The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 12
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 12
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iPAGE TWELVE A.R. MODElHt)ME Beautiful Furniture One 6f Big Attractions In Register's Beautiful | Home. Wb.9t^ Eyel TOE lOLA DAILY-RECTSTOR. TOURSDAY EVENfNG. MARCH 31,192?: • It coes witliout sayinK' that .noUi- {nK lias ninrh' to <Io with convcrlinB a model I IOUHC into a model liome as file furniture which is put In it. and tlic RoRisler | is genuinely proiid the cxhibilitjn of furniture Uiat will be found | in the Home DcautilUl hy those who visit it fol- • lowlriK the openlnK ^e.vt Saturday. '. This display will he ffirnished hy -the A. It. Sleopf'r F'liriiilure C'oni- pa"ny, not only the larKesf furniture store in l(da bit one of the • larnesl in (In- whole .eastern half of Kansas. Those who ha»T ^~"nol done so wouliijie ajiijazcd^ o- visit the dispTay^rooms of -tlii! firm since its recrent rem< delinK ind sec what a ti'vmcndi)u.s stock of artistic' and beautiful lurniiuri! and riiKs are. (here on lisplay. • The ruK (leparlmint alon occupies floor space ."0 by ^0 f |et and includes ovdr 500 full room size ruKH i)f ^1aryinB p;ilerns. designs and ij'ialiiy.,^•o .«ueh slock of rugs . as tills maV he foun |i closef to lola than Kansas City on the nriTth. Joplin on I the-east, Tulsa on • the south or Wifhila j on tiie West. Kiri 'jxM- ban always featured the M. ,1. \Vhif»aIl AriKlo Persian rtlKs, prnbaljly the finosl| line in tlie country. I Meet Joseph. Novak, 13-year-o Ta(H >ma, Wash., schoolboy; wtio n:io'ntly flipped a basKctball llHouRh the basket 1070 times a bucceaalon trbile pniot icing ott ll 9 • fcchuulyurd court. There wa.s a time '-in the dca dead days beyond recall" when in| sijraitce was considered/to lie t i npvelty ifj not a joke. But no^y th insurance' l^isiness has grown t> PCfijuirtions which are almost Slag gi'ring when contemplated in tcrnip Mr. Sleeper has a; .'iO by tin fnot i of the millions of dollars whic Fjiacp devoted to Ihe display of' brdronm' suites an<t dining room suites, a '10 by ll'ilfoot space for llif shfivvinK of lixiiip room furni- IL. THOMPSON INSURES HOM Reliable Agency IsChoseja • By HomeJScautjf ul • Directors, i cpnstituto the assets of the in!- <lilstry as a whole. It has grown to these propoil- ppaofj. for the l)eddiiig departmerj;. S "«e !V indnidiial robnis have b.M iV ari-;r!iL'(d I'lr the display of two 'iv- iiifi-adoie suilrs, tw|o dining room riiite^. iwn (ie (i rotini .suites and iijic kilelun. t It Is liltle wonderithat the builders of lh<;'nome Beautiful chose such a firm as this to supply the most iniporlant ntri.i:'tiing whlcJi into tlie hriiK. Rvery room will be outfitted by Mr.' .SUeper completje fronr th( linoleum of the kiichen; floor to ; lie shaties in ti;.> r.Jiidows. Jt will lie the displcy vliH'h will be ni«i.( laget-ly e.vfiii! SWTQM Store ^ns Ca^ef idly Made Selectipn For iHome Beauiiful. i The disposition of a home—and no home beautiful should have an unhappy disposition—depends to no small extent u^on| the shoes provided. Shields Shoie Store has prc- imred a careful selection of ehocs for the entire family. Among those shown will be tht* Peat^ck shoes for ladies, acknowledged to be style leaders. \Valk Over shoes for both men and women and Irving Drew Arch Uest shoes. With thes; will; be shown kiddies siloes, housi' slip-: pcrs. Holeproof hosiery and other things of beauty and comfoi't for the feet. , . ! Shields Shoe Stoic Is the oldest exiJusive shoe storlo in lola; having been eHtahltshed in l!i(»:? lit the present location. During thii't: time , It • lias bien tinder iJie porfeonal niaiiagement of the owner, Mr. Clem Shields. .Mr. Shields Is also Interested in tlie Servey-Shielris Shoe Store at (.'hanuto. -Many Interesting changes '. have been made in the slioe business since Mr. Shields first* started riria sfori- here nearly 25 