The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 25, 1915 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, February 25, 1915
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f . > .tOLUME XVIir. NO. 105. The Weekly Register, Cttabllthed 1867. The Daily RegiMcr, EsUbllthed 1897. lOLA, KAS., FEB. 25, 1915—THURSDAY EVENING. Successor to The lata Dally Register, The lola Daily Record and The loia Dally Index. EIGHT ^AGES CmiELESS f niE HOYS HELD F<Hl THEFT OF *J,0<»0 • SMOKE, SI>(i AM) DAXrE. LENESS LEU TO THE GRiE i ^EAKM>G FOR^ritmitOSE TATII ; BROr«HT TKOl'BI'E TO THEM t.{(|u«r Plared the Usunl Tart in "XerriuK" Uai|(lit for Aftiirk on ; YatcM Ceiftcr Cashier. ( ^The fafe ahead bf them seems to be little concern; to JaiU 'es Harmon- aad rtarry Miltoit, the youthful bandits held ib jail Vateij Center for the robbery of the Stal< Exchange Bank. Although; the prisoners can fairly see the gray, cold walls of Lansing off in the not rar distant fut- Hfe, they smoke, Sdanc; arid sing coon *ongB, apparently It different as to ihe administration of any measure of |uBtice that may pe in store for them. 2 When Rev. Barrier, pastor, of the TateB Center iFirs^ ' Presbyterian <!hurch. held Ber \ice.s in the iail^i)ray- ers were offered; ^and hymns ~ were ' sung but Harrapii and Milton sat[un- riaov^d through it. all.' I • The robbery of,, tlip Yates ^ Center tiank on February 10 was one of the i?iost daring crimes li the annUljs of southeast Kansas. ' The two ytiung men, Milton and? Ha'rmon. bot^i of ;?eodesha, overposvero I cashier \V. .T. O'Donnell and escaped with $4,130. They were captured within an hour tiy a I posse led b>' the cashier and all of the money sav^ $1^8.45 was recov- THE WEATHER FORECAST FOR KANSAS; Prol». alily fair Friday. Data recorded at the lortl office of the U. S Weather Bureau: . Temperature—Highest yesterday, 4 p. m., 39; lowest this morning, 7 a. m., 26; normal for today, 35; deficiency yesterday, o; excess since January 1st, degrees. i Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, 0; total for present iitonth to date, 3.56; excess since January Ist, 3.74 inches. River stage 7 a. m." today, 3.9 feet. ' Rlative humidity 7 a. m. today, 94 per cent; barometer reduced^ to sea level, 30.23 Inches. OOT TO GREET cms F. scon -MOTOR LOADS OF CITIZENS FE- LI('ITATE1> HIM 0> SAFE HETURX. Welcome Accnrded the Reglster 'A £dl. tor This Afternoon Broufrht Deep » FeeiinK of ipprpctatlon. JAMES HARMON. There were buS. two men in the hold .up and?but one! of these was armed. ,He I had thrown": his' revolver away "near the jXailway track, where it was Jound and neitfer of the bandits was ;armed ^\pen tl^e sheriff's posse and :Cashier O'Donnjill caught them. The-State l ^xchange Bank was ;niade the victiip ofj t'he 'holdup be,cause it happened that, Cashier O'Don •nell was alonej and j cSonditions were •favorable, not because the raid had • • ' that « i 'Donnell the ban ijeen. planned jr'artic • • Before attacking C 1 dits went to" tiie otliier Yates Center : banksj. At the Commercial State ; Bank there waa* too large a crowd to ' attempt a robbery and' the men left : without approa.6hing the teller's win^ dow*. Ai the Yates Center State Bank ..the men enter^-d but there were sever , al persons present and one of the ' strangers aske^ simply, "Has Hines : been in today7'|and receiving a nega. tive reply departed.' Charles F. Scott, editor of'The Register, returned this afternoon from his mission to Belgium, where he went as the representative of the state at the request of the Kan |a8 Belgian Relief Commission, to superintend the distribution of the ship iload of flour recently contributed ^y the people' of the commonwealtli. \ On his arrival at the liassenger station of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway, he was greeted by a large'delegation of citizens in Among the party were E. .1. Miller, Dr. S. S. Hilscher, Captain T. S. Stover, Frank Riddle, Rev. B .M. Powell. R. M. Cunningham, nr. W. R. Heylniun, William