Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 19, 1962 · Page 2
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July 19, 1962

Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1962
Page 2
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M 1914 •ATlO«Al COITOtlAl 6z aai'»e B r lj Iiigkitn ? r? »•:«•• a &i A.i .-*iau*.ij Omanes . S3 M Pur T*ir JSJfl Pur 7*ar "•«• I^arisr .a jnailshed tn&egi -T JJ y.vj»*tr«» >.-vt vent tuisr.cii»rf Tium-iay marsim-:. £aner«i a* r» it ?i7-»rs». se Act if Stirta 1 '.T^i tX8& P*TUffaftaSr "If 71 Vr* »V«Tt * truua VJI A H-V —an? -«r»ae.4 a~« ava? in l 7 -ut-i- taut* Editorial Comments Power of Org-amzed Latbor f iir; srx-#sr.ft same* ia>3-* ^fter-jr,"' -rrrx -t xt-wrr; urn^ the >ar»ir ;»an "nan trie iri'v^r '.r •x"cr-m:s**» ,;iv .r intt vnat- / inythinif, 8*n »i>r- v 'ix* t. '.• a i ••juttrmtrrf ¥*tu*jt laa ui *tr i jrnaarE .-ie uf -ruutS .Tuire 3mat turn iigtr. » i t -jftf if 3aaa **t Taft Sarraev oeuui ".-»- aai-er rrx -irtanc. ait. JI 2» •<•*!•» if .Ttanv. inrie :f -:-.e-r. *«•>» <fJW- *.» t*?e "v* V Sue yrnnu^L fte ir.u'Jta. -jgicv ir -«-«--iiu|{y . ar» -J" irt- ".ii"; e £u ,*»sE.*urrjata #nu-*i ape*** M 3ianaie »rra»ru: -<n: nitiaar? fua. -JwiCaL IKEI S*TT**. tile u£* u-»-r. xinrji »»r» wait iflrt E .~;ifc *'ir .i'. artft siuair. riii^r-v-r.fi at cma araiae-i if Tianaa^irj^t •>-.•».-«• -.u* •*arT.r~i i >»atc ;«rspantn via x. .'.t*;ex -J" -.-»•• .iiwr ffia«j<*c-*r,t arui x» Ms-ft *rui'.:i. anrt -ev y.r* -.ur.iu* yiicv -»fjer3wt tSat acc»>. S>it ->r .ix •»*•,> irur>- frim wrtat "as* T-av -.r.inK ihiJiui x irj 'jjtr; - JX ,trx#- icw ti» cham*** has aesn «ia- -,t.-v-. fc'i a lUct. "J'/, in arjparEMii. -sat " H- JT-ITJI ar» -en. v.C tgfxrrjcxai?) zrjtutrfitf. vri&'j tnri can. wxniii V-K- J it.-*. ^n<iucjaa» at. oasii: AiXscrj^i '-urn. -,-jtar v. r.rjiat. »rjisfl»t •! jucciwaftit jtrfaiLesav: Sftrsururot St !a aiyjit ~ia Saet iwc the •t-xvrj Canrjo* Ts .a zoi?< vzuO) ~*r^t ami j«j--H ;rUi?- -rji>rt.*>* r^irjwjrj? atul rjij«--a: >tac*.' •t .ift ^j- -m.ri.-ia if :;. s ~a«.-.i .i ** T -wu ^iT- iiiiife is:iC{B3 £ianj| iteiit Mrv-r.iir.it v-.r<^a .i -^i *:ul- w ia*? II * itu r.ii^ f'.i *-»*•.' r .tatrrj-.ru. *':r x ii*', -jit -*rj -.r.-jrjpr.it <r" z-.-'- ~<". :( Kf Lt'«r«aeft Sac sr« -j-^»*rt *>tr:ii-iiii.-ir^i-.it. antf ,ti adjsa. 41 Sw-'-.rri v .i- :«v—. jr.rtiLnr.--/ tit rac:m: juy»aws. as <tnii«< niacami? iiaMUttUii t.*. eii»3r ssi» aw »ir. !a T«» •••^at:. w*i TI* !"uiitar Xtir* JOwTcaJv anit t«r^i- Mi* Zjumf ^r.cn A :n ai|r»»!Tuwt sii: j fr»nc -:;irr> inu>r:ti ;i* T.r- zr.c- j^r.- *ai» -jt*rf a v, ipcl-; ".uxa *«r--*.na : , -.rr.- jaraciit ->i sambe ipcii*«l *.-. mil 'ic~' ••j-iier "a** int.- •r*isr ^a*vi anrt -irner macs, rjt "... aa an JH *Jiac-?T*!tJft sar^itnirj*' ;i -.• r -rnmfcir-.+-i sy law ar.it a trxjjpJracv fki — v ijp- -.r.s"u n. if. r.- *aiac*7 5? "*aiu»rv-i acaoc ^nes .xt..u :-i^ 'in ^•^n- Tjrrx. T .KP * a Utr!it fiftarjcft 5-x a '-^ tcrrvrs v> oc*rati*.—haemal ininrjj v.wriruf a T.