The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on September 24, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1892
Page 2
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•The Postv'illc Weekly ICY'ICW- ^tfb'BXVXXiIdB, SAT'DAY, SEPT. 24. ^.H/OTltMOK, Editor. Entered at the poitofficc at Postville on "noond-ohiss matter. National Republican Ticket. Fo'r'rrcsidcnl, 'BENJAMIN HAKRISON, of Indiana. 'For Vice-President, WHITEl.AW RKII), of Now York. A. B. CUMMIN9 AT MCGREGOR. | rlos. Thoy will build up our towns and It i.« further ordered that one town- Onfcr Rii, windmill ami lower our rdunlrv iu«t the same, and tho ship trustee in each of Uio above named 0] J'°° ro WMppiiMnooVrinii:: , . , ., , ™""i> J JIU inc .uuo aim townships whose term expires January Opfer n v. supplies W11. Guth \s wo havo had no opportunity to money paid to them will go into clreu- i, i 8 n3/be and is hereby relieved lrom n , ,n ^-^--y---": hear a political speech this ytiar, and l 0 t|on hero and make our country duty ns judge of elcetion iu each town- hou.«. ware not suro when we should havo, W9 grcat ana p rosperoll8 . Diversified ship above named oieVonVw,' ZEi!«iS°° r .! a ™ wont down to McGregor last Monday industries, a plenty of work and (rood Ol : (lor , 0<1 Ul , ,u th ° following natvied p halcn ino, 5p c|raiconvabie f« . , . , J? M 4 i 1 " uuslr " ,s • a l"«-"iy «" wurK aim .gooo pnr itoB be mid aro hereby appointed in Pratt ] w, coffin and robe for oyeniiig and heard th9 silvor-tonguca W(l g 03 w JU raa k 0 any coVhtry prosper- the several townships of'this county to orator from Dos Moines, and it proved 0Hg nct ns assistant clerks of election to' bo nravo treat. He is not as finished an , ,, , „ held November 8, 1892: Apropos to tho above we clip tho lol- Jag Ko g arii center township. , .'lowing pertiuont remarks from the N. W. Williver, Knirviow township, a Uuont, easy, convincing speaker, ar.d Nftglll , a Posl . Howard Woodmansco, Franklin tho groat charm of his speaking is that .. Merclmllts ,„ nH oll| . , owll8 00 | iove township. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS- FOn KI.ECTOKS AT I.AliUB. t H. C.ummlngs, of l'»lk. iilton Roiuloy, .of Iowa. DISTRICT ELECTORS. •5W W. M. Walkor. of VnuHurcn. ^Second Chas. Lewis, of Johnson. 'Third C. K. Albrook, of Hardin. Fourth H. P. Hancock, of Fayette. Fifth Henry Stone, of Marshal). Sixth K- V. Carroll, of Davis. *S «vonth K. H. Hayes, of Marion. Eighth.... Id. C. Moehon, of Appanoose. Ninth.. .John I,inoU, of Pottawattamie. Tenth Z. A. Cliuroh, of Green. •Eleventh ,K. D. Cliassell, of Plymouth. STATE TICKET. For Secretary of State, W. M. McKARl.AND, of Em melt county. For Attorney (ionoral, JOHN Y. STONK, of M ills county. For Treasurer of State, BYRON A. IiEKSON, 'bf Marshall county. For Auditor of State, c. c. MCCARTHY, of Story county. For Railroad Commissioner, G. W. PERKINS, of Fremont county. ho is so fair'iu orienting his viows. it right to make non-resident poddlers We never heard a speech from auy par- pay a license. That license fee they ty standpoint more absolutely devoid of W is » tnrlff. The merchant so far is i . .. „i ........ .i...,. protected. What is tho reason that abuse ami unpleasant sa casm than was I |w nlcro , mnt , VM for ( | cmnllUjng ,,,,„ truo of this one. Ho did not claim per- ]i ccriSB i> It makes no difference wlioth- foetiou for tho republican party or its or ho is a democrat or a republican direct opposilo for tho democratic par- His roasons are that his store and mer- ly. He freely conceded the same boo- ?™™"»° nre subject to state, county, J J township and city taxes, that lio is esty of purpose in the masses of both required to sit on jurios. that he has to parties, the main ditVerenca being that help to liglit tho battles of his country, * l »* SSor^^n ^r^ mainly lintrio.t theories and promises say8 \ t t | 10 p or j,|i er wishes to escape for the futnre tho republican positions Ibis fee, let him settle down anil bo one CONGRESSIONAL TICKET. For Kopresontntivo Fourth District, THOS. UPDEGRAFF, of Clayton county. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. The republicans of Allamakeo county will meet in convention iu tho court liouso at Waukon, SATUKDAV, OCT. 1, 181)2, 1:30 i\ M. Ifor tho purposo of placing in nomiiia •tion candidates for the following county 'offices: Clerk of the District Court. County Auditor. .Recorder of Deads. County Attornoy. Menibor of Hoard of Supervisors. Tho ratio of representation will bo one dolega'o for oach township and one delegato for ovary 25 votes or major fraolion thereof cast for. Hiram C. Wheelor for the oflleo of governor at the lust genoral election. Townships will bo entitled to tho following representation: Contor 7 Fairviow 2 Frouoh Creek. .2 Franklin ... 