Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 12, 1962 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1962
Page 7
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1- '• Regardless o| Hi* time of application is made, Sylwester, says a'ways Use the amine form of 2, * 13 vound the home. It is less K<ely to cause damage than the > UL- form. If the dealer doesn't have the amine form, change dealers. Do not apply any form of 2,4 D with a sprayer, as some of the chemical may drift t 0 desirable plants. A sprinkling can is the best means of applying the 2, 4-D. A gallon jug with n plastic nozzle head can be used. It is necessary to repent the spray program for several years. The chemical should be applied when there is no (lunger of rain and when the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees. If the inital application is made in the sp;-ing it should be followed up with another in the fall. Amateur inventors Will have chance In state fair contest Old or new ideas to help keep'em down on the farm will be featured again in this year's farm gadget show during the 10 day Iowa State fair in Des Moines. GARY WITTLICH, left, of Fayette, is a member o' the 32nd Infantry Division Trains golf team at Fort Th ' S * S B contest for Iowa am Lewis, Washington. Wtttllch, a Prlvat First Class in the 23nd Division Band, won his spo-t on the six-man team ateur ' nventor « operating or work- through an elimination tourney featuring 60 golfers from the 13 units wilhin Division Trains Wlmich was call '" 8 °" 8 m e wni PP et) ed to actvle dufy last fall during the Berlin Crisis an-) assigned to the Wisconsin National Guard unit at " P fl hflndy deV ' Ce l ° d ° a farm Fort Lewi*. WIHIIch, and other members of the golfteam pictured, are cometing in the Forl Lewis All Po j ° b easler OP m ° rC L>rficlent 'y' it golf tournament. Winners of the tournament will compete in the Sixth U. S. Army tournament at Fort Ord •"«--•- - ~-* -»< '-• Calif. In July. ( 32nd Inf. Div. Photo ) Regular Meeting June 6, 1962 Meeting Called to order by Mayor Beck. 7:45 o'clock. Coupilmen present Addy, Gallaher, and Hennig. Absent Smith and Bowen. Minutes of May 7 and May 26 meetings read and approved. Motion by Addy that a building permit be issued to the Lutheran Church for the addition they are adding to the church, Seconded by Gallaher. All Councilmen voting aye. Nay None, carried. Bills examined as follosvs. General Interstate Power Co. service $ 10.G2 Fayette County Mutual Telephone, service 7.G2 Vandersee Plumbing Co. part 4.00 Kayette Co. Leader printing 83.18 League of la. Municipalities dues 01.50 A. E. Wood salary 156.08 White's Motor Transport trucking „ . . Rockwell Mfg. Co. mete- Woithingt^n Co-p. meter parts Melvin HoKzman • salary Total $ Sewer Rental Interstate Power C'o. service ......$ David McCJee salary Total S Municipal Enterprise Imogene Slu-eley Asss't Librarian $ Peoples Natural (Jas fuel Interstate Power Co. service .. .. . RiTyl Thompson Librarian . .. 3.25 180.33 20 39 278.34 Gfiti.dG 128.31 2J1II.HO CT.ll 31.97 12.8C 4.0H fifi.73 S Ault - Larsen ceremony Performed Saturday eve Marian Larsen, Randalia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Larson. Kgndalia, became the bride of Eldon F. Ault, Randalia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ault, sr., Fiatt, 111., in a double ring ceremony Saturday, July 7. The Rev Norman Betke performed the 7:30 p. m. ceremony which took place at the Grace Lutheran church in Fayette. Rollyn Schroedei 4 served as acolyte. Baskets of white gladioi decorated the church as Carolyn Humeston sang "The Lord's Prayer", accompanied by Mrs. Russell Swartz. The bride given in marriage by her father, wore a gown of imported silk organza over bridal taffeta, styled with a short sleeved fitted bodice and a circlet neckline. The bouffant skirt featured a redingote overskirt banded and piped with satin and flowed to a chapel train. Her veil of imported silk illusion was caught to a clip of chantilly lace, jeweled with seed peals and banded with taffeta ribbon. She carried a bouquet of white mums with streamers. Geneva McComb, Randalia, friend of the bride, was maid of honor. She was attired in a mint green nylon over taffeta gown styled with a fitted bodice, puffed sleeves and a bouffant skirt. She wore matching accessories and carried a colonial arrangement of white