—I:>H- r.rtwi«?7 ar^ 2i> JJ< J C.IL' j*. a ires -*r.t>rryril« .ivaetrr. tr.at Hlu yxcJU Suw. 21 tftac a-.mr. na'.r .opniiM *a*-*ii vt rzjrzfA. Ffur j" ar» ane. *jass^ TWSO £*•:»••»<* r. -. MJ rimttrx* art crx'ixxwi li» rj^itacij* a .CfT-^scTr. Sire *«* bv *4Jux -xsrsmiT*. T»*ii t« rrxx» ar.c -x«x» ^LICJ'X . t» jr.'.nrTxrjau '-"•»• w.rjxrjt: lyw^r:- ar.«i ***iir7 *r.imi »-xism it Ther. trj* r-^*Sna sttrf £--~t4:r*a -J" iafcw. 'Jtrr *IMVB«r rsarii ^r -rjTrt. V '.l .ui ^T '-.'l' fc 'W^- arxJ f#w»r Good New* AJbwat Motor AcorJenU fvxr. a -o^. */ IL-v (>3CM -x. vu» hugiwa? jn»r Kft ,~a».jx. Atx .-xr^x.'-> rrjiei xs IMS. tr.<r rat* via iiaahwi v. v 2 x. I'JM ar.rt x» IHI waa r«»i3c«*: *7»a rrxx* r »xh i 'wri -i v I -x«s**i x. ti* fxat '.* rarxxh -L f-.ti ^-.i D. £ber!-;, lafety trsiCAf Araerxan Oil CxrxyStty taut a rsiixtaaa iiaa * H -» ut an v>xuaej& x.if ar.ixcrx,(uu-xrj »r.t ar.y srr*-. bet it a *•»«* csnre xrxx«*tAi'3» x. vjffv rj. ttse *k7T -^dc«uu; MJUisvMut ~T (b *3e the ?*&*?rj tSe^fe raee »M be *x£ oa; cnnr« than Si **r esse nvxrx ?»15JCV r ^jiscraeBxa rxr»aoir.< aj£cn« LVi per esse Is the di-eatfe jovt a baif trxA '*T-xM TTar XL the amrbee U can. •."-adti. anrt rji.i *3 <-x. }szssrjcA i i.v*«j arxi -ixr.'*-....; iAar>ti fr-arn a _nfe w^r It .— oil.«x. v> rrx.r» v,.ir. T- rrallu-x,. At "i*j> larr^ ixrir- 'jr.n :\srxr? :( ixsrA< toman has ra«r. .TJX* tsar H> caltxc. ~Y« the *4»ac!*. .*at* waa rarx* man. c:.r. \- MiMr far r-uli*. -i^Jfsay tra -j -ti ia rj.w vx'rs ti -rjra lafer tear * vaa X ?*an a*-, acrf t»x.>- aa ialt aa c «raa L> 7 *a«n a ^t. arxl tfc« jysitHts ti* rxrr icac« hi^t.**!*?! rjt,'» Tiuitr cxarrx.tj'.r. .1 -M^tt*^ V/ trait* dm'Xf it;"d jafitr. F 'xaiij. W.-, E'"*r '.y rr^d »f the btii -yvax-asac A «eri<*a'» -aj/xaocrjie la&cj rwjri «n b? itnprs-ie-f «*snw tarxe -'S-X .VjU: btrrrx and h-/- U*na -fi-/ ti* rr »a <r>i *if ;c»ja ap ^Lcacaat. f< tr^ jx-.r.- o^fas safe tovtvuf. " [Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago 20 Yean Ago — Paul E- itcEiroy rtngotrd as Vxrtstt Couoty h&sJL Mr. and Mrs. Eeo Kaiscxs celebrated their fftidm wedttog meaevtr- vary. Tie Farjrttte Uses deb ae ass last raeetiog rued ta dacrjauaat tbe ortmrMitn The (wtdben of tfae dub dMDgte ttere oofbt to be an effect made to aee what k&id erf a» ae &KBzatkxt. d anjr. the cx<cnmuniC}' *-roald raB-r to atod sap-pert, aa a mcreww to the Lknc dob, and ayprar-ted O. W. StevtnKB, Pns- tdent; V. T. Sen**, Sapt A. & Morse, PmA Shaffer, and H. L Mr. Join Wafoer, of Oefcveifl it the eerfjr dttzen of Fayette Caasty mbo bokk a tddtm tnumptkm « a veteran of lodbn war*. 30 Yens Ago — V. W. Swartler. rural matt car mr ont of Fayette wffl retire on July Ml An otxbreafc of ctarcfa buigi a« tee latest afdrScibn ( A the iewect pesu. vfeudi are «i hand to bar- as* Iowa (armers tfcti year. An mxrswM crr/»d of 50ft U> KM) people atteaded tfae eigfxfc annctal Farm Brareao ptesse, beld art Jury t at the Lax /prxsMJb in W«K Utsace. 