Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1915 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1915
Page 4
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! THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THiJRSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 25,1915. lOLA I>AILY REGISTER THE lOLA DAILY RECORD AND THE lOtTA DAILY INDEX. Member of-r I The AHOiBlattd PI>M. ' ThiKaniiat Daily League. \ The Biiriiiu of Adflfertlilng A. N. P. A. The Kansae EdHorlal Asioelation. The Audit Bureau of Circulation*. THE REGISTER PUBLISHING CO Chat. F. S|ott, Editor and Manager. pledge of good faith and a stateinent of agreed policy to which both Japan, and the United States have been committed fliacci;i908. What little Is Entered at lola Postoffice as Second ' : Class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Appli ? cation. Official >>aper of City of lola. OfficlaLrPaper City of Basiat. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: I ._By Carrier lit lola, :Gas City, Lanyonvilie ConcrctA LaHarpe and Bassett. One Week ..Lt 10 cents One Month .s...... J 44. cents One Year 15.00 • * ^ BY MAIL. One Tear. Inside county 12.50 One Year, oufstde county $3.00 TELEPHONES. Business Offipe If Society Repofter >Jf Job and Bindery Department 14 • One reason, perhaps, why the Mexicans woulil rather fight than eat is tliat the fa<^litles are better. After a girl niarries an ideal man she realizes: that there animal.' ' • "ain't no sich ^ The man |Who claims that money will do anyihing is usually ready to i do ^nythin^ for money. The quickest way for Germany tc land foodstpffs for her civilians is to establish a;-"peace zone" in her own •waters. .. i Once in (i. long, long while soiiii man does spmething worth bragging about, but Ja I man wno is : sniari enough to ^ that sort of thing doesn't do the Iffaggjing. A New York scientist is perfecting a method ^or making sound visible A photograph of hand organ rag-time would no di^ubt be interesting, but il the man wants ,to befriend mankinci l|e ought to^ broaden the field of us<'- fulness of the Maxime silencer. In speaking of Guadalajara, jus; after taking possession of that city Gen. Villa Jays: "During the thirtj hours during which the city was with out authorities there, was i'no disor- •,der." Thu| incautipjisly yilla lets- out ttie main truth in the whole Mex lean situatibn. If all the Mexican aii ,<hojities w|re suddenly removed and ^ the people allowed to go ajbout theii daily business there rtlghi be somt chance for jjeace. The, source of trou ble in Mexico seems about Equally divided between those in authority anc those who *'ish to be. I ; ANOTHER VIEM OF .1.4PA>. I A Japanese policy which seeks tc prevent further .European encroach ment upon Asiatic territory so resembles the poljcy which we call the Mon roe doctrin^ that we must freely concede to Jap^n the right to adopt anc enforce it ajif also must applaud the wisdom. ; The Etirbpean establishments -in China introduced ^nio Japanese national life jactors of uncertainty and danjger from whi(J> Japan must ri(' Some of the problems which ,her^el we 'meet in"Mexi(jo land Central America jar >mief by 3apan in China, Ac- qui.sitivenes* in Japan must frequently be tempted by tiie opportunities in • China, eveii as acquisitiveiie'ss in th< I'nited Stafes frequently is tempted by opportunities in Mexrco. Japan al*) finds herself ;exirosed b .v the weakness of China, even as the I'nited States without a policy which forbids aggression by foreign powers, might find iherself exposed by the' weakness 6f Mexico. It is inlnv^cal to Japan to have naval bases and fortified ports established on the shores adjacent tocher. It complicates the proljlems of her ifu- ture and »he cannot w'isejy assume such risksi' A declaration by Japan that, it was- inconsistent with the requirements: of her security to permit^ the growtlf of alien powers in China would hav# to be accepted in the United Sta^s. Recognition of the rights of Japan to safeguard herself ought, to 'be I promp^and it would be cordial of the' Japanese 4ssertion -or the right respected the sovereignty and integrity of China.. Jit is upon the latter point that American opinion is at sea. !