Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 20, 1959 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1959
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quiz on ANIMALS QUESTION: What is a yak? ANSWER: Th» yak is a large wild ox that lives high in the mountains of Tibet In central Asia. Sometimes it grows to be more th«n six feet tall at the shoulder and weighs mora than a thousand pounds. It has wide, sharp horns and is a dangerous animal to hunt. The yak is a distant relative of the American bison or buffalo and, for the people of Tibet, it serves much the same purpose as the buffalo did for the Indians. Its flesh is used for food and its hide and fur provide Tibetans with everything from clothing to saddles. Tibetans have domesticated their yaks, something the Indians never did with the buffalo, and yaks have become a major form of transportation among the mountains of Tibet, a country of about a half million square miles 1 which has no railroads. FOR YOU TO DO: Certain special animals are important to different peoples around the world, like Hie yak is to Tibetans and the buffalo was to the Indians. See if you can find out what animals •re of special importance to the people of the Philippines and Peru. {Sara Gates of Fulton, N. Y., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP News- features, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T,M. Rtc. U.S. Pit. OH. © 195t by |KA StnrlM, "Sure I had a big time at the party, Mom! I just haven't had time to get sick yet!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M, K«|. u.«. r.t o<*. ® 1M» by Nf A tirVttl." fn "My goodness! Mirzi has eaten your geraniuml I've been telling Dr. Pickens there was something lacking in her dietf" SWEETIE PIE By Nadinc Seltzer 'It's raining pretty hard!" TIZZY By Kate Osann © 1»59 by MEA S.IYIO, Ine T.M. R«J. U.S. P»t. 0». "What burns me up is he doesn't even know I've been Ignoring him for two whole weeks!" Diplomat Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1. U.S. diplomat, Christian 7 He succeeded the late John Foster —— 13F*ncy 14 Married one 15 Cross (dial.) 16 Lacedaemon 17 Destruction 18 Ecclesiastic table of rules 20 Descendant of Mohammed 21 Quarters 23 Prussian seaport 27 Euphemism 30 Quote 33 Nod (plant physlol.) 35 Friend of Odysseus 38 Draconis 37 King of Judah 38 Pony .40 Interval 41 Most loathsome 44 Trout 47 "Blue Eagle" 48 Candlenut tree 51 Mountains 53 Sculptured 55 Boy's name 56 Sly lookers 57 Narrow 58 Raise a nap (var.) DOWN 1 Shelter 2 Tweed River tributary 3 Lacerate 4 Shan 5 Stockade 6 Fragment 7 Theological degree 8 Boxing blow 9 Clayey earth (Pi.) 10 Decoy 11 Grace 12 Effete 19 Philippine Negrito (var.) 21 Slattern 22 Trieste wine measures 23 Hindu Cupid 24 Roman date 25 Texas town 27 Renown 28 Medical suffix 29 Proclivity 31 His appointment was approved by , 32 Epochal 34 Pungent 39 Female kangaroo 41 Driver 42 Fungoid disease 43 Non-com officer (fam.) 44 Crescendo (ab.) 45 Voice 46 City in Illinois 48 Class of vertebrates 49 Blackbird 50 Basket handle 52 Stephen (ab.) 54 Small room BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Insinuation BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT OUR W/VY BY J. R WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLl FLI.. I'VE "01 P \ ' _ i :.' \ AMP TOI v> Vc"ii) WOT 'TO LEAVT 7 HF PAT 11P-00 w, — ,-— . r \ ^Ji .'