4d Yean Ago — The ArftRgtAi -i Dxip will erect a new tuSdng cm (hear Inc. The «id fauBdhi« wiS be <&-ot-«*d of at atactien. Vane* MeQre* «if W«t Uraas has decided to <juac (rt/tsskxal baiebaB. A BQryt -ement ct txtder mvy to igr- Kanae a Bar Scoot troop at £&- ader. Repubfiean delegates to tbe coo v*ntion in West Union were C R. Carpenter, C. S. Hartroan. T. A. Hoyt, Mrs. D. U. TaatnoMn, Mrs. E. Ester. Eight license* issued fciien iaace-i recerxiy x. tise c>;r.r-: of this Fa/ett* Ouxxy citric of ctaart so th* f*xio»ir.«5 cmiptea • William Jfiaepfc Khnz-nan. 21. ar.rf &xxjw- Anita Weatbertft*. Hi. hrxh of Oefwem. Jeraid B -«*ri. It>. of Tripob aftd Judith EXaine SirTBtt >inner. U. Suaxmr: J<ifin E- .4.*ater ton. 3ft. Harlan, and Mae VL Paflc 75. LartvxX; M«y£ Rivwrt Broefcur, 21. Watacoma ar/i Dnrxia Befl Jadtscn. 17. Berrnfcrtrx.. Waah- an^/JC. Eidx. Frank Auic 22 arxd Frarxtis Marian Larseiu 3i, buh of Raoiaiia. GtraJd Edward Fecketh- er, 22. and iucStfs Ann OaJcJey. both of Gei-mwi. Jw; Frattk Ger- oxnrne. Jr.. 3T7. and Frarxe* Kath- erme Latzer>. fcnth of St. Paal. Maw.; Jamet Ja>- Ctaf't, it Frt* ertduburs and Lavrxt D>xcth>' BoyT4fin, 2ft. Randaisa. Let's Talk Gardens By M. C Wangmtss If -rasfrc new fro-m rfwnafis in yvnr (trdtav yotr*re ompjttinc one of iae flnwt fla—rim vines. The dfevdopmcnt af new varieties is jrnryasiwf tbe popuUrity of tfas viae every year. Toe flowers are pmnmWmwf mnwmCtmi They're ate flaw tor tbere ai»; teemjbi yoar The vMttift the aider aod it k ate eae at the r , to a red, with flowers that cAeo measure sbt indies across. Nelly Moser is anstber line variety, wall biotam in various shade* of red and purple. On* of the most beautiful of the whites is the early bkxxniag Clematis Imgjnau nmiUa Its wax- tike flowers are pure white. The variety, Henryi, is another escefi- ent with bhwow eight Inches in cfiameter. It is not as freeislooJDJnf as many other kinds, but the ouagijr of the bloom mates it irtdbpemahte to the denaus fan- dee. There are many other varieties fmn wfach to dmsc. Lady Betty Wegner reunion bead The awaual Wegner reunion was held Sunday at Kkdt's liland a*. Fayette with 72 prw^tx. for a picnic ( SBBST at wrxt. Officers who -jriS plan the reuDsan to be held at Kiosk's Island aadude: James Haas. Sum ner^ prestdest; Leonard Roipke. Aurora, \ice-pretidHa; and Mrs. Dribert Wegner, Maj-nard. secret ary-txeasurer. The eldest and ycungest ma& bers respectively, were Mrs. Millie Wdfe and Tamara Sue Bright. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Carr and John of MOwankee, Wis., came the Members wtsire present frean Wis- nanL Oetweas, Randafia, Aurora. Infirnendmce, Waverty, Fayette, Cedar Fa&s, and Arfjagton. sun each day. They wal need the p^mHt of a trellis. Good drainage away from the roots is essential SSBD ? the ffanf* preler an aJfcahne- type snsL if s weO to test the snB Isnore ptanung. If it shows an acid reaction, add fine to th» sciX In most gardens, yoa can safdy add one cnpful of ground Hmestooe to tbe set at I'fr'-hn.' time. Organic matter, suds as peat or compost, nated'aa the p)aoung sol attbesametiaiewflil»Da>efldd. inaVb is very haunt* ^ jfto,u*a«.i» amr a teiav'"*~-\piantod at" ~* from wfach to'dMoseTLady Betty For teat grewuTand Oower pn> fmraUe locattns, YaaTi Hal » Balfour, * purple; Duebess of Edhv dudJoa, tbe ruols must Je kept fa one of the most hardy of flat..: burgh, a pure white, MMa»*>. te»Hloa«rte; (M Jf yw »e lo* variety, and U* popster Swee* ^^anleat m .