_The United States never has sought more than'an equal opportunity in competition'with the Chinese markets. It has viewed with dispreasure the de^ vieiopment yof fo|:eign spheres of influence in phina and in its diplomatic interchange^ with Japan has agreed with that i|atIon to defend the principal of eilual opportunity "by supporting wit^ jail the pacific means the indepeiideD^e and integrity of China." This is dibfii^ite and unequivocal, a known of tile dem|ands Japan now makes upon China, might lead to the presumption that Papanese exigencies require the disregarding in part at least of the agreement to support the independence and integrity of China. If this presumption should be established our government will be obliged to protest.! There la nothing alarming in the situation and certainly nothing the United, States need hesitate to face. There Is a question of Japanese intent an da question of what effect the representations of our government would have if the Japanese purpose werei disclosed as something -hostile to the i hitherto agreed policy of the two iiations. ^ American understanding of Japanese needs should be as complete a.s possible. If popular opinion in the United States can be formed intelligently and sympathetrcally, we can conduct the diplomatic handling of issues which must anse from time to time without being betrayed into any emotional courses which lead to antagonism. By avoWing the husn policy (|n the one hand and the-hysterical on the other we can ineet our problems honestly and candidly, preserve our self- respect of- other nations, recognize Che interests 'of other nations! and support our^ own.—Chicago Tribune.- THE CEXSrS IX ALLEX t'OrXTY. Next Monday morning a corps of men will start taking the census of Allen county. Throughout Kansas the same process will be commenced. It is the time set by law for taking an inventory and counting noses in ihis state. The work of takihg the census in this county will be supervised by (bounty Clerk G-eorge Seymour and his assistantsj will be the assessors. It is important that they be given all possible assistance!. There is a great year ahead for the city of lola and the county of Allen. Within a few days our industrial section will receive considerable impel? Us by l,he resumption of operation at the cement plant and tlie opening of the Kirk compan}('s new smelters. The Newton Milling Company will erect a mammoth elevator and the city is spending $20,000 for improv<>- ments at the power i.lant. There are innumerable smaller enterprises that may be added to the already gratiTy- 'ng list, making the total one a vory substantial reason why optimism should be the key! note of every citizen's daily endeavor from henceforth. Along with our commercial growth, there are good reasons to believe that our loss in population—if not all, a very large per celii of it-r-has been regained since th^e last state census was taken. (There are' comparatively mighty few waste acres in Allen coun ty now and the towns and cities are filling up with a steady solid citizenry. In lola, every desirable residence property I is occupied Rr .a homeseekers are findmg it necessary to accept smaller,.,^dwellings on the outskirts until they can do better. This condition is certain to result in further building and improvement soon. But one of the important things to remember is that our. city and county cannot be credited with their correct population unless the assessor;^ are able to find all the citizens. Help the assessors. Be sure that you are counted and if y.ou know ofiaiiyone who hag been mi««ed report the fact to tlie enumerator. If you do this, it is fairly certain that when'the census lias been completed, word miiy go forth that lola and Allen .County! have "come back" n population as well as In every other respect. ' , That's -wrhat you zvant, and that'; what Calumet, is guaranteed to -give you— It i.s sure in perfect leavening and raising qualities, in III wholesomeness, in purity. Pe r fectly raised.'mclting- ly tender -biscuit, cake, nmt- fins, griddle cakes,are ixlund to result fro its use. ^ C u 1 u m e t goes farther than otiier baking powders and it's ini>dcr- ate ill <-()st. Insist on it at your gnicer .i. RECEIVED HIGHEST AWARDS World's Pure Food EsiMMilion. Chicago, inifoU. Paris Exposition. France. March. 1912 1^ TiiK viTAsrort'. (.\nna Carlson) . Thoy say kind words never die. It may be true biit don't yoii sometiijies wonder what happens to them. AVe admit we murder the' King'^s English occasionally, but sometimes we've got to do it to express our feelings. Fl'llTHKR IXCOXSlSTEXrV. The admonition to not let the siin go down on your wrath doesn't mean that you are to get even before the Sim sets. If you want to feel miserable jii.n sit down and call to mind . all the mean things folks have said and done to you. liiit ^ay, donf do it! If a child honors you with its friend .ship it i.s because it really likes you. There is no, selfish motive behind a friendship of that kind. Dorf't ask your friends to give up tjieir • individuality. Wliat pleasure would yon get out of the society of a man or woman who is only an echo? By the way, w lere does President Wilson find warrtjint for the fight he ' making foe the ship purchasing bill? He refused time and again