Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 14
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 14

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 14
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENiyg MARCH 31.1927. . This Has Happened BILLV WELLS, pretty, linpu- dent-and head bf the glove dej partment of the big Curtl« S^ore^ hurries to the .audUorluiii in an-^ awer-^o a summons from old'. T. Q. CURTIS Issued to all women employes. Just priorlto closing time, Billy has had private' session with the old man. tie has asked her about biH'pon. CLAV CURTIS, 1»r6o has diilinherlted himseif and found a room in; her home in the poorer Meclion of the city,, because be wants to'work up'Trum itbe bottom' of the ladder us his Ifather has 'done. Qlay.'a student of music, an4 ambitious to be- ome a cinipiispr, and Biiiy. wlio.'- ongs toijlie ii coiicert vioiinist,- iiave found 'much, pleasure in ^ach other's company. lu the'jstorie auditorium. Old t, Q. teHa the girls lie wahts bchi Co Answer a questionnaire 1 leaded: fWby I Wdrk in the I ;urli8 Store." - He names a' I f prizes for the best - answers, ilauy of tlie girls s<orn the (lues: ionuaire. jbut Billy and three of ' ler friends, Nyda Lomax. Winnie ; illelton. and Leila Sampson, re- iiolved to janswer the questions. ATien Billy .gets home and shows he questionnaire to Clay, Clay ; trangely recalls • words he had poken to his father before je left: * You ought to liave a S aughter, 3ad." Billy, too, won- crs what Old T. Q. is up to. Sow (io Oft IVIth the Slorj © 1927 iM m Service Inc. Bi'ly pofhted out. "It pays me for If you ask champion sellihg gloiles, and, I'm probalily the sellpf, in' Colfa.t." "Then your answ qivstion ought to b6 pointeil out. "l':nni: "no you vi :u are underpaiii licri''' Wliiit a poser tliat'li b XViiiiiie anil Nyda unif Leila ani| me. glove T to the jiext J a pipe," 'flay consider 'for your CHAPTER VII. You say that only women'em- oyes were given this question- ulilre?" Clayjasked Billy wheii, witji rs..Wells, they were seated at Ibn eared dinner table. That's tile ticket," Billy chuck- d. • '.'The men are being paciiied some other Btunt> which T. (}. gleetevt to mention. All set now? Ljifs go—"Name'—do I have to put lielma. mojber'/" "That's your baptismal name, hdney." .Mrs. Wells rpcked placidly, hbi eyes beamiu? with pride U|«n ijlie clie'stnut hejid bent Over the unaccustomed labor of compo- Blion.f 'Billy Wells," Billy wrote in h.-r la-ge, vigorous backhand. ""How lo ig have. you been employed in th i Curtis StoreT" * •Too long." t;iay Curtis answercil fo i hpr.; "Yoii ouglit to be spend- in six iiourn a day with your vio- :lii. instead of |eiglit hours selling gl )ves lo women who think tlrey're better tlian, you because you wait 01 them." _: - A shadoW' passed over Billy's blight,^impudent little face, but he- fp *e she could speak her mother Jnlerrupted with unusual' spiilt: "."iow, Glay, don't yon go putting iideas in Billy's head. Ileaveu ki ows I'd havie kept oil working myself if tlie doctors hadn't forbid It I-worked till, Bilfy. was fifteen,"- she • e^)Iained in a hurt V( Ir/".' I "I'd; rather never touch a violin ai ain than; have you kiill yourself 111 a store;" tlilly told her wiib •• si '-li passionate sincerity! that Clay lo 5ked at her with new respect in Ihii soft! black eyes. '^'But just for 'fill, I'lii going to put your answer 'awn. Clay.