^ajtt. aarfk as canTgo tarssM jaaattaf ^dfia^ " ——• AnoStr S^£T5Sr vmkttt* mm UML Ky«'re lonte^.for jags, - '€|laaTaM»«WllP^ Chattin' With Stonev r *ie KKfOid Ma .it Mli'.i'.iX'; Vt.r «."atn JUK 5 ".rrtH7 r.ttffir. v u; — •1 i ttwictii fiiitftyss --' ~i.sf :( .*•» ~jrr -.rT .Htt. D«u> v, -.->' V-i'.'.^-.-(» -r".*-»l iB -um * aai^ «.; l:t " "~r -j—tilt" I—"i-" i: tor. mrs ww »'.ac --*«•«•» v-.. ::>: ;rT.--,ft "-tiitti* Ttitr-* —.'.'r:- Tr ;;.r-» ;i tuts v. u • '' '-ter -Titaraa -vnonrtOKit :r. zi ~~.rrr.O0DA. -Msssa ztt tur. aitix if* jttt *fa» -rttti—f (tnrtraxirr? T»-*-"'i ik^ ii ttanit i r -'v -ts^;; Miit 3C -<K3«r anri -*i» rr 'C C«:-r*inau; tnia *^i »k. T"i-'. : •.•rM-.r.- •;»'<'* in fiso*imitin4 ---.r-. ir.ri —..'iiir a -ttar>*ui*«ia thnw nj r v«* i^i ^iatat rtajrr ?K7 an 'itz-i'vvr—. 1 p -tlRt. 3b' i stsfnr-tinaw tSat -i'v> *i> -ran rtufina tn ju-rj^urr. r f-Kain A iicii* .-»ar x wt«"!- T.e \tat T»I -2 -acjai $tr "te.i .— i£rx -Mate —nte a -tir'-rr^ri-^. ** fad ta tedwiunr: -»t? !tu*ft «t**nr.( atSttiitx. a-ujix ^iKJ -r tr.it *-n -es T» p«ii inch ~.t:r ..v,. uutiv Own -jtR't *Sat *— irft -air. Si *r?t t-jr tnin-*iar*tirra; :':*r •vtc.t. •iat Uiast a <&7t r»ar *»-': «•*-•* vi„i«ta fatata ami the fir^ua ii-o^itr, t ,ttcni ~(«-!iiiBcis aajane t-a; trttiutr. Tfta* aat't rrse-aras CO —• ait *i«t:ia«» f.sr FayriGifr'* inu. i^c -wuie "i»7 •»<*!•* ^ »>~n 'r?-^ an tixaur .rtirx •iifc^ter. 3at- ors ntacar VSAC %arr. x a day's ntst Ibrrs^w; t«r>ii jJ :iti:ii-f '•>! a rtaiat. Lr -r 'i :«*>* tfc»» aa*-x:;ir.rx :f.c iitii aji* tft-s a tefe "rxj^Jtt t-rten t,te9 ar» Jcfte -iriin^ fxx* acftietu: N- R- G- giris entertain MAYKAHD - Or. M>x.Ai7 i?vr* ,-rjtr. % the- >•' •» G. xxid 1 ?: taxi arxi tiseir Utadwi -*r.i>r- -.hr.fitl itw fK x,r'^i f.—.m C.ina«ta -ir. tr* Cen*naj-iic-t had. tl**-*e jrta raj'iif ia »*B. gta«**E tS* past x vi» rjtrrjis ejt Kares. F"j»r. .«"..itv :.irrxj;»'x.. Mar~a Carrtuir. ..' J'?;- Sif.-ir.ejl. Astr. aut -titartr. HAT- -:r.«5t.-x.. 'r vit *x-.(***arr. ' E-S -* laij -..-.K:S^ ^Lariitj wEaii*; ac«-,i.t trii-x - *x".«*rarrs ir. Car.a<ii. a t *lk •x v R.-xxn. Cars" bp Arr. Har art "P-rrtitiii if ty Karet F'iih. D«—-j-.r.- •s »rrir- gjser. by S^dcr •x. "iust jBt &i!ar«ts'" and .-X4J-X.. ami it .-at.itrji "JS.rXi'". ?U.ta fix acfiut-r-strfcrx d-y is heirf Sataarrfay. Aag. It. tsere -t,i»ie efcsnrjf tite Sij$tK«iS3 fatter. tjjsc* was stened ti» *igx ^.u ^Ka. ii tt-fi—tcert and thrs* «ad- preserx by tfae Harrt-t^Jar. jit- -.-r— i arxl tr.««r trrxher. Mrs. Joe r:.---na4Eflc. N. F. O. conrentioa The nt-x.iA.- rrj.rdhiy meeting of the Fa>^.t.« C.vxr..- K. F. O. wtass rjel-f at Ma >T^.-d Jjij- 1L It was detr -ded t.-. have a dance at the CMs^ia C :{iibiu~. August It, and v> ?r.e a ~tiv,>_- -.amera and two rsjr#r a.—^tu-.