Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on September 8, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, September 8, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER ^ Baby Beef Sale— (Continued from page 1) ford, Volga City, third: Paul Benjegerdes. Postville. fourth; Don Whitford. Volga City, fifth. The Clnyton County group won first prize for the county entry in the baby beef department with Allamakee second. Baby Beeves Sell Well The 32 calves offered for sale brought SH.151.77, or an average of nearly SS's cents per pound. The average last year was 30.9 cents per pound. Pig club youths sold 25 head of pigs for S1.79S.65 for an average of over 32H cents per pound. The champion pig of the show, shown by LeAllen Lange of Luana, sold for 40 cents per pound. The 13 lambs sold at the auction brought S310.15 for an average of 26 cents per pound. Total of all 4-H animaus passing through the sale ring amounted to $13,260.65. Other Top Sales Other animals bringing over 40 cents per pound in the sale were as follows: Hereford owned by Les •Whitford of Volga City, 41 s i cents: Angus owned by Bob Butler of Waukon. 41 cents: Hereford owned by Patty Henkes of Farmersburg. 41H cents a pound. Highest price received for a calf was the 1.110 pound Hereford shown by Roger Christofferson. Decker bought this animal for 43 V! cents per pound, which yielded a check for S4S0.07, the most paid for any one calf. Baby Beef sales were to Oscar Mayer & Company, three head; C. F. Meier & Company, one head: Hormels. seven head: Deckers, 13 head: Rath. 4 head; and Milo Gericke for Postville Locker Service, one head. Horseshoe Pitchers V. \V. Zieman of Monona won first place honors in the individual horseshoe pitching contest taking top prize money. In second place was Edison Lenth of Waukon and Willard Kamin of Luana took third place. In the doubles matches, the Cresco team composed of Oliver Teitshorn and C. R. Hungerford, won first place: the Luana-Monona team of Willard Kamin and V. W. Zieman took second honors; third place went to a Cedar Rapids team composed of Hiram Halvorson and Charlie Evertts. Good School Exhibits The school exhibits, as in former years, had a large number of entries and attracted the parents and friends of school children. Town and rural schools vied for the prizes offered, each in their own classes. Swine And Sheep Shown At Local Fair In the swine division of the Big-Four Fair the following were winners: Market pig individual: Lee Allen Lange. Luana, first. Roger Amundson. Postville. second. Marilyn Martins, Luana, third. Market ,pen of three: Roger Amundson. Postville, first. Lee Allen Lange. Luana, second. Ben Lange, Luana. third. Market litter: Marilyn Matting, Luana. first. Roger Amundson, Postville, second. Duroc Division Duroc purebred boars: Merlin Johanningmeier, Luana, first. Lyle Roys. Arlington, second. Duroc purebred gilts: Merlin .lohanningmeier. Luana, first. Lyle Roys, Arlington, second. Merlin Johanningmeier, Luana, third. Duroc purebred litter: Merlin Johanningmeier, Luana, first. Lyle Roys, Arlington, second. Berkshire Division Berkshire purebred boars: Ben Lange, Luana. first and second. Berkshire purebred gilts: Ben Lange, Luana, first. Berkshire purebred litter: Ben Lange. Luana, first. Tamworth Division Purebred Tamworth gilt: Neil Dreier, Postville. first and second. Market Lambs In the market lamb division the following were winners: Market' lambs individuals: Raphael Rea, Waukon, first, second and third. Market pen of lambs: Raphael Rea, Waukon. first and second. Eddie Waters. Postville, third. CHAMPION PIG OF THE FAIR LeAllen Lange of Luana showed the champion Market Pig of the Big-Four Fair. The animal sold for 40 cents a pound in the sale held on Monday afternoon. Left To Write By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column arc those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. Now Is Time To Start On Grassed Waterways Dance BIG-FOUR FAIR PAVILION POSTVILLE SAT.,SEPT.ll — Music By — RALPH VARVIS — and his — ORCHESTRA Modern and Czech Music Dairy Calves At Fair— (Continued from page 1) first: Marjorie Meyer, McGregor, second; Arnold Gibbs, Elgin, third.' Third year purebred Guernsey heifer: Donald Elvers, Postville, first. First year purebred Guernsey bull: Ronold Gibbs. Elgin, first. Jersey Division First year purebred Jersey heifer: Gerald Martins, Postville, first. Shorthorn Division First year purebred milking Shorthorn heifer: Maurice Meyer, McGregor, first; Stanley Meyer, McGregor, second. Second year purebred milking Shorthorn heifer: Maurice Meyer, McGregor, first; Stanley Meyer. McGregor, second. Third year purebred milking Shorthorn heifer: Stanley Meyer, McGregor, first. Showmanship Awards Winners in the dairy showmanship contest went to the following: Charles Deering, Postville, first; Norbert Henning Garnavillo, second; Maurice Meyer, McGregor, third. STATE UNIVERSITY MEN VISIT HULL HARDWARE Three University of Iowa professors visited business establishments in Postville Tuesday. The group was conducted through the newly remodeled Hill Hardware and observed the merchandising program in practice there and then to the Allamakee-Clayton R. E. A. Cooperative office and were shown through this modern building. The University men were