Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on April 30, 1936 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA, THURSDAY, Aritli/ 30, 1936, gimtrtj Correspondence LUANA Mr. and Mrs, J. F. Langenbacher of Monona were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Smith. Miss Caroline Overbeck spent several days the past week in the Gust Pufahl home at Monona. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mielke and son of Sixteen were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Brown. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Brown of near Volney are guests in the home of their son. Roy Brown, and family. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Carr of Waver- 3y visited at the M. E. Smith and Alda Smith homes from Friday until Saturday. Walter Koschkee and daughter, Dorothy, autoed to Mt. Hope, Wis., on Monday. Miss Dorothy remained for a longer visit. Members of the Methodist Sunday School had a very enjoyable time at their party Tuesday evening in the Louis Engelhardt home. Miss Eva Jordan of McGregor came Monday morning and took Mrs. H. A. Moore to Iowa City, where the latter enters the University hospital for medical aid. Donald Davenport submitted to a tonsil and adenoid operation at the Postville Community hospital Saturday forenoon and was able to return home the same evening. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Radach, Mrs. Orval Radach and daughter, Janice, motored to Rochester, Minn., Sunday for a few hours visit with their son, husband and father, Orval Radach, at St Mary's hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Overbeck were among those to enjoy a picnic dinner Sunday in the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Schroeder, at Monona in honor of grandma's eighty-first birthday anniversary, which was on the 25th of April. The Henry Rekow family of route two, Postville, the Ben Meier family of Monona and the Clarence Landt family enjoyed Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rekow in honor of Grandpa Rekow's eighty-second birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Doerring, Mrs. Mary Knuth. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Berg spent Sunday near Ridgeway in the Mr. and Mrs. Louis Biels home with their brother and uncle, Henry Garms, and wife, who make their home with their daughter, Mrs. Biels. and family the past few months. Mr. Garms is critically ill. Several neighbors and relatives gathered Sunday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz, assisting Mr. Schultz in celebrating his birthday anniversary. The evening was passed pleasantly at cards and at the conclusion of the playing an excellent lunch was served from the baskets brought by the guests. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Renkauf and son of Sparta, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Ellis and daughters, Margarent and Marion, of Mt. Hope, Wis.; Mrs. Efiie Nelson and daughter, Betty, of Bosco toel Wis.; Miss Ruth Mulrooney, Orval Kaschkee and Tod Rogers, of Mt. Hope. Wis., were week-end visitors in the Walter Koschkee home. II— 1 | Luana Hi-Spy | Luana Sports The Luana high school ball nine de feated Monona high last week 19 to 10, Luana getting 13 walks and 11 hits : •while Monona got 5 hits and 6 walks. Xondroth and Overbeck were the pitchers for Luana, and Colby, Moses and Drallmeier pitched for Monona. The Luana team will go to Gutten berg on Friday at 10:40 a. m. to meet Strawberry Point in the county tour ney. Music Notes The girls' glee club is working on two selections, "I Hear the Bees a Humming" and "Sleepy Hollow Tune. They will sing these songs at the senior class play. "The Tin Hero" The senior class play, "The Tin Hero," a riotous comedy, will be presented Thursday evening at the Luana Opera House, starting promptly at eight o'clock. The cast of characters is as follows: Douglass Goodyear Leo McNeil Mrs. Blanche Goodyear Florence Aulerich Grace Goodyear Helen Miller Virginia Ferguson Gladys Johanningmeier Warner Baxter....Eldo Johanningmeier Mrs. Warner Baxter....Rosalyn McNally "Bunny" Wheeler Keith Overbeck Annette Coverdale Evelyn Dunning Adelaide Young Irene Sander Victoria Esmand Nellie Reukauf Mile. Claudette Bordoni Palma Sebastian "Spike" Ryder Wilbur Frye Honor Roll Those persons receiving an average of B or above are as follows: Seniors—Florence Aulerich. Juniors—Helen McShane, Leo McNeil and Jeanne Moon. Sophomores—Nellie Reukauf, Irene Sander and Evelyn Dunning. Freshmen—Jessie Schultz. Grade Notes 3rd and 4th Grades The third and fourth grades are giving their play, entitled "The Last Wish," on Wednesday for the first and second grades. Later it will be given to the other grades. 