-i ii tioor prtaes. Oraa L*e Stale>. >iatxxal President of the S". F. 0 haj been invited to speak at t&» cr-jioty **whoie-hog iauaa** supper" to be held in September. Besides the cfr.r.«rs, three tnss- tees, pi.fcittr. r^Uiux^i chairman, and puibtcty chair—t^ru. the foOowtag defecates •5<=r>? rhr^itn to go to the astxzet crxvarx-.r. August 4. at Maachesicr. Clarence Ruebner, Lyle Becker. Stir^y Yearous. Aar- nn Ifemar-i Dcr^'d Scott, K. C Br/yt. Horfaert •{ vckman, Elmer Pe-jsrw.. Har.-> :-:.tnQe, Jr.. Clarence Itilirr. J~. Sraeltzer, Lffidy Frey. J<* Koitw-iij*, Charles Wx- Bride. Wuiur t^rhman. Edgar C-ral, Kecneth ..Vraen, and Otto FaSc At thia c>x.-<.»-ntion tbe ideas of the irvdsvxSual rnembers will be expre->3<ed and fdnncdated into pejicies to be taken to the National Q *KeBtk«. Try An Ad bTfe Leader Cree/< Bottom Comments My luminal rta'-'r J'Vi ever ..... .. mefJiUit/-fl the -xafttif^I a *pet -»j of \+%H\MI\ j^rfy «amy « the r;. S.? A rU-vir\y txxad^rf 'fjfrst.jje^tirt; w»> cirniiut **i a - rx.x YexV City cuwr t .-«4t rr^riy i/ Ui '-S'- y<Miii 9 -.rr#r. tmrJK.y declar*d they would 'st vr>.?'- Tit, "->Ura/1ivi- ;in'l ::.i-.r?-t;;.. ' —»».'. -trrth Or#r »<T irn'in- •<.*<»r a-xrer.. thar. »/» li*»v«: a ; r.itk n-t -V; rrxrfj th«-ir very t'Br.. .-*rt/.r*. :.' y/j will, a sue •"'.tf.; <rx^r.*.t.-.e driving hr/nv: t/» - : TO «.* rrrrJerri zmt!t%vtii arid a cr-sang 'xi a littV: (*ar rt*rt Th* artu**? or »e is plnyin% t -jcr -e-t rrajir. 'xs the electric organ. A .-.rf the playful playmate is all zr-^z ^i '3fi. and n-arjsng "Th<: r. t.-^ <j>A>r *~r. Bra". Ir/ Mar ?'4.U. A"i hinrnr> tribal chief -»i-.-r "r^d ft *o grr/f'. More ir—jj^i,/. R/ri»r«-nd f .TiK-iti ^r l/re Mar-t^j L'tHted Church of Otrtar. ip>rc a year African t-~.hii. r^rx.es. arxl c-srne away itzest-r^s -v trje drxw -UK- tranquil- xj t/ v.e-!e tempJe pe^Xe. Uk-g- xrracy. ••x-'ae-i rrrxx«eri. and A. D. r . -rfsyrr*-r.u are not vx-i-a] prr/b- j*tra there. t>->:*j-x »'--Ar -x! D. Waiienujg, of 7.r-.» MedSoii Sctrx/J. stat*-i_.. "Ill *5cntac->. n**n-x«t of a Little Chats on Public Notice HotiTm HseN (N «L 3d in a Series) Se"z»-ra£ yearti a^o the city of 3.jir.x. 521* stseif rxcice through xj huiLcSc^g crxranaaasctKr that it ran zo£li?d Sx -*e-T *iij3i «i to in- ir.ii- arxi traxxax. at a cert in ad- itr«w 2 i-ey !x.der • t rjpr«e ar»d gen erar-x T>.ia rjtcatii- ii prw-sded by ta-». ran "hres txaa in a daily rfsipacer. The -uttice et ;i <a:r«?*i •Isas "urv .t.-.Cj* -/ TBtrttiBsg cf <j6jectic<i t.-erec;'" -»-*a gr.erj •stthsr; lets days -.f -he fx*re -aJstxasatn of the not- tits. thi* pxrzxt. void be grarxed. L- -trxer -e'trdtf. the pi ^fcijc *rai put tr. rx.cx* as t& the c-x>"i ittetit- xxji At the lante s*ae any irater- esdrd pervx. -saa xfexmed that he crjiid tojecs to *ie proccaai as pre- scrxed. by la?w. L- essesce tiait was a rootle nxies aod as far as is kstown DO sciecial proofeR? was asr-cesiedL Bti th«» actxxj si a gecd it&agratkc cf htnr pcanc cotke works and bow x cperaees u> safeguard the rights of tise pubfic. ^ Whether tc s a