Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1915 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1915
Page 6
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DjmY RE^ISTOj^ THURSPAY^B^ EBRUARY 25,1915 5 . . F^b.. 23.—Mrs. jBftider df . Tampa, Karis.,'l8 here thisSwflisk-visiting her aaugliter, Mrs. M. l^rnellana family. Mr. and Mrs. Will S^aymoh were called to Vernon 'ruesd|y by the sickness ot th6Jr d^ujhter, ItfJ-s. .John Goodwin. Mr. Eitert DrisW^ liiade a bireiness tii»:tO Yiatea. Cenie| Wednesday. Mrs. John Jaoorehj^d lias l*eeu sick with lagrtppe.Uie pa^t week. iffs. Walter JacksOJi vistted Mrs. W. Moorefheadf Sunday. | , ,.ll)r, iM^rk^Burnen,^and sister, Mrs. deoi-g^ Williams wetje called tu Belleville, Kan.. Sunday By the serious illness^ of their father.! , The death of, Mrs, Charles Henry last Tuesday east a ^oom over the entire ccmmuihty. Mr^, Henry was sixteen years old. She ts survived by lier i;ar <!nt3, eight sistetjfe and six brothers. Air were presejU at the funeral^ except tlie oldest brother who lived loo far aVray to conS*. Ray HehdersoB is! staying, at liur- nell's doing the clior^s while Mr. Bur- uell ifcjgone. j The wet snow that fell Mondaj' night greatlj damaged sha^c trees and lele- srafih niA telephouegft'ires. XOKTH FAI^TJEV.I (I41U6 Wright) Feb. 24.—As It is n^ring the first of Mardh, we feel sdrrf, for those wlio have, fo move, because the roads are almoBJ. impassable. ?, Alrj. 'and Mrs. Price^of I^rued, Kas., are visiting the former's parents. Mrs. McKaughn ariH^ed home Monday after a visit wit)> her daugliter, Mrs. Cornet of kansiis City, Mr .and' Mrs-. Chaftes Wray spent Tuesday night with hi^ father. Silr. and Mrs. Wrigl| M.-i r ;.i '-ly attended tne Grangers'-iiieeting at tlie i-le.'i.sant Prairie ScUpDl House. A number o( peopljj from our district artended.the sal© at Mr. Coffey's Saturday. ' ' S Mabel Folk is •ratschool this week on account of. sfckness. Mr. Pritrt is very 111? ,G. D. Smith, of Kapsau City spent Sunday aa<,i Mond'ii with Mr. nnii Mr." A, U Wil^ht anO family. , MrJland'Mrs. Charles Wray arrived hom^'Tuesday nffcral visit with Mrs. ^Vray's brother, H.irryt-Busley, of Kansas City. ^ •Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe of fjronso.n is visiting her parents, >Mr. and Mrs. Wesley, Mcyey. ' ' r ' ilis. Hariey McVeyn spent a few days this week visiting her mother. Ml ., Bnrtlett. of LaHaJ-pe. •i:. ;ind Mrs. Wolfe, and daughter .'socnt Ti'''day night with Mr. and Mrs. Hariey lu -'/ey and daughter. PH-VrKlE 1 #)SE. Feb. 24.— Neta Butler spent the week end with home folks wMt of lola. Clayton Robb went |to Topeka one d^'' last week to visit relatives. The young men's gofepel team was out from Moran and lieid services at Prairie Eose last Thursday night. MrSj tam si^.nt a pa^rt of Ipst week with her daughter; Mrs. Fannie Wood. Mrs. Mary Ford and Mrs. Lillie Robb took dinneif Friday at W. N. Fbrd's. . Mr. and Ijlrs. W. N. Ford, J. A. Robb and,daughters Agnes and <QIady8. and Mrs." Mary Ford attended "the fourth quarterly cbnference in Bfonson Saturday afterppon. The hou'sej movers got jhe church as far as Mr. Wood's before the rain last Thursday night. It will be some time before it cai be moved falrtlier. \ .Mr. and Sirs. W. T. Foi<d, Mr. and Mrs. George Ford, C. W. Bacon. R. h. Robli, Joe Uarclerode and E. B. Miner accompanied, the funeral party bringing: the body of the late Mr. Hartman of Humboldt from Mbran t6 the cemetery for burial Tuesday afternoon. Feb. :;4.