The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 31, 1927 · Page 11
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1927
Page 11
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THEitOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, MAB QH 31,1927. PAGE ELEVEN ABLESON MAKES MtOFCLEANING wune Beautiful Directors Select firms As On6 Of Ability. I'ou can wcarcely imagine a M idi-l Moiiii! owned hy a man with bi g(ry trqusers!' Nor <'<)iilil you in n«iDe tjie laily of a home ccniiiit; down to diniHT' in a fiown wth.spots or stains on it; . That is the reastm: thi- (lirec-tors of; tlie Hoin«- Ui -auiiftil thouulit it appropriate and propfr'thiiK a display li}' a representallvi' cIcaninR and pressing establislimcnl should coiHtitute a part of the "furuit?lh. Ju;»" of the home when it is op?ned for public in"«|)ection. And zlii thing could have Ijuen more nat- urpl than that they s-lmuld have ccted AbiJi'Son (i'leaners to make s Uispla|v. Willi 'most people, would a", a chore; l )nl with £8cn it is an art! loja : come to find tiiis out. ey have couie to know lliat they caiii send their most delii-:HH ^ar- ni -nis to hiili with the full aK.-;ur- ce they will either he eleaneil rfectly aiid without harm to "the fa)bric, ^ or else returned with a urteous note of explanation. The refrain, "The cleaner ruined dress," never , echoes from Ithe March,tln Like Lion, . Goes Out Like Duek Bei th! CI Tl ail pieaning classed I arles Ah! •, piwple hav iTopekat Kans., :>Iar. 31, lAPj— March has come in like a llou, ,ljHt It] went <)ut like a duck toflay ami<Ist a downpour, of rain in Kan- \ llcporta of ni<iisturo were received from jill h-ectlons of the state. The precSpltatioii kas heaviest in the ea.sle(n part of the state where the rainfall averanod one inch. Only a light rainf:ill was rernirted in wcKterb Kansa.s.' Wichita; reported 1.44 inches; Maiihattatt i inch; ICniniett -^l.!" inches; "Coji'-ka 1 iiicli;- Kansas City; Kaiisa.H .si incli. (;<;iodland •Vl iiicji and Oodgo City .fJ2 inch., l.v n: ninu'.hs of those-wlio do business with Ahlesons. The business of this firm has gr )«n so Hteadilv jand rapidly diir- ju lOLALAljNDRY , DOES ITS BIT AH Linens Are Washed By (Sompany Before Goinlf in Model Home. When y<iiu' observe I lie draperies and insi)ecl the linen in The Home Beautiful,: in addition to reniem- bering th^t it- is supplied by Seneker's you: would ilo well to hear in mind that before being put in placffit was laundered by The lola liaundry,-|n.ot particularly it needed ihucli treiitnieiit. but just to show. tJie sort of finish an up- to-date laiindry can jiut upon fabrics that could ea.>;ily be ruined by ina<le(|uate macliinery or careit-ss Charming in Design—Convenient in Plan the, iiast few- years that the i and unskillful handling, prlesent (vuarters, even though fair ' • ••• fifie b II commodious, have been out- own and at the present time a new building wiiicli will be Iiilt ' sjieciflcally to serve* the eds of this business is uii'diT contract fhr construction, b b o djes Ableson Cleaners. .V.ROBERTSTO ARRANGE MUSIC Local Dealer. lola ha!> a great many industries in which s-very citizen lias a right to lake pr-ide, and among them the lola I.aiihdry stand.s in the very front rank. That was eviilenced in one very striking way at tlie re- it will ! cj'ut meeting of ilie Kansas Laiiu- • a fitting home for a firm which! 'Iry Owners Association at: Wichita dds so highly deserved a place! when y [\-i. I'Jiila Sli-vi-nsoii Trout, esteem in tile coiniiiunily as ! "wner and manager of . the lola I..aun<'Ir.v was chosen vice-president, h^o marked a compliment aa^ that-A-oiilid not liavf hceii palil to' the oSvneHof a poorly e<|Ulpped and iiK 'ffieient-plant. In |rtjinl of fa'< t Iheri- anr'few cities (he .wjze of lola .anywhere'-which enjiiy the advantage of. a ;laiindry which is .so eii- ( irely up-to-date, not only in ei)uip- neiit for: ordinary l.iuiidry work, Panatrope To Be Placedj iircpaiedn<ss to do .'leaning IJ™ \i^^,,^',t,A IJ .f \ 'f every.jsorl from the tnost deli- 'In Home Beautiful By ..