The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 13
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 13

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 13
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lOLA CHAS. F. RE«ISTER SCOTT ; Kntcred at the lola PostofHce . Sccong Clii^-<. Mytl'-r. ^ Telephone 18 A^PrTvate Branch kKohnnBC •ronnf-cllng All r>ppartm»?nls). Official Paper City of lola. .Official Paper City of Bauett. j Official Pa&tr Alfen County. SUBSCRIPTlbN: RATES. By Carrier In. lola. Go? C'ity. l-iHari>o . and BisseU. .Oiip W'pok. • 1T> Crnts One Month L.. .7(1 CVijlj* . One Teur ., il.tO ^ BY MAIL. Outside Allen County One JVniiri |.. ,.._IinO Six MoiUlis ' ! -.Ji-Vi, Three Montlis -. il.W in Allen County': (ine Year .L...:. JI.CO .Six Months j..! : V:.i>n Throp Months Onr Mitnlh .. si.;.-i J...-100 Member o*— ' N«tion«l £dnoria< Association. Kansas Press As^ciation. ' The Kartsas Daily Leaflue, . AuBli Bureau-of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. . Inland Daily Preis Association • f tigs TOJA DAILY^REGISTER. THljySDAY gydlNrng m j MCmbCR ASSOCIATED PRIHiSS. The Register carries the AssiKiiati-d fress rr>|>«rt by leased jwlre. •The Asxni-litted IVess is ex<-liisivi'lj.- fii- litled 1o the use lor republication of all npw« cllspatcheM credited to 'It or not olhcrtvlsc credited in this liaper. Mnd also the local news' iiulillsheil licro- in. AH rights or rtipuWicatiyii ofispe- ri»I di.opatchcs herefii urc also reserved. Bible Tlhougkt for Tod^nj. If .ye lovt! me. ye will keep my (•oinnianilmcntB .-4|ohtf 14:15. i HOW THE wilRiSTARTEH Krtltor npRlslcr: |j * I Will you iilcancUdi UH wliat llio war ill ^Cli^na Ip f CONST 11 icbfiru? i jVNir IIKADICU. TImf IHU'I n vpjy JOJIK loittir. but Jl would tnki; It hook to give ij rrtm))lcln and coin- prebcnjiiv«> anHWp reafionilble neWBp; ever, porhapH Bon hp 'made that \\\ ChfneHC sHuRtlon Kond deal hf a no" partituilar attention, lo thp present acutri to II. X^'ithln JUT; lliiiiis, liow- e HlateinrntH can iH clarify thn o those who paid 8 (io miics the Cantonese march] wHliout encountering any res Iffnce worth inentlonlnK. It W nbt until thc£^ reached .the bordt rs ofChehkianiE; province ol which Shanghai Is the capital, that .the re Was any real fighting. Shangl at is • the richcst -Tity in China a id the military leader who for ma ly years has held it in his grip, tried desjperately to stop the Canlone le. But his army wait demoralized ny t )iej Cantonese propagandists a id wiUiout any very severe fighti ig the whole province' fell "to • 1 is' e^emy; and within a very ievi days the Cantonese had extended tb< ir donfjiiesls to the' Yangtse river so Uial they now hold nearly two- tljlrds of Chiiia. ; In the meantime Chang Tso Lin dnd Wu Pel'. Fu apparently' have patched up a| peace 'and arc g;t- ting ready to; make common cause against the ; Cantonese. . Letters from Kev. I'orry O. Hanson, ptib- Jishcd in the Register yesterday, j-eportert the! "furious" recruitibg Chat was going- on as earlr Has {""ebruary in: Tslnan and other {owns and cities of ^^Shatitung prbv- jnce. This reci-ulting (which means SEEMS TO JBE A HAfLD GUY TO ELIMlNAlfe! man j is the it until stage developed rather suddenly ;a few days ago. I In 1911 a rc\fci'lution began in China,, under the leadership , of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. vt Caiiton, an American educalid Chinese, as a resuk of Which, •»[ bloodshed the which liad ruled selulfe mojiarchy tutleR, Ws^s overthrown. A pro- visionargOvernnnJit was organized jby the revolutioraries and a parliament assembled wliich elected Dr. Sun as the first president nf the Chinese rcamblie. Trouble soon broke out withiii tlie government as a result of whicli Sim ro- fiigtied and -fled from the country. 