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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, April 1, 1927
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i-.TATE H ' • ' 1 -7. VOLUME XXX; No. 136. (The Weekly' Reginter. But .rrhe lola Dally JtPHteter.EsI f ft" SaqceUOr to The iota Daily ReKister. The JM 0»Uy Record, and lola D-ally. Index. EIQHT PAGES L TO SIX NEAR KANS^ NOW 3ko Heavy Flbods Expected Despite Fact That Rivers! in East And South are Near Banks. Kansas! j city, April 1. (AP) —Thnndeij Htorms of cloudir linrNt^ ItrttpbrtioBH and Hwollek Ktreaiiut hH taken a'toll of six liv ^N and! ranMd heavj! projter- ty damage In,central HUMtnrI, norfhern' Okla|<onia and 8ontli> FiiHtern KansaH as farmers left lowlands today on reiM^rt^ of new flood; dnnxeni. / Topeka, Kaiia;, Apr. 1. (.^P)— Sasi^tn and southern Kansas riy- Ts were rising! today and —one stream, the Neosho^ ithreateued to )verflow its banks. 4t .lL.eRoy. tbi^ iver was reported liy- the state ireatber-bureau to have reached a itage of 22.6 feet, one and one Italf eet from the baok-fuU stage. Al- hough'^the river was jexpected to )vernow. thero was said to be no frent flood danger. The Kaw river had risen seven reel: at ToMka since j'esterday morning and was expected to riise two'feet more. Us sitage was 10 reel at 9:36 o'clock this morning. Th<» rising waters are the remit of torrential rafns which lell yesterday in 'the eastern third ] of Mifr state. . The precipitation averaged frpm une and a half to two and a half nchcM the weather, bureau report•d. dimiD |lBbing westward. The jnoisture was reported negligible u the wh^at country in the west-' rn third of the state. .March closed an;e?ceedingly wet t unth thrbughout the ^tate, espei- lly in. eastern Kansas said S. D. •Jora, state weather observer. The inecipitation in Top^ka.'during the f ast two days—.3.06 inches—was he heaviest in . fiy^ years. The iiithes. Is Safe In spite of'the threatentng. low^hanging clouds, the pre. diction that there will be no flooid along this .section of the -Neo'sho ^0011 seemsi fairly .>|afe 'as the Register Rok's.ti) pijess thii^ afterhoo,ii. ! liie Ktagoof the river at • thr^e. o'clock was reported" an i^bout foiirterii feet, np- prokiniately the snmc level' as It was early this morning. Thc( observer at the i'owcr Hoase said that ''ir an.vthin^ theJrIvcT had receded an iiicii or iwo since its highest point. It would only.take about teui inches rise to put the rlv<>r Into the low landS. but that rise does not seem prob- ablfe since there has been no raiy anywhere on tlio Neosho watershed today. Tliere will be -no tipdd unless ' another raiti comes, and, according to t'hft local weather report, there will be no rain tonight or tomorrow. The river should begin to fall rapidly tomorrow. According to reports re- ceiyod from up the river, raitafall yesterday was as follows: Emporia, 1.72 inchis; N'eosho Rapids. l.SO inches: r.e Roy, 2.2b' inches; tola, 1.79 Ruches. Two Peace Officers are I Slain Today, Making Total Four—Many Other Killings Recorded. SAPIRO TELLS Orders Are Issued to lions Ito ^n Diego vice r Borger, Tex.,. Apr. 1. (AP) Djpputyi Sheriffs Pat Kenyon aiid L. Terry were shot to death ofl tlio road hear Whlttenbnrg, near h ^re, early today. Hugh Walker and Ed Bailey, our, on bond in connection- with the recent killing of a policeman, were arrested about 3115 a. m., according to- a Whlt- tnnburg woman, whA was. awakened by :the shooting.] She said she h^ard four voices jis the slayers prepared to ^riveaWay. Henry Fields, driving a wedding party, discovered the autoihobile D ispatch Two Mo^e Bata^i. in Readiness I For Ser^ ,Oap ^Men Ready.) Washington, April 1. |(AP)4-0rders for the. :oncen1ra'. Uion of 1,500 additional mafinesui San Diego, Ca if., to be 'held there for possible! dutjj! in China, were approv^ by Se^ retary Wilbur. the