„,. ^,,x^iw i.. n,;. heaviest rug. Ami not the least sail.'ifactory thing I hy any m.ealis jo Hie palron.s ofjtlle ! estabrishnieni Is the effiejcncy and Hy I{. C. Hunter Bro..! N(|w York.) This Dutch Colonial hoiiie is wJ-li arranged, comfort and econo- mjy being the leading factors in governinp its creation. The peaked gable over the little ei^tran'ie porch is at once unusual icl artistic and it alone lifts the juse from the ordinaiTv nuilli- tjiidlnoiis Dutch Colonial that one es everywhere. Then there is e attached garage, no going out doors to get at tho car. One mply passes through the enclos- sun (lorcli'that amnv 'Civi tlie I hjiiuse and the garage. Not only that but the li'ouse pn>vides heat ehongh 1,0 ket-p the car from becoming ; too 'cold in the winter months. One enters into a smuH vestibule and thence to the living room with its fireplace and tho stairs leading up from the rear. ' Tliere is a double opening con-! necting living room and dining room which permits of very pleasing interior decoration. ' The BUILDING MD UiANISBUSY Security Will Handle All Debts on Home Beautiful. The Nome Beauti good many other hoi he built on borrowe(^ money might perha]! borrowed from some (company, "hut it wasjn't necessary, —jiist as it Isn't iiec-ssary for any other home builder lo go outside of lola for funds wit i which to finance cny sound pn position. In this case it was the Security Uuil^l- Ing an.d Loan Company, with offices at the -National Hank, with which arrant enients were I matfeNo carry the \ ome Beautiful property until it coufd be solil. ul \n like a lies—it had to money. The s Iiave been foreign loan have [their own home and have it palid tor. The.Security Building & -I.iianjis an lola institution, financed by lola men. and managed by lola men. offering Its facilities; for lome building to all who car^ to ti'ke advantage of tliese facilities on terms which are Tifilh liberal ami qonservative.—liberal to the borrower, conscryativc to tlie Investors It financed flic Home Beautiful purely as ai business propdaitlon and it stand.-! ready to t finance upcin precisely parallel terms the bnilding of any other home in lola. • vii»t When making apple dumplinKfl wash the apples before peeling and put peelings and cores Into sauce"pan to ; cook for ten nUriutes: or- more. After making the diimplings pour this water over themi instead of plain water and it will give them ai delicious flavor land no fruit is; wasted. The Building and an old f>ne. and-th tested out the sounlder and more satisfactory it is fo ind to be. it it; one of those .shrewd and Vct simple schemes througlI which both, the borrower aiid the jender reap wardrobes in,each ciiamber. The exterior of the house provides for a shingle niof in variegated shades of brown. \*ide creaiki colored siding and lilue or gree|i shutters. Another thing' that ijS worthy of note is the ijnusual cutouts on the shutters—quaint litUe pots with growing flowers. Theif.e is ih« artistic weather vaije to give an nilded touch of cha.rn^. Tills is indeed a home—suhslaiii- Loan idea is longer it is eriby making- after a fi.\ed principal and [der by having a profit.—the borrow| easy payments whic time discharge both I interest, and the lei • ample security for iSis capital and yet realizing a satisfactory dividend upon his inveitnieiil. It is tliroiigh thefpperatio 1 of tlie building and loan idea itliat families which never would bei abb- to accumulate money enough in advance to b'uild a home, yet are able to havtj a home of their oivn for the reason that by paying: hut a trifle more each month than their rent iwi.'uld cost they can .secure a loan j which they can easily carry and ib'us at the of a .stated perioil BEAuirir IS IN EVERy LINE OF •ilverware . Many attractive patterns to choose from. Letrus hell) you ill your selection. We are furnishing the silverwarp in the MODEL HOME Nathan Leffler^ Jeweler kitchen, fully equippeil and with 1 tial ami plain, yet with an air ttX The '\ greatest ailvance that ijee'n made In more than ;i deca<le 1 the instruments devised for the ^(•jiroiluction of uiusic is tlie I'nna- irope. and it m most fitting that fme of these instruments, embodying the lej-y last word in perfect .music, should be a part of the furniture of the Home Beautiful. The inslruiiipnt «which 'will be exhibited for the entertainment of visitors is furnished, of course Iiy the .1. V. Roberts Music Conipanv which has the exclusive agency in lola for the Panatroiie and which on account of its long and successful IJisineRs career' in lola partix tilarly j er still, f OMerves to be represented in Ibis j; the unfailing itourtf.