6 Hanover 3 Iowa 8 Jefferson 5 Lansing 8 Lafayette 3 ' Total It is reeomraondod officers bo nominated of us and sustain tho same burden ho doe;,. So likowiso it is with nations. If they wish to sell in this country wares and products that wo aro pro timing and have the facultios to produce, let them pay for the privilege, or elso coroo ovor and bo ono of us.'" aro not only tritd but have beeu crys­ talled into law during tho past thirty voars, all of which time except during llio war period '.hoy have markud the ruatcst na ional prosperity in all departments of labor that the world has ovor seen, and their monetary and ii- miticiul success aro the envy of the world. Theso propositions aro so pat out that uone can deny them. Therefore it is'tlie part of wisdom to votaln a | BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, proven certainty in placo of a buro pos .dbiliiy. He did not deny that iu somo iiistane os '.lie tariff does temporarily increase Hie price of goods to tho consumer; but in every case tho prico has very soon fallen tar below tho prico that prevail cd befnro the tariff w;is put on, as wa Hie case with steel rails and wire nails.. .. . . .. , ., . . . , ., . keo oouuly, Iowa, met at county audi Wlaletm was temporarily raised to the (m , 8 ^ |n u , ftr nt n trade tho consinuer nover paid one cent o'clock, a. m., Monday, Sept. 5, 1892. more for tin ware; and now the whole- Members all presont. sale prico is exactly what it •was two years '\go. Inside of another year it will bo cheaper than it ever has boon lie said, as did tho sonato committee, and us everybody may know by only a little investigation at the nearest store, that tho arcrago of all goods consumed by tho poople is today lower than it ev John " W. Hartley, French Creek township. Sever Severson, Hanoyor township. J. J. Hock, Iowa township. John Lens. Jefferson township. A, Wilkinson, Lafayctto township. John S. Mobloy, Lansing township. E. L. Cahoon, Linton township. Fred Krumme, Ijttdlow'township. E. M. Hancock, Mnkce township. J. F. Tracy, Paint Creek township. 'Wiu. Shepherd, Post township. Goo. S. Jackson, Taylor township. Geo. II. Hullman. Union City township. E. W. Goodykoonlz, Union Praido township. Orcu Tartt, Waleiloo township. Balance of the day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Friday, Sopt. 9, 1892. pauper. Hud L O, witness district court.. Robbins F 11, cnvelopei court house Ryan Thos, witness grand jury.. Runard Peter, witness coroner's inquest Roby J C, repairing sidewalks... Rund John, witness grand jury... ' • killed Ryan Dennis, dom animal stationery by dogs bins Tins has been a great woek for tho veterans in Washington. 50,000 of them | attended the grand encailtpnient thoro ALLAMAKEB COUNTY. I Bogular September Session, 1802. J. it. MEIER, Chm'n. ii. KHOEI.ICH. 1VM. M. KEI.I.T. Robblns I'" II, house — Robson H, wUnci* grand jury... Rippc II. constable fees Roeder George, witness grand jury Rippc II, constable fees Surreny Win, sheep killed by dogs Staadi G, cqualiung assessment Straiten A G, witness justice court Sclml* W F, constable fees Strock V, insane committee Svreney Peter, services of horse Strock Dr D, insane coiniuittco.. Kehcllsmitb Bros, meat poor farm Stillwtll C S, justice fees Sadd J E, witness grand jury — Toiler !•' W, constable lees Tangcnian A G, witness grand lury Thompson J R, painting jail and residence Tullcr I' W, witness grand jury!! Tally Thos, witness grand Jury.. Tullcr I' W. boarding tramps.... Void Ole, sheep kl|| ot t by dogs.. VanVelzcr I), animals killed by F II, collecting dclin- doi | Wclzei livery court tiiru insane 70 CO 98 94 70 00 98 94 4 00 4 00 7» 11 Co » 51 I SO 7' 11 60 » 51 I 50 II JO 4 J" II 50 4 30 18 10 3 40 18 10 S 40 1 40 J 5S 1 55 1 40 3 55 J 55 10 00 7 5C 34 9« 3 "5 3 "5 34 9' 3 "J 3 OS 3 55 11 15 3 35 li 15 5? 00 X CO so 25 a 00 170 6 40 35 60 9 00 35 50 defrd 0 49 35 Co 9 00 35 SO 10 34 j; 00 3 85 1 00 5 05 7 60 4 45 • 6 34 37 00 3 85 1 00 1 13 7 6. 3 OS 3 05 3 05 •4 75 3 »S 4 30 7 75 ta 00 14 75 3 05 4 3" 5 "> 9 00 30 00 33 35 •5 »3 15 25 !> JO is 30 t SO dctrd I JO J IS '1 5° « 15 $2500.00 Worth of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Cloaks and Jackets, just received at RAILROAD TIME-TABLES FRIDAY, Sept. 9, 1892. Board mot as per adjournment; mem bers all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings wiu ' m ^, n 'j"^?;;, read and approved. . 