1 Later lie returned and set up a ^ government of his own in Canton, 'declaring his independence • of the central government at Poking. While • Sun was'organiziiig ran' army -tind consolidating his; position at Canton figlitinij Iiroikc out in various parts of lilin country among military chiefs. This fighN^ Ing was solely over the niatter of spoil.'!. .For several years It was sporadic and on a small' scale, little more (than scraps aniTtiig bandits to determine which one .should rule over :ind plunder a certain section of country. In the course of time tllcre grew tip two principal arniies; one in The north under Chang Tso Lin. and one in cen- lial Cliina under Wti-Tei Fu. In the rather heavy >fighting tiiat developed I between ,those two chiefs Wu was getting the iietter i of Chang, When, one day Oen. Feng, the 80-c'alIed Christian general, . whoiiad been leading a division of ^Wu's army, suddenly deserted Wu and went over to Chang, and the two of^ fjem took over <he govern- liient at Peking. Left with hut a few troops;Wu abandoned the field - and for sonic months went into hiding. Chang _and Feng divided liorth China between thiem. Clilang making his capital at Mukdeii. pnd •Feng establishing headquarter^ at Calgan. ^ r In the mean time, in 191f! Sun died. But before his death he had made himself absolute malslcr of Kuantung, +he province! of which Canton Is the capital, and had gathered some strong men ihat every able bodied being ruthlessly forced into ranks) is Ijoijng done by Chang 'fso Lin and it i|| evidently his dct|ar- iuination te liold as much of China north of thnlYangtse as ho can. Gtii. .Feng seems to have faded lut nf the pictiirif, hut as he has hfrc' betrayed both Chang iind W'n. and fifnce he haK undoubtedly lieen receiving money and mun - Jlons from SJivlet Russia, It Is T- rely probnhje that his Rympathits 5tre with the' Cantonese, and when the right tlnte comes will-dellytr his army wliere it will do thpjii .the most good. ' j And that is the siiorl—the vijry i>hort—of the story. : The thing to he clearly, understood^is that from the beginning up to the present moment all tjhe .fightiiig has been between and pmong the Chinese, a purely civil War' which would \VA\C gone on jiist ihc same if there had not been a foreigner in the country. Up to the time the Cantonese entered tjhe ilh prat^ieally no rlanchu (iynasty China as an ab- for several cen-J-0*'''^ ^'"^ fiRhtlng had been pur mercenary, a scrap ainong hrni^t chiefs for loot and. loot alone. 1 lie f'anto^ese. however, seem to l^e fight^tlg for a principle, (he prlrci- ple of unity and nationalism. Htit do.not fall to note that it is s;ill a civil w^ar. It is chang Tso I in, Wu Pel Fu and other north •ijn iVaders," who are fighting the C ih- tonese. The foreigners are tak ng t}6 part in the fighting and Ti: ve nbt fired a shot except to p o- Icct the lives of their own pcorle. There Is no war in China exc< pt. tjiat between Chinese, and fie foreigiiers are not in any least ce- gree" responsible for this fratrick al .