—The 1. N. S. ClAb met last Thursday with Mrs. X- E. Stewart. Roll call was responded to by j the ladies giving ideas in putting outi early garden. Mrs. Walter prook wlas a guest. Mr.i., Stewart was assisted by Mrs. Crook in serving refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boyer spent Sunday with Mr. cind Mrs. Walter I>ytle. Misses Lottie and Lillianl Ayers are staying in to\yn attetiding scihool at the roads are so bad going to and from home. ' Mrs. William Dugan was ita lola Saturday shopping and spent the evening with Mrs. Etf Irving and othbrs. Mr. T. E. Stewart.js on tlie sick list at this writing, but is improving. Mrs. J M. Brown spent nesday with her daughter, ter Funk and family. William |Dugan has purchased otlter fine span of ntules. He now has a fine herd of mules. ' ' • , ~ Mr(=. Brower, of lola, is sipending a week with her parents,( Mr.! and Mrs. Kohler und sister, Mrs. Beulah Punk and family. | Mr. a!u! Mrs. Deen of Stark spent Tuesdav «ith the family of Mr. O, B. Kerr. Mr. .lid Mrs. O. B. Kerr aii thep sp^nt Monday with Mr. Harry I Preston. Mr. land Mrs. Ed Boyer in Elyinore this week wlUi her fnother Mrg. T. M. Anderson. MiPS .'vrtia Boyer entertaii[ied Miss Bessie Williams Sunday. last Wed- Mra. FOB- an- id his mo- and Mrs. 's visiting The rro|»ofuil to Ou.«t the German Topniiition From RoNsia Still llabiTit Ffre. •S REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. * ,, I « 3? «•«-K # « 3r * * 3- * » * *•* * * SKtROCKET. Feb. 24.—Mr. Marion Jacdbson and Mlss Carrie . Dennison spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ben aelt, ' . Mr. and Mrs. Prank Gibsjan calt«d on Mr. and Mrs. A. ^utts Monday afternoon. Mrs. Lewis Ertcson and |daughter Anna visited with Mrs. R. H. Bennet • line day last week.- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ludlum spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fronk. Hairry Fronk and. JJSS Vincent were trading in Elsmore-Saturday. Mr. William Blythe. of iHugoton, Kansas, who has been visiting his .>'eH<>st Fhot<i|?rii|ifa of t hi- Khetlhi* of Etrypt. mother and sister in ArkuiisuH SIO4J- ped off here for a few (Jays visit witii relatives aud friendg before reluming home. Mr. and Mrs. XIark Wilbur visited with Frank Gibsons Tuesday. Albert Butts and son Hurley helped Frank Gibson butcher Tuesday. I Mr. and Mrs. Ben l.udluni wen- trading In Elsmore Saturday. Harold Buttg purchased a of Eugene Laver Tuesday. Albert Butts and R. H. Bennett were trading in Elsmore Saturday. Mrs. R. H. Bennett is on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Ben f^udlum visited with Frank Nelson's Sunday. Mr. Eb Bacon's moved Saturday over near Elsmore. , Mrs. A, Butts called on Mrs. R, H. Bennett Tuesday afternoon. Mr, iind Mrs, Jes» Vincent's spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. H, Bennett. A letter from Mr. C. T. Cation says the family is'now located in their new home at Lahoma, Okla, —J. h. Southern, Eau Claire, Wis., writes: "Years ago 1 wrote you in reg^ird to groat results I obtained from Foley Kidney Pills, After all these years 1 hav^ never had a return ot those terrible backaches or sleepless nights; 1 am .permanently cured." Men and women, young and old, find this re liable remedy relieves rheumatism, backache, stiff joints and ills caused hy weak or diseased kidpeys or bladder. lJurroU's Drug Store. —Register Want Ads b.ring result". Petrograd, Feb, 24.