- 'Too long.'" Oh, Billy child!" .Mrs. Wells ed out i in real distress. "He'll fire you sure, and I" don'u know •wl fit will become of us—"' ^ 'Oh. all light," Billy ciinceded, er: sing tlie lightly pencilled line an 1 wri'-iuK. in ink, 'Two years and vthiee mouths." . 'l.tell you, Billy, you've got to • make it original if you e.\pect-"to catib: Dad's eye. If I know the old boy—and I think I do—.Miss Slcimoifs and .Mn Itoskius will ha>e prt'cious little- to say about the judging. Make it snappy, let the cltlp.s. full where Uiey will, and j riT bet you snare a prize." j "<ay," Billy accused" him inipii- detlly. "1 bfjievu you T^-aiit lo K<'t me in Hutch with T. Q.; But maylio yoii "re -right." She bent In r head over her work again an(| (Ibl fiyT ', see the flush of guilt tlint dyed T, > J.' H son's fiice. "Let's gel nlieiwl f ~1: )o |ou like your wori^T .\>i\v. I . siii e every oilier: girl that answeiH Uiiil question will say. 'yes,' I've KOl In be different. Aiid I lionestly itoi't like it. 1 lifalbe jl. .Sjniling (III iny face uciies, takliiK snulm •fron rtine till five-lbii|ty, fori lug .fat old tiands into's ton sniall for 'eni because the \-iiin tiid Idlols y/oi 'I in'-knowledRc they aren't Cinder -lias—" ! . "Cinderella had small feet." .Mrs. .Welfs corri'cled amiably. ranted then, that I really dont rayj work, what am 1' to sayV laughed anil sucked the i -nd Of liifr pencil. ay, 'I could think of happier dy cr -like Bill you u: ne can buv a gen- WILLAREl 13- p^.t€ Ford Battery r oilly^ 'i f STER BATTERY ELECTRIC CO. 115 W. Madison Ave. Phone 282 1 that *erv- for the r>-st. I'll ;;ivi." niy new sprliifij hat to know what they're writing. Win- iii'S gelfing tlieir idtool teacher bonril'-r to lielp bur, and Nyda|iiL.._ iCildie her sweetie. Kddie Ban||ing. yiiii know, niotlier - ire conspjring iliXieitier tiHiiglit to kiiotk old "i. Q. for ;i goal first prize, at l«»ast. S .-r:iti-h your Iieiid. niotlier," ;u;-';;eyteil wickedly. | ••C .miiiiess ine. I doli't know What to say! Let nie thiulk. Whiclif she di;'. with mucii frowiiiing and I'fick- Billy time. Mm pi mid yo way.s to ehiploy my responded- 5>rounil ly. Billy wriite o'bedienfly, her face [ , lit \s^'lli ulcked ciUdMlleiil. "I've:;;, added. 'BiilfIfulie.s niu.-t live:"' Ijer , „ niotlier gro'alled aloud j i. "Wait: ''riuit -Ire.siia.sses mi Hie, i y ne.vt iiueslfon.'- ('Any reiiiiiiileil her. si '•'Ijii Villi Vork ber .iiise >uii have ii to e;irii a fiviii^ or for the sake of | a (-areer." r 'l"li.-it i:ills lluir ,-, bluff, doestrt if.'" , t! "I can 't iiiiswer lliat (lippaiiHy," • y: Hilly di 'iovei.d. fr.iwiii'iiK sliiiliily. i ,, "lilil goiliBfto lell Hie trulli." and ! \v .slie wrote.: fii nily.- ••|!<ilh. Iiiil l!ie;v.- i 'ar<'er is iveiy reiimle fr.filii llieii;, Curi:s Sloiie. .As lor the pre.-;eiit, it 's 'Ihe belter 'ole.' ant! Tin Kl:i.'l ... to )l:ive.. Illi; job." . , j tl '•'I'li'.-re. piotliei-, riM -k in pe.T(-e:,(| Your Sassy Susie lilis >aveil tlie old iKiiiieKfeai!. .Villi my aj-swer. by the way, neatly |iaves Hie wavtm for the next question -'Wlial is ile-' cliief aliihitioii ol year life:" Tliaf.s \ easy ,-'To Jie Hi' creates! woman , lene.rl vi^ailiis'jn Afiieiira.'" '•(' ftiit ••.voiiiaii!." Clay ordered lier. wim'l ail.ipl :iii'iilu'r i-oiig for your buasHy linle idiile if you're •i^aiinliiK to let any iiiaii beat voii al your game." "Hone:" • llfriy liioKeil up with shiiiinu cyi-s. "'riialili ynii. Clay. .Vow. lor llie iie\l oh. .say. ilii.'-- Is a lio( one!-— 'If you wire >Jriier:!l l j^, liiaiiauer of Hie Ciirlis .