road and the bodies ly for the m .jiih was four Neosho River is Over yjlAt Chaiiute, Kans., Now Neosho; Riv^r Boom is ; Exijected at Parsons Parsons," Kans. April 1. (API- booming iNeosho river is pre- ilicted here tonight by river qbser- vers at Service, nine niilcH -east, of ^arsons,' but little damage-is ex- |)ected. The river is ten feet above ow level now and is rifting stead- ly; The crest is expected tonight. At Erie, 1$ miles nort|i and abov'e parsons, the Neosho Wiia out of its lianks in the low places but the mindatcHl area has not 'been'plhnt- (I stn'ee'it was drowned outiby the loodsj of last fall. Aiost jof the evees have been repaired since he. last flood and it will be neccs- Isary for the! river to rise 18 inches [before going over the lowest'one. I A> road west of Erip Is; under wat^r but traffic contiiities over it. St. I Paul. 14 miles northeast of herb, report^ a bank full ^iver at a standstill. , r < At Oswegd, 22 miles southeast andbelovr Parsons, the Neosho is but 14 feet above iiofmal, giving plenty of room for the oncoming water. ' . i . DAMAGE CASE TO CLOSE SUDDENLY byler Takes Exception to Smife of Juror in Disi trict Court, i The daiqage suit brought by Edna Fonch against Douglas Scho- meruB,' Jr.. camo to a sudden aad dramatic close In district court today v^hen F. J. Oyler,. attorney for the p^aintirf, requested Oiat the case be di8misse <I. ' Oyler's motion came after h? had challenged a Juror aiid Judge Hugh' Means refused to ijecognize ;he challenge. Widnesse:^ in the j court; room safd ont*. of the Jurors smiled while Oyler .1 was making his opeiirlng statement and that. Oyler challenged the. juror under the belief that the juror could not be impartial. He '|;ontended jthat the Juror was smiling at .one of t4ie defense attorney's, while-the Juror declared that [he merely had smiled at something that h!|d--eu- tered; his mind. .. Th^n followed a brief clash, over the challenge and asked dismissal of the case, undet'stood thai he later wijll a new petition. . ,ng on liie ground. Walker and Bailey were arrested ak their home in Borger. Police .<^<d they considered they had a ^oo<I clue from a pistol fon »4 lying liear the two dead men: A pistol llearing two notches on the. handle was found lying near Terry. Offl- c,ers said this gun had been ioT- rbwed yesterday. The killing of {^enyon and Terry b 'ings, the total of peace officers k lied in Borger's short life lo f<iur. . -Night, Captain Irl Rigney was k lied Ucrember 2 and while dying, l';itally shot ilia assaildnf, "Tough" .McWiliiams. I'olicemah Coke Bucha lan died with six bullets in his b)dy in a battle with five men .\ arcli 19. when he attempted to a d officer Sam Williams, who ^as being beaten, with pistol butts. Officer Charles Hamby, a f^r- npcr Ranger, kilted two robbers IwJre last winter. licputy Cbnsta- iJle Charles faces a charge ik slaying a man in a dance'^halL A number of killings in dance halls, lite slaying of a wonian In a filing .fta'tion robbery, several fat: 1 explosions, and one disastrous fin", which threatened the entire i( wn. are part of Borger's oiie yi ar history. The most serious explosions ;0c- I ncd several weeks asd; When a hiiKc <iuantiiy of oxirtoiilve vSwA in "shooting" oil wells which was stored near here, let go. It broke K ass and shook buHdings.and one pj-rson was injured. The cause of two explosion never waa determia- in China>r5, in, April 1. |A Washington, April 1. (AP )r -Orders have beeri prepared for t^ie dispatch of two more battalions of marines to San Diego, to be held in readin« ss for? service In China .j ' The decision to draft another c Jn-;^ tlngent to complete the regimei tal organizations to the Fourth i nd Sixth marines was reachedai ter Secretary Wilbur had conferred with President Coolidge. The »ec- reiary said he had not received i ny suggestion from Admiral Williams in regard .to reinforcements since h^ asked;tor the 1,500 men ordeed to China a week ago. j The American marine force in China comprises 1,.