•Ctrlfe. Keep that fact firmly in -your mind and it will help you to understand .the news that is coming out of China. With the ever indulgent tax-payer to fail hack upon for the Sat- iiniay night payrolls the Covern- ment seems to be making a go of the Mississippi river barge line, established as a war measure- though what it had to do witfr winning the war is not quite clear- ten, years ago. Freight tonnage carried on the big river has grown from 101,000 tons in 1919 to more than, a million tons in 1926. Regular barge service is maintained the year round between Cairo and New Orleans, and for ten montits in the -year there is service lietween: Now Orleans and St. Louis. All the freight is handled at a saving of 20',', to the shipper, but how much It costs the tax'payer is not reported, j Dr. around him.! Also he, had established two schools,- one for | the training of military officers,; and the other., for the study and : dissemination . of propaganda. TJicse schools were officered by men isent from Soviet Russia, from w'lJich country also came rumerous trained, soldiers to. train th? army Sun was gradually creatiiig. After Sun'q death the scho* s and the government he had or-nnized ^^ontinued. to function, and filially; ^^hang Kai Shek, the comm.Tader- IX THK I».\Y.S M;WS Andrew O'Connor of Worchest4r, .Mass.. who has been invited by Ihc Turkish (Jovernment- to ma te a; statue of President Mustap la K*mel for erection in front of t ic Parliament building In Angora, liie new capital of Turkey, is an IrishAmerian: sculptor, whose education %vas eclectic and largely parental. His early childhood disclosed Ian interest in modeling and In sculpture, and won for him a cliUncc to e:(pei'inient agd to learn by doing. In his early professional career he dijl much credi|tab!e work for churches and pjiblic buildings, tnd in. later years his fame as a sculptor has been oilhanced by his pir- tr^it statues of Generals . Liscvm, Thomas, Lawtton. and Lew Wal- ilacc. Commodore Barry, and Governor .Johnson of Minnesota and other eminent civilians. One jot th^ most notable of Mr. O'Connor's woVks .is his statue of Lincoln !ln Spvingfield. III. I- PRAIRIE CHAPEL (L. D. Mattocks.) .Mar. 2ft,—Harley Robb helped J. F. llarcierode haul hay Saturday. Miss Clara Mattocks is home from high school this week on account of liaving the measles. J. F. Harllerode called on Col. La Rue Friday. I. E. Hoke and family of La- Harpe spent Saturday! niglit and Sunday at C. F. Maxwell's. Karl Anderson aitd family of near Redfield visiteil Sunday with {-Ralph La Rue and faiiiily. y\r. and Mrs. L. D. .Mattocks and Dale were Tola visitors Saturday. B. H. Bacon and Harmon Biglow helped /Robert Harris make fence last Tuesday and Wednesday. • L. W. Howell and Arthur Boyd wa.s hauling hay Thursday. Miss Martha Sloan and Mr. Eugene I..ove were married Saturday. "They will make their home on a farm near Bronson. .Miss Sloan Is a daughter of Mr.. Austin Sloan and Is well known and has many friends in this neighborhood. R. L. Robb sold his fat hogs Monday to Welch of .Moran.. Mrs. J. W. .Mi-Farland and M^. Ausin McFarland called on J.i A. and L. D. Mattocks and families Sunday evcnlngi Depew Knows N.E. 0F HUMBOLDjT (Mi ;s. .r. W. Hrothcrb) Mar.-Jn—Don [Saying wa|j ah^ e Kaufman calicjd Brothers-Friday imp Browii .spent his g -undma, Mjrs. Moifd^y from schtjol .Moi^day on-account sickness. .Mrs. .1 .Mrs. J. I lug. Junior night wit Lowe. /';Mrs. B .Mrs. Rob ernoon. Mr. and Mr.