years ago. Now every pair of shoes comes wrapped in its own carton. But not so many years ago. shoes, especially children's shoes, were shipped to the retailer in barrels, i The two shoes comprising a piiirjwerc tied together but often In the course jof a busy day the pairs w;oiiI<I bc- conio separated and, the proprietor would have an all night; job "mating hjs shoes." ' In Paris, Mr. Shields sfjys. nearly every; pair of shoes is tiiade from an iijdhidual pattern. American 'acturers get their Ideas from shoes. Often an American. Improved Star Four doach iMteat .Modrl. .Star Four Oarh. whirb will be shown at Ihcj ler'« HoJBo Don 11 1 li'uI lir B. T. Barbfr. ' ' r GLOBE DISPLAY AT MODEL HOME Clothiers To Have Beautiful Line At Home Beautiful. •< ture and suilcs. al"0 by 80 footltiQUs because it Is fundamputallv sound, because it offers a service winch is almost indespcnsible in nibderu business fabric. It goes without saying . that the Homp Heautiful has been adequately covered by fire and windstorm insut- ance since the first day when materials were taken to the locatioii. And it goes cyually without saying thbi whoever buys, this home anji i lives lif^Tl •'will continue to havt? One of Ihe necessities of a model imnie Is a model outfit of things to wear belonging to the master of the Home: and so In the Home Deauti- ful the fJIobe Clothing Company, which "for 2T> years under the management of -Mr. Louis Schlanger has FRIGID AIRE JS FROMBUSTp) Refrigeration Is ojie Qf Many. Features Home Bcautifu bic wh'icl more outstanding im|iortan|:e il|ai{ held a pjace of unquestioned prom-[the electrical refrigerator, incnce, has undertaken to sec tojhome must have a refriger ThtVe arc maiiy remark! vcntions «nd deyelopment; have taken placij in the p:ist fe\| years whose object is to conti-ibuti- to the coiiifori and pleas- home life;'but ntine of the lire ic' is it that the closets of the "man of some sort, and the clectry Ci b(>en the house" are filled with the sort i V'^Tator is ideal. They ha developed to the point whejethpii: operation is practically perlject, le-! quiring attention-of about manu these who is, looking for a new style will see a jshoe upon the foot of son|e fair Parisian and buy, the sho^s from her in -order to co)>'y the style. This shoe which "a few months ago was worn by only one Frencli woman may be today the. reigning style in American feminine' footwear. . it 'jiroperiy insured. The n. L. Thonipsonj Agency wj chosen to perform this service hi , worth coiiiiiig a lonj,' way to se.>. Iiicdl.v praelicaliv all cf wlioi<l'iedtors of the Home Beaut^- w:!l vipif the .in.l it will belf"! iind he now carrie^ all the pol- I icii's which have been written In iconnection with it? The latest of r^nrenieia ItCJplCeS is for the purpose of protect Over Escape of 300j 'h^ the exhibitors agal^ist any poi*! ' 'sible misiiap v.'hich couid occur t6 Khrenleld. I'a.. jfar. :il. |[AP)— Ainmimh fiiur members lost their lives • in :i; I reinenjlous explosion they havi in .Vo. :: sylvaiiia (' •lion, lieri" yesterday ony i^ iwjoieiu;; nl the furnishings which in the liome. The K. L. Thompson Agency one of the oldest, m(>st firmly cs and .Icoke Corporri-''nbUcbed and widely known iti he mine col-I lolu, representint; only standard Ihe.escajie of JoUtline iomp:uiles. and is a fittinfi mine (>f l.'io Pemr- soiii- :'."0 oi' their number, wlio at j representative of tfie Home Heau fir.«t were lielioved Ikilled. tiful in this jiarticular feature. i • • • Highway Commission . Members Appointed and assortment of clothing that the owner of such a house naturally would' like .to possess. During al) of this quarter of a| century, the Clobe has handled the j four outijianding lines of men's wear. .Manhattan Shirts, Stetson Hals, Wilson Brothers Furnishings and Hart. Schaffuer and Marx Clothing, and all of these will be represented in • the closets and drawers of the Home Beautiful. A business suit, nj Tuxedo, a toji co .nf, a lounging rob a smoking jacket, u Stetson hat and cap and nrekties. hosiery, shirts^ galore—an ('ort- ment and a collection that no man is likely to be able to see ^-ithout coveting. 