pnhfic aupiwe- Eest *x a private aetioc the prt&- ctpfe- txjdetiyktg pubeic notice is the saxtte. Ii b to grve notice in time so that those whose right may be affected have a reasonable oppor- tzjrity to take steps to protect those rights. Strict adherence to this prmcipie through tbe publication of public notices, usually- in a newspaper, ts basic to the American way of life. —•— Ihwwrgrwuad Garage (Mo. 37 in a Scries) Resort is often had to tbe courts to determine the meaning and ap- pttration of a particular law. In some 'atmttnrw an injunction is sought to halt or to prevent a proposed action. Again, a mandamus may be asked for to compel an official or public authority to take action. Some time ago this latter kind of action vras fued in the Ohio Supreme Court by the Ohio L'nder grouod Parking Agency against its secretary. Tbe agency was set up by the state legislature with authority to construct a 1066-car garage underneath tbe statebouse. The project bung Bre for several years during which various legal angles developed, including a uu-payer's suit to halt the entire idea. After. a new adrnmistration came,in the idea was shelved. But earlier a split developed in tbe cotnmissjon and the action referred to turned on* the question of Your INDEPENDENT AGENT* SERVES YOU BEST ayette Insurance Agency 4 * tV , lllMllllu'll MIH-lflV, IllhO ll'VI'illll how fur wi- Imvi- ttnni' ilnwn llii' inon ogiiinoiiii innil I" iMimunilllv " Ac ronlilig In Mm H II II II' I'I IH - fMIIni* IT of Hie CIllllli'i'll 'M llllllllll, 'II- ixiiti'ib niiweil inothei lilrllii in i n-iiMiil frnm l-II.WKI in l!l.'i<) In yXI .YW in IICill. 'I'lil'i V'lii, ii full '., (jiTeenl nf Inline". linlM. Will lie In unwell mnlliefii CnnliiFiy In "fiopular niiinmn" mi ever Inere/iH ing fiimilx -r nf unwell mulli'Tn (ire well erlucileil e ;irecr yoUliK Wu men. nol. I' in ;u;c /(irli. Dm-lor W -iniK -rwig (leeliiren lliiil leinili /.eil f>olygariiy would do inucli In end thin particular uncial problem, iilttn the forrelated prolileiu nf A. I). <', Tlv ilnctor declare; thai the lareer young women of America ilo not want to force the polygamy i .iXliC. They had rather If flattered and coaxed into II. Therefore the doctor Kiigge.',i<; a naliunal "Cum mitLee for I 'ulygamiill .'i Aclinn", and say:; that everylxxly inleicnted should write their Congressman. Congress should lie "aroused to the peril that evists". fltlierwise, frair million unattached young wo hum will "have their bloom wither on the vine". (Statistics show that at age fifl there arc six times more girls than lmys, but at (111, it 's » little late to do much iibnul it. tlv? refusal of the sen -utaiy to pub lish a legal notice for bids on the (5,000.000 project. Six-cifically. the commission majority asked the Supreme Court to order the secretary to do .so. Actually the action was intended to test the legality of the law authorizing the project. Quite apart from the merits of the controversy, it is significant that public notice was involved, such notices tell alxwt public as well as