-i. Fred Saviiig it loia callf^rs .Montlny morning. .Maude ;Comhs|isited Mr*. Wi fred Chaijdock Sunday aftei[no()n lie Aditms visite •rt llaihm Thursday LNIae !l with att- erc il- pcpt Sunday ajftfr- IBrothers. ' Henry Nohlt. .Mr. and Mrs. Will Owens itpcnt Chaunce>-'M. Depew, ^veteran statesman and after-dinner speaker extrabrdinary, kno\ys a goo3 story. Alsp he knows good com- pnny. Here ho is with Miss Wilma Rogero, brunet beauty, wlio is one of the candidates for queen o^ the annual Ponce do Leon celebration at St. Aiifustine, Fla. Depew Is president of the society sponsoring the celebration. Tbiirsday cveniiig with M|s. Btillc Adams and Loni^lo. .Mr.*-. Karl (Jerken and s^n Richard werd Humboldt shoppbrs | Sat- urilay. .Mr. and .Mrs. FTcd Huber Walter and Richard visited Friday evening at Kre<l &iving's.i' Fred Dpejike s noon with Lynn . .Mr. aiiti Mrs. Henry Nohlt.j Sr., were Humboldt tjhoppcrs JMonifay afternoon. IxiiinieJRiclison and J. \\\. Broth- era arc serving oti the jjiry] tills week. .Mr. Coiby hauled hay fojr K^n(ier Mailcs AVJednesday. .8— 4»342.397.ri 70,331.78 82.74 Orrfcial Staiement Of the Financial O. ndition of the lOM STATI at lola. State .of ):ansaB, at the close of bUBlnees o^ th^ 23rd day of March. 1927 f,V ' Rwoiirciesi IJoans and Ascoun libans on real estate.- drerdrafts, unsecmred-. Other real estate ed Bank bldg. —$25.0f)0.00 Pnrh. & flxt'rs.- X'^nited' States bondl{ hiand Bonds to secure statje de posits —i. Other bonds and rants , Bonds to secure Sav. .__ ' Cash items and cjlear- ing-house items Cash aiid sight | ex: change, legal reserve. 121,2«5.60-| Other, resources, Jiidg -j • mcpts and chatiejls— \ 700.00 1 •" i»AGE THIliTEEN I bwn- • ^,000 on war- P.. O. i Total „»643,141.56 LiabOIties. 1 Capital stock paid ln-.-| 60,000.00 Surplus fund —--J—- 43.000.00 Und. prof.— $1.«68.92 interest ^ 6,i49..16 Exchange 556.29 Less current expenses, i interest and itaxes 16,166.62 29,000.00 1.150.00 28,120.00 19,880.60 10,000.00 4,046,51 paid -$7,190.87 Individual deposits sub• jcct to-Jtheck. Certificates ot detiosit, due in less than 30 days . !(Cashier's checks out- j standiiig --J 1-. Banks and bankers dc! pbslts - iccrtlHcates of deposit due on or after 30 days — 1,073.70 429,670.26 38,617.82 ,4.033.74 42,759.55 33,98rt.4i) Total 4„.J.$643.141.S6 State of Kansas, County of Alien, 88. i • • ''\\ 1. F. O. Benson, Cashier of said bankr do solemnly swear that Ihn a^iove statement Isitru6: thatisqid bank has noi liabilities,; and is not Indorser on any note or obligation, other than shown; on' the above statement, lo the ' best of my knowledge antl belief. So help me God. • , I F, O. BENSON, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 30tK day of March. 1927. Harry E. Shively, Notary Public. Comniission expires, on the 14 day of September, 1927 .1 R. A. EWlNGj A. W. BE»K, 1 L. B. HORVILLE, Paul Klein, F. L. B. LEAVELL, Directors. Farmers Canatruci Ro^rprqof Fence Pasts During Spare Time By W. G. KAISER Agrlculturaf 'Engineer Fence posts that will neither Tot noi; bum put an end to periodic replacement expenses. The farmer can make these posts himself during bis spare time, oiv If he prefers, he,can often purchase them from a local dealer. A. practical rectangular mould, ceren or i eight feet in .length, with a cross-section offour by five Inches at the base which tapers to three by four Inches at the top, can be built by ;the lanner with smooth, stra i gh t-gra In ed Inmber. Ubnlds for circular,! semi-clr- cnlar, triangular and "T'? shaped posts are generally made of metal. The concrete used for making posts con.