1 Appointment of J. II. Kelly to the dftloo of deputy ^sheriff, by J. Ii. Minort, sheriff, approved. Tax petition of Win. Fitzgerald, deferred. Tax petition of Win. Waltlron, for n remission of 83.50 poll lax orroiiooiisly rutin nml against him, granted. Tax petition of J. P. Coats, deferred. Annual 'fepdi't of D. O. May, justice of tho peace, of Waterloo township, examined and ordered pliucd on lilo. Koatl case No. fl-IC, coming up for Tho board of supervisors of Allama- final action and it appearing to this World's Fair bnildinn-s will bo hold in " board that all legal costs and damages ,,,. lmvo beenpaid by petitioner, it is hero- < -' , " cn " < > 011 by ordered that said road No. olG, be ami is hereby established. Trustee's, report of Lansing, Centor Union Prairie, Makeo anil Taylor town ships, cx&iuiHod and ordered placed on Mo. fotition of M. Sheridan, for cancolla Come in and look them over, trouble to show goods. SKELTON & TANGEMAN. No ...3:29 a. ru. ..11:05 a. m p. w. .5:35 p. m On and after Sunday, Nor. 22, 1891, trains on tho C. M. & St. P. Ry. will leave Postvillo as follows. ClOIKO EAST. Passengers. No. 2 4:61 p. to No. 4 (uight) Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock.. No. 6 Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock GOING WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12.10 a. m- No. 3 .10:25 a.m. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 n. ra No. '.) 'lime Freight 6:15 p. m No. li Time Freight 8:45 p. m All Kroight trains mentioned, nxcspl No. 12, curry passengers when provided with proper transportation. No. 9 between N. McGregor and Mnson City. M. E. TALCOTT, Agent. B. C. R. & N.R. E. home... I Winter V F, pcrion. I Webster V M, transcript oMcisti' niotiy, I V OUHK Li W, witness grand'jury.' ADDITIONAL LOOAL. -Remember tlio'harvest homo festival at tho Coiig'l church tonight. FEMININITIES. The Tho World'a Fair. dedicatory ceremonies of the TtiESDAT, Sept. 8, 1892. ..„.„.„ Board met as per atijournmont; 1110111- ~j ••— - — - •- -• j uors a || pvusct. minutos of yesterday's er has been during tho entire history of proceod .' 1V1W !vm , llnu , OVOl ,. J tho country; aud tho genoral averago is what makes tho sum total of expenses If two or three lines of goods are high er a half dozen aro 'cheaper, including that great staplo necessity, sugar, on which millions of dollars are being sav ail to tho .people annually. Then what is there in tho McKinley law to con deuin? If the avorago prices are low' or, if everybody is employed at reimin Tax petition of Julius Widmoior, not granted; board having no jurisdiction. llalanco of tho day occupied hearing cases of domestic animals killed by dogs, aud auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight Hon 6f 82.35 erroneous costs agaiust o'clock, a. m., Tuesday, Sopt. 0, 1892. liim iu case No. 2708. granted. Tho appointment by J. F. Dougherty county treasurer, of the following named parties as collectors of delinquent personal taxes, approved: J. K. H.tines, Jefferson, Ludlow, Union Prairio townships. Oliver Dixon, Hiihover and Waterloo townships. Lewis Mogorden, Paint Creek and 20th to 22nd. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul IVy will sell round trip excursion tickets nt reduced rates for tho occasion. For rates, dates and other details apply to | hor the ticket agent. JAPAN women load vt-Bsels. W'rsv for lovo, but never for anger; a cold rota will novor bring llowera. W OMEN nro wedded to fnuhion, and they love, honor and obey It ohoorfnlly. "Time works winders," 111 the lady Biitd when she got married after thirteen years' courtship. THE man who courted till Investigation saya It isn't as good us courting an affectionate girl. A vouuo man called Ida Mwocthcnrt rare opportunity'' because she was worthy of being embraced. Voon little Tom Harduppo eayn ho ulwnyB gives Mrs, H. her own way, bo- OUUBO It Is tho only thing he has to give F.J. BECKER, M. D., HO MEOPATHIC TIIVSICIAN AND SUitoHON". Oflieu and residence over Cliris-,' V'vuniture inpoiitiin, l'osiville' Iowa. —Wo publish the following by request: 'call' ot 111, proceedings read and app Itridgo petition of P. llowen referred to J. H. Meier. Tax potiiion of Matt Weidman, on account of erroneous assessment, granted as recommended by Twp. trusteos. Balanco of tho day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight I townships, o'clock, iv. m., Wednesday, Sept. "7, 1 -'<•••'"'"'" 1892. STAINS of fruit, walnut, Ink, etc., may bo removed by Immersing tho hands In vinegar aud water, or by rubbing thorn with a piece of pumleo-stono. CI.AUA (patronizingly): "It is a good plan for a person In' society to try, at least, to look W1BO." Debutante: "True. But don't you sometimes find It hurd to do so?" Do von consider this piano any moro Center townships. Charles City, Iowa, [ September I9lh, 1892. S "To the independent voters of Ilia 4th congressional district of Iowa: There will bo hold at New Hampton, . . ,„-,„i, f? « i,,r,uir,.d September 29th, 1892 a mass eoiven- '^^'^JwcreT tho Hon for the purpose of placing in nom- " , ,.