Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1915 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1915
Page 2
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.-a THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 25,1915. Extraordinary Sale of Button Clasp Kid Regular $1 ;50 quality, on sale •-.•f-; ' —at—. '-^-^-'^ Saturday 4v Blaipk, White, I Tan, Brown and Gray. All sizes from 5% up to 8, inclusive. hostess in serving light refreshments. The most important business of the afternoon was the election of Mrs. W. A; Woodruff as presidelit to take the place of Mrs. Chezum, who is~"to move to the country within a few weeks. ,i;U.e club regrets the loss, of Mrs. Chczuin, wliQSfi sliort t <;rDV in office has pfOVfd very sui:s."acto'ry, but tij the choice of Mrs. T«'oo(lruft' ;is her succes .sor iliey fpel.'espc'clally fortjii- nate as she is a cliarlcr iii(eiiib <M' of the cluh niiU knows,nil iho Jiniculti.s that must he met. A day and^ The rartlliial liiril. The i-edbitd hanging from ihe .sill ^ang not; why; It was Bid WhenJ one- clear Us whistle Ten times Filled ever and all wt -re wondering kree- Came back Tlie card thJMi a w('<'k ijas,sed by; still- bright morning loud and smote my drowsy ear, re"peated, till, the sound echoing! niche around; And all tfiijigs earliest loved by nic— The bird,, the brook, the flower, tho again a.<^ tliii.s nal bird. heard Where ma:p]e orchards towei-od aloft. And. iplcowjood buslios Hiircadi below, \Vhere skWs were bluf. and ' wind.? werS I soft, • , I coilld bat go— Fol^- openiftjs through B wllderiiig haze jApjieared ^y restlestv childhood days; Attd truan.ijfeei and loiterinK ipood Sdon Joundfime in the Kame old wood. Where firs{ i .souKlit, heard The cardbal bird. and saw, and Then came 'jireen meadows broad and bright Where dandelions with wealth ilntold. Gleamed on I he young and eag$r sight I.ike star.stof gold; And on the iyery meadow's cdg' beneath the Tagged blackberry Mid mosses jgolden, g»-ay and'' green. Thefresh young buttercups were seen Thd small spring beauties senttq be The heralds ibf anemone; All just as *hero 1 earliest h^ard The cardiniil bird. ' —William Davts Gallagher. Iiedgo. It is seldom that a red, letter, day is allowed tp 'pass on the "cailendar without sev ^al societies malring it the occasion jfor a tea, but this year only the ladfes of the Baptist church chpie to Invite their friends for a Geo. WasbingtoD |tea, giv^n yesterday afternoon at the hpme of Mr.s. J. .0. Major, and It was a decided success In every way. Mrs. Majors' cosy rooms were Jprettily decorated with festooDg of c«d, white and blue, and here the guests gathered to visit for a little wbi^ and t<? listen to excellent piano niCinbers from time to time. The gnests were seated at one long tkble in ihe^ dining room when tea was »erved,^nd for tue centerpiece there was aj-tall vase of white carnations with ferns and tjny hatchet 's marked each'place.on the white table cover carrying out the ;id«i of the afternoon In aj pretty way. The hours announced fpr the tea were' from three o'clock^ until half past six and dnriiig all o^ the tiine guests were coming; and eoing, and artiong tli.e later guests w^re several men who jotne* their iivives and the afternoon closed vpry i^easantly for all. : There, Is tp be a meeting of 4he Working Society of the Presbyterian church toraojfrow afternoon at the home of Mrsi Chas. F. Scott and the assisting hostesses will be Mrs. H.'A. \Gli^ Fitted Eyf^ Examined SaUHfactioii Oaaranl«ed or Yonr Mofer Befanded. Browu. and -Mrs. W. R. Heylijiun., Au invitation to attend the meetlnig \^ ex tended to all ladie.s of ilic congnjgu.