private matters and enable interested parties to take whatever steps may be necessary to protect their legal rights. It is proof also of tbe effectiveness of the bona fide newspaper that the law us ually specifies it as the medium to carry public notices. — • — The Widow's Right (No. 38 in a Series) In a case some years ago the sheriff's sale of a piece of real property was set aside on the tech nical ground that it was not prop erly advertised. Specifically, the suit turned on whether the fori closure had been advertised in rotdan'c with lb* law in such cas- i-t! 'U*- Ikx/w In question belonged 10 II widow. I'lfimrtiittAy six- bad fallen behind in h< i luggage p**/rn*TiU arid the holder finally UxA steps t/> fore- i|of.<-, ii.; he h.'iil h right It i dti. As the law provide in such caset, no lire of tlx- forid tab- was duly publiiilwd in what pwrporud to be 11 newspaper. The pr</perty in lime wan wild at pMit: sale. But Hie woman tlx-n lirought suit to void the niile on tbe ground that Hie publication in ipjt*tM/n wax w«. In point of legal fart, a bona fide II. w;,pa|XT, Winn the IMI«> carne before the lower court, it lx-ld that the ad verirnininl was valid, that is, that il natr.bed tlx- legal re^juiremerit. Hut upon app<-al, the next higher court found that the publication did not. come within tbe definition of a "ix-wspaper". * The one in volved admitte'fly blanketed the iity but it was primarily an ad verti.'ilng fslx-i-t, had no edoorial slaff, and only one of its eight pages was devoted to news. This incident illustrates the importance of full compliance with the laws governing public notice. It also emphasizes the preferred status enjoyed by the bona fide • newspaper whos<.- primary purpose is news and information and which has built up a voluntary paid following in the community. Becher reunion held Sunday at Maynard MAYNAKt) The 28th annual reunion of the Becher relatives was held at the Cflmrnunity hall Sunday, July la, with the sons of the late Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Meyer and their wives as hosts. They are Charles, Westgate; Alfred. Oelwein; Herbert, Maynard; and Henry. Sumner. Following the noon meal Mrs. I^'onard Arthur, Marshalhown. read an account of the events added to the several family histories the past year. She was chosen as histoi ian for another year. 'Hie 1903 reunion is scheduled for July U at tbe Legion hall in Sumner. Other towns represented by those present were Waterloo, Gilman, I-'airbank and Randalia. Since Sunday aiSO marked the birthday anniversary of Herbert Meyer, several of the group remained for the evening meal then went to his home to observe that event. re- ac- SELL YOUR DONT WAHTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS Gene Wm. < Singer FAYETTE, IOWA PHONE 247 PLUMBING WIRING HEATING BOTTLE GAS MOVE UP THE MARKET DATE WITH FELCO SPECIAL DRYLOT SUPPLEMENT Why keep those hogs around so long? Gel them off to market sooner by feeding Pelco Special Drylot Supplement. 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