( hogu othor8 oro perfectly ination a candidate for congress to bo supported at tho ensuing election by tho voters who boliovo in the principles WHDNBSDAY, Sept. 7, 1892. Linton Ludlow Makee Post Paint Creek Taylor 2 Union City 2 Union Prairio.. 3 Waterloo 4 88 that township at tho caucus called to select delogates to this convention, ns the now ballot law requires that a list of all nominees for township officors to bo olootod shall bo certified to by tho chairman and secretary of tho caucus and handed lo tho county auditor not loss than 20 days before election. The names of such caucus taomlneos will them bo printed ou tho official ballots. By Ordor of tho Co. Con. Com. Joreniiah Long, Linton, Fairviotv and Franklin townships, Tlio.s. O'Kegan, frencli Creok ft'nd Union City townships. County dork's report of fees for imwnwiir i. ,mnnn,ni .... !>• • quarto!' ending August 31, 1892, show- piospLiay w nppaient on every hand, Ordered that tin percontum of taxa- mg $2(it.20 collected ' " what moro do wo want and what more | Hon in this county for tho year 1892, bo the county treasury, and is hereby levied as follows for tho ordered placed on lilo. several funds: Ordered that the bounty on wild ani- Stato revenue 2 mills. mals bo and is hereby lixed as follows convolution. JOHN MAIIAHA, Chnh. 4th Cong. Dist. People's Party. ... ,. „ . ,_, Hoard mot as per adjournment; mem crative wages, and if unprecodontcd bors aW prosent IT would soem that oven ft democratic paper ought to bo consistent with itself ono day nt a time, but evon this is impossible with tho Dubuque Hcr.Ud. For instance in its last Saturday's issue wo iiud tho following editorial item: "The convention of republican clubs in Buffalo, N. Y., Thursday was a big failure. Tho attoud.inco was so small that Mr. Clarksou, tho president, refused to dollver tho address ho had prepared until late in tli« day when about 200 persons, iucludiug delegates and spectators, had assembled." Turning the game paper over to the tolographio news department wo liml quite ail extended report of tlio'oon- venti'in, which was large and enthusiastic, aud the account ended as follows: "Tonight thoro was a grand parade with 6,000 men in lino. They wore reviewed by Whitolaw Hoid," J. S. Clarkson, Congressman Allen of Michigan, Gon. Fnirchild of Wisconsin, Henry Uloason, father of. tho league, and others. The lirst prizo for tho bo?i showing in the parade was captured by tho Now York State League, and second by tho Young Men's club of Pittsburgh." Who can ooliove a word such a newspaper says on politics? could wo have under freo trade, oven if it should provo the success that is claim ed for it? No matter what party is in power wo nrost hayo about a million dollars a day to run the government How aro wo going to ^et it on tfio ba sis of a tariff for rovenno onlyP Fully $200,000,000 a year must come through tariff duties, and the bulk of this must come from tho throe items of sugar, tea and coffee, as those are tho non competing articles in most genoral use. Dare any party attempt to raise this immonso amount of revenue from this sourco, ovory dollar of which must bo taken directly out of the pockets of tho | comer... American people? Would tho people submit to paying half a dollar or more per lb. for coffeo and a corresponding amount of Increaso for tea aud sugar, in ordor that Eogland might furnish us our woolen goods nml tin pinto duty freo? Such an idea is prepostcr- ous, and no democratic congress davo try the experiment. Unquoted tho democratic platforms of 1884 anil 1S88 aud proved that tho democracy then stood precisely where tho republicans stand today on this sub jeet; and that if piotootion is unconstitutional and wrong now it must hiivo | I^JjJ'"' buou equally so then. Ho treated tho linaucos and election law ably and at considonvblo length but wo have not timo or space lo pnrsuo tho subject further. Mr. Cummins has beon a very ardent and active anti-pro. hibitionist, but this is not tho year for local state issues. This is a nationnl election, and no man who has convictions on niitioual questions can; with any consistency, set them asidu for local issues which havo absolutely no bunring on this campaign. The speech oecupiod noarly two hours arttl was listoned to aitoiilively by a largo audience. County fund 4} rtllls. County school fund 1 mill. Bridge fund 2 mills. Poor fund 1J mUttr. Iusano fund 2 mills. Poll per oapita 50c. Each male