—The proposal lo bust the German -populaiiou from Russia still hangs fire. Recommendations made before the Imperial Couu cil and several commissions and sub- commissiont! appointed by the government have recommended the purehase of all taiided property of Russian citi zeris of German nationality and the expulsion of these subjects from Russia. But owing to the difficulty of replacing 'the Germans who occupy an important part in the Russian industrial scheme, the German problem, still hangs lire with little possibility of immediate solution, p As a practical measure the whole question hinges'upon trie availability of other candidate.s to till the positions now occupietl by Germaiis. This German population does not exceed* three per cent of the entire population, but it occupies a conspicuous place In tht administrative activity of Russia, both of a private and a governmental nature. The majority of bank and insurance company directors, property owners and managers, are "Germans; the game is true of university professors, lawyers, doctors, chief-foresters, importers, exporters, civil engineers,'printers and foremen in factories. Before the beginning pt the war Russia viewed this .condition of things with complacency, realizing that German motive power wfis indispensable in a country iiot yet trained to develop its own resources to their highest efficiency. The problem tliere fore which Russia has faced since the beginning of the war is a complicated one, tor which no practical solution has yet been suggested. Even if the Ru.ssian,s could immediately train- tiiemsclvcs for the work hitherto left to tile Germans, u tur- i ther obstacle arises in settling witii jihe Gernian-Ri|ssian subjects. Tlie Russian trensiiry has "O: ready caali to i)ay Germans fur their properly or for their Stock.s Kvt'n If the inoin'y was fortlieoming it Is not cifur just what would be done wrth the proiierly when bought, Russians themselves consider that the depreciation in land value and the decreased productivity during the period of transfer would be a calamity! The various tangles into which the (luestion unravels seems effectively to obstruct any positive action.' Meanwhile some Germans are being sent out of Russia and are being replaced by competent persons of other nationality. Some, in view of the indispens ability of their services, have received , special permission to remain at their I posts. Those who have been expelled ' are concentrated in camps in Siberia land in the Ural districca, awaiting the I outcome of the war which sli'all de- |cide whether they are to be allowed to go to their homes Russia on to the homes of their forefathers in Ger many. Report for the week ending February 20th, 191.''., compiled by the, lola Abstract Com))aiiy, Clyde Tliompson, manager, February l.">. Willanna Anderfeou, et al.. to .T. R, Bralnard, 43 acres half mile east of Carlyle $ly«0 .lohh W. Myer», single, to W, S, Willmon, resideneii and twq 16ts north east corner of .Xor^fhj^Fourth street and .lefferson avenue, itaHarpe, Kas. $780 Alfred Fawks andtwife to Claude -X, Ball and Isabell Ball, residence 41.1 -Xorth Oaii, street, tola ?T)3T Miniiii; Hopkins, widow of W. IJ. Rime, xu acre.H^*^^''miles north of Humboldt IS.OOOj Scott Rudy, unmarried, • to H. G. Ridgway. and (i. I .Ridgway, SO acres four niileii saiitheast of lo!a_._- J2C00 Kehriiarj IC^ W. M. Smith and wife to .John M. .Mc Caslin, lots 1', 2:?:. block ,",0, First Addition to Mildre:! - $1 Fvbniary 17. Carrie W, Evans and husband, W. Jr. to Christina Davjs, residence 315. S, Sy(:amore, lola . $1 Christina. Davis and husband, Harry, to C. W. ISvans, 71 acres r> miles northwest of Humboldt $1 Frod H. Hurst and wife and Roy L. Hoke and wife, to C, W, Love, residence 112 .V, Taylor, Gas $1 D. W. Grisamore and wife to Susan I. Benn.-'tt, residence 220 .