^l <ii :e 'or j.. one (lay. Ayith 'ahsolate aiitlinriiy. ; w!ial is.Hif first iniproveinon yo" ; ,„ would make'.'" I . ; •'.Vo don't say a word!" -^Ii';„. waved Hie jiik-laden pin at Iii:ii as i lie started ,to speak . ".Votliing yen i j^. cozild say'could irliaiigc iiie: 'hi;-|.|j matter iieff loo near iiiy iieail!" "Now, wpat are you up to'.'" .Mrs. Wells demanded, liitihiiig her rcrk- er close to the table. "I'm sure joii will jipree wjili m"." Billy daughed, reading aloud. "'Fire evi-ry girl that called a customer 'dearie'." .Mrs. Wells laiighod, Hieii .siiooU her lie-ad despairingly. '•Viui'ii iosev your job. hoiiey. You're liaviii}; a bad inflnerice over her. Clay." • "Who niUiie'pop-overs fos- '-liis breakfa.scr'- Billy jeered; "Who Tlie brawn, mus(;le and health iixit nature gives us soon breaks down ui- i der the stress and strain.of modeifa lag. "I knoW, Btilly! Say! 'I expect lo cam «ach; raise before i get it, and I've just bcgun-'to open my weekly pay envelop^e with confidently expectant fingers.'! Hows that?" .1 ; . "Darling, you're a born : diplo- matV Billy jumpeil up and flung herself into her mother's iap. causing the rocking chafr toi perfArm violently. "If that Isn't i expert ferice-straddllng, I'd like to kpow what is! I wouldn't sell that' answer for fen dollars!" . "You'll win the prize," Olayjan­ swered soberly, almost Kloomil.V. as If he had some secret reason! for not. wanting her to. But Bjily was in much too high spirits to notice his gloom. • |: "aNow, all I've- got to. do i.^-to write not more than 300 wordi on the, general subject,' 'Why 1 -rt'ork i for:the Curtis Store'.!' She reached I for the questionnaire and read; the I last printed line . "Two nice blank liage.-; for my ecstatic tbuughtp on tliat burning question. I'm ^oing to my room and :COurt the rniise. Clay. Your playlbg won 't blither me a bit; maybe it will inspire nTP . I promise toi. loin you by; ten o 'clock to try out that songi of i'oiirs. It had better be good, after all this press-agenting you've done j • for it Say," and she stooped t<» peer;info lli^uroj^llled face, "why all the sloom? Sulking Hkej a spoilt baby because I won't play with you now?" "Billy!" He caught her hajtid, and at that first intentional toijch of his the color flamed up in her cheeks, ;'"llilly. please don't turn in that qnrsflonnalre! Tear if iip! Don't try to win a prize! I I-|»aLn't explain.; hut-.but—well, I don't want you to!"' . Billy drew her Iiand'away sharply atiil glared at hiuioiit of amaztW, outraged blue eyes. "I wish yon wouldn'i-—for 7oar. sake.'! though Clay- 1 persisted her anger and doggedly; suspicion made him. -look miserable and guilty. 1; ' , r I. ;. 11 Billy tcjok np tb& questionnafre, i! held it Uncertainly between her ; j hands as Hf she were half persnaife A! edto destfOfj- it. wjt (110. Be ConUnued); Etplfenicnt and >ias|iense-^nKX Ihronch i\ie Curtis store, and -C!lny Cnrtls arouses Billy's resentment. Pead the next ch.-ip- len .' • • -i Slan &up 9 ons r Iiiiii as 1 do for you. washing :iir i-ollar.s -;iiid i iiHs and your il. iiii'iti wi-;i! and your stork- "All rij-'ht. all righl!" Hilly coii- led hastily., '-Let's Ret liii -.villi is iirii-eless iiiyiiit; into my prl- te passions. l ';iHsioiis," >-lie ex- liii'i! iii Clay, "was the only JTI I i loiild ihiiili of he^iniiliig H I I", .'111(1 1 coaidii'l hear lo'spoil alliii lati'in. I lor ap- ( Well, ail rit;Iit. if you vi-iit a sense ol Iriiiiior- maybe is ivvill Kcl a laiiuli: 'What adifi- ii.-(i ..-.•rvire. hotli lor your ;;ooil 111- JV 'O 'l of Hie >Iortt. Winilii II ;;iij ;>4 .