5th and 6th Grades In geography the fifth grade is studying South America and the sixth grade is studying Australia. They made salt and flour maps of the highlands. In art the fifth and sixth grades made salt pictures and they are all very pretty. Some are of tulips and others are of birds. In English the fifth grade is study ing nouns, while the sixth grade is studying conjunctions. The fifth and sixth grades are very proud of their bulletin board. It has pictures of different birds. Merrill brought an oriole's nest to school for us to study. . Sophomore Notes We all regret that we are nearing the end of our classic, "The Tale of Two Cities." But there are still many important scenes we are anxious to hear the outcome of. The World War has ended in our course of history, but there are still the peace treaties and the gains and losses of each country to be studied. Perhaps soon we will be studying some happenings since the war. Geometry has at last rolled the heavy circles and their properties out of our path. We are to start ratio and proportion. 11th and 12th Grades The junior-senior groups have been delving in their books very energeti cally of late. In English literature we have been studying contemporary writers of fiction and enjoying their works. The biology class is just reviewing for the Every Pupil test which will be given next Tuesday. In business training the class has been having interesting discussions in connection with purchasing goods. In sociology we are discussing wage and labor problems. • • » « Leonard W.: Where are you going with nine buckets of water? Bernell: I am going to drown a cat. • * * * Gene: That isn't a dwarf. He's over five feet in height. Donald B.: That's the wonderful thing about him. He's the tallest dwarf in the world. • « • • Gene: Did you have any luck on your hunting trip? Donald B.: Not much; I shot seventeen ducks. Gene: That was pretty good. Were they wild? Donald B.: No, but the farmer who owned them was. CLUB Dance LUANA, IOWA Sat., Nay 2 — Music by the — VIKING ACCORDION BAND 40c and 25c (Plus Tax) A San Francisco lunch stand pro prietor counted his money—$19 short. He counted it again—O. K. He re peated the process and called Police Captain Thomas B. Foster. "You count it," he said, "I'm going crazy." Foster counted the money—O. K. He counted it again—$19 short. Then he found a bill, $20 on one side, $1 on the other. DANCE IIIIHIlllllllIlttMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllltllllllllMllllllllHIIIIIII , Heidelberg Gardens Luana, Iowa Every Wednesday and Saturday Free Fish Fry Every Wednesday. CAST ALIA THE ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH CASTALIA, IOWA Kcv. Wm. Striepe, Pastor Sunday, May 3 Sunday School 9:30 a. m. English Services 10:30 a. m. The Luther League will meet on Friday evening, May 1, at 8:00 o'clock in the church basement. On Wednesday afternoon, May 6, at 2:00 o'clock, the Ladies Aid Society will meet in the church basement. The hostesses are Mrs. Fred Kipp, Mrs. Herbert Schroeder, Miss Vena Schweinefus and Mrs. Walter Brandt. A hearty welcome is extended to all. The Ladies' Aid will serve a dinner on Mother's Day, May 10. Fred O'Boy of Decorah spent Sim day afternoon here with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Anderson and children of Cedar Rapids spent Sunday here with relatives. Mrs. Delia Winn was an over-night guest at the Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Allen home in Ossian Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Meyer spent Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs Lester Meyer at West Union. Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Lambert of Decorah were guests at the Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Campbell home Sunday. Mrs. Earl Reeves returned the latter part of the week from a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Thornton, at Farmington, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoopman are making the acquaintance of a daugh ter at their home since Sunday, April 26. Weight 11 pounds. Congratula tions. Miss Helen Rathbun returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives at St. Paul, Minn. Mrs. Irvin Burrington of St. Paul acompanied her and is a guest at the Mr. and Mrs. Ward Bachelder home. A Farm Bureau meeting was held on Tuesday at the home of Mrs. W. H. Haefner. Rugs and the different methods of braiding rugs were dis cussed. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at noon. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dean were guests at a five o'clock dinner Sunday at the Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Schopp home in honor of Mr. Schopp's and Mr. Dean's birthday anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bachelder, Mr. and Mrs. Will Albright and Mrs. Roy Dean attended a farewell party at Ossian Wednesday evening, sponsored by the Eastern Star chapter, for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bothel and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bachelder enter tained the following guests at their home Sunday in honor of Mrs. Bachel der's birthday anniversary: Mrs. Irene Ostlie and sons of near Clermont, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. Oran Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Bachelder. Mrs. Blake Albright and Mrs. Will Albright entertained the J. M. H. Club at the home of the former on Friday. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at noon. Those that attended were Mrs. W. J. Timmermau, Mrs. D. R. Peckham, Mrs. H. L. Meyer, Mrs. Valder Meyer and son, Mrs. F. W. Harvey, Mrs. Ella Harvey, Mrs. Harold Harvey, Mrs. Earl Anderson, Mrs. W. F. Anderson, Mrs. Geo. Schultz, Mrs. C. R. Winn and Johnny, Mrs. Chas. Albright, Patricia Albright, Mrs. C. B. Schopp, Mrs. Roy Dean, Mrs. Elsie Kobriger, Mrs. Delia Winn, Will Albright and Blake Albright. Mr. and Mrs. Damond Meyer entertained the following guests at a dinner party at their home Sunday in honor of Mr. Meyer's birthday anniversary: Mrs. Otto Oldag and son of Luana; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Meyer and children of Clermont; Mrs. Conrad Welzel, Mrs. Louise Kekos, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Martens, Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Meyer, of Postville; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Meyer. Mrs. Valder Meyer and sons, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Meyer and Orval, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schultz and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Peckham, Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Peckham and children and Mrs. W. J. Timmerman. FRANKVILLE Farm Bureau Neighborhood Study Club Holds Meeting. The Form Bureau Neighborhood Study Club met with Mrs. Alvin Walby on Friday afternoon. April 24. Owing to the inclement weather only five ladies besides the lender were present. A very enjoyable time was had by learning to braid rugs with 4 and 5 strands, also joining them and learning the braided corner. We also learned about the machine-made rugs and crocheting with carpet warp and rags. Later the hostesses served lunch and all departed for their homes planning for our next lesson early in May. FORTY-NINE MILLION FISH STOCKED IN IOWA STREAMS In summarizing its activities during the past year, the State Conservation Commission today announced that over 49,000,000 fish were stocked in Iowa's waters during 1935. According to the report, 460,000 of the 45,393,608 fish stocked were largemouth black bass and 40,000 were small-mouth black bass. Crappies numbered 500,000; bluegills 500,000, bullheads 950,000, catfish 63,000, fingerling size wall-eyed pike 180,000, yellow perch 32,000, trout, brook, rainbow and brown 290,000, and the balance were wall-eyed pike fry. The fish were raised in hatcheries or rearing ponds operated by the state or taken from the Mississippi River during rescue activities. As far as facilities will permit, the Commission in hatching and rearing fish, raise them to fingerling or adult size before stocking. Most of the fish from the Mississippi River are fingerling or adult size. Fish of this size are better able to take care of themselves when released in new waters. All fish stocked by the Commission are placed in public waters. No fish are placed in streams or lakes shown to be highly polluted or in privately- owned waters unless an agreement with the owner has been made permitting the public to fish in such waters. Sell It through a Herald Want Adl F. T. Bulman of Waukon was transacting business here Saturday. Mel Ewing and family of Waukon spent Sunday here with relatives. John Schutta spent Monday in Postville looking after his business interests. Will Watson and son of Prosper, Minn., were business callers in town Friday. Francis Evert and Otto Hager made a business visit to Lament Monday evening. Gus Herman and family were weekend visitors at the John Flage home in Waukon. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miller spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie VanWey. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bollman were Decorah and Freeport callers Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Hermie Sherbonda of Postville was a Friday visitor in the Mart Winger home. Rev. Fred Butler attended the Presbytery meeting in West Union the first of the week. Albert Depping was in Postville several days last week helping with carpenter work. Francis Evert motored to Oelwein Sunday to see his mother, who is in the hospital there. Mrs. Dan Higgins went to Decorah Tuesday, called there by the serious illness of a friend. J. E. Kneeskern and daughter, Betty, motored to Calmar on business on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Barrett of Volney were business callers in Frankville on Wednesday afternoon. Miss Martha Hager was hostess to the 4-H Club girls at here home here on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schultz of Castal ia were visitors Wednesday afternoon at the Dean Kneeskern home. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Schutta, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wolf were calling on friends in Waukon Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Bulman and Le ora attended church here Sunday and visited at the Arthur Brandt home. Mrs. McClusker of Decorah was a guest here several days last week in the Mr. and Mrs. Francis Padden home Walter Brandt motored to Postville Friday and his daughter, Beverly, ac companied him home for a week-end visit. Mr. and Mrs. John Winger, Mr. and Mrs. Dare Walters, of Rossville, were guests here Friday at the Mart Win ger home. Mrs. Henry Timmerman and sons of Monona were guests here Monday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Owen. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stegan and son and a friend from Turkey River were guests here Sunday with the Hans Stegan family. Dick Flower and Miss Inez Kneeskern motored up from Oelwein Friday evening and visited in the James E. Kneeskern home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smeiclerskamp and Betty, Mrs. Will Grant and daughters were business callers in Waukon and Postville Friday. Walter Pilgrim and family. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Letchford, Chas. Letchford and Everett Bray were Decorah visitors Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. A. McClintock of Minneapolis visited at the Chris Waters home and called on other old friends here the last of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Will Schultz. who lived in the Miss Lena Samuelson residence moved Monday into the tenant house on the Walter Pilgrim farm. Arthur Lang and son of Elgin, 111., transacted business here and visited in the home of his brother, Eldo Lang, and family a few days the past week Mr. and Mrs. Phil Brouillet, Mrs. Lettie Padden, Miss Sarah Miller, Mrs. Dan Higgins, Oscar and Will Padden attended the funeral of Mrs. A. Miller in Decorah Friday afternoon. A group of friends and neighbors gathered at the Community room on Friday evening for a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Mart Winger, who arc moving soon to a new location. Mrs. Lee Winger and daughter, Mrs. J. L. Drew and Jimmie motored down from LaCrosse, Wis., Saturday for a visit with relatives. Mr. Winger and Mr. Drew came Sunday and accom panied them home. Dickie Hughes had the misfortuni to fall in the stairway at his home on Thursday afternoon and fracture both bones in his left arm above the wrist. He was taken to a doctor and the fracture reduced and he is getting along nicely. Rev. and Mrs. Fred Butler and son and Mrs. Nell Spaun left Tuesday afternoon for a motor trip, Mrs. Spaun to visit Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Waters and K. W. Waters and family at Libertyville, and the Butler family l 0 visit Mrs. Butler's relatives near Burlington. They returned home Saturday afternoon. BETHEL Milo Harris is driving a new Chevrolet truck. Mrs. Eaton Waters was n visitor in Waukon Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Arbe Behrens was n business caller in Waukon Thursday afternoon. Mrs. J. W. Harris accompanied Mrs. Lester Smith and sons to Waukon last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Roftman were Sunday visitors in the Mr. and Mrs. George Leet home. Lottie Gruhn assisted Mrs. Geo. J. Schroeder of Postville with housecleaning this week. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Enyart visited in the Mr. and Mrs. Louis Powell home Inst Sunday. Miss Ruth Harris spent last Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Obert Harris. Mr. Adams of Guttenbcrg was n caller Thursday at the Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hurley home. Mr. and Mrs. Will Ewing were visitors at the Mr. and Mrs. Jess Uhl home last Thursday. Wright Enyart assisted with seeding at the Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Folsom home a few days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Cloy Lawson were Sunday morning callers in the Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nuehring home. Orrellu Thomas of Waukon was a caller Tuesday afternoon at the Mr. and Mrs. Eaton Waters home. Mr. and Mrs. Arbe Behrens were visitors Saturday evening in the Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hurley home. Louis Hangartner hauled cream a few days lost week while Milo Harris was at Waukon serving on the jury. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Waters of Frankville were dinner guests at the Mr. and Mrs. Wright Enyart home last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harris and family visited last Sunday afternoon in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harris. Mrs. Louis Hangartner and daughters Joyce and Joan visited Thursday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Obert Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Meyer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Meyer and family were Sunday visitors at the Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Meyer home. Mrs. Geo. Brainard and daughters, Barbara and Janice, and Mrs. Herman Nuehring attended the 4-H Club meeting Saturday afternoon in the Mr. and Mrs. May home. Mr. and