to advocate woman suffrage' because his party had not pronounced for it arid he could ftot wish a policy oii the par- Now there is' no mention of ship purchase in the iBaltimore platform, and,: so far as we can remember the party never jironounced for such a policy. In fact centnry of Democratic teaching. And yet the President are holding those t is contrary to a and his lieutenants Democrats who refuse to yield to his wishes in'this'mat­ ter as traitors »nd one of them —Senatore Stone, of Missouri—even went so far as to intimite tnat a Democratic member of Congress who committed suicide did so [because of remorse at having gone back on his party in this matter—D. Rj. Anthony. Strong will does not always mean having your own way. It takes more self-coiiii-ol sometimes to gracefully fall in line with other people's.plans than it dws to boss the job. Patience, forbearance and a ,sunny disposition are greater assets in a life niirtncr tlitin are beauty and wealth, but lots of. folks don't realize it until after they have taken the deciding step. HAXK STATEMENTS. Official Statement of the Financial Condition of the STATE SAVINGS BANK at lola, Kansas, at the close of business on the 24th day of February 1915. Resources. Loans and discounts % 97,361.54 Overdrafts — 117.63 Other real estate owned .'.,987.ol Furniture and fixtures 1,827.11 Kxpense account 1,488.85 :;uarahlv fund with State Treasurer, bonds 1,000.00 Cash items and clearinghouse items 435.81 t'psh and sight, exchange, legal reserve 77,259.12 Total $18.5,477.57 Lluhllitles. Capital stock paid in % 25,000.00 Surplus fund 3,000.00 Interest 1,608.57 Exchange 11.20 Individual Deposits 125,069.32 Banks' bankers' deposits 18,551.07 Certificates of deposit 12,237.41 OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF THE lola St&le Bank Made to the Bank Commissioner at dose of business Feb. 20, 1915. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $204,411.78 Overdrafts 78.77 Real Estate owned 9,106.00 Bank Building 9,000.00 Expense Account 999.97 Guaranty Fund with State Treasurer 1,500.00 Cash and Sight Exchange. .$115,778.44 Total . 1185,477.57 j State of Kansas Cminty of Allen, s.s. « I, .Joe McKinley, ' cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true; that said bank has no liabilities, and is not endorser o|i any note or obligation, other than shown on the al )Ove statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me God. JOE McKINLEY, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th day of February, 1915. • R. M. CUNNINGHAM, Notary Public. (Com. Expires 25th day of Feb. 1916.) COUKECT. Attest: E. C. McCLAlN, COLONEL LANYON, .1. F. NIGH, FREDERICK G. APT, CHAS. H. APT, .1. 1). ARNETT, Uiroctors. Official Financial Statement of the Condition of the 1(M,.\ STATE KAXK At lola. State of Kansas, at tlio close of busness on the 20th day of February, 1915. IteNHiin-os. Loans and Discounts $199,041.48 Overdrafts - 78. Other real estate owned„- 9,106.iK) I3ank building 9,0C0.00 Exp.ense account 999.9 Other bonds and warrants- Guaranty fund with State Treas., bonds or cash — Cash items and clearinghouse items Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve i..- 114,995.01 Total....$340,874.96 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock $ 25,000.00 -Surplus Fund 15,000.00 Undivided Profits, Interest •'•'and Exchange .. ........ 1,701.28 DEPOSIT^ $299,17l68 . Total $340,874.96 The above statement is correct. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. We Pay Interest on Tiihe Certificates of Deposit. We Pay Interest on Savings Accounts. DEPOSITS GUARANTEED BY THE DEPOSITORS GUARANTY FUND OF THE STATE OF.KANSAS. BRONSON NEWS UNO NOTES .MK. ANU .Hits. PHILIP W>I,L.MK|{ AWOIX'E HIKTII {W IIAHiHTKU. r<le .Mjiic Is Very III With nionla feu-r .>eM .>i Ndles and IVrsdiial .MeiilioH. Pneu- Sevrnty-SevcB Iciirs Old. —George W. Cloiigh, Prentiss, Misa., who luid suffered greatly with kidney tr()iil)'(». writes: "Foley Kidney Pills aip the only remedy that ever did me anv good at all." Just think of the re- liof and comfort that means to him. Foley Kidney Pills are recommended for slri>|) iiisturblng bladder troublv-s, l';iiii in slides or back, rheumatism, and kidtii'v and liladder ailments, liiirrell 's 1 )111^' Slure. MORiN NEWS FOR TOOIY GEO. VAM)EVERE IS :SL'FFER1N6 WITH A SPRAIXEI) ANKLE. Mr. ItarMell Kn-elves News of Death uf—NeiVH Notes and Personals. .1 5,370.30 1,500.00 783.43 Total $340,874.96 LiahiilticN. Capital «.tock paid in % 25,000.00 Surplus fund 1.".,000.00 Undividea profits ^-.84.40 Intere.'-.t ---_-_._-__S, 857.62 Kxchangp • 259.26 Individual deposits 196,729.6,' Hanks' and bankers' deposits ' 52,447.84 Ceitificates of denosit 4S,.'527,53 Cashier's & certified checks * l',668.68 Total --- $340,874.96 AVhen a girl makes a fool of a man his friends sympathize with him, but when she makes a fool of herself over a man h<jr friends mase fun of her.