^lsts of one sack of Portland cement to two cnbic feet of sandjtnd..three cubic feet of pebbles which do not exceed three- quarters Inch In diameter. Both the sand and the pebbles mast be hard and clean. Mix the cement, sand and the pebbles tharoughly so that the com- bliiatlon will have uniform color. Then mil in enough wfller to naka a workable concrete. Cise no mora, water than Is needed, n? too madli win weaken the-materiai. , { Paint the Inside of the monltisl with crude oil. Unseed oil thlnj^ with kerdsene. or machine oil "be* fore filllngf concrete^ this, the themifrith: If yon I do hardened' "•>.:V 'lw posts wilt cornel onB ^^^^^^ .easUy. Cross-Section Stee.l a ijn^ee, .•f Post Inch in dijimeter mn-i ning the length of thai post aile used- as' ^.reinforcing, In'tec-! fansutar post^ ai; rod isi placed" to; e.cli corner three-i V ]ti:irtor.<; of an inch: froiii the two ail-! jacent sides. j If the posts are made in sumnierj tliey can be re^ iiioved • from tha forms in 24 honrsj 1 Farm-madfe Forms for Con- Crete Postai rn winter a longer time is required for the concrete to harden. In all; cases. It is; a good plan to keep tha raould.s in; a damp x'lacc: whenjcon- crete is in them. ' :r Do not put the posts In tha ground as soon as you have takea them from, the forrns. A good planr is to cure theiiS in some damp place for a period of 28 days. Half of Marines Arc On Their Way to China Don, Delia an^l Claytoti attended a party Mr. and Mrs. Ed ot their iiaughterj .Mrs. Sally Cofficld of It [Fred Duiilaki Friday with at the ironic i of Saving lii Florence.! were:' .Mrs. Belle'Adams aijd nie, Mr. land .Mrs.l Ballard, .Mr Mrs. Baldwin, and .Mr. aqd (AP)—AV. Wadley. of the: Nothing circulates so quickly as a secret. Philadelphia. .Mar. .JO The north Atlantic half Sixth regiment of marines oriiered' The .AJhaniansJ though jshaijply nhi^.. 4^ -„,„i' _ .„ .1,-. „i idivided Into tribes of very aifrerent to China to reinforce the sea sol- „ „i^„,,i.„i„;,„ .„ Ji„»iw,„iil „ i I types, nevertheless re distinctly a diers on duty there, are on the,race by themselvjes, retaining their way. The movement of the S00|!incient and difficult languig^ ^nd officers anil men from the Phila-{Prcserviijig the fjustoms ajnd |in- her niece, .Mr. Humboldt spent Belle Adahis. .Mr. and .Mrs. Jbhn List t^ntj and Mrs. Albert Lassman Sunday .with .Mr, and Mrq. Saving. I ^ Sunday visitors at .Mr. Hiibcrts Saving (lie I of l|onor la Official Sfatepient of tlse Financial Condition of the .W.LEX tOrSTY S-TATE B.\>K at ; lola. State of Kansas, at the close of business on Ithe 23rd day of iVIarch, 1927. " ' V Kesouifres. Loans and discounts..11,103,316.93 Overdrafts, unsecured. 1,241.68 Other real estate owned 377B2.22 IL^S. bonds on hand... 25,000.00 Other bonds and- warrants 2,000.00 Cash items and.:clearing-house items 6,191.04 Cash and sight exch'ge,; . legal reserve 375,4in..i3 dnd of rs. ^ir. Pienl l*ed Ijjon- iind Mrs. delphia navy yard to fourtmop trains began sliortly before noon and was complete<l- in an liour. Htitutionh of a remote antiquity. • \ i • I ! Carelessly dropped rem irks] do not always fall flat. i Kansas promlsesito be, given hi|;h ranV in the crusade of the mojre ad\4nced, moral icbnoclj np\^ ihtellectualisui th in-chief of the Cantonese aijiiiiesj and Eugene Chen,-the head of the Cantonese civil • government, ilo- cided the time had ;come for an advance upon the rest of Cbi.tuu , And so last July, with a well or- Kanlzed.,^ well drilled, and well |o„g,,(j to jje but working OH a rail- equipped army, ;the Cantone.-ejroad 'section;—C. S. Finch, fltarted north. In advance of the; iAud that Its no joke. There cor- asts of the rough tjie labors jof the Hald^man-Julilis QuaVtP'ly publlshf^d in this stale, the tatcst Issue of which is a broa!d- sld"?