- tion. •:• •:• •> A bufiiness meeting of the fifth division of the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church is announced fop to morrow afternoon at halt past two at the home of Mi<s J. McConaghy, ;UiC South Hiickeye street, • •> On Tuesday the inenilwrs of the Golden Link club were entertained at the home of Mrs. S. S. Myers, who was assisted by Mrs. E. S. Davis in entertaining. Flags and hatchets arranged- in the room where the! club met reminded the guests of the patriotic season, and at trie close of the program the hostesses served a two course luncheon and the dishes were pretiiTy garnished with red, white and blue. The progiam was arranged in jiart to carry out tlx; jiairiotic spirit of the occasion. In answer to roll ci',1 1 the members quotiMi from the writings and loiter.s of Washington, aiid this was followed by two pretty piano solos played by .Mrs. S. f). Fisk. There were two papers for tin; aftei-- noon. Mrs. ;W. K. C;arler bad \>y<'pared a coiniiarisun of Kussia and the Jiiited Stales, louehing on tbe laws, he customs and the geography of the ountries, btit in the absence of Mrs. Carter the jiiiper was read by Mrs. L>. E. Peck.' Mrs. C. I'. -Day had ' been appointed, to read Ihe seeond paper and she had cliosi 'ii the life of Tolstoi the Russi.'Ui writer, for her subject. Mrs. S. M. Snodf ^iass read a poem, "If We Knew," and llio program was com pleted by a round table discussion of ihe entire i]rogram. •:• • There are few society reporters who have, not sWled or frowned,, according to the. scarcity of news, over incidents similar to those told of in the following clipping, but it remained for an Atchison Globe reporter to tell the story as follows: Women are just as nice i as they can be, of course, but they are funny. As an example: Yesterdiiy three Atchison women "entertained." They began'weeks ago making oyt lists of whom they intended to invite, and thought; and thought about that. Fin^ ally the lists were completed and the invitations issued. Then they planned and planned what to have for refreshments. That decided upon 'they began cleaning their houses from top to bottom, aud the day before the par. ty cooked and slaved ail day long. The day of the parties they decorated their houses with flowers, drew down the shades, illuminated the house with evei'ythihg they could get from.can­ dles in candlesticks, and candlebra, to electroliers and ceiling lights. Then they put on the best clothes they had, and, with a number of . their closest friends, and some stray kin to; "assist," pulled olt their parties. Last evening the women who gave the par ties collapsecj in chairs, and each one ccntlded to hjer husband, children and neighbor woHien who dropped in, that they were nearly dead, but anyway the party wai "lovely." This morning when a society reporttjr asked each of the three >voinen for an account of their parties ieach one said, "Oh, mer cy, don 't put i1 in the paper; it.wasn't anything." • <• • Plans have been completed for an Big Sfirihg mng MISS MAEiHOLCOMB MILLINER or Morah, Kansas, »ill <lirc Her Bii; Spring Millinery Opening Friday and Saturday Feb, 26; and 27 i:veryonc Invited to Come and See ll»e new Line of llatH. SAfiK TKA PUTS UVT. Am COLOK IN IIAIK Don't Stiiy <Jray! Sajtc lea and SuK phur liurkeus Hair So Naturally Thiit Noliody Can T«ll. You can turn gray, faded hair beaii' tifully dark and lustrous almost over night if you'll get a fiU -cent. bottle of "Wyefh's Sage and Sulphur Compound" at a/iy drug store. Millions of bottles of this old, famous Sage Tea Recipe arc sold annually, says a well-* kuown'druggist here, beeaiise it darkens the hair so naturally and evenly that no one can tell it has been applied. Those whose hair Is turning gray, becoming faded, dry, seraggly and thin have a suri)rise awaiting them becau.^.e after one or two applications the gray hair vanishes,and your locks become luxuriantly dark and beautiful—all dandruff goes, scalp lleliing and falling hair stops. • This is the age of youth. Gray- haired, unattractive folks aren't wanted around, so get busy with Wyctts Sage and Sulphur tonight and you'll be delighted with your darK. handsome hair 'and your youthful appearance witbin a few days. ^ r. CAKTAIN KILLS HI.HSKLF. .Variuo Ol'flcer "'ns Kxnertinur ISride tti Join 11 im. His niiladelphia, !•'. b. ::•!.