dog 50c. Each female dog 81.00. Harvest Excursions. On Aug. 30 and Sopt. 27, tho Burand paid into l'»K '°"i Codnr Rapids & Northern Kail examined and way will sell Harvest Excnision tickets to all points cn ils lino in northwestern Iowa, southern Minnesota and South Adult v/o\f, $5.00;' cub wolf, 82.00; | Dakota, at a rate of Ono Faro for round lynx, swift oi' Wild cat, $1.00 each, aud coilnty auditor is hereby authorized to dealor; square." THE Princess of Wales much arfocts dlles of tho valley In her home deoora- tion, an I tho Sandrlngham dlnnor tnblo Is rarely sot without tho use of these quiet llowors. ETiinn: "I never knew until yesterday what a good young man Mr. Slmp- on is. I had a long chat with him last igh't." Edith: "How did you learn ho was a good man?" "Oh, he told me so." Tito HtrnllBeat In tile Wnrlil. A curious Uttlo railroad train runs up and dawn tho tlavlllan mountains, in Sau Ilonlto County, I'al., ovcry day. It Is probably the Dtrt'.ngoet railroud that I'iiirviow Franklin , French Creek No. i No. i No. 6 Hanover lown { utlcrson .tnton Ludlow Cnnoll Intl. District. Vlll 'JBC Creolt Prntri*.., Wcxloril Kusscll Lafayette Center — No. 7 Lansing No, t 3 3 4 5 b Lycurgus Howard. •. THB Graphic man nrguos because wo don't want to pay $10 a night for second rato speakers to occupy tho hall wo must bo opposed to giving tho people aq opportunity to hoar tho isauos discussed. 'Not at nil, dear friend. If tho committee would send prominent and Kble speakers liore, as thoy formerly did, we should have no difficulty in paying for tho hnll. But wo don't want to '•hire a hall" for any such ealibored individuals ns yourJMr. Holtuan was. Tho moro *MOII speeches .vo have the loss tbe people will know. We repeat that two good e;>eooltos on a nido are enough atid more than wo seora likely to have. SENATW HILL bus at last made a democratic speech at Brooklyn. 'The peculiarity of the speech U that ho Hanson ... Fan — ;...>> ... lilk i Wnukon Siorla • Nnsa, Cross Roads.. : Watervillu Taint Cherry Movmd.. Dahl North West F.vurfiTeen Lybaaml wost Grovo Minurt Woodland Myron.. KllHiil 'U lllglilnml .South Grove.... Fostvillu Hardin Mononn New Albin...... Mound City Climax. Littlu Paint St. Joe Harpers Ferry. Uxcotsior Spring Ilrook.., I'alnt Rock Whenilanr! Harmony English Ueuch. Clear Creek Union. "Tho skilled labor in tho Klwood, lud., tinplato faotory is Imported. Mr. Stanford, tire superintendent,- has boon less than u year in tho United States. Yet protectionists havo the mon audacity to nillrtil that the tariff on coiuiuiiua! tinplnte is for tho protoctiou of 'Amer-1 Hi" loan' labor"—-Dubuque Telegraph. Cannot the mAmM ll,ia democrat | u »io ! ai ^atfi 0 'No .'b iu paper penetrate the thin veil intended to coyer the facts In this cnneS* It Is Union Prairio No. 1'luasant KUlge,. H n m Q w g tr 5' n a w H A !* Tl B a a a p. ~...'..7)i l!i 0 0 3 8 l.'i 9 1 0 t .1 a'j H lii 6 , 3 7 % 9 6 4 2 0 1 7 2 7 t IO 5 .;; ....15 H '.V3 VA 6 i 4 i 5 2 4 *tt 1 3 4 3 i!i 6 1 3 2 3 3 5 I 15 4 5,, i }K 3 2 a J i 3 s 1 : fi 4M i 3 a * --4 I 3 I . II 2 to 1 1 I, '4 .....•::.!; T 5 i . . .13 5 5 , 5 iM : IS 4 13 3 8 7 I I 8 10 I 2 a t I 8 8 2 1 4 •'•••5 2 7 2 8 2 *1* . draw "warrants on county fund in payment upon presentation of tho wnoio skin of tho animal to said auditor by applicant. Ordoretl that allowances bo granted tho following named parties: Mrii. Lewis Lowisou, Lansing, $5.00 per month. ' Mrs. Chas. Casey, Wnukon, $3.09 par month. County auditor is heroby authorized to draw warrants on county fund in payment. After reading tho proceedings and approving tho same tho board allowed themselves the following per diem aud niilougo: J. 11. Meier... $21.44 11. Froolieh 21.92 W. M Kelly 21.50 On motion board adjournod, J. M. COLLINS, County Auditor. trip. Tickets limited to twenty (20) over was soon. The train moves on days from dato of sale. On same dates cl "' lme . h1 " k1 °. trnuk -. nnvl > - ,lnv . wn .,.„,,, , | an engine set low on it. Both tho en it will also sell to points on other lines | e \„o wheels and tlioeo which support tho ears have a strange plvot-tlke piece of sto< 1 that sets In the slot track, tor It in northwestern Iowa. Minnesota, North and South Dukotn, Montana east of Garrison, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Now Mexico, (oxcopt points on So. Pac and A. & P ltys.,) Idaho, on and east of the Union Pac. lino to Silver Bow, southwestern Miisouri; also to Kansas City and St. Joseph. To points in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Louisiana (oxcopt Mobito and Now Orleans), Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma and Texas. For further information call ou or address any agent of this company, or Yours truly. J. E. HANNKCAN, O. T. & P. A. GRAINS OF QOLD. HILLS ALLOWED. Clcn'd AIM by Eimneu.V Iowa Rivor.... Uorchcsicr.... l New Galena.. [ Hear Creek... Washington. • ••J ...8 .Me" 3 L Hi 4 3 . known that this industry is absolutely now iu this country nnd consequently waterioouVd'go'.'