^00 men and in- other 1.500 are enroute. In addition American ships in Chin >8« waterier, enroute there.have oh board about 4^.600 men', of wh ch about one-third would be availa>le for landincr should the necessity arise. With the additional two bit- tall ^ns of marines Admiral W 11- lama soon would be able to plac' a force of more than 5.0U0 men ashi re in an emergency. , With the rapid »)read of ai ti- forelgu feeling lit ("hina. it I as been evident that consideration v as being given by naty and mar ne officials to the quesition of placing in readiness at San Diego a foice 'H-hich would be available should it become evident that the number il- ready ordered across the Pnc Do wjs inadequate to'' guarantee ^he sapty of Americans. IS CENTER ;0F TROUBLES COnditionsv a rie Worse^ Says Williams in Re•port; Other lirouble Points are I' ' . Seen. ' FEE RECEIVED Plaintifif iiTHiige Libel Suit Collectedj 1^20,000 For Raising jMoney For Organization Of Farmers. MINERS NOT TO^ TAKE CUT SA YS JOHN L. LE WIS Verbal Oyler. It is file Chanute. Kaqs.. Apr. 1. (AP)— The'Neosho ri%'er was overflowing low banks here this, morning and rifdng, but slowly.; The stream stood ai twenty one* feet Twenty two feet is flood stage. Two arid |one tenths inches of rain.fell yesterday. V Cottonwood and^Neosho Bpoihing at Emporia ^Bmporhi, fOins.. Apr. (AP)— Rain of torrential ptoporMons which »wept " across thi» watjcr- sheds of the Neo«ho and Cottonwood rivers Wednesday - sent the streams bojiini'ng .ln«*t nlg^t but the (Coniinul«d on Pufe «.iNo. 1.): ARMY PROBLEMS ON PROMOTIONS Suggestions; are' Asked to Solve "Hump'^in List ;From World War. 'Washington. April 1. (.\P)—Suggestions for reducing the "bump" in the proBiotid I list of-army ofli- cer.s. caused by continuance in the service of ri.!<'00;of the men commissioned during ihb world war, are to be sought from/the olllcera thenv- selves; by tlie war department. • The problem. Which has long baffled the departtttent and congressional military cbmmlltoes, because It has retarded jiromotion is to be turned over to prelirnlnary boards of officers in all army corps areas and at service scjiools. The boards, representing ull • cnmiulssiitned grades, will canvass ihe[ views''of the officers and mm their sngg'es- tlons over to a Imurd of K^neriils us (i.'bai (iH for possible leKlslallon. 'ARMER BOSSED BY THREE MEN fffcn, Believed implicated In Robbery, Took Over Lonely Farm. Pampa. Tex., .ipr. 1.. (AP)— "three men, beliDVc /1 the robbers j V ho yesterday tdok $25,000 from 1 le First National Bank here, held farmer and his wife jprisoners II yesterday afternoon I at the rcher farm, a lonely .place be- weeii Pampa and Borgei|. Toward sundown, they locked dr. and Ali-s. Archer inJ a closet 'and drove toward Borger having thrown pursuers off the track. They arrived at the Archer place ill a blue sedan, which they dr<^e into the Archer garage, locking the garage. They then concealed themselves in the house, not letting Mr. and Mrs.JArclier get out at range of their gun8.| j Employees who yrerej locked In the bank vault yesterday after the knen had taken the mdney. today dentified Whitey Walker. Ray Terrill and Matthew KImes, as the pien who robbed the bailk. Identification was made by photographs, rrhe robbers were unmilsked. Walker also is reported wanted »n connection with the slaying at iBorger today of Deputy Sheriffs Kenyon and Terr>'. All-Rui)al School Contest Being Presented Today Si.< schools have representativeH . •! II . . .f I Judge Dearth to Keep His Power iMtannpolis. April I. (^Pi— Jhdfo Clar«Bce W.'Ilenrih of the Ji4*ware circuit fourt imlay was ^Tiil^itted xm till seven counts of lin- jMSiibhment nhnrges by the Indiana wt»t4 sepate. . ' •rtje Impeachment chargeM alleged restriction of the freedoin of the preas. appointment of an unauali- fleld Jury commissioner, conflsca- tioh of newnpaperii. impaneling of n<iquBllfied Juries an.d other aU leired, corrupt ion and hish'crime. 