Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 18, 1950 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 7
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W1PMHDAY. JANUARY II. It* ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH For City Library Dr, Gill tmues Statement ToGAAC Keed for a free public library was *re»M4 by the Rev. John 0. OUI, pittor of the Unitarian All tktirtr Drug stons Church, In a statement thla Wot*' Ing to the Greater AH* A*ueU tion of Commerce commending the library proposition and pointing out the value of a library ta industry and commerce. He Mid In P«rt: 'In deciding to establish a library, the citizens of Alton will be investing In the greatest .time* saving Invention since the discovery of money. Until the invention of money each farmer had to take his stock or hi! produce to market and trade It for every* thing he might need during the next year. When money was Invented, he could sell for cash and buy things as he wanted them. Until the invention of libraries, when people needed information for running their business or industry they had to resort to guesswork or go out and dig up the answers for themselves. Sometimes they could invest in one or more reference works such as an enclycopedla or handbook, but few individuals can afford to buy »Ad».» lew individuals can afford to buy •••••••••••••••••••••t f DAI I ril U nrvri ADIMA z ROLL FILM DEVELOPING •Y MAIL it Custom One mined devcloplnav it leek Individual picture enlaned. it Next Day Service. it Bpseial attention to all flash pictures. it All these services at no ettrm cost. $end for easy to use mailbag and money Mving price lilt today. ALTON PHOTO SERVICE ^ ALTON, ILL. all the useful material for their A modern library has a job more important even than the lending of book*! that Is the answering of questions. The librarian Is trained to know where to find the Information needsd. Sometime* a library Is plagued by people who want answen for quiz programs, but even this brings people Into touch with the library as the place to find the facts they need. A good library In a city the site of Alton would have all the different encyclopedias and files required by the businesses of the area with sources for up-to-the minute data. "Often there Is a speclallced job —some study being made of current market trends, or a professor at one of the schools or colleges earning an advanced degree. Such a person often needs book* that will be used only once, which It would not pay the new Alton library to buy. In that case an expert librarian will be able to find out where the material Is located and through an arrange* ment between libraries secure tht books. The nearest -sources are the State Library In Springfield or the library of the University of Illinois. Books can be borrowed from the Library of Congresa which secures a copy of every book published. With a good library, the most advanced work can be done In Alton just as well as In New York City. "The Alton public library which the citizens will be voting on next Saturday should not only be a place for research and reference, but have the regular department! for recreational reading and general circulation and certainly Thirst, too, jseeks quality whoro olio doot quality moan oo much t Jt*/w ft (<(«*«•;...Ml lr»Jt-mtrki mttn thi Itmi tUia, somiD uNoei AumoMy of m COCA-COLA COIWANV IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ALTON, ILL. miness Exvamion in 1949 a large children's department using fair percent of the budget. The Greater Alton Association of Commerce i! sponsoring the election on Saturday to determine public opinion before the mayor appoint! a library board and the City Council passes a budget." Medora MEDORA—Mrs. James Temple and Mrs. Dwayne Temple and children s^ent Sunday with Mrs. Adelle Ewln, Mrs. H. F. Shields and son, Herman, visited In Brighton Saturday afternoon with her mother, Mrs. Emma Fleischer. Mrs. Helen Marshall and son, Donnle, spent Sunday with Mrs. Marshall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Warner. Mr, and Mrs. Roy Stover and sons, Kenneth and Robert, and grandson, Bobby, Springfield, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Watklns. Lester Searles, St. Louis, was also a caller/ Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Conner, Alton, visited Saturday evening with Conner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Conner. , Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cllne and grandson, Stanley Cline, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. C E. Cllne, Brldgeton, Mo., en- route home they stopped in Alton and called on Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LaBelle. Mr. and Mrs. Mllford Ryan, Mrs, Elsie McCrellis, and Edawrd Gilworth visited in Alton Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Gene McCrellis. Mrs. Claudia Haynes and daughter, Miss Rosalie, were week end visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Claxon, Roxana, and with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haynes, Wood River. Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Wilton and daughter, Miss Patty, spent Saturday In Alton. Mrs. Eva Day, St. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed McCarty, Alton, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Day's sister, Mrs. Gertha Huff. In the afternoon they attended the funeral of Duward Dlxon, Kane. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Watklns here from Alton Friday, calling on relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Lahr and family, Piasa, were guests Sunday afternoon of Mrs. Lahr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gwlllim. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jones and daughter, Sandra, and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones Brighton, were visitors Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Gertrude GwilHm. Mrs. Harry Wade, Jerseyville, was a weekend guest of her sister, Mrs. Myrtle Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Glmlln had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schaaf and family, Plalnview, and Mi. and Mrs. Harlan Schaaf, Meadowbrook. Mr. and Mrs Jean Peek were up from Alton Friday evening and .Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Bartow accompanied them home for the By LEE HANKS Ifefnln Oorfeseeiweitt HARD1N, Jan. II—(Special)— Kampsville, always a busy place, continued Its business expansion by adding several Improvement! during 1949. The largest bulldtng operation during the year was the remodel- ng and renovation of the old Brenn Hotel, near the ferry land- ng. This historic bulldtng wai completely done over by Iti owner, Charles Macauley. The hotel now contains one of he most modern dining rooms in his section and the sleeping rooms were redecorated. The place toon became a mecca for hunteri and ourists, while the dining room became a headquarters for meet* tigs and banquets. Macauley recently sold the business and will retire to his, farm near Golden Eagle. The Kamp brothers also Improved their filling station corner during the year by .erecting a building which serves as a grease room and a place for washing and polishing of automobiles. The building Is 30 by 30 feet and li built of blocks. Entrance to the bulldtng Is by two high lift doors. Half the floor space is taken up by the car lift and the other half s the car washing space. About Oct. 1, Wallace Carpunky, Hardtn, opened the Car- mnky Implement Co. (n the Relss Garage building In Kampsvllle.. He handles a complete line of farm power machinery and equipment. Early In the year, Joseph A. Kamp retired from the mercantile business which he had operated !or more than 50 years. Hi! huge store building now houses two thriving business firms, Becker Grocery and Ingersoll Appliance Co. During the summer, Ralph Bennett bought an old business build- ng just south of the Kamp store. weekend. Sunday evening the Peek family were guests of Peek's mother, Mra. Viola Peek. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reno, Shipman township, spent Sunday with Mrs, Reno'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brims. Mr. and MM. R. W. Brown spent Sunday in East Alton with frown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Y. Brown. RELIEF AT LAST ForYour COUGH Creomuliion rtlicvti promptly because it gott right to the tnt of if! trouble to help loowa sod expel germ isdea phlegm end aid astute to soothe sod hesl raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membunei. Tell your druggist to tell you • bottle of Creomultloo with the undemanding you mutt like the way it quickly allay* the cough or you are to have your money back. for Coufhi.Chest Coldi,Broiichirig ^"^^^5 \3% 'tifl^ On Wlnferi coldest days-jet and better 1950 WHITE 010WN! OM-second storting/ That's a big order but not too big for this neW'fonnuk gasoline, 1960 White Grown. With this new and better gas, you'll slide behind the wheel and have confidence that you're going to start—fast! Here's • gasoline that's made to give you one-second starting! And on top of that, you get... iJfcjk ^f JP .