^. i rj i r •' -\ i ;-.£,/ I $ffr VPI i -I'\K. /• «r^"^V ™ IM \ "1^- WMV MOTHC Vf- TiET i,P-Vi .. THAT'LLTHE 6 AKe MORS I'M SORRY 1 CAM'T SPEND fHS £VENIN<3 VJiTH YOU CHAPS, 6UT I'M OPF T£> 3OlM ASSOCIATES OPTM& MUSICAL MAY PlffM, 'WITH THE PSTOCM FROM IV. £ .'-«^ YOU kTNSW I HAP 50LD IT, V<9L) Z-u-vJMAT A PITY LACKED THE CAPITAL AMD SHARE THe KAFF ARTHA^S PRISE TOO- |0 . 20 BUGS BUNNY Hourly Rate TH 3055 SAID T' HEY, SYLVESTER i D'YA WAMNA EARN A QUARTER ? IT'S FAST PRYIN' PAINT SO YAC'N TAKEOPPTH' S!SN IN AN HOUR! PUT UP THIS SI6W WHEN J FiSJISHEP PAINTIN',BUT THERE'S NO PLACE T' HANG IT! HMM... BY ALL MEANS, SIPEJ PRISCILLA'S POP Think Hard Now NOW LET'S )/ AND IT ) SEE/ IT y( WASN'T*• WASN'T VSHERRV JENNY LU1HALE OR OR WOLLV- HOCK.. ARE YOU SURE SOMEBODY SAID IT? THAT'S WHAT ALL THE NO KIDDING, CARLYLE! YOU'RE THE BEST-LOOK ING FELLOW ON OUR BLOCK.' WHO SAID SO? TELL ME , WHO?/ BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP Good Idea BY V. T. HAMLIN ...PO VOU SUPRDSE SEE,OOOLA, WE COULD HERP /I DUNNJO! I SOME OF THEM ) DON'T FIGGER BACK INTO MOO?/ THEY'D TAKE TOO WELL TO ...BUT I THINK I KNOW A WAY TO SETA FEW THEM BACK THERE THIWK THAT'S A, WONDERFUL MONSTERS THAT PROWL ABOUT THE JUNGLE AFTER DAKK... MORTY MEEKLE Acting the Part BY DICK CAVALLI ON THE R-R0AD OlCii'i 6UWLU / YOU HAD TO GO / AND TELL HIM HE'6 I- 6UPPO6EO TO B£ xV AWATCHOO6/ Y*ls FRECKLES AND HER FRIENDS Can't Stand It BY MERRILL BLOSSER SAY, WHO'S THE SUSPICIOUS LOOKING CREEP WITH ^ YOU? i-" THIS CREEP IS HER. ) HE'S AFRAID FATHER/ ^ LOOK WHEH I DRIVE/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Volunteer BY WILSON SCRUGGS ( THAUKVOI, ) -7 BILLY. -,< . . A6WES, I MUST SE TONIGHT/ IT'S DESPERATELY IMPORTANT. WILL YOU (20ME IT'S FORYO^MKS.MARTIU. THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE ONE OF THE GUYS CALLING ME. YOU SEE/AGUES, I'VE DECIDED THAT I i VEKY MUCH WANT TO TAKE YOUK PLACE IN WE WAVW6 HOUSEHOLD WHILE YOU'Zc IW 9sl6LAUD.' V \ ku. CAPTAIN EASY Replacing Penny's Steps BY LESLIE TURNER WE PROVE IT IW FIFTV WilWUTES, £A$Y. BY TEAIW, TAKE& Tf THEN FOK AN AIRTIGHT AU81 THSRE »,\U&T BE NO TWO-HOUR PERlOP WITHOUT WITNESSES TO PROVE THEV SAW VOU DURING THAT TIME! LUCKILY, X WA* ALONE LITTLE. ViE'LL START •WITH THE PAVMLV I VWT6W W6 WERE WITH PSWNY MOSfY *HB HA* OTHER OF THE PA? CAPTAIN EA$Y! / FRIBKIO^ HERE SHE NEVER LEFT TOWN ml/ THM SHE t>KOPl>E» WE PUT HER. ON A TRAIN BY T(? 566 WHBW FOR HOlYKB A80UT 7;JO RM.!^\ *HE KVAWT WITH TH6VU 6WEWI THE SAME THIW6',

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