1 ' "I-feel as I always; hare fell. 1 am Innocent." Judge jDeartb said. -,I am goi^ back and'do mjr ^ty; da-1 always,^ have doae.^ tbe^i words , rudge Dearth biA acquittal. i ; ThelJudge ^Id berwoald 0)1; the' ikiack tonoiroir. The chargi's nUalnHI III\KO Den th program were the cllinnx nf n long coni o- versy etiRuged In by the-JurlHi i nd (loorge It. Dale, editor of the I 'dsU I>ei )i6crat. a weekly uewspa^ier published, at Munci'e. this city being the county'seat of Delaware county. When Judge Dearth ordered confiscation of an issue of the ^ost-Democrat in which was printed an""artlcle that he held to ' be derogatory to the court. Dale and his friends took steps to-bring the matter before the state legislature which was then in session. f ..Dale several times has bfeen isentenced for contempt by Jujlge DeartV and lone stich sentience ^las bieen appealed to the supreme covrt. Qf the United States. II tile all-rural school lere today. This ufieriioon' grain xhlbliH are being Judged. Plans •ujl fiir n irnik meet In conjunc- lun with lhe~ Judging contest, but niny ,wenih<T and u muddy field iroliiilily will make it Imprucllcn- i(f*. I.»le (hfs ntternnon,! C. A. lorspy. Nccrelary of Ihti Inla Cham- Her of (•ommerce, will present thk« A-lunInK n<ho<il with a silver tro* idiy piirchiiMed by that> body. .'Die Mips must • be wim Ihrrie limes hy i school In order to .regain permol nent poMHesHlou. AwiifiUi and scor-l ing III various events will be announced tomorrow. IN CHINATODAY American Authorities in Shanghai a^e Busily Engaged in Study Shanghai. Apr. 1. (AP)—Threits of disorders and anti-foreign a ^* tatlon in the northern ports of Gblim were claiming most of he attention of the American authi rl- tlea today. ; . \The Unlteil States destroyer Wm. Bi Preston.': has'arrived at Vhefjo. on the northern part of the Shi n- tung p6nin8ula, while the destr >y- er Pillsbury lias left :Shanghai. or Tslngtuo. oh the souther.n part of the peninsula, where large Japi n- ese naval forces also arc conc< n- trating. A move Which is looked upon as signalizing the beginning <|f con- ple^p -evacuation of the upi er Yangtse Is the official closing.a id scaling of the United States cc n- sitlate at Chungking by the cons il, Walter A. Adams, on. March 10. Mr. Adams Is remaining abotrd the gunboat Monocacy off Chui g- king untill'be hears from the hai d- ful of Americans remaining In thef interior df Szechwan province as; to, their intentioijis—whether tfcey haVe decided toheed the call aid sei.k safeti' or reinain at th ^ir poits.' -it Is' understood that after tie coiisul hears from these America as the; United States gunbobts in tie upper part of the river will Ije witfidrawn. Thf-eaterfing situations are i e- ported at Wnhu and Hankow..Heir Admiral H. H. Hough, on the Uo t- ed States patrol vessel Isabel, 1ft the Nanking region,' prpceedi is further up the . river to Wul u, where parades a^d demonstratio is were scheduled for today. 'Washington. April l.i (AP)—Coivi ditions. at Chunking, where tli^' .AJmerican consulate flag was d ;| stroyed yesterday by dlhinese. ai growing worse. Admiral William ij. the American comniancier in Chir reported today to liie liai'y depar meht. He .said advices rece ved by hiilii indicated the pos .sibiIiiy of serioi s disturbances shortly fn Hankoi.