^y of the inan- agenieiit.' Itoifii and brought up here in J ,ola, Mrs. i'liila Trout Is ilealing with jieoplc who. In large parfl hav'e known lier all- her lite-, so that fier iiatrons are also lie.r personal;friends and her persona'l friends aro her jratrons. It is a unique rijlatiojiship and it certainly seeni.'f to he .sati.Mfactory to all coni-ernejl. , So lalie a look, a special look, at the (fraperies and the linen when .vf-u Visit the Home Beautiful, and: see what c;iii bi> done in j lola fo iqake new fabrics look new- Model Home. I For many year.'? ,7. V. Roberts ha.s been a- leader in the musical circle.'? of lola. W'e owe to bis inspiration 'and bis ilnliring energy and industry the splendid band whicji has done so much to put Tola on tlJe musical map of Kansas, and also the Little Symphony which has delighted loia auiliences with the programs of high class. arti!;tically rendered .ymusic which if has given from time^to time. To him also are indebted for-the leaderslii» of the I{«(ar.v Boys Band and 1 innumerable conlriliutions to the niusic life of tola. ' It is particularly appjopriato. therefore, that the bouse of which he has been the ,head for .''o many years should make its contribution to the furnishing of tlie Home Beautiful andthe Inst rumenl which he will place there will be found es- peitially worthv of critical examination. ' STARCOACpIS FROMBARBER'S Home Beautiful Carage Is OcCupied £ Four Now. y Star The eye.q of the mothring public mid Jhat takes in Ju n about all of us, are, ni5w-center'd upoiKDu- ranl. Kv(ir.vone is s| eculating as •to just what he-is golt g to do. i'or 'this rea.son, if for nn other, it is jiarticularly appropri; te that the automobile shown in t le garage of the Home Beautiful should lie a Star Four Coach, tht latest product of Durant jfolois. .Mr. B. T. Barber. ImnI Star deal- er. Believes that the n nv impnived Btar Four is one of the finest car.* ever manufactured in it.<; prile .class. All four siispension poiijts of the motor in the 1 ew Star ui-e imbedded rubber. Tli^s "feature jis paid to do away with practically all vibration and to make the Stiir four run as smoothly .as the-'sl3C Tliis-is onl.v one of tlie manj-- new features embodied in tfle new" models. f • Jlr. Barber and Barber's Garage, which has the largest floor Vitace of any garage in Allen coun- J^y. are well known to lola raotor- ^Ji .s. Mr. Barber is one of the pioneer automobile men in this part of the. state. Before accepting the Star francbise : summer Mr. Barter -was dealeV forother makes of automobile's and has built up an enviable reputation for fair dealing and excellent service. TOIEET ARTICLES ARE FROM IfRY'S J • — I Everything For Lady Of House Has Been Arranged. If yyu should ask the lady of the liouse-'-the lady ol" liie HOIIK ' BeaU- . liful. tn I'aet—wiial .ihe 1 oiisiders ! to be among Ibe iiidespensables of 'a iiiodel iiiinie. y(ni iiiliilit be sur- li!-:se(| (11 hear her talk about such tilings'iis loiiel articles of just the right kind m evi'ii cosiiu'tic-s—that is, Hliiess you liapipc i to be a woin- aii. yourself! But.' they are imiej^pensable. And the, lildy visitors 'who go through the'llome 13eaU|tifnl alter it i.s open to the public- will Ipve their eyes feasted' upon El display of these articles whiili |\vill be arrangeil in the bedrooms and In the bathroom by f'ry'.s Drug store. Complete sets <)f tiribt articles will be (correctly arrang< d on each ot tho dressing table*; powder, perfunufs and nil the pi-oper i-o .Hmetics will he (ji tlii-ir respectivo places. In tlli> medicine cabinet In the bath roont will be arrangeil a "moder' -r Taxi or Folljes? PLUMBING OF HOME IS GOOD lola Plumbing Coi Handles Contract for And Fixture.s. Work If is next I to godliness then the soul of u'house is in Us bathroom. A visitor to lola some days ago who Was _shown ibroDgb the model home in its then iincouipleted state, remarked that he idiimbing in l-he structure was a neat little breakfast alcove, is at tho rear of the dijilng room. The se<:ond floor jtrovides three good bed rooms, generous hull, linen <loset. tiled bath and ample EVANS TO PUCE BOOKS IN HOME grace about it that is i-aplivatii f». Coiuiilete working plans ajitl spe( ifications may l»e obtained l,or a iiiiiniiial sum from the iiiiildl Kditor. liefer to House \-\ZX. FRYER GROCERY TO STOCK HO Store, Which Specializes j Frigidaire Will Be St In Books, To Make Home Complete. No homo is complete without a ed With Choice Grocery Line.. As'already has bijen many tineri feiv shelve.'