Dr. Thompson, director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research; Prof. Wendell R. Smith, professor of marketing; and Mr. Day, department of commerce. Sell ! Swap! Rent! Buy! via the Herald Want Ad way. Best Care - Best Prices * Pick Up Eggs Often ir Cool Eggs Quickly * Pack Eggs With Points Down * PRICES: 48c -43c - 30c We Handle Swift's Feeds Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No, 251 Postville, Iowa Iowa , farmers who don't begin working on their gullies this fall may be 'Svatching their soil go by" next spring, warns Marvin Anderson, extension agronomist at Iowa State College. Grassed waterways are one of the oldest soil conservation tools to be used in Iowa. The waterway should be several feet wider than the heaviest stream that will flow down it after a heavy rain. For handy mowing, no waterway should be less than a rod wide, says Anderson. Making the channel requires plowing, disking or grading-in to form a saucer or U-shaped basin. This saucering spreads out the water, reducing the chances of cutting. Reed canary grass is one of the best grasses for controlling erosion in gullies and for grassed waterways. Root portions transplanted in moist soil during late August or early September will be well rooted before the ground freezes. Also, they will be able to support themselves when the heavy spring rains come. Small gullies may be sodded with reed canary grass by transplanting chunks of the established grass, two or three stems in each chunk. Transplant the pieces of sod a few feet apart in the bottom and on the sides up and down the gully. Anderson says to be sure the plantings extend above any steep area in the gully. Stands of reed canary grass may be established in shaped and prepared waterways by spreading the rootstocks with a manure spreader and then thoroughly disking them into the soil. Spreading manure at the same time is desirable. After disking in the manure and the rootstocks, firm the soil with a culti- packer or roller. Several other legumes and grasses are suitable for waterways. Brome-grass is especially valuable in western Iowa, and timothy is recommended for areas other than the western section. Redtop is a quick starter in the infertile wet areas of southern Iowa. Bluegrass usually does well where there is an Should Fireproof All New Farm Structures When building new farm structures, make sure they are rat-proof, say agricultural engineers at Iowa State College. Rat-proofing is easiest and cheapest when it is done while the building is being built. • The first step in getting rid of the millions of rats on Iowa farms "Sandy, if a man made a noise like that, he'd be locked up for disturbing the peace. I just got through drinking a big glass of WATERS' PASTEURIZED Milk, and I'm too peaceful to be disturbed." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese, CaU 237-J. is to prevent them from establishing a. home inside or underneath buildings. Rats can be discouraged from staying on any farm where rat-proofing of buildings is practiced. Rat-proofing should start with the building foundation. Extend foundations to a depth of 24 inches or more below the ground line. Only permanent materials such as concrete or brick laid in mortar should be used. The top of foundations should project a foot or more above ground to protect the wood structure that rests in it. This prevents rats from hanging on the exposed exterior wall of a building while gnawing a hole. Have floors of all buildings raised 12 to 18 inches off the ground, the engineers say. Treating wood floors with creosote has helped prevent rat damage. In corncribs or granaries, put hardware cloth under wooden floors. Cover the bottom two feet of corncribs with one-fourth inch mesh hardware cloth, and cap that with an eight-inch strip of tin or other smooth material. Line the edges of door jambs with tin and have weights or springs attached to all doors so that they will close automatically. Put tin collars around pipes and wires entering buildings. Fertilizer Bought Now May Be Safely Stored Fertilizer bought this fall can be safely stored on the farm and kept in good condition until it is needed, according to H. R. Meldrum, Iowa State College extension agronomist. Iowa farmers should take delivery on their fertilizer as soon as they can get it, advises Mteldrum. Fertilizer does not deteriorate with age, and keping it in prime condition is a matter of following a few simple precautions. Supplies should be kept only in a dry place. If the storage has a concrete floor, Meldrum recommends crisscrossing boards on the floor to let air circulate under the bags. This also keeps the fertilizer from absorbing moisture from the concrete. Fertilizer bags shouldn't be piled more than seven high. Otherwise the weight of the bags will cause caking in the bottom of the pile. Occasionally shifting the top bags to the bottom and the bottom ones to the top will reduce this packing, says Meldrum. In case wet weather or exposure cakes some of the fertilizer, it can be put through a ham- mermill or pulverizer before it is spread. Commercial storage facilities are far from adequate for Iowa's bumper corn crop, and it looks like the only place to store it is on the farm, says C. H. Van Vlack, agricultural engineer at Iowa State College. LATE WANT ADS' For Sale — Sow to farrow in week or ten days. Eugene Schutte, Castalia. 