—Gridley Light. State of Kajnsas, Countj' of Allen, ss. I, .1 H Campbell, Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true; that said bank has no llatalities, and is not indorse- on any note or obligation, other than shown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Sr. hell) me God. .1. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th dav of February, 1915. (Seal.-) - .M.\UDE McKlN.VEY. Notary ^iblic. (Commission cxnires on the first dav of April, 1916.) Correct Attest: L.. E. HORVILLE, I'HANK RIDDLE, L. L. PONSLER, A. W. BECK, Director.'!. >EW SEKVH E TO COASr. .Missouri I'arifir to iJive St. Louis Its First Solid Throui^h Train. Somehow folks have gotten the idea that a capable woman is.necessarily "bossy." WHiich isn't trire. As a rule she is broad minded and willing to adjust herself lo circumstances. She enjoys running up against a will stronger tl-an her own occasionally and usually iB :ive8 in without making any fuss. It is the butterfly, clinging- vine type of woman who is the house tyrant. She rules wifll her weakness and her tears. It is not often that It has to be done here, but the edlilor of a newspaper| h^ a perfect right to suppress an iteh) of news If lie thinks it should be kept out of the paper. Sometimes he. sees more sides of a thing than somebody else doesi—Conway Springs Star. (TNITKI> STATES nc-t office.. lola. Kan.s. Ofjfice of custodian. February 24i 1915. Sealed .nroposal^will be received at this luiilding until 2 o'clock m.. March 16. 1915, and t^on opened, for furhi'sliins^ (Jectric current, pas, water, ice, and jniBcellaneous supplies, removinc ashes and washln'< towels 'itin'n.c the fiscal year ending .lune 30. T916. The rifiht to reject any and all bids 's reserved by the Treasury De- nsrtnjenf. A. U. Hecox, Custodian. (2)-2 .7-(3)-4 i ring results. The first solid througli train ever operated between St. Louis and the Pacific Coast will go into service on the 12th day of April. The train will be composed entirely of new all-steel fars i <nd will be run over the Missouri Pacific from St. Louis to Pueblo. Colo., by way o!' Kansas City, from Pueblo to Salt Lake CItj-, Utali. over the-Denver and Hio Grande and from Salt Lake c:ty to San Francisco over the rails r r the West": n Pacific. The t'.iiee railroad systems' over which the service is to be operated are under one general management, Mr B. F. Bush being president of all of the companies. On account of the world-wide fame of the Denver and Hio Grande as a scenic route and the wonderful Feather River Canon traversed by the Western Pacific, as well as the beautiful viewa along the Missouri River on the Missouri Pacific, tlie new train has been namel the "Scenic Limited." It will leave St. Louis at 2:00 p. m. d'aily. arrive in Kansas City at 9:30 the same evening, Pueblo at 2:15 p. m. the iollowing day. Salt Lake City at 1:30 p. m. of ttie ne.xt day and San Francisco at 5:45 p. m of the following day, making the total ru in close to three days. in eriiHpment the train will be one of the finest in the country. The«eolid steel cars being built especially for this 9er \ice will be equliiped with anti- telescoping. devices and every known modern improvement and safety appliance. The train will be made up of a baggage car, one large modern day coach, a reclining chair car in which no extra charge will be made for seats, a dining ear. a Pullman tourist car, a standard Pullman sleeping car and an observation library sleeping car. nr .iU ).\'sn.\', VvU. uorn to r .'iii- ip Vollmer and wife, 'I'licsday iiioni- iiiy, a girl. I'eto .Mini,- is viTV ,sii.U with piiiMi- monia fever. The P.vtliiaii Sister.', iiu 't Tin'sday niglit to initiate taiididates liaving a class of eiglit, but on account of sickness and bad weather there was only Dolls of Long Ago. The incliistoric Peruvians, accord- Iiii; to a writer la the Mother^' Magazine, l;;id pieces of bone wrapped in cloth, a male doll being identlfled by Iho bhiiikLt 'ovcr bi9 shoulders, the fe- iiialo by a iwtticoali. • , Horace makes mention of the stick horses of the Roman children.: Missals I three of tlie number present. Liglit i "ic* middle ages picture little peo- rcfreshments were served after Tijiii-I ple still'astride such makeshift steeds, pie closed. | and the .ordinary riding horsfe of the The niemb.^rs of Addic Temple are | ordinary child remained a stick with a panning to meet with lola Pythian | horse head untillate in thfe Sisters on .March IStli lor^a school of! instruction. seventeenth century. One hundred years later v. 6 liud horse forms with curtains around them, so that the child may run oil liis own legs beneatli the sheltcrin;,' drapery, just as clowns la .Mrs ..loiin .