? of well selected books. |announced, when the doors of and the builders of the Home j Home Beautiful are thrown opeh this- to visitors, the liouHe will be eq^p- Beantiful hJve provided for necessity \\i a highly artistic and j |ieil for immediate occupatiion. satisfactory way. Visitors to thej.^n,, ^,„. prigidaire will' iJe home will find a btiilt in shelf fill-l, , . ^ , , , ,1 , . f „. , ^, ,„y „ , , .led with books which verv natural-!^"""'' f*"''-^'! ^ of the best jobs tha^ he had|,y ^..p^,;,,,, ^.j, •. •.>ni\ other .-irticles jof food Jhi' ticiihir occasion by . the Kvans Store, tile only book store In loia and oni? of the longest established ami best known iii. this section of Kansa.s. iiscul to designate a,s "fancy Uud For many years the Evans Store I•'^'i'Ple groceries." .1 j These together with the contents The bath room j.s equipped with ' books and its .shelves have alwaysKriRidaire will be stoilkeid JtindaVd li.Mure.s. The bath tub!J=«"cked wi^h literature of yt^T .'^een. Silice this man !is cqn- (iidcted an expert in tiiai l|ne, his tatemrnt is a reinarkalile en- iorsement !of the work done by Mr. B. A. Sutton, proprietor of the lola I'llimbing Co. itber .-iiUcles jof food Ihit be kept cool, and in the vuili- bard liy will be found sliel- llled with a fiiie as^iortIneltt ind other must board ves filled with a Qffof what the old I used to designati file as^iortIneltt d<lvertisemiul|s high grade, inilhding. of course, s the Very latest design and is|„,p popular fiction but rang- fittings. Ihigtbrougfi a long list of books on i'-|"'f"'*'"^''' science, philo.sophy. religion' anil art. Their connection with pub- unusual [eqiiipiied Vvith shower Built in soap container, tootli brush racks and other modern equipment will delight the housewife who is! Ushers has been such that looking lor a bath room combin-{books not ordinarily carried in any ing to th'e highest degree both {retail stock can be, secured by beauty and utility. The kitchen j placing the ordei* with thejn In the .'•ink is equipped wjtb a conibina- shortest possible time. Very nat- tion faucet which practically elini- iirally; therefore, the F^vans Store iiuMes possibility of ..scalding the has been lalled upon to fill the i-.ands when working with extreme- 1 lyiok shelves of the Home Beauti- Spra3ing Demonstration To Be Given April 9 • •' .•' Jj. C.Williams, exten.sion horticulturist from Kansas SUife Agricultural college, will be in Alb'n county AprI 9 to coiiduct a spraying, demonstration.-The meeting Wui be iield In the forenoon because of the (act that April 9 is iMiij'ry Kllen Hen.son, taxicab driver of jSan Antoiiiu. Tex., sent in he pit-lure—neat. Isn't it?—with plea for admifsion to the Intern tioual BrOlherliuod of. Teaiiistvi Ohaufrcum. .Stablemen and Hel. tTK. ; But Danlel'J. Tobiu. iof Ii (Uauaiwliii, Iu4i,. presldeut. uilvlut: .Iwr.teJltJ'jrutbOlfiJkUsit:; ly hot water. Hot water is provided tlirougll- ont the home beautiful by the f;i:iiie "Keystone" instant Hot W^'- ier Heater. The "Keystime" operates Willi great efficiency at a sur- pi'isingly low, the gas con- silineil by an average family rarely amounting to more than a few cents a day even though hot water is luinstantly on tap. The .loja I'lunibing Company owned by .Mr. ; B. A. Sutton is known as one of the leading In- Hiilutions of itsj kind in South- eastein Kansas. .The copipany recently inovi-d into a new building located at 111) Kast .lackson where it has a complete shop eittlipmcnt to haniile any plumbing job largi? or small ..wiftly and economically. In the ii'tractive display room .Mr! Sutton siiows a large slock of the vory latest and most i approved .<)!.yie.