.'.'..]'.'.!'.'.'.'.!ii wo havo no "skilled labor," or at lonst iV.roe'c'oVn'eis;:.'.::.'.'.'::::;^ not enough to supply tho rapidly POAKO or mui/re 1 increasing domrtmL jut eaoh factory Lafayetto towuuhip requires but one skilled superintendent; fiXn 'pr'ai'r'l'e' while hundreds of men are employed. ^Ji^ 00 And tho American laboror soon bocomos skilled, aud it will bo biil ii Waukon.... .... ,.. l'osiville short time even suporluto&deuts will Lamdns sinking tund 3j<j water COKfOKATlOH LKVV. I-IO 5 . .10 not have to bo Imprrlod But this is Hot tho undo desideratum If evoi y laboror In tho Motorics came from Wales it would sllll be ii ta'stben- olit to 1 (Ills country, becnut.0 thoy would still be 1 American industries nnd the operatives would havo to be fed anil clothed from American farms aud, , , , , . - - , . ,, mil... and would have to be housed in ^.^^^''tfSlS -» „._..•.._.. ^ 1 t.._..t.— |, 0 |(l N oveK jber8, 1803, said appoint- tMerly Ignore* and aets aside the tariff AmorUlM , homes and in a »hort. Dm bo • • plntforra ' 1 i J?«flk!* JWuni 13*1 U -' On motion board adjourned to eight | o'clock, a. m., Thursday, 8ept. 8, 1892. TUUIWHAT, Bent. 8, 1802. Board met as pai adjournment; mem bers all present. , Minute*, of yesterday's proceedings Ahna"'"'" 8 '" » r '':' read aud approved. Marsh IS n, earliiK (or Inaa'tiu Ordered that tW8 follewiog nnmml „. i»taon..... • • • • • • «».... Miner! J B. sherlll lees Imano casa Antill Patrick, witness stand )nry 1 Antill P. H., wilnessdtstrict eoutt Albeit W K, witness graml jury.. Hoaii W D, painllng jail and dwelling Baldwin Mary, cleaning court room and ollice Uray Jits, witness district court., llowors C L, " justice " Uecker J P, " graudjury.... Uowurs CL," " > " l.uettta " " " Decker J P, constable fees lleeman C 1) & C M, supplies lor poor farm Ilresler Fred, wit justice court... Uecker I P, animal for poor farm Urowuell Wm, supplies for poor farm .Durdick W N, publishing pio- ceedings 1 | llearce L M, horses service poor farm. llovco Robert, trustee feus Uliar Jno, 8,bfep killed by dogs.. Chrisiousou A J, ineitical attend- auca pauper : Collins Thos J, work around court house and jail Clinton SF, mayor fees statu ease Carver Geo II, wit grand jury.... Coluiuan Win Jr, justice feus.... Dereiuo O, medical tdtoudaiicu laupor Doyla las, witness grand jury— D.unz Lnfe, " " " .... Dtinlevy llros, publishing proceedings Dowling John M, sheop killed by dogs : i Dayton Henry, county attorney nnd uxpenscs In statu caso... ligbcrt, I'iddtar & Chamber* »ta- tUinory court liouso Poley Jas, watchtuau court liouae and jail Fishor if G, alagc hire for Thos Fiunegaii Froellch II, roinmltlee work — Favrall S V, dleest for county--. Guliler W H, wit district court.. Gauufiz F F, wit grand jury constable fees'. — Ilelgoson Torkol, trustee fees... Hail W S, witness district court Haines J K, collecting dclliuiuciU tuxes.... >, rt Ham &Curvcr, books court liouso' llendrlck M 11, insane coin Iloxtcr I), binding twine |u)or farm Hancock K M, stationery court house Ilavlrlund ] A, witness insane ease , Hall Jas, alioup killed hy dogs., [laus & Sweeny, threshing poor farm. Hendrick M 11, attorney foos statu ci'ic Iloyor Jno 1), wit grand jury Horn Levi, " " " ..... Kennedy J A, meals and lodgiliff lor paupers Kassul Sarali, cleaning cu^lrt house , Koenan L, witness coroner's In. ituoat. Koitty Pnt, Inrntee fees Kuimudy J A, boarding, Ace, Thus l'iuuugan....' Kelly Mall, aheert kll|od by do|s Kruiger II, atipplres court housa and jull ; Kally W M, cotnnuUuc v/ork Low Abnur wit justice court- 3 50 3 Go 3 03 3 5" j to 3 05 18 17 18 17 II 3« 4 30 1 30 0 35 3 63 1 50 38 06 t 65 26 00 defrd 18 50 15 00 14 50 defrd 11 38 4 30 I zq 3 55 °2 5 3 65 1 50 28 oft 3 65 36 OO 6 co 18 50 15 00 14 50 13 00 38 10 38 IO 3 50 3 50 .1 35 8 (10 7 20 4 30 1 OJ f«) 75 13 50 «I53 00 6 50 16 50 1 35 l'7.!» 3 I" 4 30 •I 40 38 10 to 00 I 35 3 50 3 50 3 35 8 00 7 20 4 30 J 05 W 75 9 37 155 00 6 50 16 50 I 35 "7 95 J 50 4 i° . 