. Duncan was only the see-on-.! largest, contributor to Nixon listed in the reports which began trickling into the GAO Monday from both parties. Kay A. Kroc, chairman of the McDonald's hamburger chain, gave $52,000, divided among nine committees in a practice Republicans recently criticized Democratic nominee McGovem for using. The largest McGovern contributor was Alejandro Zaffa- roni of Atherton, Calif., who donated $58.850 to 22 committees set up specifically to receive his contributions. All but one of the committees listed no other donor. Over-all, early reports from the four leading Nixon committees and the two main McGovern committees show Democrats pulling in some $35,000 a day in average contributions to more than $75,000 for Republicans. During the period, the two McGovem committees also took in virtually as much in loans as in outright contributions. But Nixon's campaign is solidly in the black from an early campaign money pitch and McGovern is nearly $2 million in debt. The four Nixon comm i t, t e e s — the Finance Committee to Reeled the President and three satellites titled Media, Television and Radio Committees to He-elect the President—list §4.5 million in cash on hand as of Aug. 31. McGovern for President Inc., flagship committee for the South Dakotan. and McGovern for President-D.c., show combined cash on hand Big & Tall Men's Clothes Department Sizes Up to 60 HEAR8NG AIDS * Parts * Supplies * Batteries KEN HOPKINS McCLINTOCK OPTICAL SERVICE 603 K. Broadway at Henry The LEEN Plan is the safe, sensible way to control weight without missing three meals a day. No monotonous liquid meals. Start the LEEN Plan today. BGEJffilllGOiTOC: ^MHHCHERfHE;CANl ' Every year, America is robbed of ,. tions that blacks could make. Because of the thou- -\ sands of potential doctors, teachers, and lawyers that graduate from high school, only a few ever make it ?| to college. • '] We help to educate over 45,000 black students j in 40 private, four-year colleges? 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ALUMINUM SBDING Eaves & Roof Overhan Eliminate Paint Peeling With Baked Enamel Aluminum Maintenance Free For 20 Years Professional Installation • CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE GERSMAN & CO. 22nd Year in Alton 2fi43 E. Bromlway 465-6711 OIL MAKES NEWS IN ALTON Take a good look at the newspaper you're holding. Without oil it might not be there. From the film in the press camera to the rollers in the presses-today's newspapers depend on products that come from oil. Even the ink comes from oil. To get a newspaper out takes a lot of energy too. And 75% of all our energy comes from oil and natural gas (including 40% of our electricity). But today, we're using these petroleum fuels faster than we are finding them. That's why America faces an Energy Gap. We'.re your local oil companies. Working to bridge the growing Energy Gap. Because it shouldn't be news to anyone that a country that runs on oil can't afford to run short. 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