-l present political caplial of tl e Cantonese nationalist armies, who: e forward sweep has been accompanied, by anti-foreign imitation, j r The admiral reported that tlt^ second Japanese fleet, cc'mprlsii g three battleships, five light cnilseisL 14 destroyers] Ave submarines artj auxfliary craft had been ordered .o Amoy. No exlplanation for the or 14 er was given n the report. A nev » dispatch ffom Amoy.l where.a se il men's strike is undelr way, sad twenty-seven vessels ,of the second Japanese ha«i: arrived there on tlji annual China qruise. { Admiral W|llllamB said the Jai anese^force. headed by the Imttit; cruiser Kongo would remain dj Amoy at least until April ii. ' British Cabinet Has Note For Chinese Noiv London. April 1. (AP)—The cajbj- inet today approved the goveijn, ment's draft note to the Cantonese authorities in China. It is under Stood that the note demands pun Ishment of those resjionslble for tiie .N'anklng outrages, indemnification of the victims or their families aiid apologies to the govertiments whoba consulates were tooted and whopm officials were attacked. Cantondse Leader is .Dismissed, is Repok Car Is Demol^hed, Four!Escape Injury Four occupants of .a.Hudson sedan owned by the Brown Taxi company escaped injury last night when the sedan skidded towards a"^ ditch. Bonib of lola and turned I over! twice. The body of the car was I virtually demoUshed.: Basil Bro^O; son of the owiier of the com^ny. was dniring tlie car. Men riding in the car,- with liKe exception Browne ^weref traVetlnc men; . ! . • Shanghai. April, 1. (AP)—Reports . from usually trustwortny sources indicate that Chang Kdi- Shek has been dismissed as generalissimo of the Cantpnese armies by the Hankow government. J\l\ indications are that Chang Is concentrating his resources in the Shanghai district to defy the dta- hilssal. Japanese to Confer With British Soo^ Shanghai. April 1.! (AP)-^Actii g on instructions from Tokyo, says a' telegram from a Japanese source d Peking, the Japanese minister called on the British minister yes-j lerday and suggested .sending a Joint commission representing tlie powers r^o'ncerned lind coiiipete 'nt t 'hlnese authorities to Nanking./ The commission would invent i: gate last week's oiitrages. tdke steps to secure punishment of those responsible, and demand from the Nationalist government an apology, indemnity and guarabtees f6r |the future. j . \ Story Abpiit Draperies! Yesterday all Wro(ig| Detroit, Apr. 1. (AP)—Approxf imately J20.ppO was paid- Aaron Sapiro for obtaining loans at "SVa.9h- ington for cooperative farmers organizations, he testified today in his $1,000,000 libel siipt against Henry Ford. The time h (v actually spent ab the capital, appearing before thdj war finance, corporation. Saplrof said, was "several diiys" in th<< fall of 1921. He repre.senled thirteen cotton, wheat and tubac|co as- sociation.s. 1 After establishing thli'. amounts collected by Sapiro w^lio for 15 years has been organizing cooperatives aixi the approximate time he spent in floating the loans. Senator Jaines A. Reed, attorney for Ford, switched his cross-examination to the Mississippi (growers association. "The wiiiics.s^ who claim's ills reputation with tjie farmers was injured by articles in the Ko^downed. Dearborn independent, says his ^ees from that group for 1921- 22-2S totalled $13.7r,0. , Sapi'-o when cpiestioncd as to work with the Texas cotton growers, admitted he had ;demaiiiled a $"2,«00 fee and. traveling New York to Dallas; to make speeches and explain contracts to the farmers. "Before .vou went farther than making speeches, you had an agreement that you be named counsel for all .commodity cooperatives! in the state, didn't you?''!Keed asked. '1 wouldn't say thore was ati agreement but I was to be made counsel." Senator Reed was cro'ss-examin- ing Sat^iro as to the Georgia cotton association when noon recess was taken. Mine Situation (By the As .soL -iated PressJ JArea af(eeted--CentraI competitive field including western IVnnsylvariia. Ohio. In^ diana and Illinois. Southwestern fields including Kansas. .Missouri. Arkansas and Oklahoiha. iowa, which Is outside of the central field.. Miners affected — .