carnations. Niels Larsen, Randalia, brother of the bride, served as best man while ushering duties were performed by Harold Ault, Randalia, brother of the groom and George Davis, Randalia, friend of the bridegroom. The men wore white tuxedos and carnation boutonnieres. For her daughter's wedding Mrs. Larsen chose an Ivory brocade sheath with pink accessories and a pink rose corsage. Mrs. Ault selected an npricol print jersey dress with white accessories and a white feathered carnation corsage. Mrs. Leland Gakcs and Mrs. Gerald Davis cut the three tiered wtding cake that was trimmed in mint green. Mrs. Harold Ault served the punch, while Mrs. Har- Smith-Kelly vows Read at Randalia Mr. and Mrs. Loren Smith were married June 24, at Randalia Methodist church. The 2:30 p. m. double ring ceremony was performed by Rev, James Nelson. The brides parents are Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kelly, of Maynard and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith of Oelwein. Mrs. Smith is the former Virginia Kelly. Mr. Smith is employed by Tony Hats, of Maynard, and Mrs. Smith is (employed by Interstate Power company in Fayette. The couple will Jive on a farm onq-fourth mile south of Maynard. ry Onstine poured the coffee. Waitresses were Mrs. Joyce Larson, Markka Onsline and Linda Larsen. Mrs. Delbert Streeter, Lois Friedly, Linda Larsen and Markita Onstine opened (lie gifts. Mrs. Ault is a graduate of West Central Community high school is employed as secretary of President E. E. Garbec at Upper Iowa University. Mr. Ault, a graduate of Cuba high school Cuba, III., is n senior at Upper Iowa. The couple will be at home in Fayette. account. $122.36, interest and costs. Chandler Co. vs. Jim Weaver dba continued transcript; Big Value Super Market vs. Board of Review of Fayette County, Iowa, Appealed; Gao - B- Fox vs, Carolyn Fox, divorce. Court cases filed Recently in office Of clerk of court Civil cast's filed recently in the Fayelte county deck of courts office were: Hawkeye Cooperative Co. vs. Francis Ball, account, $478.13 interest and costs; Louise Niewoehner vs. Harold Kane, promissory note, $281.2(1, interest and costs; Wayne Finley Kemmerer vs. Wilma Alice and Mark LeVern Duckett, account, $385.49, interest and costs; Leo and Mary Baldwin vs. Kenneth and Kileen Baldwin. Francis and Lorraine Baldwin and Kathcrine and Paul I tube-, part ition; Palmer Memo-ial Hospital vs. Lowell Miller, account, $249.20, interest and costs; Palmer Memorial Hospital vs. George and Sherry Thallas, account, $313.40, interest and costs: Laurence Bockenstedl dba Fayette County Loan Co. vs. Barbara Larimer and Richard Wolf, foreclosure of chattel mortgage, $405.03, interest and costs. Allen Memorial Hospital, Iowa Public Service Co. and Drs. Morrison and Bailey vs. Leonard and Velma Waitman, account, $118.33, inte-est and costs; Wayne S. Musser vs. Alfie R. Musser, divorce; Arnold Slumme vs. George P. Rounds, account, $121.00 and costs. Wanda IVuekliir, individually and Wanda Prucklor, Gdn. of Frank and Steven Pruckler vs. Ray-Lar Pipeline Service Inc., specific performance; Lawrence Bockenstcdt dba Fayette County Loan Co. vs. Richard Huggins, promissory note, $,TG.20, interest and costs; George H. Boess vs. Ed Weidemann, at- tichmrnt; Hn'-oH L. Smock vs. Sharol R. Smock, divorce; Waterloo Surgical Medical Group vs. Raymond and Dorothy Gilbert, account, $113.00, intprest and costs; John I.alk vs. Ed Weidemann, account, $295.75, interest and costs; Donald L. fioie vs. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Neiinann, account, $797.53, interest and costs; E. L. Lane Agency, Mercy Hospital, Walnut Dairy Farms and Drs. Ericsson, Bremmer and Hansen vs. Charles Omer and Elizabeth Buster, account, $89.86, interest and costs. Nellie and Robert Culver vs. M. J. Hennessey, account, $797.53, interest and costs; Drs. W. J. Wolf and David Freed, a partnership dba Medical Clinic vs. Ray Gilbert, account, $127.00, interest and costs; Drs. W. J. Wolf and Davis Freed a partnership dba Medical Clinic vs. Marion Vance, account, $127.00 interest and costs; Mercy Hospital vs. Clement L. and Linda Tafolia, Timm reunion held At (Clock's Island The visit of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Timm, Carole Sue and Tlmmy of Los Angles, Calif., over the weekend at the Ross Hough home was the occasion for the Timm reunion on Sunday, July 