Davis, I. E. Horville. H. T: Evans and B. W. -Myler. i I As soon as greetings and felicitations on his sa.fejysturn from the war zone of Europe were concluded; Mr. Scott, accompanied by the delegation of citizens, motored to his home -on 'South WashingtoUiavenne. The greeting aqporded him on his arri\ial here was very gratifying to Mr. Scott. "Give my greetings to all." he said over the. telephony, "and say• that I sincerely appreciate the welcofhe given me by the delegation of gentlemen this afternoon." , Then the Interview was over. Home again! Mr. Scott >vanted the. afternoon to enjoy the keen contentment of the weary traveler at the end of liis journey, a privilege not to be denied. I MORE eRmsH mm m M'HETHER XiNE OK TORPEDO IS AX t'SCERTALXTY. THOOSHTTOBE'SVBMIIRINES REsriED SAILOR SAYS HE SAW WAKE OF SUHMARIXE. Crews Are Saved After Serernl Honrs in Olien K«at!(—The Dacia .Is Thought Safe. GOV. PXTTERSOII HERE T0NI6HT A Saloon Friend Turned Foe Will Wallop His Old Time Pal iu an Address Tonight. Instead of the old time affectionate hug he once gaive his friend J. Barl«y corn, Malcom iR. Patterson, former Governor of Tennessee, and prominent in the political and social life of the South, will hold Mr. B. by the neck at arm's length and pummel him long and hard, sparing none of the vital spjrts. And J. B. cannot protest. Every wjord that Gov. Patterson utters will be from personal knowledge and experience with the liquor traffic and Barleycorn knows better than to argue with' a man who once has dealt with him. Gov. Patterson will deliver his blows in the course of an address which he is to give at a prohibition rally to be held in the First Presbyterian church at 7:45 this evening. It is to be a big mass meeting for the purpose of arousing a greater interest iu the issued of a nation wide prohibitory law and Gov. Patterson and Dr. RU |Ssell founder of the Anti-Saloon. League, who also will be present, will give a great many forceful reasons why this interest and activity is necessary. Preceding the Governor's, address-, which will begin at 8 o'clock, there will be an organ recital. .VTHLETES LEAVE SATURDAY. HAB|tY MILTO-V. Hines is a wea, near Yates Cente] robbers had taken thy farmer living r. Evidently the the "paius to learn his name and. standing. At the State-¥x<ihange Bank, Cash ier O'Donnell ;»'a8 alone and the attack was made? at i>nce. "Has Hines. 'ijeen in today?" the leader of the b^ndilts asked. "No sir." reified'iCashler O'Donnell co ^rtfeoualy. The leaner h^id edged close to the window and cjps« behind atood his pal vho, over iiie former's shoulder drew a revolver, covered O'Donnell and^ commanded hljn to keep quiet. The leader diopped out of the way .ran aiiouiui tb^c (^UBter to tJi«roAee lola Sends Contestants to Meet at Kiinsir City, Mo. The Tola high school track team will leave Saturday morning for Kansas City. Mo., where the members will participate in the Kansas City Athletic Clubs track meet in [Convention hall. Following is the schedule of events: Fifty-yand dash, 880-yard run, 440- yard run. high jump and 1-mile relay race. The team winning the most events will receive a silver cup. The members of the lola team are: Harry Sheue. Athur Chatfield, Hadsell Burnsides, Beatty Ray and Russell Taylor. 'These young men have been in training since the first of the year and are in splendid condition to take part in the athletic contest. (By the Associated Press) Ix)ndon, Feb. 25.