45p. For Sale—One 24 inch and one 30 inch used cast iron furnaces. Our Own Hardware. 45c. Hate Versus Unity Preliminary speeches have given some indication as to the type of national campaign Hie voters can expect this year. Recently, Governor Earl Warren, the Republican vice presidential nominee appeared at the Illinois State Fair on the same platform where the Democratic candidate for vice president had spoken previously. The contrast in these two speeches was blindingly brilliant in the attitudes of these two nominees. The Democratic candidate resorted to the typical New Deal class hatred trick with which he is so familiar and of which he is a master. He told only those things which he felt would pit one element of the people against another. His mission was to spread the gospel of hatred. Governor Warren, however, followed with a plea for unity among all classes to save the nation from internal strife through subversive activities. And that just about tells the story of the campaign. It Could Happen Although Republicans are optimistic, and there is a general feeling that the Dewey-Warren ticket will be victorious, it could happen that their election would be a hollow victory. That would be the case if the Republicans failed to keep their majority in the Senate. And there is a danger that this could happen. At the present time the Republican majority in the Senate is a slim one. Changes in only about four states, where senators are being elected this year, could result in a Democratic majority. Should this happen, even though Dewey and Warren were elected, this Democratic majority in the Senate could block every important piece of legislation, would refuse to confirm all appointments and throw the entire nation into a more chaotic condition than it is today. And that is exactly what the Democrats would do should such a condition exist. Iowa voters can do their part to prevent anything like this happening by voting to reelect Senator George A. Wilson. Senator Wilson can be counted upon to support the program of a Republican President. A Democrat would do his utmost to obstruct that program. Congressman Tallc Honored Congressman Henry O. Talle, of the Second Iowa District, was signally honored recently when he was selected as a delegate from the United State's to the 37th Inter- Parliamentary Union Conference now being held at Montecitorio Palace, in Rome, Italy. The conference opened this week and will close September 12. Mr. Talle left by air on September 2 and plans to return as soon as the conference ends. The Inter-Parliamentary Union is an organization devoted to the promotion of peace and better understanding among the nations of the world. Its membership is limited to countries which maintain a parliamentary form of government. Mr. Talle has previously served as a delegate to this conference. He attended the one in Onslo, Norway, in 1930, and the one in Cairo, Egypt, last year. • Veterans For Dewey Veterans of World War I and World War II will be interested in the announcement made recently that Harry W. Colmery. of Topeka, Kansas, former National Commander of the American Legion, had been appointed chairman of the Republican Veterans for Dewey and Warren. At the same time, announcement was made that Warren H. Atherton. of California, also a former National Commander of the Legion, had been named chairman of the advisory committee of the Republican Veterans for Dewey and Warren and campaign chairman for the eleven western states. New York and California have model veteran programs as the result of the efforts of Governor Dewey in New York, and Governor Warren in California. The Republican Party Platform fulfills the veterans' desire for a strong national defense, home security against subversive activities and efficient direction of affairs in the Veterans' Administration. $64 Question The Washington Herald recently asked Mr. Truman a question which so far has not swered. The newspaper wanted to _ how the' president could come fore the American people i blame the Republicans lor n\ \ ills about which he compli , when a large majority ol hi s j •party in Congress voted i 1 program. You can sell or swap with Hal Want Ads. DANCI SAT., SEPT. Ill Bennett - Greten — and their — Orchestra "Your Favorite Dance Bufl CEC TURNER| and his Orcheibt "MUSIC AS YOU LIKE tp| New Legion Qu North of Decorah on H NO DANCE — AT — MATTER'S BALLROOM Decorah, Iowa Sat, Sept. 11 COMING—SAT., SEPT. 18th: EARL HUNT AND HIS BAND Thank You We wish to thank" all of - our many friends for their patronage of our crushed rock and limestone quarry during'the past as we were operating as the firm of Meyer & Lammert. That partnership has been dissolved. The firm will be continued by L. J. Meyer as an individual. L. J. MEYER WALTER LAMMERT ALL WOOL FACED RUGS Many designs to choose from our stock on hand. Make your choice now while our stock is complete. Priced at— $29.95 Glamour Rugs now on display at Louis Schutte & Sons Largest Stock of Furniture In Northeast Iowl Friendly, Helpful Service No matter how small your need for our Services . . • either as a Borrower or as a Depositor . . . you are always welcome at this Bank. It is our desire to be friendly and helpful. Citizens State Bern POSTVILLE, IOWA

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