-st llial Hie Curl|s .Slor.- iii;;ili aie'.'' ' , ! '.\ five hoii!; il.-iv jaiKl .i Jive rjav ek," Cl.-iy sup|ili ((i proiii|illy. 'NIP. r\'. alr<-;iiiy thoimhl of IK ihlii;; l)i-1ler than that." I'.illy .:ati lo wrile rapiilly. "'Free, •ee-;i-iU(iiilli lieailly parlor serv- . tor shaiii|ioos, hairciMS. nciiii- res. iiian-i-ls or linger wavis. iji two jiei iiiaiieiil waves a ;.iai- -(/Wll ill lor the .sak( of Ihe .liKliI-liair.-.l Tlie hi'^lr • t ol iii-aiilv ami hi.lihiiis is dilv- J;- li!" iii-.iil.' .\inv. (U .ifs V.liat I a .-• ii-iihl^' sii.^:;i-.-;|ion." she iiji- iiicli-i! ;i(i-se!f. ••Tiiiiik how !iiiii-!i ft: altiai-I'Ve tliL' store would 1. il ivi:y !:i|-l i miiil he as well :or.!tii as to Iiair- am! iiai's as .i ie'y rfirl. 'IhaiiU lie ;iVi ii. I l .av. niially curly iiair. i Imi liiai >iie (-ost'liie a dollar and :i Iwili Inioiith. and niy .-iiiiidays are ah- 1 "J'''-'^- lilt, ly niiiied by having to sham­ my li:!ir ami Hiss willi my He caught her hand, ''leiir It up, Itillj Clay ' eiean -ni and jire.s.seil bis t\vi.^_ , ' ^ ' j "That will j;et .i i.iu^ii iroiii iriii i |iyj„„ Q y Flliott 3530EastTliit- "Shut tip. or I'll spank you and right ' Clay .hii.kled. "Me! 4^.,.,,,^, .stV,«\/wicluta,i Kans., saUl Md you lo hill!" her nmllier com-; bates hohhi-d .latr had a store rule : «.'j f^.|t pkyed out. Nervousness k<< »t anddl. .'I doni do half a-; niueh , against it iiiiiii lie had to >;iv.. in. ' nie in a tremble and made my nigh !a Hill I lief if w-ill he iiai.iue, that ' |u„g|,„i ,reof tossiiigaudtuniing, tiy- siifiKestioii. and thals i5ie ma in ling to lind sleep that alwavs evadfcU. id.-i. WhaCs 11.xf." I '•Forhoursaftereatinglwouldslif- ••'V.hat i.< ioiir pn'sent salarV.'' " i fcr intensely from. ga.seoua pai^ Hillv i-.ail. •Hhall-I init. '.\ ji.i,(".''| caused by food that sijmred on niy 'Oh. IJilly:". Mrs. Wells moaned. ! stoni:ich. I luid no appqlite. And I*- slrefehius out a haiid to slav i h,. ' fore noon I would feel tii -ed and worn i.i.-h pen ill h.-:- daiiyhier ,,.,,„,,: out. My head would thr|.b with spht- "i 'lia e 111)11. •>"' ; ting hcadailies and dizzy Siwlls. • \i •II' he :;„;,d. mother:" lUllv ' .'•'"•'^'''r'-liforKliefand^^^ promised. "Here's Hie bitter ,rut il Itaking ranlac.riiiswoiiderjiil t w, v-t w -o hii. ks. Yon don't tome gave me the energy of ajrir6«- mind if I .ii.derl:ne Hie figures with «'|'''^''^ » ^)y«""'|f fPI^^'l^^^^ niy pen dipp.d in vitriol, do Vou. .j^^l^/'^f--^^^J^l^ "•••r,..".'... . . II .... Buffering from a sour sfmnath. Mr i '.veniv tw.. dollars a uee„. „crvcs are smooth is silk and I sliie ) ( ay.ri. .1. a-:ha<i "lor two peo- ' s^,„,j|y.Tanlac wins the feold meda . ' I'le to liw '1.. II'. A oil .ai.lh Tanlac does relieve pain that riiv- agea licoltlt. It tisually conquers Wkhit^ Man Says TanlacWins the Gold|Me4aI I Victim of Nervqusnessl Loss of Sleep, J^^iness and Sour Stomack Finds long'Sought Relief. Strength Restored. Qains 15 Pounds, Praises Tanlac voii do il'." "T'i<! Ciirlii .-;>. doesn't jiav Iile lor Mllipoi till;; my niotlier." ments, builds up strength in famished bodies, ^ade from roots, b&rks and herbs accordihg to the famous Tanlac formula, this tonic tias helped thousands Qfpeople to good health. Begin taking 'Tanlac. The results from tlii: first bottle will surprise you. Over 4C million bottles sold. Ask your druggist for Tanlac—today. Skilled phyfilclans recoifnize the ftpearaiire of pimples, biiil<; and other skin eruptions as beiiiK an indication of an abnormal CitiditioQ Of the sy .stum. This Is why so many Ihou.sands have been enabled to free them.selve.s of these un.