\. Buckeye, lola : Jl $«r .o Frederi-^ka Hlnze-McGuire and husband, I. .M„ to Zola Vern Cave, refii- drnce and three lots northeast corner of Mulberry & Fourth, Humboldt $80" H. T. Penn and wife to A. L. Cline, residenco on sovithwest corner Of Pine and -McHae street. Gas : |2 .'i00 F. A. Quiiitard and Amanda .1., wife, to W. Sf. Rarber, ressidence northwest corner of .\IcKlnIey and .North Fourth and two lots at northeast cortier Harrison and .Vurth Fourth. Lallarpe $700 Roy K. Busli and wife. W. A, lloff- noraud wile and I.. F. Wilson and wile to Anna Iv rtli-bbins, rcsideure :'.2X S. Teliue^^SHC, lola %\ Scott Green and wif lo Koy 10. Ilusli, I't al, residence "2.S South Tcnnessei^ lola - "- $800 Icilu Hiilldiiig .t Loan Ass'n. to Gladys F, Rhodes, residence 702 .\'. Cottonwood ."treet, lola $128,40 Ft'bruury 18. George Hettinger to Walter, SO acres G'A" miles southeast of Humboldt : —. $3400 A. W. Beck and write to The A, W, Beck Furniture Coijipany, mercantile building. 202 S. Jefferson Ave., mercan tile building 20.'J South St„ mercantile building I'j E, Madison Ave., residence 223 S. Third St., residence 313 and ZV, S. Third St., residence 41.5 S. Sycamore St., residence 628 .\, Colborn St., residence northeast corner of Elm and East St., all in the city of lola, Kansas, and a 25-fpot front on South Spruce St., Moran $1 February 19. Chas, M, Reynolds and wife to Thos, l-I. ;HOW1\IP, residence t)07 S, Buckeye Public Sale Owing to the fact tliat I am short of pasture for the coming summer, will sell at public sale at luy farm, 2 '/i: mi- south, 1 ijii. west ot .N'eosho Falls, y'/a north and 2 west 61' Piauu, on MED.VK.SIHV. .Mdl. :{. Conuiieociiij; at I'l (.•ilock a, MI„' lh(» following describi'd Kt(nk-. liUKSKS V.M> .MILES. Span uiouse-colori'd liurse luules, ,"i and t) years old, wi. '^wu. span bay mare driving ponies, 9 years old, wt, 8."i0 each. Extra large vfar old sorrel gelding; good black wiaulin^; lolt; a good sorrel weanling mare colt. ('.4TTLE- I 'nre Aberdeen AUK-HS. Itegis^ered cow, ($ yeurs iiUl, \Mistv \ve bred; cow, 3 years old, pastui-e hied; heifer, year ol*; bull, year old, i \ira good. I^irge red cow, 0 years nld, fresh in May; extra good cow, 4 years old, fresh ill .-Vpril; Wliiteface cnw, 7 years old,_calf at side; WhiK.'lace ccw, 0 years old, calf at side; red cow, 7 years old, milking,; (good one), lied cow, 3 years old, calf at side: .lersey cow, 8 years old, CHK al side, iextra good); 3 yearling steers; 3 yearling heifer.s; 3 2-year-olil heifers, Iresli soon; 17 heifer and steer calves (good onies), 3 :i-iuonths-pl(l calves, . IKHi'fi—Hitrii <<ru(lc Uuroc.s. •'> sows bred I'or spring farrow; 1 boar; 1 sow with ") nice pigs; no fall .shoats, 4IP to 70 pound.s. .Niinierous Implements, some Grain, and Household Goods. 1 wish to assure all bidders that this Is no Inventory, but each and ^every article will lie sold regardless of iirlce to th(f highest bidder. TKK.n.S—8 nioi\ths credit, 1': i!it<-r-, 4'; discount for cash. -R.A.WRIGHT St„ lola . : $1 Kehriiarj 2«. Il-niy I'. V»'l:li.^ iinu wife tj> .1 T. Whit's residence ifrolierty 423 N. Ki'iiliK -ky St., lola - -.. $25 Jeiuiif K. .Masun to .1.' W, Wilgiis, 1 'ni -H L'07 .S. Syeamore .St., ;uul ve :Mdi 'i\ce 11! S, f-ivi-aiiiore, lola $1000 Till. l',.|i<)lia Touii 1.1)1 iK- l.;ind tlom- paiiv, to .Mary L, .Milb-r, iiiin' lots in • IVtrnlia . -- . - - . %WW Alb.-rt K. Knil'toii to .1. K. VaiiOrs- (1( 1. residence northeast eoiiUM- of Hock and S. Second St., also residence . 523 .S. Second St., lola .J $1700 , jVugust Hoejiker and wife to Walter Burtis';, 10 Sacres S miles southwest of llunibolrli $1 Georije Hettinger to August Hocp- ! ker, 2!