<: in plumbing bathroom and kilcb-n fixtures. fnl and this display will hn one of tlie very attractive features which visitors should not miss. . Keep a-piece of sandpaper in a handy place in the kit<-.hen. When from the Fryer Brothers grocery Store and meal iiiiirket which Itr many years has commanded the of an ever vfidening circle of [latrons and friends. J'Y.v- er Brothers have not only specialized in many lines of groceries and provisions, fresh meats and fruit s, tiut they have also specializejl in service. The store is equipped with three telephones so thatj the answer "line busy" is rufely li!eai]d when a call is put in, 'and orjders Iilaced by telephone are filled witjh the same scrupulous care is If made in person by the most eiact- ing buyer. | "This store also has adhered the good old custom of delivfj Carptt the Home With Distinguished Good Taste ' "K PRE-W.\R standird of.value" you Jti- wrillagrcewhcnyouxeoursroclc* . of these celebrated rugs anJ carpets. A, wealth of original and-distincii%r designs is offered in all the latest andmostpopulartoncaanijcclurs. For beauty, quality and long wear, these fkxx coterings arc an unusually fine investment in bcaudfyinj; the home A. W. BECK Furn. Co. f WHKN THKSK WEAR OUT, YOU CAN RI^iPLACE THEM —but ho>y about yourself? WlitJii tli('-'boilci! or the wringer or the wash*?)- wear out iimlfr the strain of tlie weekly it may btMan matter to rejihice them. Rut what about your.self—wearing down your health week in and week out? You . do even harder work than the wringer, boiler or wa.sher. ' j It's easy to stop. Try it this week. Our Laundry service need not cost more. Phone 102 PHONE 1D2 We Laundered fhe Linehs and Curtains for the Plome Beautiful ring 1 goods when an order Is so i^lven vegetables, meat or sauces burn to '">' ""'1 innumerable dtliifr the kettle iioe it to remove Hie services to ihevpnbllc has niadii fi>r burning food.' You will find this Is Itself a place in the business ^if a far easier process tliftn scouring I"la of which ,lts managers hare and scrubbing. I every reasons to he proud. display of San Tox aid aiid family remedies. Fry's Drug Store has only been under the management, of the present owner. Ho.v Fry! for about a year but it has always been one of the leading drug stores in Ibla. the San Tox store, and its position has been only strengthened in tho pa.-^t ye.-ir. The line of San Tox rcnieiiies and drugs is one of the greatest in the country and it would be diiiiculf to find a finer brand of toilet goods than Harriet ljubbaril .Ayers or a more exquisite line of perfumes, and imwders thiwi Houbigant's—both of whbh will be displayed \n the Home Beautiful. 'Fry's are also proud of their koilak finishing department which is unique with them no far as lola drug, stores are concernied. In uver.v way (hey offer lola; people a choice of merchandise i and a brand of service which jentltles them to the position of prominence and good will which they hold in the community. When you do not know what td have as a .salad, fry cauliflowe^ with pineapple. Break the cauli; flower into good sized pieces and cook in boiling salted water into which a dash of cayenne pepper has befn added. Do not cook loo long, or until it Is mushy. Cool,servo on lettuce with a coup pieces of pineapple, a Utile onnalse. rand a cross gt two ithin^ Strips pfjswe«t pimeato. I I etries for fastidious woriien *' i •\Ve invite your attention to our di.splay of Tiilet Gocjds and Perfumes in "The Home Beautiful." | We will show our exclusive line, "Flamme de Goiro." by Pleville, Paris, of Perfumes, Toilet^ Water, Face Pojw- ders. .Also a complete .set of Houbigant Toiletries includi ig Bath Salts, Face and Vanishing Cream.s, Perfumes, Tal- cum.s and Accessories. First Aid Nece.ssitie.s in the Medicine Chest. Nothiiig Quite Equals the Music of the Pani I We invite you to liear this man^elous instrument which, by a new electijical principle, brings you music more wonderful than any the world has ever known. The Panatrope is the new musical instriiment now being talked of everywhere. We have all the new niodels on display. The Brunswick iPanatrope may be had on convenient terms. - MUSIC COMPANY FANATROPESJPHONOGRAPHS, RAlilOLAS, RECORDS.

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