8, at Klock's Island park in Fayette. Attending were: the Wayne Timm family of Los Angles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Loel Timm and family, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Timm and family, Lake Mills; Mr. and (Mrs. Don Sieleman and family, Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Timm, Hawkeye; Mrs. Lois Sorg, Maynard; Mr. and Mrs. Berton Cook, Arlington; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hough and Mrs. James Pattison and children, also the Walter Astor family of Marion and Mrs. Evelyn Gramenz and Ronnie of Hazelton and Mrs. Josephine House of West Union. Ash couple honored On 55th anniversary A family picnic was held in the Lloyd Holtzman home Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ash Sr., of West Union, who celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on July 5. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ash, Mr. and Mrs. Lane Ash and family, Mr. and Mrs, Alton Medberry, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Medberry and Keith, of Elgin; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ash, Jr., and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ash, Sr., of West Union; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Landswerk and family of Cresco; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ash and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Holt/man, Jean and Allen, and John llofer of Fayette. Fall spraying gives best Dandelion, plantain kill Dandelion and plantain can be controlled by spraying at any time during the growing season. But it might be best to delay the application until fall when there is less chance of desirable plants being injured, suys E. P. Sylwester, extension weed-control specialist at Iowa State University. In the fall the desirable plants have "hardened" sufficiently so they are less apt to be damaged than in the spring when they are more tender. . There's a common denominator for the show's two divisions, gadget and farm shop: The entry is the Invention of the lowan's brain and brawn. The gadget should show originality and "fill a need," the rules state. A shop entry may be practically anything that comes to mind, just so the contestant built It In his own farm or school workshop. Entrants uncertain of classification may delay until entry day following consultation with the gadget show manager. Devices marked for the commercial market are not eligible for showing. Articles with patents applied for or on record may be entered. Officials said entries of past years that failed to win prize money may be re-entered. Premiums will total $700, including a J100 bonus for entries contributing to safety. The $100 will be distributed as the judges find best. The top award is $100 in each of the two divisions. Judging will begin at 9 a. m. Friday, Aug. 17, in the outdoor area east of the Livestock Pavilion. Judging will be based equally on orginality and quality of design, quality of workmanship, labor saving value and value of the machine in meeting a need. Applications will close Aug. 7, to conform to the new .1962 state fair dates, Aug. 17-26. A full description of the entry should be sent to: Farm Gadget Show, Station WMT, Cedar Rapids, la. Legal Notice Special Meeting May U, 1962 Meeting called order by Mayor Beck, 8 o'clock. Coucilmen present Addy, Hennig, Gallaher and Smith. Absent Bowen. Meeting called to dicuss sewer line trouble on Union street. What is being done. The Hennessey Construction Co. has contracted to do the repair work on line for $1,500.00. Fayette Sand & Gravel Co, is pumping water from main line to keep it operating. Motion by Addy, seconded by Smith to grant Nathan R. Humphrey class B Beer permit. All councilmen voting aye. Nay none, carried. Motion by Hennig that we offer Arnold Heth rental of the dump ground for salvage storage and salvage yard license for $50.00, seconded by Addy. all councilmen voting aye. Nay None, carried. Motion by Smith, seconded by Addy to adjourn, all voting aye. carried. A. E. Wood Clerk Total $ 322.98 Stre«l Ed. Campbell Station gas, oil $ 9.00 Harry's Cities service gas, oil 14.37 Earle's Standard service gas. oil 31.46 Dennis Salmon labor 2.00 Alfred Ash salary 280.12 Charles Products Co, signs 5.28 Recreation Matt Pai-rott & Sons warrants ( park ) Oelwein Implement Co. mower parts ( park ) Total Road Use Tax I-'ayelte Stone Co. rock Joyce Lumber Co. cement, lumber .. Henke Mfg. Corp rewind street broom -. 