^ of assaults on morals and I'e- llgldn.—Topeka Capital, B^T'why c^'ll it the "new Intell- ectuBlIsm"? It is!the old rant agaifast morals and rellgiftn that has jcharacferlzed i the Haldeman- Julitts publications from the beginning, and is neither new nor Inteliectnal. r GEMtLe sPfyiMG -fTME.' fl X -IVAAKIV/ TUEt FOR NO MORE^ COAV_ AMD ASVA^-^ :A professor at K. r. the othlcr day .flunked more than three- fourths of iiis cla .ts. The prof; has mistaken Ijis calling. A man who can't • leach any better than that ariny^went the propagandists, 4 >laif- tcrlnk, the loyma with proclama- tloiis to the effect that the approaching army was coming to liberate the liepple. not to attack them, j^ni antilntne the patriotic princiiaeB of Dr.i^an Yat Sen. For tainly^.is something about lOOTc the mktter with a teacher "whose students fail in any such proporti m as reported In this c^se, and tie BoonpET he Is sent; on Iris way t le better St will Itojror the -Oiiil>M|r' Mf. [ ffiS&'S::-i£:SI . .11 SOU Woo? X Y MES. AM" t^E. VJUHO MAO -To Gii>/ Fodo FOR i-r— OO MV BACKS BROKE Total . $1,516,934.40 Lfabintle.*!. Capital stock paid in„$ 30.000.00 Surplus fund ... 100,000.00 Cud. prof., ..$61,348.86 Interest....;. 19.027.16 Exchange .__ 76.65 Less current expense!', "nterest and taxes paid $15,'235.77 65,216.90 Dividends declared but not patil 1 ... 75.00 Demand Deposits: Individual deposit^, sub- .icct to check . 947,fiD4;79 Cashier's checks outstanding 31,993.20 Banks' and bankers'de­ posits 46,443:84 Time Deposits: Certificates of deposit due on or after 30 days ^ 29,=>,5lo;67 DEWITT (Audrey Cress) .Mar. 20.—Mrs. Leo Fredrick spent Wednesday afleriioon witii Nellie Moore in lluniholilt. .Mrs. Kirhy called on Mrs. Wll VanNlcc Thur.'day afternoon. .Mrs". Edd Faulkner and Ciyd^; called at Cress's Fri(lay afternoon. Mr. and .Mrs. Powell Wilson and baby callcil at- Walter Baker'.s Thursday evening. .Mr. Stin.son. Paul and Floyd, called at Cress's Friilay eveiiin.i;. Mrs. O. .Michaels spent Thursday with her daughter, .Mrs. Leo Fredrick. • . .Thcliha O.slm'nder called on M^s. VanNico Friday moniing. Mr; and Mrs. Charic;: Siroh'spent Saturday night in Yates Centor with Mr. and .Mrs. Bert Stroll aiid family. j Mr. and Mrs. Hunter called at Wm. Kreuger's Friday afternoon. Mrs. Walter Baker spent Friday with .Mrs. .1. A. Cress. Miss Leona Michaels spent a couple ot days last'week with her sister, Mrs. Leo Fredrick. MiTand Mrs. Stinson and family spent Sunday afternoon wii¥ Mr. and .Mrs. Womack. . Miirl Kelly spent Sunday morn- in.c at l^rank Ostrandcr'.s. Themcasles patients arc all bettor at this writing. Ross and Millard Cress returned to sdiool last week, and Audrey and AllcP, Cress .i.nd The'ma Ostrander rc't'irnod this week. Homer and Charles Ostrander are much improved, but arc not able to return'to school yet,' after having the measles. Total fl.516.934.40 Sts.te of Kansas, Allen County, ss. I, G..R. feowlus. Cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear tUat the ahovc statement is true; that said bank has no liabilities and is not Indorser on any note or; obligation, other than shown on the , above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me God. G;vR. BOTWLiUS, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 30th clay of March, 1927. Maude McKinney, (Seal) Notary Pubh^c. Commission "expires on the 1st day of April. 1928. Correct. Attest: TIHAS. W. B0WLU3, J. B. KIRK, TH03. H. BOWLUS, • L. V. BOWLUS, Directors. PRAIRIE ROSE (Vara E.; Rogers.) Mar. 29.