—('apt. A. E. Harding of the V. S. marine corps, "hot and killed Uimsell" lodjiy at the Racquet Club, where he had been stay- in^ for a few days. lie was attacht-d to the nffiee of the judge advocate geuei-al of the iirivy at Whshington, and had been an aide to Presiilent Taft. He wa.s 'married a few months agn and i vijeeted his wile to arrive here today. E have ife agents representing r us for enlarged photographs. V W If yoii wish enlargements kindly call at the studio. We will be able to liaake you a better price than agents will make. The Photographer in Your Town Studio east end of Old Court House Building. Upstairs , . WILl FI6HT l'LA\ TO ELKtT t O.MMIS.SION EKS -MKKTS opposrrio.v. EXPECT MOVE IX HOLLAM). Iravis .Stands by (i*»>^ni<tr on Appro- prlalion Fifthi—Topelia LetihT. ~ Marriage may not be the d(!at,li of love but it' frequently <'auses a prolonged trance. "Just Minute" to Smoke Your Meat The old and tedious process of smoking meat has given away to the modern method of using WRIGHT'S . LIQL'ID SMOKE By this method you g^in time. The meat does not shrink. The Natural Juices do not dry , out. The meat is better protected from iuseCjts. • : • The meat tastes better. Priee, TSe Bottle. Borreirs Drag Store especially pleasant meeting of the W. C. T. *L'., for'tomorrow afternoon at th<! home of Mrs. A. L! . Gear, 30Cj South Chestnut street There will bul some, business 'discussion but the greater part of the afternoon will be siieiit socially and refreshments are to be served. Everybody who Is interested in the work of the W. C. T.i \ v.. i.^i invited to be present. • V -> The Daughters of the King of the ICpiscopal church are to have a business meeting in the Vestry at half past seven tomorrow night. , •> • Oivision, number three of the Ladies Aid Society of the Christian church will meet tomorrow afterpoon at the home of the president.. Mrs. C. A ; Kirby; «19. South Third street. • • •i' A large number of people have agreed to take part in rhe program, to be given tomorrow evening at the I. O. O. P. hall where the Dorothy, Re- bekah.s will entertain. This Is the" program that was postponed from Monday evening on account of the storm. The fol.towing readers will en tertain with readings both serious and humoi-QUs: Rev. George S. Moody, Rev. J.. T. Sharman, Mr»; A. B. Stoddard, Mrs. P. C. Ooflleld, Mr. Boy Foster, Miss Grace Decker^ Miss Cora Allen, Jfls» Ruth Parrott, MIsa Letba Kerr. Miss I earl Mflbern, Maater Grant Omar Miller and Master Harold Booth. The musical part of the program will be given by Miss Ahltu BroWn. Miss Flossie Leffler, Miss Annie and Mias Jennie Davis, Rev. J. T. Sharman,. Miss Eva Hall, Miss Bernice Milbern,: Miss Ulllan Jeanctte Alien and the Booster Quartet. The quartet has .prohiised ah excellent feature in costume; « . * * « Thirty-two young people, members of the Philathea and Loyal Sons class es of the Christian Church< met,on Tuesday eVening at the church for a The filories of Motherhood niay not loom so large to a woman who hjs just don(' a' washing for a family of six. QUICKLY RELIEVES WITHOUT DISTRESS Jolly picnic supper and gobial. The girls, had prepared nn excellent supper, such as they often prepare (or their own gatheringb, and had decorated the tables very gaily with big paper chEysanthemums. immediately after supper while they were stlii seated about the tables the two classes agreed on some plans (or future work In the cKurch, which .are not to be made public until after another meeting when the details have been carried'ont. The business session required oAly a Very few minutes and then for an hour^or more there were merry games and informal fun. Mrs. L. G. Chezum. president of the Mothers club, ei|tefrta:ined fifteen mem hers yesterday afternoon tor the week ly meeting. Active interest has been aroused since the club Degan meeting at the various homes instead of the Little Builders Chfipei, and- Uie at- tendaiicc has ^changed froni four or live at each meeting to fifteen oi* twenty, which adds greatly to the irt* terest and helpfulness of the meetings. There was no particular club work on hand and so the members busieid themselves, with their own work while they listened to the reading of helpful papers and poems. Mrs. Chexiun'a.juother, Mrs. Marlio, was a guest of the clubhand assisted . tite . ; . :. • r • • . < The congestion of waste and refuse from" the stonuieh, I 'l 'iiuentlng in the bowels; geneiutes pohsonous ga;:es that occasion disti -ess and invite serious illncKs. Ileahli and coiul'oit deni.'ind that thi-'^ 'eonges- liiin hi; si)ecdily rrliev(?d aud . the foul mass cKJtelled. 