<lght- ly blemishes and painful annoyances b :r taking a course of S.S.S. You owe II to yourself to try S.S.S. It helps Nature build up red cor- E uscles. It Improves the processes y which the blood is nouriihcO. It is time-tried and reliable "I suirercdj from Iratiure bl6od— was weak, and I hadi ost so murti weight. I didn't look natural. I had pimples and was also bothered with • a breaklng-out that itched terribly. 1 also had boils cue after another. I tried different kinds of remedies; hut nothing did me any. good until s • friend; advised me to take S.S.S., whictil I did. This was :some timo ago. Now I feet well, and I am getting along fine. S .S.S. stopped th» Itching and it cured me of boils. '1 advise ail weak and run-down people to give S.S .S. a trial.; It clears up the skin and makes you strona and fills you with energy." Mrs. J, W. Barker, 1337 Walnut Sircet,;Cln-. cinnali. Ohio. '• : SiS.S. is made from jthe fresit roots of medicinal herbs and plants and; Is prepared In a sclentiflc waji In a modern laboratory. J, S.S.S. Is sold at all good drug stores in two sizes. The larger slz« l3 more economical. i Guard i^ainst "Flu'' With Musterole Influenza, Grippe axid Pneumonia usually start wil i a ciAdi The moment you get tiiosc wariiijig aches rub on good old Muatcrole. MustenJe relieves the congestion and stimulates circutation. It has all the^ood quaiiiics of tlie old-fashioned mustard plaster wiiliout the blister. i First you fct-I a warm tingle as the J I healing ointment ixnctrates the pores, ; ' then a soothing, rooling sensation and • 5uick relief. Have Musterole handy for i emergency Jise. llj may present serious F LUHGRIP Checlfi before it starts. Rub qn—inhale vapors To Mothers: Musterole is alio, made in mi'lder form for babies and small children. Ask for Children's Musterole. Jar* Sc. Tubes Better than a muafatd plater Great! E i,VERYBODY is proud of our "ol^ home town*'—but we Icould iill be a lot prouder if the stores and A small first payment piijts Fr%icjaire in your home Wa7it Your Suits to Wear Longer and Look Better? hoilses ahd garages and hdon^ and she^ wejre all painted up^pic and spa?i. No use talking: diney building^ make a town look drab and chefer|essi regardless of how many tredji'there are, or how pr;tty the streets. Spye'reStarting a quiet lit decain- pai^ in which we invite yoi to join J—^-5campaign to make pur town morfe beautiful. Let's work t Jgether to niake it the prettiest in t^s part of the state! If you're going to paifit this'season, we want "you to drop iii and look over our samples of Cook-painted panels. You'll find here Uiepaintor varnish best suited to your purpose, at a [price that will please you. Ask us! for free color cards and suggestions. We're glad to serve you. We have the agency, you know, for Cook's Products—"Best for Wear and Weather." There's a Cook paint, varnish, stain, enamel or lacquer for every painting purpose—and evefy Cook Product is the best of its kindi-.Conie in and let us show you how to use them. "A coat of Cook's improves its looks." IMAKE lOLA BEAUTIFUL" i me If So, For Hart & Marx 1 ! I , 1; Better tailoring and tliem wear longer. St|yle experts covering eveiy great fashion look better. i M i I We See that You Get'Betlen Fit and Value. better fabrics make center make them $29 50, $35 00, $39.50 M G L O BE Install Frigidaire now! 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