4 40 26 10 10 t A LIVE MAN never stops growing. GMSAT eul'uro is ofleu botobenod simplicity. Every sin In a big ono, no matter how small It looks. His Is tho truly eourugoutu man who nover desponds. Tin: more we fjlvo to others, the mure aro wo lnt.rou.Hcd. T UB worst troublen anybody htm are those that ncvoi' Imppiii. TiiKASunr n heaven In uhvayn drawing biggest Interest on onrfh. N EVHII put inni-h coulldciV 'O In euol. as put no conildcnu') In others. Ei.KiiANf'i'. of manner Is tho mi growth of refined and exulted sense-. IlisiU" woiso of than yon SLdf, nml y u will liml ( you tiro biter off tlui'i you fun iled. ExiitTKMi-'.Nr Is not cn'oynieni; i calmness lies tmu iib-aHuro. Tho 1110 prooloiiH wiue-i are nipped, not bobod a swallow. Lu'l'. will I'rotiuen'ly lanmilsh, ov, In the h'tiids of tho Limy, If (hey hnv not »• me oniploymeni. BubsUllary 1 that which forme their main pursuit. MAl.NTLlNr.s8 Is the culture and pe foollon Is tin' entlro (hira-ttr, i>' 1I1 pat'oueo unci eelf-denlal nnd > saerilleo of aotlve Hie, IIH well u< o h f rvors and uiicliaiigoabloiievs of it. dnvotlonnl life. inust bo borne In mind that tho track bus a Aol In It, not unlike that seen in a cable track. In addition to this, each wheel ban a limine on each side of It, so 1 hut It cannot j,' 1 off the track no mat tor how aliru,n tho curves. Tho. read, as completed. Is now nine miles long but whan -her! tl r midi as Intended it will-bo fourteen tidiest In length. Throo men run it. These consist of an cngl neer, a (Ireiuun, and a hnikenmn. In mo placo thoro is an Htlll-foot Ki'ade, moiiutcil at the rate of alt feet to (ho Imu.'rcd, ycl tlioenijlno puffs rlfjihtuloni? three or lour loaded cars, not lutlio lonst loiheietl In liny way. There Is one g I 'ndii a qua! tor of a mile I OUK , In whit Ii nn average of four feet Is gained 10 lhi> hundred. One curious thlnt; about It is that the wheels are iu a sense rollers. They reauh from one side to Ihr other. Tho llauges hold llieni on, assisted by the pivot, past which each half of the wheel comes down. Sunday Closing. Wo havu received blank petitions to congress asking for tho repeal of tho ° °° clause prohibiting the opening of the world's fair on Sunday. Personally wo Joco '*~ ! 4l ?e« , !caro nothing about it one way or tho other, as wo expect to spend little time 15 7i there anyway. Wo gave tou days time •«) to the centennial at Philadelphia, and Ji«litt IMurllia; Into tho <J„hl,-n <:tit«>. The t'nllfornln people are becomlm? aUrnu'd nt the great In'lusof thu-lapun oso, nnd 11' the tide continues at its present volume they may be asking Congress for a .Inpaiieso exclusion bill. Last month :ui arrived in San Francisco, ra sing tho total number on the l'liciHe ooast to about 1,1100. One singularity ibout this Immigration in that It Is al most wholly composed of males. Only a very sintill number or women come over. Tho men are nearly all young, and thoy ooiun to the United States not to make 11 oney, like the Chinese, bu' to get an education, and thoy are willing to work for food and shelter If they aro given lime to study. In this way they are aupplnnting much white labor am' even some Chinese labor, Thoy are in dustr'o'.ts, cleanly, and readily adopt tho manupi 'H and customs oi tho whites This makes (hem much less ohjoellon able than the ChiuoHO, but their willing ncss to work for ridiculously small wages malts thorn obnoxious. Hi 'II 1)11> SuiMon'j- Semi- liny. Vrof. I.orB, the Ureok rllln who', In at uraotlng much attention by Ids l>nt o: ehootlng a glass ball from his own head, Tho trick Is porformed by shooting at tho (rigger ot a rllle hold In a frame, with the mtt?r,lo sighted nt a glass ball dangling by a string directly ovor the mnrliHiuan'ti he ail. DR. JS. GREEN, VUVK1CIAN & SIlltHKOK, Ollice and Resilience Soulhwept par t town. All calls promptly attended LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, OflU't* ftt rotiU\oH\;o 011 (Vroeu atroot, BOCOIU I noiisu Kiist u' Hoy A'McNuil'B Huv\\wtv:t>, Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, InHurauco Agent and Oollei'tor, Aulln.ri^ed to prnctlco in nil tho courts of tho tutu, Otlieeovoi I.ion'a store, In-iek block. KKCOKAll DIVISION. Time Table in effect May 2'J, Ibfi I'assengcr going North... fi:20. P HI South 6:W, Freight. " North, ...2-15. V. M " South, C:d(|, A. M. J. K. PKiiitv Agetw. CHURCH DIRECTORY. POSTVILLE IOWA. L. STROEBEL & SON, — rilOl'itlKTOKH OP — ostville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT AnMBTUONU A UOWKU's OLD HTANI1.) nvo a full line of Boots, Shoes, Slipp'.-is, Rubbers and everything kept iu a No. 1 genoral shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly ami promptly done. Kvery unir war ranted. Wo koep 110 shoddy. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchnso Mono iienlal work for future delivery will Iiud it lo their advantage t >examine M V, Kidder's (Inuiite Work in Oemeto- i-jcs, as he is doing lirsl-clitss work alas low prices us can be procured in tho country. If he has not called upon you drop him a euro, al Jloeorah and he will be pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of (irnulte, at the l.'west possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m 0 Decorah, Iowa. JAPANESE E \ Ci 11:1 rantretl Cure ftir l'ilcs of whatever kind or tloRruc- l*Mi'rii;il, lntern.ii, lllintl er Mk't'tliit^, Itching'. Chionic, Ki-ccitt IT lltivoiliiavy. This Keniftlv li.ts |>osiliv(-ly IIUVIT lut'ii Unowu tu Tail. H.oa t\ (ins, l» buxt 's fur sent l»y mail |>r*>i»ai*l on it't'tint of prici\ A wviUcn tiuar.inict-' posi- tiVL'Iy Kiviin m i;ai?h pnri'-liasL-r offi boxes, VV I UMI pnrcnascil at oiu; liuif, to ivfiiiu! tbc #5.1x1 p;iid it not ruiuil. CiuaraiiU't'. issuoi) bv K. N. liOL'C.l'.ASH, Duvur.iaT. SoU'A«t!iit, Postvillo, Iowa. OHOIOE LINE OF DOMESTIC "IMPORTED SUITING- S JUST RECEIVED (iootl All Wool Suits for $20. C.omiiiio C'lny Woi'sii.vl, #-2'> anil up Kino Worsiod anil Chinchilla Over coals from $15 to SL'O. Kvorylhing warranted 0. K. (Jail onrlj and leave your order. 1). A. Ji:i(Ai.n, Moivlmiit Tailor. CONOKKdATIONAI, —K B ». N. I,. l»n»1on, JUIJ- toi. l'rcuclittit; ovory Kumlny nt 10::f0 A. v. ntlil7::tO I'M. Hubbnth School iiuutvOiiitcly utter li-.orntHt; HurTtco. Y. I'. K. I.:. K. meets ovcry Sunday cv»aii>K »t ll -.15. Vrnycr Mtc'.- iiiU \Veittic-8dtiy ovouingH. MKTUODIST.-Hov. E. J. I.oekwoo.1, Viutor. I'rnaeliiut; sevviet-B ovory Stiu,iuy at 10 30 A nml 7 ::10 V. M. Kul,l,uth Seliool iniineili- atoly after niornlno, ncrvico. Tho Epwortli l.oni;no ovevy Hnniluy ovcninn tit u' :0u o'clcek. rrnyor inootin,; every WeilncBilny evening n\ 7 :0U o'eloek. You nvo ourncittly inviteil. POSTVlLtE LODGES- •NOBLE LODGE N O 51. A. o. u. ir. The Loyal Ancient Order of United Workmen meets the Second aud PouvlU Saturday evenings in each month, iu tho Masonic Hall over the Hrick Drug tore. J. W. SiiK.Eiiv, M. W. WM. SIIEI'III:III>, Uocordcr. BROTHERLY.XOVE LODGE No. '204, A. /'. & A. M. Hegulnr mcclings on Tuesday even- in"; on or before the full of Ihe moon. A li brethren in good standing are cordially invited to attend. K. I). Srii.Ks, W. M. WM. RIOTT, Scc'y. STATIONERY. Don't forgot, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. J.A.HAVIRLAND, Veterinary Siaxg'eoi-i, posrvn.i.K, IOWA. Ollice lirst door Mast of tho ('ommei- cial House, (Irccn St., I'ostvillt', Iowa. A lino sot of .surgical instruments. All necessary iiu'iliciuos kept on ban ii Thirteen years successful pruvlicv Calls promptly answered Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER, Prop, Havinj; purchased the orijjina. I'ost- villc Dray Liiiii 1 am prcjiarcd to doall kinds of" draying proiupily , carefully and satisfactorily, (iood tennis, good dr.-tys and carofti I drivers F. I wit vs nt tho service of the public. »t fair prices. AH kinps of light or heavy liiuiliny;. in town oroouutry promptly done. ^1,000.00 REWARD 27 00 15 75 1 Oj J 05 51 00 3 ii saw thoro about all wo euro to seo in defrd I 40 i 00 j»l »Bk iai\ithP Chltiugo platform andIj W(jM b?sflaia imaria ^ ^ « L J »,-^ - Mlntrt} I), bAnrrllns nrlsonen. 31 »B 31 48 118 37 118 17 7 00 4 » 5 3 05 4 05 1 00 3 yO 1 40 3 on 4 3« 16 OO a 00 91 14 1 to 1 so 1150 U7 50 tho lino of world's fairs. Hut for the success of tho fair aud for the benolit of tho thousands and hundreds of thou sandy who will attend wo strongly 3 00 favor Sunday opening. Wa can seo 110 j 76 mere harm in going to Jackson park on Sunday limn in going to Lincoln paik, or auy »f the other parks on that DANIEL A. JERALD, n^£erola.axit Tailor, Postvillo, lown. All worktwiirraiiled io give satisfaction. A full line of the latest styles iu samples. DR. MABRY, VIIVSICIAN & SUliOKON. Oflleo overWalers & Nlcolay's Hnrtl- ware Storo. Kesldonuo at Turk Hold. Calls will recoivo prompt attention day and night. 4 50 IO OO day Thoro aro lens of thousands of *[|j C ()j ( j KcIliiblC MCUt Mit! kCt, people In Chicago and suburbs who TONSORIAL PARLORS. CAIU, HOLTBK'B STOItU- All work donn In tho highest stylo of Ihe art. Satisfaction gunrautood. J. A. PAKKEII, Prop. in it. havo 110 othor day but Suuday to go | 3 05 ituywhore; and tho fair will be only an 6 J5 aggravation to them if it is olosod 011 d"'" 1 thoir only day of leisure. And th«n of \"j 5° |,na thousands of siratigtrs In thocity JOHN B. HAET, Proprietor. Qpposlto • Postville - Stato - Bank. Mono but tho best meals purohiisct). Kvorything in llral-oliist shape. Oour- teous Irontmcnt tojii|^Pjjijos_jilwaia ! BLACKSMITH & WAG-ON SHOP. LOOK AT TIIKsy, WKIOKS: Offered for any Machine that wl» do at great range ui work uu,o> tte It »r evilly nnd »• well HI V»U be <Wn*<MttlM DAVIS I Vertical Feed Smma ll »f»Jiiii*

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