\bout 200.000 including: Illiuois. ; 72,000; •.Kansas, S.odO; .Mis^ | souri. lOOO; Indiana. 22,0(M): • Arkansas, 9.00; Peunsylvan-• la, 40,000; Oklahoma, 9,000; > Iowa, 9,OU0; Ohio. ;i0 .ono. ; Reason lor .'*hutdown—Ex- j piratioii of the Jacksonville i wage agreement at midnight I ,Thursday. Operators saylbeyj ' cannot pay the wages of this. agreement and survive non- iinion comp^itibu. ..\Iiners- .aay they cannot accept a cut. i , Mines inoperative—iVboul , 2000. i ! Peace movps — Conference suggested by boOi miners and operators in Ohio. South- j western representatives meet- i ing today in Kansas City. Temporary situation—Num- j her of mines, claimed by <ip- erators to be small ones, plan to continue work luuier temporary agreement. Today ~.-Vll union mines, closed in honor of "eiglit hour day." . - ' * AT MEETING ."This is lib Time to Talk About Wage Reduction,'* He Says, "They Can Not and Witt Not Take Cut.'* ! Taylorville, 111., Apr. l.|(AP)— Thi.s is I 'Uo time" to talk about a wag(» reduction for miners—"they cannot and will not accept a reduction." John L. Lewis, piresident- of the United .Mine W^orkers ot America said at a mass meetinj^ of miners here today. HOME BEAUTIFUL OPENSSATURDAY Visiting Ho^urs From 2 to Oklahoma Mines are Washington, Apr.. 1. (AP)—In view^ of information now before him. President Coolidge. expects to refrain from taking any] action with reference lo the cessation oT mining in a portion of the union bituminous coal area. It was said at the Whitel House tliat the president nnderstaiids that though the union and operators in Illiuois,'Indiana-, Ohio: and iiarts ot Pennsylvania, have failed \ to reach an agreement upon wages, a large production from coal fields 1ft other parts of the country will continue. Further, in the light of statlaUcs that have been given the prasl- .dent there is atMeast 80,00O;0OO tons of soft coal in storage'at pres-' em, which supply is represented to him as sufficiently large to insure against aiiy immediate shortage. HENRY FORD IS IN HOME AGAIN Removal From Hospital Made Last Night, Is Announcement. Detroit, Mich.. April 1. (AP) —Henry Ford. lyinK prostrate, strapped and braced about the chest and 'back, in the utter seclusion of his great estate at Dearborn, regards his injuries as received in aii accident wbicli may never be solved. He does not and never has said that he believed there was a deliberate plot upon his life. Harry H. Bennett, head of the Ford organization's nationwide sy.stem ot inyestig.ition, was respon-slble forithe statement. • ' 6 and 7 to 9 For: Nine Days. ' The Register's Home Beautiful will be .'Open to the public tomorrow ancrnoon at two o'clock. "Open House" will be continued, however, for nine dayb from two to six each afternoon and from seven to nine each evening so you may make your plans to attend at whatever time is suited to your convenience. Only one exception to these hours will be made. From four until live o'clock next Monday afternoon, the house will be closed to'the general public in order to accommodate a special delegation of about 80 meni- Nearly all Non-Union McAlester, OklS., Apr. li (AP)— All mines in Oklahoma, iwith the. exception of - one in the aemi-an- thracite ijlistrict of easterja Oklahoma are o|)erating on .the 'bpen shop haslN and are in no way affected by the controversy at minea operating under contract with the United .Mine Workers, according to operators iin the McAlester ^district. <?areful: survey made by telephone this niorning shows that at least twenty mines in the McAlester Wilburton district are operating aji usual <^lth full crews. aiul no shortage of labor. This in- clucle.s- all of the larger^ railroad mine* as well as commercial mfiies. bers of the Women's Federated iO„„*U'^_g*_-_ Cfofoa Clubs who will make the visit foi-|^"'"***siem btates lowing a' meeting