20.72 IMI.IXI 13.73 G8.GO Total $ 342.23 Public Safety Ed Campbell Station gas, oil $ 5.C9 Harry's Cities Service gas, oil 42.20 Lloyd Holtzman salary 250.12 Total $ 304.01 Sanitation Fayette Sand & Gravel pump service $ Fayette Sand & Gravel Ed Campbell Station gas, oil Earle's Standard service gas, oil Heineman Texaco gas, oil Louis Moade dragline service City of Oelwein labor and machine servcie Vandersee Plumbing Co. labor Joyce Lumber Co. lumber Sanfax Corp. sanfax 700.00 240.2U 173.73 1G.44 5.72 00.00 28.00 70.00 39.28 156.92 Total $ 13!). 2. r > Grand Total .$3,H(i2.(il Motion by Hennig that we tip prove the bills, seconded by Gall aher Roll call Hennig aye, Gallaher aye, Addy ayi 1 , nay m>ne carried. Motion by Gallaher that the council approve Dean Curtis as member of Fayetle Community- Library Board, seconded by Hennig. all councilman voting aye. carried. Million by Addy, seconded by Hennig that council approve resolution of establishment of Civil Defense Agency for Town of Fayette. Roll call, Addy aye. Hennig aye, Gallaher aye. Nay none. Nay none. Absent, Bowen and Smith, carried. Motion by Addy to approV6 issuing band tickets to band members, seconded-by. Hennigf-eU voting aye, nay none, carried." Motion by Addy to adjourn, seconded by Hrnnig, all voting aye, n.u - none. A. E. Wood Cle.k - • - Ep-clal Meetinq .'I'-e 11, 19-2 11:10 o'clock A. M. Meeting called to o-der by Mayor Pro tern Addy. Councilmen present Addy. Gallaher, Ilennig. and Smith. Absent Mowen. Robert Schenk of the Schenk Knginoering Co. meet with the cou ncil to discuss what the trouble is with sewer line on Union street. It was decided to have Mr. Schenk draw up plans and present them to construction Companies for bids on une block sewer line on Union st -ot I U twi-en County road and M.uy .Sti-tit. Mr. Schenk is to let c-uniu-il know in few days. Mi (ting adjourned. A. E. Wood Clerk — • — Special Meeting June 25, 1962 Meeting called to order by Mayor Beek. 9:30 o'clock. Councilmt-n present Addy, Hennig and Smith. Absent Bowen and Gallaher. Mr-. Roy Walters of Asphalt Materials Co. meet with council in regard street program. Mr. Walters made complete survey of the town streets and made his recommendations on the streets which should IK- resealed with asphalt. The council will designate the streets to do after close study of the survey. Motion by Smith that Miller & Sage IK? notified to have tractor as ordered at the Town of Fayette garage by 5:15 p. in. June 28, 11XJ2. If not order will be cancelled. Seconded by Hennig. All councilmen voting aye nay none, carried. Moved by Addy, seconded by Ilennig, the balance of the Fayette Sand and Gravel account be paid, All voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Hennig, Seconded by Addy by adjourn, all voting aye. nav none, carried. A. E. Wood Clerk Total $1496.38 Utilities Interstate Power Co. service --$ 174.75 Gene Singer labor 20.00 ENJOY AMERICA'S FAVORITE PASTIME Open Bowling For All Ages SEE OUR SELECTION OF Bowling Balls — Bowling Shoes — Bowling Bags Bowl in Air Conditioned Comfort — BEGINNERS WELCOME — LILAC LANES Phone 780 West On Highway 18 West Union, Iowa WHY MAKE DO with a Refrigerator as Out-of-Date as the "Old Ice Wagon"? SPECIAL One Half Beef - 51c Ib Hinds 55 C Fornts 44» WRAPPED AND FROZEN Can be financed with mull down payment Oelwein Locker i Mason Myers, owner and operator _______ ICE Cubes or Cub lets For Your Favorite Drinks - Picnics - Fishing Available At EARL'S STANDARD SERVICE' Get a New Electric REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER What's the difference? Different as night and day! Look at the old- fashioned refrigerator-almost no freezer space-barely enough room for Ice cube trays and a few packages of frozen food. Look how frost and Ice formed-only a strong man could yank those cubes 6ut of there! And no door space-no defrosting but drippy hend defrosting! Compare w(tti the world of frozen foods In the new electric refrigerator's spacious freezer compartment-the deep storage door-all the special compartmenU-tha bright light and swing-out or pull-out shelves to get at foods conveniently. AND AUTOMATIC See Your ELECTRIC APPLIANCE DEALER . COM fifty I* Me 'u.r.1,1 it ' > f 'V*.

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