^ne saUor lost his life when the small British steamer Depford 230 feet long and of 1,200 tons was sent to the bottom in 20 minutes, either by a German torpedo or by coming in contact with a mine in the Xorth Sea this morning at a point off Scarborough. Fifteen other members of the crew were saved and landede at South Shields today. The engineer says he was on duty in the stokehold at the time the explosion of the torpedo head or the mine refit the Depford in twain. He saw a flash of blue flame shoot up from the bottom and through the deck and managed to reach the deck just as the vessel was heeling and a life boat was launched. The carpenter of the Depford lost his life. After hours in the open sea in a leaky boat the men rescued say they signalled a steamer but no- notice was taken of the appeal. Later they encountered the steamer Futgens which picked them up and brought them info South Shields. Some members of the crew say they saw the wake of the Depford after the ship was struck. The small British coasting steamer. Western Coast has been sunk by a mine or torpedo in the English Channel at a point off Beachy Head. The cre\v was landed at Portsmouth today. New York, Feb. 25.—^The steamer Dacia which sailed from Norfolk Feb^ ruary 11 for Rotterdam with cotton in face of the assertion that she would be seized by a British man of war as she had been a British vessel, had almost completed her trip across the Atlantic February 23, according to a message here today. The message said. she was forty miles west of I-and's End, England on that day and would proceed through the English Channel to Rotterdam. ENGUNDAGREES WITH RUSSIA Russia Wants Strip of Turkey to CJain Access to the Sea—May Take Constantinople. SIAGGERIi LOSSES DEXY HOWEVER, THAT lOTH Alt- MY IS WIPED OCT. GERMAN ATTACKS CONTINUE DESPERATE FIOHTIXfi IS CXDER WAY IX CARPATHIANS. Two Reffiments of Riiss'ans Surround ed, liroke Thrnnirh and Returned to Friends. — I 0. S. PROPOSAL STIRS PRESS TEXT ii¥ NOTE TO EN<;LAND AXI» (JER.MANY XOT PCIJLISHKD. CBy the Associatpd> London,-Eng.. Feb. 25.—Sir Edward Gray announced in the House of Commons today that Great Britain was in entire accord with Russia's desire for access to the sea. "With Russia's desire for access to the sea England is in entire accord," he said in response to a question from .lowett, whether England knew of and approved the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister, M. Sazonoff. in the Duma, that "Russia intended permanently to occupy Constantinople." The Foreign Secretary responded that he was unaware that Mir. Sazonoff had made such a statement, "but," he added, "the statement I have seen was that Sazonoff said that in the event the Russians gained the Turkish frontier it would bring Russiai nearer to a realization of the politic , problem of Russia's access to the sea." With the asperation^ of Russia, Great Britain is in full accord. The announcement of Grey marked one of the important developments in the European situation since the beginning of the war. Russia's desire of a warm waetr outlet has long been one of her serious asperations. (ireat Itritain Hesitates to Declun; All Foodstuffs for (•erniauy as (on traliand of Wsir. Spiinisli Ambassador Confers With Slate OlTii'iiiis Over .Mexican Outrage. door, forced it open by throwing his weight against it and hurried to the cashier's sid'e where he reached pp, opened the grating and admitted his pal who climbed through the.window with the agility of a squirrel. Still pressing the revolver at his head the bandit backed O'Donnel Into the vault and turned the lock. Then the bandits filled their pockets and fled. Cashier O'Donnel began an attempt to remove the comblnaiton lock from the inside of the vault and his efforts to do so attracted.the attention of the stenographer when she returned from lunch. As soon as the casb-er was released he gave the alarm ^pd calleil.. tba FARMERS TO SE TOWN GUESTS lola Retailers to Entertain Rural Citl. zeiis at Majestic Theatre Satur> day Afternoon. lola Retailers will be the hosts at an unique entertainment next Saturday afternoon. Every farmer residing in Allen.county or Invited to spend the afternoon witnessing the presentation of the five part photo-play "Lena Rivers" at the Majestic Theatre. The performance will be started at 1 o'clock and will continue until 4:30, but all who wish'to see the complete picture must be in the theatre by 3:30. The farmer- is urged to bring with him his wife and all members of his family, including the birecf hand. This Is the first of A series of events given bj^the Retailers In honor and for the entertainment of the farmers. Bomb Case in Pittsburg. (By the Associated Press) Pittsburg, Has.. Feb. 25.