\rnett left for l-ILsnior^' this .morning to visit iicr iiarents iiiilil Sunday. Dr. Howell and wife drove to Kls- more this morning lo visit Mrs. lliiw-l tUo circir.; ilo today, e'il's nepliew Clarence Daniels who is | very sick. .'Mrs. llowcH will remain in Ki.smon? a lew days. A trained nurse canu' in from Kan-fs;>ys: sas City to take earn of .Mrs. IMiilip Vollnier. Mr. .Mosier came in from Kansas City today to look after the interest of ills farm, Mr .Campbelhvrigiit Is moving on his farm this week. Mr, McCarty's nei)hews, the Overbys left for near Seattle, Washington, to make their home. ^ i •, Mrs. Ross I.eek is on the sick list i '^''^ running tlirough Decatur Quite a number of voiing folks gath-! county one day last week, a B. & M. ered at the heme of Colonel Davis I''"^•''"''"Ser engineer noticed the steam to surprise Miss Bell Davis in honor i aown. He turned to speak of her fourteentli 'uirthday. Tlie ev-;Sam Miller, his fifeman. but Sam Croup and Whoopini; Cough. —Mrs '1'. Neureiier, Kan Claire, Wis., "Foley's Honey and Tar Coni- liound cm-ed my boy of a very severe attack of croup after other remedies liad failed. Our milkman cured his chihiion of whooping cough." Foley's has a forty years record of similar eases. Contains no opiates. Always insist on Foley's. Burrell's Drug Store. ening was spent in games and music. Every one present report a fine time. was not there. The irain was backed up and small pieces of Sam's body I were picked up and laid on a mail ' ' ^ I sack. The largest piece found was (lerniau Provision Ship Captured, j one arm. The steps or the engine be- Montevidco, Feb. 24,—The German came icy and Sam Ts supposed to steamer Gotha. loaded with provijBions; have slipped in a cut where a snow- for the German au.xiliary cruiser Kron i drift was almost as high as the en- prinz Wllhelm. has been captured by . gine. His body weni down between a British cruiser, according to reliable the high perpendicular drift left by advices, and taken to the Falkland is- the snow plow and tne wheels of the lands. train and was cut to pieces. MORAN, FEB. 25. -Smith & Smock shipped a carload of horses to St. Louis yesterday. The mu.sical entertainment advertised for Tuesday night at the M. E. church was postponed until Thursday evening oh account of the weather, Mr. Reece has rented the H. W. Lambeth farm. .Mr. Taylor is on the sick Mst. E. Bartlett received the sad news of the death of his brother-in-law at Kirksville. Mo., yesterday. The family will leave today for that place. -Mrs. George Morrison went to Mil (Ired yesterday for a short visit with tier daughter. Mrs. C. Cookie-W. Dow and wife went to Kansas City last night xo / buy spring goods. Mrs. Barton is si(!k an^ unable to_ be at her work in the Cline store. .Miss Hazel Strawn is taking her place while sbe is ill. The Lockwood Stock company's pro duction of "Paid in Full' 'last night was a very creditable performance. The company will be here all week. George Welch shipped a carload of stock today. Miss Lola McCoy was shopping in lola yesterday. • George Vandevere sustained a bad-' ly sprained ankle yesterday while rounding up some shoats and\ls not able to be around today. W. 1. Hammel has sold his horse and buggy to John Weatherby and ex-' pects to buy an automobile soon. Fred Pratz our local wrestler went to Savonburg Saturday night and put on a twenty minute exhibition with , J. Billings ot Paola champion middle weight of Kansas. !f a man's wife doesn't hcnpeck him. her kin will Kftend to that. .\bout the' only speed some men show is to ex|iibit a quick temper. A man con.siders life a grind— when bis grist Isn't worth grinding. Trn« charity conaiRtJi of opening the imrse and keeping tl|e face closed. Andrew Carnegie Once. Said: "Economy is not the saving of money, but the judicious expenditure thereof." A recent Government report shows that 421/2% of the expenditure of the American family is for food. You can economize by spending money judiciously—by buying food ' that gives the most nourishment for the least money. Grape - Nuts FOOD has delicious flavor, and contains more food-strength, penny for penny expanded, than either meat or bread. Made of whole wheat and majted barley, Grape-Nuts is nourishinp:, appetizing and easily digestible. It contains airof the nutriment of th^ grain, including those vital salts found under the outer coat"that are discarded in making white flour. / , Grape-Nuts comes ready to serve direct from package—no expense or bother of cooking. "There's a Reason" foi- GRAPE-NUTS —sold by Grocers everywhere. . 5f' fx. I

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