1 The display from the : Clobe Clotiiing Store will be one of the Topcka. Kans.. Mar. 31. (API— J ''specially attraiUve features of has a new highway com-I H O I' IP Beautiful | and all who minutes a year—instead of minutes'a day as docs tliu box. It would be hard to im:i Model Homo not equipped \it.h electrical refrigerator and i wo4i be most natural; to expec 11 the make would be Krigida re I cause there are jiiore Frif idaiHes in use in the United States tcrfiiy than all other uiakes coi ildh) d. The Register's Home fUauliljiil will beequipped with a FriEidafre mtssion today. Governor Paulen yesterday appointed the six members. In accordance with thp new road laws, follows: J, V. Abrahams. Topeka, first district: .lohn \V. Gardner. .Marlon, se<ond: FI..W. Dole. Almeua. third: James A. Alien. Chanute. fourth: R. W. Cray. Wichita, fifth: and Clnud« M. Cave. Sublette, sixth. Gardner and Dole" were memberis of the pid commission of three. The French postal authorities have established a system of auto- grap telegrams, the signature of the sender being reproduced ,at tlie foot of the messafje. see It will recognize the propriety of having tills display supplied by a house which for so many years ha^ been a leniter in Its line and bapi commanded liie complete c-on- fidencc of all who have ever given it their patronage. supplied by 1.. S. Bustard, he energetic dealer in lola ant -MV rounding community for Ibis wo|]- derful machine. Mr. "Uiista'd has been handling Frigidaires hi loia only for a few years, but. iii Hint rkab!< in •e iliai .Kvjirjf ;itor al • FOR SALE NOW John Reuther jWill ActAs Agent In Disposal Of . Home Beautif^L i .' ^ The Home Beautiful is for sale. iOf coiirse it's for Isale. Its Mild- ersl have already invested thousands of dollars In it and their only expectation is to sell the liome after the public openiiig is concluded for enough to pay them back their investment ii^ labor. Tliey do no a profit, tliey may even sustain a slight loss, but at any rate—the i.s for sale! The cooperators decided not to receive "bids" |on tlie bou.-e as is .sometimes doiiei ii similar instances, but to ha Idle its sale through the cuKlo iiary cliannel.s. For that rea.^iin tl ey chose .lohn Rnulher. one of lola's be .st known and prontiiient re^l e .siate men. to act as their ugent i i ,this matter. I Anyone who is ii terested in the purchase n{ the lioiiise siiould see me after it is •Mr. Kuutlier aiiy t opened to tlio-piib day.e ic next Satur- fiftc len fittcjen ce a tin Id at e- gine lime he has made a rem: number of inslalbiUons not mly lola homes, but In drug stoies ail Herman Barker Breaks Out of Muskogee Jail Poets are born • — doesn't seem to be anv it. and II here remedy for The Hotne You Have Been Longing for Muskogee, Okla.. MarTT.!. fAP) lierman Barker, member of the notorious Inman-Barker gang, wlio was awaiting trial for robbery of the Westville, Okla.. bank, broke jail at Fayetteville. Ark., early this iiiorning with two other prisoner.-*. It was learned here. business—hoiises. ;Ile ilevotes liiis time exclusively jlo Ibis b isin-^s and .Is making a remarkable siic- not on|y beiiause of. h s oujn industry aiirl iniiiative. but • cause Frigidaire Is in such wide demand an<l is so widely knowjn and believed in the country ove,r. The Frigidaire |whicb .Mr. Bii tard will have in itbe .Model lion will be not thp largest nof tlj The quantity of < stiniafed by e.xiier cient to supply I he a thousand yeur.s itij present rate of con] . Don't sl.