Mrs. Cloy Lawson and daughter, Doris Ann. autoed down from LaCrosse, Wis., last Friday to spend a few days visiting in the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawson. THE SPRING TIGS SHOULD BE PUSHED FOR EARLY MARKET The fact that more pigs will come on the market this next fall than for the past several years leads agricultural economists at Iowa State College to predict a more than seasonal decline in hog prices when the full force of this spring's crop hits the market next September and October. This prospect of a lower market should encourage Iowa feeders to "push" their spring pigs along at a [aster rate than usual in order to get them marketed before the decline sets in. believes C. C. Culbertson, head of the animal production sub-section in the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, Ames. Pigs farrowed around the middle of March can be "pushed" to 200 or even 225 pounds by Sept. 1. Culbertson says, if they receive a full feed of grain and adequate protein supplement while on pasture. Corn fed at the rate of 4 pounds per 1 (10 pounds of live weight and kept before the pigs at all times will give maximum gain and finish, he states. Some feeders may want to use oats in the pig ration this spring and summer, but Culbertson warns that not more than 20 per cent of the grain ration should be made up of oats if fast gains are desired. Tankage, soybean oilmeal. skimmilk or buttermilk will meet the requirements of a protein supplement. If the pigs are on a good pasture (alfalfa, clover, rape or leafy bluegrass) \i pound of tankage or its equivalent in one of the other proteins will provide maximum gains, Culbertson believes. Absolute freedom from parasites and disease is necessary if pigs are to weigh 200 pounds in 5 months. GRAND MEADQtyl Herald Want Ads bring rcswui^ Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Blgl er j\ Clermont visitors Monday, ^ Vern Trudo was n caller at then, Trudo home Tuesday forenoon, The Gunder ball team defeatei ft newly organized Grand Meadow t team Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leska Martins emj tained a company of relatives at homo Sunday. s Frank Lawson, O. L. Trudo ana ft] Wm. Lubbers were numbered the sick the past week. Several from this vicinity attenj, the Community Club program 1 dance at Postville Wednesday eyci* Mr. and Mrs. Myron Krambeer fc! daughters of Guttenbcrg were Sita day night guests at the R. E. McNjj home. Mrs. Roy Moon, Mrs. Frank Laws and Mrs. Arlo Johanningmeier ^ ed Mrs. Wm. Lubbers with pap^ on Tuesday. Mrs. Frank O. Rounds and ua Elizabeth, of Volga City, were hum callers at the O. L. Trudo and Frjjj Cahalan homes. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Krambeer, & and Mrs. Lawrence Krambeer aa children spent Sunday at the uj, rence Bollman home at Ion. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bigler and K» Lloyd Merlin, and Mrs. Schweiiaj were Sunday dinner guests at the J vin Benson home near Elgin. ., Mr. and Mrs. Wray Brown J daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Howard M of Guttenberg, and John IA *4 Wells were week-end guests atttiepj.j rental J. C. Wells home. Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Nevermanasj son and Erma Krambeer, of Mount' Mr. and Mrs. Myron Krambeer B{ daughters of Guttenberg were Suidq dinner guests at the John Kramles home. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Leui, „„, Wray Brown and two daughten. i Guttenberg, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. VMS and Florence were Sunday atterow callers at the Mrs. Josie Wells hoa in Clermont. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cahalan, h£ Mary and George and Mrs. Raj t Jacobia were visitors in Cedar RapS Saturday. Frank's father, M. Cih* lan, returned with them for a visit ia the Cahalan home. FASTER GAINS on CONCRETE FEEDING FLOORS Feeding floors made with eta, long lasting concrete yidd steady dividends. They make hog taisioj more profitable by saving fad otherwise tramped into the nind- : and by keeping the amtaab cleans and healthier. No more unsanitsy mud holes. Concrete improvements cost » little and are worth so nmcM They're easy to make—and jw- manent You 11 find a lot of valuable suggestions in our free booklet, "Permanent Farm Construction." Paste coupon <t penny postal for your copy. Talk to a local concrete contractor on your next trip to town. PORTLAND CEMENT ASS0CUTKI 408 Habbcll Bids-, Dcs Moioet, IW Pica*? aend me "Pwmmfflt Vttm 0* •traction". Stttmt or R. R. No.- The Fort Atkinson Nursery OFFERS NEW LOW PRICES ON STRAWBERRY PLANTS DST PER 100 $ - 85 Postpa ii Sen DunlVn" Per 100 1M Postpa o Fah -fW P P er 100 -75 Postpaid ainax per 1Q0 j QQ postpaid . EVERBEARING MaSr per 100 $!- 25 Post P a !l Mastodon per 100 J 50 Post paid A Nice Lot of Wind Break Evergreens for Spring riantln* ° FrUit 1>ces a "1 Shrubs. Prices Very Reasonable. BOX »n S ' W * SINDELAR BOX NO. 330 ._,„»• FORT ATKINSON, 10WA

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