at which . they will listen to a lecture on "Better Homes." The home has been bustling with activity today as the last of thelex- hibtitors have been installing their various furnishings for the idiffer- ent rooms. Everything will be ready Yor the opening tomorrow. . America May Demand Reparations Sooln Wnshl,nKlDn. April 1. (API-rTle American Koverntnenl I n bellevMl to he Klvlng m<rlnus cnnslderolli n to forinulnilon of a policy for re >• arnlldn for the reported ou(rng>s at Nanking and for the exarlhin if gnaraiitneM for the snfeiy of Amrr leans elsewhere In China. The slate dcparlmeni todayj ho' >'ever, maintained its complete r« 1- cence ou the subject and officials In other departments familiar wi h recent developments In China d cltned to throw any light bn wh it might be^fOtng; on. ' . British Subjects to Leave Canton Socn Canton.' China, i'April 1. (^P) — British women and children are u i- detBtooditohave been ordered ;o eTmeoate the natlTe: city ot Canb in and proceed either 16 Shameeii. t if foreign qnaiter. or pa Hongkonii. A comitBoy of ^British aoldien Through a most regrettable error In yesterday's edition. It vjasl stated In the story about the Ipla; l..aundry that the linens and dt-a-! perles which that concern wonldi launder were to be furnished byj Scnekcr's. The J. C. Penney <L 'dm- pany. of course, is furnishing the drapes and linens as has been announced nitiny times in previous issues and a|s. everyone knows' vjho has been following the stories ntKiut the. Home Beautiful. Incidentally, the drapeH have all bijen hung by now and It is marveldiis the way they have <>nhanced Uhe beauty of the Interior,)as properly selecled drapes always do. Vou should pay pariiculNr attention to them when you visit the home. expetked here foF-defense toreiga settlemeat j , -, of tie 1 Three Calves Purchase i For 4-H Club Boys He)rc Yedlerdny's (rip lo Monlffom|ry county by Roy K. flwln.. county agent. John Wilson of Geneva ind Harry Griffin of lolai added Ih ee Jersey cah'es to the total. In AI ^n county. Wllsoh purchased one c df. while Griffin purchased twK- G if- fln will give one of the calves to a soil for 4-H clikb work. )He probably will sell the other. Chanute 16, Dies Ofj Heart Trouble Chanute, Kina.. Abr. i. (AD— William Francis GosL 16. died ast night of .heart trouble while re- tnmlDg frbm a hikci to the ri rer, .more than' a mi e eaj^t of the < ity. ^xnillani and fot^r ccjmpanlons liad gon» to see [the riTieii wblcit iad risen canaed lieaily rains, i h Detroit. April, 1. (AP)—Henry Eord, injured in an automobile accident last Sunday evening,. ,was taken back to bis Dearborn estate trom the Henry Ford Hospital last night, it )>ecanie known toda>t. The removal from the hospital was made shortly before ii- o'clock last night. Mr. Ford, it was understood was chafing, under hospital restraint, and with the approval of Dr. R. D. McClure._ chief surgeon of Mr. Ford's own hospital.-the ten mile journey back to Dearborn was undertaken. In givinff his approval of the return to Dearborn, Dr. |McClure Bald' the injured mnn could be treated as well at his homej as he could at the hospital. The bulletins Is- Hueil throughout yesterday from the hospital described Mr. Ford as progressing satlsfaclorlly. Only time now. Is needed,; Dr. Mcf'lure said, to complete full recovery. He added, however, that Mr. ?'ord would huvi' to "lie iflut oh his back." K. U. CONCERT TICKETS SOON Tickets For Concert April 8, Will go on Sale at Merchant's Monday. Tickets for the concert to be given in the high school auditorium the night of April 8 by' the Kansas [university concert , band, will go on sale Monday at Merchant's jewelry store, A. M. .Thoroman. superintendent of schools announced today. AB the auditorium seats onlv 740, it will be advisable to puj^hase tickets early. The tickets will be 25 cents. The concert