— A bomb made of a piece of gaspipe exploded by a house on the outskirts of the city last night. The bomb was filled with, powder and a fuse inserted through a drilled hole. The house near which it was placed wag severely shaken. The police are investigate ing. No reason Is knovirn for aii at- ta'ck ontha occupants of-the damaged Wa.sluiigton, Feb. 2:i. —The Spanish Ambassador, .luan Riai>o, conferred again today with tliu Stati! Uopartnient ol'l 'icials about the heavy levies of fash hhijiS made in Mexico City by General Boregon on individuals and business concerns, the tiiue limit ot' which e .Kpires at 6 tomorrow night. He said it was a subject of great concern. (By the A.s.socl.ited >i-es!!i London, Feb. 25.—The proposal of the Washington government- to-" Great Britain and Germany which in London is presumd dto embrace the abandonment, of the German \yar I 4 (jp„,,,f,.,l As.^ tJeriiian in A TEAMSTER IN BAD. zone and a definite policy regarding the shipment of foodstuffs, is creating widespread comment althougii the press is restrainedjiv tone. Despite the fact "that four British merchantmen have been sunk, Grt-at Britain still holds off from declaring all foodstuffs contraband. It is believed this step will be postponed until the Washington proposal has been discussed at length. Just wliat ilie proposal sets out cannot bo foretold. ttiiiiiug Anierii-au Passport. 01). (Bv the Associ.-ited lYcis) .\o\v York, Feb. LT).—Uicliard Mad- lieii, a teamster, alleged to be invDlv- (•d witli Ricliard Stegier, a Geriiiau naval reservist, in a conspiracy to obtain i.'oi- Stiigler an .Vuieriuan passport, was arrested today by agents of the'' Department of Justice and" arraigned beloie a United States comiiiiBsioiier. NEW GRAIN INSPECTING UW THE llOrSE WILL PICK STATE SO\(i. oivr A Bill ( allinir for $2.-.(M)<M> Ut (attli- Loss Will lie Special Order Tomorrow. He is accused of having used Madden's The're iis no"doubt'^h"oweve"r!^ but that "btain tlic passport. Aladden Great Britain will reserve the right ^ is alleged to have permitted the use 'of his name for a consideration. Madden was held on $15,0110 bail for examination March 3rd. He liad in lijs jioi ^kct one of Stegler's cards which he tried to tear up. to declare foodstuffs contraband because of the blockade by the Germans. NO FIGHT AT .11 ARE/. Afienipted to Shift Slep-soii's Death to a Playmate. Johnson Announces the Fislic Haltle ^01 XU WIFE HELD FOR .111 RDER. at Harnnii. CBy the Associated }'ress) Toronto, Feb. 25.—Tom Flannagan, who trained Jack Johnson, the ne.aro (Bv the A.sso>iated Pressi pugilist for the fight with James J. S!)ringdale. Ark., Feb. 2 .'i.— Mrs. Del- Jeffries at Reno, annowifced today he ! Massey, If. years old and soon to had received a cablegram from John-; become a mother, was ordered held by son at Havana in which Johnson said he had called off the fight with W'ill- ard at Juarez and that tlft fight would take place at Havana. The cablegram said: "Will fight Willard here. P^ght will draw as much as Jeffries-Jolin- l,son Tight." El Paso, Tex., Feb. 2,-J.—Tom Jones. Jess Willard's manager said today: "I am not going to break camp or leave El Paso until the affair is settled. Johnson will have to figlit Willard in Juarez or not at all." •Willard will do no training for two days it was announced, ^after which he will do only the lightest of work. He has worked off his excess flesh. . . / No Action Ajrainst Dalton. '<Ry the Assoclateo Pi -i --ss! W ».=hiDgton, Feb. 25.—No ait'on will be recommended to this Congress by. the House judiciary sui»-c-oniuiittee in the hearing of charges agaln .st Federal Judge Daiton of West Virginia. Robber Pleudeil Guilty. (Bv the A'<-<oc-int<'d l-r^>..«) Enid, Feb. 25.