}(; acres 7 miles southwest of • Humboldt $2100 Total $21I,22.S.46; daily ave., $4871.41. People Say To Us "I cannot eat this or that food, it does not agree with me.". Our advice to all of them is to take s Dyspepsia ^ : Jablet before iu >d.i ^torea(^ meal. 25cabox.| liurreVs ilcu!! Store. ill of them IS to tol s TTiie business firms represe^^^ on this^page are responsible largely for the prosperity and advancement of lola and Allen County. Each man back of these firms ii^ doing his share toward making lola a pleasant home town and an interesting, enterprising center of trade. Each firm represented here is responsible iiji even way and any business given them will add a portion to t^e general welfare of the community - i.-J::. Inland Oil and y ErerTtbiBg 1 B OILS, PAIKTS and GREi^ES Blue Front North Side Sq. mrBEttTS MUSIC k Most Reliable Pllce to Buy y put GOODS I/AIHES' JiKi »f .TO .WEAK SIM£S. Our jleyerage in bu ;|!ng for fire bis •tores alwej' USSU^B -you the beirt of Berrlce at tlie Io ;ir «si. price. Q1 Yott Can't! EqaaL Wei price- our f^iods yetj low, prefeHng to mako|o«ir mailer OD largijiTQlumfl of jujes ratber ttuw on; shr one article.^ Tou eau bill' <;ood ^oods for lesa.^mooey from >ia than itnrVlicrA eiaa| Brijifhani IIdw|& Inp. Go. We Have a Full Liue of 5c, lOc, 15c and 25c Goods in CJiina, Glassware, Tinware, Wooden, Aluinihum and Enameled Ware and Notions. T.M. BARTERS Hardtcare and China Store. EverytiuHg from a Tuning Fork to a Pipe 0] Pjanos rgan. ^ , on Easy ^emjis! The I-rifest Store of Iti*^ Kind In Allen County. The lola Furniture Store A.'W. BECK. Prep. ' lI«UK«b<ild FurBishlnft!), JRU^iog and Sewing Machlnea* FOR INFORMATION concerning Real Estate, Rental Properties, Loans 01^ Insurance, write or call on J.^. POWELL lola, Kansas. R. C. McKINNEY HIIOLKSALK FLOUR AND FEED It Is our aim to supply Tola and vicinity with several of the best brands Iflour made in tbe state. Polai- Bear, Storm King, Red Star, Fancy Patent Wichita's Best lOLA STEAM BOTTLING WORKS One of the Best Eqalpped in the State lola Wholesale Fruit Co. in connection. NEW YORK STORE ' The Exciushe IVomun 'M Shop PHILIP HEIGELE Exelnahe Manafactarer of Harness and Saddlry ... * ^ Nothing but the Beat Worlt Goes Out of the Shop. Prices Better .than Any Factory Will ifake. 210 SOUTH STREET Drake's Fine Livery, Fune.-al Cabs- Cabs for Wedding Patitet. Speeul Attention to Boarderi- Tranafers to all p«rta o( City. Wagons Meet All Tiai^ We MtmJh PanOciiW awl mfrtat PHOIIE 9e» 312 M. MMeraea Everything done in wood. Get our< price before buying wooSwork. THE GLOBE SHOE & CLOTHING CO. Tbe home of Good Clothes for Men and Boys. The'largest dis* tributors ol men's wea^ in Kansas, Five Stores—lola, Pittsburg. Weir Scammon and Oklahoma City The Most Esteasiife Llae ot Jewelry, Cuf Glass and Silver la Soatfcwest Kaasas. The Register JobDeparfmenf Is better equipped than ever before to handle your Stationery, Cdor Work, Booklets, etc. Hotel Kelley tola's Newest HoteL A Hotel that is Up-to- now. Steam heat, running water; rooms with bath and telephone. Cogbill jCommissioo Co. Wholesale Buyers of Poultry, Butter, Eggs and Hides. USB Electric For Your Poultry. s The Big Popular Department Store of Allen County. lOLA BUSINESS COLLEGE Civil Service DAT SCHOOL — NIGHT SCHOOL and HOME STUDY CLASSES if you don't Advertise no one will know you are in Business, and it won't be long until you will not know it yourself.—News fiaperdom. m m u ,

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