-ind on there's nothing in slippery. >al ill China is s III lie siiffi- hole woi Id for come af the [.sumption. our dignity: tlie world so French or foreign firms eatab- smallest.. but just thn rigl to fit the home and adec take care of the liecds of such t si uately a f will family as would live in it. be filled wlih groceri<|s arid meats from Fryer's Grocery ai^d will be one of the points of igrca est Interest to visitors at Iheihomle. fiood Friday, as it is designii in K^nglish. is kno^vn as thef II ntf Holy llshed in France who wish to em-|or Great Friday ii i Ihe Greoic ploy a worker wlio is not of French nationality, must now get permis- .<»ion from the French Ministry of I Labor. Liturgy. A brain is as w(jak as its weal- est think. Fry THAT UNEXPEGfED BOLT- of cleslructioji pil in the, . i fury of I spring st^r strike the; i-epresentinff hard-earned What then financial loss. 1 Can You St materials and hope to make iPH^TVB l^OU WANT! A built-in tub! That is the tub which everybody wants. It's moderfi"; it's good lookinj?-; it .saves work by sealing! up the hani-to-mop placesl No wonder it'."?!popular. Talk with us'aboutreplacing^vour old fashioned up-on-legs tub with a ,bi;autiful built-in bath.; Our prices are very moderate and the woi'k m : always high class. The.Plumbing in the Model;Home is Bv lOLA PLUMBING COMP B.A.Sutton - Phone 11 , pack- ish and ^nany a may property y o u r money, of the nd It? Insure You 'ALL today! The R. L. Tlompson Ageiiirf TJic P>()tcQioi.i of the Easter Music Over the Radio The sweet tone.s of the organ—the beautiful viiccs of the choir—you get thehi all over the radio at lEaster. Hundreds of churches will broadcast their musie. Why not have a RADIOl-A installed"for this occasion and foMhe months to follow? A visit to our store will be welcomed by ui^. Demonstrations given any lime—gl,idly.- See the RADIOLA installed in the Model Home. Ross Arbuckle's Garage^^ 222 SQuth Street Phone 56 6 Reasons & ft m A Star Car Mouse. (By U. C. Hunter &. Bro., Archtsl, New York.)— - _ There is something , notably good about this honse, a certain grace of line—good charac er. Weatliered broTim shingles compose the sloping roof and tiie wide siding is painted white-^reara colored siding woiila also he effective. "Thr shutters are a warm Bhade oif^^green and the; itound licadedj front door and qiiaiul little ,enir^(iB gaiea aije ^de more also.! " \ Lovely' old Colonial "CUnker" brick make the chimney, and vestibule ! attractive a&d different. . There i.s a small vestibule witl two Icoat closets Just inside the entrance dootl From there oni entei^ the Ihing room, which b large fireplace. There I5 a sun ;porcli cotiuecting with the living Jroom and the well "arranged and •very compact stairs lead up froiri ;the Uving room. - Tbj^, Bt^cond Xlppr rooI^^. ar(^ grouped about a small liali. The thjiee; bedroom^ and the tiled batb StCOHO FLOOR. t3L/U>. all connecting with it. There are numerous closets on this floor, those necessat-y adjuncts that helii so much to keep one'.s^house in oif- der. This house is t.ruly attractive knd practical combining manj; goi^d '•eatures and preserving an artia- ic exterior'at'the same time..' The laundry, heating plant, etc., ^ay be found in the cellar- Complete working plans and ppcifleations for this house may 10 obtaMicd for .'i aombial. siun rom'thc Building Editor. Ref^r t«^ iOiiAe A-128. . - : The ers UsedifL -t4 the Model Home A re : \ \ Birge —We take this opportunity t^f calling your attention Jo our .'splendid assortment of high grade wall papers that await yoiir selection. We are prepared to show ybu as jcomplete a line of new and higli /*T grade wall coveringH as you will find in cities niuch larger than Ida! 9 ' Please be assured we expect ypu \o look ai{id wc want you to feel a home here. li—It Has M <)r0 Po\^er 2^-4t Has Mdre Speed 3—It Accelerates Faster 4.~It Has More Style 5.-—ItHaisMoreRoom; : 6.—-Per Mile Cost IsLfess Let Us Prove It! B. T. BARBER GARAGE 211 West street i Phone 515 Lowrcost Tra^portatU^ - AGAIN IMPROVED See the Star Display at the R0s$&*SiHomeBmutifuly^^^

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