—Edward Jackson, charged with robbing the Garver State Bank at' Garver; Okla., entered a plea of guilty when his case was (By the Assonlatpil Press) Topeka, Kas., Feb. 2.0. —A ))lan by whicli the state can obtain control of tlie grain inspection in the state and yet not make inspection compulsory, was passed to tlie house today by the committee on agriculture. Under the proposed law when one wants inspec- titm only stat>j officials may do it. The present siaini grading commission is aliolislu'd. .'\ coiicMUTiMit resolution wns pre- Kciitei! in tli(^ house directing the com­ mitter on historical society to hold a song ft '.st in wliicli all the various songs Uodicated to Kansas may ^ be tried nut with the object of picking out a state song. .\ quarter million dollars, a half million diillars, any amount necesKary, will be appropriated by the legislature, to reimburse farmers whose stock is slaugl'.tercd on account of the foot and mout'i disease, the house, decided yesterday iiftcrnoon. But that body also decided that tiiere was no necessity to liass the appropriation a few minutes after it was intrpduced. The Brown bill, callini? for an appropriation of $250,000, was made a sjiecial order for Friday morning at 9 o'clock. The niessajre from the governor, thanking the legislature for its prompt i action in appropriating $10,000 for the livestock .sanitary deiiartment to use in trying to eradicate the disease, and asking the legislators to give carcfjfl (By the Associated Preas") Petrograd, Feb. 25:—It is stated here that the Germans are making continuous attacks from the Bobor distjict at Jedwabno as far as the Vistula in the region of Bodzamow. •Minor successes for the Russians are claimed in the Carpathiass asja result of desperate fighting. "In the Augustowo rorests, two regiments of the 29th division who were surrounded during the retreat, broke through the enemy's lines and rejoined our forces," say the com'munl-j cation. "Patrols of the enemy are at? tempting to cross the ri^it bank of., the .\ieman. The battle ig^extendlhg on tlie right bank of the .N'aren where attacks by llie Germans are continuous. I •"i'lie fighting (s becoming very intense in the Przasnysz region. There has been desperate fighting east of l.upkow |)ass in.the Carpathians. Our troops have made several successes in the region of Munkato. At daybreak February 22 near Zavadka we captured three lines of trenches on a height which is alinost a sheer /irecl- pice. . The Germans descending the heights were either,, killed or taken prisoners. The GeVmans have been, repulsed south of Mytokozlourka." The communifjation adds ' that an February. 22 th^re were engageiriehts of secondary itpportance against the Turks. In the region "of Trans- Tchourk, a Turkish advance movement was repulsed. The recent announcement from Ber lin of the annihilation of the.. 10th Army is denied* although the staff admits unprecedented losses. Germans Capture lO,0(MI, Berlin, via London, Feb. 25.—The town of Przasnysz, Russian Poland, was taken yesterday by the German forces. The Germans captured 10,000 prisoners. Geneca, Feb. 25.—Three new German submarines arrived by rail yesterday at Pola, the chief naval station of Austro-Hungary, according to a telegrarn to the Tribune and will'soon begin-opetatiohs. A, dispatch from" Munich sayS that Germany is arranging to send several other submarines to Austria. London, Feb. 25.—Russian troops have re-invaded Bukowina and reoc- .cupied Sadagora, on the railroad four miles north of Czernowitz, according to a dispatch received by the Evening -News from Mamornita in Roumania. The Austrian?, the correspondent adds, are. ffushing up their troopg to: ward Czernowitz to meet the new Rus sian attack. Paris, Feb. 25.