-i A ,A*' '-• " **' - Yea. actually 19% faster warovup than with the premium gasolines in general use last winter. That means you atart and ttay started without a lot of sputter, stalling and battery strain. Fill up today with new STANDARD WHITE CROWN OASOUNB-enjoy one-aecond starting, 19% faster warm-up, and all the knock-free power your engine can deliver. STANDARD r wo s^ltiOWhho Crown lotho Ite rebuilt Mid reflnlihed the building making It one of the most attractive placet In the business district. Bennett u«es the building a! a clothing More. This business Is handled by Miss Helen Kamp, long aitoclated In business with htr father, J. A. Kamp. These new building and new businesses, along with many Improvements to home and streets, have caused Kampsvllle to be known more than ever as an attractive little town. And when th» projected park and boat harbor are finished, It will take its place among the busiest towns of Its size In the state. Fidelity FIDELITY — George Bell, Eldon Moore and son, Eldon Earl, Sherman Ferris, and Melvln Wlegand attended a meeting of the Men's Brotherhood at the Medora Baptist Church, Monday night. The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Vanell of Alton and Vancll's -mother, Mrs. Vancll, Sparta, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Ferris. Miss Nellie Thurm Is a patient In Alton Memorial Hospital. The Rev. Robert Vancll, Yvonne Ferris, Joe Moore, Jloscoe King. Wanda Cunningham, Roger, Mary Lucille, and Hugh Moore, and Claude and Richard Swanner attended a Baptist Young People's rally at Manchester, Monday night The group won the attendance banner. "Girls Drink Too Much" Alarmed at the reported number of under-age girls seen drink- Ing In public places, 200 London women will conduct a year's survey. They propose, as remedies a special Identity card with the age of the bearer; policewomen in civilian clothes making surprise raids on bars, and instructions to publicans on how to recognize the real age of modern girls, despite makeup and sophisticated hair styles. A 10-foot, 660-pound porpoise washed up on the Normandy coast was found to have been strangled by an to iwaliow. •TE n trouble m§jfb«—Mvytmna ireM aw foot-wofiDtn BALVi em h>*7« evtlo«*« tot OM toy* HLmJJJbt" MW fOf yoM ffMkl an iflMsM No matter haw many i tHrt tot HcMna testma. i tlotti. athlttt'i fool ~ ikln f ' to fo Btv WONDiH SALVE It white, untHeptlc. No children. O«t or money maided. Truly ••it ta AM** fey ssMtn F*r«-H«»kiM, e * w, ••• D«t«nh«t«l Out BIAMf, •»?*•» k*m* »»w« <tif|M FRIGIDAlRE SCHWARTZ APPLIANCE CO 1 DAY SERVICE ON RlLlAlLt CLEANING and PRESSING •RESSINQ DONE WHILE YDU WAIT BAKER'S CLEANERS NOW UNDER THI MANAGEMENT OP R. LEE WILSON, EXPERIENCED CLEANER fir »RISSIR. ALL WORK GUARANTEED. 24 E. Broadway CONVENIENT DOWNTOWN LOCATION' ELECTRIC RANGES SERVICED ad REPAIRED All work , FACTOR!by TRAINID » EXPERTS Replacement putt f __ til makes availtbl*. All Replacement Part* for Silei and Cory Coffee Maktrv Howard i WtJIs Appllanoa Mart 107 -113 W. 4TH STREET PHONE 2-2623 THIRD AND BELLE STS. ALTON, ILL 3 DAYS ONLY! THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY CLEARANCE DAYS! Offering Terrific Savings and Bargains Galore on a Beautiful Group, of Specially Purchased and Drastically Reduced Merchandise for Juniors, Misses and Women. AMAZING VALUES! REGULAR $16.99 SPRING SUITS • 5 Boeuitlfful Stylos to Chooso From I • Wonderful Rayon Shoon Oabardlnol • Rayon Cropo Linings I • Hand-Mado Button Holosl • Nowost Spring Colors! $059 OrTf, $1,99 and $1,11 _ Rayons and wool rayon mlxtiiroi. £• __-^_.^— 2 For $5 Slzos 24 to 30. SWEATERS All $2.99 Nylons! Wools! Slios 34 to 40 2 fw $5 SLIPS Originally $1.99 rayon oropoi, Sim 32 to 40, ' PANTIES N .v., Rayon Jirtoy, Sliti. laiall, «idlu» 51 GAUGE-IS DENIER 2 »RS. f l.TB Perfect quality ihesra in ex cellent ihadn. Sins to 10!i. 2 For W-50 or largo All $3,11 GbonlllMl Oottonii Rayam! Sim It ta 20 $1.99 and $2.99 I 'Oft $8.00 Rayon Crapes, cottea* Siiei 32 l« II ALL $5.99 DRESSES 3 DAYS ONLY! stytosj cropoa, prints, butchor woavt*), togras gabaroNnoo and monswoar syWiigs*

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