'J .'he weU-fiiunded i)i>je ,elion moat ))(M )])le have to the violence of (-a- thartic and purgative agents is over come by using the I 'oiuhinatiou of simple la.xative liorlis . with iiepsin that is sold iff druK stores under the name of Or. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. .\ dose at night brings relief next morning, witliout discomfort or inconvenience. A free trial bottle can he obtairi(!(l by writing to Dr. W.' n. Caldwell, -l .'.L' Washington St., Slonticello. Ills. (Special to the npgisler.) Tnpeka, Feb. 25.—The administration labor bureau bills, at least one of whiih is said to have been offered to K .everal committees hel'ore it finally was brought out by the eonuiiit- te on fees and salaries, will have hard sledding if a little bunch of insurgenti on the majority side carry out their present plans. Included in the list are several prominent members—Travis of Allen and Waggoner of Cheror kee among them. Both men, all the little group for that matter, will stay with the adniinistration on the proposition of approijriations, but they declare they will not stand for the labor bills. For some time 'X has been an open secret that the proiios.-il to place the dei)artiiiont of labor and industry under the old system,'making ilie executive elective by the labor organizations instead of being appointive by tlie governor, would meet with disfavor not only among the members of the minority, but of the majority as .veil. For a time It was Uiought the bills had been properly killed in coiii- mittecr, and nothing furlhei: would be done. It was only after the conmiit- tee on fees and .salaries, which under ordinary ciicumstances would have had nothing to do with siuth a bill, brought out the bureau of mines bill as a committee nieasure, that the groiip got;busy. They have sworn to defeat it, and believe they have ample votes on the majority side, with the minority, to carry, the day. ForeiKU Dipionats and Netherlands ' .Ministers Confer Secretly. 1 -Ti — The Hague, Via London, Feb. 24.— There is good, reason to believe that the political situation in Holland is sucli that most interesting developments may be •expected at any moment. There have been recently numerous meetings between the diplomatic representatives, of various couutrie.s at The Hague, but .the subjects discussed have been kept secret. The Netherlands ministers have been in conference wltji' Borne of the foreipi diplomats. London, Feb. 2--—A dispatch, to Ueuter's Telegram Company from Copenhagen says the conference of the rei)resenlativ.ea. of the Scandinavian countries concerning the safety of liteir vessels in the North Sea adjourn- eii today for a brief time in order that the dclesates nright consult with their resjiective governments. i'ORTCi.'UESE LEADFK SHOT AT. Hey Fali.^ In Attempt to Alfonsa^i. Kill Dr. Paris, Feb. 24.—The Mavas | News A.^ency has received a dispatch from .Madrid saying that an attemiJt was nance, and now leadel- of the Democratic party in Portugal. The assault waa made by .lose Prai's:- cisco Silva, a student' aged 14 year?. As Senyor Gosta ;waB, boarding an oppress frain to go lo.Lislwn, a reioU- ver : fired twice. Bpth shots missecl The boy was arrested.:. He declare'!' that no one had incited hto to commtt tlio' act. -' . CASCARETS KEEP BOWELS REGUJ.AR AND CURE GOLDS Get a lu-ceiu box. • Colds—whether In the \lead" oi- any part of tho body—are (juickly oyer- come by urging the liver to action anfl keeping the bowels free of poison^ Take Cascarets tonight and you wlH wake up .with a clear head and no doubt ydu 'will wonder what became of your cold. Cascarets work while yoiV sleep; titey cleanse and regulate the s'tomach, remove the sour, undigested , food and foul gases; take the excess ' bile front the liver and carry oft