band, under the direction of J. .C. .McCanles, has 4fi members. If weather conditions permit the band will parade the streets of lola, prior to the concert. A concert will be given the afternoon of April i6 for school children. > Are Involved Heavily Kansas City, Apr. 1. (AP)—"With upwards rof SO.OOOi coal miners In four southwestern states facing.a period of idleness, operators and. union representatives were, to continue conferences here this after- nOoii ih an effort to settle differ- ' enccs. I It. is announced that - no agreemlent has been reached. Nearly 200,000 Men Involved in "Strike" "-^ 1 J Cniic »go. Apr. 1. (AP)—The coal ijilnint industry in the central com-:., pietitiv^ field/today entered a cur- i6us iihase which was. neither' & strike nor a lockout, -but which forced thousands of miners Into ; idlene (3 as the Jacksonville agre^ . ment expired. Many temporary wbrki ig agreement^ have Heen made, but it Is apparent {a large percentage of nearly 24)0.000 'men have aid aside pick and shovel. THE WEATHER FOHKCm FOK KANS.V.»«-(len. rrnlly [Mr lonlghl and Snfurdnri rolder tonight Tn nlmnic Nnnlh> e»»f iHirtInn with from «iIowly rl«». Inir lentperiilnrr Haturdny. . For lola and Vlrlnil; - Ffttr in. night and Xalnrdari mlder to. night with fr.>*itt rUfag temjiem- lure Satarday. Teniperalurc—Highest yostenlay r>5: at 1 p. m.: lowest lust night 4.T at 7 a. m.:,normal for, today. 51; excess, yesterday 3: : exc-jess since since January 1st. degfees; this dateJast year—hlghci^t 39; lowest 20. i Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 7 at m. today. 90; total for this year to''date. 700; excess since January Ist, 1.69i! inches. .Relative , hnmidityj at 121 noon yesterday. 98 per cent;!7 a. jm. today. S3 per cent: liarbmeter reduced to 'sea lerel. 29.66 inches. Sun itises a. m,;; sets fi:45 p. m. . ' '. • i : CJondy. except Hixtchinson. Cof- fejrvllle. partly!' clbitdy| Arkansas City. fabr;. all iroad^ muddy. A. Ilerry Hits Himself, Bi-taks .Taw, Loses iTooth A F frry, an employe of" the power, pUnt. broke his own Jaw; early yester Jay morning, while endeav- ortiig to turnj the llgt) in lola^ Ker y's hand, which was on the swltcl, slipped and struck Blni, break ng his Jaw and knocking out a tooth. Hallun.kan.. April 1. (AP) Following the death in a llnys|lioMpllal last night of Wtlllam liedard. I'laln- vllle high school J'oulh, found wounded and unconscious In his car Just north of Plainvllte early Thursday nidrning. Ray Mahr also of Ptalnvlllc.' arrested on a charge of assault with Intent to kill Bedard. will probably face a charige of murder. Rooks county officials .siaid today. Officers say that Mahr had called at intervals tQ see a .sister of Bedard. but thai the Bedard family objected, sending;'the girl to Wichita a montlr'ago, and hold^ the theory that aa a 'resalt ^abr beid a grudge against tie faihlly.;. ' The story bn which' the officers are wrorking:ts that Mahr meti Bie<lard abbrUy Tafter: the latter i left fbe borne ot Miaa LucyToelkes at een 's Death 10:30 o'-clofk WediiPKdny night, and after driving about and quarreling, killed him. i Mtihr, Sheriff A. C. aiHam. of Rooks coiintyj said today, denlw anyi conneetldn with the crime, saying his only knowledge of It Is what he has been told. He was taken from PlalnvIIIe and condned In Jail at Stockton; due to high feeling in Pjainville. officers said, Bedard. examination showed, had three bullet marks about the bead,' but there were no marks i on the ear. officials said. One tIre,Jiow- ever.^ad blown up. Bedkrd was found unconscioha is hia car by a farther early F^ay mc ming. It was only after bel'waa . ta) en toi a hospital it was ~fdnnd be: was the victim of shooting in^ead- of an. automobile accident, j Tlie; yojith died without M^ainiiig.eon-'-v sclbnanesa.' - ! • > .i ':V'.ii -1

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