—faihllr byj the name of Williams from Elsmore la moving lo the J. M. Taylor j farm. Charley Green an.lola visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burrel. Lloyd Anderson atid family .and Haltie Not^n were at the parental Nolan homfe Sunday; Grangers remember Friday .evening, April 1.Is regular grange meeting night. A good attendance is desired, as officers are to be Installed. Harrison OHphant and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Smith were visitors at Moj^ne Knapp's Sunda.v. Mrs. Llllle TIce was helping her sister, Mrs. Olive Yokum do some papering Monday. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Sloan. Dorothy and Darlene nrotnred to Parsons for the day Suiiday. Mr. and -Mrs. ,1. P. Rog;er8 and Leta from Bronson, Merle Harclerode and family. Mrs. I Florence Ford of lola were visitors at Roy Singer's Sunday. ] Mr. and Mrs. Roscocj' Tice spent Sunday at the parental Shelton home. • I j _. Open Circle Hnh melt jIaM we** with Mrs, Anna. Isaac.' Mrs. Isaac and Mm, Nolan were IiostieaseB. There doesn't seem to be mucli trouble meeting expenses — one meets them everywhere?. A Cough? Yes-^DanRcrous! When her child & coughing, Mo^ thcrnccksquickrelief. l?or54yeaia, ! Mothers have U8cd Chamberlain's Coagh Remedy. It removes phJ9lgnl» gives soothing relief. Muthcra—writc! for free booklet i on "Care .of the Sict." Chamberlain i Medicine Co., 601 Park, Des Moines. Pf« Contains no atoohot i • or narcotics I COUGH R£ME |nr I 005ENS THE COUGH Bl]i0iis%diys For lay many itrupTc aroid hiiioiWncs.^ hr thra MOr; 4iblc trcbUnent of tho (liKi.<f4tik-<v f.-sst«tn. FlrttS Kai nmptor foreis allnwiiw d»iralive astem.ta *iProta.JBBCond: StimuL-Uc better Ivsmian mH txjwii nrulauily l.y takine Cliajnlirjlain'.-i Tal.leUi (ittj a wo**. They ammso l:«iJtliyT 'liffeiitioii. pet ^uM:k nwilta. 4 r.O 'r'ur 2.'»c i^K-kt't MZCH at r ^irl JnicBist For fno sample writer Oimberlaln Slsd. Co.. BOe-eilil KTSL, DISS MOIIWS . Iowa. K CHAMBERLAiirS THOUSANDS OF CORNS REMOVED TOT years ixopie all over tho worl4 twre suffered from corns and caliA'.sns. Kow wa have • remedy that will really remove them quickly and without pain and we caa prova It. It you are one ot the unfortunate onea , who hare tried ell kinds of eo caMod | "com cures" without result—if you h.-ivo a stubborn old com or caUou.^ that Junfc won't com«^ff—drop In today and It-t ua fell you about END-O.COKN, "«r It you lira too tar away, write to KND-O- CORX X.ABORATORIKS. 4 OarHeld Blvd.. Chlcaso. and w» will see that you recclv* a Jar. COOK'S DltUC STOriE ' Gaaranteed Reiiied)r -ith HiL* t'ltiL- iittachment.miiking itconreniontan.lcaEy toapplr. Yoor fJnjjTEn^t will reft:nU money if PAZO OINTMENT faiUtprurc nnyt«e of pilcdJi telling, l»Iir,<l. tLcdinjrorpm- tniitci;). Juitnskfora'Sctabopf PAZO OiNTMEilT LET JOIKES, DO IT! Jones Electric Works | rilOXK lft2 Chfld-bii:tii Is explained in wonderful Book •eat free to all Expectant Mothers M AKE the ironths 'of cxv'-.'n-v-.- easier, freer from-trn:imri and p.-iin ; an-l make the birth of yn'jr Hiil.f a happy event by usins "Mother's Krint/i,' th-! hihri- canl for r.\p«T*r-.nt TOoJhor?. 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OuMkiaa BO aipirio, acetaaiUd or othsr kaatt aipiisssnt*. p. 2^ RUG STORF: Bid your premises of rata .and mice quickly and easily. UseRA'T- TOXJ Wonderful discovery. Bait and poiaon combined. 69c tuba at yoor IMPtElifENTS lOLA-KANXAX tfwnr MfiK iffi IT iffv HIT.

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