—At the war office the following statement was given out today: "Near Lomhnertzsyde our artillery has demolished a block house and some of the, enemy's lookouts. "In Champagne we have maintained the new positions we won yesterday. All the enemy's counter attacks were repulsed. Our aviators 'threw; 60 bombs on, the railway trains and'con­ centrations of the enenjy. "In the Argonne^-nt Marie Theresa, the enemy made an attack which lih- mediately was checked. "Between the Argonne and the Meuse in the Cheppy Wood we made further progress. The enemy was un able to regain the trenches captured by us." I a coronei-'s jury in connection with the killing of her 9-year-old step-son, who was shot to death last Tuesday night. ! consideration and allow'all necessary She said soon after the boy was kill- j for carrying on the work, was received ed that a neighbor's boy had done the shooting. Evidence today showed that tl:e boy accused had been lit Oklahoma more. thj»n a week. She was sent to jail following the finding of the jury and her husband who had hetm under a guard was released nhimi % o'clock. Brown, of Greenwood, iminciliately introduced his appropriation bill, passcil it to second reading, a'mf th(-n, tnovcd a further Anorgency land that t!ie bill be advanced to third reading and passed at once. TO RECEIVE CARGO CLAIMS. ISecker Wants Xew Trial. iHy llle .Asst >(M!ir »-a l-r-ussi New York, Feb. 2.").—A motion for a nfw trial for Charles Becker, the former police lieutenant, convicted of the murder of Herman Rosenthal, was maile in the supreme court today. Bpf ker's council said be. based his rrio- t !0 !V on the development of new evidence and that one of the state witnesses had testified falsely at the second trial. LARGE INCREASE IX EXPORTS. Last Six .Honfhs Far Ahead of Same Mouths Last Year. A>ilis Virtlm's Forirlveiiess. (IU- thi- As<ocl:iti'il I'r^.xs) l..eavenworth, Feb. 25.—Jake Wiseman, who was charged with an attempt to kill J. K. Codding, assitant attorney general, died here today of Urigbt's Disease. Several days ago (T.y the AsMorinted r>-es«i \Vns-'>iiiirtr)ii, Feb. 25.— What Increases had been made in the export of fnodsliill's fj'n.ce the war began was disclosed today lly the Debarttnent of .\gricultur(' in ii detailoil statement of evports for the seven months ending with January. In all $:i77,4(«).O00 worfh wp'-c Kent abroad, which corn- jian-d w!th the same I'^on 'hs of lUlIJ I was an increase of $1.S8,000,000. .•>n- City called before District Judge Cullison i he sent for Codding and asked for- here today. Hq was sentenced to giveness for the attempt he made last twojrwa in the pe^itentlai7. {sunimeie pn .Coddlng'a lite.. K. C. Team Is Sob'. n?l- the A^xofi-.l-'l .Vcu- York, Feh. 2.".—f^rfc'al nfiimce>"ent fHot (.iio K ''''".-1S teem of t!>e Fedieral lesigi'e will he transferred to Xewark, .V. J., is martf> by P. Powers and Harry F. Sinclair, who recently purcbasied the franchise. German Prize Court Notifies Wasbini;- ton of Dateii. Washington. Feb. 24.—Notice of dates on which claims for cargoes on German naval prizes must be submitted to the prize court In Hambtirg, Germany, was received at the State Department today from the American Consul General at Hamburg. | Claims on the cargo of the Dutch )»<eamor Maria, which left Portland, Ore., for Dublin and Belfast and was sunk by a German vessel, must be before the court before February 27, tho.«e on the cargo.of the Norwegian bark Helicon before February 28. Before March 11 claims for cargo on- the following vessels must be before the prize court: British steamers Bowes Caiitle,' surtk while, en route from Antofogasta, Ohilfe, to New York; Tndranl, captured while bound frdm New York to Rio .Taneiro; Rio Iguassu, from the Tyne; Farn, from Barry to Montevideo; Cor- ni.-h City, Barry for Rio Janiero; Lynrowan, Buenos Aires for Liverpool, a^d Highland Hope, Liverpool fr Hiver Plate and the Spanish steamer .N'iceto De Larri'naga, Buenos Aires for Loudon. N(»tes for Fedeml Bunks. Waslilrigton; Feb. 25—Sec]retary McAdoo announced his purpose to print . $5(10,000,000 in note^ to be sent to Ped- eraUbanks when demanded. They will take the place to a'large degree the notes 'issued under the Aldrlch-Vree- land act which expires June 30. The Pederijil ReserYe Board asked for the lUotes. j . i

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