tb(^ constipated waste matter an dpoisoiJ from the bowcl^. - ' ; , : Remember the quic ^test way to gei rid of colds is one or two Cascarets at night to cleanse the systemL Get i\ 10-cont box: at any drug store. Don's forget the children. They relish tlii« Candy Catl^artic and it ia often alt jnade last night to murder Dr. AJIfonso that is' needed to drive a cold from t^osta, ex-premier anil minister] of fi- their little systems. ' » The agency for The lola Overalls 10 West Jackson / Try a pair of Hnmcmade Overalls The insurance committee of the -Senate has made a record on the pro- l)ortion of the bills it has killed to those referred to it. It's batting average, in killed bills runs higlier than that of the judiciary committee by considerable, and its recoiiimen'dations have beep tew and far between. Out of fifteen bills referred to it the committee recommended only three for passage; Fpur more that the committee hud. decided to kill were reported out , without recommendation at the earnest request of the authors. Eight were killed outright. Senator Walter E. Wilson, chairman of the. committee, came to the legislature first two years ago with the idea that tliq bodies ought to pass the appropriations, "repeial a few of the fool la«(s' a,nd go home. ' Two years ago he introduced two bills, one of which .was defeated in the House. This year he .introduced three. One of them is the sjinie measure that was defeated two years agOj tlie bill providing that road overseers shall be elected by Uie people of the district in which they work. . The record of the Senate judiciary coniinittee, commonly known as thei graveyard ot| the Senate, has had a total of 132 bills referred to it. Of this number 6'Jhave been recommended for passage, either in their original shape, amended or a substitute bill offered. Fifty-throe have been killed outright. . Five remain in the hands of the committee, and five have been reported out without recommendation. . Late tlUa afternoon the special order in the house Js the provident loan bill proposed by Bird, of Shawnee, permitting the loan of money on assignments of chattels at 2 per cent a iiiontb. The bill is being vigorously opposed by bankers who say it will prevent banks from loaning sums of less than |200. Garnett Review: Mr. and Mrs. Mid Shockey expect to go to lola Thursday to tfike up their residence, haying sold their home here. They have property in lola. Mr. Shockey iias been a familiar figure on the streets iie|<e tite past few years and will be missed. We regret to see him aud .Mrs. Shockey leave Garnett. ?i« Cjiarge for TLbi Book. If you will send three dimes, or stamps, to pay for wrapping and mailing and enclose this notice. Doctor Pierce, of the Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo. N, Y.. will send you a revised copy of bis Common .Sense: Medical Adviser, in cloth binding. 1008 pages, with color platcp. Just what you need in case of sieknesB or acci4en|. Treaty of Pbytjology, Anatomy, Sex probleins. Marriage, relations,,Hygiene, Exercise, Disease, and its preveutiou.^Adv. New High Sehoi^ Fifteen years ago the present High School was built. At that time there were four teachars and ninety students. There are now thirteen teachers and 846 students. In addition to this, 265 grade pupils make use of the High School for work in Domestic Art and Manual Training. Has not the Board gone the limit in using the equipment provided fifteen years ago?. . Is it not time to provide more room and better conditions for the boys and girls? To get ready to forward the movement every .man and woman |n the city should register. Where? At the City Hall. When? Doit now. Each one should know that he is registered. This-proposition is yours. It is for your boy and your girl. The New High School is not for today, or for the year —it is for many years. The plan means a New High School. It means an Intermediate School for the seventh; aiid eighth grades, in the present HighScbool. It means a great deal for lola. . . ' Again we say, Register. REGISTER TODAY.

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